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Monday 2 June 1924
Deaths   -  002
McCARTHY -    Mr T.T. a resident of Napier for 58 years is dead aged 74.
KIELY - Mr Nicholas,  late superintendant of Police. from Auckland

Wanganui  -  JACKSON - 001
Mr Freeman Lawlor, son of late Mr Freeman R. Jackson, ex-Mayor of Wanganui ------  1893 was an auctioneer at Palmeston North ----   
married to  Miss Southby BAKER  and leaves a family of 6 children.

Taumarunui  -  inquest -  003
THOMS  -  Rebecca Florence, aged 26 years, married woman,  died under anaesthetic administered by ----  dentist  -----  heart failure ----

Tuesday 3 June 1924
Obituary    -  GOURLAY004
Edwin Thomas --  in his 50th year. f Linwood, Christchurch  employed by Christchurch Press Co.-------  he leaves a widow and a son Mr E. Gourlay  ---  
another son lost his life in an avalanche disaster on Mt Egmont.

Kaiapoi Licensing Committee -  005
Application of Transfer of License  -
Bower Hotel, New Brighton   -  from Cecil Henry Street  to  Albert Meredith Chivers,  adjourned to 30th June
Plough Hotel, Rangiora  -  Mrs Mary Margaret Quigg  issue of license  --- adjourned to 30th June

Application for issue of Licenses -  005
Mandeville Hotel, Kaiapoi  -  Edwin Russell
Royal Hotel, Woodend  -  Patrick O'Donahue
Kakanui Hotel, Kaiapoi  -  James Henry Spence
Junction Hotel, Rangiora  -  George Cudby
Cust Hotel  - Hugh George Webb.
Masonic Hotel, Southbrook  - John Sydney Barton
Red Lion Hotel, Rangiora  -  John McLure
Belfast Hotel, belfast  -  Kentish Henry Smith.
Pier Hotel, Kaiapoi  -  Frances Elizabeth Tansey
Commercial Hotel, Kirwee  -  Lionel Maurice Denton. application of  transfer of license granted  to Albert Fry Falconer

Funeral  write up  -  TAYLOR - 007
Frank Taylor   -  draper  ---- resided 14 years in Akaroa, in partnership with Mr T.E.Taylor, his brother-------well known in musical circles, original chorister at
Christchurch Cathedral --- leaves a widow, 1 son and 3 daughters. -----  lots more ----

Wednesday 4 June 1924
Christchurch  -  CULLEN  -  008
Mr William John, died on Monday in his 70th year. --- arrived as a young man from Scotland, -- compositor on the Lyttelton Times. ----  leaves a widow and 2 daughters.

Sydney  -  Obituary  -     009
LILYEBLAD  -  Captain H.F.Lilyebald,  he arrived at Auckland in 1880 and qualified as a master marriner there.

Death  -  MAIN -  010
Mr David Main  ----- born in Dunedin in 1866,  eldest son of Mr John and Mrs Main of Oamaru, ------- in 1912 became manager of  Frank A. Cook Ltd.   leaves a widow. ----  

Obituary  -  011
NASH - Mr John, Greymouth,  age 54 a miner,  is survived by a large family

Obituary  -     PRITCHARD  -  012
Albert,  while riding a jigger on the line between Rotomanu and Wallis siding  today,  met his death ------ an inquest will be held later.

Masterton   -  inquest  -    013
RICHMOND   - Ernest E.  age about 30 ----a war pension no. 1464 found on him. -------    inquest adjourned.

Thursday 5 June 1924
West Coast Notes  -  Obituary  -   014
ABLESON  -   at  Ross  of Mr Abraham Ableson,  ---- at the age of 93 years. The deceased is survived by 1 son and 3 married daughters.
QUINN  -    the death is announced of Mrs Mary Quinn,  of Snowey Creek,   the deceased was  aged  49 years,  and is survived by her husband

Wellington  -  DUTHIE  - 015
the death of Mr D.W.Duthie   -------  was manager of national Bank of NZ,  his parents who came from Scotland arrived in Wellington in 1840 and went to Milton. 
he is survived by Mrs Duthie, whom he married in 1887 and who was a daughter of the late Captain CLAYTON  of Auckland. -------  lost a son Keith, killed in action,
 eldest dau. married Dr Abbott  -------- lots more

Funeral write up  -  GOURLAY  - 016
Mr Edwin Thomas Gourlay  --- late res.-- for the  Linwood Cemetery.  -----  for the Linwood Cemetery. ----  lots of names  ----

Tokaanu  -  JONES  - 017
The death occurred suddenly on Saturday of Mr Robert Jones of Tokaanu at the age of 68 years.   Mr Jones was born in Wanganui ----- host of the Tokaanu Hotel
for past 20 years  ------    he leaves a widow and 3 children

Obituary  -  McGREGOR  - 019
Mr Archibald McGregor,   another of the old pioneers has passed away,  died May 30th at  aged 73 years, at his res. Clydesdale Farm, Selwyn.  He was born in
Glasgow,  Scotland,  in 1850 came to NZ with his parents in 1855 in the ship  Merchantman  landing November 9th at Port (Lyttelton) came to Selwyn in 1865,
 in 1866 he left for a trip to the States ------  returned to the West Coast diggings with his brother Robert  ----he was marriedon 1 November 1880  to Elizabeth DOW 
who predeceased him some  20 years ago.    He leaves 1 sister and a grown up family of 12,  4 sons and 8 daughters.

