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Wednesday 1 May 1918
Birth  -  001
COLLINS -  on 30 april at  -- Cashel st  to Mr and Mrs Wm C. Collins,  89 Merivale Lane  -  a son,  Noel Wallace

Marriages -  001
MASON - CLOTHIER - on 30 March at -- Harold Alfred, son of Mr and Mrs A.Mason -- New Plymouth  to Jenette Seymour (Tot) dau of Mr & Mrs                                                     B.L.Clothier, Kaiapoi
O'BRIEN - HIBBARD - on 20 march at Christchurch,  Eugene  to Ruby Pearl,  both of Christchurch.

Deaths  -  001
BRIMICOMBE - on 30 April at Ashburton,  Walter Charles,  bel eld. son of Charles and Kate Brimicombe. of Costerville,  Rakaia.
BURLEIGH  -  on 30 April at Christchurch,  Mabel, inf. dau. of Richard and Ethel Burleigh,  Kirwee,  aged 2 weeks, 2 days.
CAMPBELL - on 30 April, at res of her nephew Andrew Muir,  Agnes Campbell,  in her 79th year.

Thursday 2 May 1918
Births  -  004
BURNEY -  on 30 April to mr and Mrs C.Burney,  80 Randolph st,  Woolston -  a son.
QUIGG -  on 27 april at Nurse Devlin's, Victoria Home,  Rangiora,  to Mr and mrs J. B. Quigg,  Rangiora - a son.

Deaths - 004
BENNETT -  at his res. Ellesmere,  George, bel hus. of Julia Bennett,  in his 42nd year
CALAZANCIA -  on 30 April at Christchurch  Sister Mary Joseph Calazancia,  Institute of Notre Dame des Missions  in her 25th year.
HENLEY - on 1 May at 21 Murray pl, St Albans,  dearly loved wife of William Henley,  aged 52 years.
HIGGINS -  on 11 April (killed in action)  Private James (Pat) Higgins  dearly loved nephew of Mrs M. McGrath, and cousin of M.Evans, 19 Stevens st, Syd.

Friday 3 May 1918
Marriages  - 007
HOSKIN - BALDWIN - on 30 March at -- Barton, son of Mrs and late James Hoskin, Kaiapoi,  to Marian, dau of Mr and Mrs J.Baldwin, of Kaiapoi.
McALPINE - BRUCE - on 19 March at-- Darfield  George Alexander, son of Mr G.G.McAlpine, Greymouth  to  Adelaide Dolina, dau of Mrs D.Bruce,                                                  Greendale.

Deaths -  007
ARROW - on 3 May at 400 Gloucester st, Linwood,  William Henry, dearly loved hus. of Christina Arrow,  aged 53 ----
HILL -  on 19 April,  died of wounds in France, George Dominic, youngest son of Lucy & Gerald Bernard Hill,  aged 18
MULHERN - on 27 April at Geraldine,  Thomas Edward,  dearly beloved hus. of  Lucy Mulhern,  in his 47th year.
WILLIAMS - on 2 May  at his res.  61 Dover st  St Albans,  Henry,  bel. hus. of  Kezia Jane Williams,  aged 63  

Funerals  -  007
ARROW - William Henry,  will leave his res. ---  on Sunday 5 May at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Saturday 4 May 1918
Roll of Honour  -  011      page 10
QUINN -  on 14 April (killed in action somewhere in France)  Private Patrick Joseph,  youngest son of late Michael Francis and Mary Ann Quinn.

Deaths -  011
FELTON -  at Pretoria, South Africa,  Thomas William Felton, late of Park Rd, Addington,  Staffordshire papers please copy.
BUXTON - killed in action on 18 April somewhere in France,  Lance-corporal Sidney Lewis Buxton,  dearly bel. youngest son of Mary J.Buxton  aged 25.
CUMMINS -  on 23 (8) April killed in action  in France Private F.R. Cummins, 24th reinforcements,  eldest son of Mr and Mrs T.F.Cummins, Christchurch.

Funeral Notice -  011
STEVENSON - Thomas,  will leave his res. 175 Peterborough st,  on Monday 6 May  at 11am  for the LInwood Cemetery.

