Newspaper snippets     -     Sporting and  Dramatic Review     -  18 October  1923

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Photo  -   The Hautapu (Taihape) Rugby Football Team  1923    -   002
Back row -   A.M.Thread (Secretary)         H.Waugh,        G.Phillips,       J.Johnston,        J.Ormond.
3rd row  -    R.Sharpe,       G. C.Noble,       A. Hall,       L. Lord,      W.Ormond,       R.McClure,  
2nd row -     J.Collerton,       L.Lovell,      E.A.Bellis, (skipper)       C.Cuff,  (Manager)        R.Maker,        W.Gillies,        R.Ormond (trainer)  
Front row   -  B.Roukawa,      P.J.O'Connell.         E.A.Bellis, (skipper, who captained the All Blacks in 1st test match against NSW)  

Photo  -  Huntly Soccer Football Team  -  004
journeyed to Wellington to meet YMCA in the semi-final of the Chatham Cup.
Back row     -  M.Hayes,        W.Green,        T.Allsopp,         J.Porteous,
Middle row  -    W.Liddle,          D.Hall,          G.Cox,          J.Marshall,          A.Johnston,  
Front row   -  H.Hall,      E.Hall.

Photo  -  Wellington  -   005

NICHOLLS  -  H.E. (Ginger) who won the Brabin diamond ring  for the most popular rugby player in Wellington  for the 1923 season, 
                            he captained the "All Blacks"  against NSW in the 3rd test.

Photo  -  Delegates to Conference of the Dominion of NZ Bowling Assoc.  -  006

In Christchurch last month
Back row -    Messrs C.E.Torlesse (South Cant.)        J.B.Jack (Wanganui)        A.K.Smart (Taranaki)
Middle row  -  J.H.Loudon (Southland)      M.J.Hodgins (Wellington )      H.F.M.Mercer (Dunedin)      L.C.Blackwell  (treas. Christchurch)     
                            J.D.Colville (Chch)          E.W.Wade (sec. Chch)  
Front row -  Messrs M.M.McCallum (Auckland)      J.J.Marlow (Dunedin)      F.Meadowcroft (vice-pres, Wellington)      John Brown (pres.Chch) 
                        W.Coltman (past pres. Auckland)      M.F.Garnett (Chch)      S.Potter (Wellington)   
Absent  -      Mr J.M.Thomson (Auckland)  

Photo  -  Wellington Bowling Club  -  007
Messrs H.G.Mayer   and E.J.Hill of the Wellington Bowling Club,  Champion of Champions in the Pairs competition.

Photo  - Taranaki Primary School Football Team  -  008
The Waitara School football team,  winners of the Taranaki school championship,  1923.
Back row  -     Mr D.George (coach)      C.Ewens,      W.Petersen,      E.Clements,      K.McKay,      E.Jones,      D.Muir,      Mr J.Hall
Middle row  -      C.Wilson,      K.Vickery,      A.Webb,      R.Watson (capt)       A.Sutton,      A.Rowe,      J.Roberts,
Front Row   -   W.Lucas,      C.Wilson,      G.Fowler,      D.Muschamp.

Photo  -  Leckie's  Boxing School - Dunedin  -  009
Standing      -  W.G.Leckie,  (featherweight)      L.McDonald (winner Australasian welterweight champ.)      A.McDonald (runner up NZ middleweight champ.)                              R.Fulcher ( winner South Island featherweight champ)       Archie Leckie (instructor and trainer)
Sitting      -  J.S. Leckie (winner NZ flyweight champ)      J.G.Leckie (runner up NZ heavyweight champ)      T.Griffiths (winner NZ batamweight champ)

Photo  -  Wellington Staff of BNZ - 010
A Lovely photo of 22 men and women who were on the staff of the  branch of the Bank of New Zealand,  Wellington.

Managers and Staff  Wellington Office and Branches of the BNZ    - 011
A lovely photo  of  about 60 -70 people (hard to count)  

Photo  -  Group of Officers and Staff of the Education Dept.  -  012
Hon C.J.Parr,  Minister for education is seated in centre,     while Mr Caughley (Director)  is on right.  
approx  105  people in photo.  no names.

