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Saturday 1 June 1918
Wedding  -  BUCHANAN  -  GORDON -  001
Sergeant-major J.W.Buchanan, son of Mrs E.M.Buchanan of New Brighton  was married at Auckland on 18 May  on the arrival of a returning troopship   to  Nurse Margaret Ann Gordon, of Aberdeen,  until recently a nurse on active service.  ------   

Engagements  -  004
CROCKER - ANDREWS -  Lila Crocker (Christchurch)  to  Albert Andrews,  Taranaki.
PUSLETT -  CLARK -  Robert Puslett, Hastings  to  Maggie M.Clark  dau. of Mrs J.W. and late  Captain Clark,  of Lyttelton.

Monday 3 June 1918
Obituary  -  FORSYTH -  006
Mr Robert Forsyth,  who died recently at Auckland --  on holiday from Ashburton,  arrived in NZ in the ship Timaru.  He was born at Girvern, Scotland  in November 1853  and landed at Port Chalmers in 1879.  ----  came to Canterbury,  bought a portion of the Woodside Estate,  Geraldine,  farmed for 7 years ---  went to Ashburton,  bought a portion of the Springfield Estate,  Methven,  farmed until 4 years ago  ----  he leaves a widow,  4 sons and 2 daughters.  Mr Forsyth was buried in Ashburton.

Obituary  -  WALES -  007
Mrs Elizabeth Wales,  who died at Lyttelton on Wednesday ---  was a native of Helston, Cornwall and arrived here 44 years ago in the Cathcart.  She was twice married,  Mr William WEARNE  was her 1st hus.  and was killed in a blasting accident  ---  she leaves 2 sons and 3 daughters.

Fatality  -  ROSS -  008
William Ross, a farmer at Marawhiti,  Ashburton,  aged 70  broke his neck on Sat. night,  his car overturned  returning home from Ashburton.

Wedding  -  WRIGHT - BECKWITH -  009
on Sat. aft.  Miss Elsie Millicent, younger dau. of Mr and Mrs Beckwith,  Worcester st,  and Arthur Theodore Wright, of the 4th Reinforcements. ----    attended by Miss Edith Birks ---  Mr James McGibbon was best man ---  

Golden Wedding  -   ALLISON  -  010
Mr and Mrs Charles Allison,  yesterday aft. at their res.   The family gathering yesterday included Mrs Ridder (Hawke's Bay)  Major H.H.Allison,  Mrs and Miss Allison (Lyttelton)  Mr W.D.Allison (Rangiora)  Dr and Mrs H.K.Allison,  several grandchildren and Mr H. Allison -----

Engagement -  011
HAYTER - SCOTT - Lieutenant Frank,  of the Manchester Regiment,   son of late Commander F.  and Mrs Hayter, of Rollesby, Canterbury  to  Muriel, dau of                                         Mr and Mrs J.H.Mortimer Scott, of Gloucester Walk  and granddaughter of late Major Mortimer Scott,  Royal Fusilers.

Engagement -  012
JOHNSON - WOOLDRIDGE - Captain Noel S. son of Mr and Mrs Clarke Johnson, (Wellington) to Margaret, dau.of Mrs Wooldridge, Rheulm,                                                                             Henley-on-Thames, England

Marriage -  012a
WYNN-WILLIAMS - PEARCE - on 2 April  at -- London, Lester Wynn-Williams, NZEF  to Dora Emily, 3rd dau. of Mrs Pearce of ----Herbrand st,  London.

Presentation  -  012c
BECKWITH - at Linwood Methodist Schoolroom ----   to Miss Beckwith, on the eve of her marriage, -----

Rotorua  -  PIPI  -  013
The well-known Rotorua guide,  Pipi,  died last week,  aged 55 years, a tangi is being held at  Whakarewarewa.  She was a Chieftainess of the Toheurangi Hapu of the Arawatribe,  and mother of Sergeant Poata,  who has returned from the Front  ---  another son died of meningitis while in camp training for active service.

