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Monday 2 June 1924
Birth  - 001
GUTHRIE  -  on May 31st at 38 Holly road  to wife of J.S.Guthrie  - a son.

Deaths  - 001
BROWN  -   on May 31st at Christchurch,  John Brown,  Late of Clarkville,  aged 70 years
BUCKLEY  -  on May 30th at Christchurch,  Eugene Charles,  beloved husband of Phoebe Buckley,  of Waiau.
HAMPTON - May 30 at Rotorua,  William John,  bel hus of Minnie Hampton, Whakatane, son of late Verner and Jane Hampton, Kilmore, County Armagh,
MACKENZIE   -  on May 31st at Ross st Roslyn, Dunedin,  Elizabeth,  bel wife of Roderick Mackenzie, late of Excelsior Hotel, Dunedin, in her 60th year.
MONEY -  May 31at Hamilton Hosp,  Ruth Selena, dau of Henry and Selina Money,of Morrinsville, g.daughter of  Mrs Howorth, Trafalgar street,  aged 12 years.
ROSS    -  on May 31 st at --  Phyllis Agnes,  bel. twin daughter of Mr and Mrs W.J.G.Ross, of Stapletons road, Richmond, Christchurch,  aged 8 weeks.
STEWART  -  on June 1st at her residence,  Slater street, St Albans,  Jane,  widow of the late James Stewart,  of  Stewarts Gully, Kaiapoi.
TAYLOR  - on May 31st at Christchurch,  John Wyman,  aged 73 years.

In Memoriam  - 001
CROWE  -    June 1st 1922
GIBSON  -  Margaret,   at West Melton,  on  June 1st 1923
MITCHELL  -  June 2nd  1921  aged 49 years
SMITH  -  James  died June 1st 1916  aged 44 years

Funeral Notices   - 002
GRIFFEN  - Frank  leave his res. Yaldhurst road,  this day Monday  June 2nd   for Catholic Cathedral, at 8-55am.
BROWN  -  John , leave his res.  Clarkville, this day,  Monday June 2nd,  at 2pm.  for the Public Cemetery, Kaiapoi

Tuesday 3 June 1924

Births  - 003
COOPER  -  May 30th at Woolston  to mr and Mrs W.Cooper  - a daughter
HENLEY  -  May 28th  at Ellerslie,  Auckland   to Mr and Mrs Norman G.Henley  - a daughter  
HUMM  -  on June 1st to Mr and Mrs L.J.Humm,  Spreydon -  a son
POTTS  -  on June 1st   at Lyttelton to wife of Geoffrey Potts  - a daughter
STONE -  on May 26th   at Methven, to Mr and Mrs J.F.Stone -  a daughter
TASMAN-DAVIES  -  on May 31st   to Mr and Mrs H.Tasman-Davies  at -- Wales.  -  a son
WAGHORN  -  on May 30th  at Santa Cruz  to Mr and Mrs Clarence Waghorn  - a son.
WESTERNRA  -  on June 1st  at Port Levy,  Banks Peninsula to wife of J.A.Westernra  -  a daughter

Marriages  - 003
STACKHOUSE  -  McPHERSON  -  on May 14th at Lyttelton.  Archie William, son of Mr and Mrs W.Stackhouse,  Omihi  to Olive, dau of
                        Mr and Mrs G.McPherson, Morven,  South Canterbury

Deaths  - 003
BAXTER  -  on June 2 at Rangiora,  Mary,  the relict of  James Baxter, of Cust,  aged 74 years.  Funeral will leave Rangiora,  today at 2pm for the Cust Cemetery
COOKSLEY  -  on June 2nd at Ashburton,  Rachel Marie,   --- daughter of William James and Gertrude Emma Cooksley, Methven.  aged 1 year 11 months.
CULLEN  -  on June 2nd,  William John ----husband of Lucie Anne Cullen, Spreydon,  in his 70th year.
GOURLAY  -  on June 2nd at his res.  Linwood,  Edwin Thomas, ---of Ada Jane Gourlay, aged 50 years.
HODGSON  -  on May 31st at Hastings,  Mary widow of the late Rev. Thomas Hodgson.
NESBIT  -  on June 2nd,  William James  --of Barbara Nesbit,  aged 49 years
WILSON  -  on June 2nd at Mona Vale,  Annie Deuchar,  wife of Robert Wilson,  late  of St Martins.

In Memoriam  - 003
DAVEY  -  In loving memory of --husband Nicholas Davey who passed away  June 3rd 1914.
FLAHERTY  -  Elizabeth  (Lizzie)  who passed away at Cheviot,  June 3rd 1923
GOURLAY  -    William Edwin Gourlay,  lost his life on Mount Egmont  June 3rd 1918
JACKSON  -  Irene May ,  daughter of J.C.Jackson,  died 3rd June  1917,
MILLER  -  John Daniel,  died 3rd June 1920
ROBINS  -  Charles Edward,  husband of Margaret,   died  June 3rd 1923
ROBINS  -  Elizabeth,  daughter of Margaret and the late Charles Edward Robins, who died May 29th 1922

Funeral  Notices  - 004
WILSON  -  Annie Deuchar Wilson will leave Mona Vale  this day, Tuesday June 3rd at 2-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
GOURLAY  -  Thomas Edward, will leave Linwood on Wednesday at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
NESBIT  -  William James,  will arrive at the Bromley Cemetery on Wednesday at 2-30pm
COOKSLEY  -  late daughter Rachel Marie  leave Anglician Church, Methven on Wednesday June 4th at 10-30am for the Methven Cemetery.

Wednesday 4 June 1924

Birth  - 005
NOLAN  -  on May 30th at Wairoa, Hawke's Bay  to Mr and Mrs C. Nolan  -  a daughter

Golden Wedding  - 005
LOVELL-SMITH - CUMBERWORTH  - on June 4th 1874 at Christchurch,  William Sydney Lovell-Smith  to  Jennie Mary Cumberworth.