Photo  -  Presidents of Bowling Clubs connected with Wellington  -  013
Mr C.W.Barker (Newtown)       Mr G.Halliday  (Haitaitai)          Mr J.Allan (Petone Central)           Mr W.T.Mack (Victoria)        
Mr G.Johnson (Thorndon)          Mr H.G.Smith (Wellington)      Mr E.J.Guinness (Lower Hutt).

Photo  -  Presidents of Bowling Clubs connected with Wellington -  014
Mr C.T.Bargh (Petone)       Mr F.T.R.Johnston (Kelburn)       Mr M.P.Spiers (Karori)       Mr G.A.Jones (Johnsonville)       Mr S.M.Stone ( Seatoun) 
Mr W.C.Stephens (Khandallah)      Mr A.W.Moran ( Lyall Bay)      Mr W.Ridler (Eastbourne)

Photo  -  Engagement  -  015
LAUDER - McDONALD   - Miss Lily Lauder, of Takapuna  to Mr Donald Douglas McDonald of Wellington.

Photo  - Wedding - Wellington   -  016
ROBINSON  - McKEON -  Leslie B.Robinson  to  Miss Alice McKeon

Snippets  -  017

ATKINSON - Mrs W.E. of Wanganui is staying in London with her cousin Mr Frank Dicksee R.A. she will spend the winter in Rome.
BOUILLON - Mr and Mrs E.Bouillon, recently of Napier have taken up residence in Auckland.
BARR - Miss J.Rhoda Barr, headmistress  of Iona College, Hawke's Bay  has been appointed principal of the Timaru Girls' High School
MOORE - Mrs M.E.  of Napier accompanied by her daughter and son left Wellington by the Paparoa  for London.

Snippets  -  019
CURLEWIS  - CHARLTON - Miss Jean, dau. of Judge Curlewis  is to be married this month to Dr Leonard Charlton son of Dr P.C.Charlton of Pymble -----
SANDERSON -  Mrs Sanderson (Hawke's Bay)  and Miss Heywood of Christchurch who had been spending the winter in Sydney have returned to New Zealand

Snippets  -  020
KEITH  - Before leaving to join her husband Dr Keith, in China, Mrs Keith, is paying a visit to her sister Mrs STRINGER in Fielding.
KETTLE  -  Miss Kettle,  of Napier, won Poverty Bay ladies golf championship at Gisborne,  beating Miss King by 4 up and 3 to play

Engagement  -  020a
PULLAN - BEER -  Mr A.J. younger son of Mr and Mrs A. Pullan, of Sumner  to  Sister Elsie, younger dau. of Mrs J.H.Beer, and sister of Mrs                                                                     D.T.Champtaloup, Dunedin

Marriage  -    SCHLOSS - CARO  -  021
Naida, only dau. of Mr and Mrs J.Schloss, of Wellington to  Mr Stanley Caro,  on 26 September. -----Mr Aubrey Schloss,  best man -----  Mrs Latchsman, grandmother of the bride ----  more ----

Photo  - Wedding  -  Wanganui  -  022
BUTLER - DuFAUR -  Miss Alice Butler,  of aramoho  and Mr Harvey Du Faur.  Miss Joan Butler bridesmaid,  Mr W.Wilks,  bestman.

Wedding  -  Masterton  -  DELANEY - GILLISPIE  -  023
A pretty wedding ----  took place in Masterton on 18 September,  Miss Lucy Magdalene Delaney, youngest daughter of Mrs and late Mr J.Delaney, of Broad st, Palmeston North, was married. to Mr John Edward, 2nd son of Mr John Gillispie of Kairanga,  who for many years was in charge of the police offices at Foxton and Temuka.  ------   given away by her brother Mr J.Delaney of Wellington ----  bridesmaid  Miss Edna DORSET,  of Opaki. Mr Arthur Gllispie of Wanganui was best man.  -----  bride's sister Mrs F.E.DORSET  -------

Engagement  -  Masterton  -  024
RAYNER - PERRIN - Miss Gladys Rayner, dau. of Mrs rayner, of Masterton and late Mr T.NI.Rayner  to Mr E.N.perrin, son of Mr C.Perrin,  Masterton.

