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Wednesday 1 January  1919
Births - 046  p1
ALPS   - on 30 Dec. at island Bay, Wellington,  to wife of Fred Alps,  nee H.Harris, St Albans)   -  daughter
BACHELOR   - on 26 Dec. at St Helen's Hospital,  to wife of W.H.Batchelor, St Martins - a son.
BARRY   -  at 290 Selwyn st,  Spreydon,  to Mr and Mrs Wm Barry - a daughter
CLIFFORD   - on 30 Dec. to wife of H.H.Clifford ---  Montreal st,  -  a son.
McANULTY   - on 28 Dec at 852 Gloucester st,  to Mr and Mrs Francis McAnulty,  of Courtenay - a daughter.

Golden Wedding -  046  p1
EDWARDS - JOHNSON - on 1 Jan. 1869, at Mumby, Gloucestershire --  William Edwards to Susannah Johnson. ------
WEBLEY - NATION - on 1 Jan. at res of bride's parents, Nelson, Joshua, son of Joseph Webley, Gloucestershire,  to  Eliza Jane, dau of William Nation, of                                                 Somerset,  present address:  62 London st, Richmond, Christchurch

Deaths  -  046   p1
AUSTIN -  on 1 Dec at Wellington,  Percival Henderson, loved hus of Olvey Egina Austin and  youngest son of late William & Alice Austin,  aged 29 years
GRANT - on 31 Dec. at his late res. 29 Caledonian rd St Albans,  Patrick Grant,  aged 83.
RAVEN - on 17 Oct. at the Prepatory School, Uppingham, England,  Rev. Tancred Earle Raven,  formerly of Woodend,  aged 66 years.
RICHARDSON - on 31 Dec at her late res. ---  Rebecca,  dearly loved wife of Charles Graham Richardson,  aged 50 years.

Deaths  -  055  p2
HARTLEY - on 1 Jan at res of her son James, 76 Bryndwr rd, Fendalton,  Mary Jane,  relict of James Hartley (Akaroa)   aged 90 years

Thursday 2 January  1919
Births  -  058
HULSTON -  on 1 Jan at Nurse Bethune's ----  to Mr and Mrs L.A. Hulston,  116 Sydney st,  Spreydon  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  058
BATES  -  on 1 Jan,  at Esplanade, New Brighton,  Nora Margaert Bates,  dearly loved only child of S.C.E. and N.Bates,  aged 3 years.
HARTLEY -  on 1 Jan  at  res of her son Gordon James ---------
HEYWOOD -  on 1 Jan  at the Chch Hosp.Arthur, dearly bel hus of Beatrice --son of late William Henry and Jane, of  Kendal, Westmoreland, England, age 39
SHEPHERD -  on 1 Jan  at Jubilee Memorial Home, Woolston,  Margaret Shepherd,  aged 69.
STEERE  -  on 1 Jan  at his res.  11 Manning Pl, Woolston,  William Frederick Steere,  bel hus. of Mary Steere.

Friday 3 January 1919
Birth  -  066   p1
OVERTON -  on 26 Dec at Wairarapa Tce, Fendalton,  to wife of T.H.Overton,  Lakeside  -  a son.

Deaths  -  066  p1
CARROLL -  on 2 Jan, at Southbridge,  Hannah Carroll,  wife of late Thomas Carroll  aged 79.
HARTLEY - on 1 Jan  at res of of her son Gordon James -----
PASCOE -  on 1 Jan at Palmeston North,  Francis Olive,  only dau. of Charles & Hettie Pascoe, grandchild of Mr and Mrs R. Pascoe,  Lyttelton,  age 2.

Death  -  072  p6
McGALLAN - on 3 Jan  at res. of Mr P. Sheehan,  Lower Styx rd,   Mary,  mother of T.G. McGallan,  of Cashmere,  aged 78.

