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Thursday 1 October 1918
Births  - 013
BURROWS -  on 29 Sept, at Nurse Burnside's, Worcester st,  to Mr and Mrs W.M.Burrows (nee HITCHINGS)  of Ashburton  -  a son.
DEWAR -  on 27 September at Nurse Devlin's, Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs R.Dewar,  Omihi,  -  a son.
RENNIE -  on 30 September  at 440 Armagh st,  to Mr and Mrs A. Rennie  -  a daughter.
SMALL -  on 28 September at Nurse Devlin's,  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs T.M.Small,  Mount Thomas,  -  a daughter.

Marriage 013
JOHNSTONE - FOLEY - on 27 August at -- Herbert Ambrose, son of Mr & Mrs A. Johnstone  to  Doris Margaret, dau. of Mr & Mrs R.W.Foley, Masterton.

Deaths  -  013
COX -  Violet Lilla, at her father's res.  31 Walpole st,  Sydenham,  dearly bel. wife of John Cox, late of Norwood st, Fisherton,  aged 21.
JULIUS -  Alice Frances,  on 30 September,  wife of the Bishop of Christchurch.
MILLS -  Christian Murray Whyte,  dearly bel. wife of Frederick M--  444 Manchester st, St Albans,  ----  on 30 September at Christchurch Hosp. age 44

In Memoriam  - 013
CORDNER - Jane,   dear mother died 1 October 1916,  inserted by her children
CORDNER -  Jeanie,  died 1 October 1916,  inserted by her loving parents.

Wednesday 2 October 1918
Births  -  024
COPELAND -  on 30 September at Nurse Burnside's  to Rev F. and Mrs Copeland,  Radley st  -  a son.
SHIPLEY -  on 1 October at Matterhorn Private Hospital, Chester st,  to wife of A. Shipley, Pinehurst, Greendale,  -  a son.
WEST - at 58 Rosewarne's rd,  to Mr and Mrs W.H. West  -  a son.

Marriages  -  024
BUSCH - COCKBURN - on 18 Sept. at --- Oxford,  William Stewart, son of Mr and Mrs H.H.Busch, Amberley  to  Mary Elsie, dau. of Mrs and late
                            Allen Cockburn, West Oxford.
SCARF - FOSTER - on 8 Sept. at ---  John (Jack) Goodwin, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs W. Scarf  to  Ellen (Eileen) 4th dau. of Mr and Mrs Foster, of Sydenham.

Deaths  -  024
CARLETON -  John William,  on 1 October, at his res. 270 Riccarton rd,  hus. of Sarah Carleton,  in his 56th year.
DAVIS - Jane,  on 11 Sept, at her niece's res. Mrs Fox, --- Wellington,  relict of late Richard Davis  in her 82nd year.
RAY -  Arthur percy,  on 30 September at Christchurch,  dearly bel. hus. of Henrietta ray,  60 Frank st,  Papanui.
ROSS -  Clara Jane,  on 1 October at her res. 10 Alexandra st.  aged 43 years.
SAMBROOK -  William, on 1 october at his dau's res. White's rd, Ohoka,  in his 81st year.

In Memoriam  -  024
GOING -  Mary,  died 2 October 1915,  inserted by her loving daughters.

Bereavements  -  024
LANDER -  Mr and Mrs G.  Southbrook,  thank ----
SUTTON -  Mr and Mrs R.J.   River Road,  New Brighton,   wish to thank  
McKENZIE -  Mr. S.  and family  of Dunsandel -------
McCREANOR -  Mr and Mrs R.  and family,  6 Baretta st, Spreydon,  wish to return their thanks  -----
WRIGHT -  Mr and Mrs S,  and family  Bligh's rd, Papanui,  wish to thank -----

Funeral Notices  -  029
COX - Violet Lilla, ---- will leave her father's res.  81 Walpole st, Sydenham  on Thursday 3 Oct.   for the Sydenham Cemetery.
RAY -  Arthur Percy ----- will leave 60 Frank st,  Papanui,  Thursday ---  for the Linwood Cemetery.
ROSS -  Clara Jane, will leave 10 Alexandra st,  for the Avonside Churchyard. on Thursday 3rd. at 2pm

Thursday 3 October 1918
Births  -  031
McILVENEY -  on 1 October at 47 Sydney st,  to Mr and Mrs Wm McIlveney  -  a daughter
PARRIS- on 2 October at Selwyn  to Private and Mrs H. Parris  -  a son.
POPPLE -  on 1 October at Nurse Irving's  138 Huxley st, Sydenham,  to Mr and Mrs W. T. Popple,  Heathcote  -  a daughter.
SAUNDERS - on 30 September at Ashburton,  to wife of Staff-sergeant N.G.Saunders  -  a daughter
WASHER -  on 2 October  at Nurse Boon's  Bealey Ave,  of 22 Riccarton rd  -  a daughter.

Deaths  -  031
BROCKER - Edward,  on 2 October at Ashburton,  bel. hus. of Helen, late of Eaton Place,  aged 73.
DAVISON -  Lavinia Isabelle,  on 2 October,  bel. child of Robert & Olive Davison 79 Slater st,  grandchild of Mrs Hucks,  Gloucester st.  aged 9mths.
MOON - George Harold,  on 1 Oct. at Thorndon Quay, Wellington,  dearly bel. son of Geo. W. Coutts Moon,  in his 32nd year.
NUTT -  Samuel,  on 2 October at his res. Kaituna,  in his 82nd year.

In Memoriam  -  031
ASPINALL -  Willie, a son who died 3 October 1916,  aged 16 years 11mths.----
DITFORT - George Richard,  dearly loved hus. of Eliza Ann Dirfort,  died 3 october 1913.----
TRERISE -  James Trethowan,  died 3 October 1917  -----

Bereavements  -  031
HOOD -  Mrs H.V. 29 Manning st,   wishes to thank -----
RICKERBY -  Mrs J.  and family of Halswell,  ------
HOLMES -  Mr and Mrs A. Holmes,  Sockburn  --------

Friday 4 October 1918
Marriages  -  044
CREQUER - O'CALLAGHAN - on 4 ---Louis Charles, son of Mr and Mrs J.L.Crequer -- to Margaret, dau. of Mr and Mrs J.O'Callaghan, Yaldhurst.
PRICHARD - DAVIDSON - on 10 Sept. at --  George Pollard, son of Mr and Mrs A.P.Prichard  to  Mary Rhind, dau. of Mr and Mrs P. Davidson, St Albans
STRACK - LUCAS - on 4 Sept. at --- Lieut. George Stainsbury, son of Mr & Mrs Strack, Hawera  to  Annie Louise (Bae) dau. of Mr & MRs C. Lucas, Opawa.

Deaths  -  044
COPELAND -  on 3 October,  the infanrt son of Fred and Amy Copeland,  aged 3 days.
CORY -  Frederick Samuel, at Christchurch Hosp. on 3 October,  bel. hus. of Lilian Ann Cory,  26 Matlock st, Woolston,  aged 37 years
FOLEY - Margaret,  at her res. 132 Fitzgerald ave,  widow of the late Patrick Wm Foley  aged 75 years.
NICHOLLS -  William Henry,  on 3 October at 118 Lyttelton st,  bel. hus of Elizabeth,  aged 57 years.

In Memoriam  -  044
DINEEN -  Jeremiah,  who died 2 October 1917.- inserted by sons Tom and Joe, and daughters Mrs Meade, Mrs Crowe, and B. Dineen.
HARPER - dear mother,  died 4 October 1917 -  inserted by 2 daughters E.M.Bibling  and E. Neale.
McKENKIL - Bert,   dear son,  accidentally killed on 4 October 1916.
SMITH -  Elizabeth  passed away at Chudleigh (Tasmania)  on 4 October 1917  -  inserted by daughters Maude and Dollie.

Bereavements  -  044
JENSEN - Hans,  the family of  wish to thank ----
THOMAS -  Mr and Mrs W.J.  and family -----
RADCLIFFE -  Mr  and Family of 160 Ensor's Road, Woolston,  wish to thank -----

Funeral Notices  -  046
NUTT -  Samuel,  ---  leave his res. Kaituna on 4th October at 1pm  for the Addington Cemetery
FOLEY -  Margaret,  --  leave her res. Fitzgerald ave,  ------  to the Linwood Cemetery.
CORY -  Frederick Samuel,  leave his res. Matlock st,  Saturday 5th ---  for the Linwood Cemetery
SHAW - Eliza Ann  (KIRK)  leave res. of Mrs Spencer,  Shakespeare rd,  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
BROCKER - Edward,  ---  Christchurch Plasterers Union ---   leave Bordesley st,  ----  for the Linwood Cemetery,  2pm Friday.