Tuesday 4 June 1918
Fatality at Mt Egmont  -  3 men fall over a cliff  -  AMBURY  -  GORMLEY    -  015
Yesterday 2 men Arthur Ambury  and Gormley  were killed  and a 3rd man  McDonald  was injured  --- Ambury leaves a widow and 4 young children,  Gormley aged about 19  was from Christchurch ------

Fatality  - Auckland  -  VALLELY -  016
Mr Jesse Vallely, a single man, aged 29  was game shooting  with 2 Langguth brothers,  when one fell causing a cartridge to explode,  the shot badly fractured Vallely's leg  and died 3 hours later.  He was in both the naval landings at Gallipoli  and was wounded at the 2nd landing.

Deaths  -  017
GALBRAITH - James,  died in England, former manager of Paparoa Coal Co.  He served at the front for some time.
McDUFF-BOYD -  Daniel,  died in Hastings on Thursday  aged 60   -----   a well-known musician  ------
BUCKMAN -  William H.  of Havelock (Uncle of well known singer Rosina Buckman)  died last week aged 54,  eld. son Gunner Stuart, was invalided home -----

Obituary  -  GRAHAM - 018
Dunedin  -  the death is announced of Mr T.S.Graham,  District Grand Master of the English Constitution of Freemasons in Otago.

Maintenance  -  019
BOWLER -  Frederick Henry was charged with attempting to leave NZ without providing maintenance for his wife. ---  retired schoolmaster -----
SANDERSON -  Zelaph  v Sydney Sanderson ----   disobeying a maintenance order  ----  a carter -----

Wedding  -  RICHARDSON - POOLE  -  020
at Wellington  on Saturday  Miss Edith,  younger dau of Mrs J.M.Richardson of The Terrace  to  Mr Harold Poole,  of Wellington, -------

Wedding  -  HORTON - HEALD - 021
---   Miss Ivy Gertrude Heald  to  Mr J.E.Horton,  given away by her uncle Mr W.G.Burns (Oamaru)   wore a charming gown -----  Miss Dona Giles  and Miss Addie Thompson were  bridesmaids,  page bearers were Miss Joyce Burns  and Master Cecil Burns (cousins of the bride)   Mr F.Heald and Mr Maurice Giles were groomsmen --- some names of those present ----

Wedding  -  MILLER - LIDDIARD -  022
yesterday aft.  Miss Maude Liddiard,   -----   to  Private H. Miller,  who is to shortly go into camp,  bride was given away by her uncle Mr P. Hill and Private W.Miller at present on home service at Featherstone Camp  was best man.

Wednesday  5 June 1918
Opotiki  - Obituary  -   CONNOR -  024
Mr James Connor, a vet  of the Crimean  and Maori wars,  aged 83.  He was born in Ireland, and enlisted in the Imperial Army,  he served in the Crimean War in the battles of Alma,  Balaclava,  and Inkerman.  he then went to India  ------  came to NZ in 1864  ---   after obtaining his discharge he went to Opitiki in 1866  ----  farmed till his death.

Mt Egmont  -  AMBURY -  025
Mr Arthur Ambury, one of the victims of the Mt Egmont fatality  was well known in Taranaki ----  had charge of the Men's Dept. in Messrs Ambury Bros. -- was an ardent hockey  and tennis player -----

Obituary  -  ALLARDYCE   - 026
Mr W.M.Allardyce,  who died this morning  well known in football and cricket circles.-- p;aying for the Sydenham club ----   
(newspaper has CLARIDGE  as its headline,  and an Allardyce death notice was in on 5th June so I assume the paper made an error)

Obituary  -  ROSS -  027
Mr William Ross,  of Marawiti,  one of the oldest settlers in the district  ---  result of a motor accident ---  car rolled  ------  Mrs Ross died about 2 years ago  and last week Mr Ross got news of the death of his son Jack in France, one son is serving in France,  another goes to camp this month  and one is still at home classed C2,     ---   lots more   ------

Departures  -  028
ANDERSON -  Mrs Murdoch, has returned from Akaroa and is spending a few days in Christchurch before leaving for Australia
CLARKSON -  Mrs W.A.P.  has sold her house in Rugby st and is going to Australia with Miss Kathleen BARCLAY.