Inquest  -   020
PITCHFORD  -  Albert,  railway surfaceman who was killed near Rotomanu on Tuesday --- inquest to be held on Friday -----

Obituary  -  STEWART  - 021
Mrs James Stewart   who died at her res. --- came out to NZ in the ship  British Empire,  in 1864.  She spent her early years in Stewart's Gully, 
which was named after her husband  who predeceased his wife 42 years ago -----  she leaves a family of 2 sons and 5 daughters.

Friday  6  June 1924
Deaths  -  022
DAWSON  -   Edward Dawson,  accident at Lyttelton  -----  died at hospital -- yesterday,  an inquest will be held.
LINWOOD  - a 3yr old boy Ronald Maxwell Linwood,  son of Alfred Linwood,  of Mangere,  Auckland  was knocked down died in hospital----

Funeral   -  STOKES  - 023
Mr Matthew Henry Stokes, died on Tuesday,   --  resident of the Waikuku district. age of 63 years. -- was an original member of the Rangiora County Council ,
Sefton Dairy Co. --------   funeral largest seen  ---  Woodend Cemetery ------   lots of names -----

Unique Will  Case  -  COLLINS  -  024
Fred William Collins -- died in 1922 --- had 2 wives alive at time of his death ---married Emily Sophia Collins nee PETO in 1899 in Christchurch  and lived with her
till his death  ----  found another wife  Charlotte Jane Collins  --- left her in 1889  married her about 35 years ago ---- still alive in England    ---  a very long column  ----

Saturday  7 June 1924
Palmeston North  -  025
COOKSLEY -  Mr Elijah Cooksley, died Wednesday  --- age 34  --born in Christchurch, son of Mr I.D.Cooksley of Rangioto ---

Lyttelton  -  Inquest  - DAWSON  - 026
Edward Dawson died in Christchurch Hospital on Thursday as a result of injuries  ---  on 2 June ----- deceased died as the result of shock and hemorrhage 
 -------- a very long column -----

Inquest  -  027
FRIEDMAN  -  Lewis Duncan Friedman,  6 years of age  --  died May 22nd under an anaesthetic  --  lots more ------

Greymouth  -   inquest  -  028
PITCHFORD  - an inquest into the death of Albert Pitchford,  railway surfaceman,  who was killed near Rotomanu on Tuesday ----a long column

Monday  9 June 1924
Wellington  -  029
HEBBEND  -   Leslie Hebbend,  age 23 employed by the Hutt Power Board, fell 14ft from a ladder  ----   he died in hospital.

Greymouth  -   030
Mr Thomas Murphy an old resident of the West Coast,  deceased was aged 85 and is survived by 3 daughters and 1 son. ---------

Obituary   -  RUTHERFORD  - 031
Charlotte Elizabeth,  widow of the late Mr Robert Rutherford. died at Sumner, she was the daughter of Mr Walter ASKIN  was born in Ireland, and
arrived in NZ  67 years ago,  a babe in arms.  --- married age 17,  lived at Mt Nessing,  South Canterbury,  ---  husband died in 1899,  lived in Oamaru
with her grandson Mr Charles POPE for the last 10 years.  she leaves a daughter -----  and 3 sons-----    and 17 grandchildren,  
funeral took place at Linwood Cemetery.

Tuesday  10  June 1924
Mine Deputy Killed  -  032
GILMOUR  - William Gilmour, killed by a fall of coal in Millerton  mine------  was about 70 years of age,  leaves a  family of 6 sons and 1 daughter.

Timaru  -  Inquest  -  033
GREEN  -  George Green  a 6 years old boy died on Saturday, accident previous day  ----   the coroner returned the verdict accidental death.

Deaths  -  033a
HITCHOCK  -  Bertram Hitchock,  aged 40,  married,  with 3 children residing at Mt Albert, Auckland  found dead in bed ---------
HARRIS  -  Charles Harris, a widower,  aged 60,  of Dunedin was found dead in his hut, ---- at the inquest ----  death from heart failure.

Death  -  Le BRUN   -  034 
Mrs Le Brun, of Kaniere,  ---born in Geraldine, aged 66 years,  she leaves a husband and a family of 5 sons and 6 daughters.---  -------- more  ----

Timaru -  Deaths  -  035   -
WALKER  -  Ernest Walker  aged 39 died suddenly at Otekaike  ------
RENNIE  -  David Rennie,  single,  aged 42 dropped dead at Kimbell -------

Death  -  036
WAY  -   Mr George B.Way,  of Kumara,  --- a very old resident of the district,  his wife predeceased him some years ago.  he leaves no family.

