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Monday 2 June  1924

VANCE - PIESSE -   001 at  -- Alice Elizabeth,dau. of  Mr and Mrs F.G.Piesse  to  Carl Stanley, son of Mrs F.Vance -----lots  more ---

Thursday 5 June 1924

BERRYMAN - JACKSON - 002 at ---Dorice, dau of Mr C.M.Jackson  to  Mr George, of Timaru  son of Mr T.Berryman,  Richmond.  lots more ---
HARRIS - McFARLANE 003 at --  Helen, dau of Mrs Duncan McFarlane  to Reginald Horton Harris, son of Mrs J.Smith, Cromwell -----
LOWE - LAVERY  - 004 at Granity,  West Coast  Miss Doris May Lowe  and Mr Jack Lavery  of Stockton. -----Mrs Hately, Matron of honour ----

Friday 6 June 1924

COLEMAN - LARKIN  -  005 Miss Eunice Coleman,  of Nelson  and Mr William Larkin, son of Mr and Mrs D.Larkin, of Rotomanu -----

Saturday 7 June 1924

ALLAN - McGILLVRAY - 006 Dorothy, dau of Mr & Mrs D.McGillvray, Chch  and Allan Thomas, son of Mrs  and late Mr Alexander Allan, Waikari
DONALD  -  WINCHESTER  - 007 & 007a  Miss Alice Maud (Cis) dau of Mr & Mrs Harry Winchester, of Lakeside  to Mr William Lionel son of
                                Mr & Mrs W.R.Donald,  of Irwell  ---- lots  more ---
GILLMAN - HARVEY - 008 at ---    Dorothy, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Harvey   to Mr G.Gillman,  son of Mrs A.I.Gillman --------
TYRELL-BAXTER  -  DIACK  - 010 at Ashburton, on June 3rd Miss Margaret Eila Diack ---  to Mr David Tyrell-Baxter ---- 
HEATH - BIRCH  - 009 at Lincoln, Miss Alma, dau of Mr and Mrs A.Birch  to Mr Heath, son of Mr and MrsT. Heath, Ladbrooks -----
COWPER  -  HUME  - 012 at Wellington,  Miss Nancy Rose, dau of late Mr George Hume and Mrs Hume  to  Mr Maurice M.Cowper  ----  of Dannevirke

Monday 9 June  1924
GUNN - JACKSON 013 at Waimate. Ethel, dau ofMr and Mrs C.J.Jackson to John, son ofMrs D.Gunn,  Hook -----
McFAUL -NICHOLAS - 014 at Temuka, Shirley, dau of Mrs and late Mr N.C.Nicholas, of Temuka   to  Daniel, son of Mr and Mrs McFaul, of Linwood
MORA - LeLIEVRE  - 015 at Akaroa,  Winnie, dau of Mr & Mrs J.G.LeLievre ---  to Dennis, son of Mrs & late Frank Mora, Chch ------------
PRICE - CHAMPION - 016  Westport, Bessie, dau of late Mr and Mrs Champion, of Seddonville  to Isaiah, son of Mr and Mrs R.Price, of Timomana. ------
SCOTT - SHUTTLEWORTH - 017 at Little Akaloa, Ernest, son of Mr Duncan Scott of --Taranaki  to Gladys, dau of Mrs & late James Shuttleworth, Chorlton

Tuesday 10 June 1924
SMITH  -  HORN  -   018 Miss Annie Dick, dau of Mr Robert Smith of  Rutherglen  to Mr Samuel Milton Horn, of Wanganui.
TOBECK  -  PERYMAN  - 019  Miss Mabel, dau of Mr H.E. and Mrs Peryman, of Tai-Tapu  to Mr Howard, son of Mr W.Tobeck, of Taranaki

Wednesday 11 June 1924
CHITTY - HARPER - 020 on April 24at Northumberland, John Walter, son of Sir Charles & Lady Chitty --  to Audrey Troyte, dau of Rev C.C. &  Mrs Harper
JOHNSON  -  NICHOLSON  - 021  at Hokitika,  Mr Geo.S. Johnson, of Christchurch  and Miss Avice Myra Nicholson of Winton.
McDONALD  -  DEAN  - 023 on 10 June at Reefton,  West Coast. Miss Violet, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Dean, of Waiuta  to Mr Jas. McDonald of Hector.
McRAE  -  MATHERSON  - 024 on Thursday  at  Methven, Miss Mary Matherson ---   to  Mr Roderick McRae --- both from Scotland -----

Thursday  12 June 1924
MERRIN - HULME - 025  at Tinwald,  Miss Gladys, dau of Mr and Mrs S.G. Hume to Mr William, son of  Mr and Mrs F.Merrin----  Tinwald
WOODHOUSE  - WILSON  - 026  at Christchurch  on June 11th. Mary Frances, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Wilson  to Cyril W.Woodhouse ------

Friday 13 June 1924

NOLAN - BARKER027 Naval wedding at  Parnell, Auckland  ----. Miss Shirley L'Estrange Nolan dau of Lady Nolan and late Sir Robert Nolan 
                to  Lieutenant Studholme Barker  son of Mr and Mrs J.M.Barker,  Geraldine.  -----  more