Saturday 5 October 1918
Births  -  048
CLARK -  on 4 October to Mr and Mrs F.O. Clark,  at Christchurch  -  a son.
DAWE -  on 3 October at St Anne's, Merivale,  to wife of H. Wickham Dawe  -  a son.
EAVES -  on 3 October at "Kahmana"  Gloucester st,  to Mr and Mrs C. Eaves  Racecourse Hill  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -  048
TOBECK - MacKENZIE -  on 20 Sept. at Christchurch, George Herman, son of late J.A. Tobeck, Tai-Tapu to Jane Helen, dau. of John Mackenzie, Tai-Tapu.

Deaths -  048
BOWIS - Kenneth,  on 4 October at Leeston,  bel. infant son of Thomas and Sarah Bowis,  aged 1 day.  funeral today Saturday.
HENDERSON -  James William, on 4 Oct. at 17 Henley st, Woolston, dearly bel. hus. of Margaret H. 2nd son of late Charles Henderson (Gore) 
                    and Mrs H.Buckley, Christchurch,  in his 35th year.
PAYNE -  Isobel Agnes,  on 4 October, dearly bel. wife of J.W.Payne, jnr, Ladbrooks,  dau. of late Samuel BOYCE, Sefton,  aged 30.
WAKEFIELD -  Peter Millen, on 4th Oct.  4th son of Catherine and late George Wakefield, of 167 Waltham rd,  Sydenham,  in his 21st year.

In Memoriam  -  048
McKERROW -  Bertha,  died at Bottle Lake Hospital,  5 October 1917  -- inserted by loving parents, sisters and brothers.
MORRISS -  William,  died at Waikuku  on 5 October 1916 -  inserted by his loving wife, sons and daughters.

Bereavements  -  047
CHAPMAN -  Mrs Gilbert Chapman,  Hororata  and  
CHAPMAN -  Mr and Mrs Neave Chapman  and family, Coalgate,  ------
DOYLE -  Mr L. Doyle and family,  Hawarden --------
DUREY -  Mr and Mrs G.F. Durey and family,  of Harewood,   wish to thank -----

Monday 7 October 1918
Marriages  -  057
BROWN -  FINNERTY - on 1 October 1918 at ---  Wellington, Staff-Sergeant Alfred Charles,  son of William Alfred Brown  to  Janey, dau of late
                    Patrick Finnerty of Christchurch.

Deaths -  057
ANDERSON - Mary Syme,  on 5 Oct.  3rd dearly bel. dau. of James Anderson, Edward st, Rangiora,  aged 36 years.
BOND -  Adele Carlon,  wife of J.H.C.Bond, on 6 October,  179 Deans Ave.
BROCKING - Samuel, at his res.  Norwich Quay, Lyttelton,  be. hus. of Mrs A.E. Brooking,  in his 61st year.
BROWNE -  Harry,  on 6 October,  hus. of A. Browne --   at 252 Colombo st,
PATTINSON -  John, on 5 October,  at res. of his brother William, 9 Milne st, Spreydon,  bel. hus. of Elizabeth,  aged 76
PELVIN - James Frederick, bel. hus. of Christina,  (nee Colvill)  at Timaru,  aged 27
RULE -  Thomas Garthorne,   on 6 Oct. at Blake st, Rangiora,  bel. hus. of Florence Martha Rule,  aged 33

In Memoriam  -  057
BARBER -  William Hobbs,  died 6 October 1916  also mother Sarah Elizabeth  died 4 March 1893 -----
BREACH -  William Henry,  died 6 October 1917  -----

Funeral Notices  -  060
ANDERSON -  Mary Syme,  dau. of Mr James Anderson,  leave his res. Edward st, Rangiora,  on Monday -- for the Presbyterian Cemetery --
BROOKING -  Samuel,  on 6 October,  ---will leave Lyttelton by the 9.25am train  on Tuesday --- to the Linwood Cemetery
BROOKING -  Samuel,    Members of the Licensed Victuallers Assoc.  -------
HKING - John,    leave Addington Catholic Church   for the Sydenham Cemetery  at 9-30am  ----
PATTINSON -  John,  leave res. of his brother William,  9 Milne st,  for the Sydenham Cemetery ---
RULE - T.G.  will leave his res. Blake st, Rangiora,  Tuesday at 2-30pm  for the Methodist Cemetery, East Belt.
HENDERSON -  James William,  leave his res. 17 Henley st, Woolston on Monday 7 Oct.  at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery
WAKEFIELD - Peter Milne,  will leave his mothers res. Mrs G. Wakefield, 167 Waltham rd,  this day  ---  for the Linwood Cemetery

Tuesday 8 October 1918
Deaths  -  062
BROOKING -  Samuel,  on 6 October  ------will leave Lyttelton by the 9.25am train  on Tuesday --- to the Linwood Cemetery
PRIESTLEY - Constance Mary,  on 7 Oct. at 157 Milton st,  dearl beloved wife of Bertram Priestley,  
TATNELL -  Thomas,  on 7 October at Ashburton,  late of Lyttelton,  in his 80th year.
WITHERS - Frederick Lawrence,  on 7 October at 40 Grafton st, Linwood,  dearly loved hus. of Mary J.  in his 56th year.
WOODCOCK -  Joseph,  on 7 October at Christchurch,  dearly bel. hus. of Emma Hart Woodcock,  late of Tai-Tapu  in his 74th year.

In Memoriam  -  062
BARBER - William Hobbs,   died 6 October 1916.  ------
FRENCH -  William Henry,  died on 8 October 1914.
NOONAN -  George, sen.  doed Christchurch 8 October 1917  ----
NOONAN -  George Edwin,  late of Little River,  died 8 October 1917 ----
PAYNE - Mother ----   died Christchurch 8 october 1913 --- daughter Mina.
WILLIAMS -  Alice,  died at sea on 8 October 1915. ---    loving brother John Williams.

Bereavements  -  063
FOSTER -  Mr and Mrs P. Foster  and family  of Kingsley st,  Sydenham ---
HORWELL -  Mr and Mrs C. of Sockburn,  -----
DAVISON - Mr and Mrs H.R. of 79 Slater st, Richmond.  ----
WOTTEN -  Mr and Mrs  and family,  Ashton,  ------

Funeral Notices  -  066
PRIESTLEY - Constance Mary,  leave her res. 157 Milton st,  Sydenham,  on Wed. 9 Oct. at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
WOODCOCK -  Joseph,  leave res of son, Mr H. Woodcock, 31 Collins st, Addington,  for the Addington Cemetery.
BROOKING - Samuel,  will leave Lyttelton,    ------   to the Linwood Cemetery.

Wednesday 9 October 1918
Birth - 068
RENNIE -  on 7 October at Nurse Burnside's  to Mr and Mrs G.M.Rennie  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  068
BAILEY -  George Samuel,  bel. son of George and Annie Bailey,  on 8 Oct.   27 Dilworth st, Riccarton,  and late of Templeton,  aged 28
Du FEU -  Charlotte,  on 8 Oct. at 24 Repton st,  relict of late John Du Feu,  aged 89 years.
FABLING - Elizabeth,  on 8 October at her res. 36 Buccleugh st, Linwood,  dearly loved wife of Henry Fabling ---
PILBROOK -  Thomas, on 5 October  at his res.  King st, Temuka,  bel. hus. of Margaret Elizabeth,  aged 58 years.
ROBERTS - Ellen, on 7 October, at 23 Weston's rd,  St Albans,  dau. of late William Roberts,  ----
TANT -  Fanny, on 8 October,  at her res. Racecourse rd, North Brighton,  dearly loved wife of John William Tant,  in her 59th year (formerly Norwich, England)
THOMPSON - Phillipa, on 8 October, at 127 Clarence rd, Riccarton,  relict of late George Thompson,  of Little River,  in her 81st year.

In Memoriam -  068
GLOISTEIN -  Barbara,  in loving memory  -- passed away 9 October 1910.  ---- loving daughter Maggie.
LOVE - Harry Louis,  died 9 October 1888  -    loving wife.
MONTGOMERY - John, Rangitikei (late of Annat)  died Wanganui Hospital 9 October 1908 ---
SMITH -  Ann Frances, died 9 October 1917,  --- loving daughter.

