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Monday 1 April 1918
Obituary  -  Auckland -  002
The death is announced of William Richardson,  the well-known temperance advocate, who on several occasions
                unsuccessfully contested parliamentary elections.

Inquest  -  003
Mr Laurie E.Collins, was washed off a rock at Karekare,  south of Manukau Harbour,  last month and drowned. ----
                    deceased's brother in law Mr McCowan--   

Tuesday 2 April 1918
Ashburton  -  007
Dan McCambridge,  aged 46,  a single man,  was killed yesterday afternoon while working at Mr R.W.Wightman's farm,
                  it is assumed he was kicked on the head by one of the horses.

Marriage  in England -  010
MERTON - FELL -  Miss Gladys Merton, younger dau. of Mr and Mrs George Merton  to Mr Fell, formerly of  Christ's College, now at the Royal Flying Corps.

Obituary  -  013
Mr George Acheson  Newell,  father of Dr J. A Newell,  Lyttelton  and Mr C.J.Newell,  dentist, Christchurch,  died  suddenly ----- at
                215 Fitzgerald ave  yesterday aft.  Mr Newell left his res. Clare rd,  after lunch  and walked to Mr Roose's house to attend a funeral 
                ---  suddenly collapsed and died. -----

Wedding  -  017
Miss Lorna McHardy, eldest dau. of Mr and Mrs P.A. McHardy of "Beaulieu" Palmeston North,  took place on Wednesday. 
                    The bridegroom was Lieutenant Richard Bale,  of Trentham Camp  and son of Mr Richard Bale of Stonehouse,  Devonshire, ----- 
                        Miss Nita McHardy was bridesmaid ---   Major White, DSO  of Trentahm Camp was best man  ---------

Wedding  -  018
a quiet wedding took place on 30 March  ---  Miss Olive Gillman, dau. of Mrs Gillman,  Carlton st, Christchurch  to Mr John Barr,
                        only son of Mr Robert Barr,  Dumbarton, Scotland  and a member of the 7th reinforcements ------   the bride was given away by her
                        brother Mr H. Gillman  ---- attended by her sister Miss Ivy Gillman ----  

Wednesday 3 April 1918
Drowning Fatalities  -  014
JOHNSON -   3yr old dau of Mr James Johnson  of Waihi  was accidentally drowned in the upper reaches of the Ohinemuri river  ----
CHAPMAN -  Harold, a son of Rev Chapman, of Te Puke  was drowned yesterday while surf bathing at Papamoa beach ------

Dunedin  -  Killed on the Railway  -  015
MacKAY -   Robert MacKay, a widower,  aged 80  was killed on the railway this morning ----  instantly killed.

Wedding  -  016  (all spelling as in paper)
   -----  Miss Minnie Raaf,  4th dau of Mrs J.R. Raaff, Sydenham  to  Mr Frank Saunders,  eldest son of Mrs M.Saunders, 
                            Riccarton --  bride given away by her brother,  Mr M.Raaff ----    her sister Miss Nora Raaff was bridesmaid  Mr J.Saunders,
                                 brother of the bridegroom  was best man  ----

Palmerston North  -  016a
The death of Mr Joseph Hyde-Parker at age 84 occurred at the Awanui Old peole's Home last week.  He was a professor of music, 
                    born in London,.  He arrived in Wellington in the early 60's  -----  more

Thursday 4 April  1918
Wedding  -  025
Mr Olrig Sinclair, elder son of Mr W.Sinclair, of Christchurch  to  Miss Ruby Gladys Neill,  only dau of Mrs A. Neill
                                     and late Mr Robert Neill,   Mr Robert Nixon was best man ---  bride given away by her brother Mr John Neill,
                                          ------ others  present  included  -----

Wedding  -  026
  Miss Edna Angus, elder dau. of Mr M.Angus, of Christchurch  was married to Mr J.G. Wilson, younger
                                 son of Mr R.H.Wilson of Brisbane, Queensland.  ---- attended by Miss Dorothy Page ----   Miss Ira Angus, 
                                sister of the bride ---   Private Guy Farrell was best man.

Saturday 6 April 1918
Wedding in England -  027
on 4 April in England  of Captain Douglas Anderson  NZMC  son of Dr and Mrs Morton Anderson,
                                 of Christchurch  to  Miss Kathleen Tatterson  of Belfast, Ireland.

