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Wednesday 1 January  1919
MACARA  -  Obituary  -  Masterton  -   047
Mr James Macara,  whose death was reported last week,  was a well-known owner and breeder  ---  the Wairarapa Cup in 1903 ---- came to NZ in 1866,  born Wicklow, Ireland,  and was for some years President of the Masterton Racing Club.

KINSEY  -  New Years Honour   - 048
Sir Joseph James Kinsey,  K.B.  is a native of Kent, England.  Born in 1852 educated at  Royal Naval School, Greenwich.  ---  Master at Dulwich College, for 9 years,  resigned and came to Christchurch, New Zealand, ---  established shipping firm Kinsey, Barns & Co,  Barns becoming a partner after death of Mr T.Acland -----   Sir Joseph in 1898  became Consul  for Belguim in Canterbury, Nelson,  Marlborough and Westland.  He took a great interest in Antartic exploration and his firm was headquarters of the late Captain Scott's expeditions of 1902  and Sir E.Shackleton's 1907 and 1910 expedition of 1915 -----    the Aurora was fitted out at Port Chalmers  but the other 3 expeditions were dispatched from Lyttelton, all under the direction of J.J.Kinsey and Co.

EDWARDS New Year's Honours  -  049
Sir W.B.Edwards K.B.  was born in London in 1850  son of Mr C.S.W.Edwards.  he arrived at Port Chalmers with his parents in 1885  educated at Dunedin Boys' High School,  then studying law.  From 1871 to 1874 he  in  Europe -----  returning to NZ he was articled to Messrs Julius & O'Meagher,  Oamaru,  admitted to the Bar in 1875 --practised in partnership with Mr W.S.Moorhouse.  ------   appointed Judge of Supreme Court  in 1890  ---  contested and invalid until 1892,  reappointed in 1896    -----

CAMPBELLNew Year Honours -  050
Colonel George Frederick Colin Campbell  C.M.G.   V.D.   Secretary of the Treasury,  Receiver-General, Paymaster General and Registrar of New Zealand Consols,  was born in 1858 educated at Nelson College,  passed Civil Service exams in 1874 -----  more  ----

MORRIS -  New Year Honour's -  051
Mr William Russell Morris  C.M.G.  Secretary of the Post and Telegraph Department,  was born in Dublin in 1852.  educated at the Bective College ---   came to NZ at age 21  entered the postal service as a money order clerk in the Lyttelton office.  --- transferred to Wellington in 1879  to Christchurch in 1882  and in 1884 retransferred back to Wellington  in 1891  ----   more ---

Discharge from N.Z.E.F.  -   ULRICH    - 052
Gerhardt Ulrich has taken his discharge from the NZEF after 4 years service ---  expects to leave for Bolivia where he will resume practice as a mining engineer.  Mr Ulrich was an old boy of the Otago Boys' High School  and of the School of Mines,  went to England in 1913  ----- invalided from the Dardanelles  --- been in hospital ever since ----   Mr Ulrich will probably be accompanied by Mr W.A.Minchin,  formerly of Christchurch,  who was born in Bolivia,  but has lived most of his life in England.  Mr Minchin is getting his discharge from the Munitions dept  to go abroad.  It is possible that Captain M.G.R.Newbould, of the New Zealand engineers  will also get his discharge and go to Bolivia.

Anniversary  - SHILLING -  053
Captain William Shilling, of the Wellington Harbour Board's pilot staff has just completed his 50th year in NZ.  he was born at Faversham,  Kent, on 5 Nov. 1848.  left school aged 10  -- worked for building trade,  at age 14  he joined the Navy,  serving 2 years.    joined the merchant service and in 1868  he arrived in Wellington by the ship St Vincent.   -----   in 1877 he joined the pilot service as coxswain  and assistant pilot  -----     retired from the Harbour Board service in the early months of the war,   rejoined on 6 Nov. 1917.  he may be said to be one of the oldest master marriners in Wellington  at the present time.

