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Saturday 1 June 1918
Marrriages  -   page 9   -  001
HOCKING - DITFORT - on 30 March at --- George Edward, eld. son of late Mrs D.Hocking  to  Amelia Eliza, dau of Mrs E.A.Ditfort, both of Christchurch
McGEE - McCONNELL - on 18 May at --  Reginald John, eld. son of Captain S.M.McGee  to Gladys May, dau of Hamilton McConnell,  both of Christchurch

Deaths  -  001
BOURK  -  6-777 Private "Ted" of  --------     killed in France 16 April, 4th dearly loved son of Mrs L.Bourk, Sydenham,  in his 25th year.
NEWTON - on 6 May at Waikato Hosp.  Hannah Elizabeth Newton,  widow of George Stanley Newton,  and 2nd dau of late William Kerrison, of Canterbury.
                                    inserted by E.Newton, Pirongia, PO via Auckland
GOODGER - on 1 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Harry Munyard Goodger (Jack)  3rd son of late Thomas Goodger  in his 63rd year.

Monday 3 June 1918
Deaths  -  005
BLYTH - on 1 June at Christchurch,  David Blyth, late of Dalby, Queensland,  aged 76  Private internment
CAMPBELL -  on 1 June at Chch Hosp.  John,  dearly loved hus. of Maud Emily Campbell  34 Shakespeare rd, Waltham, son of Mrs D.Stirling,  aged 34 years
GOODGER -  on 1 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Harry Munyard Goodger (Jack)  3rd son of late Thomas Goodger  in his 63rd year.
GRAHAM - on 2 June at Clifton, Sumner,  Ellen, relict of late Sproule Graham, of Ashburton,  aged 73
ROSS -  on 1 June at Marawiti,  William Ross,  in his 68th year.

Tuesday 4 June 1918
Birth - 014
JAMES -  on 1 June at Nurse Devlin's, Victoria Home,  Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs G.James,  sefton -  a daughter.

Marriage  -  014
NAPIER - FALCONAR - on 2 April at ---  William Greig, 3rd son of James Napier, Linwood  to  Georgina (Jean)  dau. of late George B.Falconar,  Woolston.

Deaths -  014
BLAKELY - on 2 June,  Thomas Blakely, at New Brighton,  aged 82 years
JAMES -  on 3 June, at Rangiora,   infant dau. of G. and E. James,  Sefton.
RANDALL -  on 2 June at Melbourne,  Alfred, dearly loved father of Mrs S.Alexander and H.W.Randall in his 60th year. late of Ashbourne st, Woolston.

Wednesday 5 June 1918
Births -  023
EVERIST - on 4 June at Cashmere Hills  to Mr and Mrs W.M.Everist - a son.
MARTIN - on 4 June at 9 Berwick st,  St Albans,  to Mr and Mrs Alf Martin - sa son.

Deaths - 023
GOURLAY - on 3 June  William Edwin Gourlay, elder son of E.T.  and A.J.Gourlay,  aged 20. accidentally killed.
MYHILL -  on 4 June at 8 Cumberland st,  Richmond,  Thomas, bel. hus. of Mary Ann Myhill,  aged 71 years.
TEED  -  on 4 June at Christchurch, Sarah,  relict of William Teed, of Port Levy,  in her 81st year.
WOOLLEY -  on 4 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Nita,  dearly loved eldest dau. of Mr and Mrs B.C.Woolley of 32 Southey st, Sydenham,  aged 15 years.

Thursday 6 June 1918
Births  -  030
CRADOCK - on 2 June at Nurse Stevenson's,  368 Gloucester st,  to wife of C.J.Cradock - a son.
McKAY - on 2 June at St Anne's,  merivale Lane  to Mr and Mrs T.W.McKay,  Balmoral,  - a son.
McKENZIE -  on 5 June at 27 Mary st, Papanui,  to Mr and Mrs T.H.McKenzie  -  a daughter

Marriages  -  030
BROCK - FREEBORN - on 15 May at --  Cecil Henry Brock  to Isabella Margaret Freeborn,  both of Christchurch.
BUCHANAN - GORDON - on 18 May at -- Auckland  Sergeant-Major Joseph Wesley, only son of Mrs J. and late Joseph Buchanan,  New Brighton, late of                                     Ashburton    to  Nurse Margaret Annand Gordon, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs R.P.Gordon, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
FERON - WAY -  on 5 June at --  Joseph Francis Feron  to  Leila Janet Way,  younger dau.  of George E. Way of Christchurch.