Thursday 6 June 1918
Obituary  -  CROWHURST -  031
Mr George Crowhurst,  who died at Kaitangata on Saturday,  was born at Rye,  Sussex, England in 1825.   He was a farmer and market gardener in England beofre coming to NZ.  He landed at Port Chalmers in 1858  and was prop. of the old Union Hotel in Stafford st,  Dunedin.  Mr Crowhurst left his wife to attend to the hotel while he went to the Gabriel's Gully gold rush ----  retiring from the hotal in 1863  he went back to farming and market gardening  at Woodhaugh ----    

Wedding  -  MEHRTENS -  SHELTON -  032
at Rangiora yesterday  Miss A. Mehrtens, dau of Mrs D. Mehrtens,  of Camside, Rangiora  to  Sergeant-Major Wilfred Shelton, of Defence Staff,  Leeston. a returned soldier ---   given away by her brother Mr D.W.L.Mehrtens ------   the bridesmaids were Miss L. Mehrtens,  sister of the bride and Miss Shelton,  sister of the bridegroom  --  Sergeant-Major Basil Wright was best man and Sergeant-Major Cooksley,  both returned soldiers  ----   

Friday 7 June 1918
Wedding  -  PERRY - HIBBERD -  035
on Wednesday morning at ---  Miss Marie Hibberd, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs H.H.Hibberd (Doyleston)  and Mr Rupert Perry (a returned ANZAC)  only son of Mr and Mrs J.A.Perry (Masterton)  -----  Miss Lalla Petrie  was bridesmaid -----  Mr Frank Botholmew was best man  ----

Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  ROGERS -  041
John Mowbray Rogers,  was found in the harbour yesterday,  ---   fought on Gallipoli and returned wounded 2 years ago. ------  more ---    

Canterbury  Land Board  -  042
The following transfers were approved  -  042  -   section numbers given
Cheviot,  10 acres,  C.T.BORRELL  to  Robert CRAMPTON
Annan settlement  298 acres,  excecutor  J.J.Kennedy  to  Richard MERCER
Highbank Settlement,  50 acres  -  James CHALMERS   to  James W.WALLACE
Mills Settlement,  120 acres 34 poles -    J.W.BRADLEY  to  George DUNCAN
Punaroa Settlement,  795 acres  -  Joseph W. SEALY   to  J.YEATMAN  and F,H.WILLS
Orakipao Settlement,  31 acres, 19 poles  John FALSKA  to  George HALL

The following transfers were approved conditionally  -  042
Rosewill Settlement,   296 acres  -  John HAUGH  to  William McPHERSON
Claremont Settlement,  311 acres  2 roods,  F.A.SAMS  to  David HUNT
Culverden Settlement,  228 acres  -  Administrator E.A.BLACK  to  A.C.BLACK
Hornby Settlement,  3 acres  -  Janie F.A. SCHUMACHER  to  John R. WILLAN
Buddo Settlement,  4 acres, 1 rood 10 poles,  Richard RILEY  to  John T.WALKER

The following application  was refused    -  042
Leeston,  80 acres  -  James BRAVEN  to  Joseph R.TYSON

The following application was adjourned  -  042
Tengawai,  269 acres  R.E.VINCENT  to John C.CALLIN

Saturday 8 June 1918
Engagement  -  045
MARTIN - NIXON - Miss Elma Martin, younger dau. of Mr and Mrs W.Martin,  Armagh st,  to  Mr R.J.Nixon, 4th son of Mr and Mrs J.Nixon, Riccarton road.

Wedding  -  HINDMARSH - McCORMACK -  046
A khaki wedding ---   The bridegroom,  best man and groomsmen  all wore uniform.  Corporal Scott Hindmarsh,  formerly of Timaru, but now of Dunedin  was attended by Sergeant Charles Jamieson  and Private Harold Grigsby.  The bride was Miss Kathleen (Kitty) McCormack, dau. of Mr T.McCormack, Christchurch,  her sister Miss Biddy McCormack and her cousin Miss Eileen Toomey were bridesmaids  -------

Obituary  -  GIBBONS  -  048
Captain John Gibbons, died  at Devonport,  Auckland, a few days ago.  Captain Gibbons was a well-known figure figure here, and after relinquishing the command of the barque LURLINE,  he brought  the steamer Banks Peninsula out from Scotland,  via Singapore ----   later he purchased the schooner Clyde for coastal work  and later the barque Laira  for the Lyttelton - Newcastle run  ---    Captain Gibbons  settled  in the  Heathcote Valley, Christchurch with his family for a number of years  and eventually moved to Auckland ---   he leaves a wife,  2 daughters  and 3 sons,  Jack and Hugh being at present on active service in France  and Rewi an officer in the merchant service  away in the Far east.

