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Wednesday 1 May 1918
Wedding  -  MASON - CLOTHIER -   002
At St Paul's  Presbyterian Church.   Mr Harold Mason,  eldest son of Mr and Mrs A.Mason,  Devon st,  New Plymouth  to  Miss Jenette Seymour (Tot) Clothier,  youngest dau. of Mr and Mrs B.L.Clothier, "Rutherglen"   Kaiapoi.   ----  Miss Belle Clothier,  niece of the bride was bridesmaid   --- Mr Glanville Meuneer was best man.  -------

Thursday 2 May 1918
Hastings  -  GOULTER -  003
Mr Cecil Vernon Goulter,  barrister and solicitor,  died suddenly on Monday, was on a visit to Hawke's Bay,  -----  age 35,  eldest son of Mr Redwood Goulter,
"Tamara" Blenheim  and "Tangarewa"  Hawke's Bay ----  been in practice in Wellington for the past 8 years.

Fatality  -  CADDY - 005
Admitted to hospital last Tuesday suffering injuries to the face and head -- knocked down by a taxi-cab -- died  yesterday --- he was identified by a sister as Thomas Trebath Caddy,  aged 45.

Fatality  -  Auckland - 006
FLETCHER -  Mrs W.J.Fletcher, was seriously injured in a collisionbetween a motor-car and a train, on 19 January,  died in hospital.

Friday 3 May 1918
Inquest  -  CADDY - 008
--  into the death of Thomas Trembath Caddy, who died on Wednesday evening.  ------   Frederick Buchanan,  taxi-driver -----Emily Caddy,  sister said he was a labourer, employed by the Westport Coal Co,  aged 45,  single,  and lived at 104 Queen st,  Sydenham.   -----  lots more ---    inquest adjourned.

Auckland -   Fatality  -  009
GAMBLE -  William, a widower,  aged 80 was knocked down by a tram on 27 April,  died in hospital.

Saturday 4 May 1918
Engagement -   RAMSAY - McCARTHY -   010
Miss Eva M.Ramsay, 2nd dau. of Mr Alexander Ramsay of Kaikorai,  Dunedin  to  Mr Frank Bryce McCarthy,  youngest son of Mrs Mary Anne McCarthy,  of Belmont Castle,  Essex.  The marriage will take place early next year. -------

Monday 6 May 1918
Engagement -  COLLINS - WILDERMOTH -  014
Mr John C.Collins  (Dunedin)  son of Mr John Collins,  Grace st,  Invercargill,  to  Miss Elsie Wildermoth, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs J.Wildermoth,  Braddon st,  Addington, Christchurch.

Accident  -  TURNBULL -  013
C. Turnbull,  aged 19,  employed at Woolston Tanneries was admitted to hosp.  He had fallen from a window 15ft high at the works  ---   sustained internal injuries  and suffering from shock.

Tuesday 7 May 1918
Accidents  and Fatalities  -  017
SMITH - James,   of Teddington, an elderly man was knocked down by a tramcar,  his injuries are not serious.
RODD -  Frederick,  aged 74,  died suddenly ---  on Sat.  inquest  returned verdict death due to heart failure.
LARGE -  Albert,   while shooting at Stewart's Gully on Sunday received a pea rifle bullet in the thigh -----

Obituary  -  ANDREWS -  018
Mr Joseph Herdman Andrews (late of Longbeach)   died at his res. at Sockburn, on Monday.  He was born at Peebles, Peebleshire, Scotland in 1841.  he came
to New Zealand in the Navy, with Commander Lambert in the Challenger.  In 1871 he married the eld. dau. of late Troop Sergeant-Major Husband,  7th Hussars.  he leaves a widow,  3 daughters,  5 sons,  and 20 grandchildren.  2 sons are on active service,  Veterinary Sergeant T.S.Andrews,  6th reinforcements,  and Sergeant A.R.Andrews,  F.A.  20th Reinforcements.  the funeral took place at the Riccarton Churchyard on Wednesday.

Wedding  -  McCAUSLAND - ROBERTSON -   020
at the Courthouse,  Apia, Samoa,  recently,  Miss Mina,  eldest dau. of Mr W.T.McCausland, of Philadelphia,  to  Mr J.H. Robertson,  Collector of Customs,  Apia,  2nd son of Mr J.A.Robertson,  Dunedin. --------  Miss Simpson  was bridesmaid ----   Miss McCausland was formerly on the staff of the Auckland Hosp.  --------  at the time of her marriage was  on the staff of the Government hispital at Motooua.  Captain L.H.Booth  N.Z.M.C.  who is in charge of the hospital  was best man.