Wedding  -  029
Last Tuesday,   Mr Robert Marshall Ray,  of Gore (a returned Anzac)  was married to Miss Ruby Wrathall,  dau. of
                                Mrs Wrathall, "Glenelg"  Richmond Tce,  New Brighton. ----  the bride was given away by Mr Gillanders, and was attended
                                by Miss Rene Wrathall  and Miss J.Fraser --   Private J.Ray, nephew of the bridegroom was best man  and
                                 Private Roy Penlington  was groomsman   --- guests included  Mr ansd Mrs Sydes, Mr and Mrs H.L.Vincent, 
                                Mr and Mrs Penlington,  Mr and Mrs Gillanders,  Mrs Stafford  and Mr Pascoe.

Monday 8 April 1918
Engagement in England -  030
GOULD - DUNN  -  Temporary Surgeon C.Hamilton Gould  R.N.  and Miss Dorothy Sylvia Dunn,  only dau. of  Mr and Mrs William Dunn, of Clifden, Bristol.                                     
                        son of  late Mr Charles Gould and Mrs Gould of Christchurch.

Wedding  -  032
The wedding took place at res. of Rev W.R.Campbell on Sat.  of Mr Percy Morse, a returned Anzac ---  to Miss Mary,
                         3rd dau of Mrs  and late Duncan Rutherford,  Leslie Hills,   Percy after his return was convalescent at Hanmer and then
                            went to Leslie Hills as manager of the estate.

Wedding  - Wellington  -   033
PERRY -  COWAN - on 2 April at -- Kuripuni, Miss Frances, dau of mr and Mrs J.P.Perry,-- Masterton  to  Rev J.J.Cowan,  of Ayr, Scotland.
OLIVER - BREWER -  Miss Ethel Irene Oliver, of Island Bay  to  Mr R.M. (Dick) Brewer, of Oriental Bay  ---- took place last Wednesday.

Dunedin  -  Obituary  -  033a
Mr Robert Cotton, a very old and prominent resident of the Tuapeka District,  died  suddenly ---   farmed in the Waipori district ---
                    owned a number of racehorses --- in his 80th year ----

Tuesday 9 April  1918
Engagement -  036
KEMPTHORNE - DANBY - Rev F.M. son of Ven Archdeacon & Mrs Kempthorne, of Nelson to Miss Gladys, dau of Mr and Mrs A. A.S. Danby, Wellington.

England  -  Wedding  -  037
Captain Douglas M.,  son of Mrs Holroyd Beere, of Wellington,  who left with the Main Body of NZEF  as dental surgeon, 
                    to Miss Esther,  dau of late Rev A.Webb, vicar of Reading, England.  The wedding took place at St George's Church, Reading,
                Lieutenant-Colonel R.St J.Beere was best man and  Major Grenfell. groomsman.    Miss Webb was nursing at the Military Hosp. London.

Wednesday 10 April  1918
Dunedin  -  Fatality  -  040
The body of a man named Robert Burleigh,  62 years of age was found outside his res. in Milton ----   was an ex-coalminer
                        well known in Milton and Kaitangata.

Funeral  - 041
Mrs G.  of Sedgemere on Friday afternoon --- Ellesmere Public Cemetery, Messrs I.McGill,  H.Schnelle, 
                            H.McIlraith  and A.McPherson were pallbearers

Miss Florence SCAPINI  -  042
has left New Zealand for San Francisco,  where she intends studying the violin under her former master.

Wellington  -  Inquest  -  044
on the death of a newly born infant,  the body of which was found in a suit case being carried by Nora Fleming  --------

Obituary  -  045
Dr James Boyd, of Auckland,  died on Friday.  He was house physician at Glasgow Royal Infirmary,  which he relinquished
                to go to South Africa -- late he went to Auckland ---  offered his services to the War office as a nerve specialist,  appointed
                 to the Herbert Military Hosp,  Woolwich ---   promoted captain in the RMAC  ----  resigned due to oll health ----  returning to NZ
              he  received an appointment to the Medical Board,  Otago district ---   ill health  and resumed private practice in Auckland.

Death  -  046
KENNY - Captain David A.Kenny,  who was prominent in musical circles died in the Thames Hospital on Sunday last after an operation
                -----  he was aged 45.

