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Wednesday  1 December  1909
Pahiatua  -  BURGH  -  001
A dairy farmer named Hubert Burgh,  single,  aged 29  -------died -----

Thursday 2 December  1909
Arrivals    -  002
McBRIDE  -  Mr and Mrs T.J.McBride, of Christchurch,  had been on an extended visit to the Commonwealth, returned to NZ last week.
QUANE  -  Mrs H. Quane,  arrived from London today.

Funeral  -  003
The funeral of the late Mrs A.J.White -----      burial took place at Linwood Cemetery  ------

Friday  3 December  1909
Wellington  -   005
Catherine Dwyer  for the nullity of her marriage  with Alfred Michelli ---  respondents first wife still alive  -------

Auckland - Inquest  -  006
Arnold Gilmour,  died in hospital  -----  injuries in a lift accident --------

Presentations  -  007
OWLES  -  A.H.  and
RITCHIE  -  in recognition of their successful efforts to rescue a boy named CHIDGEY  from drowning at New Brighton  recently ----

Saturday  4 December  1909
Fatalities  -  008
LENIHAN  -   Kate  age 16  died  ------- in Hamilton
SILK  -  a 4yr old drowned  in the Waiau River,  at Wairoa,  last Tuesday  ---
COX  -  Edwin,  a married man, and an old age pensioner  was knocked over  by a train at Petone  ---  died  ----
JENNINGS  -  Robert,  when loading flour  at Robertson and Co's mill  at Ashburton   -------   unconcious -----

Arrival    -  010
Mr J.A.Parker,  of Sheffield, England,  arrived in Christchurch today.

Dunedin  -  HISLOP  -  011
The death is announced of Mr Andrew Hislop,  father of the Private Secretary  to the Prime Minister.  He arrived in the Philip Laing  in 1858  and settled in
Taieri.  He was at the Gabriel's Gully  and Hokitika gold rushes,  and joined the railway service in 1880.  He retired 6 years ago  and settled in Stirling.

Monday  6 December  1909
Inquest   -   Palmeston North  -  MUNDY  -  012
an explosion of acetelyne gas     ----  Edward Mundy,  age 14  was killed instantly. ----  he was the son of Mr James Mundy,  bootmaker,  -------  deceased
and his brother William  --------

Accident  -  HASLER  -  012
A young man named W. Hasler had a narrow escape from drowning  while bathing in the river at Wanganui ----   he is an expert swimmer having won many races
in the Old Country ---   a lad named NEILSON,  who was bathing with Hasler  saw  him sink  and dived in after him  -----    Hasler has now recovered.

Obituary  -  McCLEA  -  014
The death  of Mr W. McClea,  who has resided here for nearly 30 years,  was engaged in the drapery trade.  He was born in Belfast,  and was 62 years old. 
He was a member of the West Christchurch School Committee and one time chairman.    -----  his wife predeceased him some years ago  and has ? daughters
and 2 sons.

Tuesday  7 December  1909
Summary Separation  -  015
SMITH  -  Emma,  applied for summary separtion from John Lang Smith -----   the order was granted. -----

Inquest    -   016
COX  -  Edwin  an old age pensioner  killed by a train at Petone  ----   accidental death was returned.

Accident  - 016
FRENCH  -  Richard,  age 32  while working at Broken River had his right foot crushed  --- he was brought to Christchurch  ----  had several toes broken ---

Fire  -  LEECH  -  017
---  sheds containing the machinery at Mr C. Leech's flaxmill  on Cam stream  near Rangiora  were destroyed by fire,  the plant completely ruined.  giving employment to 15 hands ----  no insurance ---   

Wednesday  8  December  1909
Meeting of Creditors  -  MORA  -  019
Peter Bernard Joseph Mora,  butcher,  Sydenham,  ------ 7 creditors present --- previous to  1908  held secretarial positions -- arrived in Christchurch 
26 July 1908 -----  had a wife and 7 children.  In May 1909 his mother purchased a butchery business ----      illness of his wife for 16 weeks ---- 
Jeannie R. Mora ----   meeting adjourned.

