New Zealand Sporting and Dramatic Review.   -  30 August 1923

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Thursday  30 August 1923
Collage of photos  -  083

Whole page of photos  -  Concluding day of the Grand National Meeting at Riccarton.

Collage of Photos  084
Whole page of photos  -   The Auckland  v   Wellington Interprovincial League Football Match at Carlaw Park

Auckland Junior Rep. Hockey team  1923 -  086
Back row -  F.W.Fanthorpe,   N.J.Till,  E.Rogers,  J.H.Giles,  H.Hill,  D.Jones,
Front row  -  A.Burton,  R.Hunt,  R.Alexander,  H.Dutton, (capt)  T.Newsham,  C.Rankine,  C.Ashley.

Rugby -  087
DAVIS  -  Mr H.E.Davis (left)  selector of the Canterbury representative team.
EVANS  -  R.Evans (centre)  captain of the canterbury Rugby Football touring team.
BRITTEN  -  Mr W.Britten (manager)

Auckland Rugby League Championship  -  088
Full page of photos  with lots of names

Gisborne  -  089
HEENEY  - Tom, heavyweight professional champion of the Dominion, who knocked out Brian McCLEARY  in 14th round --- contest in Christchurch

Hawkes Bay  -  090
A'DEANE  -  Mrs,  wife of Mr J.Bayly A'Deane, of Ashcott,  Takapau, Mrs A'Deane and her dau's are all keen riders to hounds.

Devenport  -  091
McGREGOR -  Mr John with a good bag recently secured at Mercury Bay

Aramoho Boating Club (Wanganui)   -  092
winners of the Light-weight Fours ----  
standing from left  -  L.Coates (bow)   A. Fromont.
sitting  -  R.Coxon,  G.Pepper (cox)  C.Day  (stroke)

Otago High School Old Boys' Diamond Jubilee now resident in Wellington  -  093
sitting from left -    66  men in photo -  others unnamed
John O'Shea,         P.S.K.Macassey,        T.R.Burt,     W.A.Kennedy,     F.H.Irwin,      General Sir A.W.Robin,      Hon. C.E.Statham,     
Hon.Sir Francis D.Bell,      Hon, W.Downie Stewart,      Hon. F.M.Thomson,      Hon. Sir J.R.S.Sinclair,      Hon J.B.Gow,      Mr T.K.Sidey.

Hamilton  -  094
SHERSON  twins  -  came 1st in the character duet at the Hamilton Elecutionary and Musical Competitions.

Gisborne  -  095
PALTRIDGE  -   Miss Ethne Paltridge's  dance programme at the High School Concert recently

On Tour  -  096
ASCHE  -  Oscar, famous actor-producer on tour.

Motor Trip  Palmeston to Napier  -  097
ASCHE  -   Luncheon on the road-side during Mr Oscar Asche's recent motor trip from Palmeston to Napier

Whole Page  -  099
ASCHE  -  the whole page story of Asche.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
27 July 2010

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