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Tuesday 1 April 1924
Dunedin  -  Inquest -   001
MILLER  -  The adjourned inquest concluded today in the case of a young man named William George Miller,  who fell from a dray at Opoho on Wednesday, 
                ------  a  long column  email for a copy.  

Obituary  002
CHAPMAN -  Mr William Chapman,  who died on March 29th,  while driving a car on  the Coast road, Gisborne,  was well known in musical circles in Timaru.  For some years
                he was a painter but  lately has been in the employment of Dalgety and Co. as  a traveller.  He was extremely popular and news of his death was learned with deep regret. 
                The late Mr Chapman married Miss A. MORGAN,  daughter of Mr Robert Morgan,  of Dee street,  and for his widow and family much sympathy will be felt.

Obituary 003
COWE  - At Runanga,  Mr Ebenezer Cowe,  was found lying on the road -- died 10mins later,  aged 56, born in Scotland and came to NZ 3 and half years ago,
                        he leaves a widow, 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Auckland  -  004
ARNDT -    Minnie Bertha  Arndt,  aged 32 residing with her parents in Parnell.  -----    email for copy.

Obituary - 005
WADE  - Mr George, passed away at his residence 96 Innes road,  last Friday  Mr George Welles Wade,  who for over 40 years was one of the best known and highly
                respected commercial travellers in Canterbury.  Born in Deptford in 1841,  the late Mr Wade was educated at the City of London School. --- arrived in the
                ship "Monarch"  landing at Auckland in 1866.   A few months later he came to Christchurch,  and proceeded to Timaru. a very long column,  
                        email for a copy.

Wednesday 2 April 1924
Wanganui  -  006
   The death took place at Wanganui on Sunday of Mrs Clayton, a former resident of Wesport.

Dunedin -   Deaths -   007
COX and  McMILLAN  - The inquest into the deaths of William Ernest Cox and David Edward McMillan,  which occurred-------  was continued in Palmeston today.
                    McIntosh, the only one the 3  to survive   inquest adjourned. ----------  more

Thursday 3 April  1924

Death  008
STANILAND -   Mrs Ada Staniland,  death was announced yesterday,  resident of the New Brighton district,  and for many years was an active member of the Plunket society, 
                        which she inaugurated in that district.  ----------  was a native of Sheffield, England,  arrived in New Zealand in 1876.  Her husband Mr G.W. Staniland a partner
                        in the Union Brewery Co.  died 4 years ago.  Mr W. Staniland,  (Temuka)  Mr G. W.Staniland,  (Christchurch)  Mrs H.H. Wauchop  (Christchurch) 
                            and Mrs Gerald Haskins  (West Bargo,  NSW) are surviving members of Mrs Staniland's family.  ----  email for copy.

Death  -  009
TORRY  -   The body of a man was found about 11 am yesterday near the gates of Victoria Park, Cashmere Hills,  by a lad named A. Smith.  ------  The body was subsequently
                    identified at that of Torry, a commercial traveller,  and at one time a tobbaconist in business at Timaru.  Torry who was a single man, aged about 45 years had been
                    staying at the Belvue Private Hotel for about 3 mths.   An inquest will be held today.

Friday  4 April  1924
Obituary  - 010
COULTHARD -   A Brunner miner of the old days, Mr Thomas Coulthard, died suddenly at Taylorville this morning.  --  74 years of age  survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Wellington  - 011
Dr NEWMAN -   Widespread regret will be felt at the news of the death of Hon.Dr Alfred Kingcombe Newman, M.L.C. one of the best known figures in the district.  ---------- 
                             born in India in 1849.  His father the late Captai Alfred Newman --- came to NZ with his family in 1853, settling in Hawkes Bay and in 1863  -----  
                             he  went to England completing his course at Bath.  About 1874 he gained his degrees ---   early 1875 he returned to New Zealand--------
                            In 1879 Dr Newman married Miss Octavia Featherstone,  youngest daughter of the late Dr Isaac Earle Featherstone,  the first Superintendant of Wellington. 
                            Dr Newman's son Mr Frank Newman, -------- subsequently took control of his father's station at Koputaroa.

