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Saturday  1 March  1919
Bereavements  -  006
REID -  Jane of 24 Elgin st, Sydenham   thank ------

Deaths  -  006
CONNEL - on 28 Feb at Dunedin,  Mary Connel,  sister of Sunny Berry of Sumner
HENDRY - on 18 Feb at Brockhurst Hosp. Colin Grant,---- son of Mrs C.A.Hendry, Lyttelton,  aged 24.
WEASTELL -  on 28 Feb at his res Ticehurst rd,  Lyttelton,  Marmaduke,  dearly bel hus. of Georgina Weastell,  in his 77th year.

Funerals  -  006
WEASTELL - Marmaduke,  will leave his res  at 2pm tomorrow Sunday  for the Church of England Cemetery.
WEASTELL -  Court of the Queen Isles  No 2703  members of the Lodge  --------

Monday 3 March 1919
Marriage  -  007
HANCOCK - KEANE - on 26 Feb at -- Rakaia,  Henry Gilbert, son of Henry Hancock, Riccarton  to  Katherine Madeline, dau of Alexander Keane,  Rakaia.
HYDE - BISHOP - on 27 Feb at ----  Herbert, 2nd son of W.R.Hyde,  Ashburton  to  Isabella (Scotland) eldest  dau of James S.Bishop,  Cannon st, Rakaia.

Silver Wedding  -  007
WALKER - GRAY - on 2 March 1894 at Christchurch -- James son of John and late Susan Walker  to  Alice Jemima, dau of James and late Mary Ann Gray,---

Deaths -  007
COLEMAN -  on 28 Feb at Chch Hosp.  John William Coleman,  of Prebbleton,  aged 52.
CONNAL - on 1 March at Christchurch  John Connal,  formerly merchant here,  aged 82, funeral Tuesday 4 March 11am from  66 Aikmans rd, St Albans.
SQUIRE - on 1 March at  20 Howard st,  Spreydon,  Ivor George, dearly loved son of Francis and Harriett,  aged 13 and half months ----
WOTTON -  on 2 March at Belfast,  William Jonathon,  3rd son of E.J.  and P.Wotton,  aged 21 years. ---

Tuesday 4 March  1919
Births  -  017
ARMITAGE -  on 2 March at 131 Hills rd,  St Albans  to Mr and Mrs Ernest C.Armitage  -  a son
AYERS -  on 2 March at Christchurch  to Mr and Mrs Syd Ayers  of Lyttelton  - a son.
BAILEY -  on 2 March at Nurse Bethune's  to wife of Captain L. H. Bailey,  208 Springfield rd, St Albans -  a son
MAPPLEBECK  - 28 Feb at 35 Stevens st,  Sydenham  to wife of E.A.Mapplebeck  -  a daughter
MARTYN - on1 March at ---  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs L.H.Martyn,  Rangiora  -  a son
SHEARER -  on 28 Feb at Nurse Newlove's  Slater st,  to Mr and Mrs J. Shearer,  St Albans - a daughter.

Marriages  -  017
O'NEIL - GULLIVER-CRADWICK -  on 28 July 1918 at Christchurch,  Robert, son of Mr and late Mrs O'Neil, Forest Gate, London to Helen, dau of
                        Mr and Mrs Gulliver-Cradwick,  St Albans,

Golden Wedding  -  017
SHELLOCK - BOYD - on 4 March 1869  at Christchurch,  George Shellock  to Diana Boyd,  present address Rakaia.

Deaths  -  017
ANDERSON - on 1 March 1919 in England, Gilbert Anderson formerly of Chch,  son of late Captain Hosea Anderson, Lerwick,  Shetland,  aged 65
ARMSTRONG  -  on 2 March at Christchurch,  John Armstrong,  aged 83.
McDOWELL -  on 2 March at Christchurch,  agnes,  bel wife of Thomas,  Rotorua,  aged 65
MURPHY - on 3 March at his res. 16 Alfred st,  Timothy,  derly loved hus of Ellen Murphy,  aged 77 years
REEVES -  on 3 March at  294 Montreal st,  Ellen,  widow of Hon William Reeves,  M.L.C.  in her 86th year
REID - on 3 March at his res.  12 Cranford st,  Andrew Russell,  bel hus of Jane Reid,  aged 87 years

