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Saturday  1 February  1919
Birth  -  37
FINDLAY - to Mr and Mrs H.A.Findlay,  20 Onslow st  -  a daughter

Marriage -  37
MARRIOTT - GOODCHILD - at Edmonton, Pvte Launcelot Alfred, 4th son of Mr and Mrs T.Marriott, Chch  to  Beatrice Grace, youngest dau of late R.C.
                            and Mrs Goodchild, of Edmonton, London

Death -  37
HARRIS -  on 31 January at Omihi,  Edmund Harris,  aged 81 years

Funeral Notice -  37
HARRIS - Edmund,  will leave his son's res.  Charles Harris,  at 12-15pm Sunday  for the Methodist  Cemetery, Ashley st,    Rangiora.

Monday 3 February  1919
Marriages  - 55
GOLD - WALKER - on 15 Jan. at Avonside, Dorothy Walker  to James Alexander Gold.
ROBINSON - GILES - on 30 Jan at -- Timaru, Frank McLaren, son of Gladstone Robinson ---  to  Edith Eleanor, dau of E.D.Giles, -- Glen-iti, Timaru

Deaths  - 55
HARRIS - on 31 Jan. at Omihi,  Edmund Harris,  aged 81
HILL - on 1 Feb,  Cecil McKenzie Hill, Chief Instructor Flying School, late of Bridgewater,  England,   result of an accident
MARSHALL - on 1 Feb. at res of son in law B.A.Allen, ---Woolston, Annie Marshall,  late East Eyreton,  aged 60
MULLINS - on 2 Feb at Christchurch, Daniel Mullins,  dearly loved father of Mrs Thomas Pledge,  296 Armagh st,  Linwood,  aged 84.
WEST - on 1 Feb. at 20 Papanui rd, St Albans,  Betsy West,  in her 71st year.

Engagement -  62
WARNER - MIDGLEY -   Miss Dorothy Grace Warner  to Mr Ray Midgley, Linwood.

Engagement -  61
PETRIE - STACKHOUSE -  Janie, dau of Mr and Mrs Edward Petrie of Wellington  to  Ernest, son of Mr and Mrs James Stackhouse, of Nth Canterbury

Tuesday 4  February 1919
Births  -  63
COLLISTER -  on 1 Feb. at Kaiapoi,  to Mr and Mrs G.Collister - a daughter

Marriages  -  63
HOBBS - HATCHWELL - on 30 Nov.1918 at --England, Corporal Robert Knowles, son of Mrs A.E.Hobbs & late Mr F.W.Hobbs  to Constance Hatchwell
KNOWLES - JONES - on 16 Dec at --Oxford,  Percival John, son of Mr and Mrs J.Knowles,  West Oxford   to Eva, dau. of Mr and Mrs G. Jones,  Leeston.
PYCROFT - MORTON - on 20 Nov. 1918 at 369 Leith Walk --Edward James Pycroft NZFA, Chch  to Bethia (Betty) dau of Mr & Mrs Wm N.Morton, ----

Deaths -  63
CHAPMAN - on 3 Feb at her res. Prebbleton,  Elizabeth (Granny) Chapman,  in her 81st year.
KITTELTY - on 8 Feb  at Chch Hosp.  Henry James,  dearly loved hus of Mat Kittelty, late of Black Point, Reefton,  in his 51st year.
MACLAINE - on 27 Jan.  at Auckland,  Camelia, bel. wife of Wm Maclaine,   61 Essex st, Linwood.

Engagements  -  68
PIKE- SMITH  -  only dau of Mr T.B.Pike, Chester st  to  Lieutenant W.E.Smith  DCM, son of Mr H.Smith, Oaklands,  Tasmania
SNODGRASS - ANDERSON  - Alison Snodgrass, of Te Puke, (left on the Makura) to be marr. on arrival in England to Major J.E.Anderson, Croix de Guerre,                         belong to the Cust district, Canterbury

Wednesday 5 February  1919
Births  -  72
NEWMAN - on 3 February at Nurse Black's, Lonsdale st,  New Brighton to wife of Private E.R.Newman, 37th Specialists - a daughter
STRAHAN  on 2 Feb at Nurse Bethune's  to Mr and Mrs T.R.Strahan  -  a son.