Thursday  2 January  1919
Deaths  -  059
WADDEL  -  Mr G.R.   died on Monday at Bluff ---  an active business man ---  age 62.
BARTHOLOMEW -  Mr Peter,  of Weraroa, Levin,  -- sawmiller,  died in Wellington on Monday  aged 78, born Stirlingshire, Scotland, went to Queensland in                                     the ship Wansfall  in 1862,  -- came to NZ 5 years later ---  more ---

Inquest  -  060
the inquest on Ruby Ferguson, who died on 30 December  after a motor-cycle accident ------  bought to Hospital on 16 Dec.   --------  more --

Death  -  061
BATES - a child named Norah Margaret Bates,  aged 3,  died  suddenly at her home at New Brighton ------  an inquest will be held this evening.

Auckland -  PATTERSON  - 062
Lieutenant-Colonel Patterson,  officer commanding Auckland district,  was found dead in bed this morning.    aged 56  connected with military affairs in Auckland for over 30 years.  Formerly in command of the Auckland Garrison Artillery and later Coast Defence Corps.   -------

Death  -  SMITH  -  063
At age 106 years,  Mr William Smith,  who came out to Sydney in 1833,  died in the Old Colonists Home,  North Fitzroy recently.  He was born in Devonshire in 1812,  came to Australia when 21  as Botanist with an expedition sent out in the ship Rattlesnake,  commanded by Captain Hobson  ------ it is stated that  Smith's real name was John Roberts  and he was related to the late Lord Roberts.

Marriage -  SNOW - BELFRAGE -  064
Cable advice has been received in Christchurch  marriage in Calcutta of Miss Maud Snow,  daughterof Colonel Snow of Christchurch  and Mr Ronald Belfrage,  India.  Colonel Snow accompanied his daughter to Bombay for the ceremony.

Friday 3 January  1919
Auckland -  Drowning Fatality  -  067
MURRAY -  Alice,  age 23, drowned at Devonport, ---  and  ------
RAINBOW  -  Austice  aged 10,  while Alma Rainbow,  15 year old sister of the latter was brought ashore unconcious -----  lots more  ----

Photo  -  KINSEY  -  068
Sir Joseph Kinsey was created a Knight Bachelor ----   in connection with various Antarctic Expeditions.

Death  -  CAMERON -  069
A link with the very earliest days of settlement in the Mataura Valley and Wakatipu districts  when on Tuesday night Mr Donald Cameron died  with the old year at his home at Nokomai ----  was born in Fort William, Scotland in 1835  so was 83 years old --  ---he emigrated to Australia in 1854,  was manager of a run known as Mount Sturgeon Plains Station,  belonging to his uncle Mr Alex Cameron,  populary known in South Australia as  "the king of Penola"  he arrived in NZ in 1859  with 2  relatives  the late A.A. Macdonald,  of Reaby,  near Gore,  and Wm Cameron,  son of noted Lochaber stockowner,  "Corrychoille'  ------   lived for 60 years in the Wakatipu district,  ----    he named  Ben Nevis, Lochy River,  Novis River,  the Devil's staircase,  etc,  named after prototypes in Lochaber  and Glencoe.

Death  -  JEFFREY  -  070
Mr Silas John Jeffrey,  contract carter,  of Southbrook,  was found dead this morning.  ---- was aged 51,  leaves a widow and grownup son and daughter. 
an inquest will be held  this afternoon.

Golden Wedding  -  EDWARDS  -  073
---Mr and Mrs Edwards of Salisbury Street (late of Burwood)   were guests of their sons and daughters ------  21 children and grandchildren present,  ons son and his family being unavoidably absent. ----  members of the family present were -  Mr and Mrs E.Edwards and family (Halswell)  Mr and Mrs Compton and family (Rangiora)    Mr and Mrs Woodfield and family (Burwood)  and Mr and Mrs T.Edwards and family (Cashmere).