Pioneers 80th Birthday  -  FRASER -  049
Last Saturday was the 80th birthday of Mr Charles Fraser,  of Sockburn ----  he arrived here in one of the First Four Ships,   -------

Fatality  -  ROSS -  050
Albert Ross,  aged 45, a clerk to the Mount Wellington Road Board, while mending the roof on his res. at Whitford  fell  ----  he was found in a tank of water by the side of the building  and died while being lifted out

Tuesday 11 June 1918
Obituary  -  GRAY  -  052    with photo
the death occurred today of Mr C.M.Gray, who  was very involved in local body affairs ----- in Parliament from 1905-8   representing Christchurch North ---  was born in Geelong, Victoria,  Australia in 1853,  he came to NZ  in 1862 and lived in Dunedin  for 2 years -- lived in Christchurch,  ---  lived in Wanganui for 9 years ---  came back to Christchurch  ----- in 1884 Mr Gray began his own draper business in High st,  and retired about 12 years ago ---  elected a member of the Christchurch City Council  in 1885  elected Mayor in 1891   ----  was twice married   his 1st wife was was dau of Mr N. Kent,  and had 2 daughters,  his 2nd wife who survives him was Miss Dynes,  ex-headmistress of the Sydenham School.  ----- long column  ----

Property Sale  -  BRITTAN -  054
On behalf of the executors of the estate of Mr William Guise Brittan  the property  known as :Ngapua"  comprising 3 acres  of land  fronting McMMillan Ave and  Valley road,  on the Cashmere Hills  with a 10 roomed house  and beautifully laid out gardens  --------

Engagement  -  055
RUTHERFORD -  FOSTER -  Miss Daisy, 3rd dau. of late Mr W.O.Rutherford  to  Mr C.G.Foster,  only son of late Dr Charles James Foster,  L.L.D.

Wednesday 12 June 1918
Wellington  -  Divorce  -  058
STEWART -  Gertrude Emma  v  Harbert James Stewart, ---   adultery --- with Rosa Moon.  were married  on 7 April  1901  and lived at Murchison, Nelson district.  Gertrude has lived with her mother in Christchurch  since 1917   ---  custody of 1 child ---   

Wanganui  -  Fatality  -  059
A drover named Donald McDonald. a res. of Wangaehu,  was killed this evening by falling from a horse  ---   

The Late C.M.GRAY  -  060
Tribute by Fire Board  ----   services rendered to the city by the late C.M.Gray ----  The board resolved the brigade should be represented at the funeral by one motor engine and 6 men.   Mr Gray was a Maori war veteran  --  will be accorded a military funeral  will leave his res.  109 Salisbury st,  2-30pm tomorrow for the Linwood Cemetery -----

Wedding  -  STEWART - WILLIAMS  -  061
at Lyttelton, yesterday morning ----  Miss Joyce Stewart, only dau. of Mr and Mrs D.Stewart  and Mr Albert J .Williams,  son of Mr and Mrs J. Williams,  all of Lyttelton ------- Miss M. Picaithly, was bridesmaid  ------   and Mr W.P.Olsen  was best man -------  Mr Williams is a member of the artillery reinforcements  -------

Masterton   -  GILBERT -  058a
Mr Pryor Gilbert, an old resident of Masterton,  who had taken an active interest in the Fire Brigade  and athletics,  died on Monday.

Thursday 13 June  1918
Bankruptcy  -  EVANS  -  063
H.P.Evans,  music salesman  of Ashburton -----  more  ----

Thames -  Death   -  REID  -  064
The death occurred on Sunday of Mr William Douglas Reid, a Thames pioneer,  aged 80.  He was born in Belfast, and arrived in Auckland in 1863, coming to the Thames at the  opening of the goldfields.  he leaves 6 daughters  and 3 sons.

