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Tuesday 1 April 1924
Birth    -  001
on 29 March at Nurse Davidson's, 1 Braddon st, Spreydon  to Mr and Mrs G.A.Power  -  a daughter

Marriage    -  001
on 27 Feb. George Arnold, son of Mr and Mrs J.E.Congdon,   to Blanche May,
                        dau of Mr and Mrs T. Nottingham,                

Death  - 001
CARR  -  on March 31 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Henry Carr,  --------, St. Albans,  age 66 years.
CARR  - on March 31 at Christchurch,  Henry,  eldest son of the late John and Mary Carr, and late of -------.

Funeral Notices - 002
PALMER     - Rebecca, --- this day April 1st at 3pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
SMITH    -  Margaret,  -- for the Linwood Cemetery, this day April 1st at 1-45pm.
CARR    -  Henry,  ---- on wednesday 2nd april for st Mary's catholic Church, at 8-45am thence to the Linwood Cemetery.

Wednesday 2 April 1924

Birth - 004
COOPER -  on 1 April  at Nurse Duncan's,  Hawkesbury ave,  St Albans  to Mr and Mrs Archie Cooper,  Winters road,  Papanui  -  a son.  premature
DURIE -  on 27 March  at Nurse bethune's  "Ranui"  to Mr and Mrs J.S.Durie  of 99 Barbour st  - a daughter  premature

Marriage  -  004
HUYSHE-ELIOT- PINCKNEY  - on 27 March, Capt George, son of late R.Huyshe-Eliot, of Ceylon to Phyllis, dau.of Mr & Mrs George Picnkney, Waikaia
LOACH -BRASSINGTON  - on 31 March ,Violet Ellen, dau of Mr and Mrs A. Brassington, of Hornby  to Albert Cyril, son of Lt.Col and Mrs A.E.Loach, 
WRIGHT- FOUNTAINE - on 12 March,Vince William, son of Mr and Mrs V.W.Wright, Laghmor  to Lucy, dau of late Bernard and Mrs Fountaine,  Ashburton.

Death  - 004
BLOOM     -  on April 1st,  Edward Heathcote,   aged 14 years  ---------
FIELD    -  on March 29th at res. of her daughter (Mrs James Chisholm, Palmeston North)  Augusta Emelie late of Port Levy  aged 71 years  (hard to read).
HALLIDAY    -  on April 1st  Jane Ann, relict of late Henry S.Bennert?  loved mother of Mrs F. Howard Gaye,  aged 71 years.
SHAW    -  on March 30th , at res. of his daughter, Mrs Barlow, Greymouth,  James Alfred Shaw, native of Halifax, in his 90th year.
STANILAND    -  on April 1st  at the res. of her son-in-law,  Mr H.H.Wauchop, Ada, widow of George William Staniland.

In Memoriam - 004
CUSACK    -  Grace Constance Cusack,  died April 2nd  1918
RITCHIE    -  Margaret May  died April 2nd 1923

Funeral Notices  - 005
STANILAND   -  Ada, -- on Thursday April 3rd at 10-30am for the Linwood Cemetery.
HALLIDAY  -  William, ---- on Thursday at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
HALLIDAY  -  U. A.O.D. members of the Oak of Sydenham Lodge are requested to attend --- late Bro. W.Halliday -----

Thursday 3 April  1924

Birth  - 007
BRADING -  on 1 April  at Howe st,  New Brighton  to wife of N.H.Brading  -  a daughter
Death - 007
COLE  -    on March 29th at -- William Henry Cole,  formerly NZ Railway Officer,  and  bel. hus. of Alice Cole,  37 Belguim  street, Auckland,  aged 70
DYER  -   At Waimate,  on April 2nd,  Leslie,  dearly loved elder son of  George and Gladys Dyer,  aged 14 years.
TURNBULL -  on April 1st at Cloncurry,  North Queensland,  suddenly,  Halbert Glendinning,  elder son of the late James S. Turnbull.  M.D.

In Memoriam -  007
EMERSON      -  Violet, died April 3rd 1923.
FALCONER     -  parents,  April 3rd and June 21st,  1921
HILL       - Reginald  who died at Greymouth,  April 3rd 1920
PHILPOTT      -  John William Buxton  April 2nd 1923.
PINER       - Ann Isobel Piner of Annat, April 3rd 1923.

Funeral Notices  -  006
STANILAND  -   Ada  -  will leave 122 Heaton street on Thursday, April 3rd at 10-30am for the Linwood Cemetery.
TORRIE    -  Fred,  late of Timaru, leave 243 Lichfield street, on Friday April 4th at 9-30am for Bromley Cemetery.
HALLIDAY     - Edward Heathcote,  beloved son of Andrew and Victoria Bloom, leave St Mary's Church, Heathcote, 
                                11am Thursday for the Bromley Cemetery

Friday  4 April  1924
Birth  - 010
BAILEY  -   on 1 April at Akaroa Hospital  to Mr and Mrs R.J.Bailey,  Little Akaloa  -  a daughter
ETHERINGTON  -   on 2 April at Willow Farm,  Woodend  to Mr and Mrs Walter Etherington  - a son.
FLEMING -  on 2 April  at Amuri Hospital  to Mr and Mrs S.Fleming,  Culverden  -  a daughter
MOWAT -   on 2 April  at Waikari Hospital  to Mr and Mrs P.J.Mowat  of "Melrose"  Hawarden  -  a son.

Deaths    - 010
MATHESON  -  on April 2nd at Rotorua,   Donald O.Matheson, late of Rugged Ridges and Roseneath Stations.
TORRIE -  on March 31st at Christchurch,  Fred J.Torrie, tobacconist   late of Timaru,  aged 45.