Bereavements  -  069
HORE -  Mrs J.  wishes to thank -----
PIDGEON - Mrs Henry,  Okain's Bay -----
JONES -  Mrs B. of Peterborough st,   ----
McFALL -  Thomas   the family of the late Thomas  wish to thank ------
WEATHERALL - of 50 Ely st,  ------

Funerals -  072
ROBERTS   --  Ellen,  will leave Weston's rd,   on Thursday 10 October  for the Linwood Cemetery
BAILEY -  George Samuel,  will leave the Christchurch Hospital  for the Templeton Churchyard  on Thursday 10th  -----

Thursday 10 October 1918
Births  -  074
BERGAMINI  -  on 4 October at Nurse Poulsen's  Gloucester st,  Linwood,  to Mr and Mrs C. Bergamini  of Rolleston st, Linwood  -  a daughter.
ECCLETON -  on 7 October at Leeston  to Mr and Mrs P.J. Eccleton,  a daughter.
JONES -  on 8 October   at "Glandwyr"  Waiwetu st, Fendalton,  to Mr and Mrs Brownie Jones  -  a daughter.
THWAITES -  on 7 October at Nurse Overton's  merivale Lane,  to wife of W.Thwaites,  Hororata  -  a son.

Marriage  -  074
OLIVER - OLIVER - on 18 Sept. at ---  Bertha Minnie, dau. of Mr C.H.Oliver  to  Richard William, son of late Richard and Eliza Oliver, St Albans.

Deaths  -  074
BOYCE - Harriett Elizabeth,  on 9 October,  at Ashburton,  bel. wife of John Ellis Boyce  of "Embo" Dorie,  in her 36th years.
McCAMMON - Constance,  on 8 October  at Christchurch Hospital,  bel. wife of James McCammom,  106 Shirley rd,   aged 19 years.
McGREGOR - Sarah Josephine,  on 8 October at Christchurch,  widow of late John McGregor,  late of Fairlie,  aged 67 years.  Funeral at Timaru on Friday next.
TILBROOK -  Thomas,  on 8 October,  at his res.  King st, Temuka,  bel. hus. of Margaret Elizabeth Tilbrok,  aged 58 years.
WRIGHT - Keith Lloyd,  on 9 October  at res. of Mr J.T. Norton, West Lyttelton,  -- son of Mr and Mrs E. G. Wright, Dunsandel,  aged 2 years 4mths.

In Memoriam  -  074
DICKIE -  Elizabeth,  died 10 October 1917,  inserted by loving daughter and son-in-law  C. and I. McAliece.
KILLICK -  Violet,  died 10 October  1916,    3 years 8mths.    ---  inserted by sorrowing parents.
ROBERTS -  Edward Richard (Dick)  died 10 October 1916.  ----- inserted by his loving parents and brother.

Bereavements -  075
KEETLEY -  Mr and Mrs T.E.  and family,  Kaiapoi,  wish to thank ----
KEIG - Mrs V.   wishes to thank -----
COOPER -  Mr and Mrs Cooper and family -----
HAWKER - Mr and Mrs H.J.  and family   with Mrs M.Hawker -------
SAMBROOK -  William,  the family of the late William  wish to thank -----

Funerals  -  079
ROBERTS -  Ellen,  will leave 23 Weston rd,  on 10 October  for the Linwood Cemetery ----
TANT - Fanny,  will leave her res.  ----  North New Brighton,  today Thursday  --- for the Linwood Cemetery.
BAILEY -  George Samuel,  leave Christchurch Hosp.  for the Templeton Churchyard. ----
McCAMMON -  Mrs Constance,  ---  will leave the Christchurch Hospital  for the Linwood Cemetery.
BOYCE -  Harriet Elizabeth,   bel. wife of  John Ellis,  of ---  Dorie,  ----   for the Ashburton Cemetery.
WRIGHT -  Keith Lloyd,  ----   will leave res. of Mr J.T.Norton, -- Lyttelton,   --- for the Public Cemetery, Lyttelton.

Friday 11 October 1918
Births  -  080
EVANS -  on 10 October to Mr and Mrs H.E. Evans,  Waverley,  Kaiapoi  -  a daughter.
QUEREE - on 10 October  at 118 Bishop st,  St Albans,  to wife of Sergeant-Major  E.G. Queree  -  a son.

Marriages  -  080
KENNARD - BRAND -  on 16 July ----   Gerald -- twin son of Mr and Mrs J.Kennard  to  Lilian Gertrude, dau. of Mr and Mrs G. Brand St Albans.

Deaths  -  080
FACHE -  Grace Alice,  on 8 October  at Wellington, wife of George Cox Fache,  Commissioner of Pensions  -- dau. of Alfred and GraceClark ----
McCRACKEN -  Annie,  on 10 October,  dearly loved wife of William John,  19 Peacock st, in her 55th year.
NOLAN - Cyril Francis William,  at the Stationhouse,  Coalgate,  eldest son of W.P. and Constance Nolan,  aged 11 years and 8mths.  

Bereavements  -  080
LUTTON -  Mrs E.,  943 Colombo st,  wishes to thank ----
CHERRY -  James,  the family of ---  wish to thank ------

Funeral Notices  -  081
McCRACKEN - Annie,  ---  will leave her res. 19 Peacock st,  City  this day Friday october 11th  at 2pm  for  the Linwood Cemetery.
McCAMMON  -  will leave ---  for the Linwood Cemetery  on Friday11th  at 10-30am.

Saturday 12 October 1918
Births  -  082
CARTER -  on 7 October at Nurse Creedon's  --- Sydenham,  to Mr and Mrs C.H.Carter  --- St Albans - a daughter.
NEWTON -  on 8 October at Wellington,  to Mr and Mrs Harold J. Newton -  a son.
RICHARDSON - on 11 October at Nurse Bailey's, Christchurch,  to Mr ansd Mrs G.H.Richardson, of Auckland -  a son
STANTON - on 2 October at Ashley st, Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs J.W.Stanton  -  a daughter.
WATT -  on 8 October  at Wellington  to Mr and Mrs McNeight Watt  -  a son.

Deaths  -  083
BORLEY - Frederick,  on 9 October at Green Island, Dunedin,  dearly loved hus. of Sarah Borley,  of Colombo st,  Sydenham,  aged 55 years.
CHING -  Matilda Parish,  on 11 Oct. at res. of Mr W. Ching,  36 Albert st, Ashburton,  inf. dau. of James Edward and late Jessie Ching  aged 16 weeks.
HOWSON -  Jane,  on 11 October at her res. Sedgemere,  bel. wife of Thomas B. Howson, sen.  aged 69.
MEYERHOFF - Elizabeth,  on 11 October at her res, Greenpark,  dearly bel. wife of Henry meyerhoff,  aged 78
THREAKSTON - William, on 8 oct. at 277 Worcester st,  Christchurch,  only son of late William Threakston,  aged 66,  interred at Linwood Cemetery on 9th

In Memoriam  -  083
BAKER -  Mary Elizabeth,  died Clare rd,  12 October 1915 -------
WATTS -  Cecil,  dearly loved eld. son of F. and D. Watts,  died 4 October 1903,  aged 20
WRIGHT -  Harriett Elizabeth,  dearly loved wife of G.N.Wright,   died 12 Oct.  1911 ----   

Bereavements  -  084
BAILEY -  Mr and Mrs George Bailey,  and family wish to thank ----  late son and brother.
GIBBS - Mr and Mrs J.Gibbs --- Darfield,  wish to thank ----
MALONEY -  Mr and Mrs Maloney, of Sumner st, Spreydon,  wish to thank -----
NICHOLLS - Mrs Nicholls and family wish to thank ---
WATSON - Mr George Watson and family  wish to thank ----
ANGUS - William,  Richardson tce, Opawa,   the relatives of the late William Angus  wish to thank ---

Funeral Notices  -  084a
McKENZIE -  Private Henry Gill,  a military funeral  this day Saturday at 2-30pm  for the Linwood Cemetery ---
MEYERHOFF - Elizabeth,  wife of Henry, ---   leave Greenpark Monday 14 October --- for the Springston Cemetery
HOWSON - Jane,  will leave her res. Sedgemere on Monday 14 October  -- for the Sedgemere Anglican Church Cemetery.

Monday 14 October 1918

Births  -  094
MILES -  Diana,  on 12 October at res. of her son-in-law 167 High st, Rangiora, relict of Robert Miles,  aged 72   (this was in the birth column)
RAMSAY -  on 12 October  at 153 North Avon rd  to Mr and Mrs W.D.Ramsay  -  a daughter.
ROGERS - on 12 October at Nurse Ferguson's, 138 Fitzgerald ave,  to Mr and Mrs H.F.Rogers,  41 Winton st -  a son.
SMITH - on 5 October at Nurse Roger's Benoit st, Akaroa,  to wife of W.Smith,  Wainui  - a son.