Saturday  4 January  1919
Funerals  -  079   p10.
VINCENT - Henry William,  leave his res. 15 Westenra St Addington,  on Monday at 11am  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
FINDLAY - George,  of Hereford st,  leave res of son -- on Monday at 3-30pm for Linwood Cemetery.
CRAIG -  James,  leaving his res. Papanui  on Sunday  at 2-30pm  for the Belfast Cemetery.

Monday 6 January  1919
Births  -  080
BAYNES -  on 4 Jan. at Kaiapoi Nursing Home  to Mr and Mrs C.W.Baynes,  of Woodgrove - a daughter
BLAKEMORE -  on 3 Jan.  at Mortlake st, Islington  to Mrs and Mr A.C.Blakemore - a daughter
BRUORTON - on 2 Jan  at Nurse King's  --  to wife of J.Bruorton -   a daughter
HUTTON  -  on 5 Jan  at -- Linwood  to Mr and Mrs Alex Hutton  - a daughter

Deaths  -  080
ANDREWS -  on 5 Jan  at res of son in law Mr H.Plumridge --  Elizabeth Andrews,  in her 76th year.
ANDERSON - on 4 Jan at her dau. Mrs Wigney ---  Margaret Anderson,  aged 68
HEINISCH -  on 3 Jan at Omihi,  Allan Noel, younger son of A.and N.Heinisch, interred at Glenmark Cemetery on Sunday.
McDOWELL - on 4 Jan at ----  Victor Dowell only son of W.E.A. McDowell, of Waiau and West Eyreton,  aged 2,  funeral 2pm Tues, Linwood Cemetery
MILLER - on 4 Jan at Geraldine,  Archibald Spiers,  dearly loved youngest son of George Miller, of New Brighton,  aged 33.
NOAKES -  on 5 Jan at Christchurch,  Caroline Ellen,  widow of Alfred Noakes, dearly loved mother of Mrs E.G.Seed,  in her 58th year.
NOBLE -  on 4 Jan. at res of dau.  Mrs D. Macfarlane,  --- Thomas Noble,  in his 84th year,  late of Rangiora.
PURNELL -  on 30 October  at Worthing,  England,  Charles Arthur,  son of Mr C.W. Purnell,  of Ashburton,  aged 37
WALLACE -  on 3 Jan at Symonds st,  Auckland,  Emily Marian  dearly bel. wife of Thomas Wallace,  late of Christchurch,  aged 56.

Tuesday 7 January 1919
Births  -  084
HARRIS -  on 1 Jan  at Nurse Stevenson's  to wife of H.R.Harris,  Teddington -  a daughter
JOHNSTON  -  on 4 Jan.  at ----  to Mr and Mrs J.H.Johnston,  46 Woodville st, St Albans  - a son.
SCANES -  on 3 Jan.  to wife of F.G.Scanes,  Hazelthorpe,  Temuka -  twin daughters.
SWEENEY -  on 4 Jan  at Nurse Irving's  -- to Mr and Mrs J,Sweeney  -  a son.

Deaths  -  084
DOLLAN -  on 6 Jan. at Timaru,  James Dollan,  bel. brother of Mrs E.Maxwell,  aged 69
RADCLIFFE -  on 6 Jan.  at Chch,  Nurse Margaret May,  bel. dau. of Charles Edward  & Mary Ella Radcliffe of Allendale,  aged 21
SPARROW -  on 6 Jan. at her res.  23 Wyon st,  Linwood,  Mary,  widow of Charles,  in her 64th year.