Friday 14 June 1918
Obituary  -  Sir Charles JOHNSTON  -  066   and photo
Sir Charles Johnston,  Speaker of the Legislative Council,  died this afternoon.  was born in Wellington, 73 years ago,  ----  some education in England -- returned to Wellington  aged 19  -- worked for Messrs Johnston and Co.  merchants  established by his father Hon. John Johnston,  Sir Charles married a dau. of the late Dr Featherston, 1st Supertendant of Wellington Province  and 1st Agent-general for New Zealand  in London.  --- entered public life as member for Te Aro, in Wellington  in 1882  --- was Mayor of Wellington in 1890 ---  in 1915  was appointed speaker  ---  was consul in Wellington  for many years for Belguim  and Holland  ----  more  ---

Engagement  -  067
WILLIAMS - ORMEROD - Captain W.H. Williams, Lancashire Fusiliers, son of late John  and Mrs Williams -- Carnarvon,  North Wales   to  Edith, dau of                                                      late Mr and Mrs T.P.Ormerod of "Fern Bank" Castleton, Lancashire, formerly of "Risingholme"  Opawa, Christchurch,  NZ

London Wedding  -  SNOW - ROPNER -  068a
on 10 April  at ---  Sloane st, London  of Captain Robert Ropner,  eldest son of Mr and Mrs Robert Ropner,  of Stockton-on-Tees,  and Miss Lilian Rochfort, Snow,  2nd dau of Colonel Snow,  Fendalton,  Christchurch, New Zealand.

Engagement -  068
WILFORD - WILSON, Captain G.M.Wilford,  NZRB, only son of Hon. T.M.Wilford, NZ --  and Dorothy, eld. dau of Mr Herbert  and Mrs Wilson,
                                        12 Hatch st Dublin -----

Engagement  -  069
BOND - BONTHORNE - Captain V.R.Bond to Miss Bonthorne, of Wellington, Captain Bond, wounded is at Brockenhurst, Miss Bonthorne is working at                                                     NZWCA

Saturday 15 June 1918
Engagement  -  070
McALIECE -  WHITE-EDWARDS -    Miss Myrtle, dau of Mrs McAliece of St Albans  to Mr E.White-Edwards, of St Albans,   late of Wales.

Wedding  -  ARMITAGE - ATKINS  -  071
on 10 June  at Devonport. Auckland  James Barnett Armitage,  Oponae  to  Elsie Atkins, 4th dau of Mr James Atkins,  Church st, Riccarton.

Death  -  Nelson  -  CAPPER  -  072
Mr Thomas Capper,  res. of Nelson for over 50 years a brother of Mr George Capper on Linwood, Christchurch.  ---------

Monday 17 June  1918
Obituary  -  McDOWELL  -  074
William McDowell,  sen.  of Heathcote Valley,  died on Wednesday  in his 82nd year  was the oldest res. of the district,  born in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1837,  he arrived in NZ with his wife in 1863 in the ship Chariot of Fame.    at that  time Lyttelton tunnel was under construction  and Mr Mc Dowell was employed on it,  to its completion -------    he paid a visit to England in 1904  has been in Heathcote for last 55 years   -- chairman of the Lyttelton and Heathcote Recreation Trust -----  came of a long-lived family   ---  family of 13,  2 daughters  and 5 sons remain,  Mrs McDowell  died in July 1915.

Accidents  -  075
WOODS -  Edward, of Bligh's rd, had his thigh broken in a fall from a moving tramcar on Saturday is  -------  in hospital
BUCKLEY -  R. of Lakeside,  in hospital from a gunshot wound  in the right hand  ------

Wedding  -  WINTER  -  BALFOUR -  076
at Gisborne last Monday  Miss Florence Winter,  eld. dau of Volonel and Mrs C.J.Winter    to Mr Leslie Balfour,  son of Mr S.T.Balfour,  of Napier.  -----

Obituary  -  EDWIN -  077
last Thursday at the res. The Terrace, Wellington,  Mrs Amelia Charlotte Edwin,  widow of Commander R.A.Edwin  RN.    was daughter of late Commissary-General Brigdan,  an Imperial officer who went through the Maori war --  married   -----    survived by a son Captain A.M.Edwin,  now on the high seas ---  and 3 daughters,  Mrs Leslie Gorton,  of Fielding,  whose hus. is in camp in Featherstone;   Mrs Chaytor,  of London,  wife of Colonel d'Arcy,  commandant at NZ  headquarters in Cairo  and Miss Edwin,  of Wellington  ----

Tuesday 18 June 1918
Obituary  -  Nelson  -  LEOV  -  079
Mr Charles Leopold Leov,  of Rai Valley, Nelson  died at the age of 94 years.  he arrive here in 1864  and was engaged as a private tutor,  then becoming manager of Hartman and Co.  a former firm in Havelock ---  has farmed for a number of years with his sons  at Pelorus Valley -- leaves a daughter and 2 sons  all are married.