Deaths -  010
AUSTEN - Catherine Ann,  on 12 October at res. of her dau. --  widow of W.H.Austen,  aged 60  late of Temuka.
CANT -  Elizabeth,  on 12 October at 106 Rolleston st,  Linwood,  bel. wife of Arthur Cant.
CLARKE - Captain geo.  at Christchruch Hosp. of Lyttelton,  in his 78th year.
CLYDE -  David,  on 12 October at 6 Stanley St, Sydenham. in his 65th year.
HOWSON - Jane,  on 11 October at her res. Sedgemere,  bel. wife of Thomas B. Howson sen.  aged 69.
MORA - Francois Michael,  at Christchurch Hosp.  2nd son of late Bernard Mora,  Takamatua,  aged 46
ROBERTS -  Alfred,  on 13 October,  dearly bel. hus. of Fanny M. Roberts,  82 Chester st,  aged 68.

In Memoriam -  094
BENNETT -  Jean,  passed away 14 October 14th  1916,  in her 6th year. --- loving parents Fred and Esther A. Bennett.
HARRIS -  Ritchard Bengamin,  died 13 October 1913 -  brother and sister-in-law,  J. and K.Harris.
REW - Thomas William,  died Christchurch on 14 October 1916  ---   inserted by E. Hudson.

In Memoriam -  093
JOHANSEN -  Peter,  died 14 October 1915 ---    inserted by his loving mother-in-law, M. Elliott.
SULLIVAN - Patrick,  died 14 October 1914 ---
WELLS -  Huldah,   died 14 October 1916,  aged 71.  -------

Funerals  -  096
AUSTIN -  Mrs Catherine Ann,  funeral will leave res. of dau. 284 Cashel st, Christchurch  for the Linwood Cemetery ---
CLYDE -  David,  will leave 234 Lichfield st, this day Monday at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
ROBERTS - Alfred,  his funeral will leave his res. 82 Chester st,  tomorrow Tuesday at 11am  for the Linwood Cemetery ---
MILES -  Mrs Diana,  will leave the res. of Mr geo. Jordan, 167 High st, Rangiora,  on Tuesday 15 Oct. at 11am  for the Weslyan Cemetery, Ashley st.
CLARK - George T.  -- will leave 35 Oxford st. Lyttelton,  this day Monday  for the Church of England Cemetery.

Tuesday 15 October 1918
Births  -  101
COOK -  on 12 October at Nurse Poulton's  478 Gloucester st,  to Mr and Mrs A,W,Cook,  Rodney st,  New Brighton  -  a son.
GLEN -  on 13 October at Stratford st, Fendalton  to Mr and Mrs R.W. Glen -  a daughter.
SCHUMACHER - on 14 october at 52 Coleridge st,  to Mr and Mrs W.G. Schumacher  -  a son.
STANILAND -  on 14 October at Weston rd,  to wif eof G.W.Staniland  -  a daughter.

Golden Wedding  -  101
JOHNSON - OATES - on 15 oct. 1868 in Parish Church, Mirfield, County of York, Yorkshire,  ----   Walter Johnson  to Lavinia Oates,  arrived NZ by ship Siberia,  -------

Deaths -  101
BELCHER -  Richard, on 14 October at "Kaiwarra" Papanui rd,  --- us. of Ellen Belcher,  in his 88th year.
FARQUHAR -  George,  on 13 October at his res. Radcliffe rd,  Styx,  ---  hus. of Emily,  eld. son of late G. and A. Farquhar,   aged 53.
LOCHORE -  Annie,  at 398 Oxford tce,  late Timaru,  in her 55th year
NICHOLLS -  Marian, on 14 October,  dearly loved wife of William Nicholls  "Mona Vale" Fendalton.
PACIE - (Pash)  on 14 October, at his res. 183 Hastings st, Waltham,   aged 76 years -- father of Mrs C.Wilson,  and Mrs M.E. Norton ---

In Memoriam  -  101
ASTON -  mother and father, passed away October14th, 1917  and 8 November 1916.
BUSCH -  Sarah,  died Featherston, 13 October 1910  also sister Selina Upritchard,  died Featherston,  3 August 1915.
COUCH -  Minnie,  bel. wife of P. Couch, died 15 October 1917
LUXTON -  W.H.  died 15 October 1916  -------

Bereavement  -  100
CHAMBERLAIN -  John, relatives wish to thank ----
WRIGHT - Mr and Mrs E.G.,  Dunsandel,  wish to thank ----
PIDGEON -  Mr and Mrs W.  and family,  Little River,  wish to thank -----

Wednesday 16 October 1918
Birth -  105
BARRATT -  on 15 October at 57 Bordesley st. Linwood  to  Mr and Mrs J. Barratt,  Invercargill  -  a son.

Deaths  -  105
MANNING -  Albert,  on 15 October, at Christchurch,  -- hus. of Celia Jane,  of 36 Wilmer st,  aged 42 ---
PACIO -  (Pash)  at his res. 183 Hastings st,  Waltham,  Peter Nichollas Pacio,  aged 76, -- father of Mrs C.Wilson, and Mrs M.E. Norton  ---

In Memoriam  -  105
McGRATH -  Daniel,  died 16 october 1917 ----
NEWTON -  Harriett Jane,  died 16 October 1915 --- inserted by loving son and daughter, R.J.Newton and C.Salt.
OLSEN - Donald,  died Christchurch,  16 October 1914  ----
PROFFITT - Joseph Allan,  died 16 October 1912 ----

Funerals -  106
PACIO - Peter Nichollas,   ----   will leave his res. Hastings st,  for the Linwood Cemetery,
MANNING - Albert,  36 Wilmer st,  tomorrow Thursday  ----
LOVEDAY -  Charles,  --- will leave his res. 37 Dickens st, Addington,  on Thursday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
FARQUHAR - George,  will leave his late res.  radcliffe rd, Styx,  on Wed, 16 October, at 1-30pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
NICHOLLS -  Marian,  will leave "Mona Vale"  Fendalton on Wed. 16 October at 3-30pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Bereavements  -  105
BENNETT -  Mrs G. of Springston South,  and family,  wish to thank ----
TATNELL -  Thos.   the relatives desire oto thank -----

Thursday 17 October 1918
Birth -  110
COOKSLEY -  at "The Elms"  King st,  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs A.S.Cooksley  -  a son   stillborn.

Deaths -  110
BIGGS -  Walter G.  on 16 October at Hawera,  dearly bel. hus. of mrs Biggs,  late of Tinwald,  aged 67.
COULL -  Thomas Phillip,  on 15 October at -----   dearly bel. hus. of Annie Coull,  Horatio st, Christchurch,  aged 73.
LOCHORE - Annie,  on 14 October,  bel. sister of Mrs A. Leslie,  Ellesmere.
McAULIFFE -  Margaret Charlotte,  on 15 October  at Port Chalmers,  bel. wife of William McAuliffe,  Sumner rd, Lyttelton.
MITCHELL -  Emma,  on 16 October at her res. 2 rastrick st,  dearly bel. wife of James Mitchell,  aged 67.
PATTERSON -  Elizabeth,  on 16 October at her sons res. River rd, Dallington,  widow of Charles,  Southbridge,  aged 68 years
PENTECOST -  Richard,  on 16 October at Rangiora,  bel. hus. of Mrs R. Pentecost,  aged 42 years,  accidentally killed.
SCOTT -  Leonard S.  on 15 October,  died suddenly at his res. Rotheram,  be. hus. of helen,  aged 61.
SWINNERTON -  Joseph,  on 15 October,  dearly loved hus. of Elizabeth Ann,  in his 77th year.

Bereavements  -  110
BORLEY -  Mrs and Miss Borley of Sydenham,  wish to thank ----
McCRACKEN  -  Mr W.J.   and Miss Lilian McCracken  ------  
WETHERALL -  Mr and Mrs R. Wetherall,  Heathcote Valley,  -------

Funeral Notices  -  112
SWINNERTON - Joseph,  will leave his res. Colombo st, City,  on Thursday 17 Oct. at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery
LOVEDAY -  Charles,  -  friends of late  ----  will leave his res. ---  Addington,  on Thursday at 2pm  -----   for the Linwood Cemetery.
COULL -  Annie J.L. --  will leave her res. 145 Caledonian rd,  on Friday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
MITCHELL - Emma,   wife of James,  -- will leave 2 Rastrick st, on Friday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery
PENTECOST - Richard,   will leave his res. Blake st, Rangiora,  on Friday 18th  at 2-30pm  for the Church of England Cemetery
SWINNERTON -  Pioneer Lodge   ----

Friday 18 October 1918
Births -  111
BROOKE -  on 17 october at 54 Canterbury st, Lyttelton,  to Mr and Mrs G.Brooke  -  a daughter
ELLIS -  on 15 October at Nurse Bell;s Oamaru,  to Mr and Mrs W.Ellis,  Kauroo Hill  -  a daughter
HYDE -  on 16 October at St Ann's Merivale Lane  to wif eof Alex M.Hyde,  Lamermoor, Domett  -  a son.
McDONALD - on 16 october at res. of Mr Harrison, Mount Brown,  to wif eof McMcDonald,  of The Deans, Amberley -  a son.