Funeral Notices  - 011
TORRIE  -  see  3rd April
BISHOP  -    Charles Stock   16 School road, St. Albans, on Saturday at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
CAIRNS -    William and Anna Cairns,  daughter will leave Christchurch Hospital April 5th at 10 o'clock. for Bromley Cemetery.
BISHOP - Washington Lodge  to attend funeral of Bro. C.S.Bishop. on 5th April at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery

Saturday 5 April  1924

Roll of Honour - In Memoriam - 012
FITZGIBBON    -  Private Edward Fitzgibbon killed in action in France, April 5th 1918
HARPER     -  Sergeant L.A.Harper,  C. Company, 4 Batt. Rifle Brigade, killed in action April 5th 1918
KENNEDY    -  Sam, killed in action April 6th 1918. -----

Births -  012
CAMPBELL   -  on 28 March at Nurse Gregg's,  Rua Rua  to Mr and Mrs P.Campbell -  a daughter
DAY -  on 3 April at 76 Hawford road,  Opawa  to Mr and Mrs J.F.Day  - a son.
HARRISON -  on 1 April  at Rakaia  to Mr and Mrs W.L.Harrison  -  a son
PERRIN -   on 3 April at Nurse Brake's Bealey street,  to Mr and Mrs S.H.C.Perrin  of 36 Esplanade,  North Beach  - a daughter
REW -  on 2 April  at Nurse King's  Elm Grove,  off Fitzgerald ave  to Mr and Mrs C.H.J.Rew  -  a son.

Marriages - 012
HANNAH - URQUHART -  at Fairlie,  March 26, William Walter, son of Mr and Mrs D.Hannah  to  Elizabeth Bruce. dau of Mr and Mrs J.M.Urquhart,            
- on March 26  Leonard William George, son of Mr and Mrs B. Love, Christchurch to Ivy Irene, dau of late Mr P.Dickson, Masterton.
STRACHAN - BROWN -  on 1 Jan -  William Reid, son of Mr and late J.Strachan    to Ivy Christina, dau. of Mr and Mrs E.C.Brown,  Richmond 

Death - 012
CAMERON     -  on April 4th at Temuka,  Matthew,  dearly loved only brother of Margaret Beumelburg.
LITTLE    -  on April 3nd at Wellington,  James Keen Little,  late of Christchurch,  in his 84th year.
JENKINS     -  on April 4th at Papanui,  Edgar Henry Jenkins,  in his 89th year, Crimean veteran,  beloved father of Mabs & Claude
LYTTELTON     -  on March 23rd at 65 Hangar Lane Ealing, London,  Emily Lyttelton,  widow of late Westcote of Rokeby,  Rakaia,
PAYLING     -  on April 4th 126 Fendalton road, Julia,  widow of late George Payling, Christchurch
SPENCE    -  on April 3rd at "Heslerton" Killinchy,  James Spence,  aged 78.
WALSH     -  on April 4th   at Christchurch,  Joseph Southworth, dearly loved husband of Ada Walsh,    in his 38th year.

Funeral Notice -  013
LITTLE     -  James Keen will leave the res. of is daughter  for Linwood Cemetery.
WALSH     -  Joseph Southworth --  Sunday April 6th at 20m for Bromley cemetery.
CAIRNS    -  leave Saturday April 5th for Bromley Cemetery.
SPENCE    -  leave his res. "Heslerton' Killinchy, Sunday April 5th at 12 o'clock,   for Pres. portion of Ellesmere Cemetery.
BISHOP    -  leave 16 School road, today at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Monday 7 April  1924

Birth  -  014
ALLEN  -  at Oamaru,  on 5 April  to Mr and Mrs Allen,  of Pukeuri,  Oamaru  -  a son.
HALE  -  on 5 April at Ranui,  to Mr and Mrs F.B.Hale  - a daughter
HAWKER  -  to Mr and Mrs Nelson Hawker,  70 Hinau st,  Riccarton  -  a daughter
ROBINSON  -   on 4 April  at Nurse Stewart's  "Woodville"  271 Fitzgerald ave,  to the wife of P.T.Robinson  -  a daughter.

Marriage -  014
KING - LITTLE  -  on 6 March  Dr R.D.King, son of Mrs and late Mr Jas King, Timaru  to Helen Ballardie. dau. of Dr and Mrs Wm. Little,  Blackball.

Death  - 014
FLEMING     -  on April 4th at Rakaia,  William Fleming  aged 83 years.
HACKETT    -  on April 5th Eliza,  widow of late Abraham Hackett, 159 Idris road, in her 65th year.
McLEAN     -  on April 5th at Ashburton, Mary Ann beloved wife of John McLean, aged 70 years.
O'BRIEN   -  on April 6th at  Cornelius Charles,  beloved eldest son of Mrs J. O'Brien 340 Selwyn street, Sydenham.
POWELL    -  on March 18th at Taradale, napier,  Christopher M.  eldest son of late Mr & Mrs W. Powell, Hororata. aged 55 years.
WARD  -  on 4th April at Christchurch, Lilian Frances, dau. of Mr and Mrs C.W.Ward  --- in her 18th year
WILLIAMS  -  on 6th April at Addington,  Joseph Williams,  aged 76 years

In Memoriam  -  014
KNIGHT -  William James,  died 7 April 1923 -------

Funeral Notices -  015
JENKINS     -  Edgar Henry  leave 234 Lichfield street, Monday April 7th at 10am  for the Linwood Cemetery.
WARD     -  Lillian Frances  arrive at Catholic cathedral 9am  then to Bromley Cemetey.
FLEMING   - William  of Rakaia, leave 225 Durham st at 1pm  for the Sygenham Cemetery.
McLEAN    -  Mary Ann leave res. at Rakaia today at 3pm for Rakaia Cemetery.
O'BRIEN    -  Cornelius Charles  leave rs. of mother 340 Selwyn street, for Sydenham Cemetery. today at 2pm.

Tuesday 8 April  1924
Birth  -  016
McDONALD  -  at "Willowdean"  Alford Forest road,  Ashburton,  on 7 April  to Mr and Mrs Archibald McDonald -  a daughter

Death -  016
GARLICK   -  on April 7 at his res.--  Oxford.  Henry,  bel. hus. of Elenora Garlick,  and eldest son of Mr & Mrs Peter Garlick,   Oxford,  in his 30th year.

Funeral Notices - 017
WILLIAMS     -  Joseph,  --- this day at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
MATHIESON     -  Henry Burge, --- this day at 3-30pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
O'BRIEN     -  Cornelius Charles, --- for the Sydenham Cemetery, today april 8th at 2pm.
GARLICK     -  Henry,  --- on Wednesday April 9th at 10am -- and thence to the Oxford Cemetery.

Wednesday   9 April  1924.