Marriage -  72
NEWMAN - MASON -   on 30 March 1918 at --Wellington, Private Edwin Robert, son of A.W.Newman Fire Station, Fielding to Winifred Lilian (Madge)
                                dau of   Andrew James Mason, Christchurch

Deaths  -  72
ARDLEY -  on 30 Jan at Wellington, Jessie McCallum,  dearly loved wife of Harry Ardley,  aged 34
HILL - on 4 Feb. at 107 Waltham rd, Sydenham,  Ellen, relivt of George Walter Hill,  in her 64th year.
HOLLAND - on 4 Feb at her sons res. 10 William st,  Elizabeth, dearly bel. wife of Wilfred Holland, of Redcliffs,  in her 71st year.
ROWE -  on 4 Fen at his res.  35 Hanmer st.  James,  bel hus of Francis Rowe,  aged 86 years.

Thursday 6 February 1919
Births  -  77
CAMPBELL - on 2 Feb at Ranui,  Cashel st  to wife of W.J.Campbell,  "The Homestead" Culverden  - a daughter
EDLIN - on 5 Feb. at Nurse d\Devlin's Victoria Home, Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs G.H.Edlin,  Woodend -  a daughter.
GILLARD - on 3 Feb. at Christchurch  to Corporal F. and Mrs I. Gillard  - a son
HOBAN - on 2 Feb at Ranui,  Cashel st,  to wife of G.J.Hoban,  'The Peaks"  North Canterbury -  a daughter
STORER -  on 4 Feb. at "Enderleigh"  Bennetts,  to Mr and Mrs E.W.Storer  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -  77
BROADHEAD - STEWART - on 21 Jan at --Addington, Henry Dan,  son of Henry Broadhead  to Hilda Innes, dau of Mrs Stewart and late Mr J.W.Stewart.

Deaths  - 77
ANSTISS - on 23 Dec. at Wellington,  Arthur Anstiss,  aged 44 years.
HILL -  on 4 Feb. at 107 Waltham rd,  Sydenham,  Ellen,  relict, of George William Hill,  in her 64th year.
McALLISTER - on 16 Nov. at Ducie st, -- Manchester, England,  Margaret, relict of Alexander McAllister and mother of William Blain, 5 Blackett st Rangiora.
PATERSON - on 5 Feb. at res of her dau.Mrs W.J.Thomson, Timaru,  Annie, widow of James Paterson, Crescent rd, Spreydon,  in her 79th year.

In Memoriam  -  77
MARSHALL -  dear grandmother,  died 6 Feb,  1918  -  inserted by her loving granddaughter  Emma.

Funerals  -  77
PATERSON - Annie,  will leave res of her son  342 Selwyn st, Addington, on Friday 7th at 10am  for the Addington Cemetery.

Friday 7 February  1919
Death  -  80
REID -  on 6 Feb. at 24 Elgin st, Sydenham,  Jane,  relict of James Reid,  in her 86th year.

Saturday 8 February  1919
Birth -   86  -   p10
RENAI -  at their res.  14 Bracken st,  Avonside,  to Mr and Mrs R. Renai  -  a daughter.

For King and Country  -  86
MACLEAN -  on 28 Jan. in England,  Temporary Captain John Clark Maclean,  ----  son of Mrs John Maclean, Wellington,  aged 43 ---  more --
WEST - on 5 Feb. at Walton-on-Thames Hosp. Sergeant Leonard Arthur West,  son of H.J. and M.A.West,  Barbadoes st, Christchurch aged 26 years

Deaths  -  86
BRUNSDEN  -      on 8 Feb at res of her dau.  loved mother of A.R.Private W.D.Brunsden and Mrs E.A. Gasson in her 65th year
THOMAS -  on 8 Feb. at her res. 252 Papanui rd,  Matilda Sarah,  relict of late Dr Walter Thomas  in her 65th year.