Wedding  -  MERCER -  MARSHALL -  074
at All Saints Church Burwood, on 1 January,  Mr Albert R. Mercer, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs R.Mercer,  Waiau, North Canterbury  and Miss Nancy Hall Marshall,  youngest dau. of Mr and Mrs D.M.Marshall,  -- Burwood.  ----- lots more ----

Fatalities  -  075
McCAULDY - Arthur, a single man,  aged 37, recently discharged from camp,  died in hospital today ----  Wellington
JEFFREY -  Mr Silas John,  of Southbrook, was found dead ------   was aged 51 leaves a widow and a grown up son and daughter
WELLS -  Mr T.  whilst walking along Gladstone Pier  ------saved a little girl  aged about 7yrs  from drowning ----  

Saturday  4 January  1919
Wedding  -   McMAHON - CONWAY -  076
at Roman Catholic Cathedral, Barbadoes st,  Miss Elizabeth (Girlie)  McMahon,  dau of Mr John McMahon,  Christchurch,  to  Mr William H. Conway,  son of Mr E.Conway,  Riccarton,  formerly Kirwee.  -----  lots more  -----  among the guests were,  Mr and Mrs C. Leydon and Mrs W.Grant (Wellington)  Mr and Mrs Jack McMahon,  Mr and Mrs W.Conway,  and Mr Parker.  ----

Photo  -  077
Q.M.-Sergt H.S. Harris Isles,  is dangerously ill ---  his relatives live at  103 Idris rd,  Fendalton.

Wellington  -  Death  -  GILBERT  -  078   p10.
Mrs Gilbert,  wife of Mr Richard White Gilbert,  died in her sleep at her home in Johannesburg early in October.  ---  was a resident of Wellington,  left for South Africa  with her husband in 1913.  a member of a well-known Christchurch family.  her brother (Mr Aschman) is headmaster of the Christchurch Normal School,  and has 4 sisters  Mrs Scott (wife of Dr Scott of Reefton) ,  Miss Aschman (Christchurch)  Mrs Hall (wife of Dr Hall) Te Awamutu,  and Mrs Norton,  whose husband is master of the steamer Monowai.     Mrs Gilbert has left no children.

Monday 6 January 1919
Wellington  -  Death -  081
BEST -  Corporal L.R.Best,  aged 38, a returned soldier, -----  found dead,  fell  on a fire escape,  skull smashed, only  returned on 20 December ------

Inquest  -  Dannevirke  -  082
ROSSITER -  Samuel Alfred,  found dead at the Dannevirke railway station on Saturday,  a res. of Tamaki.  ---------

Motor Accident  -  MILES  -  083
Mr H.,  taxi-prop,  Kaiapoi, was driving a passenger named Church ---- near Evan's mill, attempted to avoid a collision with a girl cyclist, ran into a creek with          about 8ft of water in it.  -------  Miles was badly shaken,  Church was cut about the head  --- the car was badly damaged,  the girl was fine.

Tuesday 7 January  1919
Death  -  085
PATTERSON  -  Colonel G.W.S. officer ----  the Auckland Military District,  found dead in bed - 2 Jan 2nd son  Chauncey died a week or two ago

Wednesday  8 January  1919
Taylor's Mistake  -  088
MARSHALL -  Albert, a ret. solder, fell over s cliff ---   died instantly --- served on Gallipoli,  age 23 ---   ----  more ---

Inquest -  089
MENEER - Emily Elizabeth,  mother of deceased, ---Walter Turner, a  postman,  ---verdict,  met his death accidently falling over a cliff at Taylor's Mistake.

Death  -  Nelson -  090
THOMPSON - Frederick Augustus,  Commissioner of Crown Lands,  died --aged 59 ---son of late J.T.Thompson,  and was born at Richmond in 1859. ---

Wedding  - 091
PURCHAS - HODGSON - Rev H.T.Purchas  to  Miss Adele Hodgson, of Papanui,  yesterday,  ----  now vicar of Glenmark.