Deaths -  111
ATKINSON -  Joseph,  on 17 October at Teraki st, Kaiapoi,  be. hus. of Harriet Atkinson,  aged 83 years.
BARWELL -  Annie Lambert, at her res.  ----  widow of George Barwell,  of Loburn,  in her 77th year.
WEBB -  Frank Edward,  on 15 October at New Brighton,  youngest son of late Alfred Russell Webb.

In Memoriam -  111
CAMPBELL -   Robert,  accidentally killed at Lyttelton on 18 October 1916. -----
HALLIDAY -  Walter,  died 18 October 1910,   -----
ROSE-SMITH -  Ethel Daisy,  bel. wife of Private W.E. Rose-Smith,  died 18 October 1914. ---  daughter M.Rogers.

Bereavement  -  111
NUTTALL -  Mr and Mrs B. Nuttall,  121 Breezes rd, ------

Funeral Notices  -  118
BARWELL - Mrs Annie J. L.  will leave her res. 145 Caledonian rd,  St Albans,  on Friday  at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
ATKINSON - Joseph,  will leave his res. teraki st, Kaiapoi,  on Friday 18th Oct. at 2pm  for the Public Cemetery.

Saturday 19 October 1918
Births -  120
BURNS - on 18 October at 73 Fiarfield ave,  to Mr and Mrs Burns -  a daughter
DAY -  on 17 October at 5 Whirsteade rd, Cashmere,  to Mr and Mrs Albert Day  -  a son.
McDONALD -  on 17 October at 142 Redruth ave, Spreydon,  to Mr and Mrs McDonald -  a son.
SHAH -  on 15 October at Nurse Leggett's --  Kensington, Dunedin,  to wife of S.Shah -  a son.
TONKIN -  to Mr and Mrs H.Tonkin  -  a daughter

Marriage  -  120
ALLEN - RUSSELL -  on 25 Sept. at --  John,  son of Jane and late John Allen,  Brixton Hill, London  to  Mary, dau. of John and Selina Russell, Christchurch.

Deaths  -  120
BROWNING -    Luke,  dearly bel. hus. of Jane Browning,  aged 58 years.
FERRIS -  John, on 17 Oct.  at 96 Oxford st, Lyttelton,  bel. hus. of Caroline Elizabeth Ferris,  in his 54th year.
HENDERSON -  Margaret,  on 17 Oct. at res. of her dau. Mrs Savage, 43 Donegal st, belfast,   aged 75 ---
LOCK -  Fred,  on 18 Oct.  at Christchurch Hosp.  of 25 Churchill st,  in his 75th year.
STALKER -  Violet, (Vi)  on 17 Oct. at her res. Hinds Swamp rd, Maronan,  bel. wife of John,  in her 26th year.

In Memoriam  -  120
FRASER -  mother and father,  died 19 October 1910  and  1 May 1917  -----
WEIR -  father,  died 19 Oct. 1917  aged 72  - inserted by his daughter and son-in-law M and D. Berry and grandchildren
WHITE -   Grandad,  died 19 October 1917  -   
WHITE - George, bel. hus of M.White,  died 19 october 1917 -     wife and family
WHITE -  George,  loved father, died 19 october 1917 ---  inserted by his loved ones at Little River.

Bereavements  -  119
RAY -  Mrs A.P.  60 Frank st,  papanui and family  wish to thank -----
WITHERS -  Mrs  and family of Grafton st Linwood,  wish to thank ----
ABLING - Mr H.  and family, Linwood,  thanks  ------
JESSON -  Mrs  and family,  Jesson's Road,  Harewood,  wish to thank ----

Funeral Notices  -  122
HENDERSON - Margaret,  leave res. of her dau.  43 Donegal st,  for the Belfast Cemetery. at 3pm.
BROWNING - Luke,  leave his res.  142 Kilmore st,  tomorrow Sunday  at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
FERRIS -  John,  will leave his res.  96 Oxford st,  this day at 3pm  for the Church of England Cemetery.
STALKER -  Violet,  bel. wife of John,   will leave his res.  Maronan  on Sunday at 2pm  for the Ashburton Cemetery.

Monday 21 October 1918
Births  -  126
AYERS -  on 10 October at 76 Canon st,  to Mr and Mrs S.W.Ayers -  a son.
CATO -  on 6 october  to Mr and Mrs Hugh Cato,  49 Warrington st,  -  a son.
SIERAKOWSKI - on 19 october at -- Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs Ralph Sierakowski  -  a son.

Deaths  -  126
DOUGLAS -  Elizabeth,  on 26 September at --- devenport, Auckland,  late of Canterbury  in her 70th year.
FORBES -  Agnes, on 20 Oct. at res. son-in-law, Mr H. Pascoe, ----  relict of Alexander Forbes, of Sydenham  in her 69th year.
GALLETLY -  Ellen,  on 20 october at her. res. Springbank,  relict of John,  aged 80 years.
HOPPING -  Charles,  on 19 October at daughter's res. Mrs A.Eastwick,  ---  in his 88th year.
McDRURY - Patrick,  on 20 October at Christchurch,  bel. hus of Ellen,  of Ladbrooks,  in his 65th year.
MORTEN - Edna May, on 18 October at Christchurch, dearly loved 2nd dau.of Arthur R.V. and Mary Morten,  in her 8th year
O'KEEFFE -  Thomas,  on 19 October, at Christchurch Hosp.  dearly loved hosp. of Catherine, in his 79th year.
PURNELL - George, on 19 October, at res. of his dau. (Mrs Samuel Cassey)  --Netherby, Ashburton,  late Springfield and Orari,  aged 84.
RUSSELL - Doris Pearce, on 17 October,  wife of T.G. Russell, -- and only dau. of Major and Mrs Pearce Baldwin,  late of Rarotanga.
SHANKLAND - Elizabeth Abigal,  on 19 October, at her res. Ashley st, Rangiora,  relict of Andrew Burns Shankland,  aged 73 years.
SHUTTLEWORTH - Thomas Cox, on 18 Oct. at Christchurch,  bel. inf. son of Ivy and Laurence Shuttleworth,  of Redcliffs,  aged 5 weeks.
WOOD -  James, on 16 october,  at his sons res. Opotiki,  formerly of Canterbury and Wellington,  in his 85th year.
WOODWARD -  Mary A.  on 19 October,  at her son's res. 47 Richmond Tce,  relict of Wm. Woodward,  in her 81st year.

In Memoriam  -  124
GOUGH - Alice,  bel. wife of H. Gough,  died at Kaiapoi,  21 October 1911 -----
SMITH -  Alice,  dearly loved wife of matthew Smith,  died 21 October 1917,  aged 44
THURLOW - father,  died 19 october 1916,  -  inserted by his loving daughter nellie Thurlow.

Bereavements  -  124
TANT -  Mr J.W.  family and daughter Mrs A. Queree,  of North Brighton  wish to thank -----

Funerals  -  127
MORTEN   - Edna May Downes, dau. of  Mr and Mrs Arthur R.V. Morten,  will leave  res. -- Merivale,  for the Riccarton Churchyard.  aged 7
O'KEEFFE -  Thomas,  will take place on Tuesday 22 October   ---   for the Linwood Cemetery.
HOPPING - Charles, will leave dau's res. Mrs A.Eastwick, --Woolston, this day Monday,  at 2pm for the Woolston Cemetery.
McDRURY - Patrick,  will leave his res. Ladbrooks,   for the Halswell catholic Church --  thence to the Sydenham Cemetery.
SHANKLAND - Mrs Elizabeth,  -- will leave her res. -- Rangiora,  this day Monday for the Church of England Cemetery.
GALLETLY - Mrs Ellen.  will leave her res. Springbank on Tuesday   for the Catholic Church, Rangiora, thence to the Cemetery.
PURNELL - George,  will leave the res. of his dau. Mrs Samuel Cassey, Netherby, Ashburton -----  for the Ashburton Cemetery.
McDRURY - Bro. Patrick,  H.A.C.B.S.   St Patricks  Branch No 82  ------    

Tuesday 22 October 1918
Birth - 132
BROWNING - on 21 October to Mr and Mrs H.Browning,  31 Salisbury st, -  a daughter.