Obituary  -  Sister O'KEEFE  -  080
Sister Angela O'Keefe, died last night at St Mary's Convent, Colombo st,  had her 78th birthday the day she died. --  entered the Order of Mary in Ireland,  when aged 16  and after 22  years she came out  with 9 other sisters to NZ in 1878.    she went first to Hokitika  for 7 years then to Greymouth  for another 7 years  ---  22 years ago she came to Christchurch  ---  has been blind  for the past 9 years. ------

Thursday 20 June 1918
Nelson  -  Obituary  -  SQUIRE  -  083
Mr John Simpson Squire, of Golden Bay,  Nelson,  whose father was one of the noted breeders of cattle  in Devonshire,  is dead.-----  In 1868 Mr Squire sailed for Nelson in the barque BALLARET.  she was a leaky old vessel  -----  Nelson was reached 4 mths later ----  Mr Squire on visiting England 4 years ago returned on a vessel called the Ballarat  a 10,000 ton modern steamer of the P and O Line.

Celebrated  102 Birthday  - WHITE  -   084
Mr William White, who has been here for over 50 years saw service during the Maori War,  on Tuesday celebrated his 102nd birthday.  ----  Messrs W. Allan and George  Petherick .J.P's  paid a visit to Mr White is an inmate of the Home for the Aged and Needy  ---  never married,  born in London,  father was a stonemason ---  sole survivor of 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  ---------

Fatality  -  BLAKE -  085
Mrs L.A.Blake,  died as a result of of injuries falling of a tramcar.  she is Mrs Laura Augusta Blake, a widow, living with a brother-in-law  Mr A.H.Blake  at 452 Barbadoes st. ----  the motorman was Conrad Wicking  and the conductor  Herbert Shearman --------  Mr A.T.Rowe of 4 Dudley st  tried to stop her from alighting from the tramcar ----

Tramway Fatality  - OWERS  -  086
William Owers, a tramway conductor was crushed between an electric tramcar and a trailer at New Brighton yesterday.    ------  he lived at 516 Worcester st.

Obituary  -  Rev Canon W.A.PASCOE    - 087   and photo
The tolling of the Cathedral bell this afternoon that the Rev Canon William Augustus Pascoe.  he was very well known in Christchurch  -- lately had been living in retirement in Clifton.  He was born in London ---  came to New Zealand in 1870  and ordained in Januray 1971 ---------  took over the Avonside parish in 1880  till 1912  he visited England in 1883  and again in 1900  ------

Wedding  -  JENKINS - McKELLAR -  088
on Tuesday  at Dunedin,  Miss Ellen Mary Jenkins, dau. of late Rev. J.R.Jenkins, Abergavenny, Wales  to  Mr Charles McKellar, son of late Mr P.McKellar,  Southland, NZ,  Miss Zela Ross and Miss CameronJack was the best man. -----

Engagement  -  089
WRIGHT - DOWNEY - Miss Jessie, dau of Mr George Wright, Wellington  to  Corporal C.G.Downey, of the NZFA, 9th Reinforcements, at present in France.

Friday 21 June 1918
Fatality at Sumner  -  TAYLOR  -  091 & 092
the battered remains of Mrs J.G.Taylor, of Prebbleton, aged 44,  left home on Tuesday morning to visit her sister Mrs Tretheway  of 661 Gloucester st, Linwood,    was found at the bottom of a cliff  -----  a very long  sad  story --------

Inquest  -  OWERS  -  093  &  094
William David Owers, tramway conductor   ----  Edmund John Gee,  manager of Gee's Ltd  gave identification,  Edmund George Tillyshort, motoraman said -----   Percy Robert Winter  was condustor of the tram --- ------ Henry Tibbs, motoman on Ower's car ----   verdict no evidence to show how the accident happened.

Engagement -  095
MORTON - MacPHERSON - Dr A.Smith Morton, of Wellington Hosp  and Miss Eva St Clair MacPherson,  of Totara House,  Oamaru.

