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Monday  2 August  1909
Christchurch  -  inquest - 
   Elizabeth Mary Grant  a 15 years old girl,  who died suddenly on Sunday ------------
HERBERT -    Mr Edward of Dunedin,  who died in Scotland at the end of May ----------

Tuesday   3 August  1909
Christchurch  -  DUNN  -
a man named Robert Carter Dunn aged 70  who boarded mrs Emily RESTREAUX at 37 Leeds street, Christchurch,  died in his room suddenly yesterday sometime between 10am and 7-30pm  --- an inquest will be held ---

Whangarei  - 
-    aged 29, a farmer, married with 3 children -- fell into the Ngunguru River and was drowned,  an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Wellington - 
  -    the body of Henry Thompson of Petone,  was found  ---   he was a butcher by trade.

Wednesday 4 August 1909
Gore  -  obituary  -  ROFF  -
Thomas Roff, well known Southland sawmiller,  died suddenly in his bed at Glendhu near Mataura on Tuesday morning. -- ---- he was 60 years of
age and leaves a wife and family at Clifton.

Fatalities  - 
  -     The body of Edwin James Norton,  aged 41 a single man,  ----------- Gisborne  - 
MEAYERS  -    a 7 week old child named Ethel Miriam Meayers was overlaid during last night while sleeping with its mother ----  

Thursday  5 August  1909
Wellington  -  inquest  - 
  at the inquest on Harry Thompson  -------  a verdict of death by drowning ----------

Sumner  -  fire -  
fire broke out ina 2 storeyed house known as Beach House  --  used as a boarding house  by Mr Norman Dalston

Timaru  -  fire -
  -  fire destroyed a  5 roomed house owned and occupied by Mr R.C. Campbell and family.  the family escaped  with difficulty in their night attire.

Friday 6 August   1909

-  Frederick Moorhouse -----  Wanganui  - --------  he was about 40 years of age and leaves a wife and 3 children.
CRAWFORD  -   Mary W. Crawford,  a married woman dropped dead at Mornington , Dunedin  -    --------
HOGAN  -  Patrick Hogan   single, a labourer,  died suddenly in a hut at Edendale last night.   --------- Invercargill  - 

Monday 9 August  1909
Auckland  - 
-  Mrs Wilson,  wife of Mr J.Wilson dairy inspector at Paeroa, -----------   but she died on Saturday morning.
LOGAN  -  James Sinclair Logan,  a single man,  aged 39  ---------  at the inquest -------- Waipawa 
CHEYNE  -  A young man anmed John Cheyne  living at Utiwai,  Fielding  -  ----   when the doctor arrived life was extinct.

Tuesday 10 August  1909
Hawera  -  obituary  - 
   Mr Andrew Turnbull S.M.  died this morning.  He was 63 years of age.

Wednesday 11 August  1909
Christchurch  -  KINLEY  -
A young man named William Kinley,  living with his brother at--  was found dead today.  -------  an inquest will be held at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.

Akaroa  -  obituary  -  DUXBURY  -
 another old Peninsula resident Mrs Eliza Duxbury,  wife of Mr John Duxbury of Robinsons Bay  died yesterday  --  was 59 years of age  was a native of Ireland,  and a daughter of the late Mr Moore Morgan who came out on the Lady Nugent in 1852  --- she leaves a family   of 5 sons and 3 daughters.

Thursday 12 August  1909  page 3
Inquest  - 
William Kinley,  a middle-aged man,  Robert Kinley,  brother,  ----- a verdict was returned in accordance with the medical evidence.

Friday 13 August  1909
Auckland  - 
  James O'Keefe  --- at Kumeu  -----

Ashburton  -  RUSHTON  -
The police received word today that William Rushton,  a farmer residing at Springfield,  was found dead in a paddock yesterday afternoon, 
was 50 years of age and married.

Fatality  - 
  -----  a cabman named Thomas Mann, residing on Ferry road,   ---  collided with an ambulance,  --  he died an hour and half later,  an inquest will be held.

Saturday 14 August  1909
Inquests - 
-  The adjourned inquest on the body of John Edward Robinson,  aged 31 years, who died in a boarding house last Saturday,  ------------
RUSHTON  -  Yesterday --- held an inquiry at Springfield,  touching the death of William Rushton,  a farmer aged 50. --a verdict of accidental death was returned.
MAIN  -    Thomas Franklin Main,  a cabman, who was killed near the trotting grounds yesterday. ------ a verdict was returned that the deceased met his death by                     shock from the accident of falling off his cab.

Monday 16 August 1909
Obituary  -  Wellington  - 
-   Mr Ernest wastney,  accountant of the Wellington branch of the National Bank,  who had been ill for a long time,  died today.

Oamaru  - 
   James   aged 83 years.  The deceased was an old colonist, and the 1st plumber in the Oamaru district. He was a prominent Free Mason.