Monday 6 May 1918
Births -  012
SHEPHERD -  on 3 Mat at 243 Linwood Ave,  to Mr and Mrs C.H.Shepherd,  Monk's Spur, Redcliffs  -  a son.

Golden Wedding  -  012
HUMPHREYS - MERRIN -   on 6 May  1868  at St Luke's Christchurch ---  William Davey, son of the late Firman Humphreys, of Aveley, Essex   to  June,
                                        dau. of late Frank Merrin, of Hawksworth,  Nottingham,  present address  55 Fisher Street,  Beckenham.

Deaths -  012
MILES -  on 5 May at Christchurch Hospital,  Lily,  dearly bel youngest dau. of H. and E. Miles,  Charles st, Kaiapoi,  aged 22
PHILCOX -  on 24 April  at her res.  "The Shubbery" Devonport, Auckland,  Sarah Elizabeth,  relict of William Philcox,  aged 83.

Tuesday 7 May 1918
Birth -  016
BROWN -  on 5 May at 21 Arawa rd,  Haitaitai,  Wellington,  to Mr and Mrs Tythe J.Brown  -  a son.

Marriage  -  016
ALLAN - ARQUILE - on 2 May at Hinckley, England,  Gunner Richard Frederick, 8th Reinforcement, eld. son of Mr and Mrs Allan, Sumner rd, Lyttelton  to                                              Elsie, dau of     Mr and Mrs C.Arquile, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England
HIGGOTT - PARKIN - on 9 April at --  Clarence William Frederick, eld. son of Frederick Higgot  to  Anita Pearl helen, 2nd dau of Allen Parkin, Chch.

Deaths  -  016
BUCHANAN - on 1 May at Napier,  Elsie,  bel. wife of John Buchanan  and 5th dau. of W.S.Willsteed,  of this city.
HAY -  on 6 May  at the res. of his dau.  Mrs T.Gudsell, Albury,  William Hay,  (formerly of Weedons) aged  78 years.
WHITING -  on 5 May at his res. Lismore,  Ernest James,  bel. hus. of Emily Whiting,  in his 50th year.

Deaths -  page 6 -  019
CASSIDY -  on 6 May --   Charles Alfred,  dearly loved hus. of Catherine Anna Cassidy  and son of George E. and Agnes Cassidy, Howard st, Belfast,  aged 23
McGARRY -  on 5 May at Chch Hosp.  Margaret,  dearly loved wife of John McGarry,  of Wellington,  aged 56 years.

Funeral Notice -  019
McGARRY -  Margaret,  will leave 234 Lichfiels st,  on Wed. 8 May at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Wednesday  8 May  1918
Births -  024
BULLOCK - on 1 May at 104 Wairarapapa tce,  to Mr and Mrs G.T.Bullock  - a son.
EMMETT - on 7 May at Nurse Bethune's,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs A.M.Emmett - a son.
HAMMETT -  on 5 May at Nurse Irving's,  Huxley st,  to Mr and Mrs J.H.Hammett,  13 Baretta st,  - a son.
MERRIN - on 2 Mat at Kaiapoi Nursing Home  to Mr and Mrs F.Merrin jun  East Eyreton - a son.
SANDREY -  on 7 May  at 90 Salisbury st,  to Mr and Mrs E.J.Sandrey  of Templeton  - a son.

Deaths  -  024
CASSIDY -  on 6 May at Chch,  Charles Alfred, hus of Catherine Anna Cassidy  and son of George E. and Agnes Cassidy,  34 Howard st, Belfast,  aged 23
McGARRY -  on 5 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Margaret, dearly loved wife of John McGarry, of Wellington,  aged 56.
MOOR -  on 7 May at her res.  109 Edgeware rd,  Anne,  bel. wife of William Moor,  in her 84th year.
REYNOLDS - on 7 May at 467 Madras st, St Albans,  Jacob Henry,  bel. hus of Annie Reynolds  and eld. son of Jacob Reynolds, of Lloyd's London, aged 68
SEWELL -  on 7 May at Woodend rd,  Rangiora,  George Sewell,  in his 68th year.

