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Saturday  1 March  1919
Wedding  -  DAVIES - RYAN     - 001
at Auckland recently,  Miss Victoria May,  youngest dau of Mr Richard davies,  of Wellington  to  Captain Douglas Bryan,  New Zealand Staff Corps,  son of Mr G.T. Bryan of Westport,  recently attached to the French Mission.  given away by her sister Miss Myrtle Davies.  Miss H.Talbot was bridesmaid,  Lieutenant Pervis  was best man.  Mr and Mrs Bryan sailed on Monday  for England.

Wedding  -  HOOPER - GRAY - 002
on Thursday at --- Mr Silas Norman Hooper, only surviving son of Mrs T. Adams of Hornby and the late Mr J.Hooper, Timaru  to  Eileen Francis,  dau of Mr and Mrs J.Gray,  of Willow Farm,  Dallington.  Her sister Miss Norrie Gray,  was bridesmaid    Miss Nellie Mulholland,  cousin of the bride,  was another bridesmaid,  Mr C.Manhire was best man and Mr Leo Gray brother of the bride was groomsman,  all three have been only been recently discharged from actice service -----  more ----

Westport -  Fatality -  004
WALSHE - Michael,  father of John  who shot his father --------   more  ------

Auckland  -  Divorce -  005
LEACH -  Richard  v.  Elizabeth Leach  and Harold Markwick -----   more ----

Monday 3 March 1919
Obituary  -  CONNAL -  009
on Saturday Mr John Connal, a well-known and respected resident ----  aged 82  -- was born in 1836 in Glasgow, -----  in 1857  he sailed from the Thames in the ship Southern Cross -- went to Nelson ---   came to Christchurch,  entered into partnership with Hon. Nathaniel Edwards,  George Bennetts and John Aiken in the business of Edwards, Bennetts and Co.  in 1881 he retired from the business ----   lots more  -----

Inquest   -  McDOWELL -  010
Inquest on Agnes McDowell,  found in the Avon River yesterday morning -- Sarah Wilson Kent,  dau of deceased -----  Sarah Willberg  at 286 Gloucester st  ---- Ernest Charles Watts,  was walking along the river bank,  saw body floating in the water ----  Leslie Henderson McLachlan,  also saw the body,  Alice Hamilton, a  nurse  ---  tried artifical respiration  -----

Westport -  WALSHE -  011
John Walshe  who shot his father Michael Walshe at Burnett's Face  in age 22 -----   moved to Denniston Hospital ---  shot father to protect his mother from abusive behaviour  

Licensing Transfers -  012
WOOD  -  J.B.  to  A. Young,  Zetland Arms Hotel
DREWETT - F.M.  to  Mrs Esther Mandel  United service Hotel
ROSE - A,  to  Morgan O.Brien  Cafe de Paris

Divorces  -  013  
JOHNSTON -  Norman Francis,  divorce from wife Margaret  who left him after a few days of marriage -----
KIRK -  Elizabeth,  from Randall Kirk,  on grounds of desertion  married 1900  -----
COWING - Jacob,  engineer, Athurs' Pass tunnel  from wife Bertha Elizabeth Cowing,  on desertion, marr at Durban April  1904   ------  more  ---

Divorces  -  014
ANDREWS - Richard,  marine engineer of Lyttelton   from his wife Maggie,  ----   & Leslie Arthur Davie,  marr. May 1911  custody of 2 children ----
SQUIRE - Harold Percival  from  Harriet Rose Squire -----   more  ----

Divorces  -  015
WILLIAMS -  Henry,  foreman carpenter,  of Christchurch,  from his wife  Olive Amelia Williams,   ---  George W.L.Bevins,  co-respondent ----- 6 children----
CARSON - William Gideon,  builder,  from Norah Carson --  desertion ------
WOOLEDGE -  Claude E. importer,  from Rubina Wooledge,  desertion --  
GOMM -  Margaret,  for permanent alimony  -- hus. Henry William Gom -- inmate of Cashmere Sanatorium  ----

Wedding  -  HANCOCK - KEANE -  016
On Wednesday  at Rakaia, Mr Henry Gilbert Hancock  to  Miss Katherine Madeline Keane,  3rd dau of Mr A. Keane,  Rakaia,  bridesmaids were
Misses Maggie,  Madge and Julia Keane,  sisters of the bride  and Miss Amy Hancock,  sister of the bridegroom,    Mr Alex Keane, jnr  was best man,  

Tuesday 4 March  1919
Obituary  -  ANDERSON  &  photo   -  018  & 019
Death in England of Mr Gilbert Anderson, a well-known resident of this city  for some years.  He was son of Captain Hosea Anderson,  born at Lerwick in the Shetland Islands,  65 years ago ------  came to NZ in 1864,  aged 10 years ----  at 20 years of age appointed manager of Edwards, Bennett and Co.  in 1892 he resigned to become manager of the Christchurch Meat Freezing Company  ---  remained  there till 1906  ---  left NZ  and entered business on his own as a meat broker in London  ----  was  a member of the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and   president for 2 yearsof the Canterbury Employers Assoc.    -----  he married Miss Annie Bullen,  dau of Mr G.F.Bullen of Kaikoura.  he leaves a widow,  2 sons and a daughter.  His eldest son Major Gavin Anderson,  who is age 23   ------   2nd son Mr Stuart Anderson,  joined Imperial Forces  ------

Inquest   -  LAIRD - 020
Ronald Laird,  aged 12,  died in hospital under an anaesthetic ----  for removel of his tonsils ------

Maintenance  -  021
WILSON - John,  is a tailor ----    refused a reduction  in payment of maintenance ----
McKERROW -  Bertha,  against her husband James McKerrow,  failing to maintain her ----
SOMERVILLE - Isabel applied for separation,  maintenance and guardian orders  against her hus. Robert,  ---  application refused

Funeral  -  CONNAL -  022
The funeral of the late John Connal took place this morning,  leaving the res. of Mr P.J.Hervey, Aikman's rd,  St Albans, for the Linwood Cemetery. -- more - 
lots of names of those who attended the funeral.