Obituary  013
REUNERT -  Mrs Jane Ann Reunart,  who passed away on Tuesday, was a widow of Mr Henry S. Reunart, at one time------as one of the finest baritone singers in the country.  
                        Mrs Reunert who had reached the age of 71 years came  ------  when a girl of 20 years and was married in Balclutha,   ---------- more

Inquest  -  014
TORRIE -   The inquest on Frederick Joseph Torrie,  whose body was found near Victoria Park,  -------  email for copy.

Saturday 5 April  1924
Timaru  -  015
HART  -    The death of Mr A.G.Hart,  age 52 -- a successful Canterbury farmer,  born at Winchester  -----  more 

Okain's Bay  - 016
HAWES - The late Mr William Hawes was born in London in 1869 and emigrated to New Zealand with his parents in 1872.  With them he lived in
                        Dunedin and Christchurch,  eventually settling in Okain's Bay,  where except for a few years in Whakatane,  he resided until his death.
                     -----  more  ----

Death  - 
PAYLING  -   017
  The death occurred yesterday at Fendalton of Mrs Julia Payling, widow of George Payling ----------  as Mayoress of Christchurch during the time  the late
                        Mr Payling was Mayor  ----  the deceased came to New Zealand from King's Lynn, Norfolk,  about 40 years ago with her father Mr Henry Judd and his family.

Auckland -  018
WYMAN - Miss Evelyn Wyman, a well-known music teacher was found dead in her studio  ---  more ----

Monday 7 April  1924
Timaru  -  019
GALLEN  -   Edward Gallen,  aged 24 was killed this morning in a car accident  ----

Tuesday 8 April  1924
Wellington  -  020
James Annear,  aged 30, a married man,  employed as a tram conductor, residing at 18 Argyll street,  Mirimar, was found in a state of collapse,  near his residence
                    at midnight on Saturday,  and died shortly afterwards.   ----------

Dargaville -  021
  A young man,  Cecil Bennett,  the son of Mr G. W. Bennett,  Raupo,  while playing in a football match at Ruawai,  received a kick on the head and was rendered
                unconscious.   A doctor was called in,  but the young man died at 7 o'clock in the evening.  Deceased was well known as an all-round athlete,  and was a general favourite.

Temuka  - 022
Funeral of Mr Matthew Cameron.  took place in the Temuka Cemetery  ------    A very long column.  email for copy.

Wanganui  -  023
The body of a woman named Mary Louise Clare, aged 63 years,  residing in Somme Parade,   ------
WILSON -   Howard,  land agent,  of Marton,  was severly injured this morning through the capsize of a motor-car.  he died shortly after admission to hospital.

Inquest  -  024
  At the inquest touching the death of Edward Hugh William Gallen,  a young man who was killed in a motor smash in the Camp Valley Road,  Albury,  on Saturday,
                 the Coroner Mr E.D.Mosley,  returned a verdict that death was due to injuries accidentally received.  ----------------  lots more   email for copy.

Wellington  -  025
   William Trembath,  a single man aged 35,  assistant manager at Barrett's Hotel,  was riding a motor-cycle from Trentham to Wellington yesterday afternoon, 
                        and when  near Taita the cycle skidded on a pot-hole in the road.  He fell on his head and fractured his skull.  brought into hospital  at 5-40 last night and died at 7-30.

Wednesday   9 April  1924.
Dunedin  - 026
BREMNER  - The death is announced at Dunedin in Mr Joseph R.Bremner.  ------------- more ---

Death -  027
DUNKLEY  -  Mr Arthur  Dunkley, of 331 Selwyn street, Addington, one of the early settlers of the Dominion,  died yesterday,  at the Christchurch Hospital.
                      ------   Four of his sons are intimately connected with the newspaper world,  Mr O.F.Dunkley being a journalist in Sydney,  Mr A. W. on the literary
                    staff of the Christchurch "Sun"  and Mr A.D.  publisher of the same paper  and Mr E.H. of the staff of the Oamaru mail.  Mr Dunkley was predeceased
                    by his wife by 10 mths,  he never really   recovered from the shock of her death.