Wednesday  8 May  1918
Photo  -  Sydenham School Girls' Rounders team -  winners of the autumn competition  1918.  -  025
Back row. -  M.Paisley,  N.Catling,  Mr W.D. Bean (coach)  L.Grant,  E.Hitchings
Middle Row -  J.Harley,  M.Blair,  E.Dawson,  I.Hale,  D.Bugg.
Front row  -  N.Ives,  N.Holmes,  R.Hobbs.

Thursday 9 May 1918
Wedding  -  SPERRY - ALLEN  -  027
Lieutenant Lawrence B.Sperry, a naval aviator,  and his wife who was Miss Winifred Allen  took a brief honeymoon trip on 10 February in an aeroplane  -----  married at Masaquequa, a naval  aviation station  --   groom was granted a 12 hour leave  and made arrangements for the wedding in an hour. He flew from the station to Govenor's Island with his fiancee  and were married a few minutes after landing.

Engagement  -  SNOW  -  SELLARS -  027a
Miss Dorothy Rochfort Snow,  youngest dau. of Colonel Snow, of Christchurch  to  Mr A.T.Clement Sellars,  of Christchurch.

Golden Wedding  -  WORKMAN  -  TUNNICLIFFE  -  027b
Mr and Mrs J.Workman, who were married at St John's Church, Christchurch in April 1863,  the bride being Miss Tunnicliffe, of a well-known Christchurch family.

Friday 10 May 1918
Accident  -  Blenheim -  029
JOHNSTON -  J.R.  a farmer,  of Netherwood, was driving home when the horse and trap backed over a bank,  Johnston has a broken neck.

Saturday 11 May  1918
Death  -  DENNIS -  030
Mr J.T.Dennis,  an old and respected resident of Heathcote,  passed away on Thursday after a long and painful illness.

Diamond Wedding  -  LANE -  032
on Wed.  diamond jubilee wedding was celebrated of  Mr and Mrs W. Lane, of this city, ----  from old Devonshore families, and were married at Exeter, England in 1858  they arrived in NZ nearly 50 years ago ----

Afternoon Tea  -  BROCK -  033
a delightful afternoon tea was given by Mrs Hight -- in honour of Miss Trixie Brock, whose to be married shortly -----   some names of guests. ---

Inquest -  CADDY -  036
Thomas Trembath Caddy  who was killed in Moorhouse ave,  on 30 April  -----   Owen Barker,  tramway conductor ------  John Hollis,  student,   ----  Christopher C.Schroder,  cabdriver  saw the deceased ----  died by being knocked down by a motorcar ------

Monday 13 May 1918
Star  -  Jubilee  -  038
The jubilee of the "Star"  marking the 50th year  of this paper will occur tomorrow ----  a special illustrated supplement will be issued ----  more  ----

Weka Pass -  Fatality  -  KENNEDY -  039
A motor-car accident just outside Waikari on Sat. night  Mr Patrick Kennedy, a well-known farmer  on the Culverden estate  met his death  he was found beneath his car at 5am yesterday  ------    an inquest was held yesterday ,  Mr Kennedy's parents live in St Albans,  he leaves a widow and 3 children.

Tuesday 14 May 1918
Star - Jubilee Supplement  -   TULLY  -   045
History repeats itself,  50 years ago,  Mr J.W.Tulley, was occupying the position of office boy in the Lyttelton Times  delivered the 1st copy of the Star to the Hon. William Reeves at his residence.    after 50 years Mr Tulley stood beside the modern printing machine this afternoon he recieved the 1st copy of the jubilee supplement. -----

Weddings from London  -  046
BATEMAN - BOOTH - on 14 March at --Harry George Bateman, FRGS,  Staff Lieutenant Royal Regiment of Artillery, 4th son of E.T.Bateman, St Albans,                                             NZ  to Marjorie   dau of George Booth,   of Beamsley Hall,  Bolton Abbey, Yorks.
HUTSON - GALLOWAY -  on 9 Feb.  at --    Captain Herbert Hutson  NZMC  to  Sister Myrtle Galloway,    NZANS.