The Late Mrs A. J. WHITE  -  020
The estate of the late Mrs A.J.White  has been sworn ----  monies left for the erection of a roman Catholic Church  building at Sumner,    annuities divided
between Mrs White's 8 children  and her sister.  residue to orphanges  ----  more  -----

Thursday  9 December  1909
Probates  -  021
CAREW  -  B.J.H.B.
TAYLOR  -  Andrew
ROUSE  -  Vivian
PURSEY  -  Thomas
GRAY  -  William
McRAE  -  Jane
WOODLEY  -  William
CLARKE  -  Charles Vincent
MACKENZIE  -  Eneas Simpson
HANHAM -  James
HAMILTON  -  William
WHITE  -  Eliza

Letters of Administration  -  021
MEGSON  -  Joseph
KEMP  -  Samuel  

Accident  -  BINNEY -  022
A. Binney,  a resident of Templeton,  was brought to the Hospital  ----  fall from a horse ------

Friday  10 December  1909
Fatalities  -  024
CRAYMOND -  James William,  aged 21 ----     died  ---- more ---  at Auckland
BODLEY  -  William,  aged 19  son of Mr Henry Bodley  of Pohui,  died at Napier   on 30 Nov  was riding on the road -- horse frightened by a motor-car
NORMAN  -  George,  aged 8  son of Mr William Norman  -- was drowned in the Tutaekuri river  -----   
STRATTON  -  Margaret,  married,  aged 49  found dead ------   at Dunedin
NORMAN  -  Jeremiah,  licensee of the Bridge Hotel on Millers Flat -----  died suddenly  -------

Dunedin  -  025
The body of Samuel McDonald Alexander  aged 58  was found floating in the harbour -- lived with his wife at Opoho  -------

Divorce  -  ANDERSON  -  026
Samuel Anderson -- dissolution of marriage with Lilian Anderson  for desertion ----  was married in June 1895  at Timaru,  3 children,  now with his wife,  -----

Hawera  -  BURN -  SWALE   -  028
A sad drowning fatality occurred yesterday  in the Kapuni river -------  several were bathing  when R. Burn sank,  2 brothers named SWALE  went to the
assistance  both  were dragged under,  Tom Swale managed  to reach the bank but Charles was unable to free himself and was also drowned  both
about 19 years old  ----

Divorce  029
In Creevey  v Creevey  an order was made -----   advertised once in Sydney.

Cheviot  -  Death  -  MAY  -  030
The stables occupied by Mr J.E. Horneman  and owned by Mr W. Monk,  and a blacksmiths shop  lately owned by Mr Stanton,  were burnt to the ground
-- Arthur May,  aged 19  was burnt to death in the stables  ----  was uninsured ---

Saturday  11 December  1909
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  031
ROACHE  -  Arthur,  aged 21  drowned at Flaxville,  his mate Christopher Billings  tried to save him  ----  
ALEXANDER  -  Samuel McDonald,----    body found in the harbour   an open verdict returned  ---
ELLIOTT  -  Thomas,  ---   at the bakehouse at Lyttelton had his hand caught in  a machine   -------

Obituary  -  BULLICK  -  032
-- death of Mr T. Bullick,  ---   was born in the North of Ireland,  was 73 years of age,  resided in New Zealand for about 50 years  coming to Christchurch 
40 years ago.    --- leaves a sister  Mrs DOWLING  and a brother  who is in England.

Monday  13 December  1909
Fatalities  -  034
O'CONNOR  -  Hugh,  a labourer,  was drowned in the Waihuka river  yesterday   whilst having a swim.
GAINSFORD  -   Walter A. a young married man was found shot dead last evening  at Wangapeka,  Nelson  ----
MARTIN -   Robert,  labourer,  aged 68, dropped dead in town on Sat. evening   -       Gisborne
McDONALD  -  Patrick,  aged 33,  employed at Coal Creek  ----  fell over a cliff  striking a rock,  killed instantly.  Inquest today  accidental death.

Tuesday  14 December  1909
Traveller  -  RUNNICLES  -  036
Mr J.H.Runnicles,  who some 18mths ago went to Great Britain to continue his musical studies,  has returned to Christchurch,  where he intends to settle
and again take up teaching singing and the piano.

Waimate  -  WILSON  -  037
A boy named Wilson,  aged 15,  residing at the Hunter with his parents  fell from a tree yesterday  and fractured his skull  -----  he died this morning.

Wednesday  15 December  1909
Awards for Bravery  -  040
SCOBLE  -  Gerald,   age 13   -----   framed certificate
WARBURTON  -  P.C.  aged 28  vellum  certificate
OWLES  -  Alfred,  aged 21  bronze medal  and vellum certificate.

