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Births  -  003
ALLAN - on 28 May at 45 Cornwell rd,  Lyttelton,  to Mr and Mrs R.F.Allan,  jun - a daughter
BURROWS  -  on 19 May at Nurse Stevenson  "Kotimana"  352 Gloucester st,  to wife of E.Burrows, Eudunda, Culverden  -  a son
BROOKS -  at Nurse hanna's "Erinholme"  91 Chester st  to Mr and Mrs Joseph Brooks,  "Glenrowan"  Brookside - a son.
BOWRON -  on 29 May at Nurse Sherwin's,  New Brighton,  to Mr and Mrs W.G.Bowron  -  a daughter.
CHRYSTALL -  on 29 May at Gloucester st,  to wife of A.W.Chrystall  -  twin daughters,  all well.
COOK -  at Clifton Hill,  Sumner,  to Mr and Mrs W.L.Cook  - a daughter
FLEMING -  on 10 May  to Mr and Mrs A.M.Fleming,  Hamilton -  a son.
GARDINER -  on 28 May at 584 Worcester st  to Mr and Mrs Eric C.Gardiner,  Vulcan Downs, Motanau - a daughter
HOLLAND - on 25 May at Nurse Ferguson's  138 Fitzgerald ave,  to  mr and Mrs F.J.Holland,  Tai-Tapu  - a daughter
HAWKINS -  on 22 May at Nurse Bethune's,   Ranui,   to wife of W.Hawkins,  Russell's Flat - a son.
HINCKSMAN  -  on 20 May at "Ranui"  Cashel st  to wife of S.T.Hincksman  -  a daughter
McBEATH -  on 20 May  to Mrs C.V.McBeath  498 Gloucester st,  -  a son.
NARBEY -  on 15 May at Nurse Overton's, Nayland st,  Sumner  to Mr and Mrs A.A.Narbey,  Long bay,  Akaroa  -  a daughter
RUTHERFORD -  on 23 May  to wife of Erik Rutherford  -  a son.
RAGG -  on 25 May at Goodlands,  Rolleston  to wife of J.Lawton Ragg  -  a son.
SPELLERBERG -  on 26 May at "Arawa"  Private Hosp. Ashburton  to Mr and Mrs F.M.Spellerberg  -  twin boys,  one stillborn.
SCHAFFER  -  on 21 May at Nurse Currie's "The Elms"  Rangiora,  to wife of J.Schaffer,  Sefton  -  a son.
THOMPSON -  on 13 May at Mrs King's Nursing Home, Salisbury st,  to wife of Dr Isaac Thompson  - a son.
VOGAN -  on 21 May  at Lincoln,  to Mr and Mrs T.Vogan  -  a daughter

Marriages  -   004  & 006
ALEXANDER - STACKHOUSE - on 28 May at ---Harold Gilbert, son of Mr & Mrs David McG.Alexander, Dublin, Ireland  to Elsie May, dau. of Mr &
                                Mrs James Stackhouse
HOPE - BARKER - on 26 May at Woodbury,   Henry Norman, son of Mr & Mrs A.Hope, -- Timaru  to  Esther Studholme, dau of Mr & Mrs J.M.Barker,                                         Waihi, Woodbury
JONES - CLARKE - on 14 April at --- Rose Louise Clarke  to  Alexander Martin Jones,  both of Christchurch.
PATERSON - POLLARD - on 29 April at -William Louis, son of Mr & Mrs W.Paterson, -- Merivale  to Lela, dau. of Mr J.W.Pollard, Poulsen st, Addington
RAWLINGS -  COOPER -  on 14 April at -- Melbourne  Charles Joseph, son of Mrs and late Mr John Rawlings, Newry, Gippsland, Victoria  to Elsie Lee,
                                    dau of Mr & Mrs  W.H.Cooper, Christchurch.
ROLTON - BILLENS - on 12 May ---St Albans,  Wlliam John Moor, son of Mr & Mrs Alfred Rolton, Auckland  to  Marjorie, dau. of Mr & Mrs Robert Billens.
WHITE - SEAGER - on 27 April at --- Eric William Oswald, son of Mr H.White,  Gisborne  to  Iris, dau. of Mrs L.M.Seager, Christchurch.

Golden Wedding  -  06
McNAMARA - SULLIVAN -  on 29 May 1870 at Brackenbridge Catholic Church, North Canterbury -- David McNamara to Ellen Sullivan, late Balcairn,                                          present address  23 Dickens st, Addington, Christchurch.