Deaths from London  -  046
HURST -  Mary Elizabeth,  on 12 March,  at ----  widow of John Wm Hurst,  late of New Zealand  in her 88th year
DALE - Lucy Ellen on 15 March at ---  late of Bradford, Harrogate  and Napier, new Zealand  aged 72.
BEUMONT - Annie,  on 16 March at ---  widow of John Beaumont (both as spelt in paper) formerly of Messrs Gould, Beaumont and Co. of Chch, NZ age 78

Wednesday 15 May 1918
Fatality  -  MORRISEY -  060
Peter John Morrisey,  aged 48, from 73 Durham st, Sydenham, died in the public hosp last night while under an anaesthetic.   ------   an inquest will be held.

Death in London -  SPENCE - 061
Miss Dorothy Spence,  dau. of Mr H.R.Spence,  the New Zealand Customs rep. in London   died at Haslemere on Tuesday 12 March 1918.

Thursday 16 May 1918
Accidents  and  Fatalities  -  063
RENSHAW - James, who was burned about the face and hands in a fire at 20 Westward ave,  on Tuesday night  iis progressing favourably.
MORRISEY - Peter John,  who died suddenly at hosp.  on 12 May  ---  inquest  ----   died of heart failure, following an attack of lockjaw.

Deaths in New Zealand -  064
GRAYSON -  Mrs Victor, wife of Private Victor Grayson at one time a member of the House of Commons   was in Chch last year, she leaves a little daughter.
TEASDALE -  Miss Alberta, well known in musical circles in Chch,  died on Monday in Sydney.  she had been ill for several weeks, but was expected to recover.

Wedding  - LOWCAY -  HARRIS  -   065
on Tuesday last at ---  Harry Scudamore Lowcay NZMC  and Miss Daisy Vera Harris,  youngest dau. of Mr and Mrs E.Harris, Caledonian rd, St Albans. ---  Misses G. Harris,  N. De Luen and S.Lowcay  were bridesmaids  and Messrs Ibbotson,  and Wood  were groomsmen  -----   

Engagement  -  BRANDON - GALLOWAY - 066
Nurse Frances Brandon, 4th dau of Mr J.P.Brandon, Lyall Bay, Wellington  to   Mr William Galloway, of Waikato.

Death  -  STUBBS  -  067
at Northland,  Wellington on Monday,  Mr Anthony Stubbs,  formerly of the Railway Dept.  aged 75,  born and educated in Staffordshire, brought up in the building trade --- arrived in Port Chalmers in 1875 in the Christian McAusland --- came to Christchurch to help with the new passenger station ----   joined the railway dept at Napier as a works inspector serving in Wellington and Wanganui  until he retired 10 years ago.

Wellington  -  Death  -  GRINDLEY -  067a
Mr John Grindley,  died at Wellington on Tuesday,  aged 67.  ---  kept a hotel in Gore ---- connection with  stock and staion agency business  he was best known.---  one of the founders of the Otago Farmers' Co-operative Assoc.  and its 1st auctioneer -- went to Johannsesburg shortly after the Boer war, and remained there about 7 years. ---    took a keen interest in local poiltics was on Council of Mornginton  -----  was Mayor for 2 terms    -------

Friday 17 May 1918
Obituary  -  DENNIS -  068
Mr John Thomas Dennis, died at Linwood last week.  was a native of Cornwall, born in 1854  he arrived with his parents in the ship Columbus in 1872,  he was employed in the building of the Lyttelton District High School and the Lyttelton gaol.  ----   resided at Lyttelton for over 40 years  then moved to Heathcote Valley.  was married in 1878  and leaves 5 children,  2 daughters,  and 3 sons.

Obituary  -  BUTTERS -  068a
Mr G.Butters,  died at Ashley yesterday, was born at Papanui and  farmed in East Eyreton until about 15 years ago.  since then he has been in Rangiora.  and latterly at Ashley.  He leaves a widow and 3 sons one was Mr William Butters went to the front with the Main Body and was wounded at Gallipoli.