Thursday   9 May 1918
Births -  026
ALLAN -  on 7 May at Mrs R. Stevenson's res.  Tinwald,  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Allan,  Ruapuna  -  a daughter.
ROSE -  on 6 May at at Nurse Bethune's  cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs A.Rose - a daughter.

Deaths  -  026
DAVIES - on 8 May at res of her dau.  mrs Madeley, Flaxton,  Sarah, wife of late John Davies,  Kaiapoi,  in her 80th year.
LUSK - on 8 May at res. of her sister Mrs Candy, Curletts rd, Upper Riccarton, Rubina (Ruby)  bel dau of Annie Lusk, Graham's rd, Tinwald,  aged 33
NELLIGAN - on 8 May at at her res. 5 Manning pl, Woolston, Mary, relict of Michael Nelligan,  aged 69
O'HALLORAN -on 8 May at Glentui Station,  Oxford,  John O'Halloran,  aged 80 years.
ROBERTON - on 8 May at her late res.  261 Barbadoes st,  Annie, widow of Dover Roberton,  suddenly.

Friday 10 May 1918
Births  -  028
BRODIE -  on 4 May at Ticehurst rd,  Lyttelton,  to Mr and Mrs A.Brodie - a daughter
DIXON -  on 5 May at Nurse Bethune's Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs C.H.Dixon,  Decanter Bay - a son.
MINTON -  on 6 May at Nurse Devlin's Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs G. H. Minton,  Sefton -  a son.
PEACH -  on 9 May at their res.  Clydesdale,  Ashley Bank  to Mr and Mrs Robert Peach -  a daughter

Silver Wedding -  028
FORMAN - EVERETT - on 9 May 1893, at Christchurch,  Joseph George, 3rd son of John Forman, Lyttelton to Florence May, 3rd dau of George Everett,
                                             late of Chch.

Deaths -  028
- on 9 May at Christchurch,  Eleanor Cowling, of Hornby
CROOK -  on 22 April at res of her father F.Crook, Toowoomba, Queensland,  Elizabeth Mary Crook, late of Christchurch.
DENNIS -  on 9 May at 395 Tuam st, Linwood,  John Thomas Dennis, late of Heathote and Lyttelton,  aged 64.
DOUGLAS - on 9 May at her res. 79 Osborne st,  Linwood,  Annie,  relict of James S.Douglas  in her 60th year.
PITHIE - Sunday 5 May at her res.  Arundel  (late Peel Forest)  Martha,  relict of James Philp Pithie,  in her 73rd year.
STAPLETON -  on 10 May at Chch,  Doris Kathleen, younger dau. of  R. and  late Mrs S.Stapleton  185 Salisbury st,  aged 9 years.

Saturday  11 May 1918
Funeral  -  035
ASHWORTH - W.H.,  Brothe rof Court Thustle of Forresters,  leaving his res. Madras st,  at 2pm Monday 13 May for the Sydenham Cemetery.

In Memoriam -  035
FIELD - in  loving memory of Annie, bel. wife of William Field, Edinburgh st, Spreydon,  died 12 May  1913.

Monday 13 May 1918
Birth - 037
CALDER -  at Nurse Adam's,  9 Glasgow st, Linwood,  to Private L.B. and Mrs Calder -  a son.

Deaths -  037
FOREMAN -  on 11 May at Christchurch Hosp.  James Foreman, of Coutt's Island,  aged 52 years.
JOHNSTON -  on 9 May at --- Marlborough,  James Robert, of Waihopai Downs,  bel. hus. of Ethel W. Johnston, formerly Chch and Perth, result of an accident
KENNEDY - on 11 May,  Patrick,  bel. hus. of Ethel Kennedy,  Culverden,  and 5th son of P and E. Kennedy, 129 Fitzgerald Street,  aged 34 
MILWARD - on 12 May at res of Mr G.Etherington,  Woodend,  Elizabeth Milward,  aged 83 years.
MINTON -  on 10 May at Rangiora,  Frederick George, infant son of G.H. and L.Minton,  of Sefton,  aged 4 days.
SARELIUS - on 11 May at her res.  27 Worcester st,  Mary Ann Mitchell,  dearly loved wife of Waino Victor Sarelius,  aged 36
SWIFT -  on 10 May at Christchurch Hosp.  John,  dearly loved hus. of Elizabeth Ann Swift,  78 North Avon Road,  aged 46.