Thursday 11 April  1918
Inquest  -  050
William Pyke, who died suddenly in a right-of-way in Kilmore st ---  Edward William Pyke,  son ------  Harry Melton Johnson,
                  woodwork instructor,  living at 60 Winchester st Merivale,  known deceased for 30 years. -----   death due to heart failure.

Wedding  -  051
at -- St Albans on Monday aft.  Miss Constance Irene,  only dau. of Mr George Dickie, of St Albans (late Dunedin)
                          to Mr Ivan Granger, son of Mrs M.E.McAliece, of Christchurch ----     attended by Miss Myrtle McAliece (sister) 
                        Mr Charles Dickie,  (Brother)  was best man ----

Friday 12 April  1918
Auckland -  Obituary  -  053
Mr Francis Henry Pickering, an old res. of Auckland,  died at Auckland on Monday  he was aged 73 and came to NZ from London  aged 18.
                         -----  is survived by Mrs Pickering,  1 son and 5 daughters.  Mr Philip Pickering is manager of the Suva,  Fiji branch of the Bank of NSW.

Auckland -  Obituary   -  054
Mr George Higgins, a well-known res. of Auckland died on Monday ---  Mr Higgins, who has been in business as a boot importer ---- 
                    for over 30 years.  was aged 72.  He was a native of Nottingham, came to Auckland about 35 years ago.   --------

Taihape  -  Fatality -  058
LLOYD - Alfred,  aged 48, single, was found dead alongside the railway line at ----  

Death  -  059
Mrs H.  widow of Mr H.Pheloung  for many years bandmaster and solo cornetist of the old Oamaru Garrison, 
                        Oamaru Navals  and Oamaru Citizens Bands.  She died at Oamaru  and always took a kindly  interest in the bandsmen
                        and her husbands pupils.  Several of her sons are well-known to the band world of New Zealand and Australia. 
                        Mr J. Pheloung  the eldest boy, is bandmaster of the Manly Band, Sydney,  another son Edward is with the 18th Reinforcements
                        is now in charge of a band in France  2 other sons Privates Harry  and Charlie are members of the Trentham Camp Band
                       -- another son George is a capable cornetist

Engagement  -  060
ANGUS - BISHOP - Mr Archibald, son of late John and Mrs Angus,  Dunedin  to  Gwen Bishop of Dunedin,  Miss Bishop is at  staff of Dunedin Hosp.

Saturday 13 April  1918
Engagement  -  071
ENGLISH - EAGLESOME -  Mabel, dau of Mr and Mrs Robert English, Christchurch  to  Mr Jack,  only son of Mrs and late Mr John Eaglesome,  Riccarton.

Engagement -  072
HINE - URQUHART - Miss Edith Louise (Lulu)  dau of Captain Hine, member for Stratford & Mrs Hine  to Captain Murray, son of late Rev Mr Urquhart,
                                of Glasgow -------

Property Sale  -  075
-- sold by public auction a property of a 5 roomed house  and about 34 perches of land  situated in Cadogan st,  Sydenham
                     to  Mr Edwards  for 570 pounds.

Invercargill  -  074
George Deegan,  farmer,  of Lorne,  aged 40  and married,  was found dead in a creek today.  He left home to inspect sheep  -----heart trouble ----

Monday 15 April  1918
Maintenance Case  -  079
Mary Elizabeth Ruddock,  spinster of Christchurch   proceeded under the Family Protection Act 1908  in the matter of the estate
                        and will of the late Edward Ruddock,  farmer,  of Southbridge,    against  Edward Ruddock (Chertsey)  and Leonard Ruddock (Southbridge)
                         farmers,  and Alexander Boyle (Christchurch) and William Scott (Leeston)  as trustees ----   adequate maintenance for her and her
                         sister MargaretCaroline Ruddick --  made no provision for his 2 daughters  ----- lots more -----

Obituary  -  080
George Taylor Chisnall,  was born in 1835 at Stoke-by-Nayland,  Suffolk, England ----  as a boy was member of the church choir -- 
                left England in 1853  on the Cornwall,  was 3 years in Nelson   In 1859 he was employed by late Mr George Gould to manage the business at
                Cookham House,  after 14 years as manager,  Mr Chisnall and his brother-in law (Mr J.H.Stewart)  took over the business until 1907
                 when it went to their sons -- Mr T.E.Chisnall  and Mr H.Stewart,  --- over 20 years was vestryman at St Michael's   he married in 1864
                  and leaves a widow,  6 children and 6 grandchildren.