Funeral Notice -  86
WILLS  -  John,  will  leave his res. 36 Moorhouse Ave,  -----   on Monday 10 Feb at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery

Monday 10 February  1919
Deaths  -  87
BRUNSDEN - on 8 Feb Elizabeth Robertson,  widow of W.D.Brunsden,  mother of A.R. and Private W.D.Brunsden  and Mrs E.A.Gasson.
ERRINGTON - on 4 Feb at Wellington hosp.  William Frederick Errington, bel father of Mrs Cooper, 61 Main st,   aged 75 years (late of Christchurch)
HURRELL - at his res. Hampstead, Ashburton,  John, dearly loved hus. of Alice Elizabeth Hurrell,  aged 75
PATTINSON - on 8 Feb at res of brother-in-law (Mr W.Pattinson) Elizabeth, widow of John,  aged 75
QUIGLEY - on 7 Feb at res of her son Andrew at Doyleston,  Mary, relict of Andrew Quigley in her 82nd year
SMITH - on 9 Feb at Christchurch Hosp.  Florence Mary,  bel dau of J and C. Smith,  Rangiora,  aged 27.
THOMAS - on 8 Feb at her res.  252 Papanui rd,  Matilda Sarah,  relict of Dr Walter Thomas,  in her 65th year
WATKINS -  at res of her son-in-law, George Atkinson, ---  Sydenham,    Fanny, relict of Edwin Watkins, Christchurch.
WEST - on 5 Feb at Walton-on-Thames, Hosp.  Sergeant leonard Arthur West NZFA  Main Body,  bel son of H.J. and M.A. West,  aged 26
WILLS -  on 8 Feb at 36 Moorhouse ave,  Sydenham,  John, dearly loved hus. of Ann Marie Wills,  in his 62nd year.

In Memoriam  -  87
In loving memory of my dear father  died suddenly on 9 February 1918  -   dau  Myra.

Engagement  -  89
DALGETY - GORTON - Dorothy Dalgety, dau of Mr and Mrs C.G.Dalgety  to Major Gorton,  of the NZ Mounted Rifles.

Tuesday  11 February 1919
Births  -  92
HAYES - on 8 Feb  at Nurse Devlin's, Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs W.M.Hayes  of Sefton - a son
LINDSAY - on 9 Feb at Nurse Devlin's  to Mr & Mrs C.Lindsay of Fernside -  a son.

Marriage -  92
RALPH - McMILLAN - on 7 Feb at -- Clarence, son of Mr & Mrs J.C.Ralph, St Albans  to  Isa, youngest dau of Mr W.S.McMillan,  Glasgow, Scotland.

Deaths  -  92
EARLY - on 9 Feb at her parents res. New Brighton,  Fanny Rachel,  bel 2nd dau of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Ann Early  in her 32 nd year
SMITH -  on 9 Feb at Chch Hosp.  Florence Mary, dearly loved dau of J. and C.Smith, Fire Brigade Station,  Rangiora,  aged 27.

Wednesday 12 February 1919
Birth - 96
McKENZIE - on 9 Feb at 197 West Belt, Riccarton,  to wife of Mr T.McKenzie - a son.

Deaths - 96
BURNEY - on 11 Feb.  at her res. 60 Strickland st  Ellen, relict of Peter Martin Burney,  late Johns rd, Belfast,  in her 72nd year
LANE - on 10 Feb. at "Prospect House" St David's st, Dunedin,  Marion, relict of late John Colville Lane,  aged 37.

Engagement -  98
LATTER - GALE - Mr E. Latter,  Cloudy Bay, Kaikoura,  to Miss Moana Gale, dau of Mrs F.W.Gale,  Kaikoura.

Thursday 13 February 1919.
Births  - 100
BICKERDIKE - on 11 Feb at 80 Barbour st,  to wife of Mr J.Bickerdike -  a son
BIRCH - at 14 Taylor's rd, Fendalton,  to wife of A.Birch - a daughter,  stillborn.
WARREN - on 29 Jan. at Nurse Boon's  Bealey ave,  to Mr and Mrs J.Warren,  Ellesmere -  a daughter.