In Divorce  -  069
PARKINSON - J.H.  v A.M.Parkinson  ---  application for dissolution ---
BIRCH - J.T.  v   Christina Birch ,  dissolution ---
FLANAGAN - Maud E. v  Christopher C.Flanagan  --- dissolution
JONES - Henry E.  v   Emily I.Jones  ---
TEED -  Lena C.  v  William Teed --
Le SUEUR - Helen J.  v  John J. Le Sueur ---  
WILSON -  Arthur G.  v.  M. Wilson  a sn James Burn
CARTER - Frances B.M.Carter  v  Arthur R.Carter --
TAYLOR - Louisa M. Taylor  v  Albert V Taylor  
THOMPSON - Gretrude M.Thompson v  Harry B.Thompson

Fatalities  -  070
HALL -  Thomas, aged about 60 a farmer of Spring Creek, was killed at the Spring Creek railway bridge last night ------  leaves a wife and 6 children.
BAXTER -  a fireman in the City brigade was killed tonight   ---   2 other men named Oliver and McGill  were also injured and were taken to hosp.

Wedding  -  OGLE - HEIGHGATE  -  072
A cablegram received in Christchurch says the marriage of Miss Janet Ogle and Captain Lionel Heighgate,  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry  and of Mapledene, Longborough,  Leicestershire,  will take place on 22 May in London.

Saturday 18 May 1918
Wedding  -  BLOOMFIELD - MILES - 073
at --- Auckland  on Wednesday afternoon  of Miss Thelma Bloomfield, only dau of Mr and Mrs L.R.Bloomfield  to  Lieutenant Charles Cockburn Miles,  youngest son of Mr and Mrs A.H.Miles of Wellington  ---   father in England so was given away by her uncle Mr G.R.Bloomfield -----   4 bridesmaids  Miss Neville Thorne George,  Miss P. Miles,  Miss L. Leatham,  and Miss P. Bloomfield  ----    Captain G.Williams was best man   -------

Engagement  -  074
STEELE - RICHTER -  Miss Minnie Steele, 3rd dau of Mr T.J. and Mrs Steele, of --Auckland  to Mr J. Osmond Richter, 2nd son of Mrs Richter, -- Wellington.

Engagement -  074
DELLER - BENNEDY - Miss Mollie Deller, dau of Mrs Deller,  Carterton  to Sergeant-Major Donald A. Bennedy of Trentahm and Dunedin.

Engagement  -  074a
THACKER - WINSTONE -   Miss Agnes Essy Edith Thacker, dau of Mr and Mrs W.N.J.Thacker, -Okain's Bay  to  Mr Herbert J.M.Winstone of Wanganui

Monday 20 May 1918
Supreme Court  -  Divorce  -  PARKINSON -  077 & 078
was heard today before a jury of 12 --   James Hicks Parkinson,  of Darfield,  farmer  and respondent Alice Mary Parkinson of New Brighton  --  co-respondent Leslie Polson,    a beach detective,  New Brighton,   --  married on 25 June 1917   James was born in Essex, England and respondent born in Lyttelton.   his wife was Miss Clinton  of Darfield,  petitioner had gone to war  -----  very long column ------  proceeding  ----

Accidents  & Fatalities   -  079
KNOWLES -  James,  aged 36, who recently returned to NZ  after 2 yrs active service was found dead  in McLean's boarding house,  Wanganui.
SCOTT - Thomas Miller,  of Bulls,  was found dead in a  hotel room -----

Inquests -  KNOWLES  and  SCOTT  -  079
James Knowles and Thomas Miller Scott,  in each case death due to heart failure --------

Engagement  -  080
WOODHAM - LOMAS - Miss Hilda, dau of Mr and Mrs G.G.Woodham (Strowan rd)  to Mr Harold W.Lomas,  who has been transferred to  -----  Dunedin.

Tuesday 21 May 1918
Marriage  -  BECKWITH -  082
The staff of Messrs Henry Berry and Co  met to make a presentation to Miss E.M.Beckwith, who is getting married.  Mr Steeds paid high tribute to her sterling qualities ----

Engagement -  083
MILLER -  PARTINGTON -  Miss May, eld dau of Mr and Mrs J.G.Miller,  of Lyttelton and Mr David,  only son of Mrs Partington,  Lyttelton.

Wednesday  23 May 1918
Waipori  -  EVANS  -  084
A pioneer miner named Robert Evans passed away on Sunday -----  was born in Dundee, Scotland, and in his youth was a fisherman from that to vessels  trading in the Baltic, later he went to Victoria,  goldmining ---  at Bendigo, Ballarat, Inglewood.  Mitta Mitta and other districts.  came to NZ  when the Dunstan rush ----  from there to Waipori in the early 60's   --- for the past 12 years has lived in a hut close to the township.