Wedding  -  HUGHES - KNIGHT - 023
a wedding took place this morning at St Michael's church -- Miss Florence Knight,  youngest daughter of Mrs Knight,  Cashel st,  and the late Mr James Knight  to  Mr Stanley Hughes,  son of Mrs Hughes and late Mr E.H.Hughes. -----  bride was given away by her brother Mr Charles Knight,-----  Miss Dorothy Hughes,  sister of the bridegroom  ----  flower girl and page boy were Thelma & Myrvan Jones,  niece and nephew of the bride ----  ----  groomsman  Mr Alfred Towns -----  list of  some of the guests names ---

Obituary  -  REEVES - 024
death yesterday of Mrs Reeves,  relict of Hon Willam Reeves  M.L.C.  one of the early prop. of the Lyttelton Times  and manager of that company until his death.  Mrs Reeves was born in London in 1833  was the daughter of Mr J.E.Pember,  was married in 1852 and came to NZ shortly afterwards --- last 7 years has been
an invalid ---  she leaves a family of 4 sons and 4 daughters -  the Hon W.P.Reeves, (London)  Mr E.C.Reeves (Wellington)  Mr Gilbert Reeves (Christchurch) 
and Mrs J.S.Thomson (Christchurch)  Mrs A.Kelsey (Melbourne)  and Miss Reeves  and Miss E.M.Reeves  (Christchurch)

Death -  Wellington -  KEYWORTH - 025
The death occurred ---  in Wellington on Friday of Mr Alexander Barrington Keyworth,  manager of the photographic dept. of Messrs Kempthorne, Prosser and Co's branch.  He was born in England 55 years ago  the youngest son of late Dr Keyworth,  who practised in Wellington in the 80's.  -----    a recognised authority on photography.

Wednesday  5 March 1919
took place this afternoon at St Andrew's Church,  when Mr Harry Dampier-Crossley of Rotheram,  Amuri,  was married to Miss Mabel Rutherford, dau of Mr Duncan Rutherford,  Leslie Hills and late Mr Duncan Rutherford. ----- her brother Mr Leslie Rutherford  gave her away ---   Miss Ella Rutherford,  her sister was bridesmaid ----  Mr R.C.Latter  was best man. ----  lots of names of some of the guests.

Taumarunui   - STEVENS  - 028
while ex-constable Maher was crossing the Wanganui river ----   he found the body of a returned soldier,  Charles Stevens,  who had been missing since 26 February.

Thursday 6 March 1919
Wedding in Australia -  FULTON - AUSTIN   -   032
on Tuesday 18 Feb. at Geelong,  Mr Gordon Fulton,  of Mount Stewart,  North Canterbury, NZ,  younger son of Mrs Fulton,  Christchurch  to  Winifred, eldest dau. of Mr a.A.Austin M.L.C.  and Mrs Austin  of Larundel,  Elaine.  ------   Mrs W.A.Gray,  cousin of the bride,  ---  bridesmaids were Mis Vera Austin,  sister of the bride and Miss Beatrice Macintosh.  Lieutenant L.A. Austin  (an Anzac)  brother of the bride was best man  and Lieutenant H. A.Austin,  cousin of the bride was groomsman.

The Late Mrs W.REEVES  -  033
Mrs William Reeves,  relict of the Hon. William Reeves,  M.L.C.  one of the early prop. of the Lyttelton Times  was buried yesterday in the Barbadoes Cemetery ----   list of mourners  and  who sent wreaths ------

Wedding  -  HARSTON - SHIRTCLIFFE - 034
on Monday afternoon,  Major Ernest Didefield Harston  of Napier   to Miss Ruth Barbara Shirtcliffe,  3rd dau of Mr and Mrs G.W.Shirtcliffe,   of Tinakori road,  Wellington on Monday afternoon. -----   the chief bridesmaid was Miss Jean Shirtcliffe ----  Misses Joyce Harston  and Lois Bassett -------  Captain Lance Moore was the best man ----  lots more ----

Wedding  -  DAVISON - MACDONALD - 035
At Geraldine on Tuesday afternoon,  Miss Geraldine Dora Macdonald, elder dau. of Mr B.R.Macdonald,  the Mayor  to  Lieutenant J.Winyard Davison (6th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)  son of Mrs J.Davison, of St Leonards,  Culverden. --------Miss Miria Macdonald, sister of the bride  was bridesmaid,  best man was his brother  Lieutenant Lionel Davison,  of the 13th New Zealanders.  ----

Wedding  -  KEIR - HUGHEY -  036
at Rangiora Pres. Church,  yesterday,  Mr Chas. Keir,  youngest son of Mr and Mrs P.Keir,   to  Miss Jessie Hughey,  4th dau. of Mr and Mrs John Hughey.  ------  Miss Nellie Hughey,  sister of the bride was bridesmaid  and Mr Jas. Quinn  was best man.  -------   

Friday 7 March  1919
Death  -  042
HANNA -  Mrs Robert Hanna, a respected resident of Riccarton,  died at her home today after a long illness.