Deaths  -  100
GOLDTHORPE - on 8 Feb at Ngamotu, Southland,  Harriett, dearly beloved wife of Joseph Goldthorpe, late North Cantebury,  aged 61 years
HELLEWELL -  on 12 Feb at his res 26 Lyttelton st. Spreydon,  James Henry, dearly loved hus of Martha Hellewell,  in his 72nd year
HILL -  on 12 Feb at Chch Hosp,  Bridget (Bid) dearly loved dau of Mr J.Hill late Kaikoura in her 26th year
LLOYD - on 11 Feb at his res Estuary rd,  New Brighton,  John Cadman Lloyd,  aged 80 years
MENZIES - on 12 Feb at 87 Cashmere rd,  John Henry Menzies,  of Menzies Bay,  Lyttelton, in his 80th year.
PREBBLE - on 11 Feb at her res. Little Akaloa,  Emma Jane,  dearly bel wife of Edward Prebble  in her 58th year.
WOODS -  on 12 Feb Lydia Maria,  dearly loved wife of George Woods,  23 Dickens st Addington,  aged 54 years.

Friday 14 February  1919
Births  -  106
BURROWS -  on 12 Feb at Nurse Devlin's Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs E.Burrows,  Broomfield, Amberley - a son.

Deaths  -  106
AUSTIN - on 13 Feb at res of her sister Mrs J.J.Wilson, ----    Dunedin,  Mary Letitia,  widow of John Austin,  26 Bishop st St Albans.
FITZGERALD -  on 12 Feb at ---- Dunedin,  Anne Copland Annandale,  bel wife of William Sanderson Fitzgerald, (late Inveresk, Anderson's Bay)
WILLSTEED - on 13 Feb at Christchurch,  William Stephen Willsteed, 44 Croydon st, Sydenham,  in his 78th year.

Saturday 15 February  1919
In Memoriam -  124
SMITH - Willie,  brother who died 15 February 1915. - inserted by his sister and brother in law.

Monday 17 February 1919
Births -  125
BLACMOWATKBURN - on 11 Feb at Mrs L.J.King's Home ---  to Mr and Mrs J.J.Blackburn,  Marshland -  a daughter
MOWAT - on 13 Feb at 40 St David st, Lyttelton  to Mr and Mrs F.Mowatt  -  a daughter

Silver Wedding -  125
CAMPBELL - JOHNSTON - on 17 Feb, 1894 at --- Harry, 4th son of Richard Campbell, Timaru  to Mary bertha, dau of Leah Johnston -- 
                    present address Lake Coleridge

Deaths -  125
DAVIS -  on 15 Feb at --- Rangiora,  Samuel Davis,  aged 84 years  --- private internment at 2-30pm today.
GLANVILLE - on 16 Feb at her res.  Maud Florence bel wife of J.F.Glanville
McALISTER -  on 4 Feb at Singapore,  Walter Charles,  eld. son of late James McAlister,  late of Oamaru and Ngapara
O'RIELLY - on 15 Feb at Methven,  Thomas,  dearly bel hus of Alice O'Rielly
REED - on 16 Feb at his res.  Gad's rd, Woolston,  Nicholas, dearly loved hus of late Elizabeth Penaluna Reed,  in his 74th year.
REESBY -  on 14 Feb at Ashburton,  Susannah Jane,  bel wife of Herbert Reesby,  Lyndhurst
SMAIL  -  on 16 Feb at "Halidon"  136 Lincoln rd,  Thomas Ingram,  bel hus of C.L.Smail,  in his 70th year

In Memoriam -  125
LYONS - William, beloved younger son of Mr and Mrs Charles Lyons ---  died at Etaples, France,  17 Feb  1918 --------