Hamilton  -  McINTYRE -  092
Mr Harry McIntyre,  who was at one time ----  rugby footballer  in Wellington,  died at Hamilton on Monday  after undergoing an operation.  He was the son of late Charles McIntyre,  a baker,  of Wellington  and was born there.  53 years ago ----   represented Wellington in some big matches. ------

Thursday  9  January  1919
Family Troubles -  094
WILSON - Frances Cassin ----- separation &  maintenance from her hus. Jesse Bertram Wilson -----  2 boys ---

Auckland  -  Death  -  COTTER  -  095
Richard,  at Mauku,  3rd son of late Mr Thomas Cotter,  brother of late Mr Thomas Cotter,  aged 75  survived by his widow and 2 brothers , Messrs Edward &  Albert Cotter.

Wellington -  Death - 096
MORRISH -  Mrs W.J.  widow of Professor Morrish, of Dunedin & Invercargill  has a son with the Expeditionary  Forces, and a dau. Mrs Lowrie

Saturday 11 January  1919
Wedding  -  100
PENLINGTON - FOX - on 8 Jan.  Sergeant-Major C. son of Mr & Mrs G.Penlingron,  Addington to Miss Doris, dau of Mr and Mrs William Fox, -----  more 

Waipawa  -  HOWARD -  107
Josiah,  an elderly sheepfarmer,  who died recently,  leaves the whole of his estate to "his Majesty the King"  and hopes the farm will be used for founding an        agricultural college.  The property consists of 8000  acres -----

Monday 13 January  1919

Accidents & Fatalities  -    110
CORBETT -  Mrs W.   while driving in a gig at Ashburton, met with a serious accident ------
ADAMS -  George, a fireman at Automatic Bakeries, Wellington, found dead -- was 44 years old married with 2 children ------
GODFREY - Stanley,  accidentally shot in the back while rabbiting in Wellington,  condition serious ----
PATTERSON -  Sydney,  married, aged 34,  a native of Tasmania,  drowned at Westportat the Nile Crossing, accompanied by William Woodhead ------
SMITH -  Mr A.F.  of Ashburton and his son Murray Smith,  pinned under a car in the Hawkins River, progressing well,  Clifford Smith killed ------
ROY -  Charles,  garage prop. of Southbridge found dead ---  an inquest will be held ----
TIPLER -  James of Sydenham,  fell of the carrier of a motor-cycle  and injured his knee ------

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  111
PATTERSON - Sydney,  married,  aged 34, a native of Tasmania,  was drowned last night -----
SMITH -  Mr A.F.  progressing favourbaly  ----
ROY -  Charles,  garage prop. of Southbridge found dead ---  an inquest will be held ----
TIPLER - James -----more ---

Tuesday  14 January 1919
Funeral  -  116
MATSON - Mrs Conway, one of the oldest and most respected residents   took place at Papanui Cemetery, yesterday, pallbearers were ----   

Fatality  - SMITH -  117
Mr Sydney, who -- drowned with his wife and 3 children in the wreck of the Princess Sophia,  near Skagway Harbour, Yukon, was a son of Mr W.J.Smith, for many years  a butcher in East Oxford, NZ and now res in Christchurch.

Blenheim  -  118
BUGLER -  Leslie Vincent Bugler,  of Springlands, aged 17mths was run over by a horse and trap and died immediately afterwards.

Fatalities-  119
GOOD -  Mr Wallace,  a res of Auckland for 58 years. arrived in NZ in 1860,  served in the Maori War in the 5th Company -- mill manager ---- now retired
HOCKING  - Lieutenant E.C.  aged 22, son of Joseph Hocking,  novelist, was killed in action in France-------
TOLLEMACHE  -  David,  author and journalist ---  at London  ------

Death  - MATSON  -   121
The death of the late Mrs Conway Matson came as a great shock-- died age 62 -- sister of Dr Thomas,  born in Australia,  only dau. died some years ago,  3 sons  ---------

Death  -  ISIBSTER  -  122
--- much sympathy is felt  for the relatives of Miss Pipi Isbister,  dau of late James  and sister of Mrs Boag, (Burnside)  and Mrs Fuldseth  (Kaiapoi)  who was
accidently poisoned on the ss Moana on 3 January.  She had been living in California for the last 18mths  studying dancing  --- more ----

Wednesday  15 January  1919
Death  - KARAITIANA  -   125  page 5
 -  Mr Tui,  death occurred on Friday,  a well-known landowner on the East Coast of the North Island  ----  was a great grandson of Hirawanu  Kaimokopuna,   ----- sold to the land to the Government in 1865  on which Palmeston North now stands.  To the memory of his son,  Wirihana Kaimokopuna  (the grandfather of Tu)  is erected a big monument which stands in the Tahoraite Native Cemetery,  deceased was only 33 years of age  is survived by his father Wirihana and mother.  

