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Monday 1 April  1918
Births  -  001
COOKSON - on 27 March at Nurse Bailey's,  Chester st,  to Mr and Mrs R.M.Cookson   - a daughter
WHITFORD - to Mr and Mrs Whitford, 68 Hawkehurst rd, Lyttelton   - a daughter

Diamond Wedding -  001
MINTROM - HAYLOCK - on 31 March 1858 at St Helier's Town Church,  Jersey, by ----John Edwin, only son of late George  Mintrom  to Mary Ann,
                                        eld. dau of late William Haylock, coxawain of the Garrison boat  for 32 years, Channel Islands, Jersey.

Deaths - 001
FLYN - on 31 March at Christchurch,  Bryann, bel hus of Sarah Flyn  49 Bishop st,  aged 75.
GLASS - on 29 March at his res.  Lauriston,  Hawarden,  benjamin Walter, dearly loved hus of Annie Glass  late of Belfast,  in his 63rd year.
KINGDON - on 30 March at Otago,  Leonard Ernest Kingdom, son of late Isaiah Kingdom  aged 34.
ROOSE -  at 215 Fitzgerald Ave,  Jessie Connal,  bel. wife of J.J.Roose,  aged 74
WHEELER - on 27 March at Oxford,  James Wheeler,  in his 74th year
WILLIAMSON - on 27 March at Arno, Waimate,  Henry, bel hus of Selena Williamson, brother of W.Williamson,  aged 38

Tuesday 2 April  1918
Births - 006
DUNS - at 28 Hagley rd, Riccarton,  to Private D.C.  and Mrs Duns,  twin daughters,  stillborn,  premature.
SUTTON -  on 2 April  at Lyttelton  to Mr and Mrs F.E.Sutton  - a son.
TINDALL -  on 1 April at Nurse Bethune's  to wife of Frederic Thompson Tindall, of 251 Fitzgerald st - a daughter

Deaths -  006
BUTTON -  on 31 March at her res. Greenpark,  Eliza Jane, dearly bel. wife of Walter J.Button,  aged 52  -------
FLYNN -   on 31 March at Christchurch  Bryan, bel hus. of Sarah of 49 Bishop st,  aged 75
KINGDOM -   on 30 March at Otago,  Leonard Ernest Kingdom, son of late Isaiah Kingdom  aged 34.
WEIR - on 30 March at 38 Princess st, Riccarton,  James Weir,  bel brother of late Matthew  in his 89th year.

Wednesday 3 April 1918
Births -  011
BREARS -  on 29 March at Nurse Overton's  St Anne's  to Mr and Mrs Wm Brears,  Springston -  a son.
CLEMENS -  on 1 April  at  Aloexander st,  Timaru  to Mr and Mrs A.H.Clemens  - a son.
EDGAR - on 1 April  at ----  Merivale Lane,  to wife of 2nd Lieutenant Harold Edgar,  28th Reinforcements  - a daughter
LEACH -  on 1 April  at 16 Coleridge st,  Sydenham  to Mr and Mrs A.H.Leach  - a son.

Marriages  - 011
JERARD - WRIGHT -  on 6 March at ---  L.C. 4th son of Edward Gerard  to Marjorie, only daughter of S.C.Wright,  of Lyttelton.
MEEHAN - BATES - on 19 Dec. at ---- Dorothy Victoria, dau of Edwin Bates, Beckenham  to  Thomas Leslie Meehan, of Wellington -----
MOTE - ROBERTS -  on 30 March at ---  Ernest R. son of H.J.Mote, Oamaru  to Violet Marian, dau of Mrs A and late William Roberts of Sydenham.

Deaths - 011
CUSACK - on 2 April  at her res.  47 Leeds st,  Grace Constance, bel wife of John Patrick Cusack,  aged 28
FAIRLEY - on 2 April at Wellington,  John Fergus, bel son of James and Edith Fairley, Island Bay, Wellington,  grandson of Mrs J.Childs, late Lyttelton  aged 7
HANNAFORD -  on 2 April   Mary Hannaford, dearly be. wife of Geo. Hannaford,  of Sedgmere,  aged 62
NEWELL -  on 2 April   George Acheson Newell  of Clare rd,  St Albans  aged 77 ------

Thursday 4 April 1918
Births -  019
ARCHER - on 31 March  at Southbrook  to wife of C.M. (Dick) Archer  -  a son.
KEAST - on 30 March  to Mr and Mrs F.A.E.Keast  -  a son.