Birth - 018
BIRD -  on 7 April  at 72 Hawkesbury ave  to Mr and Mrs F.C.Bird  - a daughter
HANCOCK   -  on 8 April at Nurse Gregg's,  Sydenham  to Mr and Mrs Ivan Hancock  -  a son.
McLAUGHLIN -  on 5 April at Arawa Home,  Ashburton,  to wife of D.W.S. McLauchlin,  of Dunsandel  -  a daughter.

Death  -  018
BROMLEY     -  on April 8th at her residence,  -------,  Kate,  beloved wife of James Bromley.
COOMBER     -  on April 2nd at Wellington,  Albert Edward,  dearly loved husband of Mary Comber.  (Late NZ Railways)
DUNKLEY     -  on April 8th at Christchurch Hospital,  Arthur,  beloved husband of the late Teckla B.Dunkley, of 331 Selwyn street,  aged 70 years.
JOHNSTON     -  on April 5th at Sydney, NSW,  Edith Martha  (nee Smith)  dearly beloved eldest daughter of Mrs Garland,  Torrens road, Hillmorten.
MATHIESON    - on April 5th at Military Sanatorium,  Henry Burge Mathieson,  aged 46 years.
WALKER   -  on April 8 at her late res. 51 Duncan street, Spreydon,  Jane,  widow of the late James Walker,  in her 57th year.
WOODS    -  on April 8 at Christchurch Hospital,  beloved husband of late Eleanor Woods,  late captain of ss. Storm,  aged 40.

In Memoriam - 018
BROWN  -  Alfred James Brown  died April 9th 1923
EGGLESTON  -  Robert,  died St. Albans on April 9th  1923.

Funeral Notice -  019
WOODS  -  Frederic Edward , will leave the res. of his father-in-law, Mr Frederick Octgen,  Heathcote Valley,  on Thursday at 2pm,  for the Bromley Cemetery.
WALKER  -    Jane  ----  will leave her late res  Spreydon,  on Thursday at 10-30am,  Thursday  for the  Sydenham Cemetery.

Thursday   10 April  1924

Birth  - 020
PALMER  - on 5 April to Mr and Mrs J.P.Palmer,  Ayres st, Rangiora  - a daughter.
RODGER  - on 5 April at Nurse Stevenson's "Kotimane"  Gloucester st  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Roger,  Ethelton - a son.
WHITEHEAD  - on 7 April at Santa Cruz,  Rugby st,  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Whitehead,  Bennetts  - a son.

Silver Wedding  -  020
PARR  -  HUTTERWORTH -  on April 10th 1899 at Holy Trinity Church,  Hoylake, England, --- present address,  42 Abberley road,  St Albans.

Death  -  020
ABRAHAM  -  on April 3 at Kaikoura Hospital,  Edward Abraham, beloved husband of Mary,   age 62 years.
HODGSON  -  on April 9 at his late res. Loburn,  Twentyman,  dearly loved husband of Sarah Ann,  in his 71st year.
JONES  - on April 9th at Christchurch,  Francis, dearly beloved husband of Louisa,  age 72
RUTHERFORD  -  on April 9th at "Opawa"  Albury,  John Scott Rutherford, aged 79.
VINCE  -  on April 9 at Christchurch Hospital,  Charles Forbes Vince, 37 Smith's road, Woolston,  aged 83.

Funeral Notices  - 021
WOODS     -  Frederick Edward, ----- this day at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
WALKER     - Jane, ---- this day at 10-30am for the Sydenham Cemetery
JONES    -  Francis,  --- on Friday at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
HODGSON    -  Twentyman,  -------  "Dene Hollow"  Loburn for the Raithby Cemetery.
DUNKLEY    -  Arthur,  ----- for the Sydenham Cemetery, on Thusrday April 10th at 2pm.
VINCE - Charles Forbes -  for the Woolston Cemetery on 11th April  ----

Friday  11 April  1924

Birth  -  022
CREWE  -   on 10 April to Mr and Mrs  H.A.Crewe,  St Albans  - a daughter
DOUGLAS  - on 10 April at 12 Northcote Settlement, Papanui,  to Mr and Mrs B.Douglas  - a son.
SCOTT  - on 9 April at "El Nathan",  Waimate,  to Mr and Mrs J.Scott,  of Fairlie -  twin sons.

Death  -  022
ATKINSON  -  on April 9th at Ashburton,  William Atkinson, late of Crescent road St.Albans and father of the late W.J.Atkinson,  of Kowai Bush,  in his 86th yr.
DAFFORN    -  on April 9th at Christchurch,  Peter,  beloved husband of Ruth, Dafforn,   aged 49 years.
GREEN    -  on April 10th  at his late res.  6 Armagh street,   Richard Amor,  beloved husband of Edith Green.

In Memoriam  - 022
ROLLINSON  -   In loving memory of Harry,  who passed away at Glentunnel April 11th 1923

Funeral  Notice  -  023
GREEN    -  Richard Amor Green will leave his late res.---- on  Saturday  April 12th at 2-30pm  for the Bromley Cemetery.
SKILTON   -  Winifred Maud Ryan,  dau. of Mr & Mrs Skilton leaving their res.  This day   Saturday at  2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
ROBB      -  Jean, dau. of Mr & Mrs J.Robb  leaving their res. Cridland street,  Kaiapoi,  this day Saturday at 2pm for the Kaiapoi Public Cemetery.
GREEN - The Brethren of the Canterbury Lodge - 1048 invited to attend the funeral of our late Bro. Richard Amor Green  -------

Saturday 12 April  1924

Birth  - 024
SCHOFIELD  -  on April 10th  to Mr and Mrs Schofield,  Shand's Track,  Broadfields,  a son.
TWISS  -    on April 7th at Nurse Stewart's 271 Fitzgerald Ave,  to Mr and Mrs M. Twiss,  Springston,  a son.

Marriages -  024
COOPER  -  PARSONS  - on March 15th  Hilda C. dau. of  late George H. Parsons and Mrs Parsons,  to  Frank,  son of Mr and Mrs A. Cooper, 
FARGUHARSON  - OWEN  - on April 9th at Vancouver, Stanley Farquharson, of Los Angeles, to  Isabel Gytha,  dau. of Mrs Sidney L. Owen,  of Chch.