Wednesday  8 January  1919
Births  -  087
BOOTH   -  on 7 Jan. at Nurse Stevenson's  to Mr and Mrs S. Booth,  Seamen's Institute -  a son
HUNTER   - on 7 Jan  at West melton to E.D. and R.Hunter  - a son
MURTAGH  -  on 6 Jan  at 16 Abberley road, St Albans  to wife of W.H.Murtagh  - a son.
ROWSE  - on 7 Jan  at 48 Norwich st, Linwood  to  Mr and Mrs A.Rowse   - a daughter
WALKER  -  on 6 Jan  at Methodist Parsonage,  New Brighton  to Rev and Mrs W.Walker   - a son

Deaths  -  087
BAMFORD   -  on 6 Jan  at Governor's Bay,  Kathleen Monica,  bel. dau. of Julia Margaret and Peter Bamford,  aged 2 years 9mths
BRUNIE   - on 7 Jan  at Christchurch Hosp.  Clara, bel dau of E.Brunie,  aged 19 years
COCKBURN   - on 7 Jan  at Christchurch Hosp.  Clarence John Augustus,  dearly loved son of A.J. and A.R.Cockburn -- aged 6 years 11 mths.
GUNN -  on 7 Jan. at Christchurch,  John,  2nd son of late John Gunn,  Racecourse Hill,  in his 78th year
MARSHALL   - Lance-Corporal Albert Edward, only son of Mrs E. Menneer, and son of late P.G.Marshall. late Southbridge,  aged 23
THORPE   -  on 7 Jan. at her res.  ---  Mary, widow of Richard Thorpe,  aged 76
TURNBULL   -  on 7 Jan at res of son in law, Albert Rutlidge,  Russell's Flat,  Alexander Turnbull  in his 69th year.

Thursday 9 January 1919
Births  -  092
COATES   - on 6? Jan at Christchurch  to Mr and Mrs R.Coates -  a daughter
McCORMICK   -  on 30 December at Nurse Bethune's,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs Malcolm McCormick  -  a daughter
MUNRO   - on 5 Jan  at -- King st,  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs H.Munro,  John st,  Rangiora  -  a son.

Deaths  - 092
PRICE -  on 22 November at Wellington,  Francis Alfred,  dearly bel. hus. of John and Grace Price, of Homebush,  aged 23 and half years  ------

In Memoriam -  092
CLOSE -  mother -----  passed 9 January 1916  at ---- Hazeldean rd,  Sydenham.

Friday  10 January 1919
Birth -  098
GILLESPIE -  on 7 Jan.  at Nurse Bethune's  to Mr and Mrs George W. Gillispie,  New Brighton - a daughter

Marriages  -  098
BONISH -  Lascelles - on 27 Nov at --  Clara Adelaide Lascelles, of Christchurch  to  Ernest Joseph Bonish,  formerly of Oxford.
HERRIOTT - HOLLOBON - on 6 Nov. at ---  Percy David, son of Mr and Mrs D. Herriott  to Ethel, dau of Mr and Mrs A. Hollobon,  Sydenham
McKAY - REVELEY - on 12 Dec. at -Corporal. Philip --son of Mrs & late Mr McKay, Cora Lyn,  Bealey  to  Louisa, dau of Mr and Mrs G.Reveley, of                                                     Kimberley

Deaths  - 098
LOADER - on 8 Jan at Christchurch Hosp.  Eric Samuel, dearly loved son of S. and E.Loader,  aged 2 years and 4mths.
MORRISH - on 8 Jan at her res. -- Wellington, Jessie Morrish, widow of Professor Morrish and mother of Mrs  Christchurch, and E.A.Morrish,  aged 66

Saturday 11 January 1919
Marriage  -  106
RANCE - McFADDEN - on 25 Dec  at -- Harry Percival,  son of H.C. and A.A.Rance, Ipswich, England to   Marie Elizabeth, dau of Mr T. and late                                                     M.A.McFadden --

Deaths  -  106
KENWORTHY - at Christchurch Hospital,  bel. son of Elsie Maud  and Jack Kenworthy of Hornby,  aged 11 years and 11mths.
MATSON - on 11 Jan.  at --- Papanui,  Margaret Bainbridge, bel wife of Conway G.Matson,  in her 62nd year.

Bereavement -  106
WRIGHT -  Mr J.  thanks all relatives and friends -----

In Memoriam  -  106
A'COURT -  Leonard,  23rd Reinforcements, killed in action in France  11 January 1918. - inserted by his friends L. and E. Boult,  Dunedin.