Tuesday 18 February  1919
Births  -  129
BARR -  on 2 Feb at 98 Hills rd, to Mr and Mrs B.J.Barr  -  a daughter
MACKIE - on 16 Feb at 250 Colombo st,  (Nurses Gregg and Savage)  to Mr and Mrs David Mackie,  Templeton -  a son
SANDERSON - on 16 feb at Nurse Adam's  9 Glasgow st,  to Mr and Mrs J.D.Sanderson,  515 Worcester st -  a son
WARNALL -  on 17 feb at 250 Colombo st  (Nurses Gregg and Savage)    to wife of R.W.Warnall  - a son

Marriage -  129
DRAPER - BREWER - on 15 feb at Templeton, Peter Kearney, son of Mrs and late George Draper to Stella Mary, dau of Mrs and late Harry Brewer -------

Deaths -  129
BUXTON -  on 17 feb at his res 12 cavandish st Allenton, Ashburton,  Searby, relict of Rebecca Buxton in his 87th year
MARTIN - on 17 Feb at Coronation Hosp.  Mary Rose,  2nd eldest dau of B.B. and A.J.Martin of Domett,  in her 21st year
SCOTT - on 17 Feb at Christchurch,  Constance Sheila, youngest dau. of G.A.C. and late William Barr Scott,  aged 11 years

Bereavement -  129
HILL -  Mr and Mrs Bert Hill,  107 Waltham rd,  thank all their kind friends -----   

Wednesday 19 February  1919
Births -  134
ALLISON -  on 17 Feb at 54 MansfieldAve,  to wife of Dr henry K.Allison  - a son
BROWN - on 17 Feb at Nurse Devlin's,  Rangiora to Mr and Mrs G.Brown of Sefton - a son.
PEPPERELL -  on 17 Feb at 82 King st, Sydenham,  to Mr and Mrs L.J.Pepperell  - a daughter

Marriage -  134
BOYD - BROADHURST - on 10 Feb at -- Edward, son of Mr and late Davis Boyd, sen of Kaikoura to Gladys Edith, dau of Mrs & late George Broadhurst, ---

Deaths -  134
HARRIS - on 17 Feb at Mr Walter Harris's res.  Ohoka,  Amelia Harris, late Armagh st, Linwood,  aged 86 years
LURCH - on 18 Feb ay Christchurch Hosp.  William George, bel grandson of Mr and Mrs F.Lurch -----   aged 1 year 11mths.
MAJOR - on 18 Feb at St John st, Papanui,  Esther, dearly loved wife of James Major.
MANN - at Sydney,  Ronald,  3rd son of  late John and Alvee Mann, St Albans,  Christchurch
McCARTNEY - on 18 Feb at her res. John's rd Papanui,  Esther, bel wife of W.P.McCartney ---  dau of J. and A. Bennington,  in her 59th year ----  

Thursday 20 February 1919
Births -  141
BAKER - on 19 Feb at MacMillan Ave,  Cashmere  to Mr and Mrs Leyden W.Baker  - a daughter
DEAN - on 7 Feb at Tokomaru,  to wife of Frederick Dean  and only dau of the late Richard F.Atkinson  -  twins,  all well
FORSYTH -  on 18 Feb at "The Elms"  King st, Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs R.Forsyth,  Springbank - a son

Death -  141
BUNKER - on 19 feb at Christchurch Hosp  Olwen Veronica, beloved  infant. dau of C.R. and N.P.Bunker, 19 Wainui st, Riccarton,  aged 1 year 8mths

Engagement - 148
HOPE-LEWIS - McLEOD -  Mr P. Hope-Lewis,  of Gisborne  to Miss Isabel Mcleod, of Napier ----

Friday 21 February  1919
Marriage -  149
McKENZIE - HARE - on 26 Dec at -- Culverden -- James Philip. son of Mr and Mrs A.McKenzie  to Aileen Westbury, dau of Mr and Mrs W.E.Hare,                                             Swindon,  Culverden.

Death -  149
GUNN - on 20 Feb at Christchurch,  Harriet,  dearly loved wife of Alexander Gunn,  Racecourse Hill,  in her 59th year.