Deaths  024
GREEN  -  on April 10th at his late res.  6 Armagh street,  Richard Amor,  
RYAN  -  on April 10th at Christchurch,  Winifred Maud Ryan,  beloved daughter of M.E.Skilton, and step daughter of F.G.Skilton,  aged 13 years.

Funeral Notices  -   025
VINCE     -  Charles Forbes Vince will leave the res. of Mr W. Kerr  29 Melrose street,  for the Woolston Cemetery,  today  at 2pm.------
ATKINSON    -   William Atkinson will arrive at the Cust Public Cemetery on Saturday april 12th at 11-30am
DAFFORN    -  Peter Dafforn will leave his late res. 112 Sherborne street, St. Albans,  this day at 3-30pm for the Bromley Cemetery-------

Monday 14 April  1924
Roll of Honour -  026
BURROWS   -   on April 13th 1924 at the Military Sanitorium, cashmere,  Roy, 3rd son of Mrs C.Burrows and the late Thomas Burrows,  of Christchurch, 
                            He left New Zealand with the 9th re-inforcements.  7-1973

In Memoriam  - 026
CLIVE     -  In loving memory of our dear brother Percy,  who died of wounds, somewhere i France,  April 14th  1918.
KIRCHER   -  In loving memory of Cecil Stuart Kircher, youngest son of L.E. and the late H.W.Kircher, killed in action on April 14th 1918,  in his 21st year.
SCHUMACHER    -  In sad but loving memory of our dear Fred, who died of wounds received in France on April 14th 1918.  Interred at Drellens.

Births  - 026
BOLLINGTON  -  on 13 April  to Mr and Mrs A.Bollington,  Montreal st, - a daughter,  stillborn.
CLARK   -on 13 April at Nurse Bethune's "Ranui"  to Mr and Mrs R.H.Clark, Malcolm ave,  - a son.
PURSE  - on 11 April at "Elm Grove"  to Mr and Mrs A.E.Purse,  "Bracken"  New Brighton -  a son

Deaths  -  026
BLYTH     -  on April 12th  James Blyth,  beloved husband of Lillian Blyth in his 90th year.
FANTHAM     -  on April 12th at the Christchurch Hospital,  George Alfred Fantham,  of Kaiapoi,  aged 54 years.  result of an accident.
GILBERT    -  on April 13th at 551 Worcester Street, Linwood, Elizabeth, beloved wife of the late John Gilbert,  late of Dunsandel.  age 79
KANE     -  on April 13th at 13 Elizabeth street, Riccarton, beloved husband of Mary Catherine Kane, late of Lyttelton.
McLEOD     -  on April 13th  at Christchurch,  Emma,  beloved wife of James McLeod,  39 Albert street, Linwood,  aged 75 years.

In Memoriam -  026
ANDERSON  -  In loving memory of William Anderson,  died suddenly April 14th 1923.

Funeral Notices  -  027
BLYTH    -  James --- on Tuesday April 15th at 2pm -- and then to Linwood Cemetery.
McLEOD     -  Emma, ---- Tuesday at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery
KANE     -  Patrick, -- this day at 3pm for ---  then Sydenham Cemetery.
PORTEOUS    - Frederick,  ---  this day at 2pm for Sydenham Cemetery.
FANTHAM    -   George Alfred,  ----  on Tuesday April 15th at 2pm for the Church of England Cemetery, Kaiapoi.
FANTHAM - The Brethren of the above Lodge L.O.L.   I.O.A.----- of their late Bro. G.A.Fantham --- sahes, white ties, gloves.
PORTEOUS -  Funeral of the late Bro. F. Porteous ----- U.A.O.D.  Anchor Lodge -

Tuesday 15 April  1924

Birth  -      029
TURNER  -  on 13 April at 104 Bamford st, Woolston to Mr and Mrs B.T.Turner  - a son.

Marriage -    029
WILSON - RIGBY -on 19 Feb. at --William Morrow Wilson,  son of Mr and Mrs William Wilson,  Riverside, Ashburton  to Doris, dau. of Mrs E.Rigby, Chch                               

Death  -  029
BUCKHURST    -  on April 14th at his res.  Cashel street West,  William Blyth Buckhurst,   age 71 years.
McDOWELL    - on April 13th at the Christchurch Hospital,  George Thomas, dearly loved eldest son of W.G. and E.S. McDowell,   aged  11 .
McQUELLAN    - on April 13th at her res. Woodend,  Emma,  widow of the late Alexander McQuellen  aged 70 years.
SMITH    - on April 14th at Christchurch Hospital,  John Smith,  late of Fernside,  aged 82 years.
WATSON    -  on April 14th Wilfred Lancelot Watson, elder son of W. Lancelot Watson  of Oxford,  in his 30th year.

In Memoriam - 029
CHAMPION  -  In loving memory of my dear sister who passed away at Kaiapoi, April 15th 1923. 

Funerals -  028
BLYTH        -  James,  of 49 Ranfurly street, on Tuesday April 15th at 2pm to Linwood Cemetery
McDOWELL      -  George Thomas, this day arriving Riccarton Churchyard at 4pm.
McLEOD     -  Emma,  this day at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.
GILBERT      - Elizabeth,  551 Worcester street, on Wednesday at 10-30am for the Brookside Cemetery.
BURROWES      -  Roy Henry, will leave 225 Durham street, this day, at 3-30pm for the Bromly Cemetery.
WATSON      -  Wilfred Lancelot,  ------  for Oxford Cemetery, at 2pm on Wednesday April 16th.

Wednesday 16 April  1924

Birth  -   030
DAVIS -  on 15 April at Nurse Brake's,  70 Bealey street  to Dr and Mrs Beveridge davis,  583 Barbadoes st,  St Albans  -  a son.

Golden wedding  - 030
MADDEN  -  MANNIX -   on April 15th 1874 at -- New Plymouth,  Henry Patrick Collet,  only son of the late Stephen Patrick  Collet Madden, Calcutta,                             
                        India,  to  Mary,  elder dau. of the late John Mannix,  Edward street, Limerick,  Ireland,   present  address Moore street,  Ashburton.