Deaths  - 005
MAIN  -  on June 3rd at Christchurch,  David dearly loved  hus of Alice G.Main, and eldest son of the late John and Mrs Main, Oamaru,  in his 58th year.
STOKES  -  on June 3rd  Matthew Henry, dearly loved husband of A.V. Stokes,  Waikuku.  in his 64th year.

In Memoriam  -  005
CHRISTIE  -  In loving memory of James Christie,  who departed this life June 4th 1919

Funeral Notices  - 006
STOKES  -  Matthew Henry will leave his late res. Waikuku, on Thursday June 5th at 2pm for the Woodend Cemetery.
GOURLAY  -  Edwin Thomas Gourlay will leave his late res. Linwood  this day Wednesday at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

Thursday  5 June 1924

Births  - 007
BARNARD  -  on June 3rd,  at  Kaiapoi to Mr and Mrs R.Barnard  - a son
HOXMAN  -  on June 2nd to wife of C.E.Hoxman  - a son
BOYD  -  on June 2nd  to Mr and Mrs L.B.Boyd  -  a son
De La MARE  -  on May 29th at Hamilton   to Mr and Mrs F.A.De la Mare  - a daughter
PETCH  -  on May 25th at Chelsea Park Gardens, wife of Percy Gerald Petch -  a daughter
SMITH   -  on June 3rd  to Mr and Mrs C.J.Smith  - a daughter
WARD  -  on June 3rd  to Mr and Mrs H.T.Ward  - a daughter

Golden Wedding  - 007
TIZZARD  -  HIGHMORE  -  on May 24 1874 at the Parish Church,  Yeovil,  Somerset,  England,  William Tizzard,  to Susan Highmore. now at Hororata.

Deaths  - 007
GODFREY  -  on June 4th  at Christchurch Hospital,   Maureen Gloria, dearly loved daughter of William and Ida Godfrey,  Lyttelton,  aged 10mths.
PATRICK  -  at the Ashburton Hospital,  on June 3rd  R.T.Patrick (wee Dick)  2nd son of A.E. and the late Alice Patrick,  of The Mead,  Rakaia.
PRICE  -  on June 3rd  at Christchurch Hospital,  Charles Henry,  dearly loved husband of Daphne Price,  and son of  Mr and Mrs A. Price.  in his 39th year.

In Memoriam  - 007
FOSTER  -  William Foster, who departed this life on June 5th 1923

Funeral Notices  - 008
STOKES  - Matthew Henry Stokes will leave his late res. Waikuku on Thursday June 5th at 2pm for the Woodend Anglican Cemetery.
PRICE  -  Charles Henry  will leave his father's res. Mr A. Price Sydenham,  on Friday June 6th at 2pm for Sydenham Cemetery.
MUNROE  -  John William,  will leave the res. of his son, Woolston, for the Linwood Cemetery, this day 5th June at 10am.
PATRICK  -  R.T. Patrick,  son of A.E.Patrick,  The Mead, will leave -- Rakaia, on Friday June 6th at 2pm for the Rakaia Public Cemetery

Friday 6 June 1924

Births  - 009
BEANLAND  -  on June 5th  to wife of A.W. Beanland  - a son
STACKWOOD  -  on June 4th to the wife of Robin Stackwood  -  a daughter

Deaths  - 009
BRYCE  -  on May 22nd at the res. of his cousin, M.B.Blake, Whangarei,  George Ronald Bryce,  aged 54 years late of London and Byron Bay. NSW
MACKIE  -  on May 15th at his late res. Palmeston North,  John,  beloved husband of Emily Mackie,  aged 67.
PRICE  -  on June 3rd at Christchurch Hospital,  Charles Henry,  dearly loved husband of Daphne Price, and son-in-law of Mrs Bartram.

In Memoriam  - 009
COSSINS  -   Ellen Coussins  passed away  June 6th 1923  -  dear wife and mother
HELSON  -  Catherine Rose,  died June 6th 1920
RIDDEN  - Sarah,  passed away on June 6th 1923
SANDSTON  -  on June 6th 1921   Flora Jean  beloved wife of Alfred C.Sandston.

Funeral Notices  - 010
PRICE  -  Charles Henry,   as above -
BARBOUR  -  attend the funeral of his  late wife,  Janet,  which will leave Worcester street, on Saturday June 7th at 2-30 o'clock, 
                        for the Bromley Cemetery.

Saturday  7 June 1924

Roll of Honour -  In Memoriam - 010
BAXTER  -  Oliver James,  killed in action at Messines,  June 7th 1916.
BOOTH  -  Thomas William,  killed in action at Messines, June 7th 1917
CLARKSON  - killed in action at Messines,  on June 7th  (no year)
NAPPER  -  on June 7th at Messines,  Arthur Winkworth,  killed in action.
READ  -  Corporal J.B.Read,  (Joe)   illed in action Messines,  June 7th 1917
SELBY  -  Jack,  killed in action at Messines France,  June 7th 1917
SHERIDAN  -  Thomas Henry,  who was killed at Messines June 7th 1917.
STRACHAN  -  James Taru?  died of wounds, Messines, June 7th 1917
THOMPSON  -  Private Geary Gibson, died June 7th 1917 from wounds while in action at Messines

Births  - 010
BURTT  -  on June 4th   to Mr and Mrs A.H.Burtt  -  a daughter
DAVIES  -  on June 5th  -  to Mr and Mrs C.E.Davies  -  a son
EASTERBROOK  -  to wife of H.H.Easterbrook  - a daughter
FENDALL  -  on May 2nd.  at Manaia   to Mr and Mrs Churchill Fendall -  a daughter
FOSTER  -  on June 4th  to Mr and Mrs  E.A.Foster  of  Omihi  - a daughter
NEILL  -  on June 6th  at Geraldine  to wife of Captain K.B.Neill  DSO  -  a son
REEVES  -  on May 23rd  of Cust.  to Mr and Mrs W.Reeves  -  a daughter

Marriages  - 010
KING  -  RICHARDSON  -  on May 23rd  at -- Woolston,  Precival B.King  to  Mina H. Richardson
WITTY  -  LIGHTBODY  -  on April 8th Arthur Collinson Witty  of Oxford son of George Witty  to  Katherine, dau of Mr and Mrs Lightbody, New Brighton.