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  081
HENDERSON -  a seafaring man named Johann,  aged 29  living at Karatane, Dunedin  -  an inquest will be held tomorrow.
CLARK -  Mr A.E.,  foreman at the Halswell quarry   who was severely burned  on Saturday -- progressing favourably.
TE PARO - Riria Te paro  an inquest at Little River  --- a Maori woman,  aged 71  ---  death due to heart failure.

Fire -  083
DRURY - a 5 roomed house, owned and occupied by Mr Walter Drury, in Waimari rd,  Upper Riccarton  was burnt to the ground yesterday  ------

Engagement  -  091
RHODES - HOLDSWORTH -  Captain Arthur E.T. son of late Mr Timaru Rhodes and Mrs C.E.Thomas, of Timaru  to Miss Nell,
                dau of Mr and Mrs Holdsworth, London, formerly of Dunedin.

Returned Home -  092
HANMER -  Mrs Hanmer has returned home from India where she went to be present at her daughter's wedding.

Tuesday 16 April  1918
Dunedin -  102
Mr J.L.Passmore, sen of Halfway Bush,  of the firm Donaghy and Co.  died -- yesterday ---  He was born near Glasgow and
                        was aged 60  his father was a rope maker  and with his brothers was brought up to the spinning trade.  He came to Dunedin when
                        quite young and about 1874 began the process at Burnside of rope spinning from fibre of NZ flax.   ------  more  ----

Engagement  -  103
BEAVEN - SAUNDERS - Miss Gwendolyn B., dau of Mr and Mrs A.W.Beaven-- Redcliffs  to Major J. Llewellyn, son of Rev W.Saunders and Mrs Saunders
                    of Dunedin ----

Wednesday 17 April 1918
Wellington -  105
LINDSTROM - A ship's fireman,  named K.Lindstrom,  was knocked down by a tramcar last evening ---   he died early this morning.

Family Protection Case  -  106
A case arising out of the Family Protection Act 1908  -- estate of George Tilson,  late of Hinds, farmer -----  acting on behalf
                of Elizabeth Fisher and Sidney Jane Merrin,  married women, both of Christchurch,  daughters of the deceased.  defendants
                were George Tilson  and Thomas hamilton Willis (Trustee)  and other sons of the deceased.   Deceased died 4 August 1916  ------

Auckland -  Fatality  -  107
OVER -  Arthur James Over, aged about 30, a draper,  died tonight ---     

Thursday 18 April  1918
Obituary  -  110
Mrs Betty Stewart,  widow of Mr David Stewart, of Nathro,  Forfarshire, Scotland,  who died this week in her 94th year, 
                has been a resident in Dunedin since the arrival of the family in 1872.    ------  the funeral which took place at the Northern Cemetery
                 -----    survived by 1 daughter Miss Agnes Stewart,  Dunedin,  and 2 sons  Mr William Stewart,  farmer, formerly of Waiwera South, 
                now retired to Balclutha.  and Mr G.L. Stewart,  secretary of the Education Board, Wellington.  13 grandchildren  and 9 great-grandchildren.

New York  -  Obituary  -  111
The death is announced of Captain F.B.Knyvett  who was at one time in charge of the Auckland Garrison Artillery.   ------
                         he served in the Boer war  ----  decorated for bravery and wounded some time ago.

Wedding  -  115
on 9 February  at Hornchurch,  Essex,  by -----  Captain Herbert,  NZMC,  son of Rev B.Hutson,  of Wellington
                     and Sister M.Galloway,  NZANS  daughter of Thomas Galloway,  of Dannevirke.

Engagement  -   116
Sister Mabel Agnes Wright,  of Invercargill  to Corporal Leonard William Hemmings, of Christchurch.
                 Sister Wright, -- on active service  ---  stationed at Codford Hospital, in England.  Corporal Hemmings left with the Main Body 
                    seen service in Egypt and Gallipoli.  has been driving a motor ambulance at Codford Hosp.  ----

Friday 19 April  1918
Maintenance  -  118
WALESBY -  Rose Walesby proceeded against Alfred Edward Laney for arrears on a maintenance order -----
COLLINS  -  Ethel Maude  v  Arthur Floyd Collins, separation and maintenance orders were granted -------

Fatality  -  119
Arthur Haughey,  aged 62, a labourer,  was killed instantly by a tramcar in Manchester st south yesterday. 
                        The car driven by motorman Walter Mann ---   more ---

