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The Weekly Press and New Zealand Referee   -    8 July  1921 
The Weekly Press  -  2 September  1921
Weekly Press  & New Zealand Referee  -  18 November 1921
The  Weekly Press    -  30 December 1921
Lyttelton Times - 17 September 1924
Lyttelton Times - 19 September 1924

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The Weekly Press and New Zealand Referee   -    8 July  1921

Photo  -  Late Mr Joseph VANGIONI  -  of Akaroa  -  063
Mr Joseph Vangioni,  pioneer,  died at his residence,  Akaroa,  on 22 June  aged 86 years  he was born in Calomini,  Central Italy,  and in 1855 went to America. 
In 1861  his travels brought him to Australia and in the following year came to NZ.  he was married at Akaroa   in 1870  to Miss Julia Brocklebank  of London, 
and they had 11 children.  8 of whom are living,  namely Mr Joseph Vangioni,  Mr Thomas Vangioni,  Mrs E.Le Lievre,  Mrs T.Narbey,  Mrs G.Hennie, 
Mrs E.Kearney  and Miss Vangioni.

Photo  -  DEMPSEY  -  064
Jack Dempsey,  the world's heavy-weight boxing champion  hanging out the wash in an effort to get on the good side of motherly Mrs Hutcheson, 
who is responsible for the champion's weight,  if cooking has anything to do with it.

Collage of photos  -  Inter-Island Football  in Chch  North v South -  065
played at Lancaster Park  on Saturday 2 July  won by the North Island  28  to 13
1.   D. McCormack (South)  E.Roberts (North)  the 2 captains,   
2.  Conolly,  J.Steele,   Cahot,  Whyte,  Ellis,   
3.  Steele (South)  J.Russell,  
4.  South island Team
5.  Moffitt (North)   Phillips,  
6.  North island Team.
7.  Steele,  (South)  
9. The Elmwood and Waltham schools lightweight team  who provided the curtain raiser.

Photo  -  South Island Team  -
Back row -    J.Steele,  J.Cabot,  J.Russell,   S. Whyte,  E.Richardson,   E.H.Ellis,    C.McLean,   H.Phillips,   
Front row  -     A.Scott,  G.Jeffs,   W. Duncan,  D.McCormack  (Captain)  W.Ford,  A.M.Connolly,  L.Petersen,  

Photo  -  North island Team  -
Back row  - E.Hughes,   E.A.Bellis,   A.H.West,   A.L.  McLean,   J.Jacobs,   J.Brownlie  -  Masters, J.Moffitt,  J.Donald.   N.Grierson,  C.Baddeley,   
Front row  -  G. Aitken,   K.Svenson,   W.Kingston,  B.Algar,  E.Roberts (Captain)   A.Carroll,   E.Nicholls,  

The Weekly Press  -  2 September  1921
Photo  -  Anderson's Bay Children's Home  -  029
Commissioner Hodder, in declaring the Home open  said the Home and grounds (20 acres)  --- has been designed by the
Salvation Army architectural department  and built by Mr. H.Parker, of North-east Valley.

Photo  -  The Northern School of Boxing  -  (Donovan Bros,  Parnell)  -  030
Back row -  V.Dignan,  C.Purdy,  H.May,  C.Blackburn,   E.Burns,  E.Pound, W.Morgan,   P.McCloskie,  H.Hickey,  G.Brown.
2nd row  -  E.Hackenhall,  R.Keenan,  E.Gamble,  J.Whittome,  E.Smith,  J.Buckley,  R.Meali,  J.Fletcher,  P.Dignan,  R.Sinclair,  A.Francis,  R.Smythe
3rd row -  R.Lewis,  J.Keenan,  H.Donovan,  E.Donovan,  J.Graham,  J.Pound  (Hon sec)  
Front row  -  E. Donovan,  P.Donovan,  J.Donovan.

