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Thursday 1 July 1909
Fatalities  -  002
BONESS - George, aged 27, died suddenly of heart failure at Awahuri,  Fielding  on Tuesday  --------
MANIHERA - Hoani, a chief of the Rangitekaiwaho, dropped dead at Papawai,  Carterton. --
BRIGHT  -  Ruby Constance, aged 3 and half  drowned in the Awatere river, Blenheim,   this morning,  family crossing the river in a trap -----

Land Board  -  003   all lots numbers  are  included in newspaper
Applications  to exchange from leases-in-perpetuity  to renewable leases made by
Thomas White. jnr.  lot 11,  429 acres:   
Mrs M.A.Feather,  lot 20,  625 acres,  and Thomas Feather,  lot 21,  634 acres,  all in Kinloch Settlement, were granted.

Application by W.R.Comyns  for issue of freehold title  R.S. 37116?,  271 acres,  Fighting Hill,  was granted

The following applications for transfers were granted.  - 
G.F. 28,  lots 2 and 6,  block XV111,    Lowry Peaks, S.D.  1765 acres  executors of Mrs Hungerford  to J.H.L. Hiatt. 
Kaimaki Settlement, Papanui,  10 acres  Arthur Hill   to  Richard F.Williams.
Lake Ellesmere,  38acres,  3roods 36 perches,  Mrs C.E.Major   to  Tom Johnson.
Morice Settlement,  20 and half acres,  W.F.Stead  to  Francis J.Crump.
Selwyn S.D.  17a.  3r. 22p.  Edwin K.Dodge  to  John Adams;
Westerfield S.D.  3 acres  Francis Black  to  John Painter:
Westerfield S.d.  36 acres  Archibald Clark  to  A.S.B. White:
lease -- Arundel  V.S.  50 acres  Donald J.McMaster  to Benjamin T.Evans:
M.O.L. 1000,  part Waihi riverbed,  Geraldine  S.D.  25 acres. W.McDonald  to  Arthur J. Irvine:
Lot 3 Rautawiri Settlement  20a. 3r. 15p  Milson Thomas  to  Alfred Harris
Lot 19  Orakipoa  settlement  30a.  2r.  14p.  Mrs M.A.Keefe  to  Vivian A.Biggs:
Rosewill Settlement,  10 acres,  James Shears  to  Edward J.Perry
Nukuroa V.S.  40 acres,  Jeremiah Leen  to  William Duncan.
Nukuroa  V.S.  50 acres,  John Fogarty  to his wife  Anastasia Fogarty,  half interest only.
Waikakahi Settlement  240  acres,  Patrick Welsh  to  Patrick James McCrossan.
Leases   V.  482  and 484,  lots 3 and 4  reserve 1816  near Glenavy,  100 acres,  John Stevenson  to  Albert Cleveland.

Friday 2 July 1909
Maintenance  -  005
JOHNSTON - E.A. failed to comply with maintenance orders for his wife and cildren. -----   

Fatalities  -  006
McINTOSH  - a seaman, from theJessie Craig, fell from aloft when off East Cape and dropped on the deck from a height of about 55ft.  He died this morning.
LOVEDALE -  William,  aged 60, married,  fell from a building -- a distance of about 70ft  -- died almost immediately.  His wife is on a visit to the Old Country
MacKENZIE - William, an old man, reported missing since 16 June was found in a gully off -- Timaru,  this mornig. The discovery clears up a painful mystery.