Death  - 010
HESLOP  -  on June 5th at the res. of his son John, Irwell,  Ruth,  relict of the late William Heslop  aged 83.

In Memoriam  - 010
DRABBLE  -  accidentally killed  June 8th 1919
HORLER  -  Harry, who died June 8th 1922 at Waimate result of a motor accident at Studholme Junction. in his 49th year.
MERRETT  -  William Charles,  accidentally killed in the Stockton Mine,  June 7th 1922

Funerals  - 011
BARBOUR  -  Janet,  wife of John Barbour   ---    Saturday June 7th at 2-30 o'clock for the Bromley Cemetery.
HESLOP  -   Mrs William Heslop --leaving the res. of her son John,  Irwell, today Saturday June 7th at 1-30pm for the Bishop's Corner Cemetery.

Monday 9 June  1924

Roll of Honour  -    In Memoriam -  012
KNIGHT  -  machine gunner Archibald Knight, killed at Messines June 9th 1917
SMEE  -  Frederick Fuller aged 21 years  died of wounds received at Messines, buried Hazebrouck,  June 9th 1917.
STREET  -  Jack Selby  killed in action at Messines France,  June 7th 1917

Deaths  - 012
MARTYN  -  on June 7th at Christchurch, Margaret,  --- William James Martyn of Southbrook,  aged 47 years.
MAUDE  - on June 7th at Christchurch, Thomas Maude in his 61st year.
MURRAY  -  on June 7th at the res. of her dau Mrs Hilgendorf, Lincoln,  Elizabeth Turner,  widow of F.C.Murray of Walsingham, Lincoln,  in her 74th year.
RUTHERFORD  -  on June 6th at Sumner,  Charlotte elizabeth,  wife of the late Robert Rutherford,  aged 68 years.
SCOULAR  -  on June 3rd at Nice, France,  Martha Alice,  widow of James Scoular, Highgate, Dunedin.
SEATON  -  on June 8th at her late res.  Highfield road, Kirwee,  Mary,  widow of the late George Seaton age 95 years.

In Memoriam  -  012
McLEOD  -  Willie, who passed away at Kaiapoi,  June 8th 1918.
WATSON  -  Robert,  who died June 8th 1923.

Funeral Notices  -  013
SEATON  -  Mary Seaton will leave her late res. Highfield road, Kirwee, on Tuesday June 10th at 1-3-pm for the Courtenay Public Cemetery.
MARTYN  -  Margaret, wife of W.J. Martyn   leaving his res.  Schoolhouse road, Southbrook,  on Tuesday at 2pm for the Rangiora Methodist Cemetery

Tuesday  10  June 1924

Roll of Honour  -  In Memoriam  -   014
MACKAY  -  In loving memory of Sapper Robert A. Mackay,  killed in action, Messines,  June 10th 1917.
SHAW  -  in Loving memory of Lieutenant Frederick J.Shaw, elder son of Mr F.E.Shaw, who died of wounds at Messines June 10th 1917  buried at Bailleul.

Marriage  - -  014
LAWRY  -  McARTHUR  -  on April 22nd at --  Bess,  dau to Mr and Mrs James McArthur to Wilford Melville, son of Rev S. and late Mrs Lawry ----

Deaths  -  014
ARDEN  -  on June 9th at Springbrook street, St. Andrews,  John,  beloved husband of Marian Arden and brother of William Arden,  Fendalton.
DAVIES  -  on June 9th,  little John, dearly loved infant son of B.M. and C.E.Davies, aged 3 days.
FELL  -  on June 9th at Christchurch Hospital, Mary Blanche,  dearly beloved wife of Edward Fell,  Southbridge,  aged 43
HENDERSON  -  on June 9th,  Thomas, dearly beloved son of Margaret and Samuel Henderson, Hornby, aged 34 years.
PAPEN  -  on June 9th at "Quamby" Dorcas Geils Papen,  in her 89th year.

Funeral Notices  - 015
SEATON  -  Mary --  Kirwee, on Tuesday June 10th at 1-30pm for the Courtenay Anglican Cemetery.
PAPEN  -  Dorcas Geila,   this day Tuesday June 10th at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
HENDERSON  -  Thomas,  on Wednesday at 2pm for the Prebbleton Churchyard.
MARTYN  -  Margaret,  leaving Schoolhouse road,  this day Tuesday June 10th at 2pm for the Rangiora Methodist Cemetery.
FELL  -  Mary,  Southbridge,  on Wednesday June 11th at 1-30pm for the Anglican Church, and thence to the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.

Wednesday  11 June 1924

Births  -  016
BLISS  -  wife of Edgar Bliss  -   a son
GODFREY  -  on June 9th  to Mr and Mrs J.Godfrey  -  a daughter
SMITH  -  on June 10th  - to Mr and Mrs Reginald Smith  - a daughter
WEBB  -  on June 8th at Timaru. to Mr and Mrs H.D.Webb -  of Cave  - a son.

Marriages  - 016
BAMBERY  -  MOORE  -  on 3rd June, at -- Cashmere. Colin McIntosh son of Mr and Mrs J.Bambery to Muriel Darnlagh. dau. of Hon R.Moore --
WOOD  -  TWEED  -  on May 14th   at  Wellington, Leslie Haswell, son of late Mr and Mrs R.H.Wood  to Marion Stewart Moore, dau of late Dr Tweed --

Deaths  - 016
ELLIS  -  on June 10th at Christchurch Hospital,  James Henry,  beloved husband of Sarah Ann Ellis,   aged 64 years
McCOSTER  -  on June 10th at her late res. Riverside,  Catherine,  dearly beloved wife of John McCosker,  aged 35 years.

In Memoriam  - 016
HEATH  -  Alice  passed away on June 11th 1922.

Funeral Notices  -  017
HENDERSON  -   as above,
McCOSKER  -  Catherine,  on June 12th at 9am,  for the Catholic Church,  then to the Ashburton Cemetery.