Monday 13 January  1919
Birth  -  108    page 1
COOKE -  on 10 Jan  at Lincoln  to wife of Dr E.J.Cooke  -  a daughter.

Marriages  -  108
WIGGLESWORTH - BRAMLEY - on 5 Dec at ---  Charles, son of William Wigglesworth  to  Annie, dau of Mrs C.A.Bramley,  Ashburton

Deaths  -  108
HOWARD -  on 11 Jan  at Ohoka,  Alice,  bel wife of Thomas P. Howard,  aged 62
KENWORTHY -  on 11 Jan at Christchurch Hosp.  Lawrence, 2nd son of Elsie and Jack Kenworthy,  Hornby,  aged 11 years and 11 mths.
MATSON - on 11 Jan  at ----  Margaret Bainbridge,  bel wife of Conway G.Matson  in her 62nd year.
THROWER - on 12 Jan  at her res. ---  Sarah Ann, loving wife of F.Thrower,  in her 63rd year  --
THROWER -  on 12 Jan,  Sarah Ann,  bel mother of Mrs C.Powis,  Waiau,  and Mrs C.Ell,  Redcliffs.

Deaths  -  112  page 6
ROI -  on 12 Jan  at Ashley george,  Oxford,  Charles V.Roi,  dearly loved hus. of May Roi,  of Southbridge,  in his 43rd year

Funeral Notice   -  112
ROI  -  Charles V.  hus of Mrs M.  leave his fathers res.  Oxford,  on Tuesday 14 Jan  at 1-30pm  for the Oxford Cemetery.

Tuesday  14 January 1919
Births  -  115
HACKE - on 12 Jan. at Nurse Devlin's ---  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs H.Hacke,  Hawarden - a daughter
HEATON -  on 8 Jan at Woolston  to Mr and Mrs George Heaton -  a daughter
MOORE - on 9 Jan. at 12 Julius Tce  to Mr and Mrs B.O.Moore  -  a daughter
NEWTON -  on 12 Jan at Winchmore  to wife of E.B.Newton  - a daughter
WAUCHOP - on 13 Jan at 552 Hereford st,  to wife of H.H.Wauchop  - a son.

Marriage  -  115
KNOWLES - PARSONS -  on 29 Nov at Rotorua,  Captain Ernest Francis Hilary Knowles --- son of Rev W.F.Knowles, of Amberley to Dorothy Brendon,
                                    dau of W.Langdon, Parsons,  of Perth W.A.   late of Christchurch.

Deaths  -  115
HACKE -  on 12 Jan at Nurse Devlin's  Rangiora,  infant dau of H. and A. Hacke,  Hawarden
ISBISTER -  on 3 Jan  at sea.  Ingsay Margeeurite,  dearly loved 3rd  dau of late James  and Mrs Isbister  in her 20th year.
ISBISTER -  on 3 Jan,  Pipi,  dearly loved sister of Totti Fuldseth,  Kaiapoi,  and Kitti Boag,  Burnside,  in her 20th year.
KNIGHT -  on 13 Jan.  at his res. ---  William, dearly loved hus of Fanny Knight aged 52  -----
ROI  -  on 12 Jan at Ashley Gorge,  Charles Roi,  dearly loved hus of May Roi  of Southbridge.

Engagement  -  120  page 7
LANSDALE - BROWNE - Miss Kathleen Simpson,  dau of late Mr John and Mrs Lansdale, of Wellington  to  Mr Charles Harden, son of late Mr R.H.Browne                             and Mrs Browne, Chch

Wednesday 15 January  1919
Births  -  124
McLAUGHLIN - on 14 Jan  at Nurse Bethune's,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs W.McLaughlin  - a daughter
MOTE -  on 14 Jan  at Napier  to Mr and Mrs E.R.Mote  -  a son.
WINCHESTER -  at Leeston,  Nurse McManus's Home  to Mr and Mrs J.Winchester,  Irwell -  a son.