Wednesday  5 March 1919
Birth - 026
COYTE - on 26 Feb at Nurse Sanders,  Riccarton,  to Mr and Mrs R.G.Coyte,   7 Divison rd,  Riccarton -  a daughter

Thursday 6 March 1919
Births -  029
HELSDON - on 5 March at   ----   Ranui, Cashel st,  to wife of W.C.Helsdon -  a daughter
WYLIE - on 5 March at the Nursing Home,  Kaiapoi  to Mr and Mrs J.B.Wylie - a daughter

Marriages -  029
COOK - COOKE - 26 Feb. at ----  Rifleman E.J.Cook, son of Mrs Newman (nee Cook, Raleigh, Essex, England) to Lilian, dau of Mr & Mrs W.Cooke,                                             Hereford, England
JONES - SPENCER - on 17 Feb at  --   Nowra, NSW, William Jones  (late Christchurch) to Eva Florence, dau of R.Spencer, Christchurch

Deaths -  029
BELL - on 3 March at Christchurch Hosp. William Bell, of halkett,  late of Saltwater Creek,  hus. of Christina Bell in his 79th year.
HAMPTON - on 5 March at Weedons,  William Hampton,  aged 97 years
HENDERSON - on 5 March at Chch,  Amy Rosina,  bel wife of George Thomas Henderson,  15 Derby st,  dau of Mr & Mrs A. Mulford, ---  aged 22
WALKER - on 4 March at Weedons,  Sarah Annie,  dearly loved wife of William M. Walker,  in her 52nd year.

Friday 7 March  1919
Births  -  037
McKAY - on 4 March at Ranui --   to Mr and Mrs D. McKay,  Davidston,  Hurunui  -  a daughter

Silver Wedding  -  037
BRAND - HAFFENDEN - on 7 March 1894 at -- Chch -- Charles, son of late David Brand, Arboth, Scotland  to Alice, dau of James and late Mary Ann                                                             Haffenden, Hartfield, Sussex, England,  present address,  Hartfield Farm,  Springston, Canterbury

Deaths  -  037
MAY - on 6 March at Chch Hosp.  Private Francis Clement May,  son of Mrs G.May, King st,  Rangiora,  in his 30th year
ORAM - on 4 March at 32 Jackson's road, Fendalton,  Emma Jane,  bel wife of the late Charles Oram,  Kaiapoi,  aged 73 years.
SEARS -  on 6 March at Christchurch,  Doreen,  dearly loved dau of Arthur and Emily Sears,  99 Bottle Lake rd,  Burwood.

Death  -  041
HANNA -  on 7 March at her res. 48 Division st  Riccarton,  Louisa, bel wife of Robert Wilson Hanna,  aged 46 years ---

Funeral Notices -   041
MAY - Francis Clement,  a Military Funeral  -- leave 225 Durham st,  tomorrow, Saturday  at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery
HANNA  -  Louisa,  leave her res.  ----   for the Linwood Cemetery on Saturday  at 3-45pm  ----

Monday 10  March  1919
Births  -  053
ARCHER  -   on 8 March at --- Nursing Home, Colombo rd,  Sydenham  to  wife of Grenville A.L.Archer,  Christchurch  -  a daughter
LILLY -  at Nurse Stevenson's, Gloucester st  to Mr and Mrs Arthur Lilly,  Manchester st North -  twin sons
PITCAITHLY  -  on 8 March at --- Mrs King's  Nursing Home  to wife of W.W.Pitcaithly,  99 Idris rd,  Fendalton  -  a son
THOMAS -  on 8 March at Nurse Greggs and Savage  Nursing Home ----  to Mr and Mrs D.Thomas, Cleveland st St Albans -  a daughter

Deaths  -  053
COOPER -  on 1 March at Sidworth Military Hosp.  Clarence Henry (Bill) --- son of Mathew Charles and late Ada Jane Cooper  --- in his 20th year.
HAMPTON -  on 9 March at res of his dau.  Mrs Murray,  56 Worcester st, West,   John Hampton,  in his 80th year
McDOUGALL -  on 8 March at Nurse Dunder's, Wellington,  Lily Maude, dearly bel wife of Angus McDougall (nee Johnston)
SKINNER -  on 20 Feb  at Ballarat, Victoria,  Jessie,  wife of George Skinner  and dau of A.Anderson,  11 Bristol st St Albans, and late C.Anderson, Rangiora.
VINCENT - on 8 March at his brothers res. Matamata, Herbert Ernest, loved  son of D.M. and late H.W. Vincent, Addington,  in his 40th year late Mt Somers.