Saturday 3 July 1909
Fatal Fire  -  Blenheim  -  TAYLOR -  007
A fatal fire occured in  5 roomed house in Whitney st,  owned by Mrs Joseph Taylor, sen and occupied by Mr Joseph Taylor.  A servant girl named Berry first discovered the fire -----  the baby died in hospital this morning --- Mrs Taylor,  her son Joseph,  aged 10  were found in the debris of the house  ----- more ----

Eltham  - BILL -  008
A serious burning accident, some clothes were drying before the fire in ahouse occupied by a share dairy farmer named Bill,  in Mr Parker's property.  Mrs Bill's clothes caught fire,  and those of 2 daughters aged 4 and 11, who went to theur mother's assistance.  -----   lots more ----

Inquest  -  Wellington  -  LOVEDAY -  009
at the inquest on William Loveday, who was killed by a fall from a building ---------  death by accident --------

Monday 5 July 1909
Foxton Tragedy  -  NYE  -  012
a terrible tragedy occurred at Foxton ---  a deaf and dumb boy  aged about 19  shot his father dead.  ------  the youth Hedley Nye   ---  an  inquest will be held later ----     a long column ---

Flooding in Thames  -  drowning  -  DAVIES  &  RILEY - 013
Henry Davies,  aged 17  and Albert Riley,  aged 20, working on road works near Hikutai, were swept away by the rushing river  ---------

Blenheim  -  Inquest  -  Taylor  -  014
The inquest on Mrs Joseph Taylor and her 2 children, who were burnt in Friday's fire ----    adjourned till Friday.

Obituary  - Oamaru  -  GIFFORD -  015
The Rev Algernon Gifford,  died this morning  aged 84.  res. here for 47 years.  -- 1st Anglican minister in the North Otago district.  -----  

Meeting of Creditors  -  SIERAKOWSKI  -  016
bankrupt estate of Oscar Von Sierakowski, of Christchurch,  wire worker ----   lots more  ------

Fatalities  -  017
SMITH -  William, Whangarei, aged 32, ex-member of Hong Kong police force-- Smith's body found down stream, -- married 2 years, leaves widow and 1 child.
ORMSBY - Jerry, ---  accidentally killed on the railway line on saturday night ---  Te Kuiti --

Tuesday 6 July 1909
Palmeston North  -   NYE  -  018
The inquest of Thomas Nye  a victim of the Foxton tragedy  ----   gunshot wound inflicted by his stepson.  Hedley Nye was formally charged and will appear on Thursday.

Fatalities  -  020
DUNCAN - Neil, contractor of Elsthorpe, Hastings,  is missing believed to be drowned --  search for the body is continuing.
PIKE -  Gordon, aged 24  while running to catch a tram  dropped dead.  was one of the town travellers for a local hardware firm.

Maintenance  -  SULLIVAN  -  021
Annie Sullivan  complained that her husband Richard James Sullivan had failed to provide maintenance for herself and 3 children.  ------- lots more  ----- 
case adjourned

Wednesday 7 July 1909
Fatality  -  LINDSAY - 022
A man named Frederick Charles Lindsay,  aged 50, residing at Park rd,  Lower Riccarton,  died suddenly at 10-30 this morning.

Ashburton  -  SILCOCK - 023
William Silcock, sustained a fracture of the leg, being thrown from his horse, the animal slipped on the ice on the road  this morning.

Thursday 8 July 1909
Obituary  -  HAY  -  024
A cable message received yesterday -- death of Mr T.O.Hay at Gothengurg, Sweden on 28 June.  Mr Hay was one of the pioneer settlers of Banks Peninsula, residing at Pigeon Bay, and was visiting Europe with his wife and daughter.   -------  He had visited Finland to see some natives of the country who had been in his employ and was returning to Scotland  when he was seized with pneumonia -------

Inquest  -  WOODHOUSE  -  026
Robert Henry Woodhouse, met his death from a gunshot wound in Cathedral Square last night ----    Woodhouse's mother resides at Gebbie's Flat and he was living with his aunt in Hereford st.

Fatalities  -  027
EVANS -  Ivy,  aged 14, while walking home from Parua Bay School Whangarei,  suddenly dropped dead ------
FOSTER  -  Stan,  a miner,  employed at Waihi Beach Mine  accidentally fell down a shaft  ---   and was killed.

Friday 9 July 1909
Fatality  -  GEE -  029
A man named Samurl Gee, aged 72 was knocked down by a tram in Queen st, Auckland on Wed, died in hosp. this morning.

