The New Zealand Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic review    -  25 October  1923   -  Snippets  

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Photo -  Wanganui  -  002
WEBSTER -  Miss Anita a brilliant young NZ dancer of Auckland and now of Wanganui, where she has started a school of dancing.

Photo  003
Captains of successful teams of the Palmeston North Primary Convent Schools, photographed with various trophies won during the past 2 seasons  -  
standing  -  Miss T.Ursula (Vogt Basket Ball Banner 1921-22)        J.J.Purcell (Seven-a-side Rugby Football  1923) 
                        C. Spelman (Junior Rugby Football Shield 192)     Miss E. Norris (Rounders Banner 1922)
Sitting  -  H. She?in (Cricket Shield 1922-23)      E.Deedrick (Hockey Cup 1922)       H.Ormond (Primary Rugby Football Competition 1923)

Photo  -  Opening of Wellington South croquet season  004
Group of members and visitors photographed at the Wellington South Croquet Club's opening series of games for the season
large crowd in the photo  outside the club rooms.  about 60 people ----   great photo.

Photo  -  005
Wellington Working Men's Club Orchestra,  1923
Back row  -  C.C.Reid (1st violin)      J.C.Allsopp (solo cornet)      G.F.Huss (solo trombone)      W.Matson (1st trombone)      G.B.Mitchell (1st cornet)                                  J.H.Duncan (2nd violin)      D.Stephens (1st violin)  
Middle row -  W.T.Morris (drums)      H.Henry (solo flute)      H.Olsen ( 2nd violin)      P.L.Minifie (piccolo)      W.E.Currie (solo clarinet) 
                    S.G.Cooper (2nd clarinet)      J.Russell (1st clarinet)      D.Herd (bass)  
front row -  F.Cunliffe (cello)      E.H.Jones (Chairman Entertainment Committee)      S.P.Hooper (piano)      W.H.Cummins (Conductor)
                 Ruth Reid (Leader)      A.E.Ballard (President W.M.C.)      A.Gibson (1st violin)      A. Birley (1st violin)

Photo  -  006
Ladies partaking of afternoon tea on the Wellington South Club's croquet green on thee opening of the season.
lots of people  -  no names.

Photo  -  007
Orpheus Choir winners of the Church Choir contest at the Wellington Society's annual musical festival.
13 men and 12  women  -  no names.

Photo -  Staff of Head Office Bank of NZ  at Wellington  -  008
Members of the staff of the Head Office of the BNZ at Wellington photgraphed with 4 of the Board of Directors. (about 50-60 people in photo)

Photo  -  Wanganui Rugby Team  -  009
The Wanganui Technical College Old Boys' Rugby Union Team,  winners of the junior Cup  1923
Back row -  C.Beach,  N.Ash,  V.Reid,  L.Hogg,  C.Rountree,
Middle row  -  F.Ford      E.Laws,     J.Kendrick,      E.Wyle,      H.Gilberd,      R.Nairn,      N.Reid, (vice capt)
Front row -  P.Alabaster, (club capt)      C.Rosser,      E.Reid,      H.Dyke (capt)      J.Ward (secretary)      M.Heise,      J.S.Reid (manager)

Photo - Wedding  -  010
MacDONALD -  SWAN - Miss Gretchen Swan, of Wanganui  to  Mr T.N.R.Macdonald,  ceremony took place at Christchurch, Wanganui.

Photo  - wedding  -  011
BLACKIE - McCOLL -  Miss Odine Hilda McColl  to Norman W. Blackie at Hamilton  ----------

Snippets  -  012
Sisters  Leeds and Crookston,  New Plymouth are leaving shortly for America.
Mrs H.W.Airey, Remuera, has returned home after a visit to her sister Mrs C.J.Parr in Wellington.
Miss M.Morice, of Wellington came to Auckland to farewell her aunt Mrs Seddon Wood who left for England by the Rotorua after a 5mth visit
Madame Winnie Fraser (Christchurch and Oamaru) is visiting England after 3 years  for further vocal study  ----- more ----

Wedding  -  012a
SMITH  -  JONES  - at Gisborne,   Miss Alice R. 2nd dau of Chief Judge and Mrs R.N.Jones  to Mr William C. only son of Mr and Mrs C.Smith of Christchurch ------

Death  -  013
WILDER  -  Mrs Edmond,  who died at her daughter's (Mrs J.D.Ormond)  Wallingford,  Hawke's Bay.  Mrs Wilder went to England in 1915  --------- 
                    during the severe winter she organised the canteen and recreation room at Codford ------Aotearoa was a home for all -----   under NZ War                                  Contingent Assoc.------ returned to NZ after the armistice in 1918 and lived with her daughters  Mrs Ormond and Mrs Cyril Williams  in Hawke's Bay.

Snippets  -  014
CLARK -  the Misses Clark have returned to Auckland after a long holiday in Sydney.
CLIFTON - Lord, heir to Earl Darnley, married Miss Nancy Kidson at a London registry Office.
GAISFORD -  Mr and Mrs W.H. Gaisford have returned to their home at Oringi after 6mths trip to the Old Country.
GILLIES - Mrs Campbell, Auckland, is on a visit to Dunedin.
KENNEDY -   Misses Agnes and Anastatia Kennedy of Wellington
MacCORMICK  -  Miss Mary,  mezzo soprano, who is well known in Auckland musical circles is making good progress in her studies in Sydney --------
MacFARLANE -  Miss Mary, who managed the tour ---  ----- was married in Shanghai  4mths ago and is now Mrs Skinner.
NOLAN - Miss D.Nolan, Auckland has been visiting her aunt Mrs Tonks, Hawera.
REID -   Mrs Maccarthy Reid  and the Misses Agnes and Anastatia Kennedy of Wellington have been touring England.
SAVAGE - Mrs T.C.  and Miss A.Savage,  Auckland have been on a visit to the South Island.