Tuesday  11 March  1919
Births  -  061
ANDERSON - on 7 March  to Mr and Mrs Oscar W.B.Anderson,  21 Ensors rd,  - a daughter
BROWN - on 5 March at Nurse Devlin's,  --- Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs J.Brown,  Rangiora -  a daughter
DENCH -  on 8 March at Nurse Devlin's --  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs L.Dench,  Southbrook  -  a son.
KENNEDY -  on 10 March  at Ranui ---  to Mr and Mrs Kennedy -- Bishop st, St Albans -  a son.
KNIGHT -  on 10 March at Essex Maternity Home ---  to Mr and Mrs E.Knight,  Leeston  -  a daughter
MILLIKEN -  on 7 March at Nurse Bethune's  Ranui ---  to Mr and Mrs J.A.Milliken,  Ayrdale,  Springfield  -  a son.

Marriages  -  061
McKINLEY - NICHOLS - on 5 Feb at ---  William Henry, son of late Alan McKinley to Amelia Emma, dau of late Captain Henry Zachary Nichols -------
RICHARDS - ROSE - on 12 Feb at -- Cornelius Frederick, son of Mr and Mrs R.Richards, Sockburn  to  Ethel May, dau of late John Rose, Blenheim
                                         and Mrs L.L.Barclay
WORK - MARSHALL - on 5 March at Timaru, James Nichol, son of Mrs I.Work, of Sydenham  to Isobel McKay, dau of Mr & Mrs H.J.Marshall ---- Timaru.

Deaths  -  061
BRADLEY -  on 10 March at her res ---- Esther Bradley, bel mother of Mr F.Bradley, Cromwell, Mr G.L.Bradley, Auck.& Mrs W.Hulston,  in her 82nd year
CLAYTON - on 9 March at Wellington st, Hampisend,  Ashburton,  Grace,  widow of F.F.Clayton  aged 66 years
COATES - on 8 March at her parents res.  Pearl, bel dau of Ethel A. Jennings Coates ----
CUTTING -  on 10 March at her res 44 Radley st,  Woolston,    Rhoda Jane, dearly bel wife of H.A.Cutting.
HAMPTON - on 9 March at res of his dau Mrs Murray,  56 Worcester st West,  John Hampton,  in his 80th year
JONES -  on 10 March at his res.  223 Linwood ave,  Augustus Charles,  hus of late E.A.Jones in his 68th year
KELLY -  on 9 March at his res 119 Fitzgerald ave,  James,  dearly bel hus of Catherine Josephine Kelly,  aged 76 years ----
McCULLOUGH -  on 7 March at -- Selwyn st,  Addington,  Sarah McCullough,  late of Oxford,  in her 67th year.
McNIVEN -  on 10 March at Loburn,  Elizabeth, relict of Archie McNiven in her 70th year  Late of Domett, Cheviot,  --- funeral will leave Mina station ------
MURRAY -  on 10 March at his res.  141 Wainoni rd,  Dallington,  William Alexander,  bel hus of M.A. Murray,  aged 78 years.
WARD -  on 10 March at 260 Brougham st, Sydenham,  Margaret,  widow of William Crabb Ward  in her 81st year. ---

Wednesday 12 March  1919
Births  -  067
HENDY - on 11 March at The Elms, King st, Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs J.S.Hendy -  a daughter
JACKSON - on 8 March at The Elms,  King st Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs T.G.Jackson,  Cust,  -  a daughter
TWEEDIE - on 10 March at The Elms,  King st Rangiora  to wife of Private R.W.Tweedie,  North Loburn  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  067
BROWN - on 11 March at 33 whitleigh ave,  Addington,  Jessie,  bel. wife of Gilbert Brown,  in her 61st year
McDOUGALL -  on 8 March at Wellington,  Lilly Maud  nee Johnston,  bel dau of William Johnston,  Wellington.

Thursday 13 March 1919
Birth  -  071
CLARK - on 11 March at Nurse Hannah's --- to Mrs and late Lieutenant T.A.Clark P and B. Instructor, Featherston - a son.