New Zealand   Amateur Boxing Championships,  held at Greymouth on 28, 29, 30 July  1921
Photo  -   Ashburton Athletic Club Team    -  031
Back row  -  J.C.Thompson (trainer)  B.V.Cleary (NZ heavy-weight champion)  H.R. McElrea (delegate and club chairman)
Front row  -  T.Hooper  (Light-weight)  T.Armstrong (feather)   G.Terris  (Bantam)  

Northern Boxing Association Representatives  -   photo  -  032
Back row -  H.Donovan (trainer)   H.May (NZ Lightwieght champion)  B.Baker (Welter weight) Major B.P.Greenhough (manager)
Front row -  M.Hatton (NZ Feather-weight champion)   D.Meale (NZ Middle-weight champion)   C.Purdy (NZ Bantam-weight champion)

Retired    -  DWYER  -  photo  -  033
Superintendant John Dwyer, who recently retired from the Police Force after 43 years service.

Photo  -  Queen of St Mark's School.  QUINLAN  -   Wellington  -  034
The crowning ceremony of Hilma Quinlan took place in the Town Hall on 20 August -----     taking part in the ceremony were
Joan, Margaret and Freda Ballinger,  Kenneth and Ronald Hodson,      Hilda Clift,      Phyllis Martin,      Dorothy Underwood,      Ina Small,    
Edna Chote,      Eileen Congreve,     Margaret McKenzie,      Joan Fauvell,      Gwyn Stitchbury,      Joyce Rosenberg,      Joyce Radford,   
  May Martin,      Phil Rosie,      Charles Halkett  ----   

Photo of Citation -   presented to John Dwyer on his retirement  -  035
Christchurch 8 August 1921  on his retirement from office of Superintendant of the Canterbury police Division  -----
a wonderful document.

Photo  -  POLKINGHORNE  -  036
Rita Polkinghorne  age 9  Queen of the St Albans School (Christchurch)  Carnival to raise funds for improvements to the school and grounds. 
The crowning ceremony  took place on 10 August and was repeated on 15 August  --------

Collage of photos   -   Inter-Provicincal Rugby -  Canterbury v  Wellington  - -  037
Played at Athletic Park,  Wellington  on Saturday 13 August,  won by Wellington  27 points to 11.
E.Cummings,  C.R.Murray (Canterbury)  Peterson (Canterbury)    Siddels,  D.Algar,  Ryan (Captain)  Jackson,  Markham,
 Hutcheson,  Tunnington,  King, J.Shearer,  Hansen,  Price,  Duncan,  Bruce,  Standen,  Parker,    Burson

Weekly Press  & New Zealand Referee   18 November 1921
Collage of photos  -  Canterbury A & P Show  Nov 10 and 11th -    photos  all of sheep  - 089
1. Mr G.P.Johnston's  (Gore)  champion border leicester ram.
5. Mr A.W.Adams  (Sheffield)  champion romney marsh ram
7  Mr H.J.Andrew's (Maheno)  champion southdown ram.
8  Mr H.J.Andrew's (Maheno)  champion southdown  ewe
9  Messrs L.W. and J.E.Storry's (Southbridge)  champion shropshire ram
11  Mr  B.Withell's (Ealing)  champion Ryeland ram
12  Mr B.Withell's  (Ealing)  champion Ryeland ewe
15  Sir George Clifford's (Stonyhurst)  champion halfbreed ram
16   Sir George Clifford's (Stonyhurst)  champion halfbreed ewe

Collage of photos  -  Canterbury A & P Show  Nov 10 and 11th -    photos  all of cattle  - 090
1. Mr J.A.Scott's  (Brookside)  champion shorthorn bull
2. Mr Jno  Nixon's (Killinchy)  champion shorthand cow
3. Mr R.Peach's  (Ashley)  champion milking shorthorn cow
5.  Mr L.R.Stoddart's (Willowby)  champion fresian bull
7.  Mr R.Maddren's (Winchester)  champion jersey bull
8. Mr H.E.B.Watson's (Riccarton)  champion jersey cow.
9.  Messrs McDowell Bros  (Wakanui)  champion Ayreshire bull.
11. Messrs Thompson and Co's  (Dunedin)  champion Clydesdale stallion.
12.  Mr D.G.Wright's  (Ashburton)  Clydesdale mare.