Thursday  12  June  1924

Births  - 018
WASHBOURNE  -  on June 5th at Selwyn. to wife of E.A.Washbourne - a son

Marriage  -  018
RUGG   -   JOHNSTON  -  on May 21st  at Christchurch Charles, son of Mr and Mrs C.Rugg, Greymouth to Jessie Amelia, dau of Mrs E. Johnston, Chch

Deaths  018
CUDBY  -  on June 11th at the Junction Hotel, Rangiora,  Jane,  the beloved wife of George Cudby,  aged 53 years.
DONAGHY  -  on June 11th at Christchurch  Hospital, James Donaghy,  aged 60 years.
GILMOUR  -  on June 11th at the res. of her son-in-law, Mr Robert CASS,  Jean,  relict of of the late John Gilmour,  aged 86 years.
INNES  -  on June 11th Nancy Elizabeth,  loved infant daughter of Arthur and Helena Innes, aged 9mths.
JOPP  -  on June 11th at his res.  John L. dearly beloved husband of Sarah Jopp in his 53rd year.
KIPPENBERGER  -  on June 7th at Waimate Hospital  John Gladstone,  beloved 2nd son of Mr and Mrs K. Studholme,  aged 26.
SECKER  - on June 11th at Christchurch Hospital,  Isabella, beloved wife of Herbert Secker of Rangiora,  
STOKES  -  on June 10th at her parents res. Shirley Nellie Ashmore --- youngest daughter of Reginald and Beatrice Stokes,  aged 11 mths.

In Memoriam  - 018
KAHU  -  Tinata Kahu  who died June 12th 1923 at Temuka.

Funeral Notices  - 019
DONAGHY  -  on Friday June 13th at 8-50am for the Catholic Cathedral and then to Bromley Cemetery.
JOPP  -  leaving Spreydon,  on Friday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
STOKES  -  will leave Avon Head road, on Thursday June 12th at 2 o'clock, for the Waimari Cemetery.
GILMOUR  -  Jean,  on Saturday June 14th at 12 noon for the Ashburton Cemetery.
CUDBY  -  will leave Junction Hotel, Rangiora, today Thursday at 3pm for the Church of England Cemetery.

Friday 13 June 1924

Births  -  020
DEANS  -  to Mr and Mrs  Maxwell Deans   of North Canterbury   - a daughter
McCALL  -  on June 11th  to Mr and Mrs J.J.McCall  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 020
LOCKE  -   ELLIS  -  on April 16th  at Christchurch.Harold, son of Mr and Mrs A.A.Locke  to Joan, dau of Mrs and late Mr H.H.Ellis,  Spreydon.

Deaths  - 020
NIXON  -  on June 12th,  James Warnock Cree Nixon,  beloved husband of Florence Nixon,  aged 47.
WHITE  -  on June 9th  Jessie  loved infant daughter of Nettie and Isaac White, Leamington,  Cheviot,  aged 4 days

In Memoriam  - 020
MALCOLM  - Richard Eugene who died June 13th 1923
WHEELER  -  Ellen, who died June 13th 1922

Funeral Notices  - 021
DONAGHY  -  James  ---  on Friday  June 13   at 8-50am  --- for the Bromley Cemetery
JOPP  -  John L.  thid day Friday  at 2pm  for the Bromley Cemetery
MOGFORD  -  Jane, on Saturday at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

Saturday 14 June 1924  

Births  022
DUFFIN  -  on June 13th at --  to Mr and Mrs E.L.Duffin  - a son
EBERT  -  on June 13th at --  to Mr and Mrs E.J.Ebert  -  a daughter
ELLIS  -  on June 10th  to Mr and Mrs F.A.Ellis    Rangiora.  -  a son
SMITH  -  on June 13th  to Mr and Mrs Allan Smith   of Woodend.   - a son

Marriages  - 022
CRERAR  -  POTTON  - on June11th at --  James Watson , son of late John Crerar, Timaru to Mrs L.H.Potton, wife of late Captain Leonard Potton,
JONES  -  KINGSBURY  -  on June 3rd at Rangiora.  Daisy Ella, dau of  Mr and Mrs R. Kingsbury  to Cecil Christopher, son of  Mr and Mrs W.W.Jones
THOMSON  -  McLEAN  -  on June 11th John Reeves, son of late Mr J.S.Thomson, Southland  to  Helen Ann, dau of late Captain H.McLean -----

Deaths  - 022
NIXON  -  beloved husband of Florence and youngest son of Mr Wm Nixon,  Killinchy  aged 47.
RICHARDS  -  on June 12th at the Christchurch Hospital  Joseph Richards,  aged 74 years.
RUSSELL  - at Christchurch Hospital,  on June 13th  John Merryman Russell, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs A.A.Russell, of Greendale,  aged 15 years.

Funeral Notices  - 023
NIXON  -  James Warnock Cree,  will leave his late res.this day, Saturday June 14th at 2pm for the Waimari Cemetery.
RICHARDS  -  Joseph, for the Bromley Cemetery, on Sunday the 15th inst. at 2pm.
MOGFORD  -  Jane,  today, Saturday 14th June at 2pm,  for the Linwood Cemetery.
RUSSELL  -  John Merryman, leaving Greendale on Monday at 2pm for the Greendale Cemetery.

Monday  16  June  1924

Births  - 024
TOD  -  on June 13th at Cambridge.  to Dr and Mrs Tod  -  a daughter
WEST  -  on June 13th at Cheviot.  to Mr and Mrs T.West  - a daughter

Marriage  024
TOBECK - PERYMAN  - on June 5 at Tai-Tapu.William George Howard son of Mr W.Tobeck, Taranaki  to Mabel Elizabeth, dau of Mr & Mrs H.E.Peryman

Deaths  - 024
BUTLER  - on June 14th, at his sister Mrs Barber,  Opawa,  George Henry (Dick)  son of J.D/Butler, Woolston, aged 37 late of Koputoroa and Wairoa.
CORBETT  -  on June 15th,  John dearly beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth, and loved father of H.G. and J. B.Corbett and of Pat Corbett  aged 61 years.
HUDSON  -  on June 14th,  John beloved husband of Elizabeth, Sydenham,  aged 65 years.
JENNINGS  -  on June 15th  at res of his daughter Mrs Skelton,  William George late of Lincoln,  aged 84 years.
McCLELLAND  -  on June 11th at his res. Southbridge,  beloved husband of the late Eliza,  aged 66 years
OSBORNE   -  on June 15th -- Patrick Osborne,  of Rangiora,  aged 78 years.
WILKINSON  -  on June 11th  John Foster,  dearly loved infant son of Mr and Mrs H.F.  Schoolhouse, Whakatane.