Saturday  14 June 1924

LUFF  -  McKENZIE 028 at --  Westport.  on Wednesday Mr Herbert Ashley Luff,  to Miss Ruby, dau of Mr and Mrs T. McKenzie ----
POWER  -  HOGG 029 at --  Greymouth,  on Thursday Miss Margaret Francis, dau of Mrs R.Hogg to Mr R. Power of Australia. -----
THOMSOM -McLEAN - 030 at -- on Wed. Miss Helen Ann (Nancy) dau of late Captain Hugh and Mrs McLean to Mr John Reeves, son of late Mr J.S.
                                and Mrs Thomsom, Merivale  ----- more ---
WALKER  -  BAILEY 031 Miss Rachel Walker  to Mr Harold R.J.Bailey,  both of Bexley,-----

Monday 16 June 1924
BROWN - TAYLOR - 032  at - Miss Gladys, dau of late Mr & Mrs Adam Taylor  to Mr Herbert Brown of Morven, son of late Mr Alexander Brown
KENNEDY  - 033  ---Golden Wedding Mr James Kennedy  ------   Mr and Mrs Kennedy were married at St Charles Roman Catholic Church,  Oxford Cirens
                                 London, on June 15th 1874.  -------  lots more
McQUILLAN -QUINN  - 034 at--  .Dorothy Elizabeth (Nurse)dau of Mr & Mrs P. Quinn,  to  Frederick Dudley, son of Mr and MrsR.McQuillan, Woodend
NIHONIHO  - BARRETT - 035 at--  Tuahiwi,  North Canterbury, Miss Tewira, dau of Mr Chas Barratt, gdau. of  late Chief Teihoka of Ngaitahu tribe
                             to James Carroll Nihoniho, son of late Tuta Nihoniho, Chief of the Ngatiporoa tribe, North Island

Wednesday 18 June 1924
ALEXANDER  -  SMITH  - 036  at -  Sydenham,  Sophronia Thelma, dau of Mr and Mrs Frederick Smith  to Ronald Alexander, --------
BAKER - AMYES - 037  at Albury, Constance Sylvia, dau of Mr & Mrs Alfred Amyes, Motukaika to Arthur Bartrum, son of Mr & Mrs G.T.Baker, of Cave.
CAIN  -  WRIGHT - 038  at - Hokitika, Evelyn Clara, dau of Mr and Mrs Matthew Cain of Kanieri to George son of Mr and Mrs James Wright, of Cronadun --
FRENCH  -  WALKER 039  at Ngakawau,  West Coast.Mr R.French and Miss Ivy Walker  dau of Mr and Mrs H.Walker.

Friday 20 June 1924

Silver Wedding  -    040
-  assembled at the res. of Mr G. Black at Big River - Mr J. O'Shea mine manager presided and Mr G.Black, made a presentation -----

Saturday 21 June 1924

MacLEAN - TURNER - 041  at -Wellington - May, dau of Mr and Mrs C.Harcourt Turner -- and Eric Wanklyn, son of Mrs C.H.Maclean of Napier
PARKER 042  one of Canterbury's All Black's  who is to be married today.

Monday 23 June 1924

TASKER  -  DONALD  - 043  at St John's Church,  Leeston. Miss Rewi Merl Donald   to Mr Nelson H.Tasker ----   more ---

Wednesday 25 June 1924
CROSS  -  BLACK  - 044  at Waimate,  Jessie, dau of Mr and MrsW.Black  -- to Mr Thos D.S.Cross, son of Mr and Mrs Geo. Cross, of St Andrews
JONES  -  KINGSBURY  - 045  at Rangiora.  Daisy Ena, dau of Mr and MrsR.Kingsbury  to Cecil Christopher, son of Mr and Mrs W.W.Jones ----
PARKER -TWEMLOW - 046 Mamie Westropp, dau of late Frederick Tarlton & Mrs Twemlow to James Hislop, son of Mr & Mrs N. Parker, Lyttelton

Thursday  26 June 1924

BAKER  -  HARRIS - 047  at Sumner, yesterday, Nora Winifred, dau of Mr & Mrs G.C.Z. Harris ---  to Reginald Arthur, son of Mr & Mrs George Baker
OWEN  -  GOUGH  - 048  at Sumner,  yesterday, Ethel, dau of Mr and Mrs C.D.Gough  to Wilfred, son of Mr and Mrs H.Owen ----  

Friday 27 June 1924

LOCKHEAD - STEPHENS049 . Minnie Jane, dau of Mr and Mrs J.Stevens, of Methven to William, son of late Mr and Mrs W. Lochead, Mt Somers

Saturday  28 June 1924
GIBSON - FRAER - 050  at -  Christchurch,  Rangi, dau of Rev C.A.Fraer,  to Edwin Mansefield, son of Mr Percy Gibson, of Durham, England ------
GILBERT -McGILL 051 Mary, dau of Mr and Mrs I.McGill  to Reginald John Gilbert of Leeston. -----
RODGERS - WINCHESTER  - 052 at Violet Elizabeth, dau of Mr and Mrs Hamilton Winchester, of Sedgemere  to Joseph John Rodgers,  of Amberley ---

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