Death  -  124
TAYLOR -  on 14 Jan  at Broom st  Kaiapoi,  Sam,  bel hus. of Mary Ann Taylor  in his 71st year. -----

Engagement  -  127   page 7
SHAND  - LINGARD  - Miss Isabella Holmwood, eldest dau of Mrs T.G.Shand, formerly of Christchurch  to  Mr C.V.Lingard, son of Mr and Mrs Rawson                                                 Lingard, Fielding.

Friday 17 January  1919
Deaths  -  132
BERRY -  on 23 November at Napier,  Alfred Mynot,  son of late Henry and S.H.Berry,  Christchurch,  of influenza
BERRY -  on 4 December at Taetihi,  George, son of late Henry and S.H.Berry  Christchurch,  of influenza
WAKELIN - on 15 Jan  at his res.  Barry's Bay,  Richard,  dearly loved  eldest son of Thomas and Mary Wakelin,  Reeves rd,  Marshland,  in his 42nd year.

Eggaements  -  135
FULTON - AUSTEN -  Mr Gordon Fulton,  of Rotheram,  Nth Canterbury  to  Miss Austen, dau of the Hon A.Austen  ---
TABART - ROBERTS -  Mr Guy Tabart (doing special war work at Woolwich)  to Miss Roberts,  of St John's Hosp.  London.

Saturday 18 January  1919

Birth - 147  page 10
WATSON -  on 17 Jan  at 52 Sherborne st  St Albans  to wife of  F.W.Watson  - a son

Death  -  147
THACKER -  on 17 Jan  at Christchurch,  Elizabeth Agnes Thacker  of Okain's Bay,  in her 68th year.

Marriage  -  147
FULLER - EATON - on 26 Dec, Walter Douglas, 4th son of Mr and Mrs J.Fuller  to Catherine Eaton, dau of late Mrs and Mr J.Eaton, of Oamaru.

Funerals  -  147
THACKER -  Elizabeth Agnes,  on Sunday 19 Jan.   funeral arriving at Okain's Bay Cemetery  at 2-30pm.
McCAHON -  James  ---  East Oxford,  tomorrow Sunday  at 2-30pm  for the East Oxford Cemetery.

Engagement  -  141
POORE - MASON - Miss Bessie Poore,   to Mr Reginald C.Mason,  Auckland,  son of Mr and Mrs F.O.Mason, both of Christchurch

Monday 20 January 1919
Births - 148
BAYLISS - on 19 January  at 56 Wildberry st, Woolston,  to Mr and Mrs Stan Bayliss -  twin  son and daughter
BEATTIE -  on 30 Dec at Nurse Hew's, Ollivier's rd,  to Mr and Mrs J.Beattie,  Lyndhurst -  a daughter

Deaths -  148
GOURLAY - on 17 Jan at Tauranga, Alice Ann (Annie) bel. wife of E.D.G.Gourlay, of Chch and 2nd dau of Mrs D. McKenzie, of New Brighton  aged 42

Tuesday  21 January  1919
Births  -  163   page 1
CRAMPTON -  on 19 Jan  at "The Elms"  King st Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs R.Crampton,  "Glenbourne"  Waiau  - a daughter
RUDKIN -  on 18 Jan  at 16 Jacksons rd, Fendalton  to Mr and Mrs Lawrence Rudkin  - a son
THORNTON -  on 14 Jan at Nurse Davidson's  "Lucerne"  to Mr and Mrs J.B.Thornton  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  163
CROWE -  on 19 Jan at his mother's res.  --- Ashburton,  William Joseph, bel son of Marie Josephine and late Daniel Crowe,  aged 12 years
HENDERSON -  on 18 Jan at New Brighton,  Andrew Henderson of "Belmont" Methven  in his 50th year. private internment at Methven Cemetery
KENNAWAY-BROWNE - on 20 Jan at -- Louise Read, relict of Captain Kennaway-Browne, dau of General Sir Samuel Burdon Ellis,  in her 86th year
KENNELLY - on 20 Jan at Caledonian rd,  Annie, relict of Cornelius Patrick Kennelly, in her 55th year  late of Upper Riccarton.
MURPHY -  on 19 Jan at Lake View Farm, Cheviot, James Leo Murphy  aged 20 years 10mths --

Birth  - 169  page 6
CARTWRIGHT -  on 20 Jan to Mr and Mrs Cartwright,  Camberwell Lodge,  Clifton  - a son.