Meeting of Creditors  -  041
a meeting of creditors  of E.H.Burley,  poultry farmer  of Riccarton ------  long column   -------

Friday 17 December  1909
Meeting of Creditors  -  042
LAMB  - 
the creditors of C.C.Lamb.  grain agent,  Doyleston -------  long column  -------

Saturday  18 December  1909
Springfield  -  BRYSON  -  044
at Springfield Domain on Thursday Matthew Bryson  son of Mr Robert Bryson,  fell in a faint after winning a race at the school sports  and died in 5 mins.
 ---- at the inquest yesterday   ---  death from heart failure  due to excessive heat  and over-exertion.

Auckland  -  Death  045
the wife of Mr J. W Knight, admitted  to the hospital some time ago ----   died yesterday  ----  

Presentation  -  046
A presentation  was made in the Linwood Football Club rooms last evening  to Mr J. Allard  on the occasion of his marriage ----

Monday  20 December  1909
Fatalities  & Accidents   -  047
MALONEY  -  Vincent, aged 18  was drowned at Kaiaka beach  near Pukekoke ----Maloney and John Best went for a bathe --- son of a widow living atPuni
BOOK  - Robert,  an inmate of the Costley Home ,  who was injured by a vehicle  on 13 September,  died in hospital.
WORTH  -  Harry,  an elderly married man  -----      died this morning  at Messrs Niell and Co's timber yards,  Gisborne  ----  
PARKER  -  Robert Henry, an elderly man, knocked down by a tram-car in Wellington   he is still insensible -----

Tuesday  21 December  1909
Maintenance  -  048
MERCER  -  Blanche  was ordered to pay maintenance to support her child in a public institution ---
GOODMAN  -  George,  applied to have a maintenance order varied ----  3 children in  a public institution ---
ISAACS  -  Harry,  disobeyed  an order   to help support his mother  ---
TAYLOR  -  Sydney Lloyd   to  support his wife ----
CURRIE  -  Robert  ---   disobeyed a maintenance order ----

Summary Separation  -  SMITH  -  049
Lillie Smith  asked for a separation  against Charles Smith  ---  he had neglected to maintain her  --  married 4 years and 1 child   -- case adjourned.

Stratford  -  RICHARDS  -  051
The 3 year old son of R.Richards  of Toko,  was drowned yesterday  by falling into a creek  near his parents house.

Wednesday  22 December  1909
Auckland  -  BAUME  -  052
Mr F. Baume,  member for Auckland  has died on the train while on his way to Auckland ------- is the rumour going around,  it proved to be false  -------   more 

Fatalities  -  054
HARTIGAN  -  James,  an elderly man,  farm lab. who lived alone in a whare at Trevorton, Ashburton  was found dead ---- has a sister Mrs James Hyland -------
McKENDRY  -  Mary,  aged 44  was injured  on Monday at Highcliff,  Dunedin,  ----  died  through a trap capsizing   this morning
MORRISON  -  John,  farm labourer,  aged 60  of Riversdale,  Gore,  died at his work  from heart disease -----

Thursday  23 December  1909
Inquest  -  COUSINS  -  055
while working at Opawa in the brickyard of Messrs Cooksley Bros.  a married man named George Cousins,  aged 35  was killed by a fall of clay.
-------   Henry Vincent  who had assisted -------  more ----

Rangiora  -  056
HULL  - 
John Hull, a man aged 25  -----  died in the hospital  an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Friday  24 December  1909
Meeting of Creditors  -  BURLEY  -  058
an adjourned meeting of creditors --  of E.H.Burley,   poultry farmer,    of Riccarton -----   lots more  ------

Fatalities  -  059
BEADLE  -  John,  of Auckland,  aged 6 years  died in hospital  from blood poisoning  -----
GRAHAM  -  Mrs John,  a Maori woman,  was killed near Opunake  -- capsizing of a dray  ------
READ  -  James  of Westport,  miller,  ships butcher of the steamer Navua, ------- a verdict of   found drowned was returned

Obituary  -  TREVOR  -  060
Dr  James Ebenezer Trevor M.R.C.S.  L.S.A .(England)  for many years a resident of Ashburton -----  was a native of Plymouth,  England,   educated at St Mary'sHospital,  London,    went to the West Indies as medical officer  for 18mths  --- returned to England, ---  in private practice near London until 1868 
when he sailed for NZ.  practised at Kaiapoi  till 1872   went to Ashburton  ---- --   was  also Coroner   -------

Monday  27 December  1909
Fatalities  -  063
WINTER  -  Doris J.
LOVELOK  -  Thomas Jenkins
KELL -  Frederick   all victims  of the boating fatality  at Auckland
BUTTERS -  William F.  a dentist  in Queen st, Auckland  was found deadin his rooms  ----