Funeral Notices  -  025
BUTLER  -  George Henry  Opawa on Monday June 16th at 2pm for the Woolston Cemetery
DUNPHY  -  James,  on this day Monday June 16th at 3-30pm for the Belfast Public Cemetery.
OSBORNE  -  Patrick,  leave from res of his niece Mrs T.DWYER, Linwood, on Tuesday 17th for the Catholic cathedral, thence to Linwood Cemetery.
HUDSON  -  this day Monday the 16th inst.  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
McCLELLAND  -  David, on Tuesday June 17th at 1pm for Anglican Church thence to Ellesmere Public Cemetery.
CORBETT  -  John,  on Tuesday June 17th inst. at 10-30 o'clock,  for the Bromley Cemetery.

Tuesday 17 June 1924

Births  -  026
BLAKEMORE  -  on June 15th  to Mr and Mrs  T.W. Blakemore,   Springston - a daughter
FRANKS  -  on June 14th  to Mr and Mrs G.A.Franks, Lyndhurst  -  a daughter
KENNETT  -  on June 12th at Kaiapoi.  to Mr and Mrs A. Kennett  - a daughter
McGOWAN  -  on June 15th to Mr and Mrs J.N.McGowan,  Puaha  - a daughter
WILKINSON  -  on June 7th  to Mr and Mrs  H.P.Wilkinson,  Schoolhouse, Whakatane.   - a son.

Marriage  - 026
ALEXANDER  -  SMITH  -  on June 2nd at -- Thelma, dau of  Mr and Mrs F.J.Smith  to Ronald, son of Mr R.W.Alexander -----

Deaths  - 026
GLEN  -  on June 14th at the Christchurch Hospital, Robert alexander Ross Glen,  dearly beloved husband of Margaret Knox Glen,  in his 72nd year.
HERRIDGE  -  on June 15th at Christchurch,  Ada,  beloved wife of Frederick Herridge,  late of Sefton.
KENNETT  -  on June 16th  at Kaiapoi,  Faith,  the infant daughter of A. and E.Kennett  aged 4 days.
MOONLIGHT  -  on June 12th at Christchurch  Hospital, John Fairweather Moonlight,  aged 56 years.
ORMANDY - on June 12 at -- Yorkshire, England,  Dora Bartlett (late infant mistress New Brighton school) dau of  late Francis John Ormandy,  in her 54th year.
PAYNE  -  on June 16th at Christchurch,  William Payne late of Geraldine, in his 82nd year.
RULE  -  on June 16th at Christchurch,  the beloved wife of H.J.Rule,
RUTHERFORD  -  on June 16th  May Rutherford, of Brackendale.
TAYLOR  -  on June 16th at her res. Woolston,  Rosina, wife of the late W.C.Taylor.
WILKINSON  -  on June 11th  John Foster,  the dearly loved infant son of Mr and Mrs H.F.Wilkinson,  Schoolhouse,  Whakatane.
WILLIAMS  -  on June 16th at her late res. Lyttelton,  Mary Jane,  dearly loved wife of the late James Williams  aged 73 years.
WOODS  -  on June 15th at Christchurch Hospital,  jeffrey Morton,  dearly loved infant son of Mr and mrs G.M.Woods,

In Memoriam  - 026
HALDEN  -  Ronnie,  who passed away June 17th 1922  aged 5 years.
THOMSON  - William  who passed away June 16th 1923

Funeral Notices  - 027
PAYNE  -  William,  on Wednesday June 18th,  arriving Geraldine Public Cemetery. at 1-30pm
RUTHERFORD  -  Mary,  on Wednesday June 18th,  at 11am for the Waimari Cemetery.
McCLELLAND  -  David,  this day  Tuesday  June 17th at 1pm  for St James Church, Southbridge, thence to Ellesmere Public Cemetery
CORBETT  -  John,  this day Tuesday June 17th at 10 o'clock, for the Bromley Cemetery.
JENNINGS  -  William George,  on Wednesday June 18th at 11 o'clock,  for the Anglican Church, Lincoln.thence to the Springston Cemetery.
TAYLOR  -  Rosina,  on Wednesday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery,
RULE  -  Catherine,  on Wednesday at 3-30pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Wednesday 18 June 1924

Births  -   028
GILLESPIE  -  on June 17th  o Mr and MrsR.E.Gillispie  -  a son
TOD     - at Cambridge, Waikato,   on June 13th to Dr and Mrs H.C.Tod  -  a daughter

Marriages  -  028
BERRYMAN  -  JACKSON  -  on May 27th at --  George, son of T.R.Berryman,  Richmond   to  Dorice. dau of C.M.Jackson, Merivale
TROUP  -  POWERS  -  on March 24th at St Andrews Church of England,  Subiaco,  Perth, (W.A.)

Deaths  - 028
BARRAR - on June 17th at --  Ernest Robert,  bel hus of Ruby Barrar and 2nd beloved son of H.H. and L. Barrar,  of  Studholme Junction,  aged 23 years.