Marriage  -  071
BROWN - LANE - on 20 Nov at Devonside, res of brides parents --W.J.Herbert Brown  to Jean Ross, dau of Mr and Mrs John Lane,  Ashburton.

Friday 14 March  1919
Births  -  082
DONNELLY - on 12 March at Nurse Olsen's,  Lyttelton  to Rifleman W. and Mrs Donnelly  of Lyttelton  - a son
PAIPETA -  on 11 March at Tuahiwi  to Mr and Mrs W. paipeta - a daughter

Deaths  -  082
DALLEY  -  on 13 March at his res Voelas road, Lyttelton,  Chas. Thomas,  bel hus of Charlotte Dalley,  aged 55 years
HART -  on 13 March at his res Highbank,  Wm Andrew,  bel hus of Mabel Margaret Hart  in his 32nd year
HAWKE -  on 13 March at Samarai,  British New Guinea,  Henry Woodman (Harry) eldest  bel son of E. and W. Hawke,  Waimate,  in his 32nd year -----

Saturday  15 March 1919
Bereavement -  091
WEIR -  Mr and Mrs J.S.Weir and family of Mount Pleasant,  Heathcote,  wish to thank ---- -

Deaths  -  091
KILTIE - on 14 March at Hororata,  James Kiltie,  in his 78th year
SMITH  -  on 15 March at her res ---  Sydenham,  Sarah Ann,  bel wife of Frederick CharlesSmith,  aged 55

Funeral Notices  -  091
SMITH -  Sarah Ann,  leave 104 Burke st  for the Sydenham Cemetery  on the 17th at 2pm
KILTIE -  James,  leave his res.  Hororata,  at 1-30pm  on Monday  for the Public Cemetery.

Monday 17 March  1919
Births  -  092
SHIER -  on 14 March at 103 Waltham rd,  to Mr and Mrs E.P.Shier  - a son

Marriage -  092
STORER - MOSS - on 12 March at Addington --  Leonard R.M.Storer  to  Florence Miriam Moss,  of Christchurch.

Deaths -  092
CRESSWELL -  on 16 March at Nurse Kahler's,    Charlotte,  wife of late G.Cresswell,  age 70
EDER -  on 15 March  at Woodend,  Allen Hamilton,  bel. inf. son of W. and E. Eder,  aged 4 mths.
EVANS - on 16 March at Taylor's Mistake,  Marjorie Eveline,  youngest dau. of E.M.Evans,  11 Kingsley st,  aged 9 years 11mths   accidently drowned

Death -  p6  - 092a
BARNETT -  on 17 March at 95 Chester st,  Emma Hope Frances, dearly loved wife of William Barnett  in her 73rd year,  private internment

Tuesday 18 March  1919
Births -  098
BLEWITT -  on 17 March at Nurse Hanna's  to Mr and Mrs Fred Blewitt  -  a son
CROCKER -  on 15 March  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Crocker,  Dublin st,  Lyttelton -  a daughter
MORTON - on 16 March at Christchurch  to Mr and Mrs W.A.B.Morton -  a son
POLSON - on 19 January  at Addleston, Surrey  to  Private and Mrs F.Polson  - a son
WILLS -  on 12 March at the Schoolhouse,  Glentunnel  to Mr and Mrs A.L.Wills -  a son,  stillborn.

Marriage  -  098
HULBERT - WOOLLARD -  on 28 Dec  at --  Minehead,  Edward, Lieut. NZRB son of Alfred Hulbert, Chch  to Marian, dau of late Alfred Woollard, of                                                             Balham, London  and  Mrs Westlake,  Minehead,  England
LEWINGTON - DORESSE - on 14 Dec 1918 at Wisqeue, France -- Ernest William, 2nd son of T.M. and C.A.Lewington,  Christchurch   to  Lucia Laure                                                             Dorelle,  3rd dau of  D. & V. Doresse, Lumbres, France.