Wednesday 11 June 1924
Timaru  -  ANGLAND  - 037
at about 3pm yesterday a man named Michael Angland  aged about 30,  ----   deceased had been in NZ for about 14 years. up until a few days ago Angland
had been rabbiting in Albury. ----- separated from his wife and family,  leaves a widow and 3 children  ----an inquest will be held 

Inquest  -  MAUDE - 038 -
the adjourned inquest  --- of Thomas Maude,  aged 61 years died in Christchurch Hosp.on Sat under an anaesthetic    -------   The Coroner returned a formal
verdict in accordance with the medical evidence. ------  more  ----

Whangarei  - Inquest  -  Ruki PENE  -  039
-- death of Ruki Pene,  of Waima,  -------  lots more ------

Invercargill  -  TAYLOR  - 040
A married man Charles Taylor about 60 years of age,  -----  struck by a passing locomotive --------  died -----

Thursday  12  June 1924
Wellington  -  BULKLEY  -  041
Mr John Bulkley, only son of Mr Richard Bulkley,  dentist. ------ who was only 28 years of age.-------  went to the front with an earlier contingent  was under
fire in the Battle of the Somme --  later he was gassed --- and combined with rheumatic and typhoid fever caused his death,
he was married 12 months ago,  leaves a widow,

Oamaru  -  042
DOVEY  - Mr Henry A.Dovey,  who died at Oamaru this week,  was treasurer of the North Otago A & P Assoc.  -------

Dunedin  -  FIELDWICK  - 043
Mr Arthur Fieldwick,  who died at Dunedin this week,  ---  in England,  an inspector for the firm that put the Crossley auto gas engine on the market  ----
 survived by Mrs Fieldwick, 1 daughter and 2 sons. -------

Inquest  -  044 & 044a
David Thomas Miller,  68 years of age,  of Winchester, on June 2nd ------  a long column  ------

Death  -   MURRAY  - 046
Mrs F.C.Murray who died on Saturday, arrived in NZ with her parents in 1860. ----  settled at the Springs homestead,  near Lincoln.  -----married 
Mr Frederick Charles Murray  of Walsingham,    -------  she leaves 3 sons,  and 2 daughters.----------  more  -----

Nelson  -  047
RICHARDSON  -  R. Richardson, a ret. solicitor, formerly of Auckland and Hamilton,  found dead.   ---- lived by himself,  an inquest will be held.

Friday  13 June 1924
Inquest  -  048
Michael Patrick, age 34,   died Tuesday.  Mary Jane Angland -----    3 children  aged 11,  8  and 3 years. ---------- a  long column

West Coast Notes -
Deaths    -  049
David Archer, born Victoria, age of 70 years.  -- was formerly a resident of Reefton, survived by a widow , 3 sons and 4 daughters.
STEWART  -  Louis,  res. of Cobden,  died ---  age 72,   has an adult family
August Katau We Tenahi -  a native of Bruce Bay,  South Westland   died on Tuesday  age of 30 years.  is survived by a widow and child ------

Funeral write up  -   050
CUDBY  -  The funeral of the late Mrs G. Cudby took place  -- at the Church Cemetery,  Ashley St, Rangiora.  ----  more  -----

Casualty  -  051
KIPPENBERGER  -  In connection with the -----    accident at Studholme,  by which J.Kippenberger lost his life  ------

Blenheim  -  OAKFORD  -  052
at the Wairau hospital ----  Mr George Oakford.  ---- Mr Oakford was born at Devises, Wiltshire, nearly 69 years ago, -----  wandered about  the various
South American States,   ---- went to Australia, ----  then West Coast goldfields,  ---   more  ----

Saturday 14 June 1924
Auckland  - BRADSTREET  - 053
the death occurred this week of one of the best-known soft good traders in Auckland,  Mr Julius Arthur Bradstreet.  Mr Bradstreet was the eldest son of
Mr E.B.Bradstreet,  of Mitcham, Surrey,  and was born on 1861.  in 1883 he came to NZ  -----  more ----

West Coast Notes  -   054
CURRIE  - Mr Edward Currie,  an employee of the Westport Coal Co for 31 years.  75 years of age,  is survived by a widow and 1 daughter.

Wellington  -  055
LISTER  -  Walter Lister,    single, a surfaceman employed on the Hutt railway line, was killed this morning.  ----

Obituary  -  Mr J.W.C.NIXON  - 056
who passed away at his residence at Fendalton on Thursday at the age of 49 years.  was the youngest son of Mr W.Nixon of Killinchy, Leeston. ---------
 he leaves a widow who was formerly Miss Florence BULLER  of Kaikoura,  4 sons and 1 daughter.

Monday  16 June 1924

Obituary  -  CORBETT  - 057
Mr John Corbett,  age of 61 years,   he spent practically the whole  of his   life in the employ of A and T.Burt Ltd. ---------- 
He leaves a widow,  2 sons,  and a daughter,  the funeral will leave his  res. at 10-30am tomorrow for the Bromley Cemetery.