Marriage -  132
MURRAY - MERCER - on 2 Oct. at Mornington ---Charles Stewart, son of Rev. Charles Murray    to  Muriel, dau. of mr John Mercer, Dunedin.

Deaths -  132
BERG -  Emily, on 21 October at the Schoolhouse, Clarkville,  bel. wife of Frederick R. Berg,  aged 28.
GATEHOUSE - Pearle,  on 21 October at her parents res. --- Woolston,  dearly loved twin dau. of Henry and Annie Gatehouse,  in her 19th year.
HAWKES -  Lucy James,  on 17 October at Christchurch, widow of late James George Hawkes,  in her 84th year.

In Memoriam  -  132
MOONEY - W.  died 21 October 1916  -    loving father and brothers.
MOONEY -    dear cousin Willie,  eldest son of Michael and late Nelly Mooney,  died 21st october 1916 ----

Bereavements  -  132
BOLLINGTON -  Mr and Mrs,  wish to thank -----
MEYERHOFF -   Mr H. and family, Greenpark,  wish to thank. ----
PAYNE - Mr James,  of Ladbrooks  ---  thanks ----

Funeral Notices  - 130
MORTEN   - Edna May Downes, dau. of  Mr and Mrs Arthur R.V. Morten,  will leave  res. -- Merivale,  for the Riccarton Churchyard.  aged 7
O'KEEFFE -  Thomas,  will take place on Tuesday 22 October   ---   for the Linwood Cemetery.
McDRURY - Patrick,  will leave his res. Ladbrooks,   for the Halswell catholic Church --  thence to the Sydenham Cemetery.
GATEHOUSE - Pearle,  will leave res. of her parents -- Woolston,  for the Woolston Cemetery on Wednesday 23rd.
BERG - Emily,  wife of  Frederick R. will leave the Schoolhouse, Clarkville,  on Wed. 23 October at 12-30pm,  for the Riccarton Churchyard.
FORBES - Agnes,   will leave the Christchurch railway station at 2-15pm  -----   for the Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday 23 October 1918
Births -  136
FAIRTHORNE -  on 22nd October  to MR and Mrs H. Fairthorne  -  a son.
HEAP -  on 21 October at "The Elms" Rangiora,  to Sergeant-major and Mrs Leonard Heap  -  a daughter.

Marriage -  136
PIERCE - JOWSEY - on 28 August at -----  John Pierce  to  Barbara Stewart,  dau. of mr and Mrs J. Jowsey, St Albans.

Deaths -  136
AUSTIN - Elizabeth,  on 21 October at res. of her son-in-law,  -- loved wife of late Edward Austin,  in her 61st year.
HILLIER - William,  on 22 October at res. of his dau. Mrs J. Englefield ---   (late NZ Railways)   funeral Papanui Churchyard  Thursday ---
JACQUES -  Mrs S. (Granny)    on 22 October at her sons res. in her 80th year
MORRIS -  Dudley Eric,  on 22 October, at 72 Richardson tce, Opawa,  dearly loved infant son of Ernest and Rosa Morris,  aged 11 days.
WRIGHT -  Gladys Jane,  on 22 October  at res. of her parents,  ---  dau. of James and  Jane Wright,  --- in her 13th year,

In Memoriam -  136
CATE -  Rowland,  died 21 October 1916   loved Grandad ---
GARDNER -  Louisa,  died 23 october 1916  ----
HESLIP - John,  died 23 October 1913

Bereavements -  134
COLEMAN  -  Mrs D.  and  
WAYCOTT -  Miss,  wish to thank  -----
HARRIS -  Mr and Mrs J.  wish to thank ----
TURNER - Mrs Turner and family, Hazeldean rd,  ------
DUDNEY - Miss,  of Whiteleigh Ave -----
MITCHELL -  Mr James,  2 Rastrick st,  wishes to thank ---
WOODCOCK -  Mrs J.  and family  wish to thank ----
RULE -  Mrs T.  and family  wish to thank ----

Funeral Notices  -  137
JACQUES - Sarah,  will leave her res.  Cashel st, Linwood,  for ---   then to Linwood Cemetery.
WRIGHT -  Gladys Jane,  will leave res.  2 Barrie st, Sydenham,  this day Wed. at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.
AUSTIN -  Elizabeth,  will leave res. of her son-in-law F.E.Ockwell,  Allen st,  Thursday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Thursday 24 October 1918
Births - 144
LOGAN - on 17 october at Nurse Greig and Savage's Nursing Home,  to Mr and Mrs H.W/Logan, beckenham  -  a son.
MASON - on 22 October at 125 Queensbury st, Burwood,  to wife of george Alfred Mason -  a son.

Marriage -  144
WHITESIDE - DEVEREUX - on 9 October, at --- Hamilton Stuart, son of Mr and Mrs W.H.Whiteside,  to  Dorothea Frances, dau.
                            of Mr and Mrs L.Devereux.

Deaths - 144
HAMPTON - Martha,  on 22 October at her res. "Waihora Farm" Lauriston,  relict of the William Hampton,  aged 70 years.
REID -  William, on 18 october at his res. "Elness" --- West Ashburton,  bel. hus. of Charlotte Ann Reid,  aged 69 years ---
SNELL -  Fanny,  at Temuka,  relict of William Snell,  aged 78.

In Memoriam -  144
CATE - Roland,  died 24 October 1916,  -----
ENGLAND -  Letitia,  dearly bel. wife of A.England, Southbrook,  died 24 October 1917. -----

Bereavements -  144
SWINNERTON - Mrs J.  ---  thanks.
STREETER - Mr and Mrs J.  wish to thank -----

Funerals -  145
JACQUES -  Sarah,   will leave her res.  Cashel st, Linwood,  for ---   then to Linwood Cemetery.
AUSTIN - Elizabeth,  leave res. of her son-in-law, F.E.Ockwell, --- on Thursday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
HAMPTON -  Martha,   -- will leave her res.  --- Lauriston, on Friday 25th at 12 noon,  for the Ashburton Cemetery.

Friday 25 October 1918
Births  -  151
MOORE - on 14 October to Mr and Mrs A.Moore, West Oxford,  -  a son.
ROPER -  on 24 October at Christchurch  to Mr and Mrs R.S.Roper, of Pine Grove, Halkett -  a son.
SANDERSON - on 23 October at 41 Forfar st, St Albans,  to Mr and Mrs H. Sanderson  -  a son.
WITHERS - on 20 October at 106 Epsom rd, Sockburn,  to Mrs D.A. Withers -  a son.

Deaths - 151
FOSTER -  Annie Eliza,  on 24 October,  twin dau. of late David and Annie Foster, late Richill, County Armagh, Ireland,  --loved sister of Mrs Livingstone ----
FRENCH -  Thomas,  on 24 October at Christchurch Hosp.  dearly loved hus. of Maria French,  of Halkett,  in his 74th year.
GIBBS -  Walter,  on 24 October at Christchurch Hosp. 2nd son of late John Gibbs, Auckland,  aged 30 years.
GODDARD - George, on 24 October at res. of his son-in-law, Robert Willams,  Regent st, Woolston,  aged 77 years.
ROUNTREE - Annie,  on 24 October at Christchurch,  bel. wife of John Rountree,  of Islington.
SHAH - Athol Arthur,  on 19 October at 57 Park tce, Kensington, Dunedin,  infant son of Mr and Mrs A.S.Shah,  aged 4 days.
VUCETICH - George, on 24 October at res. of his son,  Peter, Tycho, Couth Canterbury,  in his 83rd year.

In Memoriam -  151
BETTEL - Ruby Dorothy,  died 25 October 1916,  aged 3 and half years. -----
DENNIS - William Gentry,  (Mannie)  died 25 October 1917. -----
LANYON -  Kenneth,  bel. son of Alfred and Margaret lanyon, Woolston,  died 25 October 1917  aged 2 yrs 3mths.
SMITH - Peter,  (late of Oxford)  died 25 October 1917  ----

Bereavement  -  151
FINLAY - Mrs S.  and family,   wishes to thank ----

Funerals  -  153
FRENCH -  Thomas,  leave res. of son ---  26 October at 8-40am  ---   then to the Linwood Cemetery.
FOSTER -  Annie Elizabeth,  leave res. of her sister Mrs J. Livingstone, 24 Matson's rd,  on Sunday 27th  at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.
GODDARD -  George,  leave res. of son-in-law,   -- Woolston on Saturday at 2pm  for the Woolston Cemetery.
VUCETICH,  George,  will leave railway station, Pleasant Point,  Saturday 26th  for the Chertsey Cemetery,  on arrival from the train from South.

