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Canterbury Times -  1 October 1913
Photo  -  Captain A.P.Bennett   -  020
The newly appointed Boy Scout Commissioner  for Auckland South.

Photo   -   The Late Mr George Selbie   - 021
The late Mr George Selbie, of Claremont, who died recently age 76  was born in Berkshire. He landed in New Zealand in 1862 and was a shepherd
for the late Sir John Cracroft Wilson  of Rangitata.

Photo  -  Geraldine  -   Mr J.MacKay - 022
Geraldine Golf and Cricket Clubs bid farewell to Mr J.MacKay  Secretary of both clubs
The members of the Geraldine Golf and Cricket Clubs gathered recently at the golf links to make a presentation of a gold watch and sovereign case ----  to bid him farewell  -- leaving for Levuka,  Fiji.  ----

Photo  -  The Late Mr Henry Anderson   -  023
Obituary  in another column in the paper

Canterbury Times  -  25 March 1914
Photo  -  Committee Men  at  Cycle Trades Picnic at Motukarara -  011
Group of Committemen at Cycle Trades picnic at Motukarara  -  photo of 26 men and 1 girl  --- no names.

Photo  -  Cycle Trades annual picnic held at Motukarara on Saturday 14 March   -  012
a photo of all who were at the picnic  -  no names.

Photo  -  Porirua and They Who Settled it  -  The Taming of the Wild land   -   013
Ngati-toa village at Taupo (Plimmerton)   Porirua Harbour 1884.

Photo  -  Plan of Paramatta Barracks    -  016
Plan of Stockade, old Forts  at Paramatta Point,  Porirua Harbour in 1852.

Canterbury Times  -  22 March 1916  
Photo  Full page  -  "Anzac Day" in Christchurch, The soldiers' queen demonstration Hagley Park    - 025
On Sunday 11 March the returned soldiers and Citizens' Defence Corps organised a great demonstration in connection with the Queen election to raise funds to
help sick and wounded NZ soldiers ----    lady members of the St John Association,  Christ College cadets,  Boy Scouts,   and others marched through the city
 ---  The soldiers' Queen (Mrs Geo. E.Rhodes)  headed the procession ----
pictured  His Excellency Lord Liverpool,  Messrs George Harper (President C.D.C.)   L.M.Isitt M.P.  J.J.Dougall (Commandant C.D.C.)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
28 May 2010

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