Deaths  -  030
ALLARDYCE -  on 5 June at his res.  59 Fisher st. Beckenham,  William Murison Allardyce,  in his 55th year.
HARLOW - on 5 June at 66 Ashley st, Rangiora,  Sarah Harlow,  relict of John Harlow,  aged 82  ----
NORRIS -  on 5 June,  Mary, wife of Thomas C. Norris,  New Brighton rd,  
SINCLAIR -  on 2 June at his res.--  Dunedin,  Bertram Ernest, dearly bel. hus of Holly Alma Sinclair and son-in-law of Mrs Breach, Te Aroha, Rakaia, aged 37

Friday 7 June 1918
Roll of Honour - 033
MEIN - on 7 June 1917,  killed in action at Messines, 6-104 Sergeant William Kenry Raymond (Main Body)  dearly bel. eldest son of Mrs M.Mein  aged 27
NEWCOMBE - in loving memory of Harold William Newcombe, 16th reinforcements, killed in action at messines, June 7th 1917 in his 20th year. ------
READ - in loving memory of Joseph B.Read, only son of Mr and Mrs C.Read,  killed in action at Messines,  7 June 1917  
SHERIDAN -  in loving memory of Thomas Henry  Sheridan, of Waikari,  killed in action at Messines  7 June 1917 -- inserted by loving  sister Kate.

In Memoriam  -  page 6  - 034
BROWN - dear hus. Lance-corporal James Brown, killed in action Messines,  7 June 1917   -   inserted by his wife and children.
BOULTON -  Sergeant R.Boulton,  died of wounds at Messines on 7 June 1917  aged 23  --  inserted by his loving auntie Lalla.

Tuesday 11 June 1918
Births  - 051
FRASER -  on 8 June at Christchurch,  to wife of Thomas Fraser,  Waiau -  a daughter
GIMBLETT -  on 9 June at Christchurch  to Mr and Mrs E.W.Gimblett -  a daughter
LASSEN -  on 8 June at Oxford,  to Mr and Mrs E.Lassen, Kiri Kiri -  a daughter
ROGATSKI  -  on 8 JUne at Christchurch  to wife of Thomas Rogatski  -  twin daughters

Marriages  -  051
McGOWAN -  COOKE -  on 5 June at -- Wellington Dougal John McGowan, nephew of Mrs Nicholson, Petone  to Edith Eliza, dau of Mr and Mrs James                                                     Cooke, Chch

Deaths  -  051
ANDERSON - on 7 June at Napier,  May Campbell (Mysie)  wife of W.C.P.Anderson.
BROWN -  on  9 June at Dunedin,  Angus Leslie,  bel. son of John & Lucie Brown, grandson of John & Harriet Brown, of --Lytttelton, in his 6th year.
COX  - on 8 June at Dunedin,  William Robert, 2nd dearly bel. son of Mrs Wm Hy Cox, 12 Kerr's Lane St Albans and bel, hus of E.Cox, Dunedin, aged 45
FRASER - on 8 June at Christchurch, Lucy, bel. wife of Thomas Fraser, Waiau and eld dau of Albert & Mary Carrodus, Readston, Oamaru,  aged 37
GILL  - on 10 June at his res.  146 Kilmore st,  John,  dearly bel. hus of Ruth Gill,  in his 84th year.
LOCHHEAD  -  on 10 June at Christchurch,  Mary,  bel. wife of William Lochhead, of Buccleuch,  Mt Somers,  aged 53  years.
McARTHUR -  on 10 June at Clifton, Sumner,  Frances Oona, inf. dau. of W.F. and F.M. McArthur,  aged 2mths.
NICOL - on 10 June  James Lewin,  eld. bel. son of James and Mary Nicol,  Marshland rd,  Marshland,  aged 14 years.
MACLEOD -  on 8 June,  William James Murray, dearly bel. 2nd son of H.D. and J. MacLeod,  of Dale st,  Kaiapoi,  aged 15 years, result of an accident.

Wednesday 12 June 1918
Births -  057
CALLAWAY -  on 11 June at "Arawa"  Tancred st,  Ashburton  to Mr and Mrs H.L. Callaway  -  a son.

Marriage -  057
GRIFFITHS - LIEBERT - on 8 May at  ---Edward Albert, son of Mrs A.Griffiths, of Wallsend, NSW. to  Elsie, dau. of late Harvey Liebert (Vict) and
                                                Mrs T. Beanland, Chch.