Deaths -  019
ELLISTON -  on 3 April  at Christchurch,  Ada Olive  in her 32nd year
TWENTYMAN -  on 3 April  John William Twentyman, bel hus of Marion D. Twentyman,  Hawthorne rd, Papanui.
WHELAN -  on 3 April at Christchurch,  Thomas Whelan,  4 Alfred st,  City,  in his 79th year.

Friday 5 April 1918
Death -  024
TYER - on 2 April  at "Ashford" Feathers---,Violet Elizabeth (Dolly)  bel wife of Alfred George Tyer,   and 2nd dau of Mrs E. and late Mr Ludvig  Bergh, Chch

Monday 8 April 1918
Births -  031
PLUCK - on 6 April at Nurse Cole's  243 Bealey ave  to wife of A.E.Pluck,  of Weedons  - a daughter
SEYB -  on 6 April at St Helen's Hospital,  Sydenham,  to wife of H.Seyb, St Albans,  -  a son  -----

Marrriage -  031
BOAZ  -  SOLE -  on 27 March at ----  Rifleman arthur Boaz  to  Kitty, 3rd dau of W.H. & E.Sole,  Gloucester st, Linwood.

Deaths -  031
GRADY -  on 7 April  at her res.  Manchester st,  Annie Maude, dearly bel wife of R.G.Grady,  late of Dunedin,  aged 86  Mother of Mrs C.Menzies.
HILL - on 7 April  at Christchurch Hosp. Mary Lydia, bel wife of William Hill, --- Woolston, 3rd dau of Robert B.D. & Amelia Marshall, late Prebbleton, aged 61.

Tuesday 9 April  1918
Births -  035
BAXTER -  on 2 April  at Nurse Devlin's "Victoria Home"  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs W.H.Baxter,  Rangiora  - a daughter
KING -  on 7 April at 13 Albert st, Linwood  to Mr and Mrs Chas. H.King  -  a daughter
SMITH -  on 4 April  at Nurse Devlin's -- Rangiora,  to Mr and Mrs G.C.Smith,  saltwater Creek  -  a daughter.

Marriage -  035
NOONAN - FANNING - on 16 March at --Quartermaster Harry Darnley --4th son of Amy & late George Noonan, Little River to Elizabeth Frances (Bessie) 
                                7th dau. of  Stephen & Grace Fanning,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -  035
CLARK -  on 8 April at res of his parents mr and Mrs E.H.Clark,  43 Somerfield st, spreydon,  Edgar Halcomb,  dearly bel hus of Emily Maude,  ----  aged 30
DIGGS -  on 8 April at 43 Kent st --  Edward (Teddy) dearly loved hus of Amy Elizabeth --- aged 40 ------
HILLS -  on 7 April    Arthur Edwin, dearly loved eldest son of A.H.  and H.Hills,  233 Worcester st, City,  aged 6 years
REIDRICH -  on 8 April at  East Oxford,  John Joseph Paul, bel hus of Frietarika,  aged 77 years. -----

Wednesday 10 April 1918
Birth - 038
KNIGHT -  on 9 April at 73 Puriri rd,  Riccarton  to Mr and Mrs H.J.Knight  -  a son.

Marriages -  038
COSSINS -  PINE - on 27 Feb at --- Frederick, son of Mr and Mrs R.Cossins, Sydenham  to Edith, 4th dau of Mrs and late Mr H.D.Pine,  St Albans.
STANILAND -BOWRON - on 20 Dec. 1917, George Wilson, 2nd son of George William Staniland  to  Margaret Allan, eld. dau of William Bowron,  Woolston.

Deaths -  038
AIKEN - on 9 April  at Sumner,  John,  bel hus of Celia  in his 83rd year  -------
BRADLEY -  on 9 April at Cam rd,  Kaiapoi,  George White,  bel hus of Lydia Bradley,  aged 60  ---
CLARKSON  - on 27 March,  killed in action,  Lance-Corporal William Francis Clarkson,  2nd son of Emerson Clarkson  34 Papanui rs, Chch,  aged 22 years