Auckland  - 
  James Whittle,  58 years of age,  who was found seriously imjured under his cart,  which had broken down,  died at Pukerimu on saturday.

Westport  - 
  James S. Donaldson,  local agent of the Stockton Coal Co. was found dead in his office this morning. -------  the deceased was the son of
                    Mr Donaldson,  Senior Police Magistrate at Sydney.

Tuesday 17 August  1909
Auckland  - 
- Mr W.J.Burling,  farmer,  67 years of age, a recent arrival from the south,  died suddenly at Takupiri while on his way to the Hamilton hospital.

Dunedin  - 
   a body had been found  --- on Brighton beach,  It is supposed to be that of a lad named Jeffs,  who drowned some months ago.

Wednesday 18 August  1909
Wellington  - 
  at the inquest on Mrs Penney,  whose body was found in the bush behind Day's Bay ------------

Inquest   -  
   continued the inquiry into the death of Kate Crosbery,  ----   son Thomas Crosbery  aged 15  ----------

Thursday 19 August  1909
Gisborne  -   REES  -
News has been received of the death at Pretoria of Mr W.L.Rees, of Gisborne,  the deceased was in partnership in legal practice at Pretoria with Mr Joubert, a grand-nephew of General Joubert.

Wellington  -  
  William Dempsey, a single man, was fatally injured by a tramcar in Vivian street on Monday  -----  he died in hospital last night.

Friday  20  August 1909
Obituary  -  PAYLING  -
Mr George Payling, one of the most prominent citizens of Christchurch, ---Amongst the public positions held by Mr Payling were those of   Mayor of Christchurch

Inquest  -  ELERIG  -
an inquest was held ----  Louis Albert Elerig,  which was found in the river yesterday -----  Albert Elerig, son of the deceased.   gave evidence that his
father was about 65 - 66 yeaars of age. ------------

Saturday  21 August  1909
Kaiapoi  - 
  a man named Edward Unwin, who met with an accident at Kaiapoi,  --- died in the train on the journey to town.  an inquest will be held.

Monday   23  August  1909
obituary  -  LANGRIDGE  -
another old colonist has gone to reat in the person of John Langridge late of Waitohi,  Temuka,  He died at the res. of his son in law ----- on Sunday
August 22nd   was born in 1834 at Sussex,  -----  he and his late wife came to NZ in 1858 by the ship Indiana, --- landed at Lyttelton,  -------
He leaves a grown up family of 6 sons and 3 daughters.

Funeral  -   PAYLING  -
the funeral of the late Mr G. Payling, a former Mayor of the city ------  took place from his residence in Bealey ave,  this afternoon ----
the internment took place at Linwood cemetery,   -   a very long column

Inquest  - Kaiapoi  - 
-   held today at Kaiapoi,  -----   the verdict returned was death from heart failure,  due to heart disease.

Dunedin  -  DORING  -
the body found under the Tomahawk cliffs yesterday has been identified as that of Herman Doring  aged 79,  formerly prop. of the Turkish  baths in Moray Place.

Tuesday  24 August 1909
Lyttelton  -  FOX  -
Peter Fox, who was gored by a bull at the Lyttelton abbattoirs on Thursday was taken to the HospitL,   died at 7 o'clock this morning,  an inquest will be held.

Wednesday   25 August 1909
Wellington  - inquest - REDDING  -
at the adjourned inquest touching the death of Renest R.Redding a young married man who died rather suddenly some days ago,  ------ a verdict of death by pneumonia was returned.

Thursday 26 August  1909
Inquest  -  HARRIS  -
concerning the death of Jane Harris,  a widow,  aged about 58  ------   William Harris,  son of the deceased,  said he resided at Governor's Bay  -----  lots more

Waihi  - 
ROYCROFT  -  George Roycroft,  one of a gang of riveters  ------   and succumbed to his injuries this morning.

Inquest   - 
FOX -  an inquest was held  at the hospital this morning  ------  on the body of Peter Fox aged 75  ----------  lots more

Friday  27 August 1909

Auckland  -  inquest  - 
-  the inquest on the death of the infant child of Robert John and Josephine Olive O'Neill  --------

Gisborne  -  obituary  -  ADAIR
the death occurred at Auckland yesterday of William Adair one of the 1st merchants of this districts for over 30 years and one of Gisbornes most respected citizens. 

Wellington  -  SIMEON  -
Mr Simeon,  wife of Mr Fred P.Simeon,  died in Wellington on Wednesday aged 65 years. ---- she was a close relative of the late Chief's Tohu and Te Whiti  ------

Tuesday  31 August 1909
   A woman named Mary Ann Bunnington,  residing at Salisbury street with her husband,  Henry Bunnington,  died ------  --------

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