The  Weekly Press    -  30 December 1921
Photo  -  Wanganui  -  World Sculling Champs to be held  Thursday next 5 January -  093
The race  for the World's sculling champs  the contestants a with prominent supporters.
The champion  Dick Arnst,  the challenger  Darcy Hadfield.

Photo  -  HADFIELD  and his Committee  -  094
J.R.Foster,      J.F. Le Sueur,      G.Pearce,      H.Oakley Browne,      J.W. Card,      G.C.Glen,      W.L.Young,      W.S.Dustin,   
  J.Brittain (Hadfield's trainer)  H.Fry,     Darcy Hadfield,      C.G.Young, (hon sec)      C.H.Rhimes,      N. Mckenzie Forbes,      A.Gray

Photo  -  HADFIELD - 095
poto of Darcy Hadfield.

Photo  -  ARNST  -  096
Photo of Dick Arnst.

Photos  -  097
1st Women's International Athletic meeting  held at the Persham Stadium,  Paris.  Some successful English competitors.
1.  Miss Hatt  (England)  on left  just beaten in the hurdle race by Melle Rellac,  winner of the 100yds
2.  Miss Cast (England)  winning the 500mtrs  race
3.  Miss Birchenough  

Weekly Press  & New Zealand Referee  -  9 February  1922

Collage of 21 Photos  -  Wellington Trotting Club Hutt Park  -   Tuesday 24 January  -  038
1.  Mr T.M. Wilford M.P.  and Mrs Russell
7.  Mr R.A.Armstrong (chairman)  and Mrs T.M.Wilford. presenting the whip to Mr O.E. Hooper, driver of Locanda Dillon.  winner of the cup.
12.  Mr T.M.Wilford, speaking at the presentation of the Gold Cup.
13.  Messrs W.Armstrong (Greytown)  and Peters

Collage of 20 photos  -  Foxton  Race Meeting  -  039
Foxton  the popular picnic race meeting of the Dominion.
3.  Messrs J.M.Johnston (Palmeston North)  E.P.Wilson  and I.H. Freeman (secretary
5. Messrs F.Spriggins,  A.V.Brown,  A.Way (secretary Marton J.C.)     A.L.Freeman.
13. Messrs J.R.Whyte,  (President)  L.R. Freeman (secretary)  W.A.Jewell (steward)  
19. W.Fielding
17.  Mr J.J.Corry (Blenheim)  and Mr E.Short (Fielding)

Photo  - Ponsonby Club  -  runners-up for the Rink Championship  -  040
F.Bishop (sub)   A.Parsons (s)  V.Casey,  R.S. Somervell

Photo  - Winners of Rink Championship -  041
Taieri Club  Winners of the Rink Championship
W.Allan,  G.A.McKinnon,   WM  Carswell (s)   W.B.Allen

Photos  -  Bowling Championship -   Dunedin -  042
The Dominion Bowling Championship Tournament  held at Dunedin  11  to 25 January 1922 .
J.M.Blackenbridge, jnr,  and J.Blackenbridge sen.  winners of the doubles tournament.
J.Rigby (North-east Valley Club)  winner and P.Carolin (St Kilda Club) runner up,  the winner and runner-up in the singles championship.
C.Smith  and P.Daubney,  runners-up for the doubles championship.

The Weekly Press  19 March 1923
Photo  -  BASSETT -  Palmeston North  -  049
Mr T.Bassett  was born at sea on board the Duke of Roxburgh  1839-40  en route to New Zealand.

The Weekly Press  and New Zealand Referee  -   29 March 1923

Photos  -  Waimate Racing Club  - 043
Waimate Racing Club's  annual meeting  held Thursday 15 March
on the Judge's stand  -  Messrs T.Twoomey (President)  J.O'Brien,  J.Cooney, (timekeeper)  A.Dickson.
Mr L.C.Hazlett's  & horse,  winner of the Waimate Cup.

Photo  -  ROGERS - 045
Mr Thomas Rogers (Palmeston North)  born at Petone  29 February 1840.

Photo  -  4 Generations  -  HAMILTON -  046
Mrs Hamilton,  of Wanganui,  her daughter, Mrs McHugh,  Granddaughter  and great granddaughter,   has been paying a visit to Wellington  after an
absence of 65 years   

Photo  -  SINCLAIR  -  047
Mrs Sinclair was born on board  the brig Arab  in 1841  when the vessel was on its way to New Zealand.