Fatality   -  058
DALBY  - Alfred, at Winslow on Saturday morning Alfred Dalby,  45 years of age, married with several children  ----- the inquest opened ----

Death  -   DERWIN  -  059
A well-known member of the Marist Brother's order,  Brother Valerian Derwin,  died at the Mater hospital,  Auckland ------- 
born in Carcoar,  NSW  and came to NZ 30 years ago ----

Inquest  -  060
DUMPHY  - James Dumphy -----   was found dead in bed ---   inquest  was adjourned

Wellington  -  JAMES  -  061
Mr George E. James  ---  died on Friday evening -----  the late Mr James came from South Africa,  --- employed in  transport duties  in connection
 with the Boer war in 1904  he leaves a widow an a daughter.

Wellington  -  LEICESTER  - 062
Mr Herbert Leicester,  the deceased leaves a widow and a grown up family of 3 sons and 1 daughter. ---  the late Mr Leicester was born in
Melbourne in 1857  ---------  came to NZ in 1893  -----

West Coast Notes  - 063
SMITH  - Mr James D.Smith,  of Waiuta.  The deceased was a native of Gundagai,  NSW.  and 38 years of age,  he leaves a widow and 5 children.

Obituary  -  Mrs Margaret  STEWART  - 064
Mother of Profesor Stewart,  of Canterbury College.  Mrs Stewart accompanied by her daughter Miss Margaret Stewart arrived in Christchurch 
from Scotland about 3 years ago to visit her son,   they returned to Great britain in March last year and lived with Mrs Stewart's  sisters 
the Misses MacKINTOSH  at Granton-on-Spey, Elginshire, ---  widow of the former Minister  of Premay, (Scotland)  -----    lots more

Early Immigrants  -  065
Mr G.J. Sealey (Timaru)  is endeavouring to arrange for a reunion of those residents of South Canterbury who arrived at Timaru in the ship  
Peeress  in 1874.  When the Peeress arrived  off Timaru 50 years ago the sea was too rough to permit of the passengers landing, 
and after waiting she proceeded to Lyttelton,  and landed the passengers there.

Fatalities  -  066
WELSH  -  Daniel Welsh,  injured at  Glenfield Brick and Pottery Works ---  died in hospital this morning.  married aged 41  a wife and 3 children.
COFFEY - Percy Coffey,  horse trainer,  Normanby,  -----  found -- in the Waingongoro River, Wanganui ---  leaves a widow and 2 children
NGATA  -  Rua Ngata,  nephew of the Hon. A. T.Ngata  aged 27 and married was killed -------- Gisborne ----

Tuesday 17 June 1924  
Inquest  -  BLACK  -  067
Miss May Black, who died -----  on the Tycho road,  on April 20th -----  William Joseph Black,  said he was the father of the deceased, 
a verdict was returned. 

Auckland  -  068
DAVIES  -  Anne Davies,   wife of Thomas B.Davies,  of Papatoetoe,  died on Sunday  from injuries received in an accident on Thursday  -------
CORSTORPHINE  - Robert,   aged 40,   struck by a moving carriage, killed instantly   -------- he leaves a widow and 2 children.
Gisborne  -  069
FITZWILLIAM  -  Arthur Fitzwilliam,  aged 65 years,  married with 3 children  died suddenly, he was a foreman builder. ----------

West Coast  -  070
HACKETT  - Mr James, died Saturday,  about 80 years old,  a native of Ireland  been a resident of NZ for 60 years.  he was not married.

Dunedin  -  071
KELLY  -  Cyril Victor Herbert Kelly,  aged 5 and half years, returning from school,  ran in front of a cable car  ---------- killed instantly
RANKIN  -  Sarah Gilchrist Rankin, aged 44 years   ---- inquest , verdict returned, death due to drowning  -----

Waimate 072
KIPPENBERGER - J. a memorial service was held at Nukaroa Church  ------

Dunedin  -   073
NORTH  -  Mrs Alfred North,   wife of Rev A. North and mother of Rev J.J.North and Dr C.North of Dunedin,  died suddenly in Dunedin  ----

Wednesday  18 June  1924
Invercargill  -   BETHUNE  -  074
The death of Miss A. Bethune in Melbourne,  -----  was a daughter  of the late Rev. Alexander Bethune,   who conducted the 1st sunday service
held in Southland in 1856  the year in which Invercargill was 1st surveyed.  She was sister of Mrs J.S.Baxter of Invercargill,  Mrs Cato of Melbourne, 
and Mr Alexander Bethune of Auckland.

Pahiatua  -  CHECKLEY  -  075
 --- Mr T Checkley one of the early settlers of Canterbury.  He was born in Notts, England,  when only 4 years of age came to NZ with his parents on the Indiana. 
He was the eldest son of the late Mr George Checkley of Mt Pleasant,  Akaroa.  ------  was 70 years of age,  is survived by a widow and 3 sons and 3 daughters. 
Mr J.J.Checkley of Christchurch is a brother of the deceased.  The late Mr George Checkley,  late of Akaroa and Weld's Hill,  Nelson, 
was also a brother of the deceased gentleman.