Funeral Notices  - 029
PAYNE  -  William will take place on Wednesday June 18th arriving at Geraldine Public Cemetery at 1-30pm.
HERRDOG  -  Albrada  will leave  this day Wednesday at 1-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
RULE  -  Catherine,  this day Wednesday at 3-30pm for the sydenham Cemetery.
TAYLOR  -  Rosina,  will leave this day Wednesday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
BARRAR  -  Ernest Robert,  for the Bromley Cemetery, Thursday the 19th at 2pm.
WILLIAMS  -  May Jane, will leave Lyttelton,  on June 18th at 3-15pm for the Church of England Cemetery.
JENNINGS  -  --of Lodge Lincoln No 33 -- Lodge-room Lincoln, at 11-45 am this day --- attending the Funeral of the late Brother W.J. Jennings

Thursday  19 June 1924

Births  - 030
BURNS  -  on June 17th at Dunedin  to Frances heather  and Kenneth Bickerton Burns  -  a daughter
HUGHES  -  on June 18th  to Mr and Mrs W.S.Hughes  -  a son
JOHNSON  -  on June 15th to Mr and Mrs Ralph Johnson  -  a daughter
SAWTELL  -  on June 17th  to Mr and Mrs F.A.Sawtell  -  a son
SUTTON  -  on June 17th at Invercargill.  to Mr and Mrs Harry Sutton  -  a son

Marriage  - 030
HARRISON  -  McMILLAN  - on April 9 at  Christchurch,  Herbert Linley Richard, son of late  Mr and Mrs William Harrison, Rakaia  to  Jessie Mary,
                        dau of  late Mr Angus John McMillan,  of Herbert

Deaths  - 030
CARRUTHERS  -  on June 18th at his late res.  Beach Drove Valley,  David Blacklock,  beloved husband of Eliza Carruthers,  age 82.
MUNDELL  -  on June 18th at the res. of her daughter,  Maude Mundell,  aged 71 years.
PORTEOUS  -  on June 18th at Christchurch,  Edwin Jarden,  dearly loved husband of Lavina Porteous.
SUTTON  -  on June 17th at Invercargill, Mabel Gladys, bel wife of Harry Sutton,  Southland, dau of the late James Callender,  of Invercargill.
WHEAL  -  on June 18th at Christchurch  Hospital,  Elizabeth,  the beloved wife of William Wheal,  in her 81st year.

Funerals  - 031
WHEAL  -  Elizabeth,  will leave on Friday June 20th at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
BARRAR  -  Ernest Robert,  for the Bromley Cemetery, this day Thursday the 19th inst. at 2pm.
MUNDELL  -  Maude  for the Sydenham Cemetery  on Friday 20th inst.
RENNIE  -  Betty Constance,  this day Thursday at 3-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
REESE  -  James, on Saturday June 21st at 2 o'clock, for the sydenham Cemetery.

Friday 20 June 1924

Marriages  - 032
BROOKER - MANNING - on May 14 at --Henry Harold, son of late E.H. & L.C.Brooker,  to  Margaret Gertrude, dau of  Mr & Mrs H.Manning,  Rangiora

Deaths  - 032
HANNAH  -  on June 19th at Southbridge,  John (Jack)  Leslie Lorimer,  dearly beloved 6th son of Joseph and Margaret Hannah  aged 17 years.
RICKERBY  -  on June 19th  at the Christchurch Hospital,  Louise Rickerby,  age 52 years
ROBERTSON  - on June 19th at his res. Peter street,  Ashburton, William Campbell (flourmiller) dearly bel hus of Mary Almina Robertson,  age 73 years.
STONE  -  on June 19th  Lucy Hartnell  dearly loved 2nd daughter of Thomas and the late Mary Stone

Funerals  - 033
PORTEOUS  -  Edwin Jarden,  on Saturday June 21st at 2pm,  for the Waimari Cemetery
STONE  -    Lucy Hartnell,  will leave her sister's res.  on Saturday June 21st at 2pm  for the Papanui Churchyard.
MUNDELL  -   for the Sydenham Cemetery  this day Friday 20th inst. at 2pm.
RICKERBY  -  Louise,   for the Sydenham Cemetery on Saturday the 21st inst.  at 3pm.
REESE  -  James,  on Saturday June 21st inst.  at 2 o'clock,  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
HANNAH  -  Southbridge on Sunday June 22nd at 1-30pm for the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.
REESE -   Court Papanui  A.O.F.  no 6585   The members of the Court Papanui  are  invited to attend the funeral of  our late Bro. James Reese ------

Saturday 21 June  1924

Births  -  034
SKURR  -  on June 11th  at Oxford.  to Mr and Mrs J.E.Skurr,  Waddington  -  a son

Marriage  - 034
GEE  -  RANTIN  -  on April 23rd George Frederick Gee  to  Annie Rantin,  both of Christchurch.

Silver Wedding  -  034
PASCOE  -  SIMPSON  -  on June 21st  1899 at Milltown,  Thomas John, son of Mr and Mrs T.Pascoe,  to  Ellen Spence,  3rd dau of Mr G.F.
                     and the late Mrs Simpson  Milltown, Southbridge,  present address,  Aylesbury,  

Deaths - 034
BROWN  -  on June 19th at her late res.  Hillmorten,  relict of the late Charles Brown,  and only sister of Archibald Kirkwood,  Riccarton,  in her 71st year.
STEWART  -  on June 20th  at Cashmere,  Matilda,  dearly loved wife of John stewart,  late of Methven.

In Memoriam  - 034
EMPSON  -  Arthur Overton Empson,  died June 21st 1923.
WESLEY  -  E.W.Wesley,  died June 21st 1923 at the Upper Sanatorium, Cashmere Hills

Funerals  -  035
PORTEOUS  -  as on 20th
STONE  -  Lucy Hartnell Stone,  on Saturday June 21st at 2pm for the Waimari Cemetery.
REESE  -   as on 20th
HUNSLEY  -  Elizabeth,  this day June 21st at 11 o'clock,  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
RICKERBY  -   for Sydenham Cemetery, this day Saturday,  21st at 3pm.
BROWN  -  Jane Morton,  this day Saturday 21st at 1-55pm thence to the Sydenham Cemetery.

Monday  23 June 1924

Roll of Honour  -  In Memoriam -  036
SANDFORD  -  Private W.H.Sandford (21612) 2nd Canterbury Inf. Batt. who died of wounds received in attack on Warneton, near Messines,
                            June 22nd 1917,    inserted by his cousin Private F.C. Allen, M.M. 26975 1st C.I.B. N.Z.E.F.

Births  - 036
BROWN  -  on June 20th  to Mr and Mrs J.Brown,  jun. of Russells Flat  -  a son.