Deaths  -  098
BARNETT -  on 17 March at 95 Chester st  Emma Hope Frances,  dearly loved wife of William Barnett,  in her 73rd year.
CURLETT - on 17 March at Christchurch Hospital,  Huston Curlett  in his 73rd year
EVANS -  on 16 March at Taylor's Mistake,  Marjorie Eveline,  beloved dau. of John Evans, Colombo st,  aged 10yrs,   accidently drowned
FINLAY - on 17 March at 15 Matai st  Lower Riccarton,  James Perry Finlay,  late of Hawkins,  in his 63rd year.
GAPES - on 17 March at her res.  28 Salisbury st  Marion Elizabeth,  widow of Thomas Gapes -----
JONES - on 17 March at - Emily  bel wife of William Jones & --  mother of C.J.Jones, G.W.  A.F.  F.A.Drayton, Mrs Geo Witty & Mrs W.J.Smith  in her 78th yr
PARTRIDGE -     on 17 March at her res 28 Hanmer st, Linwood,  Mrs Elizabeth Partridge  in her 75th year.
PERCY - on 15 March at Christchurch Hosp.  Charles Percy,  late of Waiau,  in his 62nd year  -----
RUBINO -  on 17 March at 76 Mays rd, Annie Evelyn Gladys (Nadia)  wife of Frank A. Rubino -- loved only dau of Charles & Emily Jane Heaton, in her 29th yr

Wednesday  19 March  1919
Birth  - 105   page 1
PORT - on 8 March at mrs Gordon's,  Templeton  to Mr and Mrs T.J.Port  - a son

Marriages  - 105
HAXELL - OLIVER - on 19 Feb  at --  Alfred Waller, son of A.E.Haxell, of Christchurch    to  Elsmore Frances, dau of J.Oliver, Beckenham, Christchurch
ROSSITER - STAPLETON - on 19 Feb at ---Ernest Stanley, son of Mrs A. Rossiter, late of Dunedin  to  Mabel, dau of Mr R.& late Mrs S. Stapleton,
WALLES - SHERIFF - on 25 August  1918 at ---London  James E. -- son of late James Walles, Kowai Bush  to Florence Louise, dau of Frederick &
                                Mary Sheriff, -- London

Deaths  -  105
RUBINO -  on 17 March at 76 Mays rd,  Annie Evelyn Gladys (Nadia)  bel wife of Frank A. Rubino -- loved only dau of Charles & Emily Jane Heaton,  age 28
SALT - on 18 March at 132 Hills rd,  heathcote,  Samuel Salt,  in his 77th year.

Death  -  107  page 6
BISHOP -  on 18 March at 10 Cranmer sq,  Mary Jane,  eldest dau. of late F.A.  and M.F.Bishop,  aged 51 years.

Funeral Notice -  107
SALT -  Samuel,  funeral will leave  132 Hills rd,  Heathcote, tomorrow Thursday  at 2pm  for the Woolston Cemetery.

Thursday 20 March  1919
Marriages - 112  
GILLETT - BURKE - on 4 March at --  Thomas Herbert Gillett   to  Nora Burke  of Riccarton.
HARRIS - De WINTER - at --Bournemouth, England -Albert John, son of John Harris, Chch  to Marai Therise, dau of John de Winter, Sacken, Brussels,Belguim

Death  -  112
BISHOP - on 18 March  at 10 Cranmer sq.  Mary Jane,  eldest dau. of late F.A. and M.F.Bishop,  aged 51 years.

Engagements -  114a
FULTON - Miss Kate (Christchurch)  --  has become engaged to an American officer. ---   Miss Fulton was a VAD  at the NZ hospital,  Walton and then joined                             the Scottish Womens' Hosp. in France,  transferring later to the American Women's Auxiliary Corps.
WELD - WELD -  Frederick Joseph , late of the Federated Malay States service, son of late Sir Frederick G.C.M.G.  to Mary Josephine, dau of late Walter Weld                             and Mrs Weld,  of Weld rd,  Birkdale, Lancashire,  Sir frederick Weld  was formerly premier of New Zealand  and left the colony in 1869  ----   

Friday 21 March 1919
Births  -  116
BROWN -  on 17 March at 54 Devon st  Sydenham  to Mr and Mrs J.E.Brown  -  a daughter
COX -  on 20 March  at Bowhill rd,  North Brighton  to Mr and Mrs Theo Cox  -  a  daughter

Deaths -  116
COSTIN -  on 20 March at Lower Hutt,  Patrick,  dearly beloved hus of Ellen Costin, ---
MACARTNEY -  on 20 March at Tai-Tapu,  Thomas Macartney,  in his 78th year
NUTTING -  on 20 March at Ayesr st,  Rangiora,  Frank,  bel. hus of Mabel Nutting
POLLOCK - on 20 March at his res. 157 Cameron st,  Ashburton,  John,  bel hus of Sarah Pollock  in his 49th year.