Death -  151
PLIMMER -  on 20 Feb at res A.E.Young,  Opawa,  John David, dearly bel hus of Honor, and son of late Henry Plimmer, Wellington, in his 47th year

Funerals  -  151
PLIMMER -  John David,  leave from 4 Ensors rd, Opawa,  on Sat. at 3-30pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Saturday 22 February 1919
Birth  -  167
WARNER -  on 22 Feb at Sumner rd,  Lyttelton  to wife of F.F.H.Warner  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  167
COPPLESTONE - on 21 Feb at her parents --  Ethel Margaret, dearly loved sister of Mrs C.A.Eaton  ------
EVANS -  on 22 Feb at her res.  -- New Brighton,  Martha Maria,  relict of Edward Evans  in her 71st year
McCALLISTER -  on 21 Feb at res of her parents --- Kaiapoi,  Dulcie, dau of George and Annie McCallister,   in her 21st year
PAWSEY -  on 20 Feb at res of niece Mrs C.R.J.Evans, --- Oxford,  John Robert Pawsey,  aged 74,  late of Balcairn  and Woodgrove.
SHAW -  on 22 Feb  at --- Kaiapoi,  James Edward,  bel hus of Mary Shaw,  aged 64 years.

In Memoriam  -  167
THOMSON - in loving memory of Lucy Rose Sparshot (Louie)  died 22 February 1915 -  inserted by her loving sister and brother in law H and W.C.Gee.

Funerals  -  167
McCALLISTER -  Dulcie Beatrice,  funeral will leave Charles st Kaiapoi  Sunday 23 Feb  at 1-45 pm  for the Church of England Cemetery
SHAW - James Edward  leave his res North rd, Kaiapoi  on Monday 24 feb  at 2-30pm   for the Church of England Cemetery
COPPLESTONE  -  Ethel,  wife of Herbert,  will leave 23 Somerfield st Sunday at 4-15pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery
PAWSEY - John Robert,  leave niece's res  Mrs C.R.J.Evans  --  at 12 pm Sunday 23rd   for the Rangiora Church of England Cemetery
EVANS -  Martha Maria,  on Monday 24  arriving at Addington Cemetery  2-40pm.

Engagement  -  157
MASON - WANG - Miss Lola Mason, dau of Mr G.H.Mason, Christchurch  to  Mr G.Marcus Wang,  Labasa,  Fiji.

Monday 24 February 1919
Birth -  169
WARNER -  on 22 Feb at Sumner rd,  Lyttelton  to wife of F.F.H.Warner  -  a daughter

Deaths -  169
EVANS -  on 22 Feb at her res.  -- New Brighton,  Martha Maria,  relict of Edward Evans  in her 71st year
FLEMING -  on 23 Feb at "Lowland Leas" Fernside,  Robert,  bel hus of A.Fleming  in his 53rd year
LATTIMORE  -  on 23 Feb at Otara, Southland, Ralph, (Rafe) bel hus of Mabel Lattimore,  son of Mrs L.Lattimore,Merivale,  (Drowning accident)
PAWSEY - John Robert,  leave niece's res  Mrs C.R.J.Evans  --  at 12 pm Sunday 23rd   for the Rangiora Church of England Cemetery
SHAW -  on 22 Feb  at --- Kaiapoi,  James Edward,  bel hus of Mary Shaw,  aged 64 years.
WOOD -  on 23 Feb at 14 Bristol st St Albans,  Anne Maria,  relict of William Derisley Wood,  in her 93rd year. ----

Tuesday  25 February  1919
Births  -  174
ROGAL - on 16 Feb at Mrs L.King's Nursing Home,  90 Salisbury st,  to Mr and Mrs F.Rogal  502 Marshland rd  -  a son.
SORRELL -  on 23 Feb at Nurse Bethune's  to wife of E.C.Sorrell -  a daughter

Marriage  -  174
- on 12 Feb at--, England  Sergt-Major Thomas Oliver, son of Mr and Mrs T.O.Johnson, Scargill  to Barbara, dau of Mr and Mrs North,                         Worcester, England