Deaths  -  005
BENN -  on 24 May,  Florence Adeline Benn of Hanmer springs, North Canterbury,  in her 45th year.
BURROWES -  on 26 May at res  14 Richmond tce,  Joyce Lorraine, only child of Mr and Mrs W.Burrowes.
BOOT -  on 29 May at 28 Disraeli st, Sydenham,  James Sydney (Syd)  dearly loved 2nd son of Joseph andHhelen Brookshaw Boot,  aged 10 years.
BRYCE -  on 29 May at res of her son  James Bryce,  Hornby,  jessie Macdonald bryce,  aged 72 years
CARLYLE  - onb 25 May at Christchurch Hosp.  John Alfred Carlyle, bel. hus. of Helen J.A.Carlyle of 21 London st,  Woolston,  aged 46 years.
CUTTING -  on 24 May at Christchurch,  Herbert Arthur Cutting,  44 radley st, Woolston,  in his 67th year.
FRASER -  on 25 May 1920  at his res. Pages rd,  Halswell,  Charles,  relict of Elizabeth Fraser,  aged 82?  years.
FLAVEL -  on 26 May at Temuka  Leonard Henry,  dearly loved hus.of Isobel Flavel,  and eld. son of Henry & late Elizabeth Flavel, of Christchurch.
FLEMING -  on 28 May at res. of George Vernon Forrest, 327 Manchester st,  Jane, widow of Henry Fleming,  aged 79 years,  (Lancashire Witch  1863)
GOSS -  on 27 May at 352 Manchester st,  Gwen,  elder dau. of Mr and Mrs William Goss,  aged 18 years.
JENKINS -  on 25 May  at Mrs Walls,  Milne st, Spreydon, Charlotte, relict of James Summers jenkins,  aged 90 years 10mths.   (arrived in Indiania 1858.)
KEMP  -  on 25 May at 128 Clarence rd,  Lower Riccarton,  infant son of Mr and Mrs C.C.Kemp  aged 7 days.
LISTER -  on 25 May at his res.  248 Lichfield st,  Joseph, dearly loved hus. of Lilly Lister,  late Brookside and Mandeville Hotel,  Kaiapoi,  ------
NIMMO - on 24 May at his late res.  1 Coleridge Tce,  Lyttelton,  Thomas Nimmo,  late NZ Railways,  aged 91.   no flowers.
PEARCE -  on 25 May at his res.2 Burlington st,  Sydenham,  Samuel,  bel. hus. of  late Ann Pearce,  father of Mrs C. Hole,  and late Mrs R.J.Duncan, aged  73.    PAULGER -  on 26 May at her late res. Ellesmere House,  Lyttelton st,  Spreydon,  Annie Elizabeth,  dearly loved wife of J.W.paulger,  in her 63rd year.
ROBERTS -  on 23 May  at 456 Papanui rd,  Agnes,  widow of James Fraser Roberts,  C.E.
RHIND -  on 27 May at Greymouth Hosp. James,  eldest son of late Alexander Rhind,  late of Christchurch,  aged 77 years.
SCHNEIDER - on 24 May at his late res.  164 Durham st,  Peter Schneider  in his 81st year.
SPELLERBERG - on 26 May at Ashburton,  Edith Iris,  bel. wife of Frederick Maynard Spellerberg,  aged 29 years. funeral arriving Bromley Cemetery at 1pm
SMYTH - on 29 May at res. of Mr W.Dermott,  Balcairn,  Robert Smyth,  in his 80th year.
TAYLOR -  on 28 may at Christchurch Hosp.  Hannah Eliza (Ridey)  bel. wife of Robert Henry Taylor,  of Temuka,  aged 45 years.
TRASK -  on Monday 24 May at Hawera,  Thomas Hector,  dearly bel. hus. of Hilda May Trask,  Hawera,  and son of Thomas & Bessie Jane Trask.  aged 28
WILLIAMS -  on 29 May at his late res. 460  Wilson's rd,  William Francis,  dearly loved hus. of Emma Williams,  late of Andrew Swanston's  in his 59th year.

In Memoriam  -  
MILLAR -  Leonard W.Millar.   
Killed in action say the cables
That is the tale they tell
Of the brave young lad who loved ---
Of the lad we loved so well.
How the life was sped we know not,
What the last word,  look,  or thought.
Only that he did his duty -
Died as nobly as he fought.
Inserted by his loving parents,  brothers and sisters.
Timaru papers please copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
10 April 2010