Wedding  -  ARCHIBALD - CAMPION -  044
yesterday at -----  Mr Alexander Jack Archibald,  Beckenham,   to  Miss Lilian Muriel Campion,  3rd dau of Mr W.Campion,  Spreydon.  ----  bridesmaid,  Miss Mary Campion ------  Miss Lilian Archibald ----   little Phyllis Campion -----   bridegroom attended by  Messrs Arnold Pannell  and Wilton Irwin -----   more -----

Saturday  8 March  1919
Wedding  -  FOSTER - CHOULER -  046
Mr Roland Foster,  electrical engineer,  marriage in England  to Miss Constance Choular,  is announced,  left for military duty with the 27th Divisional Signallers, now with the NZ Rifle brigade Concert Company.  he is grandson of Rev George Foster, 1st incumbent of St Mary's Timaru,  who came to NZ in the ship Tornado  before the arrival of the 1st 4 ships. -----   Miss Choular was in Germany studying languages and music ---   as a member of the VAD ---   nursing in military hosps. ---  is a medallist of the Royal Academy of Music.

Wedding  -  JOHNSTONE - VALE -  047
on Tuesday  at ---  Miss Dorothy M.G.Vale, dau of Mrs H.Palmer, and granddaughter of Mrs R.Symons,  Sydenham. ----  2 bridesmaids  Miss A. Symons  and Miss Ina Johnstone ---2 flower girls,  Lorna Palmer  and Rona Beveridge ----best man Mr Harold Green  of Auckland  and Mr Eric Johnstone,  groomsman--   

Inquest   -  MURPHY -  049

the inquest  on Timothy Murphy,  an old age pensioner,  of 16 Aldred was resumed  --- died suddenly on 3 March ----   heart failure ----

Fatalities & Accidents    -  052
MUNRO - Thomas Alexander,  at Lyall Bay, Wellington, a returned soldier,  single,  aged 36,  died from heart failure  when swimming  -------
PATTERSON - F.H., a cycle mechanic, admitted to hosp suffering concussion -- was hit by a motor-cycle ridden by E.G.Shipley, another car also ran into them
GOOD -  George E. in a collision between a cyclist and a motor-car,  Mr Good was cycling home to Tennyson st, ----  bruised --  and suffering shock.

Monday 10  March  1919
Accidents  & Fatalities   -  056
MURRAY -    William Murray,  aged 79,  died suddenly at 2pam today at his res 137 Old New Brighton rd. ----
WARBURTON - L.  a boy,  while cycling  collided with a horse and broke his arm ---
WHITE -  14 yr old dau of Mr Frank White of Tane,  Pahiatua,  was killed while riding a horse --

Wedding  -  HARNEY - NELSON - 058
At Southbridge,  Miss Julia Harney  to  Mr P. Nelson,  a returned soldier ------  brother Mr P. Harney ---- Miss Nelson was a bridesmaid ---

Wedding  -  Pahiatua  -  HUMPHRIES -  SHEKLETON -  060
Mr Sydney C.Humphries,  4th son of Mr H. Humphries,  Napier  to  Pauline Anne de Renzy,  eldest dau of Mr and Mrs A.L.D.Shekleton,  of Pahiatua, 
Mr and Mrs S.C.Humphries arrived in Christchurch yesterday.

Tuesday  11 March  1919
Maintenance  -  063
HODGE -  Sarah,  proceeded against Charles Alfred Kidd -----
EXTON -  Charles,  in arrears  ----  more ---
BOYD -  Hilda Ellen,  asked for maintenance, separation and guardianship  against her hus.  James Boyd,  master marriner ----  granted ---
BAXTER -  Isabella --- against her son  ---  adjourned  for 3 mths ----  more ---
HILL -  harry,  charged with being in arrears  for a child ----
EGAN -  Eliza,  against  George Egan  -----  more ---

Accident  -  ILLINGWORTH  -   065
a horse attached to a baker's cart  owned by Mr J.T.Norton of Lyttelton  driven by Mr C.Illingworth,  took fright   threw out the driver and Mr Norton's son --- 
Mr Illingworth was sent to hospital,  Mr Norton only returned from the front a week ago,  was sent home.

Wednesday 12 March  1919
Maintenance -  068
KUGENER -  Pierre,  failing to maintain his wife  -----

Meeting of Creditors -  069
MORA - Thomas Pascal,  farmer,  Le Bons Bay, ----    lots more  -----

Wedding  -  Wellington -  070
DIMANT - EDWARDS - on Tuesday, Miss Gladys, dau of Mr and Mrs E.Diman, of Nelson   to  Mr T.B.Edwards, of the Eastern Extension Cable Co. ---------

Rangitata  -  Grave   -  SINCLAIR -  071
The grave of Dr Andrew Sinclair, an early NZ botanist ---   has been found in the  bed of the Rangitata River.  he was born in Scotland and arrived here 77 years ago as a surgeon in the Royal Navy.  he was appointed secretary to Captain R.Fitzroy, the 2nd Governor of NZ  ---     he spent most of his leisure time in NZ investigating the country's plant life.  After botanising in the Bay of Islands, he went to the Nelson Province  and finally to Canterbury,  where he was a friend of Sir Julius von Haast --- while he was with Sir Julius on a geological and botanical survey of the Southern Alps in 1861  he tried to cross the Rangitata and was drowned.  His body was buried close to the place where it was recovered.  he did not publish anything  but collected a large number of plants  and discovered many new species.  The Council of the Canterbury Philosophical Institute is taking steps to have the grave preserved.