Wellington  -   ATHENIC  - 030
The whole of the 348 passengers by the Athenic, due in Wellington next Tuesday are in the 2nd and 3rd class.  The number of assisted passengers is 165, 33
males over 12 years of age   73 women  and 59 children.  Of these 19 men, 14 women and 9 children were nominated by relatives in the dominion.  There are
16 domestic servants on board as well as several farmers and farm labourers.  The capital ranges from 25 pounds  to 120 pounds per head.

Saturday 10 July 1909
Fatality  -  McALISTER - 021
A man named Robert McAlister, died suddenly about 3am  this morning  at his res. 167 Selwyn st,    an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Inquest  -  Auckland - WALDON - 022
An inquest opened this morning of Clara F.Waldon,  aged 19  who was admitted on 30 June  and died yesterday  ---  adjourned.  

Ashburton  -  HEALEY -  023
A fatal shooting accident occurred near Staveley  --- a youth about 15 years  named Alfred Healey,  ---  was testing the ground through a swampy place with the butt of his gun,  when it went off.  ----  death occurred shortly after his removal to his home.

Monday 12 July 1909
Bankruptcy  -  031
RAVEN -  John, saddler,  Springston,   ------  more  -----

Bankruptcy  -  032
HENDRY -  William,  cycle and motor dealer, of Christchurch.  -------

Hastings  -  DUNCAN -  033
30 volunteers vainly sought the body of a man who was drowned on Sunday, traversing 18 miles of the river,  it is believed to be Neil Duncan, who has not been seen of since the fatality was reported.

Wellington  -  COCKRILL -  034
Hugh Cockrill,  aged 22  who was mustering cattle in the Otaki Gorge on Friday ---  was lost.  The police and 100 settlers have been searching for him ------

Blenheim  -  035
Samuel Elsmore, aged 53 a labourer of Grovetown,  was found dead this morning in a ditch not far from his house. ------leaves a widow and family.

Ashburton  -  036
an inquest  on Alfred Healey, the victim of a gun accident at Staveley -----   evidence showed that the lock of the gun was defective ------

Oamaru  -  037
DYER -  John William,  an old resident of Otago, died suddenly this morning apparently from heart failure.

Obituary  -  MADDREN -  038
Mr James Maddren, a native of Cornwall and was born  in Penanze area in 1844.  He came to NZ by the ship Waipa in 1877  landing with his wife and 5 sons, 
1 of whom was born the day the ship entered the harbour on 25 January -----   Mr Maddren some 15 years ago  entered into business on his own account as a manufacturer of rope, twine etc.  Some years ago he opened a branch in Winchester for the treatment of raw flax,  whichj one of his sons manages.    He was a member of the first committee of the Waltham School ------   his 1st wife died some 13 years ago,    he has since remarried,  he leaves a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters.  2 brothers and a sister  -----

Tuesday 13 July 1909
Wellington  -  HALES  -  040
Mr W.H.Hales, late chief engineer for the Dominion,  died this morning.  He was born in New Brunswick in 1830 where his father was a ship builder and contractor.   He qualified as an engineer in Liverpool.  In 1853 he left  and was for 3 years in Melbourne and in 1856 he  landed in Wellington.  For 6 years he was a builder and contractor for road and bridge works.  he entered the public service in 1861 as assistant engineer of roads in the Wanganui and Rangitikei districts. -----  he was transferred to Wellington ---   In 1864 he was again sent to Wanganui  to take charge of the construction of the North road ------- In 1866 he was transferred to back to Wellington and became acting-engineer for Wellington under the General Government ------   In 1869  he left Wellington to erect a lighthouse at Farewell Spit,  thenhad charge of the Wanganui bridge  ------   he continued to be a member of the Public Service until his retirement in 1906.  In 1881 he went to Auckland as district engineer being there for 10 years   -------long column ---

Fatality  -  041
McBURNEY -  John McBurney, a middle-aged man  was found dead on Sunday   ---------