Obituary  -  028
Cabled advice was received in Wellington on Monday of the death at Aberdeen of Mr George Mayo Kebbell,  well known in business circles in Wellington. 
                    Born in Somersetshire  82 years ago,  the late Mr Kebbell came to NZ with his parents in 1856. -------   is survived by a widow and large family.
                     -------  email for copy

Obituary  - SIMPSON  - 030
death of Mr Dick (Scottie) Simpson, Marlborough loses one of its oldest identities. The deceased who was 75 years of age,  was born at New Plymouth,
and resided in Blenheim for 52 years.  -------    He leaves 3 sons and 7 daughters,  of whom 3 are married.  ----  lots more ----

Wellington  -  031
WATERS -  The death of a well-known resident of Wellington,  Mr Alex Waters,  took place on Sunday ---------  email for copy

Wanganui   -  032
  James Wilson,  married with a young child, was killed in a gravel pit at Aramoho,  this afternoon.  A wheelbarrow obstructed the deceased
                    while he was trying to escape a fall of metal,  which overwhelmed him.

Thursday   10 April  1924
Blenheim  -  033
The death occurred yesterday of Mrs Clouston,  relict of the late William Edward Clouston,  who was head of the merchant firm of that name. 
                    The deceased who was 30 years of age, was the 2nd daughter of  the late Dr HORNE,  who was born in Blenheim,  where she had resided all of her life. -----------

Obituary  -  034
HAINES -   The death is announced at Auckland of  Dr Humphry Haines.  Dr Haines was a native of Cork,  where he was born in 1856.  He arrived in Auckland in
                    1886 and was in practice in that city,     ------    a long column - email for copy.

Friday  11 April  1924
Obituary  -  035
FURLONG -  A New Plymouth telegram states that Mr Thomas Furlong died suddenly of a heart attack while motoring ---- He was 56 years of age,

Death  -  036
HAMILTON  -  at Ermelo, Transvaal,  death of Mr James Dundas Hamilton, of Caledonia,  Vosman's Beacon, 3rd February. He was the 3rd son of the late Mr                            
                                Hugh Hamilton, of Ayr, Scotland,  and Clayton,  Fairlie, New Zealand,  he was 63 years of age.
BRINSLEY - Mr Richard,  died aged 64 in Dunedin -- he was an ironfounder and ex- City Councillor

Blenheim  - 037
SCOTT - SMITH -  death today of Mr Thomas Scott-Smith a well known member of the local Bar. Mr Scott-Smith was the son of a large sheep farmer in                                        
                    Forfarshire Scotland  ----------   lots more

Saturday  12 April 1924
Inquest  -   038
BOLSTAD  - Richard,  died 10th March  in a motor accident -- ---father Hans Alfred Bolstad    ----- more ----

Bankruptcy -  039
HARRIS -   George coal miner of Mount Somers   ---  lots more ----------   email for copy

Death -  040
HOOD -   Kenneth Ronald Hood,  aged 8,  died in Auckland Hosp.  --  kicked by a cow ------
PENNY -  Gwen, dau. of W.J.Penny, of Nelson  sustained a broken jaw, broken arm --motor accident  ----
LESLIE - John, single,  aged 28  admitted to Dunedin Hosp.  -----

Inquest   -  041
TORRIE -  F.J. adjourned inquest  -   was found dead on April 2nd. at Victoria Park, Cashmere ---  lots more ----

Death -  042
WRIGHT -   Jennie,  single, about 50 years of age, died suddenly at noon -on her way to work, -------  more ---

Monday 14 April 1924

Inquest -   044
ALLERBY - An inquest concerning the death of Louis Phillip Allerby,  who died from injuries received in a football match at Colyton last Saturday. -----------

Inquest  -  045
ANNAN - Robert John Hill Annan, a labourer,  aged 58 years,  ----  wife  Margaret Elsie Annan,  inquest adjourned until tomorrow. -------

Death  -  046
DRUMMOND - Peter, in Wellington in his 86th year, born Auchterader, Perthshire, in 1838, arrived Port Chalmers by Black Swan  in 1862  married in                                            
                            Invercargill in 1863  next year went to Auckland ----  wife pre-deceased him in 1910 survived by 6 sons ----   and 3 daughters  -------

Inquest   -  047
FANTHAM  -  on Sat. morning Mr George Alfred Fantham. a middle-aged single man, --------- resided at Kaiapoi, inquest adjourned until tomorrow.