Tuesday 14 May 1918
Births  -  041
BULL -  on 13 May at 15 Dyers Pass rd,  Cashmere,  to Mr and Mrs J.A.Bull  - a daughter
PAULGER -  on 8 May at Ross Tce Lyttelton,  to Mr and Mrs E.Paulger  - a daughter,  premature

Deaths -  041
FOUNTAIN -  on 9 May at Lyall Bay, Wellington,  Mary Jane,  bel. wife of J.H.Fountain  and bel sister of Mrs Tutchen, Tauranga, Mrs Yardley,  and
                        Warwick J.Dawson,  Chch aged 35.
JAMES -  on 13 May at her dau's res.  21 Shakespeare rd,  Ann,  relict of Henry James  aged 77 years
PAULGER -  at Ross Tce Lyttelton,  Edna May,  bel. infant dau. of  Mr and Mrs E. and E.A. Paulger   

Wednesday 15 May 1918
Silver Wedding  -  059
HADLEY - JEFFORD - on 15 May 1893, at -- --John, 5th son of late John Hadley, Richmond  to  Charlotte Jefford,  eld.dau of late James Jefford

Deaths -  059
HAAKENSEN - on 14 May at Le Bon's Bay,  Barbara, relict of Peter  Haakensen, and bel. mother of Elizabeth McKay,  in her 80th year
TOLLETH -  on 14 May at Christchurch,  Margaret Drysdale Tolleth, late of Quamby, Fendalton.
VOICE -  on 13 May at 55 Cumberland st,  Richmond,  Victor Joseph, dearly loved don of Edith and late Joseph Voice,  aged 17 years.

Thursday 16 May 1918
Births -  062
JONES -  on 14 May  at Nurse Devlin's  Victoria Home, Rangiora,  to wife of A.J.Jones,  Rangiora -  a daughter

Marriages -  062
FURNEAUX - RITCHIE - on 17 April at -- William Furneaux, of Lyttelton (Main Body NZEF)  to Annie Penten Ritchie of Christchurch
TURNER - WATSON - on 25 August 1917,  SergeantJ.C.(Main Body NZFA) son of Mr W.E.Turner, 34 Broad st Woolston, to Daisy Louisa Watson, of                                         Yalding, Kent,

Deaths -  062
COOPER - on 15 May at res of Mr A.Partridge, 56 Rochester st, Linwood,  Robert,  dearly loved hus. of Sarah Cooper,  in his 75th year
MORRISSEY - on 14 May at Christchurch Hosp.  peter John, dearly loved hus. of Susan Morrissey, 73 Durham st,  Sydenham,  aged 47 years.
REID -  on 15 May at res of Mr P. O;Connor, King St, Rangiora,  Bertha Reid (late of Bennetts)  in her 22nd year
WHITTINGTON -  on 15 May at Christchurch Hosp.  John,  hus of Isabella Whittington (Late Ensor's rd, Opawa)  in his 61st year.

Friday 17 May 1918
Marriage -  067
CHARLESWORTH - FRANCIS - at Wadestown, Wellington, Staff Sergeant Claude Wm,  eld. son of W.S.Charlesworth, ---  to Dorothy E. dau of late Robert                                     Francis, of Chch.

Golden Wedding - 067
CHESTERMAN - ORCHARD - on 17 May 1868 at --Somerset, Eng.  Shadrach Chesterman, of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts  to  Sarah Ann Orchard, of Road,                                     Somerset -----

Deaths -  067
BUTTERS   -  on 16 May at Ashley,  George, bel. hus. of Elizabeth Butters,  aged 57 years
HETHERINGTON  - on 16 April at London,  John , dearly loved father of Margaret and Jean Hetherington, of Christchurch,  in his 58th year.
LOK  - on 16 May at res of his son in law,  W.Britt --- Alais Francis (Frank)  dearly loved hus. of Anna Lok, late Viewhill, Oxford,  in his 79th year
METCALF   - on 15 May at her res.  14 Newcastle st,  Linwood,  Mary,  bel. wife of  George Metcalf,  3rd dau. of Mrs A.McGregor, Kaiapoi.