Wednesday 14 July 1909
Fatalities  -   042
LONG -  Edward, aged 17 of Hastings was recharging an acetylene generator when it exploded   -----   died this afternoon.
THORNHILL-  William,  an elderly man, was found dead in bed at Mrs Smith's boarding-house  --------

Thursday 15 July 1909
Meeting of Creditors  -  SMITH  -  043
John Edgar Smith  one time falxmiller of Kaikoura,   -------   he is at present a land salesman in Christchurch  ---  for 3 years prior to coming to Christchurch he had owned and worked a falxmill in Kaikoura  ----   lots more  ------

Wellington  -  HARRIS  -  044
The death of Mr George Harris, formerly of the Customs dept.  and at one time well-known in cricketing circles.  During the Maori war he was troop sergeant-major in the Hawke's bay Cavalry and was present at the storming of the Omaran--   Pa.

Friday 16 July 1909
Inquests  -  045
PETTY - William,  death occurred at Mrs Chapman's boarding-house on Wednesday.    aged 76,  heart failure -----
BAILLIE  -  Robert James, an infant of 14 days,  inquest will be held tomorrow. -------

Saturday 17 July 1909
Inquest  -  BAILLIE -  046
An inquest held at Addington this morning -- death of a 14 day old child of James Baillie --------  

Accidents  & Fatalities  047
CUMMING -  John,  a railway worker  at Wellington,  a  race train ran into  him, inflicting serious injuries,  he is is a state of collapse.
GILBERTSON  -  William,  of Westport, a single man aged 49, a carpenter  died on Thursday ------

Monday 19 July 1909
Wellington  -  Bigamy -  050
McLEAN  -   William,   he married a woman in Dunedin in 1903, though he was previously married in 1887.  He was remanded for a week.

Fatality  -  STEVENSON -  051
The body of Harold Melville Stevenson,  who is employed in Ward's Brewery and lives at 29 Gloucester st, Linwood,  was found in the Avon this morning ----   on 23 June it was reported that Stevenson was missing ------  an inquest will be held today.

Dunedin  -  GIBSON -  052
James Gibson,  aged 49, butcher, died suddenly on Saturday, ---    an inquest will be held, thought he had an epileptic fit.
At the inquest on James Gibson, death was caused by an epileptic fit.  A verdict was returned accordingly.

Meeting of Creditors  -  HENDRY -  053
The creditors of William Hendry,  cycle dealer,  met ---     had been in business for 14mths, having come from Wellington  ----  lots more ---  a long column.

Tuesday 20 July 1909
Accidents & Fatalities  -  055
GIBSON -  Joseph, J.P.  highly respected ironmonger of Ratahei,   was killed this morning by an explosion of gelignite.
HUNGERFORD -  H.S. a railway shunter of Oamaru, on Holmes wharf,  he was riding the cow-catcher of a shunting-engine when his foot slipped.----

Maintenance  -  056
SULLIVAN - Annie, complained that Richard James Sullivan had failed to maintain her and 3 children --------  more  -----

Summary Separation  -  WILTSHIRE  -  057
Bridget Wiltshire complained that John Wiltshire,  her husband  ----  failed to provide her with sufficient maintenance -----  she married in 1894 -----  more  -----

Wednesday 21 July 1909
Fatality  -    WOLFE  -  058
A boy named George Wolfe, living with his mother at 196 Madras st,  was admitted to hosp for the removal of growths in his throat, ----------   the boy  died under anaesthetic  --- an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Thursday 22  July 1909
Fatalities  -  059
WOLFE -  Inquest will be held at 3-30pm today -----
BEASLEY  - John Hardy Beasley, coachdriver,    Onga Onga, Waipawa -----

Obituary  -  MUSCHAMP -  060
The death is announced of Mrs Muschamp,  widow of Mr R. Muschamp,  who was in the 10th Hussars.  She passed away in her res. in Fowke st,  Richmond,  aged 84 years.  She had been in Christchurch for 34 years  she leaves 6 sons,  3 daughters,  20 grandsons,  25 granddaughters,  and 16 great grandchildren.