Wedding  -  -  025
DINGLE - TURNWALD  -  At Ohaupo,  Dulcie, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs A.Turnwald  to  Harold, son of Mr and Mrs G.Dingle, of Auckland. ----  lots more

Photo  -  Wellington  -  026
MEHANEY  -  Miss L.  in her original Q-tol costume which secured 1st prize at a recent fancy dress Ball held at Wellington.

Photo  -  England  -  Wedding  - 027 & 028
HUGGAN - GOWARD  -  Miss Kathleen Huggan to  Mr E.E.Goward  taken at Scalby, near Scarborough, Mr Huggan, father of bride holding the dog.

Photo  -  Master whips and Hounds at wedding  -  027 & 028
A pack of 34 foxhounds with the master and huntsmen of the Staintondale Hunt formed a guard of honour at the marriage at Scalby  at  the wedding of snippet o27

Photo  -  Napier  -  029
SANDHAM  -  Morva, a 3 yr old who danced the "Doll" solo at Miss Dellow's recital in Napier in aid of the Plunket Society.

Photo  -  Wellington   Pianist  -  030
FAMA - Miss Imelda, a gifted pianist  praised by Moiseiwitsch on his recent visit ----  more ---

Photo  -  Gisborne  -  031
FISKEN  -  Miss Una, winner of 2  first prizes, 3 seconds,  and 2 thirds together with the gold medal for reel o Tulloch at the reent Gisborne competitions ----

Photo  -  Gisborne - 032
JUKES -  Ina, winner of championship for National Dancing at Gisborne ------

Photo  -  Wedding  -  Wellington  -  033
BROOKS  -  JOHNSON  -  Miss Ida Marion Brooks  to  Mr William redwood Johnson.

Snippets  -  034

Canterbury Society Notes  -
Dr and Mrs Nedwill have returned to Christchurch from England.
Mr and Mrs H.A.Knight, (Racecourse Hill)  arrived home from a trip to Sydney ---
Mr and Mrs George  and Miss Shona Rhodes are leaving for Sydney on Saturday on their return to Christchurch.
Mrs Clarence Amyes, who recently returned from America is at present staying at Dyers Pass rd, Cashmere.
Miss Nellie Gunn is leaving next week for Melbourne by the Ulimaroa,  with her sister Dr Elizabeth Gunn to attend a medical conference. ----
Mr and Mrs Hickmott and family return to Christchurch this week after 5 weeks holiday in the North.

Snippets  -  035

Canterbury Society Notes  -
Mr and Mrs Allan Nicholls returned this week from a trip to England.
Mr & Mrs G.L.Rutherford (Macdonald Downs)  Miss May Newton and Miss Betty Rutherford are returning to New Zealand in the Mongolia which
                    left England 10 days ago.
Mrs Edith H.Williams (San Diego, Cal. USA)  and 2 sons and 3 daughters, who are tourning NZ  arrived last night from the West Coast -----
Mr and Mrs G.D.Greenwood (Teviotdale)  returned from Australia during the week and staying at Cranmer Square.
Miss Alice Skilling, who is to be married this month was guest of honour at a :handkerchief evening"  given by Mrs C.E.Bell.
Mr and Mrs George Rutherford (formerly of Nelson) have come to live in Christchurch, have taken Mr England's house in Papanui Road.
Miss Doris Donaldson is spending a holiday in Dunedin.

Photo  -  Wellington Club winners  of Champion Club Fours -  036

at the Centre Tournament
from left  -  Messrs  H.G.Smith,      E.Little,       J.Fairway (skip)      R.Houldsworth

Photo  -  Wairoa  Senior Rugby Football team  
  -  037
Wairoa (Hawke's Bay)  Senior Rugby Football team  1923,   21 people in photo,  no names.

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