Wedding  -  CASTLEHOW -  WOOD -  096
on Wednesday afternoon at ---  Mr Leonard Fitzroy H.Castlehow, late of Main Body NZEF  and eld. son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Castlehow,  of Scotland  married Miss Ada Louise Wood,  eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs C.J.Wood,  Burnside rd, Fendalton.  groomsmen were H.J.Anderson and E.Brandon,  Misses Violet and Cynthia Wood,  were bridesmaids (sisters of the bride)   -----   some names of guests. ----

Funeral  -  PASCOE  -  097
The funeral of Canon W.S.Pascoe was held this afternoon ---   laid to rest in the Avonside Churchyard ----  chief mourners were Messrs G.D.Pascoe  and H. Pascoe (sons)  and pall bearers were Messrs F.Matthews,  J.H.McGregor,  W.S.Crichton,  J.F.Poulton,  H.Baker,  and K.Bassett (churchwardens and vestrymen of Avonside Church)  ----

Saturday 22 June 1918
Land Sales  -  098
BUNTING -  late James,  3 quarters of an acre and 4 roomed house situated Fleming st,  Belfast,     for auction Saturday next ----
MOLTZEN -  Mr,   half acre  at 21 Reeves rd, Opawa,  with an 8 roomed house  --   

Monday 24 June 1918
80th Birthday  -  BUCHANAN  -  100
Sir Walter Buchanan,  M.L.C. celebrated his 80th birthday last Wednesday,  was born in Ayreshire, Scotland  in 1838.  He went to Melbourne in 1857,  spent 6 yrs in various stations in Victoria.  In 186 he came to New Zealand and leased a farm on the Canterbury Plains,  in 1871  he and his brother purchased the Tupurupuri Estate in the Wairarapapa.  of 13,000 acres.  has lived there ever since  and from 1881  was member for Wairarapa in the House of representatives.

Engagement  -  101
WAUGH - JACOBS - 2nd Lieutenant Alex Waugh,  author --  to Miss Barbara,  dau of Mr W.W.Jacobs -----   2 literary families ---

Death at Sea  -  HOBBES  -  102
A Red Cross Nurse,  Sister Hobbes,  died whilst homeward bound to Australia,  was invalided to India  from Mesoptamia ---  was being escorted home by her youngest sister -----

Tuesday 25 June 1918
Maintenance  -  104
PATERSON - Emily  v George Stewart Paterson,  disobiedience of a maintenance order ---
POYE -  Joseph  sentenced to 14 days  for disobedience of a maintenance order --
COX -  Emma Lucy v Sydney Cox,  asking for a variance in maintentance order -----   was refused -------  more  ------
MUNCEY - Dorothy,  against her father in law  Charles Muncey  maintenance for herself and 2 children  -- husband is in prison   order refused  ---  more  ---
ANDERSON - Charles  pay 10s  a week towards an illegitimate child ----

Fielding  -  Death  -  Dr JOHNSTON -   105
Dr Daniel Johnston, one of best-known Fielding men. retired to Sussex, England 5 or 6 years ago to  finish the education of his daughter Jean.  He went to Fielding in 1875 ----  was surgeon  when the Manchester Rifles went north for the Parihaka campaign.  He acquired the Johnstone estate, Fielding when it was standing bush.  He is survived by his widow (a daughter of late Captain Johnson, marine surveyor, Wellington,  2 sons and a daughter.

Death  -  Gisborne  - TARR  -    106
Mr William Tarr, who is believed to be the oldest European resident of the Gisborne district,  died in hospital recently at age 83.  He arrived in Gisborne with his parents in 1845. He was a bachelor.

Wednesday 26 June 1918
Oamaru  -  Accident  -  107
BARLOW -  a returned soldier T.Barlow, was seriously injured at dusk last evening -- collision  his bicycle and a car driven by E.B.Harrison of Waiho Downs ----

Sefton  -  BOWDEN - 107a
J.Bowden, farmer of Sefton,  met with an accident at Rangiora ---  threw Bowden off the dray ---   the horse bolted, ran a wheel over his leg  no bones broken  ---  taken to Brockenhurst Hospital  -----

In England  -  Engagement  -  108
BOTHA - MacDONALD - Captain Louis, son of General Botha, South African Premier  to  Miss Aggie, dau of Mr and Mrs Alexander Macdonald, of ---                                                      Hants, England ---

Deaths  -  109
WILSON -  Mr Thomas Wilson,  of Wandle Downs, who has just died,  came to Canterbury in the Charlotte Jane one of the first four ships.
HOUGH  -  an old Maori war veteran Mr Thomas Hough  died at Lyttelton yesterday.