Obituary  -  120
The death of Mr John Aiken, of Sumner is another  of the country's pioneers to pass away.  He arrived in Nelson from Scotland in 1856
             ----- joined the firm of Nathaniel Edwards and Co. as accountant until 1873.  With Mr John Connal, he commenced business in Christchurch,
             under Edward, Bennetts & Co. ------   He retired from the firm in 1887 and paid a visit to the Old Country,  where he stayed until about
            5 years ago -----   finally settling in Sumner. -- He married in 1861 a daughter of Mr Joseph Garrard, of Harwich,  Essex  who survives her husband.

Engagement  -  122
SHURROCK - TRENBERTH - Gladys, 3rd dau. of Mr and Mrs Shurrock  to Mr W.P.Trenberth of Morrinsville,  left NZ with the Main Body, returned and
                        was discharged 18mths ago.

Golden Wedding  -  123
at New Plymouth, on Monday,  Mr and Mrs D. Webster celebrated their Golden Wedding.  present was Mrs Watson,  mother of the bride,
                         the 2 bridesmaids  Mrs W.Cutfield (nee Leatham)  and Mrs W.Bewley (nee Brind)  and groomsman Mr J.S.Kellar.  it is also the
                         anniversary of Mr and Mrs Websters birthdays. ---  a cablegram from their son Staff-Sergeant Dawson Webster
                         of the New Zealand Records Office,  London.

Saturday 20 April 1918
Wedding  - 124
BRYSON - MacDONALD -  The wedding of  Dr Elizabeth MacDonald, (Medical Inspector of Schools, Auckland)
                     to Dr Robert Bryson,  of Levin  is to take  place shortly.

Fatalities  -  125
PYKE -  Mr W.  of Mafeking st, a very old resident of New Brighton,  died ---
ROPER -  Mr C. purchased a property and  came to reside in New Brighton a few weeks ago,  died suddenly last week.

Wellington  - 127
PATIHANA -  Hare,  single,  aged 33  was killed yesterday  at W.R.Pass's mill.  Was jacking a log from skids onto a truck  when the end of the log caught him ----

Inquest  -  128
Arthur Haughey,  aged 62, was killed in a tramway accident on Thursday ----    John Haughey,  labourer,  Prebbleton,  brother of deceased
                 ---  John Rea, licensee of the Zealander  Hotel gave evidence -----  Charles Gatehouse,  storeman,  Woolston,  ---   Aubrey Harbott,
                a schoolboy, aged 13  saw the accident ---  Walter Ernest Kelly,  wickerworker,  Mowbray st,  and Daniel Smith,  sailor,  Lyttelton  gave evidence
                     ----   Walter Mann,  tramway motorman ---   Peter Matthews  and Constable Phillips  gave evidence ----  

Kakanui    -  129  photo - 
Onslow John William Mayhew,  is wanted in connection with this North Otago murder,  was a pupil of Otago Boys' High a sergeant in the cadets
                     -- and winner of the Challenge Cup  for shooting,  also  a rectory prefect.  ---  was employed at the National Bank,  oamaru,  went to the front
                    and returned invalided  some months ago.-----  his behaviour has been erractic and mentally affected

Monday  22 April 1918
Engagement  - 131
CRESSWELL - ORR - Kathleen, dau of Mr and Mrs  W.J.Cresswell, -- of Ashburton  to Private Allan H.Orr, Waikato,  son of Mrs Orr and late John  of Ashburton.

Kakanui Tragedy  -  132
--- a search of the Kakanui riverbed  for Onslow Mayhew -----  large parties of residents are scouring the riverbed ---  the condition of
                        Miss Mary Burke,  who was shot through the lung,  shows little change  but is still holding her own.  the other woman Mrs Mambury
                         who received lesser wounds is making fair progress.

Wedding  -  133
in Petone   on 3 April ---  Miss Grace Power, dau of Mr James Power,  late of Christchurch,    to Mr Ernest Solway. son of
                    Mr W.Solway,  Guernsey, Channel islands.  The bride was attended by her sister Miss Agnes Power  and her niece Miss May Morey,
                      Private McMahom was best man.