Thursday 11 April 1918
Births  -  046
DODGE -  on 9 April  at 26 Yaldhurst rd,  Upper Riccarton,  to Mr and Mrs E.K. Dodge,  Bowen st  -  a daughter
DUXBURY  -  on 6 April  at Nurse Overton's, Merivale Lane,  to Mr and Mrs A.Duxbury,  Robinson's Bay  -  a daughter.
LEWIS -  on 8 April  at  Pacific rd,  North Brighton  to Mr and Mrs Stuart lewis  -  a daughter  -------
THORNTON -  on 9 April  at Nurse King's,   90 Salisbury st  to Mr and Mrs P. Thornton,  Templeton  -  a daughter

Marriage  -  046
ROMER - JOHNSON - on 4 April at --  Leeston  Charles Hamilton, son of late Mr and Mrs A.C.Romer  to  Ann leal,  4th dau of Mr C.Johnson,  Lakeside.

Deaths -  046  
BROOKFIELD  -  on 10 April  at her res.  670 Barbadoes st,   Sarah , widow of William Brookfield and formerly Mrs Meadows,  of Southport, England.
PYKE -  on 10 April,  William  bel hus of Anne Pyke,  New Brighton,  -----

Friday 12 April  1918
Births  -  052
BENNETT -  on 10 April  at 510 Madras st,  St Albans,  to wife of E.J.Bennett (Nee Angus)  -  a daughter  ----
MIDGLEY -  on 10 April  to Mr and Mrs Midgley,  New Brighton  -  a daughter

Deaths -  052
PARKER -  on 10 April  at Nazareth House,  Sydenham   Bridget parker  in her 89th year
WILSON -  on 11 April  at her parents res.  McMurdo st,  Tinwald,  Mavis Doreen,  bel dau of Thomas and late Grace Wilson,  aged 9 years.

Saturday 13 April 1918
Death -  073
SMITH -  on 12 April at 3 Cressy Tce, Lyttelton,  Natalie (nee Smith)  only dau of George and Daisy Smith  --------

Funerals  -  073
ROPER -  Charles,  will leave his rs.  40 Union st, New Brighton  for the Linwood Cemetery  on Sunday 14th  at 1pm.
SMITH - Natalie May, bel dau of George and Daisy Smith,   will leave 3 Crescent tce, Lyttelton  on Sunday at 3pm  for the Church of England Cemetery.

Monday 15 April  1918
Marriage  -  077
JENNINGS - SILVESTER - on 10 April at -- Hamilton,  William Robert, son of Mr R.Jennings, Cashmere Hills  to Vera, dau of Mr G.Silvester, of Hamilton.

Deaths -  077
BOWRON -  on 14 April at 11 Marden st, Woolston,  William, dearly loved hus of Jane Bowron  in his 64th year
MEYERS -  on 14 April  at his res. 175 Montreal st,  Frederick nathaniel (Nat)  bel hus of M.C. meyers,  aged 71.
CHISNALL -  on 15 April  at 466 Lincoln rd,  George Taylor,  bel hus of Sarah Anna Chisnall  in his 83rd year  -----

Tuesday 16 April  1918
Birth  -  093
SHORT -  on 14 April  at 23 Peacock st,  to wife of F.W.Short  - a son.

Deaths -  093
CHISNALL -   on 15 April  at 466 Lincoln rd,  George Taylor,  bel hus of Sarah Anna Chisnall  in his 83rd year  -----
CLARK - on 14 April  at Christchurch Hosp.  Daisy,  dearly loved wife of Charles AlfredClark,  aged 46 years
COLYER -  on 14 April  at Springfiels,  Maria,  bel wife of Thomas Colyer  in her 75th year
LOCK -  on 15 April at her res.  25 Churchill st,  Lucy,  bel. wife of Fred Lock  in her 77th year.

Wednesday 17 April 1918
Births  - 104
CUNNINGHAM - on 13 April at Nurse Poulton's  476 Gloucester st, Linwood,  to Mr and Mrs T.Cunningham  - a son
HOOKER - on 15 April at Nurse Bethune's  Cashel st  to wife of W.Hooker, New Brighton  -  a son.
LATTIMORE - at 114 Aikman's rd Merivale  to Mr and Mrs D.J.Lattimore - a daughter
MOULD - on 9 April at Nurse Rogers,  Akaroa,  to Mr and Mrs J.Mould, Piper's Valley, Duvauchelle - a son.
REID -  on 15 April  at 98 Lyttelton st, Spreydon  to wife of S.W.Reid,  - a son.