Thursday 13 March 1919
Maintenance  -  072
CORMACK - George Stalker (deceased)   and Catherine Cormack ----  increase of allowance ----  more  -----
SWANSTON - Andrew (deceased)   increase in allowance ----  

Presentation  -   PATTRICK  -  073
Miss Joy,  on approaching marriage, was entertained to afternoon tea  by the teaching staff of Sydenahm School.  The headmaster Mr W. Bean, on behalf of her fellow-teachers  presented Miss Pattrick  with a set of rustless knives.

Obituary  -  BRADLEY -  074
A very old and highly esteemed res passed away on Monday  Mrs Esther Bradley of Durham st,  Sydenham,  was born near Leeds,  Yorkshire  in 1837 ---  was almost 82 years old  with her hus, Mr G.L.Bradley, and infant son she arrived in NZ in the Glenmark,  52 years ago.  residing first in Papanui,  ----   46 years ago went to live in Sydenaham -----  her hus died about 5 years ago --- has 2 sons Mr F.Bradley,  of Cromwell,  Mr G.L. Bradley, of Auckland,  and a daughter Mrs W.Hulston,  Christchurch,  an elder dau  died  21 years ago.  ---- funeral   at Addingron Cemetery yesterday  ------  more  -----

Wedding  - SMITH - PIKE -  075
on Wednesday  Miss Erena Adelaide Pike,  dau of Mr T.B.Pike, Chester st  to  Lieutenant Wilfred Emanuel Smith D.C.M.  Main Body,  son of Mr H.Smith,  Oaklands,  Tasmania ---- Miss Freda Morgan  was bridesmaid ----  Private H.Pike  was best man -----   

Matriculation  Pass  by  First blind Girl - ROUSSEL -   076
The 1st blind girl in New Zealand to pass the matriculation and solicitor's general knowledge examination is Queenie Roussel, a dau of Mr P.G.Roussel of Auckland  -- Miss Roussel is a pupil at the Jubilee Institute  for the Blind and sat the exam  with another pupil  Mr James D.McGuire,  who also passed.  Miss Roussel is not quite 17, and has been blind since she was 4 years old,  Mr McGuire lost his sight as a small boy. Several male pupils at the Institute have preciously passed thematriculation exam  -----  Miss Roussel  and Mr McGuire were coached by Mr David Outrim, B.A  who is quite blind  and Mr Doric Algie  M.A.  who is almost blind.

Friday 14 March  1919
Maintenance  -  083
McNICHOLL - Andrew John ---  in arrears --- 4 children in the Christchurch Receiving Home -----

Fatalities  -  084
BYARS - John Wood,  aged 8 years,  disappeared while bathing  with boys at the dredge dam near Waikaka School, Gore ----   the body was recovered ----
ROSS -  William, a farmer,  aged 46,  ----   at his father's house in Palmeston South.

Missing  -  Invercargill -  085
DEJOUX - William Frederick,  aged 20  missing from his home  -----   lots more ----

Wedding  -  PRICE - HONEY - 086
-- at Opawa ---  Miss Ethel Jessie Honey,  4th dau of Mrs Honey,  Osborne st, Linwood,  formerly of the West Coast  to  Mr John James Price, 2nd son of
Mr and Mrs Price,  Brighton, Westport -----brother in law Mr J.Thompson ----  bridesmaids were Miss Frances Honey,  Miss Ada Price,   ----- 
Mr W. Price was best man   Mr A. Hunter  was groomsman ----   more ----

Saturday  15 March  1919
Departure  -  087
PEARCE -  Mr and Mrs A.E.Pearce (Wellington) gone to England -- to be present at the marriage of their daughter Miss Vida Pearce  to Major Stout      D.S.O.

Funeral  -  HANNA -  092
A very large attendance at the funeral of Mrs Robert Hanna, of Division st,  on Saturday afternoon.  was very well known and highly respected in the district.  -- she will be very much missed by all who came in contact with her.

Monday 17 March  1919
Accidents  -  093
COOKSON - Mr A.R. Cookson,  head master at lincoln School,  injured ina motor-cycle accident on Saturday night -- still unconcious -----
GREAVES - William,  a motor-cyclist  aged 33  collided with a veranda post on the corner,---  was unconcious, -- conveyed to hospital -----

Accidents & Fatalities  -  094
BRAND -  George,  married,  aged 43,  a farmer --  died at Stirling yesterday.  (Dunedin)
JOLLY  &  motor-cars collided at Longlands last night, Mr A. Jolly, his wife and 2 children & Mr W.E.Campbell and his wife, suffered bruises  and shock
CAMPBELL -                                                
ROSS -  William Johnston M'Ara,  found dead in bed at his father's res. James Ross  at Bushey rd, Palmeston,   single man aged 46,  -----

Death  -  095
BECK - Mrs Sarah,  1st Police Matron app. in NZ, died yesterday,   for 23 yrs was at the Central Police Station, Wellington, ----  buried in Hokitika

Coming Marriage -  BOYS - RUSSELL-SMITH -  096
a coming marriage of New Zealand interest is that of Miss Ethel Louisa Boys, only dau of Sir Francis and Lady Boys, of 84 Iverna Court, London  and formerly of Christchurch    to Mr Alan Russell-Smith,  late  H.A.C.  youngest son of Mr and Mrs Russell-Smith of Heathside, Potters Bar,  wedding will take place --
on 3 April  the bride is a niece of Lady Ward.