Saturday 18 May 1918
Births -  075
CLEMENCE - on 7 May at Nurse King;s, Salisbury st,  to wife of A.B.Clemence - a son.

Deaths  -  075
ROURKE -  on 18 May  at Dunsandel,  Margaret, dearly loved wife of John Rourke, and 5th dau. of late Matthew O'Brien, Killinchy,  in her 43rd year.
TEALE - on 18 May at her res.  Glentunnel,  Ann,  bel wife of John teale,  aged 48 years.
WHITAKER - on 18 May at 7 Garden rd, Fendalton,  Kate Whitaker,  dau of late Alfred Cox, of Constance st, Merivale.

In Memoriam -  075
SCHULTZ -  in sad but loving memory of my dear sister  -- died 18 May 1914 -  inserted by  sister and brother -in-law Mr and Mrs Dudley.

Funerals  -  075
TEALE - Ann,  will leave her res. Glentunnel  for South Malvern Cemetery on Monday, 20th at 2pm
ROURKE - Margaret, ---  leave res at Dunsandel, on Monday 20 May at 10-30am  -----  thence to the Roman Catholic Cemetery

Monday 20 May 1918
Births -  076
BELL -  on 17 May  at Nurse stevenson's Gloucester st  to Mr and Mrs G.F.Bell,  Dunsandel  - a daughter
GRIMLEY -  on 17 May at Mrs L.J.King's Nursing Home, 90 Salisbury st,  to wife of Thomas Valentine Grimley - a son.
ROGERSON -  on 18 May at Nurse Sandman's  Colombo st,  to Mr and mrs F.W.Rogerson - a daughter.

Deaths -  076
BURRELL -  on 18 May at Christchurch,  Dusan,  relict of Charles Burrell  in her 71st year
BURROWS -  on 18 May at her res.  methven,  Harriet, bel wife of James Burrows,  in her 69th year.
CAIRNS -  on 19 May at her res.  78 Harper st,  Sydenham,  Matilda Beatrice,  dearly loved wife of Peter Cairns  and sister of late Mrs Edwin Rundle. aged 54
DOWLING -  on 18 May at her res. Regent st, Woolston,  Elizabeth, bel. wife of William Anthony Dowling  aged 76 years.
JOHNSTON -  on 18 May at 270 Milton st, Sydenham,  Martha, relict of Samuel Johnston  late Cornafane, County Cavan,  aged 84 years.
KIDSON -  on 14 May at Gisborne,  Mrs Ivy Kidson and dau.  of Nurse Bliss  160 Madras st, Christchurch
TEALE - on 18 May at her res.  Glentunnel,  Ann,  bel wife of John teale,  aged 48 years.
ROURKE - on 18 May  at Dunsandel,  Margaret, dearly loved wife of John Rourke, and 5th dau. of late Matthew O'Brien, Killinchy,  in her 43rd year
ROYCROFT - on 18 May at Christchurch,  Robert Roycroft,  Russell's Flat,  aged 79 years.
WHITAKER - on 18 May at 7 Garden rd, Fendalton,  Kate Whitaker,  dau of late Alfred Cox, of Constance st, Merivale.

Tuesday 21 May 1918
Births  -  081
BAMFORD -  on 19 May at Nurse Duncan's 77 Rutland st, St Albans  to wife of J.E.Bamford -  a daughter,  stillborn
MILLER -  on 17 May at Ranui,  Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs C.Miller - a daughter

Deaths -  081
ANDERSON - on 20 May at the res. of her dau. Mrs J.A.Richards, 15 Winchcombe st,  Honour (late Kaiapoi)  widow of William Belcher,  in her 87th year
BROWN - on 19 May at Hamilton Hosp.  Katie,  dearly bel. wife of Harry C. Brown,  of Mongaoronga,  late of Kowai Bush,  aged 33
DANIELSON - on 19 May at Achray,  Rotherham,  Ethel Dulcie,  2nd eld. dau of D. and M.Danielson,  aged 7 years
GRAHAM -  on 19 May  Charles Stanley, dearly loved hus. of Marjorie Graham  and youngest son of Mrs E. and late J.Graham, of Sydenham,  aged 36
KNEESHAW - on 18 May at her granddaughter's res.  Beecroft,  Sydney,  Elizabeth Jane, relict of Thomas Kneeshaw,  Selwyn,  aged 81 year.