Death  -  169   
SYCAMORE -  on 20 Jan at Christchurch Hosp.  Charles F.C.  bel. hus. of Hannah Sysamore,  in his 56th year.

Wednesday  22 January  1919
Births  -  173
McDOWELL -  on 19 Jan at Nurses Gregg and Savage's  ---  Sydenham  to Mr and Mrs W.McDowell "Sherwood"  Waiau  -  a son
TONKIN  -  on 19 Jan at  Nurses Gregg and Savage's  ---  Sydenham  to Mr and Mrs L.Tonkin  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  173
HOLMES -  on 21 Jan at his res -- Charles James,  dearly loved hus. of Mary Holmes, only brother of Mrs W.B.McDonald, Methven,
                     son in law of S.W. and J.H.Priest, Little  River,  in his 66th year
SYCAMORE - on 20 Jan at Christchurch Hosp.  Charles F.C.  bel. hus. of Hannah Sysamore,  in his 56th year.

In Memoriam  - 173
DANIELSON - Daniel August Danielson  died at Rotheram Jan. 22nd  1916 - inserted by his loving dau.and  son in law, and grandchildren,  M and G Guthrie
PAISLEY -  Millie,  died 22 January 1916  -  inserted by her loving parents.

Bereavement  -  173
HEINISCH -  Mr and Mrs A. Heinisch,  of Omihi   wish to thank  ---------

Engagement  -  170
McCORMICK - CRAIGHEAD - Miss Rosabelle Tottie, dau of Mr and Mrs McCormick,  Springston  to Mr Owen,  son of Mr A.Craighead, 
                                Royal Hotel,  Waimate.

Thursday 23 January 1919
Birth  -  175
MANDER - on 22 Jan at Nurse Watson's,  London St,  Richmond  to Mr and Mrs J.S. Mander  - a daughter

Marriage -  175
ANDERSON - WELSH - on 2 Dec at Darfield ----Charles Edwin Anderson  to  Annie Maria, eld dau of A.M.Welsh and late W.J.Welsh.
SHELLOCK - McCOY -  on 15 Jan  at--  Fred,  son of Mr and Mrs G.Shellock  to Cynthia Kathleen (Nan)  dau of Mr and Mrs John McCoy,  both of  Rakaia.

Deaths  -  175
COOMBES -  on 22 Jan at res of son in law Mr Bishop --  Esther, widow of William Coombes  in her 79th year.
McANULTY -  on 22 Jan  at his res Rolleston st,  Rakaia,  Edward McAnulty,  aged 78 years --

Friday 24 January 1919
Deaths  -  179
AUTON -  on 23 Jan.  at his res. Cuffs rd,  Sandilands,  Myers,  dearly loved hus of Annie Auton, late Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire  and NZ Railways,  aged 73
JAMES -  on 23 Jan.  at Leithfield,  Thomas Henry James,  dearly loved hus of Elizabeth James  aged 77
SCHNEIDER -  on 23 Jan at his parents,  the Schoolhouse,   ---  Ashburton,  George Raymond, dearly loved elder son of George and Alice,  in his 14th year
WHITWORTH -  at his res, Vagues rd, Papanui,  Josiah, dearly bel hus of Esther Whitworth  in his 71st year.