Wedding    -  134
on Thursday  at Wanganui  when  Captain Douglas Wilson  NZMC  was married to Miss Gladys Christie,
                         dau of Mr and Mrs H.F.Christie of "Awatiro"  2 little girls Joan Carey  and Betty Wilson  and 2 small pages  Billy Christie
                              and Michael Grace  were train-bearers.  best man was Lieutenant E.Lees  of Wellington.

Fatality  -  135
the death occurred in Trentham Military Camp  of Major Ernest C.Winstone,  principal dental officer ---     he was married, 
            aged 33  took his dental degree at Pennsylvanvia University,  started practice in Auckland   ----   volunteered at the outbreak of war. ------

Rangiora  -  Death  -  136
Mr John Samsom, a prominent citizen of Rangiora  where he was a general storekeeper,  was a native of London,  born in 1854.
             He arrived in NZ with his parents at age 3 ---  for 14 years was a member of the Rangiora Borough Council and was Mayor  for 4 years.  ----    

Tuesday  23 April 1918

Wedding  -  138
YOUNG - CATO - on 2 April  Mr Rex Young,  formerly of New Zealand,  now of Suva,  was married to Miss Muriel Cato.   Their future home will be in Suva.

Wednesday 24 April  1918
Wedding  -  141
Miss Alice Rowland,  dau. of Mr and Mrs G.E.Rowland,  Albury,    and Mr J.B.Stanley,  son of Mr J.Stanley of Fendalton
                        . ----  bridesmaid was Miss White ---- 2nd bridesmaid was Miss Stanley ---- Rev Mutter and Mr L.Petrie  were groomsmen.
                         ---    Mrs Dick (sister of the bride) ----  

Family Protection  -  142
Supreme Court Judgement ---   of the will of George Tilson,  of Hinds,  near Ashburton,  ----- Elizabeth Fisher and Sydney Jane Merrin, 
                    George Robert Tilson,  Dunsandel,  Thomas Tilson,  Hinds,   Thomas H. Willis,  Ashburton,  G.R.Tilson,  Charles James Tilson, 
                    Hilda May Tilson,  and William Francis Tilson,  IsabellaMaggie Tilson  and Hilda May Tilson ---   Sarah Tilson ---  a long column  ------

Fatality  -  143
A boy aged 9 at 23 Chapel st,  Papanui,  child was dead on arrival of doctor ---  an inquest will be held.

Engagement  -  144
SNOW - BELFRAGE - Maud Rochfort, dau of Colonel Snow  to  Mr Ronald F. Belfrage, of Margherita, Upper Assam, India, 
                                son of Mr Francis Belfrage, Edinburgh.

Death  in Channel Islands  -  145
Mr George Felton  at his res.  St Luke's, Jersey, Channel Islands   formerly stores manager to the NZ railways,  retired  from railway
                    service in 1906  and with wife and dau has been in Channel islands for a number of years.  Born at Cowbridge, South Wales,   --- 
                    for 9 years gained experience on the Rutschuk and Varna railway  in Bulgaria ---  came to Wellington in the ship Commissary   at the end of 1875
                   married Miss Sophia Cooke  in 1876  dau of Major T.W.Cooke, late of the Madras Army  --- he leaves a wife,  1 daughter  and 3 sons.

Wedding  -  146
Mr Henry Frederick Lane,  son of Mr H.B.Lane,  of Christchurch  married to Miss Olive Emily Bailey,  dau of Mr and Mrs Charles Bailey,
                          St Albans  ----  bridesmaids were Miss Rose Lane and Miss Belle Bailey ---   Mr J.O. Jameson and Mr Clyde Shepherd  were groomsmen  -----  

Wedding  -  147
at Avonside Church yesterday  Mr Reginald Perry Francis,  son of late Mr Francis,  Amberley  and Miss Dorothy Wensley Piper, of Christchurch. 
                                    Miss Wildermoth attended the bride  ---  Miss Thelma Robson was flower girl,  Mr Herbert Francis,  best man  -------

Wedding  -  148
Yesterday afternoon at St Barnabas, Fendalton  of Miss Eleanor Joseph,  dau. of Mrs Joseph "Kamuri" Fendalton  and Mr H.Kay, Otane,  Hawke's Bay ----   

Returning  to  New Zealand  -  149
DOUGLAS -  Mrs Sholto (nee Miss A.MacFarlane)  will return here with her infant son, her hus. is on active service in Mesopotamia,
                         while in NZ Mrs Douglas  will stay with her mother  Mrs MacFarlane  at   Kaiwara,  Culverden

Friday 26 April  1918
Engagement  -  151
DAVENPORT - HUDSON - Vera, dau of Mr and Mrs S.H.Davenport,  of Epsom  to 2nd Lieutenant Jack S.Hudson,  3rd Auckland Infantry Battalion.