Wednesday 22 May 1918
Birth -  085
ANDERSEN -  on 19 May at 163 Regent st,  Woolston  to Mr and Mrs B.Andersen  - a daughter

Deaths -  085
ANDERSEN - on 21 May at 163 Regent st,  Woolston,  May,  the loved infant dau. of Mr and Mrs B. Andersen,  aged 3 days.
BROUN -  on 21 May at his res. 22 Canon st, St Albans,  Charles Broun of Crown Ironworks Coy.  aged 54 years.
CRUN -  on 21 May at res of his dau. Mrs A.C.Hardy, 43 Wakanui rd, Hamstead, John, bel father of Mrs J.Patterson, New Brighton, and Mrs A.Elerig,
                    St Albans, age 83
DAVIS - on 21 May at Christchurch,  Ellen, dearly loved wife of Arthur Davis and  youngest dau of G. and A. Toms,  87 Ollivier's rd, Linwood,  
KEARNS - on 21 May at Kaiapoi,  John, bel. hus. of Hannah Kearns, of Fairfield,  Ohoka,  aged 72.
MUNNINGS -  on 21 May at 52 Hagley st,  Lower Riccarton,  Elizabeth Mary,  3rd dau. of Joseph and Emma Munnings,  in her 49th year.
RANKIN - on 20 May at Christchurch,  George Russell Rankin,  in his 78th year.
REES -  on 20 May at Ashburton,  Richard Rees,  late Christchurch,  aged 80 years.
WEBB  -  on 22 May at 67 Slater st,  Richmond,  Mary Ann,  dearly loved wife of William Washington Webb,  late of Lyttelton,  in her 75th year.
WITT  -  on 12 May at Kurinuni rd,  Masterton,  Frances Edith,  wife of Chas. Witt and  dau. of late Henry and Fanny Walles,  of Kowai Bush,  aged 46 years.

Thursday 23 May 1918
Birth - 086
ROLSTON -  on 21 May at Springston  to Mr and Mrs S.J.Rolston  -  a son  stillborn

Marriage  -  086
LEE -  FORD -  on 11 April at ----Rangiora  Leonard, only son of Mr and Mrs Lees,  Merivale,  to Bessie,  eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs Ford,  Rangiora.

Deaths -  086
BRITTAIN -  on 14 May at Waipawa, Hawke's Bay,  Daisy Kate,  dearly loved wife of A.Brittain, 2nd dau of E.C.Farr, Webb's rd, Fendalton,  aged 33 years
BROUN -  on 21 May at his res. 22 Canon st, St Albans,  Charles Broun of Crown Ironworks Coy.  aged 54 years.
CRUN -  on 21 May at res of his dau. Mrs A.C.Hardy, -- Hamstead, John, bel father of Mrs J.Patterson, New Brighton, and Mrs A.Elerig, St Albans, age 83
GRESSON -  on 22 May at "Ardnurcher"  Fendalton,  Nina Henrietta,  elder dau. of late Judge Gresson,  aged 71 years.
NOSWORTHY -  on 22 May at 156 Canon st, St Albans,  Stephen Nosworthy,  in his 90th year.
TATE -  on 19 May at Wellington,  dearly loved mother of J.Wade, and F. and S. Tate,  Christchurch.
WEBB - on 22 May at 67 Slater st,  Richmond,  Mary Ann,  dearly loved wife of William Washington Webb,  late of Lyttelton,  in her 75th year.passenger by                             Travancore
WINCHCOMB - on 22 May at res of her dau. Mrs J. Mortlock, --- Margaret, eld. dau of Mrs George Roberts, Wanganui and widow of W.A.G.Winchcomb                          in her 67th year.

Friday 24 May 1918
Birth -  089
POW - on 21 Maty at Nurse King's 90 Salisbury st,  to wife of G.J.Pow,  Fernieherst  - a daughter

Marriage -  089
LAWSON - REIDY - on 23 August at Christchurch,  William Lawson,  C.M.R.  9th reinforcements  to May Lucy Reidy, of Christchurch

Silver Wedding -  089
KING - BAILEY -  on 25 May 1893  at Kaiapoi,  Cornelius Henry,  eld. son of late Henry King,  Rangiora  to Ada Nellie, 2nd dau of late John Bailey,  Woodend.