Thursday 23 May 1918
Fatalities  -  087
ANDERSON - Cyril,  aged 9  died in hosp in Auckland from blood posioning, flollowing a cut foot.
BUNTING -  James,  found dead in a loose box at Riccarton racecourse,  he was age 63 a bachelor, and lived in a hut in Fleming st Belfast, an inquest to be held.
PITT -  Alice, formerly of Christchurch, visiting Wellington was found dead in bed  ---  believed to be  under medical treatment in Christchurch

Wedding  - BROCK - GREENWOOD -  088
Miss Trixie Brock, of Rugby st, will leave tonight for Wellington with her mother and sister for her wedding next Monday  to Mr Reginald Greenwood, of Blenheim.

Engagement -    GRABHAM - SEWELL -   088a
Kitty, only dau of Mr and Mrs A.I.Grabham, Wellington  to  Mr A.H.Sewell, formerly 7th Reinforcements  2nd son of late T.H.Sewell, also of Wellington.

Friday 24 May 1918
Inquests  -  090
BUNTING - James Bunting, a widower, aged 63, was found dead  -------
PITT - Miss Alice, a visitor from Christchurch,  suffocated while in a fit.

Monday 27 May 1918
Fatality  -  Le LIEVRE -  093
Mr Stanley C.LeLievre,  died as a result of a fall from the cliffs at Fisherman's Bay. ---------   had missed his footing while mustering cattle,  he was about 36 years of age, eldest son of Mr E.X.LeLievre of Akaroa,  he leaves a widow and 3 young children.  an inquest will be held.  -----  longish column.

Wedding  -  Waimate  -  SHAW - WATSON - 094
on Wednesday 15 May  Miss Louisa Dobson, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs E.Shaw, of the Hook,  late of Woodbury,  to Mr Allan Septimus Watson,  of Hook,  ----

Engagement  -  ROBBINS - WHITEHEAD -  095
Alexander Reade, eld son of Mr and Mrs A.W.Robbins, Timaru  to  Alice, youngest dau. of  Mrs and late Mr A.J.Whitehead, Hale, Cheshire

Obituary  -  TELFORD -  096
Mr John Telford, a pioneer settler of the Wellington district, died a few days ago,  aged 86.  Mr Telford was a son of Mr John Telford, of Stirling,  Scotland, who was manager of the Western Bank of Scotland ---  Mr Telford sen came to New Zealand in 1840 with Mr Edward Gibbon Wakefield's party in the Bengal  Merchant.  Mr John Telford joined his father in 1852 coming as a member of the crew -----     engaged in farming in Marlborough and in whaling from Port Underwood.  Later he and his brother  acauired "Blairlogie Station in the Wairarapa ---  partnership dissolved and he bought "Wharemoko: at Paraparaumu -----   remained there for 20 years.

Wednesday 29 May 1918
Death  -  EASTHOPE -  100
on Sunday of heart failure,  Mr W.M.Easthope of Masterton.  aged 67  went to Masterton about 40 years ago.  he was an accountant for many years  to the firm Chamberlain Bros.,  flourmillers.  and later set up his own business.  Was sfor several years acted as Registrar of Births,  Deaths and Marriages in Masterton as well as local agent for the State Insurance Office.  also was secretary to the Masterton School Committee  for many years

Diamond Wedding  -  Napier  -  CARNELL -  101
Mr and Mrs S.Carnell,  of Napier,  celebrated the Diamond Wedding last Fraday, were married at Nottingham on 24 May 1858.  Mr Carnell was Mayor of Napier on several occassions and for 3 years was an MP .  He was born in Nottinghamshire in 1832 and arrived in NZ in 1862.  He went ot Napier in 1869  after taking part in the West Coast gold rush  then setting up business in Nelson and auckland as a photographer.

Exam Results -  102
Nurses exam in Invalid Cookery  -    First Class -   
Nurses Grace Ashby,  Doris Christian,  Alice Flanagan,  Lena McDonald,  Winifred Michel,  Gwendoline Pellow,  Minnie Steele,  Marjory Webster,
Sadie Withers,  Flora Willis.