Deaths  - 030
DUNNET       -  on April 15th at Christchurch,  Charles Murray, dearly loved husband of margaret Dunnet,  aged 41 years.
HAY         -  on April 14th at Bournemouth,  England,  Hannah Longmuir,  widow of the late Thomas orr Hay, of Annandale, Pigeon Bay.
SMITH      -  on April 14th at his late res. Flemington, Ashburton County,  James matthew Smith,  aged 83 years.
WATSON      -  on April 14th  Wilfred Lancelot,  elder son of W.Lancelot Watson,  Oxford,  in his 30th year.

In Memoriam  - 030
KNOWLES  - In loving memory of my dear husband John,  who passed away on April 16th 1921.

Funeral  Notices  - 031
DUNNET      -  Charles, --- this day at 3pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
RAYFIELD      -  Catherine,  --- this day at 4pm for the Bromley Cemetery
SMITH      -  James Matthew, ------ on Wednesday April 16th at 2pm for the Waterton Cemetery
WILLIAMS     -  W.E. willl leave Christchurch Hospital for the Bromley Cemetery, at 3pm today.
SMITH - Bro. John Smith.  Members of the L.O.L. No 37 Rangiora,  Orange hall, Wednesday April 16th at 2-215pm

Thursday 17 April  1924

Roll of Honour -  033
RAMSEY  -   In sad but loving memory of Driver  Alexander Ramsey,  killed in action on april 17th 1918   (late of Rangiora)

Birth  -  033
HISLOP - on 15 April at Nurse Greig's, Colombo st,  to Mr and Mrs W. Hislop.  166 Redruth Ave,  Spreydon  - a daughter

Marriage  -     033
CONWAY - DORWARD - on 18 Oct Auckland, Jack, son of late Theobold  and Mrs Conway, Waihi  to Millicent, dau. of Mr and Mrs Dorward of Oamaru.

Death  - 033
DIGBY     -  on April 16th at his late res.Cameron street, Ashburton,  Merchant Charles Octavius,  dearly loved husband of  Eliza Digby,   aged 71 years.
FROGGATT     -  on april 16th at 20 Ashmole street, Woolston,  Doreen Isobel Lilian,  dearly loved daughter of Ben and mary Froggatt,  aged 16 mths.
PAGE  -  on April 15th at Auckland, Mary Jane,  wife of Thomas Page,  and bel dau of Robert Thomson,  Racecourse road, New Brighton, age 46 years.
ROWE     -  on April 16th at his res.  61 Bangor street, City,  Richard, beloved husband of mary Rowe, late of Harewood road,  in his 73rd year.
THOMPSON      -  on April 16th at Mill road, Styx,  George, dearly loved husband of Isabella Thompson,  in his 86th year.

In Memoriam  - 034
DAVIES  -    Elsie  (nee Felton) died on April 17th  1916.
FROST     -  Allan Charles Frost,   died April 17th 1922  aged 7 years.
WOOTTON    -  Henry George  departed this life on April 17th 1923.

Funerals  - 035
THOMPSON    -    George Thompson will leave his res.  Mill road,  Styx,  this day,  Thursday,  April 17th at 3-30pm,  for the Waimari Cemetery.
ROWE     -    Richard Rowe will leave his late res.  61 Bangor street, City,  for the Waimari Cemetery, on Thursday April 17th at 2pm.
FROGGATT    -  Doreen Isobel Lilian,  dau of Mr & Mrs Ben Froggatt,  Woolston,   ----   this day at 3-30pm for the  Sydenham Cemetery.

Friday 18 April  1924 -

 paper  missing

Saturday 19  April  1924

Roll of Honour  - 036
HALL  -  In loving memory of Gordon,   who was killed on active service April 20th 1918.
WEBSTER    - In loving memory of 11-122 Sergeant David Richard Webster,  2nd Q.A.Squad Wellington Mounted Rifles, Main Body, NZEF  who died of                                    
                            wounds received in action in Palestine on April 20th 1917.

Births - 036
MURRAY - on 17 April at Nurse Stewart's,  Woodville,  271 Fitzgerald ave to Mr and Mrs R.D.Murray,  Springfield  -  a son.
SINGLETON -   on 16 April at Ranui  to Mr and Mrs Derrick Singleton  -  a daughter.

Marriages  - 036
ARCHER    -  CLAY   -  on April 16th 1924, at ---  Kendrick Gee Archer, L.L.B. son of Rev J.K.Archer  to Lucy Evelyyn dau. of Mr William Clay ----
BRADFORD  -  COURTNEY -   on April 16th 1924 at -- Elizabeth,  widow of late H.F.Courtney  to  George Herbert Bradford, 
BURRETT   -  MASON   -  on April 3rd  at Auckland --  Hubert Roy, son of W.L. and late Jane Ann Burrett  to Eileen, dau. of Maud Draper, Maungatapere.

Deaths  - 036
CAMPBELL      - on April 17th at his late res. 98 Cambridge street, Ashburton east,  Ronald Campbell(late of Chertey) in his 81st year.
DUNLOP      -  on april 17th at Southbrook,  Jane,  beloved wife of John Dunlop, sen.  aged 78 years.
RICH       -  on April 16th at Christchurch,  Geraldine Vida Rich, only daughter of Frank A.Rick C.E. late of Auckland and niece of Mrs R Macandrew, Papanui.
SMITH     -  on April 17th at 174 North road, Papanui,  William, dearly loved husband of Lissie Smith.
SMITH      - on April 13th at Darfield,  Philip, son of Ann and the late E. Smith, aged 35 years.
STANLEY -JOBLIN      - at Christchurch on April 17th  Walter James,  husband of Alice Stanley-Joblin, Hills road, St. Martins,  age 72.
STEPHENSON      - on April 17th at his late res. Cameron street, Ashburton,  Henry Permain, dearly loved husband of Muriel Stephenson,  aged 41 years.

In Memoriam - 036
BLACKMORE      -  in loving memory of our dear Mother, who passed away at Highbank,  April 19th 1922.
BRIDGES       -  In sad but loving memory of little Len, who died April 18th 1922 aged 10 years.
HEYWARD       -  In loving memory of dear husband William who passed away April 19th 1915.
SUTHERLAND      -  In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away April 20th 1923.
WATSON        -  In loving memory of George Albert Watson, who passed away April 15th 1921.