Obituary  -  MANNING  -  126  page 5
Mr Edmund George Manning,  of Owhaongo,  died recently, was connected with the timber industry for many years.  Born at King's Clear,  Hampshire,  came to NZ 34 years ago  with the late Mr Hartgill,  of Dannevirke.  ------  went to Pohangina  with Messrs John and George Barthomlomew  who were in sawmilling.  went to Levin as accountant for Mr Peter Bartholomew and Bailey -----  8 years ago married Mrs C. McLean  (nee Richards)  of Webb st, Wellington,    ----------  sawmilling venture at Owhaongo  with Mr Albert Adsett ---   cause of death was heart trouble.

Death  -  Auckland  -  MAHONEY -  128   p7
--- death of Mrs Edmund Mahoney  (Remuera)   in a hospital in Melbourne a few days ago.  was well-known in Auckland ----  one of the founders of the Mount Eden Tennis  and Croquet Club,  her only son Cyril  married Miss Tole  about 3 years ago.

Thursday  16 January  1919
Death  -  CRIPPS  -  129   page 7
Much sympathy will be felt for Mrs Graham Cripps,  who for some years lived in Christchurch, in the loss  of her husband.  accidently drowning in the Riverina district,  NSW.  Mrs Cripps --- lived in Shirley,  was 1st Secretary of the Burwood branch of the W.N.R. -----

Auckland  -  130
DEAMER  - death of Dr G.E.Deamer,  son of Dr Deamer,  a medical man in Christchurch in the early days.  

N.S.W.   -  Drowning   -  CRIPPS  -  131  p7
The death has occurred of Mr George Graham Cripps,  who was in business here for about 8 years,  some 25 years ago was  traveller to Dunedin for a firm of Melbourne tea merchants ----- came to Christchurch,  bought the firm Messrs Trent Bros.  and formed it into a limited Co. ----  left for Melbourne  due to ill health -----  at a station at Cobran,  Deniliquin,  in the Riverina district  of NSW,   met his death by accidental drowning   ----  aged about 60  -------

Friday 17 January 1919
Death  -  HEYWOOD - 133   page 5
Mr William Martin, son of Mr J.B.Heywood,  formerly secretary to the NZ Treasury,   died suddenly in Sydney recently.  was age 52    and at one time was in       Wellington.

Accidents & fatalities  -  134  page 6
DOLAN - J. of Kyle, Ashburton,   thrown from his gig,  ---   still unconcious ----
DONALD - William Robert,  of Gore,  aged 19 ----   crashed on his motor-cycle into the north bound express  --   died in hospital  --
SCHWINGHAMMER  -   Albert Emanuel,  aged 28  from New Plymouth,  dropped deadin town  -------

Saturday  18 January  1919
Photo  -  MARSHALL -  139  p4
Lance-Corporal Albert  Edward Marshall,  was killed by an accidental fall over a cliff at Taylor's Mistake.  he left NZ  with the 2nd reinforcement ---  right through the Gallipoli campaign  in which his brother was killed  and served in France ---  educated at Sydenham School,   and on the staff at Ballantynes  ---  youngest and only surviving son of  Mrs E.Menneer  (of 157 Fitzgerald ave)  and late Mr P. Marshall,  Southbridge.

Wedding  - 140
SMITH - MARTIN  -  on 15 Jan  at --Miss Mabel, only dau. of Mr and Mrs J.Martin, of Lower Riccarton  to Mr D.J. Smith, of Upper Riccarton -----  lots more

Monday 20 January 1919
Photo  -  VERNALL -  153
Private D. Vernall of the New Zealand Machine-gun Corps, was reported seriously ill in the 1st South African hosp in France ----  Private Vernall  whose wife is in England is from Orari  and intends to return to Orari when he recovers.