Saturday 25 January  1919
Engagement  -  182
PERSSON - McKENZIE -  Miss Lily Persson ---to  Mr Ernest McKenzie, of --staff Public Works dept.  just received advice of admission to
                                                Institute of Civil Engineers

Monday 27 January  1919
Births  -  194
ANNAND -  on 26 January  at Nurse Bethune's  to Mr and Mrs R.T.Annand,  455 Montreal st,  -  a son
BUTCHER  -  on 22 January  at Nurse Rastrick's,  Shakespeare road,    to Mr and Mrs Butcher  - a son
LITTLE  -  on 28 January  at Nurse Overton's,  Sumner,  to wife of H.T.Little,  "Hui Hui"  -  a daughter
PATERSON -  on 25 January at Nurse Davidson's Home, "Lucerne"  to Mr and Mrs Paterson  -  a son.
PILET -  on 25 January at Nurse Black's, New Brighton  to  Mr and Mrs Pilet -  a daughter
WATKINS -  on 22 January  at 68 Thackeray st,  Waltham,  to Mr and Mrs J.H.Watkins  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  194
BROWN -  on 24 January  at Christchurch,  John Brown,  185 Augustus st,    aged 46 years.
COLLISTER  -  on 25 January  at Kaiapoi,  Albert Charles,  dearly loved son of George and Beatrice Collister,  aged 5,  accidentally drowned.
DUXBURY  -  on 25 January  at Pigeon Bay,  William,  bel. hus of Margaret Duxbury,  aged 43,   funeral Monday.
HALLIDAY -  on 26 January  at res of his son in law,  Mr H.L.Smith,  Lyttelton,  William Halliday, in his 74th year
STEWART  -  on 26 January  at Ashburton Hosp.  Mary Jane,  dearly bel. wife of John James Stewart (Jack)  of Rakaia,  aged 43.
WALSH -  at his res.  172 Kilmore st,  John William Henry Walsh,  a loving husband and father  ------

Death  -  p6  194a
BROOKS - on 27 Jan  at 173 Lichfield st,  Sarah Jane, dearly bel wife of Henry Owen Brooks after a long and painful illness,  aged 54 years

Funeral Notice -  194a
HALLIDAY -  William,  funeral will leave res. of his son-in-law  H.L.Smith, Exeter st Lyttelton  Tuesday at 3pm  for the Public Cemetery

Tuesday  28 January  1919
Births  -  199
ROBERTSON -  on 25 January  at 162 Ollivier's rd,  Linwood,  to Mr and Mrs J.R.Robertson  -  a daughter.

Golden Wedding  -  199
ROBILLIARD - DE GARIS -  on 17 Jan. 1869  at ---  Nicholas George, eldest son of M.N. Robilliard (St Jacques)  to Lydia Mary,  youngest dau of late
                                            M.N.De Garis, of Mount Durand, Guernsey, Channel Island.

Deaths  -  199
HALLIDAY   -  on 26 Jan. at res son in law,  Mr H.L.Smith,  Lyttelton,  William Halliday, in his 74th year
PARROTT -  on 26 Jan at Lyttelton,  Sydney James,  bel son of Robert James and Rose Ethel Parrott,  aged 11 mths.
STEVENS  -  on 27 Jan.  at her res.  442 St Asaph st,  Mary,  widow of late Richard Stevens,  aged 75 years.
TAVENDALE -  on 7 Jan (died at sea) Sapper E.J.Tavendale,  4th Battalion NZ ,   late of Clarkville   aged 26
WINTER -  on 27 Jan  Anne Elizabeth, (Madame)  wife of Thomas W.Winter,  in her 92nd year.
WOLFREYS  -  on 27 Jan.  at his late res.  36 Rotheram st, Riccarton,  Joseph Edmund, dearly loved hus. of Eliza Wolfreys  in his 79th year.  ---

Engagement  -  DOWNING-FULLERTON  -  STIRLING    -  201
George Cecil, of Royal Berks Regiment, of Ballintoy, County Antrim, son of late Mr and Mrs Downing-Fullerton, Purley Park,  Reading  to Iris Cheatham, only dau of Mr and Mrs Arthur Stirling, 4 Dartmouth rd, Dublin  and granddaughter of late Mr Edward Cheatham-Strode, of Silverwood,  Dunedin.