Deaths -  104
FITZPATRICK - on 16 April at Christchurch,  Charles, bel. hus. of Annie Fitzpatrick,  of Balcairn,  in his 70th year.
HOCKING -  on 16 April at Christchurch,  Dorcas, bel wife of late John Hocking, of Macauley st,  Addington  aged 60.
HOCKING -  on 16 April,  Dorcas, bel mother of Mr G.E.Hocking, Spreydon,  Mr R.C.Hocking, Timaru,  Mrs A.Meredith, New Brighton,  aged 60
GIBB -  on 15 April,  Edith Matilda May,  dearly loved wife of A.Gibb  160 Strickland st,  Sydenham,  aged 26 years.

Thursday 18 April  1918
Births  -  109
HURRELL -  on 16 April at 61 St Albans st, Christchurch,  to Lance-Corporal and Mrs L.R.Hurrell - a son
McARTHUR - on 17 April at "Ranui"  to Mr and Mrs W.F.McArthur,  Clifton  -  a daughter

Deaths -  109
HOCKING -  Dorcas,  on 16 April at Christchurch,  bel mother of Private J.F.Hocking, 24th Reinforcements and Private S.Hocking (14th reinforcements)
McLAGGAN -  Henrietta  on 14 April  at Tokomaru,  Manuawatu,   relict of John McLaggan, of Ashley Bank, Canterbury,   aged 67
SWANSON -  Eric Pelham, on 17 April at 68 Ruskin st,   dearly loved elder son of Sinclair and Mabel Swanson,  aged 21
TUNNERCLIFFE  -  Lewis,  on 16 April at Christchurch Hospital,  aged 42.

Death  -  114
ORANGE - Private Raymond L.  on 5 April,  killed in action in France,  dearly loved hus of Lilian L.Orange  40 Ashbourne st, Woolston   aged 25 years.

Friday 19 April  1918
Births  -  117
GATES -  on 16 April  at Nurse Devlin's, Victoria Home,  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs W.Gates,  Hurstlea,  Amberley  - a daughter
MILLER -  on 12 April at Nurse Devlin's, Victoria Home,  Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs Alexandra M.Miller,  Loburn  - a son.

Deaths -  117
BLYTHE Annie Gertrude,  on 18 April at 425 Tuam st, Linwood,  bel wife of Arthur G.Blythe, of Timaru and sister of Mr and Mrs C.Chapman, New Brighton, aged 39
CREEVEY - on 17 April his res. Wilson st, Hawera,  John (Jack)  dearly bel eldest son of John Creevey, late Chch  aged 37  brother of Mrs C.M.Denham, Linwood. ,  in his 34th year
ORANGE - on 5 April killed in action in France,  Private Raymond L.Orange  ------
OSBORN -  Walter,  on 18 April at his res. 65 Tay st, Richmond, dearly loved hus. of Georgina  in his 72nd year
RAWLANCE - George,  on 18 April at Christchurch Hosp.  bel. hus of Ellen jane Rawlance, 18 Stoneyhurst st, St. Albans,  aged 52.

Saturday 20 April  1918
Marriage  -  126
SOLWAY - POWER - on 3 April at -- Petone, Ernest, son of W.Solway, Guernsey, Channel Islands  to Grace, dau of James Power, late Chch  now Petone.

Deaths- 126
GIBBONS -  Jack,  at Chch Hosp.  on 20 April,  4th bel son of G.K. and late H.Gibbons,  aged 5 and half years (diptheria)
DENSEM - James,  on 20 April,  dearly loved hus of Ethel Densem,  459 Colombo st, Sydenham,  in his 43rd year

Bereavement  -  126
MORWOOD -   thank  all friends ---

Funerals  -  126
DENSEM -  James,  will leave his res. 459 Colombo st, Sydenhamon Monday 22 April at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery
GIBBONS -  Jack,  will leave his mothers res. 55 Cranford st on Monday 22 April  at 11am  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 22 April  1918
Births - 130
GREEN - on 20 April at Nurse Stevenson's  Gloucester st,  to wife of W.E.Green,  Cornwall st, St.Albans -  a son.
PEARSON - on 20 april at 23 Oxley st, St.Albans  to Mr and Mrs John pearson - a daughter.