Photo  -  Mrs EDWARDS - 048
Mrs W.A.Edwards Vice -president of the Early Settlers and Historical Association  of Wellington.

Photo  -  EDWARDS  -  050
Mr W.A.Edwards,  Hon Sec. of the Early Settlers and Historical Association  of Wellington.

Photo  -  Whangarei Trotting Club's meeting  15 March at Auckland -  051
Mr A.J.Murdoch M.P. presenting medal to A.Bryce, driver -----  Mr L.J.Brake, president on right.  
Mr Murdoch  presenting wristlet watch to Mr A.C.McArdle,  owner ------ winner of Marsden handicap.

The Weekly Press and New Zealand Referee   14 June 1923
Collage of photos  - 108
Christchurch Competitions Society's Annual Musical and Elocutionary competitions held Christchurch  May 7 - 26th,  some 1st prize winners.
1. Miss S.I.Aitken, recitation,  humerous recitation,  oratorical display,  Shakespearean recitation.
2. Miss Edna Firth,  piano solo   (Begg Scholarship)
3.  Miss Marguerite Minson piano solo  under 13.
4.  Miss Alice Greenlees,  recitation  girls under 12
5.  Miss Thelma Thomson  song for girls under 12
6.  Miss Dorothy Manhire,  song in character  under 16.  song under 14.
7.  Misses Edna Penney  and Bessie Pollard,  piano duet.
8.  Miss  Marjorie Alexander,  piano solo under 10
9.  Miss Winnifred Stott,  piano solo reading at sight,  under 16
10. Miss Nanna Newey,  recitation  in character  under 9.
11  Miss Freda Moir,  violin solo,  under 12  
12  Miss Anna Audibert,  song in character
13  Miss Madge Hardie  song  for girls under 16
14  Mr S.A.Bell  Irish song,  Scottish song,  Baritone solo,  sacred solo.  vocal scholarship,  mens vocal championship
15  Mr Bert Goodland,  recitation  with accompaniment  under 16  humerous recitation  under 16
16. Mr John Voss,  recitation,  oratoriacal  display.
17  Miss Mavis Halliday,  recitation  girls under 18
18  Mr T.G.Rogers,  Tenor solo,  operatic solo,  Welsh song.

The Weekly Press and New Zealand Referee   -   26 July 1923
Photo  -  Maori Football Team  -  052
The Maori representative Football team  which recently visited Australia  and is now touring New Zealand.
Back row  -  R.Tuko,  M.Roberts,  W.McGregor,  J.Walker,  R.Amohanga,  R.Akuira,
Third row -  R.  Wehipeihann,  R.George,  J.Bailey,  J.Bannister,  Revd P.Matene,  R.Broughton,  H. Kingi
Second row -  S.Gemmell,  W.Barclay, (vice-capt)  W.T.Parata (manager)  H.Jacobs, (capt)  P.Taiapa,  P.Potaka,  L.Hingston,
Front row - T.bevan,  T.Peina, (Kiwi mascot)  J.R.Bell,  J.Mills.

Photos  -  Motor Fatality -   COOK  -  Christchurch -  053 & 054 & 057
14 July Mr J.E.Doherty a retired farmer living in Christchurch was the driver of one car, an Overland with passengers
Messrs Samuel James Cook  and David Cairns.  Mr H.E.Wright, an inspector for the Canterbury Motor Co. was the driver
of the other 2 seater Ford.  -----  lots more ------  Cook  died instantly ---- Samuel James Cook  aged 38 was a farm labourer
  living with his parents at 35 Hagley St, Lower Riccarton.  The other man Davis Cairns of 112 Peterborough st received injuries to his head and body.

Photo  -  COOK  -  055
Mr Samuel James Cook  pictured in uniform  (killed)

Photo  -  CAIRNS -  056
Mr David Cairns  ( received injuries to the head and body)

Photo  -  Boxing Championships  -  1st round  MURRAY  -   058
Light-weight boxing championships,  Wellington Town Hall  Wednesday 11 July,   Les Murray (Invercargill)
     defeated Clarrie Blackburn  (Auckland)   the referee stopped  the bout in the 14th round.