Deaths  -  057
GILES - on 11 June at East Eyreton,  Thomas Giles,  aged 76
GRAY -  on 11 June at his res.  109 Salisbury st,  Charles Mathew Gray,  aged 65
NICOL -  on 10 June  James Lewin,  eld. bel. son of James and Mary Nicol, Marshland,  and grandson of Mr and Mrs E.Radcliffe,  Ensor's Rd, Woolston.
READ -  on 11 June at her res. 83 Canon st, St Albans,  Catherine, dearly bel. wife of Reuben Read,  aged 33  suddenly --
SUTHERLAND -  on 10 June at Southbridge,  Charles James Edward, dearly bel. hus. of Sadie Sutherland, of Timaru,  in his 47th year.

Thursday 13 June 1918
Births  -  062
EASTERBROOK - on 30 May at Nurse Irving's Canadian villa, Huxley st,  to Mr and Mrs W.R.Easterbrook  of Humboldt st, Sydenham -  a son.
HOOPER -  on 8 June at Nurse Devlin's, Victoria Home,  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs H.J.Hooper,  Rangiora -  a son
ROGERS -  on 12 June at Nurse Bailey's  91 Chester st,  to Mr and Mrs S.L. Rogers of 65 Selwyn st,  Spreydon - a daughter

Deaths  -  062
BARR -  on 12 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Mary,  dearly loved wife of William Barr,  and dau. of W.W.Burgess,  aged 28
HAYWARD -  on 2 June at her dau's res.  Mrs H.King  41 Lawrence st,  Linwood,  Elizabeth,  relict of the late George Hayward of Darfield,  in her 72nd year.
LLOYD -  on 12 June at his res.  Springston,  Elijah,  bel. hus of Mrs H.Lloyd  aged 78 years  ---
McDOWELL -  on 12 June at his res.  2 Station rd, Heathcote Valley,  William McDowell,  in his 82nd year,  late NZ Railways

Friday 14 June 1918
Births  -  065
COLLINS -  on 13 June at Nurse Stevenson's  368 Gloucester st  to Mr and Mrs S.G. Collins,  36 Macauley st, Addington  - a daughter.

Death  -  065
MILES -  on 10 June at Sumner,  Gwendoline, bel. wife of Harvey Miles,  aged 21 years ---

Monday 17 June 1918
Births  -  073
DAY -  on 15 June at 21 Ashbourne st,  Woolston,  to Mr and Mrs Ernest Day - a son.
STONYER -  on 16 June at St Anne's,  merivale Lane,  to wife of Cyril H.Stonyer  - a son.
WILSON -  on 15 June at "Westley" Coalgate,  to A.M.  and S.C.Wilson  -  a son.

Deaths -  073
HOPE -  on 15 June at res. of his aunts  Misses Donnelly,  Cressy tce, Lyttelton,  Bertie Francis,  bel 2nd son of Hugh & Ellen May Hope  in his 5th year.
McGRATH - on 16 June at her res;  255 Stanmore rd,  Catherine,  widow of  James McGrath,  aged 82 years.
McINNES -  on 15 June at 99 Salisbury st,  Euphemia McInnes,  late of Otago,  aged 54 years

In Memoriam -  073
GEE -  Charles McFarlane (Mack)  passed away at Christchurch  17 June 1916 -  inserted by his ,oving parents, brothers and sisters.

Tuesday 18 June 1918
Births -   078
McLACHLAN -  on 16 June  to Mrs C.McLachlan,  14 Matheson's rd, Linwood  - a daughter

Marriages  -    078
HAMPTON - VIGERS  - on 5 June at -- Ashburton,  Private Robert Ernest, eld. son of Mr & Mrs B.Hampton, Pine View, Newlands  to  Gladys Beresford,
                                            5th dau of Mr & Mrs J.D.Vigers, Willow Bank. Elgin.

Deaths -  078
MANSELL -  on 17 June at 521 Worcester st,  Frances L. wife of P.D.Mansell
O'KEEFE -  on 17 June at St Mary's Convent, Colombi st north,  Sister Angela O'Keefe,  aged 78

Wednesday 19 June 1918
Births -  082
COLLINS -  on 12 June at Mrs Clark's,  Fairfield ave,   to  Mr and Mrs H.Collins,  Akaroa -  a daughter
FEHSENFELD  -   on 17 June at Melvich,  80 Frankleigh st,  Spreydon,  to Mr and Mrs Ernest Fehsenfeld - a son.

Deaths -  082
COLLINS -  on 18 June at Christchurch,  infant dau. of Mr and Mrs H.Collins,  Akaroa,  aged 6 days.
DUGGAN -  on 18 June at Christchurch,  Annie,  relict of Donald Duggan,  of  Wellington,  aged 68 years.