Wednesday 27 June 1918
WIMMERA  -  photo  -  113  & 114  & 115
The S.S.Wimmera, sunk by explosion,  north of Auckland.

Wedding  -  MACKENZIE - ELLIS -  116
on 1 June at ---  London,  Lieutenant S.Howard Ellis, of Northumberland Fusiliers,  and Royal Flying Corps.  son of Howard J.S.Ellis, of Grey Lynn, England  to  Miss Mary Mackenzie   2nd dau. of Sir Thomas Mackenzie, High Commissioner for New Zealand  ---   

Thursday  28 June 1918
Brisbane  -  BRITTIN  -  120
News has been received of the death at brisbane on Wednesday  of Dr F.G.M. Brittin  who was well known in this city and for many years practised at Papanui.

WIMMERA  -  121 & 122 &  123 &  124
more about the Wimmera,  more survivors,  a  party of 30 land,  some names mentioned ----

Obituary  -  MUTTON -  125
Mr Thomas Mutton died at his res. Oxford st, Lyttelton  at age 94.  He was one of the early settlers, arriving in Lyttelton from Cornwall in 1851  by the
Isabella Hercus.  He was a builder and contractor  and helped build the Bank of Australasia in Lambton Quay,  he retired at age 80, was a member of the council when Lyttelton first became a borough,  he leaves a son,  a grandson  and 5 grandchildren.

Friday 29 June 1918
Wellington  -  Death  -  TURNBULL -  126
at age 49  Mr Alexander H.Turnbull, well-known Wellington merchant  and also prominent in art, scientific and yachting circles  has died.

Dunedin  -   Death of Mr R. COOK  -  130
Bandsmen will regret to learn that Mr Richard Cook, the veteran Dunedin bandmaster and conductor,  died recently after an illness  ------- he was aged 67  ------- Mr Cook came to NZ about 45 years ago and worked for Messrs Charles Begg and Co.  Dunedin in 1874,  ------  in 1875 he joined St Patrick's Band  and 2 years later the Railway band.   in 1879 he enrolled in the Headquarters Band  which became the Dunedin Navals Band ---- during 1884 he transferred to the old Dunedin Garrison Band ----  in 1890  he won the NZ euphonium championship  --- -----  in 1893  he became conductor of the North-East Valley Band  ---- from 1904 he was with the Dunedin Citizen's  Band ---   he is buried in the Northern Cemetery,  he leaves a widow and has 2 sons now deceased. ----    a long column  ------

Wedding  -  SMITH - LAWRENCE - 131
at Dulwich, England,  Sergeant J.G. Smith  (son of Mr James Smith, Rangiora, NZ)  of the Mounted Ambulance Corps  to  Sister D.B.Lawrence  of Homedale Auxilary Hospital. -----   bride given away by her brother ---   ------  

Drowned  -  BUTCHER  -  132
Tragedy at 6-30pm in the Avon River  near Madras st,  when Mr James Butcher,  single,  aged about 50  was drowned  -----  Mrs Louisa Bacon of 220 Kilmore st, was walking along the riverbank  with her daughter Gladys  ------     more -----   father still alive said to be a very old man.

Inquest  -  BUTCHER  -  133
Walter Charles Chisnall, fish merchant,  knew the deceased  who was once in his employ  ---   Louisa Bacon  saw the deceased in the water ----  lots  more  -----

Wellington  -  Library request  -  TURNBULL -  134
The late Mr A.H.Turnbull made a hobby of collecting books and documents  bearing on New Zealand  and is believed to have the finest collection in existence.  He has bequeathed it to the King  to constitute a refernce library  for Wellington.  The conditions of use are left to the Government,  which is asked to take the british Museum  and the Mitchell Library in Sydney  as a guide  in order to house the collection.  Mr Turnbull  recently built a brick residence,  half which is taken up with the library.

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11 January  2010

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