Death  -  048
GEORGE  - Hector,  Auckland,  manager of Ship Chandlery Dept. of John Burns and Co.  ------ 

Masonic Funeral  - 049
GREEN -  Mr R.A. The funeral of the late Mr R.A.Green took place on Saturday afternoon,   ----   for Bromley Cemetery.  -----   a longish  piece

Obituary  -  050
HANSON - William,  aged 99, in Auckland for over 64 years.born in Sunderland, arrived Auckland in 1858, -- survived by his wife, 16 grandchildren,
                        32 g.grandchildren,  his son-in-law Mr T.Anderson is still living at age 91.  lots more  ----

Funeral  - 051
RUTHERFORD  - Mr J.S. about 50 cars followed the hearse from the beautiful homestead at Opawa, Albury,  lots of names ------  long column

Death  -  052
TAYLOR  - Robert Ross,  of Timaru, ---  age 77 years. left Aberdeen, where he was born at the age of 16, and arrived in Timaru in  1864.  -----  lots more

Tuesday  15  April  1924
Obituary  - 055
The death occurred at his residence yesterday morning of Mr William Buckhurst,  who in 1919 retired---------  Crown Lands Ranger for Canterbury,  ----- 
                             was born in Canterbury,  England  71 years ago,   His grandfather was Admiral Stephen Buckhurst,  and his father,  Captain William Buckhurst,
                            was killed at the siege of Lucknow in the Indian Mutiny.  ---  came to new Zealand in 1870,  he is survived by a family of 2 sons and 6 daughters.

Wellington - 056
FORDHAM - Mr C.E. died aged 55 years chairman of the NZ Football Assoc. --

Blenheim  -  057
   Mr William Nesbit, who was born at Nelson 80 years ago died in the Wairau Hospital.  His parents arrived at nelson from Castle-on-Tyne in 1842,  and he was added
                    to the population of the the infant settlement 2 years later.  -----    and his home for the last 50 years was at Kaituna, where he ran a farm.   His mother died at the
                    Wairau Hospital in April 1920, at the age of 99 years and a brother of the deceased, a resident of Kawhai, (Auckland) survives him at the age of 82 years.

Waipawa  -  058
OLLIVER  - G.Y. Olliver, a retired farmer,  living at Otane,  was killed while motoring  at Patangata ------- more ---

Wanganui  -    Inquest  -  059
WILSON - Howard Charles John Wilson, of Marton,  who was killed as the result of a motoring accident on the 7th. ---- more ---

Wednesday  16 April  1924
Gore -  060
AITKEN -  wife of Andrew Alison Aitken,  jeweller, died  leaving 6 children  ---------  email  for a copy

Inquest  -  061
ANNAN -  Robert John Hill Annan,  58 years of age,  died on Friday    ---  lots more -----

Inquest   -  062
DAFFORN  - Peter Dafforn, received fatal injuries ------------   being the result of an accident on April 1st.--  a long column

Obituary  -  063
The death occurred at Christchurch yesterday of Mr Charles Murray Dunnett,  aged 41 years.  Mr Dunnett was born at Kelso, Otago.  -------- 
                    The late Mr Dunnett was an exceptionally efficient police officer.  One of his brothers Captain J, Dunnett was killed while serving with the
                New Zealand Artillery during the Great War. he leaves a widow  and 1 son. a brother Captain J.Dunnet was killed serving  during the Great War.

Obituary  -  066
HAY   -
Word was received in Christchurch yesterday by cable of the death of Mrs T.O.Hay in Bournemouth on the 14th inst.  Mrs Hay was the only daughter of the
             late Rev. Dr John GUTHRIE,  of Glasgow. She arrived in New Zealand  by the Crusader in 1874  accompanied by her brother  Dr John Guthrie.  Another
            brother Dr T.O.Guthrie followed a year or two later.  In 1875 she married the late T.O.Hay,  Annandale, was her home in Pigeon Bay for over 30 years. 
            He died in 1908 while on a visit to Scotland and England-  leaves 1 son and 2 daughters   ----  lots more  --------

Death  -  067 and 068
HODGSON -  Twentyman Hodgson,  was the eldest son of the late Mr Thomas Hodgson, died at Loburn last week, born at Peltridge, Melbourne in 1853,
                         migrated at age 12 with his parents  to Loburn.  he married in 1886 to Miss Sarah Ann Judson, had 2 sons and 5 daughters  -----
                         interred at Raithby Methodist Church Cemetery   -----  a long column  ------   lots more