Thursday 20 June 1918
Births -  084
McMILLAN - on 10 June  at St Anne's,  Merivale Lane,  to  Mr and Mrs R.T.McMillan  -  a son.
NORRIS  -  on 18 June at St David st,  Lyttelton,  to  Mr and Mrs T.Norris, jnr  - a daughter
PAULING -  on 15 June at Nurse Bailey's  to wife of Lieutenant F.W.Pauling  (NZEF)  -  a daughter
SAUNDERCOCK -  on 19 June,  to wife of Henry Saundercock,  Waikari  -  a son.
TILLMAN -  on 17 June at Nurse Burnside's,  to Mr and Mrs H.Tillman,  Styx -  a son.
TONKS -  on 19 June at St Anne's, Merivale,  to wife of W.G.Tonks  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  084
BARKLE -  on 19 June at Christchurch Hospital,  Arnold Stanley,  bel. son of J.H. and  M.Barkle,  418 Tuam st,  Linwood,  aged 8mths.
CRAIG -  on 18 June at Ashburton,  Donald Craig,  late of Southbridge,  in his 42nd year ----
MAHER -  on 19 June.  Elizabeth,  dearly bel. wife of William Maher,  86 Flockton st, St Albans,  in her 69th year.
THORNE -  on 18 June at Hororata,  Reginald Frank,  son of H.H.  and E.Thorne,  aged 10 years and 5mths.
SMITH  -  on 19 June,  George, eld son of late G.A.Smith,  Broom Farm,  Lincoln,  private internment.

Friday 21 June 1918
Births -  090
ROWE -  on 18 June at Southampton st,  Sydenham,  to Mr and Mrs W.Rowe  - a daughter
TAYLOR -  on 18 June at Nurse Burnside's,  Chryston,  213 Worcester st,  Christchurch  to  Mr and Mrs J.Parsons Taylor,  Westmere,  Kaikoura - a son.

Marriage  -  090
CHAMBERLAIN - McMILLAN - on 16 May at --- Arthur Peter, 2nd son of Mr A.Chamberlain, --Ellesmere  to  Jane Boag, 3rd dau of Mr Wm McMillan --  Cashmere

Deaths  -  090
BLAKE -  on 19 June at Christchurch,  Laura Augusta,  widow of Leonard William Blake,  452 Barbadoes st, St Albans,  3rd dau of late George James                                         Woodhouse, solicitor, Leominster, Hereford,  England  in her 65th year,  result of an accident,  private internment.
JONES -  on 20 June at 100 Fitzgerald ave,  bel. wife of E.Jones, and dau of Mrs G.Smith, of Broadfield ----
OWERS -  on 20 June at Christchurch Hospital,  William David, dearly loved hus. of Everil Owers,  518 Worcester st,  Linwood,  aged 40,  result of an accident.
PASCOE -  on 20 June at Clifton, Sumner,  William augustus Pascoe,  formerly Vicar of Avonside,  in his 71st year.

Monday 24 June 1918
Births -  099
BARRELL -  on 22 June at Nurse Stevenson's  368 Gloucester st  to Mr and Mrs Arthur F.Barrell -  a daughter
BODDINGTON -  on 16 June at 11 Ticehurst rd,  Lyttelton,  to Mr and Mrs A.T.Boddington  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  099
BOYLE -  on 22 June  at Fisher st,  South New Brighton,  Harriet, dearly loved wife of John Boyle,  in her 69th year.
CROSS -  on 22 June  at Coalgate,  Ann Cross,  aged 74 yers.
DOOLEY -  on 22 June at 137 Victoria st, Rangiora,  John Dooley,  aged 76 years.
MAIR -  on 22 June at her res.  102 Leinster rd,  Merivale,  Stella Augusta,  relict of Alexander Adam Mair,  of Oamaru,  aged 42 years.
NELSON -  on 23 June  at Woodend,  John Robert Nelson,  aged 93 years
THOMSON -  on 23 June at Christchurch Hosp.  John,  4th son of late Peter and Mary Thomson,  in his 42nd year.

Tuesday 25 June 1918
Births - 103
MARSDEN -  on 24 June at Christchurch  to  Mr and Mrs A.Marsden  -  a son.
VAUGHAN -  on 22 June at Ranui,  Cashel st, west,  to Mr and Mrs W.Vaughan,  Pratt st,  Redcliffs  -  a daughter

Marriage -  103
WELSH - HERBERTSON - on 5 June at -- Alexander James, son of Mrs T.Murray, Medbury,  to Edith Annie, 3rd dau. of Mrs & late Robert Herbertson,                                             Palmeston North.