Friday 23 July 1909
Returning Home  -  062
REECE -  Mr W. Reece,  Mrs Reece and Miss Reece returned to Christchruch this morning from their visit to England.

Monday 26 July 1909
Death from Burns  -  BENNETT -  064
An inquiry was held at the hospital ---  death of Sarah T.Bennett, a girl aged 9 years.  The childs parents reside at Islington.  Sarah died on Sunday from the shock of burns on the face and body.  ---- Margaret Hannah Williamson,   mother of the deceased said she left home to go to Hornby leaving Sarah  in charge of the house with 2 other children.  -------   lots more -----

Fatalities  -  065
COYLE -  James,  an elderly man, employed on the railway co-op works at Topuni,  was run over by a truck and killed instantly.
DUNCAN -  Neil, contractor of Elsthorpe,  drowned in the Tukituki river on 10 July  ------Hastings
KENNY - Mrs D.J.Kenny,  wife of an Island Bay resident was found dead yesterday  ------
MILLER -  George Miller,  miner was killed by a fall of coal in the Ironbridge mine at Denniston.  near Westport.

In Bankruptcy  -  JACK -  066
James Matthew Roger Jack,  contractor,  Richmond,  -------  the bankrupt said he had been working as a road contractor for 4 years. In 1906 he entered into a contract with Morten's trustees to construct a road at Sumner ---------   a long column  ---  lots more ----

Tuesday 27 July 1909
Maintenance  -  069
POBAR -  William was charged with having disobeyed a maintenance order  to support his mother  -----  adjourned for a month.

Fatality  at Cust  -  PACKER -  070
Mr L.Packer, a draper,  at Cust,  died suddenly yesterday ----   an inquest will be held this afternoon.  Mr Packer was W.M. of the Moeraki Masonic Lodge abd secretary of the Oddfellows.  He played a prominent part in the public  affairs of Cust.

Fatality  -  071
BILL -  Enie,  aged 11 died last night,  she is the 3rd victim of the Mangatoki burning fatality which occurred on 3 July.  Mrs Bill and a 4yr old child died ----

Death at Sea  -  071a
NEVIN -  D.M. a passenger by the Tongariro from London bound for Lyttelton,  died at sea on 21 July.  ------

Wednesday 28 July 1909
Accidents &  Fatalities  -  072
CALEES - Alexander, of Waitara,  known as "Alex the Greek",  was found dead in bed this morning.  he was between 80 and 90 years of age. -----
CROSSWELL - George,  a settler on the Waioteka River,  Opotiki,  has been missing for 10 days,  -----  search parties are out.

Thursday 29 July 1909
Inquest  -  REID -  073
The death of Elizabeth Reid,  aged 52, who died at Fendalton on Monday evening.  Sarah Jane Reid her sister-in-law,  deceased had lived close to her place
 for 20 years.  Samuel Reid,  deceaseds husband,  gave evidence ----    more  ------

Ashburton  -  Obituary  -  SMALL -  074
Mr James Small, eldest son of Mr John Small, of Wheatstone.  Deceased was one of the districts most prominent farmers and horse-breeders, was also one of the counties  oldest residents.  Mr Small was 43 years of age  -------

Friday 30 July 1909
Fatalities  -  076
CLEVEDON - a 2year old child of Rolfe Clevedon, a settler, Auckland,  was burned to death through its clothes catching fire.
PERVAN - Steve, an Austrian gum digger tried to swim across a lagoon at the Big Omaha, was drowned.  
BELFIT -  Maggie,  only child of Mr J.W.Belfit, took a fit in a local store at Fielding  and died.   was aged 15

Saturday 31 July 1909
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  078
REWA - Renata Te,  an old native,  was killed by a train last night while walking on the line at Waipawa  towards the pa.
McINTYRE  -  mrs,  aged about 60, died suddenly this morning at South Dunedin -- an inquest will be held.
RUTHERFORD -  James,  walking in London st, Lyttelton last evening fell and broke a leg.--------  progressing well.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
15 March 2010

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