Wedding -  TISDALL -  SOBEY   -  097
at St Andrews Church,  Holburn, England,  Lieutenant Montague H.Tisdall,  N.Z.E.F.  was married to Miss Ethel Sobey,  Great Ormond St, London ----  best man was Captain C.A.R.Davies ----  Miss Sobey was a V.A.D.  at the Brighton Convalescent Home  for New Zealand officers ----- They are expected to arrive in Christchurch  this week  and will stay with Mr and Mrs W.H.Tisdall  at Opawa.

Tuesday 18 March 1919
Obituary  -  BARNETT - 099
Emma Hope Francis Barnett,  died yesterday,  aged 72,  wife of Mr W. Barnett,  95 Chester st.  she was an old colonist  born at sea off the Cape of Good Hope
on the way to the colonies, ---- how she was named Hope,  earlier life was spent in Victoria --- her father Mr Francis  was a vetinary surgeon ---     ----  came
to the West Coast  from Australia  and met Mr Barnett  and married 44 years ago.--  came to Christchurch  35 years ago   as a  chemist  in Victoria st.  
 ---  now conducted by his sons ---  survived by her husband,  2 sons  Mr S.F.Barnett  and Mr W.J.F.Barnett  and 2 daughters.

Maintenance -  100
GROSE - Clara,  against  Richard Edwin Grose  for maintenance,  separation  and guardianship  -----  granted ------
LINTON - Catherine,  applied for maintenance,  separation  and guardianship  against her hus. James Linton ---  granted ---
ATHFIELD -  Mary Louisa,  against her hus.  James Arthur Athfield  for diobedience of maintenance order ---
SHEIL -  Thomas edward  for arrears on an affiliation order ---
WATKINSON -   Helen Isabel Watkinson   against  Ben Taylor Watkinson   for maintenance,  separation  and guardianship  ---  3 children ----

Fatality  -  Whakatane -  101
JUDGE - Fred,  aged about 40,  found  exhausted  ---- taken home   but died shortly afterwards  ---  leaves a wife and 3 children.

Departure -  FERGUSON -   104
Mrs G. Frame Ferguson, who  will leave shortly for Hobart,  her hus has been appointed  assistant engineer to the Hydro-electric compant there, she has gone to Timaru to  see her parents,  Mr and Mrs W.N.Jones,  before leaving.

Wednesday  19  March  1919
Fatal Fire  -  Eltham  - 106
CLARKE -  a 1 roomed whare,   occupied by Robert Clarke,  a single man,  was burnt to the ground ---------

Death  - Auckland -  108
REID -  Mr T.  of the firm Reid Bros,  jewellers,  and a well-known  musician,  dropped dead in the street after attending the Orphans' Club  rehearsal -------

Departure  -  QUANE -  109
Miss Joan Quane,  Papanui  is to accompany her father on a trip to America,  leaving Christchurch in a week or two.

Returning Home -  McMASTER - 110
Mrs A.A.McMaster  and her little son are returning to Christchurch this week.  Mrs McMaster and her hus Lieutenant McMaster have come in the Athenic  ---
 is the dau of Mr and Mrs Bower-Burns and she and Miss Alys Gower-Burns went to England over 2 years ago,  the marriage took place in England
---more  -----

Wedding -  BALDWIN - McKAY - 111
in Hanmer on Saturday,  Miss Lilian Baldwin,  dau of Mrs Mute, Waltham rd, Christchurch  to  Mr J.R.McKay ------- bride was given away by Mr W. Callaghan ----- ther couple  were the guests of the ladies from Clarence House at the Government tea kiosk.  Mrs W. Callaghan  and Mrs J.E.Nicholson 
acted as hostesses,  -----  1st wedding in Hanmer for 3 years --------

Thursday 20 March 1919
Returned   -  BLAIR -  113
Dr Mary Blair (late of Wellington)  has returned from Salonika  to London  where she has been serving with the R.A.M.C.  she was medical officer at Ajaccio,   a hospital established for Serbian refugees.