Auckland  -  CREAGH  - 076
one of the oldest and best known of NZ surveyors  Mr Oliver Mason Creagh,  died at Auckland-- at the age of 91.born in the South of Ireland,
came to NZ  58 years ago. only one of 4 brothers who did not enter the aAmy,  2 brothers  killed in the Crimean War  and a 3rd Major Creagh died  recently  ---   
he leaves 2 sons and a daughter.

Dunedin  -  077
HANNA -  Mr John Hanna,  died aged 67 years  from 1884 - 1913     he was gymnastic instructor at the Boys' and Girls' High schools-------

Obituary  -  McCLELLAND -  078

Obituary  -  079
MOONLIGHT  - Mr John Moonlight, at Christchurch, formerly of Waiuta.  was 52 years of age -------survived by a widow and family.

Greymouth  -  Inquest  -   080
SHAN - A.H.Shan,  a Chinaman --- found dead outside his whare on the old Marsden rd, on Sunday,  verdict returned of death from natural causes.

Thursday  19  June  1924
Fatalities  -  Greymouth  -  081
HOWAT - Eileen, age 7, daughter of Mr and Mrs W.Howat of Cobden  -------- an inquest will be held on Friday at 11am.
POTTS - Andrew,  an ex-soldier  died at Celson Creek  age 46  --  survived by a sister and brother.

Fatalities  -  082
RENNIE - Betty Constance Rennie, at Christchurch, died  aged 3 years and 7 mths ------
McLENNAN  -  Vernon,  aged 16,  died at Ben Avon Station  -----

Auckland  -  RUTHE  - 083
Death of Captain William Ruthe ------ at the age of 82.  he was master of the Glasgow ship Helen Denny and made many trips to NZ,  retired to in 1886 
came to NZ in the Zealandia  -----------purchased  Roto Roa an island at the back of Waiheke, long known as Ruthe's Island -
---  he is survived by a widow and adult family.

Friday  20 June  1924
Wanganui  -  084
DUIGAN  -  Mr H.V.Duigan  manager of the Wanganui Herald Co. ----------died in the Wanganui River  -------

Oamaru  -  085
FRAME  - Jeannie Frame,  widow, aged 55 a dairy farmer was found dead at noon ------  she had 2 sons  and a daughter  -------

Southbridge  -  086
HANNAH  -  John, aged 17 years,  youngest son of Mr Joseph Hannah of Southbridge,  ----  an inquest is being  arranged for.

Palmeston North  - 087
Mrs Gladys Holland,   3rd daughter of Mr & Mrs S.Mills of Greymouth,   died ----   was 28 years of age born in Greymouth.

Christchurch  -  088
HUNSLEY  - Mrs W.Hunsley, about 70 years of age,  who resided alone,  body was discovered yesterday in her house  --------

Wellington  -  089
LESTER  -Walter Lester, a railway surfaceman,  who was killed by a train last Friday.  ----------

Auckland  -  090
   Mr Seering H. Matthews died on Wednesday at Auckland,  aged 85.  He was one of Auckland's earliest pioneers --------.

Obituary   -  PORTEOUS  - 091
The death occurred at the Christchurch Hospital on Wednesday  of Constable Edwin Jarden Porteous, who had been stationed at Fendalton since 1912. 
born 14 July 1873,  joined the Force on 1 July 1899   ---------  he leaves a widow and1 son.  The funeral will take place tomorrow.

Ashburton  -  092
ROBERTSON  - William Campbell Robertson,  aged 72, formerly a local flourmiller, found dead in his house   An inquest will be held.

Saturday  21 June 1924
Wanganui  - 093 
DUIGAN  -    Mr H.V.Duigan,  nearly a 2nd tragedy,  William John Hartwell --- to the  rescue  ----  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Taihape  -  GILLIAND  - 094
John Gilliand,  a roadman,  30  years of age,  single,  is missing from Moawhango --- believed drowned,  Gilliand is said to have a father and brother in
Ashburton, and a brother at Kawakawa.

Inquest - HOWAT  -  095
Eileen Howat,  daughter of William Howat,  Greymouth,  father of the deceased, -----  Isabella Howat, the childs mother ---  the funeral took place this afternoon
 -- from the higher standards of the Cobden school marching in front of the hearse.

Death  -  096
HUNSLEY  - Mrs W.Hunsley,   resided alone at Montreal st, Christchurch,  about 70 years of age, -  found dead ----------

Timaru  -  ORFORD  - 097
The death occurred of Mr Joseph Orford principal and proprietor of the Waihi Boys' School Winchester. ----  he arrived in the Dominion 30 years ago,  ---- 
He built the present school at Winchester,  conducted it very successfully for 20 years  ----------- an M.A. of Cambridge University, where he took 1st class honours
 and a senior Greek scholar of his year.----  triple blue of Cambridge at rowing, hammer throwing,  and hurdling.

Obituary  -  ORMANDY  - 098
The news received by cable of the death of Miss Dora Bartlett Ormandy came as a great shock to many hundreds of residents in New Brighton.
During her 23 years work here as Infant mistress at the local school -------- upon retirement   ---  went to England with Miss Robinson  ----  more ---

Wellington  - READ  - 099
The death occurred in Wellington this week of Mr James Earl Read,  -----also well known for the work which he carried out in entertaining.   Mr Read was
born in Wellington in 1868,  was 4th son of Mr Micaiah Read,  one time governor of The Terrace Gaol,  -----------  was an elocutionist and amateur actor ---- 
founder of the Invercargill Amateur Operatic Society.