Waihi  -   069
MORRIS   -  Harry,  aged 23 while assisting in the search of the flooded river for the body, of Christina K.Poole was drowned,    ----- lots more

Havelock North  -  070
The death took place last week, at her res. Havelock North of one of Southern Hawke's Bay's best known and most highly esteemed settlers in the person
                of Mrs Emma Price, of Tangarewa,  Takapau.  --- born Wellington 65 years ago ---- widow of Alfred Henry  who pre-deceased her by 23 years.
                she leaves 4 daughters and 3 sons  -----   long piece

Wellington - Death  - 
FORDHAM -   Mr C.E.Fordham,  aged 55, Chairman of the NZ Football Association, -------

Wellington  -  Mr Peter DRUMMOND  -
The death occurred at Wellington on Friday,  in his 86th year,  of Mr Peter Drummond,  one of the pioneer settlers of this country.  Born in Auchterader,
Perthshire, in 1838,   He arrived in Port Chalmers by shipBlack Swan in 1862 and attracted by the gold rush -------  

Thursday 17 April  1924
Obituary  -   071
William, train examiner ---- died  leaving a widow and 4 children,  the eldest about 14 years.

Funeral  - 072
The funeral of the late Mr William Blyth Buckhurst  ---   took place yesterday, ----  at the Bromley Cemetery.
                            list of names of those attended -------

Ashburton  -   073
The death of Mr Merchant Charles Octavius Digby, of Ashburton,  occurred rather suddenly at an early hour yesterday morning.  Mr Digby who
                was in his 71st year,  was perhaps one of the best known men in the Ashburton County, -------
                Born in Colchester,  England,  Mr Digby came as a lad with his parents to New Zealand in the sailing vessel David Fleming.-------  
                 Mr Digby leaves a widow and one son and two daughters. ---------

Oxford    - 074
By the death of Mr Henry Garlick,  which occurred last week,  Oxford has lost one of the most highly respected and popular young men in the district.  
        ------  sympathy extended to his young widow and little son, --- deceased who was born and educated in Oxford was only 29 years of the time of his death,
                     and was the 2nd son of Mr Peter Garlick.  3 brothers,  Thomas, Leonard and Richard  and a cousin Herbert  were pallbearers.   -----  more  -----
                    longish column

Auckland   -  075
McANNALLY  -   John McAnnally,  married,  a surfaceman on the railway,  died   ---  more ----

Gisborne  -  Death  - 076
THOMAS -  William Joseph Thomas, a retired  teacher, while cycling along  fell into the river and drowned -----------

Saturday 19 April  1924
Greymouth  -  077
An old resident of Cobden, Mr T. Auton, died,  age  50 years. survived by a widow a married son and daughter,  and his mother who is a resident of Christchurch.

Dunedin  -  078
BURTON  - Mr Sydney Burton,  --  died suddenly at Dunedin yesterday. Dr J.F.C.Moore is a brother-in-law

Inquest  -  079
FANTHAM  -  The adjourned inquest concerning the death of George Alfred Fantham,   injuries received at Clarkville by being run over  ---
                            died on April 12th ---  lots more

Sudden death -   080
TAYLOR -  Mr Alexander Cowie Taylor, a labourer,  aged about 40 years,  died suddenly on Thursday  ------  a single man ----

Monday 21 April  1924
Inquest  -  081
BARTON  -    Joan Maureen Barton,  aged 1 year and 9 months, ------ died on Saturday afternoon  ----------

Ashburton   -   082
CAMPBELL - Ronald,  passed away on Thursday morning one of the oldest Chertsey settlers ---------

Death  -  083
STEPHENSON - Henry Permain, eldest son of Mr Henry Stephenson ---Ashburton ---on Thursday,  aged 40.