Engagement -  152
ROBINSON - WILLIAMS - Frederick James Robinson,  of Linwood  to  Miss Ruby Williams, dau of Mr and Mrs W.Williams,  Wilson's Road.

Weddings  -  153
MacDONALD - BRYSON -  on Wed. last,  Dr Elizabeth MacDonald  to Dr Bryson, of Levin, wedding held at  bride's brother Dr P. MacDonald at Otahuhu
DOUGLAS - THOMSON - on 17 April   Mr H. son of Mr Hugh Douglas, Wellington  to  Miss A.M. dau of Mr and Mrs W.Thomson, Halkett -----

Wedding  -  153   -  
-  on 22 April  at Petone,  Sister Doris Field Arrow Smith  to  Lieutenant B.Gibbons  NZRB  ----   was attended by
                                    Sister K.McGregor, of the Trentahm Nursing staff  bridegroom has recently returned from the front was attended by
                                     Lieutenant F.D.Barron,  also a returned officer.

Onehunga  -  Obituary   -  153a
on Monday of Mr Thomas Rice Gillman, oldest resident of Onehunga,  nearly 91years of age,   father-in-law of Captain John NEALE,
                       formerly master of the Hinemoa, and ex-harbour master of Onehunga.  He arrived in NZ in 1863  by the ship Annie Wilson, 
                       son of a congregational minister,  survived by a widow  and 8 children,  22 grandchildren  and 24  great grandchildren.

Obituary  - 153b
James Yeomans,  whod died at Christchurch on Wednesday,   was a Port Chalmers boy.  He went to Victoria when a lad, and there
                            learnt how to row in finished style.  Returning home he was no 2 in a crew stroked by Tom Wright, 
                            that won the champion 4s in Picton in 1895  and 1896.

Saturday 27 April  1918
Wedding  -  154
on 25 April at St Mary's Church Addington,   Lieutenant W.B.Fitchett First A.I.B.  Main Body,  only son of Dr  and Mrs Fitchett, 
                            of Auckland  to Amelia Margaret,  only dau of Mr and Mrs George Bush of "Finchley" Spreydon  ----

Fatality  -  155
a child named Williamson,  aged about 5 days,  Pratt st,  Redcliffs,  died ----- attended the mother in confinement on Monday
                      ---  an inquest this afternoon verdict death from convulsions ----

Wedding  -  156
on Wed. last at Avonside Church  Mt Albert Pitt,  Linwood  to Miss Marion Ruby Gertrude dau of Mr and Mrs G.W.I.Harrison, 
                                St James st,  Linwood.  ---- Miss Alice Pitt was bridesmaid,  sister of the bridegroom  and Mr Irvine Harrison was best man.  ---- 

Monday 29 April  1918
Divorce Proceedings  -  158
Emma Leslie Barrett  and William Barrett,   desertion,  married 18 October 1887,  and had 3 children  husband an accountant
                         ---     lots more  ------

Engagement  -  159
LAWFORD - LeCREN -  Miss Una, dau of Mr E.Lawford,  Union Bank  to  Mr Arthur J. Le Cren,  son of late Fred Le Cren,  Timaru.

Kakanui Tragedy  -  160
14 days have passed since the murder of George BURKE  at Gemmell's Crossing on the Kakanui River ---   no authentic evidence of Onslow Mayhew, 
                    who is suspected of the crime  since he  disappeared the night of the tragedy  ----   a long column  ------

Tuesday 30 April  1918
Golden Wedding  -  163
--  took place at Ratuhua,  res of Mr and Mrs James McLauchlan,  Ashburton.  Mr McLauchlan  was born in Perthshire,  Scotland
                              while Mrs McLauchlan was Miss McLeary,  of County Down, Ireland,  He came to NZ  63 years ago,  she has been here over 56 years.  
                                They were married at Brookside,  Canterbury,  took up farming  and moved to Ruapuna,  Mr McLauchlan  being one of the 1st settlers there.
                                ---  had a family of 12 daughters and 2 sons,  24 grandchildren,  2 grandsons are now in camp.   

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
21 December  2009

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