Deaths -  174
FEARN -  on 31 Jan  at his res 221 Happy Valley rd,  -- Wellington,  george Hartley, bel son of Mary and late george Fearn,  aged 34 years
McDONALD -  on 24 Feb at her res 12 Frederick st, Linwood,  Hannah Emmelene,  bel wife of John McDonald,  aged 4 4years
NUGENT -  on 23 Feb at Auckland,  Edith Phillipa, bel wife of A.Nugent and dau of Mrs S.P.Bowman, 481 Manchester st,  St Albans.
WOODWARD -  on 24 Feb at her res.  86 Taylor st, Waltham,  Mrs Agnes Ann Woodward -----

Wednesday  26 February  1919
Birth -  179
DONNELLY - at 48 Ashbourne st, Woolston  -  to wife of J.Donnelly  -  a son

Deaths -  179
HARRIS - on 25 Feb at Christchurch,  Walter,  bel hus of Alice Jane Harris,  of Ohoka  and late Zealandia Bakery, Essex st,  Linwood ----
IRVING - on 22 Feb at Akaroa,  George,  bel hus of C.Irving  and 4th son of late J and E.Irving, of Sydenham,  aged 39 years.

Engagement  -  184
GILMORE - OWEN - Miss Nellie Barbara, dau of Mr and Mrs James Gilmor of Wellington  to  Mr Llewellyn E.Owen --son of Mr and Mrs M. Owen, Chch.

Thursday 27 February  1919
Births  -  185
BAILEY - on 16 Feb  at "Ranui" Cashel st  Christchurch,  to wife of G.H.Bailey,  Amberley -  a daughter
MUELLER - on 24 Feb. at Waikari,  to wife of A.Mueller -  a son.

Marriage -  185
BRUCE - CALDWELL - on 5 Feb at St John's Church,  Latimer Square, Christchurch,  by Rev P.J.Cocks,  M.A. Harry A.Bruce  to Helen Caldwell.

Deaths -  185
CRAVEN - on 26 Feb  Martha Ann,  dearly loved wife of Alfred Craven,  277 Lincoln rd,  Addington,  aged 61.
PENNY -  on 26 Feb at 2 Braddon st,  Sydenham,  Mabel, dearly loved dau of Margaret Penny,  in her 32nd year.

Friday 28 February  1919
Births -  190
CHARLETT -  on 19 Feb at Cheviot  to Mr and Mrs L.Charlett,  Arthur's Pass  -   twin daughters.
FORBES -  on 25 Feb at "The Elms" King st,  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs A.Forbes,  Cust -  a son.

Marriages  -  190
PAGE - STEWART - on 28 Jan at ---  Charles ,2nd son of late H.Page of Kirwee  to Christina Josephine,  3rd dau of Joseph Stewart,  Christchurch.
PRITCHARD - NELL - on 14 Jan at --- Tauranga Arthur John, son of Mrs and late Mr T.Pritchard  to  Ethel Louise, dau of Mr and Mrs G.F.Nell,  Tauranga.
ROWE - JOHNSTONE - on 3 Feb at --Geraldine,  John, son of Mr and MRs J.Rowe,  Ashley  to Irene Stewart, dau of Mr and Mrs A.Johnstone,  Sefton.

Deaths -  190
CLARK - on 27 Feb  at Jubilee Home, Woolston,  Alexander, bel hus of Margaret Clark,  aged 88 years  -----
GRANGER - on 26 Feb at his res. 39 Princess st, Riccarton,  James,  dearly loved hus of Annie Granger,  aged 44 years
HORNE - on 27 feb at Ashburton,  andrew Horne,  aged 81  late of Sydenham
MAPSTON - on 21 Feb at Military Hosp,  Codford, London,  Private W.R.Mapston, dearly bel hus of Annie,  23 Stoneyhurst st St Albans, Christchurch.
RICHMOND - on 26 Feb at 42 Rugby st,  Maurice W.Richmond.
SOUTER  -  on 26 Feb at Redcliffs,  Fanny,  youngest dau of late John Souter,  born at Onchan,  Isle of Man  1843

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