Photo  -  Boxing Championships -  2nd round  -  BLACKBURN -  059
Photo  -  Boxing Championships -  6th round MURRAY -  060
Photo  -  Boxing Championships  -  Les Murray -  winner - 061

Photo  -  BLACKBURN -  062
Clarrie Blackburn,  boxing championship  loser

The Weekly Press  & New Zealand Referee  17 January  1924

Photo  -  Auckland Cricket Team  -  104
The Auckland Cricket team who won the Plunket Shield match  against canterbury  by 10 wickets.
Back row. - J.Watts (Hon treasurer Auckland cricket assoc)  S.G.Smith,  H.Gillespie,  A.Irving,  C.C.Dacre,  A. Anthony,  R.Frater,  M.J.Flynn (Hon secretary)
Front row -  Mr Henry Brett (Patron)  H.E.Burton,  C.Alcott,  M.C.Sneddon (Captain)  H.Wilson,  R.W.Rountree.

Photo  -  Picnic  J.C. Williamson Ltd  at Waiheke Island  -  105
The annual picnic of J.C.Williamson Lts  at Surfdale,  Waiheke island,  Auckland,  the Manager  (Mr John FARRELL)  and the members of the "Kissing Time"  Company.

Collage of 12 photos -  Christchurch Bowling Tournament. - 106
New Zealand Bowling Championship Tournament at Christchurch
1. D.Hutcheson (Caledonian)  
2. J.B. Jack (St John's )
3. Dr J.C.Pairman (Christchurch)  and J.Brackenbridge (Newtown)
4.  A. Kinvig (Linwood)
5.  H.Mann (Green Island)  J. Wooller (Remuera)  and J.Redpath (Christchurch)
7.  P.Edwards  (Greymouth)  
8  J. Wooller  (Remeura)
9  J.Angus  (Canterbury)
10 C. Ingram  (Wellington)
11  S.Sinclair  (Lyttelton)
12  M.A.Pattrick  (New Brighton)

Lyttelton Times 
-  Wednesday 17 September 1924
Auction Sale -  002
CHAPMAN - W. Palmer (deceased)  15 Church St, Papanui,  --- lots more ----

Auction Sale -  003
COWLISHAW - F. I.   6 Grafton Street,  Sumner frontage on Nayland St. 

Auction Sale - 004
Lady DENNISTON - at "Aviemore"   at 26 B Hackthorne rd ---   list of chattels  etc.

Wedding write - up - 005
EFFORD - CARSON -    on 25th ann of brides parents,   John Ash Efford,  to Elsie Victoria,  --  sister Gwen a bridesmaid,  and Sylvia,
                    sister of bridegroom,  best man Mr Gordon Jones,  and Robert Bloxham, groomsman. ---

Silver Wedding -  007
HEALEY - Mr & Mrs H.T.  of Sherbourne St.  -- list of guests -- 

Farm For Sale -  008
HIGGS - Messrs F. and A.    1200 acres at Sandy Knolls,  -- lots more ---

Timaru Wedding - 009  & 010
THOMSON - ELWORTHY - Miss Rachel, dau. of Mr & Mrs Arthur Elworthy  to Mr Hamilton Sinclair Thomson ---  lots more ----- 

Auction Sale -  011
TIECHERT - Mr C.    no 255 Esplanade, New Brighton --  more ---

Auction Sale - 012
WYATT - Mrs D.  left for Auckland --    property and chattels  ------

Lyttelton Times  - Friday 19 September 1924
Alford Forest -  New War Memorial Unveiled  -  013
J.H. McLeish,  W.R.Williams,  J.R.Williams,  J.McRae,  F. Boucher, 
Another board has these names -
E.T.Grigg,  H.P.Cullen,  T.M.Hutt,  W.T.Wilson, G.G.Martin,  A.G.Grigg,  J.H.McLeish,  E.Williams, W.R.Williams,  C.M.King, 
J.J.Wilson, J.H.Carston,  C.L. Hutt,  F. McRae,  R.Freak,  J.R.Williams,  L.M.Hicks,  F.Boucher -------