Deaths -  130
BRIDGES - on 18 April at 1 Napier Tce,  Ada bertha, dearly loved wife of Edward bridges in her 50th year.
DOUGLAS - on 11 April  David, dearly loved hus. of Mary Ann, 34Stewart st,  aged 50
GIBBONS -  Jack, at Chch Hosp.  on 20 April,  4th bel son of G.K. and late H.Gibbons,  aged 5 and half years (diptheria)
KERR -  on 21 April at  Chch Hosp.  John Edward, bel. son of B.H.Kerr  31 Francis Ave,  aged 5 years.
MILLS - on 21 April at 335 Tuam st, City,  Harriett, dearly loved wife of Richard Mills, late Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,    aged 76
SANSOM - on 20 April at his res. 574 Barbadoes st,  John, dearly loved hus. of Margaret Jane Sansom, late Rangiora,  aged 64 ---
SUMMERFIELD -  on 20 April at Bay rd,  Oxford,  Mary Ann, bel. wife of Henry Summerfield  aged 78
TREVURZA  -  Emily,  bel wife of W. Trevurza  aged  44   at Chch hospital.

Tuesday 23 April  1918
Births -  137
WEBBER -  on 21 April  at -- Worcester st,  to wife of B.G.Weeber  - a son.

Marriages -  137
CAULT - HIGHSTEAD - (spelling as in paper)  on 26 March at ---- Harry Fraser Cault (returned Anzac)  to  Lily Maud Highstead,  both of this city ----
QUARTERMAIN - UREN - on 8 April at --Wanganui Christina (Kitty), dau of late Philip Uren, Auckland to Percy Norman Quartermain,  of Christchurch.

Deaths - 137
BATE - on 20 April at Gisborne,  Isabella, dearly bel. wife of Walter Roberts Bate,  aged 37,  late of Riccarton  and Kaiapoi.
BROWN -  on 22 April at Rangiora,  Daphne Isabel, 2nd bel.  dau. of E.B.P. and Isabella brown,  aged 6 years and 3mths.
CAMPBELL - Arthur John, eldest and dearly loved son of Margaret & Patrick campbell,  50 Whitleigh Ave,  aged 13 years.
EVANS -  on 22 April,  Rona Veronica,  dearly bel. dau of Harry Frederick and Kate M.Evans  223 Fitzgerald st,  St Albans,  aged 5 and half years
MUNNS - on 23 April,  Fanny,  dearly loved wife of Louis Munns  378 Durham st,  and eld. dau of late Edward Walker & Annie Turton,  aged 36.
TREVURZA  - on 21 April  at Chch hospital,    Emily A.  bel wife of W. , and only sister of Mrs R. Gilpin,  402 Montreal st.

Wednesday 24 April  1918
Marriage -  140
COULL - HIGHSTEAD -  (spelling as in paper) on 26 March at -- Harry Fraser Coull (returned Anzac)  to  Lily Maud Highstead,  both of this city ----
HAMILTON - HANNA - on 3 April, Roy Grenville, 3rd son of Canon T.A. and Mrs Hamilton to Helen Evelyn, dau. of late Thomas and Sarah Hanna of Sefton
HOUGHTON - GREY - on 3 April at --  Robert, 4th son of Mr and Mrs T.Houghton, of Linwood  to Ivy Alice, eld. dau of Mr and Mrs E.Grey, of Sydenham
SEARELL - FRIZZELL - on 16 April at --  Thomas Arthur, 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr A.Searell  to Mary Winslow, dau of Mr and Mrs R.Frizzell,  Cust.

Deaths  -  140
BOLOSKI -  on 23 April,  Thomas bertram,  bel son of John and Augusta Boloski,  327 Prestons rd,  Marshland  aged 15mths.
SOUTHAM - on 23 April  Wesley Charles, 3rd dearly bel son of S. and E. Southam,  aged 5 years.  -------

Thursday 25 April 1918
Marriage  -  147
HILL - SMITH - on 1 April  at ---  Peter, eld. son of mr and Mrs Peter Hill, sen.  to Kathleen Edith,  dau. of Mr and Mrs Elijah Smith,  both of Sydenham.