Deaths  -  089
BUCHAN -  on 23 May at ler res. Lyndhurst,  Elizabeth Radford,  bel wife of William Buchan jun.  in her 40th year.
BUNTING -  on 20 May at Upper Riccarton,  James Bunting,  late of Fleming st, Belfast,  dearly loved grandpa of D.and R. McLean.  
CLARIDGE - on 23 May at Sawyer's Arms rd, Papanui,  Elizabeth,  dearly loved wife of R.Claridge,  and dau. of late W.Duffell,  Sefton,  in her 70th year.
COCKLE - on 23 May at 86 Barbadoes st, Sydenham,  Rachel,  widow of W.Cockle,  late of Timaru,  in her 60th year.
FISHER -  on 23 May at his res.  Gilberthorpe rd,  Yaldhurst,  bel. hus. of Mary Fisher,  aged 55 years.
McMAHON -  on 23 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Mary Ann,  bel wife of John McMahon,  of 18 Caversham st,  Christchurch,  aged 63 years.
SARGE -  on 23 May at Wanganui,  Alfred,  youngest son of late Charles Sarge,  late of Christchurch,  aged 45 years.
WYMAN -  on 23 May at Stopleigh, Ripon st,  Lyttelton,  Janet,  bel wife of James Wyman,  in her 63rd year.

Saturday 25 May 1918
Births  - 091
LEADLEY -  on 24 May at Nurse Bethune's Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs W.E.Leadley -  a son.
HALLIGAN -  on 19 May at 16 Havelock st,  Linwood,  to Mr and Mrs Frank Halligan - a daughter

Death -  091
BROOMHEAD -  on 25 May at 460 Armagh st,  Linwood,  Mary,  dearly loved wife of Henry Broomhead  in her 49th year.

Bereavements  -  091
SMITH -  Mr and Mrs George Anderson Smith,  3 Cressy tce, West Lyttelton,  express thanks ---
HALL -  Mr and Mrs T. Hall and daughter,  wish to thank --- loss of dear son and brother.

Monday 27 May 1918
Births - 092
COE - on 25 May at 98 Dyer's Pass rd,  to wife of L.B.Coe,  Brucecoe Lodge,  Irwell  -  a daughter
TRIPP -  on 26 May at 5 Merivale Lane  to wife of John Mowbray Howard Tripp  -  a son.

Marriage  -  092
DALZELL - LEAHY -  on 2 April at --  Thomas Henry Dalzell,  of Hawarden  to  Gertrude Mary Leahy,  of Oxford.

Deaths -  092
BENTLEY - on 26 May at 25 Huxley st,  Sydenham,  Emma Bentley,  aged 78 years
BUNBY -  on 23 May at Wellington,  Robert Jackson Bunby.
HARPER - on 25 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Albert Roy, dearly loved son of W.and Francic Harper,  North rd,  Kaiapoi,  aged 3 years.
NEISMITH -  on 26 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Thomas Neismith,  master mariner, late of Lyttelton.
POWELL -  on 24 May at Hororata,  William Powell,  aged 80
SHAND -  on 26 May at Sefton,  James Shand,  aged 86 years.
WAINSCOTT -  on 2 May at Palmeston North,  Mary Wainscott, late Coronation and Montreal st,  and mother of Lieut. A.G.(Main Body) and Private J.                                         Wainscott (39th rein)
WOODFIELD -  on 24 May at "Springwell"  Horrelville,  Robert Arthur, dearly loved son of Mary and late Thomas Woodfield,  aged 25
WRIGHT -  on 26 May at his sons res.  Mr C.E.Wright, 189 Papanui rd, St Albans,  Charles Wright,  in his 80th year.

Bereavements  -  092
HALL -  Mr and Mrs I. Hall  and daughter,  wish to thank ---  loss of dear son and brother.