Supreme Court  -  EWING -  154
---  Sydenham household ---  William Ewing was proceeded against by his wife Matilda Ewing, who asked for maintenance  and -----   3 children were in the Presbyterian. Orphanage ---    a lot more  to this story  -------

Funeral  -  McCAHON -  155
The funeral of the late James McCahon,  eldest son of Mr and Mrs J.D.McMCahon, took place at Oxford on Sunday aft.  -- a well-known and popular resident ----  age 31 ---born in Oxford,  

Accidents & Fatalities  -  156
TEWARA -  Paora,  aged 60,  was burned to death in his whare at Waipiro Bay  at Gisborne.
REEVES -  4 yr son of Mr Herbert Reeves, a Rangiora  farmer was caught in a reaper, one leg was badly mangled ----
HENDERSON - Andrew, drowned in the river at New Brighton on Saturday,  had been farming at Methven with his brother,   ---  more ----

Wedding  -  157
TRAVERS - GREEN - on Wed. at --Lyttelton, Miss I.R.Kennedy, only dau of Mrs Travers to Mr Ernest H.Green,  president of Lyttelton Club

Obituary  -  THACKER  -  158a,  158b,  158c,
death of Miss Elizabeth Agnes Thacker,  one of the few remaining pioneers of Canterbury ----  was 1st child to be born in Canterbury after the 1st 4 ships arrived ---  Mr James Hay,  himself an early settler,  has written a memoir of the pioneer days  -----   acted as mother to the large family of which she was the eldest.  ----  for the last few years she has been living on the old homestead with her brother Mr Christopher Thacker.  -----  a very long column  ------

The Funeral  of Miss Thacker  -  158d
took place at Okain's Bay yesterday ----   pall bearers were Messrs Silas,  Henry, and Ernest Harris,  Lewis Grant,  Peter Cumming, James and John Simpson  all being old employees of the estate ---  list of names of those who gave wreaths -------

Tuesday 21 January  1919
Inquest  -  HENDERSON -  166
an inquest at New Brighton ---   Andrew Henderson,  who was found in the Avon River yesterday.   His brother William Watson Henderson,  stated  Andrew resided at Belmont,  Methven, farming. with another brother.   had had influenza,  followed by double pneumonia ---   more  ---- another brother died of influenza ------

Obituary -  MOLES -  167
An old and highly respected Palmerstonian passed away recently Mr James Blackwood Moles aged 83. was one of the 1st settlers in the Main Street west district, where he has lived for the past 30 years,  was born at Belfast, Ireland in 1836,  arrived at Lyttelton by the Queen of the Mersey in 1863  --- farming in South Canterbury  and later employed on the NZ railways.

Obituary  -  KENNAWAY-BROWNE   -   171
 -  who passed away yesterday  was widow of Captain Kennaway-Browne of the 49th Regiment and a dau of General Sir Samuel Burdon-Ellis, who was on Nelson's  ship Victory at Trafalgar.  Mrs Kennaway-Browne kept a school here many years ago and her hus. was a lay reader of the church at Leithfield.  She was of gentle reserved disposition  and lived a very retired life  one of her daughters  Mrs Black,  lives at New Brighton.

Wednesday 22 January  1919
Obituary  -  AHIER -  172
The death of Mr Charles Ahier.  aged 76,  He iwas a very old colonist,  a Waikato war veteran  and associated with early gold ventures in the Thames.  ----   has been in the timber trade for the past 25 years in Taranaki.

Auckland -  HAMILTON -  172
Miss Jean Hamilton, a nurse at the mental hospital,  was thrown from her horse,  she fractured her skull and died in the general hospital.