Deaths  -  103
DAVIDSON -  on 24 June at his res.  174 Huxley st,  Sydenham,  William John Allen Davidson,  aged 77 years.
HORSFALL -  on 23 JUne at Lawrence,  Mary Ellen,  dearly loved wife of B.Horsfall,  late of Kaiapoi.
SHIRLEY -  on 23 June at Barr Hill,  Rakaia,  Edward henry Shirley,  aged 46 years.
STREETER  -  on 24 June at the Chch Hosp.  Hurtel Allan, dearly loved hus. of Minnie Streeter, 71 Johns rd,  Woolston,  late of Halswell, in his 49th year.

In Memoriam  -  103
AYERS -  Jennie,  bel. wife of G.H.Ayers,  who died on 25 June 1914  -----   inserted by her loving husband  and children.

Wednesday 26 June 1918
Births -  106
JONES -  on 24 June at Ranui,  Cashel st,  west  to to wife of Pryce Jones  -  a son.
McCLELLAND -  on 24 June at Nurse Bailey's,  91 Chester st,  to Mr and Mrs Robt. McClelland,  of  Kirwee  - a daughter.
PHILPOTT -  on 22 June at St Helen's  to wife of Arthur Sidney Philpott  -  a daughter

Deaths  -  106
DOLAN -  on 25 June at her res. Dorie, Rakaia,  Georgina Caroline,  dearly bel wife of Philip Francis Dolan, and dau of Mrs R.Stewart, Wanganui ---   aged 43
HENDERSON -  on 25 June at res of his son-in-law,  D.Sinclair,  Canterbury st, Lyttelton,  Gideon Henderson,  late of Diamond Harbour  in his 83rd year.
HOUGH -  on 25 June at his res.  Exeter st, Lyttelton,  Thomas,  bel. hus. of Isabella Hough,  in his 71st year.
RAE -  on 24 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Violet,  dearly loved only child of W.A. and M.E. Rae,  Swannanoa ---
RAMSDEN -  on 25 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Emma Elizabeth,  widow of J.Ramsden,  in her 70th year.

Thursday 27 June 1918
Birth  -  111
O'SULLIVAN -  on 10 June  at 146 Waltham rd,  to Mr and Mrs Alfred O'Sullivan  -  a daughter,  premature.

Marriages  -  111
SMITH - McKENZIE - on 25 May at res. -- Chch,  James, eld. son of Mr and Mrs David Smith, Waimate  to Mary, 2nd dau. of Mrs and late John McKenzie.
WEEBER - WEEBER - on 8 April at -- England,   Private Joseph, son of Mr A.H.Weeber,  Coutt's island, Kaiapoi  to  Marie, dau of late Ernest Weeber,                                         Sleaford, England.

Deaths  -  111
McEWAN -  on 24 June at 18 Bligh's rd,  Papanui,  David,  dearly loved hus. of Agnes McEwan,  in his 81st year.  arrived by the Indiana,  1858
RAMSDEN -  on 25 June at Christchurch Hosp.  Emma Elizabeth,  widow of J.Ramsden,  in her 70th year.  private internment
WYATT -  on 26 June at res her of dau.  Mrs R.R.Wandle,  581 Gloucester st,  Linwood,  Elizabeth, relict of Robert Wyatt,  in her 82nd year.  private internment

Friday 28 June 1918
Births  -  119
FERGUSON - on 27 June at 30 Peel st,  St Albans,  to Mr and Mrs J.W.Ferguson  -  a son.
O'SULLIVAN -  on 16 June at 146 Waltham rd,  to Mr and Mrs Alfred O'Sullivan  -  a daughter,  premature.
STURGESS -  on 27 June at Nurse Overton's, merivale Lane,  to wife of F.W.Sturgess,  Little River  - a daughter (Noeline)

Deaths  -  119
BRITTIN - on 26 June at brisbane, Queensland,  Doctor F.G.M.Brittin,  late of Papanui.
HEAD -  on 27 June at his res.  294 Fitzgerald ave,  Christchurch,  Edward John head,  aged 85 years
JOHNSON -  on 27 June at New Brighton,  alfred,  bel. hus . of Alice E.A. Johnson,  in his 48th year.
MUTTON -  on 27 June at his res. oxford st,  Lyttelton,  Thomas Mutton,  in his 94th year.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6 January 2010