Obituary    -  084
CAMPBELL - Mr Ronald Campbell, of Ashburton, East, and formerly of Chertsey, --- Mr Campbell was born at Fort William, Inverness, Scotland,  -- before coming
            to NZ with his wife he lived in Amulree. -- came to NZ in 1866 -- arrival at Lyttelton,  -- took up land at Southbridge---   to Barr Hill, ---  then settled at Chertsey.
                His wife predeceased him 15mths ago.  5 sons and one daughter.  ------  lots more  ----

Ashburton   - 086  and 086a
SMITH -  Mr James Matthew Smith of Flemington, who died last week, was the oldest resident of the district, at the time of his death. He was born in Herefordshire
             in 1841 married in September 1864.  he came to New Zealand in the sailing vessel Ernesteen,  landing at Auckland in 1865.-----  later he came to Canterbury
            and took up farming at Kaiapoi Island. -----  moved to Ashburton County, --- his wife predeceased him some 24 years ago.  There are 4 surviving sons and daughters.

Obituary  - 087
KENNY - Sydney -  death of Mr Wm Eyre Kenny, formerly Director of Public Works,  Federated Malay States. son of the late Judge Eyre Kenny  of New Plymouth.

Tuesday 22 April 1924
Timaru  -  088
BLACK  -   A fatal motor accident occurred on the Tycho Flat road yesterday -- resulting in the death of May Black -- aged 17 years.

Timaru  -  089
ELLIOTT -   Henry Elliott, a farmer at Arno,  aged 35 years, was found dead today -------------

Obituary  -  090 & 091
Hon. Charles LOUISSON - --one of the pioneers of the South Island  -  died suddenly ---  aged 82 --  born London, educated at Gravesend,   -- In 1856
                            when 14 years of age he came out to Australia ---  in 1865 left for New Zealand  to join his brother Mr Alfred Louisson,   In 1876 Mr Louisson
                     married a daughter of Mr Maurice HARRIS.   He leaves a widow, 2 sons, and 2 daughters. ------    a very long column. ---  email for copy. ----

Auckland  -  091
LOWDEN -  The death of Mr John Lowden,  aged 79.  Between 1903 and 1921 he was Mayor of Mataura,  ---  he leaves a widow and family of 6.

Auckland -  092
TUCKETT  -  unnamed body found. The police are investigating the disappearance of a Frenchman named Tuckett,  the carpenter on the Canadian Spinner. ---------------

Wednesday 23 April  1924
Waimate  -  Inquest  -  093
ELLIOTT -  an inquest into the death of John Henry Elliott of Arno, father John Elliott,  Ellen M. Elliott sister of John,  ------  more -----

Sydney  -  094
FARRELL  -  Thomas Farrell,  a native of New Zealand,   a very long column

Wanganui  -  095
With the passing of Miss sarah Gilfillan who died on Saturday, another link with the very early days of Wanganui has been severed.  ---  aged 83.  
                        her death recalls the Gilfillan massacre ---in 1847   -----   a  long column. -----

Casualty  -  096
GOODENOUGH -  death of H.P. Goodenough ----- body found in River road,  has practically been cleared up. --- an inquest will be held this morning.

Greymouth  -  097
Word was received last night in Greymouth that Mr Michael Quinlan had succumbed at Waiho.  The deceased was a resident of Thompson street,
                        Greymouth,   aged 53 years.  He leaves a widow and 2 brothers.

Obituary  -  098
Mr Richard Rowe,  late of Bangor Street,  --- was the son of Mr Joseph Rowe of Cornwall, England,  and the nephew of the late Mr Thomas Rowe,  well known
            in this city for many years.  He arrived in NZ about September 1875 by the ship Star of China,  ---    he leaves a widow and 6 daughters, 1 son, 26 grandchildren. more -------

Death  -  098a
MANDER - Mr W.H. Mander,  manager of the Motueka branch of the Bank of New Zealand died.

Obituary  - 099
Mr William Smith,  who died at his residence North road, Papanui ---  in his 82nd year, was one of the pioneers of Canterbury  ---  born in Essex, England, 
                he came to New Zealand in 1874 in the ship Cathcart,  arriving at Lyttelton in August.  Funeral took place on Sat. morn. at the Bromley Cemetery -- 
                he leaves a widow and 4 sons.

Thursday  24 April  1924
Obituary  -  100
-  Mrs Gilbert,  widow of the the late Mr John Gilbert, --  was for many years a well known resident of Dunsandel.  A native of Cornwall, England,
                     the late Mrs Gilbert came out with her husband by the ship  Accrington,  which arrived at Lyttelton in 1863.  her first home was at Prebbleton, 
                        moved to Dunsandel --brought up a  family of 9,  4 sons and   4 daughters  named -----  lots more.