Departure  -  MITCHELL -  114
Misses Ethel  and Vera Mitchell (Christchurch)  are about to leave  for New Zealand after an absence of over 4 years  --- been students at the Royal Academy of Music ----  Miss Ethel Mitchell has taken pianoforte  and singing tution  and Miss Vera Mitchell  has made cello  her specialty ---   lots more ----

Wedding in England -  HORWELL - SMITH -  115
------at Gravesend  -- Corporal Robert Charles Horwell, of Riccarton, Christchurch  to Miss Josephine Smith, dau Mrs A  A.Smith of Dover rd,  Northfleet and
late Mr Alfred Marton Smith, of the Terrace, Gravesend, Kent.  ----   was attended by 2 little bridesmaids (nieces)  --  Mr Samuel Smith gave away his sister ---  and Mr Ernest Smith was best man.  ------

Friday 21 March 1919
Obituary  -  HALSTEAD -  117
Mr William Halstead,  of Pleasant Point,  who died in Hastings on Monday,  was one of the oldest surviving residents in the Dominion,  he was born in Halifax, Yorkshire  in 1836 ---  left  the Home Land in 1858  came to Auckland in the ship Shooting Star ---   went  to Sydney  gold digging --  came back to Oamaru  -----  in 1865 he went to Pleasant Point  and classed wool on the Levels estate  for several years ----   in 1857 he married Miss Mary Metcalf,  of Craven,  Yorkshire,  who followed her hus to NZ  4 years later,  he leaves a family of 5 sons  and 1 daughter,  4 sons are married and followed in their father's profession.

Obituary  -  MACARTNEY -  118
Mr Thomas Mcartney,  who died yesterday at Tai-Tapu  was born in County Antrim,  emigrated to NZ  arriving on the ship Zealandia in 1862,  worked on a farm at Braodfields for about 6 years   ---  bought land in Tai-Tapu----- one of the  founders of the Tai-Tapu Dairy factory    --- married Miss Sutherland  who died in 1900  leaving 5 sons  and 2 daughters.

Hawera  -  GRAY -  119
George Gray,  plumber, a married man with 4 children,  failed to  return to town after work yesterday  ----  the man's body was found  --------

Returned Home  -  LYTTELTON -  121
Mrs C.Lyttelton,  a dau. of Superintendant Dwyer  and Mrs Dwyer  of Christchurch,  returned with her hus.  by the Athenic  and will arrive  in Christchurch tomorrow  with her mother who went to Wellington  with Mr Dwyer  to meet her  ----   went Home  2 and half years ago -- was in the High Commisioner's office throughout her stay in London.

Obituary  -  JONES -  122
an old colonist  Mrs Emily Jones,  wife of Mr William Jones,  Worcester st, Christchurch  died on 17 March  at age 77 -- arrived in Lyttelton at age 17 with her parents  mr and Mrs B.Ward,  by the ship Zealandia,  60 years ago.  her 1st marriage was to Mr G.W.Drayton  in 1861 ---  lived in Riccarton ---  on marrying Mr Jones  she lived at Kirwee  and late West Melton,  for the last 30 years she has lived in Worcester st, -- a trip to England in 1910 ----  survived by her husband  and family of 4 sons and 2 daughters,   Messrs G.W.Drayton,  A.F.Drayton,  F.A.Drayton,  C.J.Jones.  Mrs George Witty  and Mrs W.J.Smith ---   interred at the Riccarton Cemetery

Saturday  22 March  1919
Arrival  -  RAMSAY -  124
Mrs Robert Ramsay,  who before her marriage was Miss Mabel Greenwood, dau of Mr and Mrs D.G.Greenwood, Teviotdale,  Amberley,  recently arrived in Sydney on her way home to Victoria -- Mrs Ramsay has been in VAD work  since the beginning of the war  in France and Egypt ---- Major Ramsay who is with
his wife   ---  Mrs G.D.Greenwood  is on her way to NZ now ----

Wedding  -  GRANGE - GRIERSON -  126
on Thursday afternoon  in Wellington of Miss Stella Grange,  dau of Mr and Mrs R.B.Grange,  Kelburn  to Lieutenant A.K.Grierson,  NZEF -- bride given away
by her brother Mr Jack Grange,  ----   Miss Ngaire Grange  was bridesmaid -----   will leave shortly for England.

Presentation - 127
CARLETON -  Miss J.  on the staff at Broadway's  to be married  -- presented with a silver entree dish  Miss Skipworth made the presentation ---------

Monday 24 March  1919
Wedding  -  LIPSCOMBE - NEWMAN -  131
Mr John Thackeray Lipscombe, manager of the Bank of Australasia, Napier  to  Mrs Olive Treve Newman,  took place at Napier on the 12 March  -----

Fatalities -  132
O'TOOLE -  Edward,  aged 15  while out rabbit shooting  with a pea rifle was fatally shot ---------    at Invercargill  
BENFELL -  Mrs Euphemia,  aged 53, of Nelson,   was found drowned  in a bath at her res.  -------
McNAMARA -  Philip Joseph,  of Nelson,  --- was discovered lying on the Port rd,  and died ---  he leaves a widow and a large family of young children.

CONDICK  -  133
Sister C.Condick,  NZANS  has served almost 3 years in Egypt,  for most of this time on  hospital trains in all parts of Egypt proper,  but lately running across the Canal as far as -udd  in Palestine  Invalided in May  she has since been stationed at the Citadel Military Hosp. in Cairo.