Inquest  -  ROBERTSON  -  100
at the inquest  -- of William Campbell Robertson, a retired miller of Ashburton,  Mary Robertson, wife of the deceased  ------

West Coast Notes   -  101
TWOHILL  - Mr Daniel Twohill,  a former resident of Greymouth,  died in Auckland  ---- was aged 64 years,  was formerly a well-known athlete.

Fatalities  -  102
WELLS  - Annie Wells,  wife of Mr Robert Wells, solicitor, of Hokitika, born  Kaniere, aged 50 survived by her husband, 2 daughters and 2 sons
KING  -William King,  a player in the Westport Rovers football match, received injuries  ------caused his death at  Westport Hospital.

Monday  23 June  1924
Hokitika  -  CLARE  - 103
The death took place at Hokitika on Friday evening of Mr Joseph Martin Clare  of Ross.  aged 24 years a native of Ross, 
survived by his father, mother, 3 brothers, and sisters. --------

Death  - GLEN - 104
at the Grey River hospital of Mrs Dorinda Glen,  wife of Mr Frank Glen, of Taylorville.  --- was aged 47 years.  she is survived by her husband anf family of 12 children.

Inquest -  HANNAH  - 105
John Leslie Lorimer Hannah,  aged 17 years, who was electrocuted last Thursday  -------- was held at Southbridge on Saturday.  ----------
a very long column ------

Death  -  106
JAMES  -  Richard,   death occurred at Runanga  ---  the 3 year old son of Mr and Mrs F. James. -----------

Death  -  Miss J.B.MENZIES  - 107
the news of whose death in Bournemouth,  in England,  has just been received in Christchurch,  was infant mistress at the West Christchurch school for many years.
-------- was on a holiday trip to the Old Land at the time of her death.

Death  -  NORRIS  - 108
Mr Arthur Norris,  sawmiller, a native of Charleston, a married man with 5 children, ---  He was a member of an old Charleston family  and with 2 brothers
was sawmilling on the loop line.  He was formerly employed at mining in Charleston. ----   more

Palmeston North  -  PARK - 109
A.W.Park,  drowned at Karere on Saturday  A.W.Park, a single man,  age 23 years,  a linesman  losing his life in the Manawatu river. ----- more ---

Accidents    -  110
SCASSE  -  Scasse's fatal injury was not received as stated in an earlier message on page 8  he collapsed and died in hospital  -------
GRIBBLE - N.J.  age 21  an amateur hurdler,  collided ---   suffered a double fracture of one leg.
DAYSH  -  Norman Daysh,  ----  dropped dead yesterday,   -- was son of Mr Henry Daysh,  farmer, of Martinborough.  He was a married man

Tuesday 24 June 1924
Auckland  -  ABSOLUM  - 111
Mr Abraham Absolum, died  ----  born at Otahuhu in 1857,   joined the Post and telegraph Dept as a cadet, appointed to Washdyke, Timaru,  served on the
San Francisco run,   was on the West Coast of the South island, for about 8 years   and finally in 1891 appointed postmaster and registrar of BDM at Dargaville,
 transferred to Kaikoura.   he leaves a wife and family

Auckland  -  CLARKE  - 112
A colonist of over 60 years standing,  Mr James Clarke,  died last week at the res. of his son-in-law at the age of 89.  was born at Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland,
in 1835  had lived in 4 reigns.  --- arrived in Auckland in  1863  in the ship Owen Glendower,  -- went to Thames goldfields. --- 
wife predeceased him 6 years ago  - leaves 2 sons and 3 daughters.

Deaths  -  113
FRATER  - Captain Frater,  aged 87 years for many years in business with his brother in a land agency business.
HARCOURT - Gerald, in Sydney, well-known actor,  he was last in Christchurch with  "The Bat"

Funeral -   MORTON-BROWN  -  114

Another member of the old colonist band of Mrs Jane Morton Brown,  ---  was born in Glasgow,  and with her parents came to Canterbury in the sailing ship 
 British Empire
  in 1864.  -- family settled in Hillmorten  6 sons carried her to her last resting place in Sydenham Cemetery.  she had 4 daughters and 7 sons, 
also her brother,  Mr A.KIRKWOOD of Riccarton. -----  lots of names

Funeral write up  -  ORFORD  -  115
Many friends of the late Mr J.R.Orford of Wahi School, Winchester,  gathered at the Geraldine Cemetery on Sunday --------lots of names  ---

Auckland  -   TWOHILL  - 117
An old and well known resident of Auckland, Mr daniel Twohill,    -- at the age of 73  born in County Cork,  Ireland arrived as a boy on the
West Coast, with his father,  the late Mr Edmund Twohill,  ---------- his brother the noted athlete Patrick Twohill  -------

Auckland  -  Obituary  -  WINSTONE  - 118   
Mr William Winstone,   founder of the firm of Winstone Ltd, died  aged 81 years.  He arrived here in  1859.  Winstone Ltd celebrated its diamond
jubilee last March -----  He leaves a widow  and married daughter.