Funeral Notices  - 037
SMITH      -  William   this day at 10am for the Bromley Cemetery
STANLEY-JOBLIN     - Walter this day at 10-30am for the Sydenham Cemetery.
DUNLOP     -  Jane, on Saturday 19th april at 2-30pm for the Pres, Cemetery, Rangiora.
STEPHENSON     - Henry Permain,  Saturday April 19th at 2-30pm for the Ashburton Cemetery.
SMITH     -  Philip, tomorrow at 2pm for the Greendale cemetery.

Monday 21 April  1924

Birth  - 039
GLASSON  - on 15 April at Santa Cruz,  101 Rugby st,    to wife of Noel Glasson,  28 River road,  Avonside -  a daughter.

Death  -  039
CUMMINS -  on April 19th at Bottle Lake Hospital,  William Robert, bel.only son of William and the late Jean Cummins,  aged 1 year 11 months.
DEMPSTER  -  on April 19th at his late res.  145 Peterborough street,  Robert,  dearly loved husband of Lucy Dempster (late of West coast) in his 54th year.
LOUISSON  -  on april 19th at St Albans,  Charles Melville,  dearly loved husband of Hannah Louisson in his 84th year.
SOLLITT  -  on April 16th at Ashburton Hospital,  Simpson Sollitt,  late of Dunsandel, aged 76 years.
THWAITES - at the res. of her daughter, Mrs Ballagh,  Sarah Eliza, relict of the late James Thwaites, aged 81 years.

In Memoriam  - 039
DAVEY  -  In loving memory of my dear wife Maggie (nee Priest) who died Kaiapoi,  April 20th  1917.
STANTON -  In loving memory of our dear son and brother Albert,  who died April 21st  1917.

Funeral Notices  - 038
LOUISSON    -  Charles Melville,  this day at 9am for the Linwood cemetery.
THWAITES   -  Sarah Elizabeth,  on Monday 21st at 2pm for the Hororata Cemetery.
CUMMINS   -  William,  for the Bromley Cemetery, this dayApril 21st at 10am.

Tuesday  22 April  1924
Marriage  -  040
WILSON  -  GRAHAM  -  at St Albans. on April 17th   Thomas Wray, son of Mrs Isaac Wilson --- to Constance Maie, dau. of Mr and Mrs R.Graham

Death  - 040
GOUGH    - on April 20th at Christchurch,  Margaret, widow of the late John Gough, late of Dromore, South Canterbury, in her 79th year.
HANDS   -  on April 21st at Ayr street, Riccarton,  Mary Hands, beloved wife of the late Harry hands, in her 68th year.
McGIRR   - on April 21st at Methven, Hugh Edward,  dearly beloved son of Alice and the late Patrick McGirr, of Methven. in his 33rd year.
WING   -  on April 21st at Redcliffs, alice Emma, beloved wife of John Frederick Wing,  aged 44 years.

In Memoriam - 040
QUIGLEY  - in loving memory of Margaret  Ann Quigley,  who died April 22nd 1923.

Funeral Notices  -  041
GOUGH    -  Margaret, leave her daughter's res.Wednesday April 23rd at 9-15am for the Catholic Cathedral, then to Bromley.
HANDS    - Mary, on Wednesday April 23rd at 2pm for Linwood Cemetery.
WING   -  Alice Emma, Redcliffs, on Wednesday,  April 23rd at 2pm for Bromley Cemetery.
McGIRR   -  Hugh Edward, Wednesday 23rd at 9-30am for the Catholic Church, thence to Methven Cemetery.

Wednesday  23 April  1924

Birth  - 042
LAUGESEN  -  at Nurse Brake's,  70 bealey st,  to Mr and Mrs N.W.Laugensen,  of 55 Nicholls st,  Richmond  -  a daughter
NICHOLAS  -   on 21 april  at Nurse Chapman's, Temuka,  to Mr and Mrs L.A.Nichols  -  a son.

Death  - 042
CHRISTIAN     - on April 22nd -- William beloved husband of Jane Christian,  aged 80 years.
FRASER     - on April 22nd at his res. "Westwood" Waddington,  Alexander Fraser,  aged 84.
GOODENOUGH    -  on April 21st at Avonside,  Harold Perdu,  dearly loved husband of Ada Louisa Goodenough and 5th son of the late E.W.Goodenough,  of                            
                            Streatham, London, in his 48th year. result of an accident.
GOUGH    -  on April 20th at Nazareth House,  Margaret, widow of the late John Gough, late of Dromore, south Canterbury, in her 79th year.
HOLMES    -  on April 22nd at Holmeslee, Rakaia, Louisa, widow of the late D.G.Holmes  aged 68.
REESE    -  at Heathstock, on April 22nd Lizzie,  dearly beloved wife of Alfred Reese, in her 62nd year.
WILLIAMS    -   on April 21st at Raetihi Hospital, Nella Moncrieff, dearly bel. wife of Maurice Williams and  dau of Mr and Mrs Arthur Hann                                                      
                            Junction road, Halswell,  aged 21 years.  result of an accident.

In Memoriam - 042
AITKEN     -  in affectionate remembrance of Alec, died April 23rd 1921  aged 34 years.
IVORY    -  in loving memory -- who passed away at Oxford, April 23rd 1923.
SHAW    -  in loving memory of William, beloved husband of Annie Shaw, -- who passed away April 23rd 1917.

Funeral Notices -  043
GOUGH     - Margaret will leave her daughters res. on wednesday april 23rd at 9-15am for the Catholic Cathedral,  then to Bromley Cemetery.
GOODENOUGH    - Harold Perdu, will leave his late res. Avonside, this day, april 23rd at 3-30pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
HANDS   -  Mary,  this day april 23rd at 1-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
REESE    -  on Thursday April 24th at 12 noon for the Waikari Cemetery.
CHRISTIAN   -  William,  on Thursday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
FRASER    -  Alexander,  leaving his late res. Waddington, on Thursday at 2pm for the Waddington Cemetery.

Thursday  24 April  1924

Births - 044
BENNETT -  on 23 April at St Katherine's,  Bealey Ave,  to Mr and Mrs F.R.Bennett,  of Springston South  -  a son.
WORNER -  at  Greenham Barton,  Southbridge  to Mr and Mrs S.W.Worner  -  a son.

