The Weekly  Press  -   30 July 1919

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Wednesday 30 July  1919
Roll of Honour  In Memoriam - 002
CLEWORTH -  In loving remebrance of private Joseph Herbert (Bert) Cleworth, died of wounds in France 12 July 1916 -------
LACEY - - memory of our dear brother Horace Lindsay Lacey (12th reinforcements)  killed in action in France on 31 July 1917  aged 26 years. ---
                        Georgina & Ada Lacey

Births  -  003
BAKER -  on 13 July at St Albans, Christchurch,  to Mr and Mrs F.Baker,  of Dunsandel -  a daughter
GOSS -  on 15 July at Blenheim,  to wife of J.Horace Goss,  Ngaio Downs - daughter
GOULD - on 25 July at Avonbank, Christchurch  to wife of Captain R.Gould  -  a son.
HEWLAND - on 18 July at Nurse Gregg's, Colombo st, Sydenham,  to wife of Rev. J.R.Hewland, Lyttelton  -  a son and daughter  (twins)
HIGGOTT -  on 17 July at Nurse Bethune's, Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs C.W.F.Higgott  of 59 Charles st, Linwood  -  a son.
JONES -  on 18 July at Nurse Stevenson's  Gloucester st,  to Mr and Mrs Mostyn Pryce-Jones  - a daughter
MULGAN - on 15 July at Remuera, auckland  to Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Mulgan  - a daughter
McKIE - on 23 July at Nurse Devlin's,  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs J.H.McKie,  Waiau  -  a daughter
RAPHAEL -  on 18 July,  to Mr and Mrs W.F.Raphael,  Sumner  -  a son.
TRIER -  at Robertsbridge, Sussex, England  to wife of Erwin Trier  -  a son.

Marriages  -  04
-  on 23 July  at Waipukurau Hospital,  Ellen, bel.wife of William Armstrong (late Canterbury)  aged 44 years
BACHELOR - BEAN - on 30 June at Balcairn -- William Arthur, son of Mr and Mrs W.J.Batchelor ---- to Fanny Elizabeth, 4th dau. of late Charles Bean, Chch.
HOLCROFT - DODGE - on 10 July at --Sumner  Harry Cooper Holcroft  to Ida Eva Dodge  both of Christchurch.
McLACHLAN - ANDERSON - on 23 April at --Sumner  Alan son of late Mr and Mrs Archibald McLachlan, Doyleston  to  Elsa Phoebe, dau of late George                                 Anderson,  Wellington,  and Mrs H.W.Heslop, Euston st,  Sumner.
NOONAN - MOLONEY - at -- 3 June -- John, 3rd son of P.Noonan, Westport, Ireland to Eileen, 4th dau. of M.Moloney, Armagh st, Christchurch.
OWEN - GILMOUR - on 19 July at Wellington, by -- Llewellyn, younger son of Mr and Mrs A.M.Owen to nellie, eld. dau. of Mr J.Gilmour,  Napier.
PICKERING - TURNER - on 2 July at -- William Pickering, late of Hororata,  to Beatrice Victoria, eld. dau. of Mrs A.Turner, Christchurch.
QUIRK - ALLEN - on 25 June at -- South Dunedin, by --Thomas, son of late Thomas  and Mrs Quirk, of Dunedin  to Isabel Elsie, dau. of Mr and Mrs W.Allen,                            Christchurch.
TABART - ROBERTS - on 23 December  at --Deptford, S.E. -- Mabel Winifred, 3rd dau. of late W.H.Roberts Esq.  21 Exe rd, Levtonstone, Eng. to Guy, son                             of  late F.C.Tabart, Christchurch, NZ
SMITH - FOX SMITH - FOX - on 12 June, Walter Tennyson,  4th son of Mr and Mrs F.J.Smith, Sydenham  to  Clara Alice, only dau. of late Mr and Mrs                                     James  Fox, of Waimate.

Deaths  -  005 
ALLEN - on 20 July at Rangiora,  Walter, 4th son of John & Elizabeth Allen,   223 High st, Rangiora,  aged 41 years
BREMER -  on 20 July at Christchurch Hospital,  annie, youngest daughter of late William Bremer, Dunedin,  & sister of Mrs John Worthington, ----  Harewood.
BOND -  on 21 July at Sumner,  Rosa Jane,  widow of the late Rev. John Bond  in her 85th year.
BYRON - on 22 July at his res. Leyd St, Kaiapoi,  George Gordon Byron.
CARR -  on 4 June at his home Leyton, England,  dearly loved father of Mrs A. Heald,  Ohoka,  aged 59 years.
CHILDS -  on 25 July at 85 Hackthorne rd, Cashmere Hills,  William John Childs (formerly Aikman's rd)   in his 84th year
DENNISTON -  on 22 July at "Aviemore" Cashmere Hills,  John Edward Denniston,  Kt.  aged 74 years
GRAHAM  -  on 23 July at Christchurch,  James Austin Graham,  late of Sumner,  in his 79th year
HOLLOWAY -  on 22 July at "Neston" Blighs rd,  Papanui,  Anna,  dearly loved wife of John Holloway
HARVEY -  on 23 July at 90 Osborne st,  Linwood.  Eliza Hunter Harvey  in her 73rd year.

Deaths  -  006   page 39
HARRINGTON  -  on 25 July at Christchurch,  Jane,  relict of Robert Harrington,  aged 77 years, late Waikari,
HOOK - on 24 July at his son's res. Onga Onga,  Hawke's Bay,  James Hook, late Sumner and Riccarton,  in his 68th year
LAVERY - on 19 July at Waeenambool,  Victoria,  Ellen Norah, dearly oved mother of Mrs Isbella Hucks,  Gloucester st,  aged 78 years.
MACFARLANE  -  on 19 July at Coldstream,  Anna Mary,  widow of Malcom Macfarlane, of Coldstream,  Rangiora,  in her 66th year.
MUSSON - on 20 July at Christchurch Hosp.  Walter Philip, dearly loved 3rd son of James and Margaret Musson,  Englefield rd, Belfast,  aged 12 years.
MAY -  on 21 July at Leithfield,  Mary Ann, relict of Robert May,  aged 84.
MEREDITH -  at Waimate, on 13 July,  Eileen Marjory,  youngest dau. of Henry and Marjory Meredith,  aged 3 years and 8mths.
NOVIS - on 19 July at his res. Geenpark,  George, bel. hus. of  Mary Novis,  aged 59 years.  (late Lincoln rd)
NEALE -  on 23 July at Rata st, St Martin's,  Ailsa, dearly bel. youngest dau. of Frederick A. and Elizabeth Neale,  aged 16 mths.  ---
ROLAND -  at Te Aroha,  Jacky (suddenly)  dearly bel. son of D. and M.Roland.  deeply mourned.
ROCHFORT -  on Friday 25 July at 87 George st,  New Brighton,  Mary Ann,  widow of the late Frank Rochfort, of Hokitika.
VARRIE - on 23 July at his res. 12 Newcastle st,  Linwood,  James Bell Varrie,  aged 64 years
WHITTINGTON  - on 21 July at Christchurch Hosp.  Edward Whittington,  in his 73rd year
WOOD -  on 21 July at Hackthorne rd, Cashmere,  Elsie Ellen,  bel. dau. of John and Annie Wood,  aged 31 years
WELCH -  on 25 July at Te Kaou, Camside, Kaiapoi,  Charles Phillip Welch, brother of John B.Welch, of Queensland,  nephew of late Dr Charles Welch,   ------

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