Deaths  - 036
GUY  -  on June 22nd Yvonne Helena, dearly beloved youngest daughter of Sarah and Andrew Patrick Guy, of Lyttelton,  aged 21 years
HOSKING  -   on June 22nd at Christchurch Hospital,  William, the beloved husband of Sarah Jane Hosking,   aged 67 years. Late of Sydenham Council.
HURST  -  on June 21st  at her res. Barrhill,  Ellen Hurst, relict of Stephen Hurst,  aged 78 years. Funeral on Tuesday 24th at 2pm at Barhill Cemetery.
KING  - on June 21st at the res. of her son,  Sophia, widow of the late Frederick King,  aged 80 years.
MENZIES  -  on June 12th at Bournemouth, England,  Jean Bell Menzies, late of Christchurch.
ORFORD  -  on June 20th at Waihi School,  Winchester,  Joseph R.Orford.

In Memoriam  - 036
BAKER  -  in loving memory of Walter Shallcrass Baker,  who passes away June 22nd 1921
BLYTH  -  on June 22nd at Christchurch Hospital,  Elizabeth,  dearly beloved wife of James Blyth, aged 50.
HEGAN  -  in loving memory of Louisa Mary Hogan,  dearly beloved wife of James hegan, Southbrook,  who passed away on June 23rd 1922
HIGHT  - Sarah,   in loving memory  who passed away June 23rd 1923
STREETER  -  Ada,  passed away at Lyttelton, on June 22nd 1921
WOODBURY  -  Ada Summer, who died Lyttelton. June 22nd 1921

Funerals  - 037
HOSKING  -   on Tuesday June 24th  at 3-30pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
GUY  -  Yvonne Helena on Tuesday at 11am  for the Bromley Cemetery.
KING  -  Sophia,  for the Linwood Cemetery,  this day Monday 23rd inst. at 1-30pm

Tuesday  24 June  1924

Deaths  -  038
BLAKISTON  -  at Otaki,  Mary, widow of the late C.R.Blakiston, and 2nd daughter of the late Bishop HARPER in her 93rd year.
BLAKISTON  -  on June 21st at Otaki, Mary Anna,  relict of the late Charles Robert Blakiston,  in her 93rd year.
BRYENTON - at the Christchurch Hospital, Geo. Bryenton,  in his 76th year.
CANT  -  on June 22nd at his late res. Linwood,  Daniel, relict of the late Emily Cant, in his 79th year. Late of Lakeside.
MEIKLE  -  on June 23rd at her res. Lyttelton.  Ann Johnston Meikle, relict of the late James Meikle,  in her 75th year.
WILLIAMS  -  on June 23rd,  at his late res.  Linwood, John Williams in his 84th year.

In Memoriam  - 038
FROST  -  in loving memory of Mildred Clara (Cissie)  who passed away at New Brighton on June 24th 1923.  
MELLOR  -   of Henry Mellor,  who died June 24th 1922.

Funerals  -  039
HOSKING  -  William,    this day,  Tuesday  June 24th at 3-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
MANSFIELD  -  Ada Mary,  this day Tuesday June 24th at 11am for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WILLIAMS  -  John,  on Wednesday June 25th  at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
CANT  -  Daniel,  on Wednesday June 25th at 12 noon, and arrive at the Sedgemere Anglican Cemetery at 1-30pm.
BRYENTON  -  George Woolnough Bryenton  for the Avonside Churchyard on Wednesday the 25th inst. at 2pm.

Wednesday 25 June 1924

Births  - 040
BARKLIE  -  on June 23rd at geraldine  to wife of A.P. Barklie  -  a daughter
EVANS  -  on June 24th  to Mr and Mrs D.T. Evans  -  a daughter

Deaths  - 040
BRANKIN -  on June 24th at her late res. Madras street,  Sarah Ann,  widow of the late Thomas Brankin, late of Ashburton,  in her 78th year.
COOPER  -  on June 24th at her res.  Ann Elizabeth Cooper, widow of the late Charles Edward Cooper,  of Timaru.  in her 86th year.
GATES  -  on June 24th at his late res. Thomas Adkisson Gates,  in his 71st year
SUNLEY  -  on June 24th at Christchurch,  Robert Maxwell,  dearly loved husband of Annette Sunley,  in his 69th year

In Memoriam  - 040
FROST  -   Mildred Clara (Ciss) who passed away at New Brighton on June 25th 1923  also Adelaide Daphne,  passed away May 4th 1923,  
MACINTOSH  -  in loving memory of James Macintosh,  who died at Middleton,  June 25th 1914.
MEALING  -  in fond memory   William Mealing  who died June 25th 1919.

Funerals  - 041
WILLIAMS  -  John,  on Wednesday June 25th at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
CANT  -  Daniel,  on Wednesday June 25th at 12 noon,  arrive Sedgemere Anglican Cemetery 1-30pm
SUNLEY  -  Robert Maxwell,  on Thursday June 26th at 9-50am  for St Mary's Catholic Church, then to Bromley Cemetery
BRANKIN  -  Sarah Ann  -  on Friday June 27th at 8-50am for St Mary's Catholic Church, then to Ashburton Public Cemetery.

Thursday 26 June 1924

Roll of Honour  -  In Memoriam  - 042
LUGG  -  Lance-Corporal Albert Henry Lugg,  killed in action in France,  June 26th 1917.

Births  - 042
DALE  - to Mr and MrsG.Dale  of Redcliffs  -  twin sons 
DOUGLAS  -  on June 23rd to Mr and Mrs James Douglas,  South Brighton  - a son

Deaths  - 042
BLAIN  -  on June 24th at Christchurch Hospital,  Susannah,  relict of the late David Blain,  age 68 years.
NEWTON  -  on June 25th at Little River,   William,  relict of the late Jane Newton,  age 79 years,  late of Hill Top Hotel.