Deaths - 147
BERNSTEIN -  on 24 April  at 23 Chapel st, Papanui  Gottlieb Siegfried (Godfrey)  dearly bel son of Mr and Mrs E.D.Bernstein,  aged 7 and half years.
HARRINGTON -  William,  on 24 April at res of son in law Mr L.Sutcliffe,  Austin, st Waltham. hus of Margaret Harrington, 81 Strickland st, Spreydon age 73
KEELE -   on 24 April at Coronation Hosp.  Arthur Richmond, dearly loved eld. son of late Richmond & jessie Keele, heathcote Valey,  aged 31
MAY - on 24 april  at her res.  2 Winton st,  St albans.  Mary,  dearly bel. wife of Joseph May,  aged 52
WAFER -  on 23 April  at Chch,  Joseph, dearly bel. father of Private Jack ---  Mrs Andrews -- Mrs Austin (Dunedin)  Mrs McTaggart (Waikari)  in his 85th year
YEOMAN -  on 24 April  at Chch Hsp.  James,  dearly loved hus. of H.M.Yeoman,  272 Stanmore rd,  Richmond,  in his 57th year.

Friday 26 April  1918
Births -  150
INNES -  on 23 april  at 70 Percival st,  Rangiora,  to wife of D.A.Innes  -  a daughter
MATTHEWS -  on 24 april  at Nurse Bailey's 91 Chester st,  to Mr and Mrs Len Matthews,  Redcliffs -  a son.

Marriage -  150
THAIN - MEEHAN -  on 24 April  at ---  Arthur, son of Robert Thain, London  to Mary, eld dau of James Meehan,  Oamaru

Deaths -  150
BEST - on 21 April at Christchurch Hospital,  william Henry best,  North rd, Amberley,  aged 65.
HENWOOD - on 25 April at Christchurch Hosp.  James Henry henwood,  late 2 Crescent rd, Spreydon,  aged 71.
KAIN -  on 25 Aoril at Christchurch,  Thomas Kain late of Springfield,  in his 84th year.
WILKINSON - on 24 April at Christchurch Hosp.  Joseph Wilkinson,  of 77 Ferry rd,  aged 73.

Monday 29 April 1918
Births  -  157
EDER -  on 28 April at Nursing Home, Kaiapoi,  to Mr and Mrs G.Eder,  Woodend -  a son.
NEWBERRY -  on 26 April at redcliffs, to wife of Mr F.Newberry - a son.  ---
THORNE -  on 25 April to wife of G.W.Thorne,  280 Wainoni rd  - a son.

Marriage  -  157
McGREGOR - ARCHER - on 29 March at res ----Private Reginald Arthur, 4th son of late J.McGregor, Ashburton  to Gladys Irene, dau of David Archer, Chch.

Deaths - 157
CUTHBERT - on 28 April at River rd, Avonside,  Emily Rose,  dearly loved wife of Edwin Cuthbert.
ELLIS -  on 26 April  at Williamstown,  Melbourne,  Muriel Charlotte Eileen, dearly loved eldest dau. of George & Agnes Ellis, late Belfast, Christchurch,  aged 23
HYNDMAN - on 27 April at 96 Bristol st,  St Albans,  Betty,  only child of Peter H. and Emma E.Hyndman,  aged 12 years.
LAKE -  on 28 April at res. of her dau. Mrs N.C.Grant, 71 Rossall st, Fendalton,   Mary Ann,  dearly loved wife of William Lake,  of Rangiora,  in her 75th year.
RESTALL -  on 29 April at Christchurch Hosp.  Charles Thomas Restall,  of Lincoln,  aged 70.
SMITHSON -  on 27 April  at Christchurch Hosp.  Zenda Iona,  dearly loved eld. dau. of H.S.  and G.A. Smithson,  265 Armagh st,  aged 6 years.

Tuesday 30 April  1918
Births  -  162
BATSTONE -  on 27 April  at 12 Severn st  to Mr and Mrs Batstone  - a son.
PARTRIDGE -  on 26 April  at Sumner  to wife of F.W.Partridge  - a son.

Deaths  -  162
ANDREWS -  on 29 April  at his res.  Sockburn,  Joseph Herdman,  bel. hus of Mary Jane Andrews,  in his 77th year,  late of Longbeach.
GODFREY -  on 29 April at 64 Slater st  Charles Edwin Godfrey,  many years res. of Stanmore rd,  aged 79.
HARRIS -  on 29 April  at her res.  26 Bath st,  Annie,  relict of Samuel harris,  aged 75 years
MORGAN -  on 29 April at Christchurch hosp. Patrick Morgan,   late of Chertsey,  aged 61
WEASTELL -  on 20 April  at her res.  Glentunnel,  Eliza,  relict of the late George Weastell,  aged 72.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
20 December 2009