Kitchen Evening -  WETHERALL -  133a
On Sat  a kitchen evening was given to Miss A. Wetherall at the res of Miss Hughes,  Riccarton ------

Hawke's Bay -  SITEMAN -  134
Under the will of the late Mrs Isabella Siteman,  widow of William Jacob Siteman,  of Wimbledon, Hawke's Bay,  who died at Dannevirke on 18 March,  the residue of her estate ----  is left in trust for providing assistance to young men and women wanting to attend  a University in New Zealand in the form of bursaries, scholarships  etc ---   known as the  "Isabella Siteman Scholarships"  -------

Wedding  -  CREWE - KENNEDY - 135
From Canada -   Miss Angela Mary Crewe, dau of late Mr and Mrs James Crewe  of Northampton, England  to  Mr Francis Joseph Kennedy,  son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Kennedy,  of Greymouth,  New Zealand  took place  at ---  Montreal ----   Mr Kennedy is the son of the gas manager at Greymouth

Tuesday  25 March 1919
Obituary  -  WILLIAMS - 137
Mrs Marion Williams,  widow of Mr John Williams,  of the Lands Dept,  died on Sat.  in her 75th year  she was the 2nd dau of late Mr John GEBBIE,  who arrived in Wellington by the Aurora  in  1840 ----   Mrs Williams was born  on the Deans Estate  at Riccarton,  Christchurch,  the 2nd Eurpoean girl born on the Canterbury Plains  Mrs Williams leaves 1 brother  Mr David Gebbie,  a sister  Mrs John G. Murray,  who was the 1st European girl born in Wellington  and a family of 3 sons  and 2 daughters.

Obituary  -  TREDENICK -  138
Mr Stephen tredenick,  sen.  who died at his res Voelas rd,  Lyttelton  on Saturday  was born in 1852  in Cornwall.  He came with his wife to NZ  in 1874  and apart from about 1 year  in Napier  has lived in Lyttelton ---  been in the railway service  as shunter and guard  for over 30 years  ----     he leaves a widow  and grown up family of 3 sons  and 8 daughters.

Maintenance -  139
CONDON -  Mary  against  Martin Condin  for separation,  maintenance and guardianship orders -----
COX -  Elizabeth,  against her hus. Robert Cox,  for failing to maintain ----
MOORE -  Samuel Frederick ----  in arrears ------

Weddings  -  140
RUSSELL - de COURCEY -  Dr Grace Russell, dau of late J.B.Russell  to Mr Nevinson  de Courcey B.A.  took place last month in Cairo
AUCKRAM - SCOTT -  Private D'Arcy Auckram  of NZ Forces  to Miss Elizabeth Scott --- at Sunningdale,  the bridegroom and 5 soldier friends  lost a leg in                                     action --

Wedding  -  GUNDERSEN - HANCOCK -  141
Mr T. Gundersen  of the R.A.N. Radio Services,  2nd son of Mrs Albert Gundersen,  Christchurch   to  Miss Mary Hancock,  dau of Mr H.L.Hancock,  general manager of the Wallaroo and Moonta Mining Co  Ltd.   took place at ---  Mount Lofty,  South Australia  on 14 February -------   Miss Kathrine Page was bridesmaid ----  Lieutenant J.H.Cunningham  was best man  -----   more ---

Wednesday 26 March  1919
Kaituna  -  Fatality  -  AMYES -  143
a  motor-cycle accident  in which Alfred Arthur Amyes,  aged 40  died ----  he resided at 293 Barbadoes st,    and Harold Jones  who was taken to Hospital  ----  Robert Mortimer   of the Universal Motor Garage  was in the vicinity   -------    2 dogs ran across the road  and in trying to avoid them hit some loose shingle and overturned ----  Amyes leaves a wife  and 4 children  ---   an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Accident  -  JONES -  144
Harold Jones,  who was unconcious in the accident in which Arthur Alfred Amyes  was killed  ----  is in a satisfactory condition  this morning.

Maintenance  -  145
SARGISON -  Mary Ann  against her hus.  James Henry Sargison  for separation  and  maintenance  --

Dunedin  -  MOULD  -  146
Private George Mould,  who returned to New Zealand by the Oxfordshire,  disappeared from the ferry steamer  Maori,  while on the way from Wellington  to Lyttelton -- no trace of him has been found  ----   Mould's  wife lives in Dunedin  and they previously lived in Auckland

Thursday  27 March  1919
Nelson  -  Accident -  HARRIS -  148
a motor accident occurred at Motueka Valley yesterday.  Mr Harry Oldham,  of Blenheim,  Mr C.Harris,  Pelorus Sound,  Mr S. Coote, Eastern Extension Co.  and Mrs Harry Oldham  was passing a cart  ----  the car overturned  Mr Harris sustained a fractured skull  and removed to hosp  at Motueka in a precarious condition.

Accident  -  BAILEY -  149
Thomas Bailey,  of 28 Leeds st,  Linwood  was admitted to Hosp  in an unconcious state,  the result of a collision  with a motor-cycle -----

Wellington  -  Death  -  PORRITT -  150
at "Fellside"  Seatoun,  Wellington  of Mrs Porritt,  wife of Rev T.Porritt,  Mrs Porritt was well-known in the Kaikoura and Wairarapa districts as well as in Wellington  where they have lived for the past 18 years  -- leaves a family of 5 sons  and 3 daughters  ---- with the exception of   the youngest son (on active service)  and daughter  the others are all married --  Lieutenant -Colonel Porritt, another son is presently in charge of HS Maheno ---  the family has suffered several deaths  within the last 8mths  eldest grandson Sergeant W.Bey  was killed in action in France on 25 August,  shortly after his father Colonel-Surgeon Bey died of influenza   another grandson  who went with the NZMC  on the Maheno  died  of influenza  on 4 March  at Walton Hospital.