Fatalities - 015
HEPBURN - Duncan,  age 19,  drowned  while fording the Awakino River --
MANN - Thomas,  a rabbiter, age 48    died -- Dunedin ---

Travellers -  016
MATHESON - Mrs John, of Timaru and 2 daughters have just arrived in England ---
NEWSOME - Mr G.T. formerly of Auckland   is here now on holiday ---  lots more ---

Death - 017
PROVIS - Samuel Trevener,  an old resident of Reefton, died --  leaves a wife and 5 children  ----

Wedding - 018
SUTHERLAND - MILLIGAN - Miss M. Sutherland, Cape Foulwind  to Mr J.T.Milligan  ----

Death in London -  019
TOSSWILL -   Daisy Florence,  on 2 Augu. wife of Maurice, and 5th dau. of late William Devenish-Meares, of Christchurch.

Lyttelton Times  - Saturday 3 December 1927
Coming of Age -  021
CARPENTER - Ruby, dau. of Mr & Mrs R. Carpenter, --- list of names ---

Kitchen Evening - 022
CLARK - Miss Gwen getting married ----

Wedding write -up - 023
DICKIE - McKENDRY - at Methven,  Rufine Agatha, dau. of Mr & Mrs Don McKendry  to Beacon Murdoch, son of Mrs K and late Mr W.J.Dickie ---   more ----

Engagements -  024
EDMUND - MacDONALD -  Mary Christina  &  Horace Edmund -----
BREWIS - STRACHAN - Dr Edward C. Brewis, of Hamilton  & Avril -----

Wedding -  025  & 025a
MOORHEAD - ALLEN -  Maud, dau. of  Mrs Allen & late Mr R.E.Allen, Killinchy  to George Henry son of Mrs & late Mr William Moorhead  --- lots more ----

Te Awamutu - 026
JACKSON - Nelson,  about age 23,   was killed in a motor bike accident  Eric Storey  was badly injured --

Wedding write - up -  027
WRIGHT - DOYLE - Katherine Ellen, dau. of Mr and late Mrs L Doyle, Hawarden  to  Francis Mason, son of Mr & late Mrs R.Wright  ---  lots more ----

The Weekly Press  10 October  1928

Photo  -  GRRENFIELD  -  147
A reproduction of the 1st photograph to be brought by aeroplane from Australia to New Zealand.  The photo is of Peter Greenfield
aged 10 and half months  son of Mr C.P.Greenfield  of the Eastern Cable Company,  Cremorne,  Sydney.  Squadron-leader Kingsford Smith
took the photo to the grandparents Mr and Mrs F.E.Greenfield of Heathfield Ave, Christchurch.

Photo  -  A Young Violinist  -  McCONACHY   - Timaru boy in New York   -    Mr Arthur Hartmann  -  148
Miss Amy Nevill-Smith (Mus.Assoc.Melb. Univ)  a well-known teacher of singing and violin at Timaru has recently  sent her talented
violin pupil, Mr Rees McConachy,  to one of the greatest violinists to continue his studies with Mr Arthur Hartmann the eminent violinist of New York ----  more  ----

Violinist -  photo  -  149
Mr Rees McConachy.

Marriages  -  151
GIBSON - REID,  whose marriage takes place next week  -----  lots of names

Collage of 11 photos  -  Timaru to Christchurch Cycle  contest.  - 152
1. & 2. B.W.Arnst  winner of the big road race last Saturday
4. B.S.McCann,  New Plymouth -- fastest time  ----
5. A.E.Porter,  a veteran rider  aged 40  passing through Geraldine  ---- has started the race 7 times.
6.  M.Fass,  Christchurch,  2nd man home

Collage of 14 photos  -  Christchurch Boys' High School Annual Sports meeting  -  153
1. C.F.Ell,  who won the mile walk -----
2.  C.Rweedie, winner of 120yds hurdles under 15 ----
3. J.McDonald,  winner 120 yds open.
4. M.G.Ir  win,  winner of 200yds handicap open.
9. G.Lightband,  winner of 440yds handicap open
10. M.Hunter,  winner of high jump.
11.  G.M.Martin,  winner of  100yds championship  200yrds,  2nd in 440yrs   senior cup with 24 points.
12.  A.V.Chappell,  winner of 440yrds.
14.  M.Hunter  jumping.