Saturday 26 October 1918
Births -  155a
BROWN - on 25 october at St Ann's, Merivale  to Lance-Corporal  and Mrs E.D. Brown,  Norwood st,  -  a daughter.
ISHERWOOD -  on 19 October at Nurses Greig ---   250 Colombo st,  to mr and Mrs Isherwood,  51 Norward st st,  Fisherton -  a daughter.
RIDSDALE -  on 22 October at Nurse Raistricks,  Waltham,  to Mr and Mrs R. Ridsdale,  Arthur's Pas -  a daughter.
TUER - on 22 October  at Nurse Devlin's ---  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs G.Tuer,  Southbrook  -  a son.

Marriage -  155a
SMITH - BATES - on 8 October at --- Avonside,  Malcolm, son of G.H.B.Smith, Kaikoura  to  May Priscilla, dau. of Edward Bates, Perth st, Richmond.

Deaths -  155a
BALLINGER - Harriet Jane, on 25 Oct. at Kingsley st, Sydenham,  bel. wife of Thomas Ingram Ballinger and dau. of late George & Mary Chatfield, Akaroa.
CLARKSON -  Evelyn,  on 25 her parents 77 Racecourse rd, Riccarton,  dearly loved dau. of Thomas Henry and Laura Letitia Clarkson, aged 2yrs 2mths.
HIBBERT -  Alice Maud, on 25 Oct. at 278 Hereford st,  youngest dau. of late William and Ellen Hibbert, of Yaldhurst.
HUNTON -  Elizabeth,  on 25 Oct.  widow of  Charles Hunton,  Sydenham,  aged 62 years.
LIDDIARD -  Elizabeth,  on 8 oct. at Petersham, Sydney, bel. wife of late William Liddiard,  aged 72.
McNAE -  Helen Jane,  at naseby st,  Merivale,  bel. wife of Andrew ---    
PREBBLE -  Frances Maria Olive,  on 25 Oct. at Christchurch Hosp.  only dau. of Selina and late Walter Prebble,  aged 20.
RADCLIFFE -  Charles Edward,  on 14 Sept.  died of wounds, 2nd bel. son of J.T.Radcliffe, 18 Exeter st, Lyttelton,  in his 21st year.
STILES -  George William,  on 25 October at Christchurch,  father of Mrs R.M.McFarlane,  aged 82 years.

In Memoriam -  155c
ASHBOLT -  Sydney,  died Christchurch 26 October 1917, -   loved brother Gladys, Violet and May
ASHBOLT -  Sydney Lancelot,  died Christchurch 26 Oct. 1917, late 120 Pages rd,-   inserted by  wife Edith May and little son Vernon.
ASHBOLT -  Sydney Lancelot -----   mother, brother and sister-in-law,  Arthur and Eva,
BEAUMONT -  Edith Mabel, (Grace)  bel. wife of Albert,  died 26 October 1917  aged 22 years.
BEAUMONT -  Edith Mabel  -----   inserted by her sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Q. and A.McLean,  Dunedin.
JENSEN - Marie,  bel. wife of late Hans,   died at Christchurch 26 October 1916.
STAPLETON -  Sarah Ann,  bel. wife of R.Stapleton,  died 26 October 1917,  aged 49  --------

Funeral Notices  -  155b
FRENCH - Thomas,  will leave res. of his son 5 Elizabeth st,  on Sat. 26 oct.  at ---   and the to the Linwood Cemetery.
FOSTER -  Annie Eliza,  will leave res. of her sister, Mrs J. Livingstone,  ----  Sunday 27 Oct.  at 2pm,  for the Addington Cemetery.
CLARKSON - Evelyn,  will leave the res. of Mr and Mrs T.H. Clarkson,  77 Racecourse rd,   this day Sat.   at ----   for the Sydenham Cemetery.
ROWNTREE - Annie,  will leave res. of her brother, Mr Thomas McFadden, -- Shirley,  on Sunday 27th,  at 3-30pm for the Addington Cemetery.
McNAE -  Helen Jane,  will leave his res.  9 Naseby st,  tomorrow Sunday, at 1-30pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
HUNTON - Elizabeth,  will leave her res. 15 Smollet st, Sydenham,  tomorrow Sunday at 1-30pm  for the  Sydenham Cemetery.
PREBBLE -  Frances,  will leave res. 360 Worcester st,  for the Prebbleton Churchyard,  on Sunday 27th.
VUCETICH - George,  will leave  from Chertsey railway station  at noon Saturday  -----  for the Chertsey Cemetery.
ROWNTREE - L.O.L.No. 24A  Lodge, ---   to leave 4 Kelly's rd, Shirley, Sunday at 3-30pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Monday 28 October 1918
Births  -  157
CRAWFORD - on 25 October, at ---    to wife of J.A. Crawford,  Grasslea, Yaldhurst  -  a son.
FORSEY -  on 18 October at ---  to Mr and Mrs A.E.Forsey,  Kaikoura,   and late Sydenham  -  a daughter.
LYES -  on 25 October at ----  to Mr and Mrs C.Lyes,  Heathcote Valley  -  a daughter.
WATT -  at "Arawa"  Ashburton  on 26 October  to Mr and Mrs L.J.Watt,  Ashburton  -  a son.

Deaths -  157
ANDERSON - William,  on 27 October at his res. ---- Redcliffs,  dearly bel. hus. of Margaret,  aged 72  ------
BADDEN -  William Charles,  on 24 October,  at his mother's res.  --- Wellington,   2nd son of late James Alexander, of Christchurch  ---
BARLOW - Janet,  on 26 October at her res. Glentunnel,  relict of William J. Barlow,  in her 77th year, funeral will leave for Glentunnel Cemetery 28th --
BENTLEY - Ernest, ,  on 26 October at Christchurch,  dealry bel, hus, of Margaret ----  St Albans,  aged 34 years.
COURT - Louisa Elizabeth, on 26 October  relict of Thomas Court,  late NZ Railways,  in his 65th year.
MARTIN - George Frederick,  on 23? 5  October at Christchurch,  aged 70 years.
McBRATNEY -  Mary,  on 26 October?  at her res. London st, Richmond,  widow of John McBratney,  aged 82 years.
McHUGH -  Ann,  on 27 October at her res. Mandeville North,  relict of Michael McHugh,  aged 78 years.
MOOAR -  Catherine,  on 26 October at her res. -- Lower Riccarton,  dearly bel. wife of J.H.Mooar,  aged 42 years.
SAUNDERSON - Walter Edward,  on 26? 8 October,  bel. hus. of Ethel,  loved eld. son of Robert  and James Saunderson,  aged 31 years.
WILLIAMS -  Charles,  on 26 October  at Christchurch Hosp.  dearly loved hus. of Charlotte Elizabeth Williams, --  aged 50.

In Memoriam  -  158
DAVIDSON -  John Johnson,  died 27 October 1917  ----- inserted by his loving daughter and son L.and C.Tucker,  Rangiora.
GIBBS -  Eliza,  dearly loved wife of Harley,  died ---  27 October 1917 ---  
HALDANE -  Noreen Myrtle Frances,  bel. infant of E. and M. Haldane,  died 27 October 1917 --

Bereavements -  158
HOWSON -  Mr T.B.  and family wish to thank ----
MURRAY -  Mr and Mrs T. Murray and family  wish to thank ----
McAULIFFE - Mr W. and family ----
LOCK - Miss,    25 Churchill st,  wishes to thank ----
MILES -  Mrs Robert,  the family of wish to thank ----

Funeral Notices -  159
MARTIN - George Frederick,  will leave the Vicarage, Opawa,  on Monday 28th -- for the Linwood Cemetery.
BALLINGER - Harriet Jane,  will leave her res. --- Sydenham,   on Monday 28th at 1pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
COURT - Louisa Elizabeth,  will leave her res. --  Armagh st,  on Monday 28th  for the Linwood Cemetery.
MOOAR - Catherine,  wife of  Mr J.H. Mooar,  leave his res. Smith st,  Lower Riccarton,  this day  ---  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WILLIAMS -  Charles,  will leave the Christchurch Hospital  this day Monday  for the Linwood Cemetery.
BENTLEY -   Ernest,  will leave his res.  ---- on Tuesday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
SAUNDERSON - Walter Edward,  will leave res. of his mother-in-law,  --- Richmond,  for the Sydenham Cemetery ---
BARLOW - Janet,  will leave her res. Glentunnel,  for the South Malvern Cemetery,  this day -----
McBRATNEY -  Mary,  will leave her res. London st,  for the Avonside Cemetery.
McHUGH - Ann,  will leave her res.  Mandeville North,   for the Catholic Cemetery,  Rangiora.