Marriage  -  TAYLOR - MURRAY - 174
at -- Cashmere Hills, Mr C.R. only son of Rev D.J.Murray, of Wellington  to  Romola, dau of late Mr T.E.  and Mrs Taylor -----  more 

Thursday 23 January  1919
Obituary  -  KEMP  -  176
A private cable message received in Wellington  ---  death on Friday last,  presumably at Hastings, England  of Dr William George Kemp,  for many years  one of the leading medical practioners in Wellington,  says the "post"  Dr Kemp was born at Alnwick,  Northumberland,  72 years ago,  son of Major Kemp,  --------   arrived in NZ  half a century ago -- during his time at Nelson,  was married to Miss Charlotte Greenwood,  dau. of Dr Greenwood,  of Motueka,  and sister of Mrs Leonard Stowe  and Miss Greenwood  of Wellington. --- remained in Wellington  until January 1892,  when he returned to England -- took his M.D. degree in London --   left a widow,  4 sons and 3 daughters.  
 - Mr Geoffrey Kemp,  district manager for AMP Society,  Invercargill,   Dr John Harold Kemp  of Wellington South,  Major Frederick William Kemp  M.C.  NZ Medical Corps (now in France)  and Captain Charles Gordon Kemp  ---  Royal Army Medical Corps  also in active service in France.  
The daughters are -  Mrs Macpherson (London),  Miss kemp and Miss Violet Kemp  are living with their mother,  one dau.  Sister Elsie  was killed while on active service on the western front  and another Miss Kathleen Kemp  died in England  about 9 years ago.

Levin -  WEARNE -  177
William Wearne,  aged 34, a carpenter, was killed yesterday from a fall from a pine tree,  which he was lopping.  He was a resident of Wellington and owner of a small farm at Levin  which he was visiting for the day.

Departure  -  178
MALCOLM -   Mr and Mrs Robert Malcolm  and Miss Malcolm  (Opawa)  are leaving for England shortly,  spending a few weeks in Australia,  en route.

Friday  24 January  1919
Moana Fatality  -  GRIMM  and ISBISTER  -  180
---  ordered an inquiry into cause of death of Dr Grimm  and Miss Ibsiter on the steamer Moana.  ----   

Weddings  -  181
HARPER - ROSS  -  Very Rev. Walter Harper  and Miss Libella Ross  at  St Johns Church, Latimer Sq.  today. ------
WILLIAMSON - TUCKER -  Miss Ethel,  dau of Mr Tucker, Mansfield Ave   to  Mr R.B. Cape Williamson,  took place yesterday -----  more -----

Saturday  25 January  1919
Inquest  -  BROWN - 183
---  John Brown -----  James Higgins  storeman employed at Messrs Davidson and Wauchop's warehouse,  gave evidence  -----   had a terrible experience during the influenza epidemic ---  lost his wife,  a son and several other relatives ---     John Higgins,  head storeman ----  also gave evidence ---more     ----

Fatalities  -  183a
GODFREY - Stanley,  aged 19  was accidentally shot in the back while rabbit shooting at Plimmerton on Sunday week,  he died today.
COLLISTER - Albert,  aged 4 son of Mr G.Collister,  Black st,  Kaiapoi,  drowned at the boating stage.  the body was recovered about 3/4 hour later.

Monday 27 January 1919
Photo  -  HOLLAND  -  195
Corporal W.Holland,  died on 17 Jan.  at the Military Hospital,  Cannock Chase,  from appendicitis,  voluntary enlisted in the 20th reinforcements,  discharged with rheumatism   before leaving for the front  he was working at Messrs W.B.Scott and Son's  motor garage,  Gloucester st,  Christchurch.

Inquiry  -  Conductor's death  -  OWERS  -  196
----  fatal tramway accident  at New Brighton  in June,  resulting in the death of Conductor W.D.Owers.  --  adjourned from last week ---  died on 20 June ----  crushed between 2 tramcars ----  proceedings adjourned ----

Auckland  -  Drowned  -  197
HENDRA -  Gordon,  age 12  was drowned while surfing at Muriwai,  yesterday,  his parents live at Woodhill.