Wednesday  25 June 1924

Obituary  -  BLAKISTON  -  119
Mrs Mary Anna Blakiston,  at Otaki,  in her 93rd year,  was 2nd daughter of the late Bishop HARPER,  and sister of Mrs Percy Cox of Christchurch. 
Her husband, late Charles R. Blakiston was a member of the Legislative Council from 1857  to 1862 he died in 1898    Mrs Blakiston and  the late Mrs TRIPP 
the 3rd daughter of Bishop Harper,  were both married the same day at St Michael's Church, Christchurch    Charles --- -----  she leaves 5 sons and 1 daughter
----names ------  the surviving members of Bishop Harper's family are Mrs Douglas (England)  Mr George Harper and Dean Harper (Christchurch) 
and Dr Gerald Harper (England)

Obituary  -  CANT - 120
Mr Daniel Cant  died in Christchurch  on Sunday in his 79th year was a former res. of Lakeside,  and one of the early settlers of the Ellesmere district.
He was born in Sussex, England in 1846,  came to NZ in 1865 by ship Tudor,  ------   he married Miss Fincham of Taumutu,  who died 30 years ago.
leaving a family of 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Dunedin  -  CONNOR  - 121
Mr John Joseph Connor-- at the age of 85 was one of Dunedin's old identities.  Born at Sydney (NSW)  educated in  Melbourne,  came to New Zealand,
was at Gabriel's Gully -----   established the printing business of Jolly and Connor in the Octagon. Dunedin,  ----  with the late Dr Moran and others
he founded the "Tablet"   ---------    leaves a widow,  4 sons, and 7 daughters.

Nelson  -  Death  -  122
DOBSON  -   Mr John Howard Dobson a well known surveyor,  aged 73 years  ------

Invercargill  -  123
NIVEN  -   James Niven,  mail carrier at Birchwood,  was found dead -----  he leaves a widow.

Wellington  -  ROUTH  - 124
Mr F.C.Routh,  late printer and bookbinder,  a son of the late Mr Joseph Routh of Wandsworth, London,  -- born in London 1843, served an apprenticeship  ----
 migrated to  the Colonies landing in Melbourne in 1874  soon after he crossed to Wellington,    started business for himself  in 1885, retired in 1906 
last year age 80 he undertook an extended tour to England with Mrs Routh  ----

West Coast Notes  -   125
ROUTHAN  -  Mr George,  of Goldsborough.   died  aged  77 year,    survived by 2 sons and 5 daughters.

Inquest  -  126
STANLEY  -  Mrs Edith Elizabeth Stanley,  age 43 years,  who was found dead in a water-race - near Templeton, Christchurch------

Thursday  26 June 1924
Hokitika   -  BROCKLEHURST  -  127
Death at Hokitika last night of Mr Joseph George Brocklehurst,  jeweller, of Revell st.  He was a native of Victoria,  arrived in Hokitika in 1865  --
was aged 66 years and is survived by a widow,   a family of 4 daughters and 1 son.

The Late  Mrs C.E. COOPER  -128
Canterbury has lost another of its  pioneers in the death of Mrs Chas. E. Cooper. --- on Tuesday .  She was born in Kent, England, on August 29th 1838, 
2nd daughter of Captain John PARSONS , the 1st Harbour Master of Lyttelton.  ----arrived in Lyttelton with her mother and sisters and brother in the
ship Minerva, on 3rd February 1853,    she married the late Charles Edward Cooper at Papanui. --  lived for many years in Timaru-----  he died in 1890  -----
came to live in Christchurch------------ She leaves 2 sons and 5 daughters,  12 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. was one of the founders of
 St Mary's Guild in Timaru and also Mother's Union in Sumner.

Deaths   -  130
WRIGHT  -   Edward James,  aged 50,  inquest at Timaru --- verdict was returned, that death was due to syncope, 
FENTON  - Charles Lowe Fenton,  single,  aged 40 of Palmeston North was killed this evening  ------  he died on the way to hospital.
FLEMING  -  a man named Fleming  single,  aged 70 was found dead in a hut at Lillburn, near Tuatapere. Southland --------

Friday  27  June  1924
New Plymouth  -  131
EWING  -   the death of Mr William Neilson Ewing. --------  was a well known settler in Taranaki ---

England  -  Death  - FIELD -132
on April 26th at Brize Norton,  England, the oldest resident ---  Mrs Mary Field,  relict of the late Joseph Field,  who had reached the ripe old age of 95.  ---- 
Mrs Field leaves a family of 8 sons and daughters.  4 sons reside in NZ  John, William and Harry Field, Christchurch and Joseph, Field  Invercargill

Inquest  -  GIMBLETT  - 133
Charles Gimblett,  who was found lying in the Eyre River, Kaiapoi,  on Wed. ------Mabel Gimblett,  widow of the deceased  -----son Geoffrey  Gimblett ------

Death of Foreman  -  134
GOULD  -  The fireman, Norman A.Gould,  who was injured while on duty in the Timaru railway yards on Friday night ---  died  -------

Death  - Christchurch - 135
LAMOND  - Ernest Lamond,  ----the deceased was a returned soldier wounded at Gallipoli  --------leaves a widow and a child about 12mths.