Tuesday 29 October 1918
Golden Wedding -  163
ISRAELSEN - NEILSEN - on 29 October 1868  at Hornstrup, Kirk, Veile, Denmark,  --    Ole Israelsen  to  Johanna kirstine Neilsen  ----

Deaths -  163
DIXON -  Peter,  at Christchurch Hosp.  -- son of Matilda Dixon,  62 Papanui rd,  aged 25 years.
DOHRMAN - Adelheidt,  on 28 Oct. at her res.  Bennetts,  widow of Diedrich Dohrman,  aged 88 years.
HODGSON - Mary, at res. of H.C.Godfrey, --  dau. of late W.C.Hodgson, Nelson,  in her 62nd year.
LAYCOCK -  Donald Eli,  on 28 Oct at res. Doyleston,  -- infant son of Mr and Mrs herbert E.Laycock,  aged 4mths.
MACKAY -  William Gordon, on 18 Oct.  killed in action, (Engineer Sub-Lieutenant RNR)  -- eld. son of Neil H. and Mary Mackay, aged 35
WORKMAN - Robert Stenton,  on 28 Oct. at Christchurch Hosp.  -- hus. of Margaret Workman,  of 72 King st,  aged 35.

In Memoriam  -  163
DAVIDSON - John Johnson,  died 27 October 1917  ----
FULLER -  Laurina,  -- loved wife of Albert,  died 29 october 1917 -----
FULLER - Laurina Adelaide, ---  
HARBOTT -  Rose Elizabeth,  --- dau. of Mr H.Harbott,  died 29 October 1917,   aged 16 years.
WARD -  Mary Ann,  (grandmother)  died 29 October 1910,  also  Grandfather  James,  died 15 february 1904 -  grandchildren Joe and Myrtle Vale.
WARD -  mother,  who died 29 October 1910  -   loving son Samuel

Bereavements  -  163
BOYCE -  Mr John Ellis  and family  of Dorie,  wish to thank ------

Funeral Notices  -  161
BENTLEY -  Ernest,  will leave his res. 459 Durham st, on Tuesday at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.
BENTLEY  - Ernest  -  Ivy of Linwood Lodge  No 13 ------
DIXON - Peter,  will leave his res. 62 Papanui rd,  on Wed.,  for the Linwood Cemetery --
DOHRMAM -  Adelheidt,  her funeral will leave School rd, Bennetts,  at 11am Wed. ------ for the Oxford Cemetery
HUMPHREY -  Henry,  will take place today Tuesday at the Linwood Cemetery at ---
LAYCOCK - Donald Eli,  son of Mr and mrs herbert laycock,   leave res Doyleston   for --- Ellesmere Cemetery  1-30pm Wed.
McBRATNEY - Mary,   will leave 56 London st, Richmond,  for the Avonside Churchyard --
SAUNDERSON - Walter Edward,   leave res. of mother-in-law, Cumberland st,  Richmond,  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WORKMAN -  Robert Stenton,  will leave 26 Ely st, for the Linwood Cemetery,  Wednesdy 30th.

Wednesday 30 October 1918
Birth -  165
HAY -  on 22 October at Page's rd,  New Brighton  to Mr and Mrs H.A.Hay -  a daughter

Deaths -  165
ALLNUTT -  Arthur,  on 29 October at Christchurch,  bel. hus. of Mary Ann Allnutt,  ---  aged 76
ANDERSON - Richard,  on 29 October at his res. Waltham rd,  --  loved hus. of Johanna Anderson  in his 79th year.
DONALD - James,  on 29 October at res. of his son-in-law, J.Aldridge, Englefield, Dunsandel, late of Harewood rd, papanui,  in his 86th year.
McKEAG -  Agnes,  on 29 October at Sefton,  widow of John McKeag,  aged 84 years.
NAISMITH - Mathew,  on 28 October at his res.  Springfield,  hus. of Margaret Naismith,  aged 75.
SHAND - Thomas J.W.  on 29 October, at "Avon Lodge" Upper Riccarton,   aged 85  
WEBSTER -  Catherine,  on 28 October  at her res. Cust,   widoe of James Webster, Cust,  in her 86th year.
WORKMAN -  Robert Stenton,  on 28 October . eld. son of E. and late Robert Workman 26 Ely st,  aged 31.

In Memoriam  -  165
GRIBBIN  -  John Alexander,  loved son of E.W.Gribbin, accidentally killed 30th October 1910,   aged 18
GRIBBIN -  John Alexander  ---   grandparents  ----

Bereavements  -  165
BROOME- Mr and Mrs C.H.Broome and family  wish to thank -----
LEGH -  Mr and Mrs A.S. Legh and daughter  -----
QUIGLEY -  James and family of Loburn  wish to thank ----

Funeral Notices  - 166a
ALLNUTT -  Arthur, will leave his res. Harman's rd, Harwood,   for the Harewood Cemetery. -----
ANDERSON - Richard,  will leave his res. Waltham rd, Sydenham,  on Thursday 31st at --- thence to the Rangiora Catholic Cemetery.
DONALD - James,  -- will leave res. of son-in-law, J. Aldridge,    Dunsandel  on Thurs.  to arrive at the Papanui Churchyard.
HODGSON - Mary will leave res. of Mr H. Godfrey,  --- Garden rd, Fendalton,  this day, Wednesday at 3pm   to the Linwood Cemetery.
McKEAG - Agnes,  -- will leave the res. of her son-in-law H.Ashby,  Sefton,  on Friday Nov. 1st at 2pm  for the Balcairn Cemetery.
NAISMITH - Mathew,  will leave his late res. Springfield,  2 o'clock, Thursday  for the Springfield Cemetery.
WEBSTER -   Catherine,  -- will leave her res. Cust, on Wed. 30th oct.  at 1pm for the Public Cemetery.
WORKMAN - Richard Stenton,  will leave Ely st, for the Linwood cemetery.

Thursday 31 October 1918
Births  -  173
BROOKING - at Nurse Overton's, Merivale Lane,  to Mr and Mrs E.E.Brooking  -  a son.
COX - on 26 October at Nurse Devlin's -- Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs F. Cox,  Tuahiwi -  a son.
ISHERWOOD -  on 29 October at 90 Salisbury st,  to wife of F. Isherwood,  Glenroy  -  a son.

Deaths  -  173
GOODMAN -  Miss M.A. Goodman,  on 29 October at Christchurch,  aged 75
GRADY -  Richard, Grove,  on 28 October at his res. 292 Manchester st, Christchurch,  late of Dunedin,  interred at Linwood Cemetery.  30 October.
HULME -  Charles,  on 30 October at Christchurch Hosp.  loved hus. of Martha hulme,  in his 62nd year.
PEVERILL -  Charlotte Elizabeth,  on 228 October at the Homestead,  Charlton, Victoria,  bel. wife of late Joseph Peverill,  loved mother of A. Peverill
WHITE -  Edward,  on 30 October, at Christchurch,  bel. hus. of Charlotte,  12 Peacock st,  aged 78 years.
WILSON - Emily,  on 30 October  the beloved wife of F.D.Wilson.

In Memoriam  -  173
TURNER -  Arthur,  died at Himitangi, 29th October ------

Bereavements  -  173
DRAIN -  Mr and Mrs Drain  and family wish to thank ------
McCAMMON -  Mr James,  106 Shirley rd,    wishes to thank ----

Funeral Notices  -  169
ALLNUTT - Arthur,  will leave his res.  --- Harewood,,  for the Harewood Cemetery,  on this day Thursday,
ANDERSON - Richard,  leave his res. --- Sydenham,  on Thursday 31st Oct.  ----  to the Rangiors Catholic Cemetery.
DONALD - James,  will leave his res.  ----   Dunsandel,  on Thursday 12-30pm  -- for the Papanui Churchyard.
HULME -  Charles,  leave his res. Herring Bay rd, New Brighton,  on Friday 1st Nov.  for the Linwood Cemetery.
WHITE - Edward, 12 Peacock st,   for the Linwood Cemetery ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
8 September 2011

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