Marriage - 044
ANDREWS  -  YOUNG  -  on April 23rd  at the Catholic Cathedral, Gladys Mabel Young  to  E.P.Andrews, of Christchurch
BAKER  -  COPLAND  - on April 8th Albert A. son of Mr and Mrs A. Baker, of Lower Hutt  to Ivy Honor, dau of Mr and Mrs Copland,  Ashburton.

Death  - 044
DAVIS     -  on April 23rd  Sarah Jeffie? 6th daughter of the late Rowland Robert Teape Davis, of "Kealkill" Heathcote, (born in Wellington  1845)                                            
                        sister of Mrs  H.A.Bamford, Dannevirke
HORNBY    -  on April 23rd at his res. Daniell's road, Papanui,  Thomas, beloved husband of Mary Hornby aged 72.
LUNT     -  on April 22nd at the res. of her son-in-law, Agnes loved wife of Edwin Lunt, age 71 late of Ashburton.
SEWELL    -  on April 23rd at his late res. Mayneld?, Ashburton, David Oliver Sewell in his 73rd year.

In Memoriam - 044
MAIR -   Elizabeth Emma, beloved daughter of W.H. and M.J.Eddy, who died at the Coronation Hospital Cashmere Hills,   April 21st 1916.
MAY      -  in loving memory of Mary May who died April 24th 1918.
MOORE     - in affectionate remembrance of Wilfred Moore, who died april 21st 1922 aged 24 years.
TAYLOR     -  in loving memory of my dear mother who passed away April 25th 1921
WINTER    - in loving memory of John, dearly loved husband of A.M.Winter who died April 24th 1920

Funeral Notices  - 045
DAVIS     -  Sarah Jessie,  ----- this day April 24th at 3-50pm for the Woolston Cemetery.
LUNT     - Angus, --- this day at 3-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
SEWELL    - David Oliver sen. ------ leave his late res. Mayfield, on Friday the 25th at 2pm for the Ruapuna Cemetery.

Friday 25 April  1924

Anzac Day

Saturday  26 April  1924
Birth - 046
QUINN - on 24 April at Nurse Pratt's  Oxford,  to Mr and Mrs Quinn  - a son.
STOCK -  on 23 April  at ---  Weston road,  St Albans  to  Mr and Mrs Stock  -  a daughter.

Marriage -  046
STEERE   - BAXTER   - on April 12th at St Marks Opawa. ----Ivy, dau. of Mr and Mrs Harrold Baxter, Opawa,  to  Alfred E.Steere ---
THOMPSON  - BRYCE -on January 22nd at St Pauls Church, Cashel street.-------
WALDEN  -  WATSON  - on 9?April at Claude Murray, son of Mr and Mrs  Walden  to  Clarice Irene, dau of Mr and late Mrs Watson, Ladbrooks

Deaths  -  046
ALLPRESS    - on April 25th at her res. Grey street, Timaru,  Emma, relict of the late Jonathon Allpress, in her 95?th year
JOHNSON      - on April 25th at Mowbray street,  Agnes, dearly beloved wife of Edward Johnson,  aged 58 years
LANE      - on April 25th at Kilrew, Fendalton,  Beauchamp Lassetter lane, aged 60 years.
McIVER     - on Aptil 23rd, at her late res. Winslow, Ashburton, Isabella,  relict of the late John McIver, in her 72nd year.
MEAKES     -  on April 24th at his res.  Charles Meakes,  aged 82
RAISTRICK    -  on April24th at his res. Walter, beloved husband of Mary Raistrick, in his 69th year
VINSEN     -  on April 25th at Richardson street, Opawa, Jennie Primrose,  dearly loved wife of Henry George Vinsen,  age 54
WILSON     -  on April 25th at Rangiora,  Mary Jane Wilson, ----  age 83 years.

In Memoriam - 046
BARNES    -   died at Spotswood,  April 25th 1923
FUCHS    -  William who died April 25th 1912.
LOFFHAGEN    -  passed away April 25th 1919
MARSHALL     - Margaret, died April 26th 1922.
WELWOOD    -  George William,  died  April  1921
TAYLOR   -  died April 25th  1920
VAGUE     -  Edmund,  died April 25th  1923

Funeral Notices -  047
LANE        -  Beauchamp Lassetter Lance, on Sunday April 27th at 3-30pm for the Woolston Cemetery.
VINSEN        -  Jennie Primrose,  on Sunday April 27th at 2pm  for the Bromley Cemetery.
CARRELL    - John Lewis, leave his late res. Lyttelton,  this day at 2pm  for the Church of England Cemetery,
WILSON    - Mary Jane,   on Sunday at 2-30pm for the Ratherby Cemetery.
MEAKES    - Charles, today at 3-15pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
RASTRICK      -  this day April  26th at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
McIVER    -  Isabella,  leave her late res. Winslow, on Saturday at 10am for the Winslow Cemetery.
HORNBY    -  Thomas,  on Saturday 26th at 8-30 o'clock,for St Mary's Church, Manchester street,  hence for the Bromley Cemetery.

Monday 28 April  1924

Birth  - 049
DOUGLAS  - on 24 April at St Katherine's, bealey Ave,  to Mr and Mrs G.H.Douglas,  Opawa,  - ason.
O'HALLORAN  - on 22 april  at Nurse Grieg's Rua Rua,  to Mr and Mrs O'Halloran  -  a son.
TROLOVE  - on 25 April at Nurse Stephenson's, Gloucester st,  to Mr and Mrs N.Trolove  -  a son.
WHITE  - on 27 April  at Waikari Hospital  to Mr and Mrs C.W.White,  Hawarden  - a daughter.