Engagement  -  COZENS  -  TWENTYMAN  -  202
Lieutenant A.Charles W.R.N.V.R.  youngest son of Mr and Mrs George Cozens, Auckland    to   Audrey Gweynneth, 2nd dau of Mr J.R.Twentyman,  J.P.  and Mrs Twentyman, of Kirby Misperton Hall, Pickering, Yorks.

Wednesday  29 January 1919
Births  -  204
HART -  on 27 Jan  at Nurse Devlin;s "Victoria Home"  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs J.H.Hart,  Ohoka,  -  a son.
WILKIE - on 25 Jan at "Arawa"  Ashburton  to Mr and Mrs A.D.Wilkie  Pareora,  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  204
ANDERSON - 28 Jan at his res. --- Allenton, Ashburton,  William Robert Anderson, late Lismore,  eld. bel. son of late Mary Jane Anderson, in his 59th yr.
RALPH - on 28 Jan  at her res.  28 Belfast st,  Ann,  widow of Joseph Charles Ralph,  aged 81 years.  Late of Lyttelton.
TIBLEY -  on 24 Jan  at Hamilton,  Emma May,  bel wife of Ernest R.Tibley, 3rd dau of Arthur Cole of Sydenham,  aged 51.

Thursday 30 January  1919
Births  -  210
GIBSON -  on 28 Jan at Cheviot  to Mr and Mrs S.Gibson  - a daughter
PARKER -  on 28 Jan at Wellington  to wife of Walter Parker  - a son.
ROBINSON -  on 26 Jan  at Mrs L.J.King's Nursing home  to Mr and Mrs Ward Robinson,  528 Hereford st,  - a daughter

Marriage  -  210
FERGUSON - BROWN - on 28 Jan at  --   Glentunnel, Fergus, son of John and Barbara Ferguson,  Brookside  to  Mary Elizabeth,  dau of Thomas and Mary                                             Brown, Coalgate

Deaths  -  210
MORRISON -  on 29 Jan at -- Agnes, dearly loved mother of Mrs Dr Thacker, late of Belfast, Ireland,  in her 84th year funeral at Okain's Bay, Friday 2pm
RUNDLE -  on 29 Jan at -- William Stanley, hus of Mary Maud, (May) Randle,  age 42 years.
TIBBY  -  on 24 Jan  at Hamilton,  Emma May,  bel wife of Ernest R.Tibby  and 3rd dau of Arthur Cole, of Sydenham,  aged 51.

Engagement  -  206
KEONG - MAYER -Miss E.Keong, of Clive Grange, dau of Mr Thomas Keong,  late of Napier  to  Mr C.W.Mayer, son of Rev T.A. and Mrs Mayer, of                                                 Hastings

Friday 31 January  1919
Birth  -  216
ANDERSON -  at "Westbourne"  Windsor Ave,  Belfast,  to wife of Capt. A.Douglas Anderson  -  a son,  by cable.

Marriage  -  216
GILLING - EARLY -  on 2 Jan. at New Brighton,  Hypatia Early  to  William osric Robert Gilling.

Deaths  -  216
CHAMBERS - on 29 Jan. at her res.  Selwyn St,  Leeston,  Ellen,  relict of John Chambers,  in her 80th year.
HALLIDAY -  on 29 Jan  at   -- Robert, dearly loved hus. of Agnes Halliday,  47 Tennyson St  beckenham,   in his 51st year.
MARRA - on 30 Jan at -- Elizabeth, relict of Patrick Marra  in her 68th year.
SOMMERVILLE -  on 30 Jan  at 253 Hills rd,  Shirley,  Annie,  dearly loved wife of Samuel Sommerville,  in her 61st year
VERDON -  on 29 Jan  at ---  Sarah,  dearly loved wife of Benjamin Verdon  of Timaru,  aged 65 ------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 October 2009

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