Tuesday 28 May 1918
Marriage  -  097
HANCOCK - HUGHES - on 30 March at -- Alfred Ernest, eld son of Charles Hancock, of Sydenham  to  Edith youngest dau. of late John Hughes, of                                                         Sunderland,  England.

Deaths -  097
BAMBERY - on 27 May at 282 Moorhouse Ave, Sydenham,  Beatrice,  dearly loved wife of Andrew Bambery  in her 45th year.
LE LIEVRE -  on 25 May,  Stanley C. Le Lievre, dearly loved hus. of Emily le Lievre, eld. son of E.X. Le Lievre, Oinhao,  akaroa,  aged 36,  by accident.

Wednesday 29 May 1918
Birth -  099
HILL -  on 25 May at Nurse Bethune's Cashel st,  to Mr and Mrs C,Hill,  Harewood - a daughter

Marriages -  099
HEYGATE - OGLE -  on 22 May at --Westminster,  Captain Lionel C.,  3rd son of Major and Mrs Heygate,  Mapledene,  Loughborough, Leicestershire
                             to Janet Leigh Ogle,  dau of Mrs Richard Allen,  Mill House,  Fendalton.
LOWCAY - HARRIS - on 14 May at -- Barry Scudaniore Lowcay,  NZMC  to Daisy Vera,  youngest dau. of Mr and Mrs E.Harris,  Caledonian rd, Chch.

Deaths  - 099
BOURN -  on 28 May at Christchurch,  Horton Smart,  5th son of late Charles Bourn,  aged 54 years
BRIGGS -  on 28 May at Chch Hosp. Teresa, relict of Phoenix Briggs, late Wellington and Hokitika,  bel. mother of S.P.Briggs -- and Mrs Alex Brown, --
                        in her 65th year
COLLINS -  on 18 May at Wairau Hosp. Blenheim,  John, eld. son of late Stephen Joseph  and Phoebe Collins,  aged 56
TAYLOR -  on 28 May at his res.  28 Medway st, North Richmond, Rev. Robert Taylor (Methodist Minister)  dearly loved hus of Ellen  Taylor,  aged 79
WENTWORTH -  on 28 May at Doyleston,  Frances Mabel,  dearly loved dau. of George Francis and Lilian Whitworth,  and 12 hand half years.

Thursday 30 May 1918
Deaths -  108
GEDDES -  on 29 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Flora Geddes  of 94 Sherborne st, St Albans,   in her 66th year
PIPER -  on 6 April at London,  George Piper,  dearly loved father of Mrs Thomas C. Peacock (Late of Ashburton)
WALES -  on 29 May at 33 Canterbury st,  Lyttelton,  Elizabeth,  relict of W. Wales  and bel. mother of M.C. Wearne, Mrs T.L.Foster, Lyttelton,  and Mrs                             R.Shadbolt, Duvauchelle,  aged 72 years.

Friday 31 May 1918
Birth - 115
JAMES -  on 25 May at 27 Fitzgerald st,  St Albans  -  a son.

Marriage -  115
ANDERSON - PATTERSON - on 4 April at -- Northwood,  Captain A. Douglas,  NZMC late RAMC. son of Dr C.Morton Anderson, Christchurch, NZ  to                                                     Kathleen Clarke, dau of late W. R. Patterson  and Mrs Patterson,  Westbourne, Windsor ave,  Belfast.

Silver Wedding  -  115
RENNIE - MORRISH - on 31 May 1893  at-- Springston,  George, eld. son of John Rennie,  Doyleston  to  Annie Elizabeth, eld. dau of Richard Morrish,                                      Springston.

Deaths -  115
BOZANTI -  on 30 May  at Christchurch Hosp.  dearly bel. hus. of Elizabeth Bozanti ,  aged 66.
MACDONALD -  on 30 May at Selwyn,  James,  bel. hus. of Eliza MacDonald,  late of Carlisle, England,  aged 79
OLIVER -  on 31 May at Lyndhurst Private Hosp.  Ellen Eliza, dearly bel wife of Alfred Oliver,  66 Maunsell st, Woolston,  aged 59
WALLER -  on 30 May at her res. 91 Papanui rd,  Mary Ann,  widow of John Waller,  in her 83rd year.  -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch, NZ
29 December 2009

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