Wedding  -  PROCTOR -  REDPATH -  103
This morning at ---  Mr Neale Heath proctor, member of the Medical Corps on furlough  and Miss Jean Redpath,  3rd dau of Mr and Mrs J.A.Redpath, of Papanui -- attended by Miss May Redpath  and Mr McGibbon was best man.  -------    some names of guests listed -----

Wedding  -  GREENWOOD - BROCK - 104
On Monday  at Wellington,  Miss Trixie Brock of St Albans,  younger dau. of Mr W.Brock,  Chief Inspector of Schools, Canterbury  and Mrs Brock   to  Mr Reginald Greenwood  of Oriental Bay. Wellington.  ---   Miss Mildred Brock was bridesmaid,  Mr L.Adams  was best man  ------

Obituary  -  BOURN - 105
Mr Horton Smart Bourn, died yesterday in Christchurch, one of the best known business men in the city.   Mr Bourn was the 5th son of late Charles Bourn who arrived in Lyttelton in 1850 in the Randolph,  Horton was born at Riccarton in 1864,  being one of 18,  9 sons and 9 daughters. ----  lots more  --    he was a single man,  Mr A.H.Bourn,  a brother  is also well-known.

In Divorce  -  106 & 107
CARTER - Frances Blanche May Carter  dissolution --  from Arthur R.Carter ---  respondent kept a motor garage in Victoria st ---
JONES - Henry Evans Jones dissolution from Emily Isabel Jones. -- she disappeared to Australia -- 1 child  with hus. mother. -----
TEED -  Lena C. Teed  dissolution  from William Teed , farmer at Port Levy,  he disappeared to Western Australia ---
WILSON - Arthur G.  annulment from Margaret Wilson --  lived at Kaikoura, she left for Chch with 2 of the children

In Divorce -  107
TAYLOR -  Louisa May Taylor  annulment  from Albert V.Taylor, -- desertion, 1 child,  1912 her hus left her  Frank Matthews, father of Louisa ---
THOMPSON - Gertrude M.Thompson  dissolution  with harry bertram Thompson -- left in 1913 for Cass for work -- 2 children --
Le SUEUR -  Helen J.Le Sueur -- annulment from John J. Le Sueur, -- desertion --  John a hairdresser and tobbaconist in June 1910 left  --- 1 child ---
BOWEN - Edith Elizabeth Bowen  dissolution from Harold Charles Bowen, ---  married 25 August 1913, 2 children,   Everard P.Gray, brother of Edith ---

Thursday 30 May 1918
Trap Accident -  FLEMING - 109
J.Fleming, a middle-aged man, a milkman,  residing in St Albans.  --- still semi-concious this morning------   is a single man, residing in Westminster st,    2 young men named Mason  and Sefton,  of Okain's Bay,  saw the accident and drove Fleming to the hospital.

Inquest  -  RITSON -  110
John James Ritson,  aged 42 -----Frederick Tyler, porter at the hospital identified him,  James McLaren, schoolmaster -- known him for 12 years ---  a long column  ----

Desertion -  BOWLER - 111
Frederick Henry Bowler  was charged with attempting to leave NZ without providing maintenance for his wife ---

Funeral  -  BOURN -  112
Late Mr Horton Smart Bourn, ----  took place this afternoon,  leaving his res. Terawhare,  42 Hereford st  for the Linwood Cemetery.  ---  the bearers were 6 prominent members members of the Chamber of Commerce,  of which Mr Bourn was recently president. ----  long list of names  -------

Golden Wedding  -  ALLISON  -  113
Mr and Mrs Charles Allison of Sydenham will celebrate their Golden Wedding next Sunday.  They were married at St Luke's on 2 June 1868 ---   Mr Allison was born in Mansfield, Nottingham in 1845  -- came to Christchurch with his parents in 1856.  Mrs Allison was born in  Hampstead, Middlesex, England. She came to NZ with her parents in 1859.  ---Mr Allison was Mayor of this city from 1908 - 1910,  Town Clerk for Sydenham  for 23 years ----  they have 10 children,  6 boys and 4 girls,  15 grandchildren -----  the eldest son is manager of the Government Life Insurance in Dunedin,  another is master of the West Lyttelton School,  and the youngest is studying medicine at Otago.

Engagements  -  114
MacALLISTER -  GLASSFORD - Miss Ila, dau of Captain and Mrs D. Macallister, of Hospital Hill, Napier to 2nd Lieutenant George J. Glassford, -------
COAD - HINDMARSH - Miss N.E. Coad MA  teaching staff of Wellington Girls' College. ----   to Mr A.H.Hindmarsh  MP.

Friday 31 May 1918
Obituary  -  TURTLEY -  116
Mr Josiah Turtley,  who arrived in NZ  69 years ago,  connected with building trade in Auckland  died on the Avonside railway platform on Sat.  aged 80.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 January 2010

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