Engagement  -  120
SLADEN - RENWICK - Miss Jessie Sladen, dau of Mr Fred Sladen Christchurch  to  Mr Jack Renwick (Wanganui)  son of Mr J.Renwick Lower Hutt.

Saturday 22 March  1919
Engagement  -  125
TODD - GOLDSMITH -  Miss Millicent, dau of Mr and Mrs Arthur Todd  to  Mr Sydney Goldsmith,  both of Christchurch

Births  -     129 -  page 10
BROUGHTON -   on 20 March at Campana,  Homebush  to wife of Gordon W. Broughton  -  a son
HILL -  on 22 March at Sockburn  to wife of late Cecil M.Hill -  a son.
SIMPSON -  on 21 March at ranui,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs W.H.Simpson,  51 Crystall st, Shirley  -  twins,   boy and girl.

Bereavement Notice -  129
EVANS -  Mrs E.M.Evans  and dau,  11 Kingsley st  wish to thank  --- also Taylor's Mistake Life Saving Club --- and 9 others who risked their lives ----- more --

Monday 24 March 1919
Births  -  130
FELL - on 18 March at Kensington S.W.  to Captain and Mrs Maurice A.Hunter fell -  a daughter
HILL -  on 22 March at Sockburn  to wife of late Cecil M.Hill - a son
JOHNSTONE - on 28 Feb. to Mr and Mrs H.A.Johnstone,  Rangiora  - a daughter
KINGDON - on 21 March at 29 Perth st,  to Mr and Mrs W.Kingdon -  a daughter
RAAFF - on 21 March at 141 Slater st  to wife of Rifleman M. Raaff  -  a son
RENAULT -  on 21 March to wife of E.H.Renault,  65 Carleton st, Merivale - a son

Deaths - 130
BARRETT -  on 23 March at   -- Bealey ave,  St Albans,  John Barrett  in his 84th year.
GEMMELL - on 26 March at her res Dunsandel,  agnes,  dearly bel wife of John gemmell  in her 82nd year
JAGO -  on 23 March at  55 Cox rd,  St Albans  Abraham George Jago,  in his 66th year
RAAFF  -  on 21 March at 141 Slater st,  Keith,  beloved child of Rifleman M.Raaff
TREDENNICK -  on 22 March at 4 Voelas rd, Lyttelton,  Stephen, dearly loved hus of Grace in his 67th year  (late NZ railways)
WILLIAMS -  on 22 March at 32 Garden rd,  Fendalton,  Marion Williams  in her 75th year.

Tuesday 25 March 1919
Births -  136
BENNETT -  on 22 March at King st,  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs William Bennett,  Loburn -  a daughter
HADLER -  on 22 March at King St,  Rangiora  to  Mr and Mrs B. Hadler,  Amberley -  a son.
HAMPTON - on 17 March at Arawa Private Hosp,  Ashburton to Private and Mrs R.E.Hampton  -  a daughter
McALEECE -  on 18 March at Ranui,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs I.Granger McAleece  -  a son.

Deaths  -  136
COOKSON -  on 23 March at Dunedin,  Charles,  bel hus of Frances Cookson  21 Prosser's rd St Martins,  aged 52
HIGGS -  on 24 March at res of her son in law  F.A.Goode,  105 Bealey st,   Julia, widow of Charles Higgs,  aged 82 years.

Wednesday  26 March  1919
Births  -  142
WILKIE -  on 23 March  to Mr and Mrs Arno;d Wilkie,  of Parnassus  -  a son,  premature,  stillborn

Marriage  -  142
WENT - LAMBERT - on 11 January at --  Albert Vincent, son of Mr & Mrs H.C.Went  to  Clara Eveline, dau of Mr & Mrs James Harrison Lambert,  of Derby

Deaths  -  142
AMYS -  on 25 March,  Alfred, bel hus of Mary Amys,  293 Barbadoes st,  
BAXTER -  at East Oxford,  John Donald  Baxter,  aged 60  funeral  1-30pm  Wed,
BROOKS -  on 24 March  at Duncan st  Sumner,  Thomas Brooks,  aged 80 years  Late Hill Top.