Inquest  -  101
GOODENOUGH -   An inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of  Harold Perdu Goodenough, a married man, 48 years of age, 
                        who was found dead on River Road, Avonside, Ada louisa Goodenough his wife  -------  the inquest was adjourned.  ---more ----

Obituary  -  102
  -  Mrs S.E.Thwaites,  who died on Good Friday, at the res. of her daughter, mrs H.Ballagh----- was one of the pioneers of Canterbury.  Mrs Thwaites was
                        born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, in September 1842, and came out to NZ  with her parents Mr and Mrs RICKETTS in the Zealandia in 1858. 
                        In 1863 she married Mr Jas. Thwaites of Prebbleton.  In 1865 they removed to Hororata, ------  she left a family of 2 sons,  5 daughters,  16 grandchildren. 
                        Her husband predeceased her 29 years ago. funeral took place on Easter Monday  in the Hororata Churchyard. ------

Saturday  26 April  1924
Deaths  -  103
BYCROFT -  John H. Bycroft,  aged 57   had a seizure in a tram car in Auckland  He was removed to the Doctor's residence where he died.
DAVIDSON  -  John Davidson, a tally clerk on the town wharf, ------  Davidson leaves a widow and 3 children in Hastings.
QUIGG - H. a staff member of the Power Board, -- linesman topping trees -- fell  broke his back --  married with 5 young children  the youngest is 7mths old.

Greymouth  -  104
EDWARDS -  Mr E.J. Edwards,  chief clerk at the State Coal Mines died suddenly this morning at Runanga.  aged 49  is survived by a widow and 3 children.

Obituary  -  105
FRASER  - One of the oldest and most respected residents of the Malvern District,  Mr Alexander Fraser,  died on Tuesday, ----- aged 84 years,   Mr Fraser was born in
                 Aberdeenshire,   Scotland in 1840 -- He came to New Zealand in the Tudor,  in 1864,  and in 1865,  bought his 1st farm at Waddington.  funeral took place at
                Waddington Cemetery      ---------  longish column.

Obituary  - 106
Another of the men who helped build up Auckland,  Mr Nathan Goldwater,  died on Saturday at the advanced age of 90 years.  Deceased was born in Carlish, 
                Russian Poland,  in 1833.  In 1849 he left his native land --- London in 1850,  married in London in 1857  ---  on May 7th 1917 they celebrated their  Diamond Jubilee
                    ---3 years ago the wife died.  The couple had 12 children, 4 sons and 3 daughters survive.

Obituary  -  107
The 2nd son of Mr W.H.Lane,  Mr Beauchamp Lane was born in Christchurch in 1864, ----  He qualified as a barrister and solicitor and about 1890 entered into
            partnership with Mr Andrew LOUGHREY and Lane ----   Mr Beauchamp married the youngest daughter of the late Mr P Murray-Ainsley, and she survives him.

 Funeral  -  108
McGIRR -  The funeral of the late Mr H. McGirr of Methven took place on Wednesday at the Methven Cemetery  ------- lots of names ----more

Monday 28 April  1924
Nelson  -  109
AHLSTROM  - John Ahlstrom, a second hand dealer,  married with a wife and 4 children died   -------   through falling off a bicycle.

Death  -  110
EUNSON -   The death occurred in Oamaru last week of Mr David R.Eunson,  public accountant.    ------ more

Obituary  -  111
JOHNSON  - At age 58, at Mowbray st on Friday, Mrs Agnes Broom Johnson.  She was born at Green Island, Dunedin,  in 1865,  her parents having arrived in New Zealand 
                        from Castle Douglas,  Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, --- in 1887 she married Mr Edward Johnson, ------   she is  survived by her husband,
                         2 sons and 4 daughters. ---  more -----

Death  -  113
A man named William Atkinson Jones, a farm labourer at East Taieri, was felling trees  ---him  on the head. -------  Jones was a married man with  2 children.

Funeral  write up  -  114
The funeral of the late Mr Beauchamp Lassetter Lane took place yesterday. ---  to Woolston Cemetery ---
                     a long column  list the names of mourners and those who sent wreaths.