Auckland -  Deaths   -  136
SCARFF  - William,  collapsed -- ---  inquest  a verdict that death was due to -----   
SMITH  -    Arthur Smith died in Auckland hospital  result of accident on 14 June ----------------

Obituary  -  Mr R.M.  SUNLEY  - 137
Mr Robert Maxwell Sunley,  who died in Christchurch, on Tuesday,   was born in Taranaki 69 years ago  -----went to Nelson -- postmaster for a time at Duntroon---
 age 23 he left NZ  for the Comoro Islands  -- for 16 years he was at the islands as manager of a sugar estate -----  went to England,  married his cousin ----- 
lived in England for 10 years   -----  returned to Christchurch  -----  is survived by a widow and 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters,  -----
 the funeral  took place ------   more  ---  lots of names ----

Saturday  28  June 1924
Deaths  -  138
ANSEL  - Maurice Enoch Ansel who was killed on May 6th  knocked off a bicycle in Hamilton -------inquest accidental death----
McBEAN  - Ernest Stuart McBean,  aged 34 a school teacher,  Palmeston North  ---reported missing on 27 April -----body found ----
WYATT  -  Lawrence Wyatt,  aged 19   of Auckland   who was in hospital with heart trouble    died  ----------

Death  - 139
EUDEY - Walter,  aged 65, of Dunedin -----   retired schoolmaster and member of the University Council and educational Institute

Obituary  -  GATES  - 139a
Mr Thomas Adkison Gates, who died at his residence, ----  Christchurch ------  was for many years headmaster of Southbridge School,  ---- 
he was a native of England, among his family are Messrs Thomas and Raymond Gates,  Mesdames L.B. Coe (Irwell)  H.F.Wright (Dunsandel) 
and J.M.McMillan (Waikari)

Timaru  -  Inquest  -  GOULD  -140
an inquest into the death of Norman A.Gould, -died as a result of injnuries  in the Timaru railway yards on 20th.-------died 26 June 
----  a very long column  ------

Dunedin  -  141
HARBOR  -  Miss Charlotte Harbor,  of Dunedin,  died  -------more ----

Inquest  -  LAMOND  - 142
R.E.Lamond,  killed caught in a piece of machinery  on Thursday  at South Canterbury Brick Works  employed as an engineer -------  lots more.

Inquest  -  144
SPILLANE  - Mrs Martha  aged 72 years  died suddenly at 28 Ensors rd, Opawa, Christchurch,  ------

Death  - TAYLOR - 145
Mrs Thos. Taylor,  wife of Mr T. Taylor,  for many years manager of the National Bank at Waikaia and later Gore.    married in 1876 --- 
 was 66 years of age,  mother of 20 of a family, all now adult age.  --------- son Jack  Southland footballer was killed in the war   --------

Nelson   - 146
TRASK  -Widow of the late Hon. Francis Trask,  MLC  aged 84 years. ----   Mayor of Nelson, in the 90's ---------

Monday 30 June 1924
Inquest  -  147
BUTCHER  -  Frank Whiting Butcher  -------lots more  ------

Obituary  -  CARRUTHERS  -  148
A worthy pioneer,  60 years resident in NZ and 49 years in Rakaia,   Mr D.B.Carruthers  of Beachgrove,  Dorie.  ----  age 82,  born in Dunfries, Scotland in 1842,
 at an early age went to Canada,  went back home,  arrived in Australia during the great gold rushes of Ballarat and Bendigo  -----came to NZ in 1864  ------  
took up land in Southbridge, at Bishop's Corner  where he married  -----  sold and moved to the South Bank of the Rakaia river ----
 he is survived by his widow, 1 daughter and 2 sons. -------

Inquest  -   HUNTER  - 149
Hercules Hunter,  aged about 50 was found dead on Saturday afternoon  ------  was an inmate of the Salvation Army Old Men's Home -- discharged a week ago  
 an inquest was held yesterday, ---   inquest  was adjourned.

Gisborne  -  150
The finding of the body of Mr E.S.McBean in the Manawatu River has cleared up a local mystery. -------

Obituary   -  Mr G.B.NELSON  -  151
The death occurred at his res. -- Christchurch of Mr George Bushnell Nelson,  at the age of 71 years.  ------ employ of Press Co. Ltd for nearly 50 years. -------
  survived by his widow, a son,  Mr Charles Nelson and daughter Miss Alice Nelson.

Funeral  -  RAPLEY -  152
The funeral of the late Mr C.R.Rapley (who died in Auckland)  eldest son of Mr T.W. Rapley, general manager for New Zealand of the Australian provident Assoc. 
took place on Wednesday at Karori Cemetery, Wellington. ------------  more  -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
May 2006

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