Thursday 27 March  1919
Births  -  147
CLARK -  on 9 March  at Nurse hew's  to Mr and Mrs A.Clark  -  a daughter
EDENS -  on 26 March  at 19 Jubilee st,  Woolston  to wife of W.Edens -  a son.
OSMAN -  on 25 March at 74 Wills st,  Ashburton  to  wife of Wm C.J.Osman  -  a son.

Deaths -  147
BARRETT - on 26 March at Christchurch Hosp  Thomas, late 15th battalion  ----  son of Elizabeth and late Edward  of 14 Humboldt st, Sydenham.
GILLETT -  on 25 March at his res  Springfield,  James,  bel hus of Catherine Gillett,  in his 89th year  -----
PLIMMER -  on 24 March at Khandallah,  Anna,  wife of John Alfred Plimmer,  dau of late William Packard.
SMITH -  on 27 March at Christchurch Hosp  James,  bel hus of Lucy Smith,  aged 48 years
YOUNG -  on 25 March at Chch  Jeanie,  2nd dau of Michael Young  319 Selwyn st,  Addington,  in her 54th year.

Friday  28 March  1919
Births  -  153
HARDLEY -  on 17 Feb at 45 Bangor st  to mr and Mrs I.J.Hardley  -  a daughter
SMITH -  on 27 March  at -- King st Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs Amos Smith - a son
TIPLER - on 28 March at 95 Lyttelton st  to mr and Mrs P.H.Tipler -  a daughter
WRIGHT -  on 26 March at Nurse Evan's 9 Suffolk st,  Linwood  to Mr and Mrs H.Wright  -  a daughter

Marriages  -  153
FULTON - AUSTIN -  on 18 Feb at --- Geelong,  Gordon, son of late John & Mrs Fulton, (Christchurch)  to Winifred, dau of Hon A.A.Austin of Larendale,                                                 Elaine, Victoria
HUGHES - KNIGHT - on 4 March at --William Stanley, son of late E.H. and Mrs Hughes  to  Florence Thelma, dau of late James and Mrs  Knight, Christchurch

Deaths  -  153
ASHBOLT -  at 177 Victoria st  Minnie Jane,  bel wife of late George Ashbolt,  in her 68th year
BRANDT -  on 24 March at --- Woolston,  Annie, widow of Conrad Brandt, late of Shand's Track,  Lincoln  in her 78th year, interred at Springston Cemetery
COTON - on 27 March at Preston's rd,  Marshlands,  Sarah Jane,  widow of late Bentley Coton,  late Hororata,  in her 84th year
DIGBY - on 26 March at her res. 7 Belt rd,  Ashburton,  Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Neville Digby and dau of late Charles Withell, New Brighton in her 56th year
GREEN -  on 27 March at lewisham Hosp  Frank Augustine,  dearly bel hus of Catherine M.Green,  62 Barbour st Linwood,  in his 48th year
WELLS -  on 26 March, John Wells,  of View Hill,  Oxford,  aged 58 years.

Saturday 29 March  1919
Birth  -  164
GRANGER -  on 24 March at 11 Winchester st,  Merivale  to  the wife of R.P.Granger  -  a son.

Marriage -  164
WRIGHT - MORLEY - on 2 Nov at -- Clapton -- Sgt John William, son of Mr F.W.Wright of Lake Forsyth  to Florence, dau of Mr & Mrs Morley, of Clapton                                         Park, London.

Deaths  -  164
HARRISON -   on 30 March at Christchurch,  Private Dudley Edward, 3rd son of  H.J.Harrison,  "Hollyfort"  Rakaia in his 23rd year.
REID -  on 30 march at Christchurch Hosp.  Olive Reid,  bel. dau. of Mrs C.S. Merat,  26 Haast St, Linwood,  aged 13 years
VERHAGEN -     on 29 March   Antoon Abraham (Andy)  in his 26th year
WILKIE -  on 29 March  at Christchurch Hosp.  Alexander,  bel. hus. of Charlotte Wilkie,  of Hornby,  aged 53 years,  -------

Funerals  -  164
HARRISON   - Dudley Edward,  on Tuesday 1 April -----  at Dorie  at 2-30pm  for St Patricks Cemetery.
REID   - Olive ---   leave her mothers res.  for the Linwood Cemetery, on Tuesday 1 April  at 11am.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22 November  2009

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