Wedding  -  MacKENZIE - WILSON - 151
at -- Wellington on Sat.  Mr Charles Ensell Mackenzie (son of Prof.Mackenzie, Victoria College) to Miss Margaret Ellen Wilson late of Auckland

Wedding  -  WILLIAMS - THORNE-GEORGE - 151a
in Auckland on Monday, Miss Neville Constance Thorne-George, youngest dau of Hon.  and Mrs Seymour Thorne-George, Auckland   to Captain Gage Williams, eldest son of  Major Williams, Scorrier, Cornwall,  was formely aide-de-camp to his Excellency Lord Liverpool ---   4 nieces were bridesmaids,  Miss Jocelyn Riddiford,  Miss Nancy Colbeck,  Miss Lesley Waller  and Miss Annette Thorne-George,  Mr Heathcote Helmore  of Christchurch  was best man.

Wedding  -  STRINGER - GRANT -  152
a marriage has been arranged and will shortly take place  between Captain L.Bruce Stringer  RAF  Medical service,  2nd son of Mr Justice Stringer  and Mrs Stringer  and  Maud,  3rd dau   of Mr and Mrs John Grant,  of Boston,  Lincolnshire. ----    more ----

Friday 28 March  1919
Dunedin  -  MOULD -  158
The Military Court of Inquiry into the disappearance of Private George Mould,  who returned by the Oxfordshire  and disappeared from the Maori on 3 Feb. ---   lots more  ----

Wedding  -  CUTTS  - BOURNE -  159
A quiet wedding took place at the Riccarton Church on Wednesday ---  Mr Albert Cutts, son of Mrs E.Cutts  to  Miss Ivy Bourne, dau. of Mr C.Bourne,  Christchurch.  Miss Ethel Scott was bridesmaid  and Mr H.E.Cutts,  best man.  ---   Mrs Alfred Dickson,  sister of the bridegroom -----  

Saturday  29 March 1919
Wedding  -  MORRICE - BERRIDGE -  160
Mr J.F.Morrice,  a returned soldier,  was married to Miss E.Berridge, at the bride's home on Thursday morning ----   will reside in the Amuri district.

Wedding  -  HARRIS - WRIGHT  -  161
-- at Little River on Tuesday last  Miss Lillian C.Wright, eldest dau. of Mr F.W.Wright,  Lake Forsyth  to  Mr Leicester Harris,  youngest son of Mr A.E.Harris of Motukarara.  -------    Miss Dollie Wright  sister of the bride   and Miss Avis Harris.  sister of the bridegroom  were bridesmaids -----  Mr Arthur Dawber  was best man  and Mr Jim Millar  as groomsman  -------  more  ----

Wedding  -  LARGE - SMITH -  162
Mr Alfred Large,  a returned Anzac  only son of the late Mr  and Mrs A.Large of Christchurch  to  Miss J. Maria Winifred Smith,  only dau of Mr and Mrs C.Smith,  of Linwood -----  bride given away by her uncle Mr George McCaw, of Beckenham -----     Miss May Redmond a cousin of the bride  was a bridesmaid  ----  Miss Kathleen Bampton  was flower girl ----   Mr Frank Burnett,  also a returned Anzac  was best man.  -------

Accident  -  163
STOCKDALE -  Charles,  a child  who was run over by a motor-car at --- taken to hospital, -- from bruises and a cut on his forehead, is not seriously injured.

Monday 31 March  1919
Invercargill  -  Inquests -   165
O'TOOLE -    Edward O'Toole,  age 15, a telegragh messenger ----   accidently shot while taking his pea rifle to pieces ------ more --
CRAIG  - Archibald,  who was killed in a motor collision,  ---  he leaves a widow and 5 children.

Dunedin  -  WATSON -  167
---  John Alfred Watson  and Pearl Gertrude Watson  were charged with committing a breach of the Marriage Act ----   she was only 15 -------

Westport  -  168
WALSHE -  at the Supreme Court ---John Walshe charged with shooting his father at Burnett's Face  during a domestic disturbance,  was acquitted John Walshe
HARE -  Frederick,  for alleged bigamy ----

Obituary  -  COTON -  169
last Sat.  at the Hororata Cemetery ----  the funeral of Mrs Sarah Jane Coton,  widow of Mr Bentley Coton,  who passed away  in 1913,  age 79,  ----  came to live in Christchurch with her great nephew  Mr Alfred Crawshaw,  until she died on 27 March  in her 84th year  Mr and Mrs Coton arrived in Lyttelton  in the ship Mystery  in 1859  --- later took up land at Hororata,  one of the 1st settlers of the district,  he built his own sod house,  which is still standing  which in 1866 was used for divine services  amongst those taking part were Sir John Hall and Mr John Cordy ----   on the building of the church,  lady Hall  and Mrs Cordy presented Mr and Mrs Coton with a beautiful clock in acknowledgement of their hospitality ------

Wedding  -  POWELL - RAVEN -  170
on Tuesday  25 March at -- Phillipstown  of Miss Jessie Raven,  only dau of late Mr John Henry Raven,  Rockhampton,  Queensland,  niece of Mrs Francis Herbert,  Linwood  to  Mr Lawrence Henry Powell,  New Zealand Motor Transports,  France.  Miss Gladys Britt  was bridesmaid  and Mr Richard Frazer  was best man.

Beverley Evans
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22 November  2009

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