Inquest  -  063
Mary McLaughlin  alias Portelli  who was found dead  ---------

Tuesday  28 December  1909
Fatalities   -  065
FOLEY  -  John, farmer of Little River,  aged 60  ------
BREADING  -  Thomas  age 30  found dead in Mead road,  Rakaia -- fallen from his horse --
BURGESS  -  Jessie  aged 21   and
CHEER  -  Ada,  aged 16  both slipped  fell into the Mangaehu River,  stratford  and drowned.
SCRIMSHAW  -  aged about 63  was found dead outside the library hall,  Mangatainoka,  Pahiatua,  
O'BRIEN  -  foreman ganger  fell down the hold of the steamer Rakanoa at Wellington  and was killed  ------

Accident  -  065
A motor car last night --  capsized through colliding with a gig.  G.B.McKAY and James LANDELLS  were stunned  and H. HICKEY  had his jaw broken.  H.F.ANDREWS  had a rib broken,    H.F.  and Trevor WELLWOOD  sustained a severe shock ------

Obituaries  -  066
CHAPPELL  -  James Henry,  landed at Wellington  in 1841,  builder and contractor  at Fielding  till 1906  died here on Sunday  at age 73
BUTT  -  Captain Richard,  -- coastal pilot  died here at Wellington yesterday aged 78
SMALL  -  James  of --  Ashburton  one of the oldest settlers here  well-known horse breeder,  was found dead in bed  an inquest will be held ---

Wednesday  29 December  1909
Fatalities & Accidents   -  068
PARKER  -   Henry,  at inquest,  knocked down by tramcar on 18 Dec  in Wellington  ----  who died in Hospital last Friday  
TIMLICK  -  as the train from Palmeston  was arriving at Maheno  ---  team of horses attached to a dray  were startled  Timlick slipped  and has both legs broken
STEER  -  James,  aged 55  of --  Sydenham ----   serious injuries  at stone crushing plant at Hornby,  died about  midday  -- inquest to be held

Inquest  -  MUSSEN       -  069
The body of Charles Musson,  ---  aged about 66  was found ----  in the river Avon  at Avondale  this morning by Simon Rodgers,  a gardener -----  Michael Mullen,  --- who had lived with Mussen at Retreat road,  ----   William Sincock stated that he passed Mussen  at 10-20pm  ---  verdict  found drowned returned.

Inquest  -  MARSON  -  070
Thomas Marson,  a married man,  aged 68  ---  was killed -----  working on William Pascoe's farm  hay-lifting ------  Leonard J. Humm gave evidence -----  William Woods  also gave evidence  -----  verdict accidentally killed by being struck on the head by the poles of a patent hay-lifter.

Auckland  -  NATHAN  -  071
Mr Louis A. Nathan,  died  ---  a member of the firm L.D. Nathan  and Co.  Auckland.  He went Home to represent the firm in 1872  ---  latterly in business as a colonial commercial agent.  He was a brother of Mr Sidney Nathan  (Auckland )  and Mr Walter R. Nathan,   Wellington.

Thursday  30 December  1909
Obituary  -  Captain A. A. BROWN  -  073
Captain Archibald A. Brown,  Lieutenant R.N.R.  pilot to the Lyttelton Harbour Board,  died last night ----   he was born in Lochgilthead,  Scotland,  eldest son of late Mr Duncan Brown, of that place,  -- spent nearly all his life at sea ---     age about 14  he served his apprenticeship in the ships Salamanco  and Talavera,  belonging to John Hardy  of Glasgow.  In 1888  he came to New Zealand  ----   more  -----   in 1902 the Lyttelton Harbour Board appointed him to its pilot staff -------   was married but had no family  ----  

Dunedin  -  Fatalities  -   074
MORRIS -  Mr J.R. - for many years  city valuer,  died this morning ---
FORSYTH  -  David,  solicitor  and well-known chess player,  was found dead in his office this morning. -------

Oxford  -  GILLISPIE  -  075
Mr Richard Gillispie,  of East Oxford,  whose death occurred at Christchurch hospital  on Monday  -----  funeral yesterday  ---  member of Cust Mounted Rifles,  buried with military honours     ---  more  -----

Oamaru  -  MOTE  -  076
the body of a middle-aged woman,  dressed in dark clothes ----  was found on Sandy beach,  South Oamaru  and has been identified as that of Lilian Mote, 
 married woman.

Friday  31 December  1909
Dunedin  -  Inquest  -  077
at the inquest on David Forsyth,  a verdict of death due to heart failure  ------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 June  2009

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