In Memoriam  - 042
CLARKE  -  Sarah,  died June 26th 1919
COLLIER  -  Ada Maud passed away  June 26th  1923,  

Funerals  - 044
SUNLEY  -  Robert Maxwell,  Thursday June 26th at 9-50am  for St Mary's Catholic Church,  then to Bromley Cemetery.
BRANKIN  -  as earlier
NEWTON  -  William,  will leave Little River on Friday June 27th at 7-30am for the Catholic Cathedral then to Linwood cemetery.
COOPER  -  Ann Elizabeth,  on Friday at 2pm for St Mary's Merivale, thence to Barbadoes street Cemetery.
HICKS  -  Ann Maria,  on Friday at 3-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Friday  27  June 1924

Births  - 045
MACKRELL  - on June 24th  to wife of W.A.Mackrell - a daughter

Marriage  - 045
BROWN  -  WILSON  -  on May 27th at -- Christchurchherbert James, son of late H.W.brown  to helena Martha, dau. of Mr E. Wilson,  Kaiapoi.

Deaths  - 045
FIELD  -  on April 26th at Brize Norton, England,  Mary,  relict of the late Joseph,  Field,  age 95
GIMBLETT  -  on June 22nd   Charles Henry,  the beloved husband of Mabel Gimblett, today Friday at 11 am
GOULD  -  on June 26th at Timaru Hospital, (result of railway accident)  Norman Alfred Gould, son of Walter and Emily Gould,  Rakaia,  age 22 years.
HOBBS  -  on June 25th  at Christchurch, Alexander Hobbs,  age 63 years
LISSENDEN  -  at Whitstable,  Kent,  England,  Austen Lissenden,  daughter at   West Lyttelton,  aged 77 years
SHAW  -  on June 26th at the Christchurch  Hospital,  Ethelbert Shaw,  aged 56 years.

Funerals  - 046
BRANKIN  -  Sarah Ann,  this day Friday June 27th at 8-50am for St. Mary's Catholic Church,  and then to Ashburton Public Cemetery.
NEWTON  -  William,  will leave Little River on Friday,  June 27th at 7-30am  for the Catholic Cathedral,  then to Linwood Cemetery.
GOULD  -  Norman,  will leave Rakaia,  on Saturday 28th inst.  at 2pm  for the Rakaia Cemetery.
SHAW  -   Ethelbert,  will leave for the Bromley Cemetery,  on Saturday the 28th inst. at 10am.

Saturday  28 June 1924

Marriages  - 047
GREGORY-HUNT - CRANSTON  -  on June 11, Sydney James, son of Mr J. Gregory-Hunt to Nancy, dau of late James Cranston --- Fiji
O'LOUGHLIN  -  HUNTER  -  on June 24, Martin, son of Mr and Mrs M.O'Loughlin  to Dorothy Gillies, dau of Mr and Mrs J. G.Hunter, Christchurch.

Deaths  - 047
BUTT  -  on June 26th at Christchurch,  Elizabeth Meldrum Butt,  aged 72 years.
CASSERLEY  -  on June 27th Rangiora,  Mary,  relict of the late Thomas Casserley,  of Loburn,  aged 87 years.
HOGG  -  on June 27th at his late residence,  Tinwald,  Samuel Hogg  aged 68 years.
HOSSACK  -  on June 26th  at her late residence,  Jane,  relict of the late John Hossack,  in her 87th year.
McCALLUM  -  on June 27th at Ashburton,  John McCallum,  of  Carew,  aged 65 years.
McCLURG  -  on June 27th  at the res. of her son-in-law,--- Sarah,  relict of the late James McClurg,  in her 90th year.
TAYLOR  -  on June 14th  at the res. of her daughter  --Andersons Bay,  Dunedin, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of Thomas Taylor,  Gore,  in her 66th year

In Memoriam  - 047
CHERRY  -  in loving memory ----   who departed this life on June 28th,  1921
HILL  -  Ida,  dearly beloved wife of J.C.Hill,  who died suddenly June 28th 1923.

Funerals  - 048
McCLURG  -   on Sunday June 29th at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
CASSERLEY  -  Mary,  on Monday at 9-30am for the Loburn Catholic Church.

Monday 30 June 1924

Births  - 049
BARKER  -  on June 28th  to Mr and Mrs E.C.Barker  - a daughter
BUCHANAN  -  on June 28th   to Mr and Mrs G.F.Buchanan  - a son
DOAK  -  on June 27th at Rangiora. to Mr and Mrs J.F.Doak -  a daughter

Deaths  - 049
BATH  -  on June 27th at the res. of his daughter,  Samuel Bath, late of Christchurch, in his 79th year.
CONWAY  -  on June 28th  Selina (Lena) beloved wife of W.F.Conway,  aged 63 years.
HOBBS  -  Iris Valerie,  4th daughter of Mr and Mrs Hobbs  aged 4 and half years.
KENNEDY  -  on June 29th at Hawarden,  Angus Kennedy,  of Stonyroyed in his 79th year.
LINDSAY  -  on June 28th  at Timaru,  William Stewart Lindsay,  aged 75 years.
NANCARROW  -  on June 29th at the res. of his son-in-law,  James, beloved husband of the late Ellen Nancarrow,  aged 84
NELSON  -  on June 29th George Bushnell Nelson,  aged 71  Late of "Press"  office.
SPRING  -   on June 28th at Rakaia,  at the res. of his son-in-law, Alexander William Spring,  late of Ashburton, in his 84th year.

In Memoriam  - 049
GILLANDERS  -  in loving memory of Mrs M.K.Gillanders  who died June 20th 1923
GILLANDERS  -  Elizabeth Hamilton Gillanders,  
INNES  -  Donald,  dearly loved husband of Jessie Innes passed away on June 30th 1923.

Funerals - 050
BATH  -  Samuel, leaving his dau's res  (Mrs D.Kane)  Glentunnel  this day Monday at 10am arriving at the Addington Cemetery. 12 noon.
NANCARROW  -  James, leave res. of son-in-law Mr J.D.McKechnie   on Tuesday July 1st at 2-30pm for the Burwood Churchyard
CONWAY  -  Selina  for the Bromley Cemetery, on Tuesday the 1st July,  at 2pm..
KENNEDY  -  Angus,  leaving Hawarden on Tuesday July 1st at 1-30pm for the Horsley Downs Cemetery.

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