Snippets  - 015
BUTLER -  Mrs Grace,  whose work is well-known in Auckland art circles had 2 pictures accepted for the NZ court at the Empire Ex. London --------------
KELLY - Mrs A.Elizabeth, another prominent artist had a picture accepted too  -------
DAVIS -  Alderman and Mrs William Davis, of Leamington, Warwickshire, celebrated their Golden Wedding ----   -----------
YOUNG - BRADSHAW -   married at Fielding on 10 October  Mrs Bradshaw (late postmistress of Manakau) to Mr John BruceYoung, detective of Greymouth.

Photo  -  016
PURDIE - Miss Edna,  1st prize in song in character,  1st in story without words,  1st in humerous character in the division 12 under 16 years at recent Wellington                     Competitions.

Engagement  -  017
LAWRY - HARPER - Miss Nell, dau of Mr and Mrs E.Harper, Homebush, Masterton  to H.V. 3rd son of Rev and Mrs A.C.Lawry, Timaru and formerly Napier.

Wedding  - Wellington  -  017a
PRITCHARD - JOHNSON - Miss Ida Marion Brooks, only dau of Mr and Mrs A.E.Pritchard  to  Mr William Redwood Johnson, son of Mr W.F.Johnson. ---                                 lots more ----

Snippet  -  019
A dance was held at Claudelands Hall recently, some of the ladies present were  -
Mesdames  - Martin,  C.Newell,  Andrews,  Storey,  Baily,  Williams,  
Misses - Storey,  Ferguson,  Cann,  Hodd,  Speight,  F.Hall,  Green,  Lawrence,  Daw,  Forrest,  Bourne,  Clinch,  Latter,  Syms,  Lindsay,  Lloyd,                              Sanders,    Sherson,  Birss,  DeLaney,  Burgess,  Mayes,  Emmett and Sweeney

Snippet  -  019
Opening of Whitiora Croquet Club -----  those present were  -
Mesdames  -  Jenkin,  Barker,  Prenton,  Mercer,  Lowrie,  Turbott,  W.J.Ring,  Robson,  Evans,  Bennett,  Ebbettson,  Fraser-Smith,  Bourne,  W.Scott,                                      Kibblewhite,  W.J.Stevens,  Wilkes,  Blyth,  Benton,  Steel,  Mullan,  Blomfield,  Murchie,  Newsom,  Totman,  Hodgkinson,  King,  Davies,                                  Fenwick,  de Montalk,  Ansell,  D.Andrews,  Bartlett,  Halberg,  Moffatt,  Irvine,  Higgott,  Clayton,  O'Brien,  Hamlin,  Gough,  Burrow,  Sanders,                          Hall,  Runciman,  Kendall,  Bryant,  henah,  
Misses  -  King,  Runciman,  Murchie,  White,  Higgott,  Ebbettson, Myers,  Edwards,  Jones  and Bennett.

Photo  - Wellington  -  020
MASSEY - Miss Phyllis, a promising young soprano who is studying at NSW State Conservatorium of Music under Mr Roland Foster.

Photo  -  021
HILL -  Mr Gladstone Hill,  conductor of the Hamilton Choral Society

Photo  -  021
HUGHES -  Joan, 1st in character song,  1st in humerous recitation,  winner of 3 prizes, 2  2nds,  1 3rd,  and a special prize at the Wellington Competitions

Collage of Photos  -  023
Prizewinners at the Wanganui Competitions 3rd Annual Festival -

From collage 4 Photos  -  023a
HAYWARD - Miss Joyce, of Fielding  1st  skipping and placed in 5 other classes.
MURRAY - Miss Jean,  1st irish jig.
SUTTON - Miss Namcy, of Fielding youngest performer in competitions
TRELOAR - Miss as Jackie Coogan -  

Photo - 023b
CRYSELL -  Miss Hilda,  2nd as Spanish dancer

2 Photos  - 023c
Top photo   -  1st prize winners in Folk dance,  pupils of Miss Webster -
left -  Misses Treloar,  Hales,  Souter,  Williams,   Inkpen,  King,  Thompson,  Creswell.
Bottom  photo  -  some of Miss McKenzie Forbes successful pupils -
Left -  Misses   E.Jennings,  P.Hare,  L.Broadhead,  J.Murray,  K.McGrath,  C.Spriggens,  D.Cowan,  F.Gannon.

Photo  -  023d
STRATTEN -  Miss Natalie,  one of Miss Webster's successful pupils.

Photo - 023e
Miss Anita Webster's Pupils who were awarded 1st Prize for Stately Group Dance  -  
Left -  Misses Williams,  StrattonCrysell,  Freeman,   Lovegrove,  Stratton,  Tucker,  Barton.

Photo  -  Gisborne  -  024
BEER  -  Miss E.T.  2nd prize winner of the "Beauty by Biograph" competition recently held at Everybody's Theatre, Gisborne.

Collage of photos -  whole page  - 025

Photo - 025a
BROADHEAD - Miss Lucie, clever wanganui dancer winner of the gold medal -------
JENNINGS  -  Miss Elva jennings,  1st Girls' elecution at Wanganui
MAGUIRE - Mrs. "Mistress of the Robes"  and Miss Macguire, "Lady in Waiting" at coronation ceremony at Upper Hutt Queen Carnival
SHEPPERD -  Master Leslie,  1st recitation in character,  boys' 12-16 at Wellington comps.

Photo  -  025b
WEBSTER  -  Miss Anita Webster 2nd in humerous Dickens sketch at wanganui Competitions.
WUNIBALD  -  Miss Eileen Wunibald, elected Queen by 8115 votes at recent carnival held in Upper Hutt.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
8 August 2010