Wellington Competitions  for children  -  photo -  154
1.  Dawson Douglas, Christchurch,  1st boys' song,   1st boys' reading sight.
2. Kathleen read, Christchurch,  1st humerous recitation, under 12,  1st song in character,  1st musical monologue,  1st action recitation, 1st junior test  recitation,
             1st  girls' song and 1st girls' action song
3. Audrey Oates,  Palmeston North,  1st humerous recitation.
4. Ewart Douglas,  Christchurch,  1st boys' song.
5. Connie Flamank,  Timaru,  1st vocal solo,  1st vocal solo, NZ  composer,  1st vocal solo, with accompaniment.
6. irene Wilson  and Shirley perrin,  1st duet in character under 12
7. Claire Dulien  and Miss nelson, Christchurch,  1st vocal duet.
8. Hilda Crysall,  wahganui   1st sacred solo  1st Scottish song,  1st Operatic solo.
9. Marjory Alexander,  Christchurch,  1st piano solo,    1st piano solo, open,   1st piano solo, selected.
10.  Belle Renaut,  Christchurch, 1st Irish song,  1st Contralto solo,  1st  vocal solo,   1st Schubert solo.
11.  Mary Lennie,  Wellington,  1st piano  solo.

Photo  -   Opening of the Bowling and Croquet season at Linwood Club, Christchurch  -  155
photo 2 -  Miss Gwendoline Williams,  who threw up the 1st jack  and declared the season open.
photo 4 -  Mrs Williams sends up the 1st bowl for the Linwood Bowling Club.
photo 5 -  a group of prominent officials  -  
Mr J.R.Brunt, (one of the original founders of the club)  Mr A.J.Benzie, (past president of the Dominion assoc)  Mr F.Williams (president of the Linwood club)
             Mr J.Colville (president of the Christchurch centre)  Mr W. McKinley (Vice -president of the Linwood Club)

Auntie Betty's Merry Mates  -  photos -  155a
1.  Curly (Lois Giles)  
2. Norma Talmadge (Kini Taylor)
3.  Shamrock (Joan Davis)
4.  clematis  (Alice Wills)

Obituary  -  CUNNINGHAM -  157
The death took place at Strathearn,  Brookside, Canterbury  last week of Mr John Cunningham, a well-known Canterbury farmer and stock breeder at age 60. he was the oldest son of late Mr John Cunningham,  a pioneer settler in the Brookside district. -----   after Lincoln College  he accompanied his father and brother on an extended tour of Great Britain and the USA.  he commenced farming on his own account in 1897 --- was chairman of the Ellesmere County Council since 1914  ---------  more ----

Obituary  -  FRIEDLANDER -  158
The death was announced last week From Auckland of Mr Hugo Friedlander,  aged 79.  he came out with several brothers  and was first associated in business with the late Mr Julius Mendelson, of Temuka.  Late he and his brothers founded the firm of Friedlander Bros. at Ashburton ------  was Mayor of the Borough,  Councillor,  chairman of the Ashburton County Council,  chairman of the Lyttelton harbour Board ------    many years ago he was severely injured by a fall of grain sacks in a store ------  He moved to Auckland some years ago on account of failing health.

Obituary  -  GARROW -  159
Mr Robert Garrow, who died suddenly at Oamaru last week had been a resident there for 53 years.  he was first appointed a clerk to the New Zealand and Australian Land Company on the Ardgowan estate. ----     was for some years in Dunedin  ----and then purchased a farm on Ardgowan when subdivided -------

Obituary  -  McPHEE  -  160
Mr Malcolm McPhee, who lived in the Balfour district, Southland  for about 47 years,  died last week.  he worked on his father's farm until  age 21  when he joined his brother Dugald.    They were contract ploughing on the Glenure estate for several years  -- later went cropping on the Waimea Plains.     the estate was cut up for settlement  when both acquired a section of their own.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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