Ashburton  -  115
LINDSAY  -  John Lindsay,  a resident of Ashburton,  who had been missing from his home since April 3rd, was found  today  --  an inquest will be held today.

Napier -  116
MURPHY  -  As a result of a fire in a worker's hut at the Public Work's camp at Kiawaka,  a man named William Murphy a labourer, was fatally burned -------

Obituary   -  117
The death occurred of a well known settler -- Mr Thomas Nelson Neal --- at his residence Marshlands.  One of the 1st generation of native  born New Zealander's 
                he was in his 82nd year. --- one of the first 3 white children born in Nelson  ------ found his way to Wairau in 1868 and in 1883 acquired a property at Marshlands
                 ----  survived by Mrs Neal, now in her 75th year and family of 7 sons and 4 daughters  75 grandchildren,  18 great grandchildren.

Obituary  -  Akaroa -   118
Last week saw the passing of the oldest resident in the Akaroa -- of Mrs J. Pettersen. who was 95 years of age,  born in Vifby,  in the Islands of Gotlands
                        south of Sweden in 1828.  In 1873 she came to NZ with her husband and  2 children.  on ship Cardigan Castle, another son was born on the voyage,  -----
                        fellow passengers were, Mr and Mrs C. Fredericksen,  now of Akaroa, who celebrated their Golden wedding last year. internment at Le Bon's Bay Cemetery
                         ------  lots more.

Wellington  -  
-  The death is announced of Mr W. B.Price,  licensee of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Wellington,  who had been seriously ill for some weeks.  ---- 
                    the deceased who leaves a widow was 49 years of age.

Tuesday  29 April  1924
Social  - 120
The first-floor showrooms of Rink taxi's Ltd, was transferred into a very pretty ballroom last night,  the occasion being a send-off social and dance to
            Messers Cyril and Harry Hayward, sons of Mr W. Hayward,  prior to their departure for Scotland, to join the staff of the Arrol-Johnston Motor co. at Dumfries.
             ----  lots more.

Westport  -  121
KITCHEN  -  The death took place on Sunday at Waimangaroa,  near Westport, of Mrs Kitchen, an old identity,  aged 61 years.  She is survived by her husband                        
                        and an adult family.

Christchurch  -  122
death is announced of Mrs Sara Ann Lamont,  widow of the late Mr Malcolm Lamont.  aged 64 born Oxford, Canterbury.   She is survived by a                            
                    grown up family  of 4 daughters and 2 sons.

Wednesday 30 April  1924
Adjourned Inquest  -  123
CATTLE  -  Walter John Cattle,  a crossing keeper at Lyttelton,  inquest adjourned. ----- lots more ----

Death  -  124
CATTLE - Walter, -- knocked down by an incoming train -- Lyttelton, on Monday night -- died --married,   aged between age 50 and 60.

Inquest  -  126
LINDSAY  -   The adjourned inquest concerning the death of John Lindsay,  who wandered away from the Ashburton Hosp. 3 weeks ago was found --- long column.

Wellington  -  Obituary  -   127
One who had been associated with Wellington for many years,  Mrs Edward Powell,  passed peacefully away,   ------  The daughter of
                    John BROWN
M.D.,  R.N.   she was born at Portsmouth in 1854,  married in 1874 and in 1880 came to New Zealand, with her husband and family 
                    and settled in Wellington,  Later they moved    to Blenheim and after the death of her husband 10 yrs ago, moved back to Wellington. ----- 
                    The funeral took place at the Karori Cemetery.

Found Dead  - 128
RAYFIELD -  Kathleen,  an elderly widow,  found dead in her bed by her son S.G.Rayfield ---------

Adjourned Inquest -  129
RAYFIELD  -    Catherine  Rayfield,  (has Kathleen in the paper for 128)    a widow,  aged 60,   was found dead in her bed on 15 April --------

Bankruptcy    -  130
SIM  - Thomas McGill Sim,  a baker, Rangiora,  began business in 1919,   a long column  email for copy.

Obituary  -  .131
Mr R.H.Walker, died on Monday evening,    Mr Walker who was born in the parish of Feigu,  in County Armagh, Ireland,  came to Canterbury over 50 years ago.
                     ------  he leaves a widow and 2 daughters.  ----  more -----

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