Moana Tragedy  -  Inquiry  resumed  -  198
D.Oswald C.Earp Thomas,  dental surgeon, a passenger on the Moana --------    William Jones,  steward on the Moana  -------   continued tomorrow ----

Tuesday  28 January  1919
Blenheim  -  Drowning  -  200
CLEATOR  -  William,  aged 16,  when bathing in the Opawa river,  suddenly disappeared.  body has not been recovered.

Inquiry  -  Tramway Fatality   -  203
inquiry resumed ----  a very long column  ----

Wellington  - Moana Tragedy  -
The inquiry  -- during the voyage of the Moana from San Francisco  to Wellington  was resumed today.  ----  continuing  ---

Departure -  231
BAUCHOP - Mrs A, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Bauchop, C.M.G. killed in Gallipoli in August 1915,   has been living in England with her inf. dau. 
                    will leave for NZ in January.  more  ------

Wednesday 29 January 1919
Wedding in England -    McCALLUM - SEWARD - 233
Jessie McCallum, formerly Chch Hosp.  to Captain Cyril Seward.   late of Te Awamutu.  Mrs Seward  is the dau of of Mr and Mrs Duncan McAllum  of
New Plymouth.

Thursday 30 January 1919
Deaths   -  205
MADDEN -  Charles Edward,  aged 71  was found dead last night ina hut in Suffolk st,  Trevorton, Ashburton  ---  an inquest was opened bt adjourned.
BAGLEY -  John, a returned soldier  aged about 33,  found dead  in the Hautapu river near Taihape, -- -leaves a widow and 3 children  an inquest will be held --

Wedding in England  -  KELLS -  CAMPBELL  - 207
on 12 Nov. at Drumlanrig Castle, Mr George Walter Kells, of Gisborne, NZ   to  Miss Ida, 2nd dau of Isabella, Lady Campbell,   bridesmaid was Miss Moir Campbell, sisterof bride,  Groomsman Corporal J.F.Mills R.A.F. of NZ.  bride given away by uncle Mr J.A.Gardiner,  South Park.   Mrs Kells,  as Sister Campbell acted for 2  and half years as Sister in charge of the auxiliary hospital at Drumlanrig -----

Death  -  208
MORRISON -  Mrs Agnes,  mother of Mrs H.T.J.Thacker,  at the age of 84,  came to NZ  from Belfast, Ireland  about 10 years ago.  ----   funeral will be at Okain's Bay--

Wedding -  211
DEANS -RUSSELL - at Hastings yesterday  Captain William, Canterbury Mounted Rifles  son of Mrs John Deans to Katherine Mary, dau of Major-General Sir                     Andrew and Lady Russell of Tunanui,  Hawke's Bay.  lots  more  -------

Wedding  -  212
TURNBUL - CRAWFORD - yesterday in Wellington,  Margaret, dau of Major and Mrs W.H.Turnbull to Mr James Coutts, son of Mrs H.D. and late Mr                                     Crawford. ---more ---

Wellington  - JAMIESON 213
The death  has ocurred of Mr John Jamieson,  one of the pioneers of the printing trade.  Born at Falkirk,  Scotland,  came to New Zealand aged 19.  he was a compositor on the "Weekly Press" Christchruch,  then at Hokitika for some time----  ran a paper on the goldfields --- transferred to Wellington ------  
lots more  ----

Tramway Fatality  -  OWERS -  214
The Court of Inquiry ---   resumed its sittings yesterday  -----  long column  ---   adjourned until  12 February at 10am

Death  -  MORRISON -  215
The many friends of Mrs H.T.J.Thacker will sympathise  with her in the death of her mother,  Mrs Agnes Morrison  ---   age 84.   Mrs Thacker is her only daughter and there is one son in America.

Friday  31 January  1919
Auckland  -  HARDWICK  -  217
Mr George Hardwick,  a Maori war veteran  died in Auckland Hospital on Tuesday.  an inmate of the Veterans' Home  for about 4 weeks.  He was born in 1837
at Clapham Common,  London,  arrived in New Zealand in 1862  ---   his remains were buried with military honours.

Moana Tragedy  -  218
the inquiry was continued today  ------    adjourned  for further investigation  -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 October 2009

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