Marriages - 049
HOBSON - FREGUSON - on 16 April  at -- Alfred Percy, son of  Mrs J.Hobson,  New Plymouth  to Meta, dau. of Mr ThomasFerguson, Chch
TITHERIDGE - McCUTCHEON  - on 23 April at --Ernest Edward,  son of HenryTitheridge, England yo Fanny Alice, dau of H. McCutcheon, Chch
WILL - COX  -on 27 Feb. at -- Alma Helen, dau of Mr O.C.Cox, to James Leslie, son of Mrs A.A. Will, of Dunedin
Death  - 049
BALFOUR      -  on April 22nd at Waimate,  Garnet Alexander,  the beloved husband of Annie Balfour,   aged 36 years.
CARMICHAEL    -  on April 27th at his late res.11 Waverley street, Sydenham,  Peter Carmichael,  in his 96th year  Otago Daily Times please copy.
ELLIOT    -  on April 22nd at Waimate,  John Henry,  beloved son of John and Marion Elliot,  aged 27 years,  result of an accident.
JONES     -  on April 26th at her res. 42 Matheson's road, Linwood,  Esther, widow of the late Robert Jones, and beloved mother of Mrs M.Broad, Mrs                                    
                        E.Bodger,   Mr W.Jones, and Mr F.Jones,  aged 73 years.
LANG    -  on April 25th at his res. North raod, Kaiapoi,  Charles Werner, dearly loved eldest son of Mr and Mrs C.Lang.
THOMPSON    -  on Sunday april 27th at her res. 13 Wroxton Tce, Fendalton,  Kate Alice,  dearly loved wife of John Gibson Thompson,  aged 53 years.

In Memoriam  - 049
CUNNINGHAM  -  Eliza Jane Cunningham, passed away April 28th 1923
GIBSON -  -died 28th April 1920 also Elizabeth died June 30th 1907.
PETRIE  -  Alexander  Petrie  who passed away at Sefton April 27th 1922.
SEARS  -  Edith May -- beloved wife of Frank Sears,  who died April 27th 1920
SOLOMON -  son Jack, who died April 27th 1921

Funeral Notices  - 048
JOHNSON     -  Agnes Brown,  leave her late res. 86 Mowbray street, this day at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
EWING     -  Margaret, leaving his res.  11 Antigua street, this day at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.
RENWICK     -  Rose Dora,  leaving his res.  32 Somerset street, this day, at 10am for the Sydenham Cemetery.
JONES     -  Esther,  leave her late res, 42 Mathesons road, for the Linwood Cemetery.
LANGE    -  Charles W. leaving his late res. North road, kaiapoi, today at 2pm for the Waimari Cemetery.

Tuesday 29 April  1924

Birth  - 051
BEYNON -  on 25 April  to Mr and Mrs W. M. Beynon,  of Leeston  - a son.
CONWAY  -  on 25 April  at "Santa Cruz"  to Mr and Mrs H.J.Conway,  Selwyn  - a son.
DEAN  -  on 26 April at Ashburton  to Mona, wife of A.G.Dean,  Hari Mato,  Kaitieke  -  a son.

Marriage  051
PEARCE  -  SANDERS  - on 16 April at --  Spreydon Frank Harold, 5th son of Mr& Mrs Frank Pearce, Ohoka,  to  Irene Emma, eldest dau. of late
                            MrsSanders and Mr Frederick Sanders,  Cust.
WILSON  -  CORSON  - on 20 Feb.  at ---  Lucas, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Robert wilson  to  Minnie Ethel,  4th dau. of Mrs and late Mr William Smart

Death  - 051
ANDERSON    -  on April 28th at 102 Lonsdale street, New Brighton,  Jennie,  dearly loved wife of William anderson,  in her 64th year.
CHAPMAN  - on  April 28th at Christchurch,  Rose,  dearly bel. wife of Frederick Chapman,  and second dearly bel .dau of the late Daniel Franklin.
DEAN    -  on April 26th at Ashburton,  the infant son of Mr and Mrs A.G.Dean, ---
KINGSFORD    - on April 28th at Christchurch,  Laura May Doreen,  only daughter of R.M. and G.Kingsford,  aged 21.
MURRIE     - on April 28th  at the res. of his daughter,  Mrs J.S.MAIN,  25 Hagley street, Riccarton,  Walter Ness Murrie,  aged 72 years.
WALKER     -  on April 28th at his late res. 95 Victoria street,  Rangiora,  Robert Henry Walker,  aged 74.

In Memoriam  - 051
MANNING     -  In loving memory of Annie,  beloved daughter of Thomas HALL, who departed this life April 29th aged 44 years.

Funeral Notices  050
ANDERSON     -  Jennie will leave her late res. Lonsdale street, New Brighton, this day April 30th at 9-30am for the Kaiapoi Anglician Cemetery.
CHAPMAN  -  Rose,  wife of Mr F. Chapman  will leave   550 Moorhouse avenue on Wednesday at 3-30pm for the  Bromley Cemetery.
KINGSFORD -  Laura May Doreen, dau of Mr and Mrs R. M. Kingsford    ---   on Wednesday at 2pm for    the  Sydenham Cemetery.
WALKER - Robert Henry,  will leave his late res.95 Victoria street, Rangiora, Wednesday at 11am for the Church of England Cemetery.
WALKER - M.U.I.O.O.F. Loyal Rangiora Lodge   at 10-45am sharp to attend the funeral of the late Bro. Robert Henry Walker.

Wednesday 30 April  1924

Birth -  052
BEANLAND  - on 29 April at "Santa Cruz"  to Mr and Mrs Walton Beanland  -  a son.

Marriage -   052
BARWELL  -  ADNAMS - on 25 March at ----  Leonard Windua, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs E.Barwell to Evelyn May, dau. of Mr and Mrs J.D.Adnams --

Death  -  052
BURLEY- on April 27 at -- Reefton,  Ernest Henry, the bel hus of Jenny Burley, and 2nd son of Mr and Mrs W.T.Burley,  194 Lincoln road,  in his 47th year.

In Memoriam  - 052
BRICE    -  Joseph Thomas Brice,  who died April 30th 1919.
BURGIN    -  Arthur, died April 30th 1923.
MARSHALL    - Edward James,  died April 30th 1923, late of Lyttelton.
SMITH    - died Grey street, Ashburton, April 30th 1923

Funeral Notices  - 053
ANDERSON   -  Jennie will leave her late res. Lonsdale street, New Brighton, this day April 30th at 9-30am for the Kaiapoi Anglician Cemetery.
WALKER - Lodge  Members  L.O.L. no 37  are requested to meet at the Orange Hall, Rangiora, today,  to attend the funeral of the late Bro. Walker.

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