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Tuesday  3  August  1909   page 3
Birth  -
AMOS  -  on august 1st at Mrs Manhire's nursing home,  White street, Rangiora, to Mr and Mrs H.O.Amos - a son
ANSTISS  -  at Amberley on August 1st to Mr and Mrs  J.O.Anstiss,  Te Oka, Little River   -   a daughter.

Marriage  -
McKAY  -  BURLEY  - on May 26th at Taihape James Charles,  4th son of A.McKay,  Christchurch,   to   Violet,  daughter of the late Richard Burley,  Napier.

Deaths  -
BANYON  -  on August 2nd at 229 Hazeldean road,  Addington,  Jessie,  dearly loved eldest daughter of Thomas and Caroline Banyon.
HAYWARD  -  on August 2nd  res. 61 Leinster road, St Albans,  Adeline Fanny, dearly bel. wife of John B. Hayward and dau. of Mrs Melloney SEARS,                                          Heyward tce, Richmond, Christchurch,  and only sister of Mrs Herbert R. (Nurse) STEEL,  in her 41st year.
HOUGHTON  -  on July 30th at Akaroa,  Elizabeth,  relict of the late S.Houghton in her 84th year.
SULLIVAN  -  on August 1st at Little Brenthley road, Lyttelton,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of John Sullivan,  in her 57th year.

In Memoriam  -
COPPLESTONE  -  in loving memory of Ernest,  beloved son of Elizabeth Copplestone, who died August 3rd 1906
SMITH  - in loving memory of Katie (Kit) dearly loved daughter of C.and M. HORNIBLOW,  Kaiapoi. passed away August 3rd 1906

Saturday   7  August  1909    page 5
Deaths  -
STANLEY  -  August 7th at res. Andover street, Merivale,  John Satanley,  bel.  father of J.F. and W.J.Stanley and Isabella WHEATLY in his 90th year.
WEBLEY  -  August 7th at Cleveland street, St Albans,  Edward Fyfe  beloved son of Edward James and Bertha Webley  aged 7mths.

Funeral Notices  -
COOK  - Alfred Thomas which will leave his late residence Madras street, Sydenham tomorrow,  Sunday at 1-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WEBLEY  -  The friends of  Edward James and Bertha Webley are formed that the funeral  of their late beloved son  will leave their residence 
                            for the Linwood Cemetery  on Monday 9th  at 10-150am .

Tuesday 10 August  1909

Marriage  -
DIXON  -  WOOTTON  -  July 20  Robert Ernest Bell Dixon,  eld. son of Robert Dixon, Islington,  to  Ellen Mary  only dau.of W.S.Wootton,  Sockburn.
ROI -  SEAWARD  - August 9 at Methodist Church,  Durham street,  Alfred William  son of V.Roi,  of Oxford,  to  Ada Grace, dau of G.Seaward, of Belfast.
FOSTER  -  DANIEL  -  April 28  at St Mark's Church,  Opawa, George Ward Foster,   to   Ethel may,  youngest daughter of W. Daniel,  Park street, Opawa.

Deaths  -
BUXTON  -  August 6 at Waimate,  Clifford A.  infant son of W.B. and R. Buxton,  of Well Park,  Pleasant Point,  aged 8mths.
PALAIRET  - August 9 at Armagh street, Linwood,  Louisa Mary,  dearly loved wife of Colthurst Palairet, in her 69th year.
HAY  -  August 9 at Christchurch,  mary,  the beloved wife of E.R.Hay,  and eldest daughter of Richard WILLETT of Oamaru.
NOONE  -  August 9 at the Timaru Hospital at "Southern Downs:,  Amberley,    Joseph Noone,  aged 72 years.
SMITH  - August 9 at the Timaru Hospital,  Thomas John Smith,  aged 36 years, late of Rangiora, internment Timaru Cemetery Thursday.

In Memoriam  -
MARRINER  -  In loving memory of James Marriner who fell asleep August 10th 1907
SHEPHERD  - In loving memory of our dear Alice,  beloved wife of J.F.Shepherd, and daughter of G.W. and M COLLINSON  August 10th 1907
WESTLAKE  -  in loving memory of  Sarah Westlake who died Lyttelton on August 9th 1906,  aged 75 years.

Wednesday 11 August  1909
Birth  -
STEWART  -  July 18th at St Helens to Mr and mrs G.Stewart,  West Melton   -  a daughter

Marriage  -
YATES  -  KNIGHT  -July 1st at the Methodist church,  Sydenham, John Charles Edwards, son of late John Wills Yates,  late of Russells Flat,    to   Naomi                                 Henwood,  4th daughter of Alice and the late Thomas B.Knight of Sydenham.

Deaths  -
DOWNES  -  August 11th at 41 Papanui road,  georgina Elizabeth beloved wife of James B.Downes and relict of the late Edgar WIGNEY,  aged 66
DUXBURY  -  August 10th at Robinsons Bay,  Eliza,  dearly beloved wife of John Duxbury  in her 59th year.
McCLENAHAN  - August 10th at Tome's road, Papanui,  Margaret Louise (Madge)  in her 28th year.
PEARCE  -  August 10th at Disraeli street,  Elizabeth Ann,  widow of the late John Pearce,  of Linwood,  in her 77th year.

In Memoriam  -
ORME  -  Lily,  August 11th 1908

Thursday 12 August  1909
Births  -
ASHWORTH -  August 7th, at 88 Springfield road,  to wife of Robert Ashworth,  a son.
FERGUSON  -  August 5th, at Little River,  to wife of Robert Ferguson,  a daughter.
HASELL  -  on August 10th,  at Abberley road, to mr and Mrs C,S,Hasell -  a son.
SKILTON  -  July 30th at "The Pines"  Waimakiriri Riverbed,  Harewood,  to wife of Ernest Skilton, -  a daughter.

Marriages  -
BURLEY -BOWDEN  -on April 7th at Addington Church,  Leonard Stanley,  son of W.T.Burley, Spreydon,  to  Mabel,  dau of N.K.Bowden,  Addington.
KIRK  -  HANNA  -  April 5th at the Methodist Church Fitzgerald Ave, John George Kirk, son of the late R.A.Kirk, of Middlesex, London, England,   to                                               Elizabeth Louisa Hanna,  widow of the late Samuel D.Hanna,  and 3rd daughter of Edward OWEN,  of Liverpool, Lancs,  
SIGNAL  -  RIX  -August 4th at Patea,  Robert, son of Robert   Signal,  Patea,  to  Martha Nightingale,  dau of  Mrs E.Rix,  8 Spencer street, Addington.
THORNLEY  -  DAVIES  -August 11th at Christchurch, Samuel Thornley  to Agnes Helen Davies,  dau of Daniel and A.R Davies , farmer,  Medbury.  N.C.

Deaths  -
DOWNES  -   August 11th  as above
FERGUSON  - August 10th at Little River  Rose,  infant daughter of Robert and Grace Ferguson,  aged 5 days.
GILCHRIST  - August 10th at Burwood,  John David,  late of Mount Palm,  in his 66th year.
PERCIVAL  -  August 11th  Jane  at the residence of her daughter  Mrs J. Cother  155 Cambridge Tce,  aged 85

Saturday  14  August  1909
Death  -
KELLY  -  on August 13th at Christchurch Hospital,  Kate,  beloved wife of P.J.Kelly,   7 Madras street,  aged 49 years

Funeral Notice  - 
WATTS -   John Smart Watts attend his funeral which will leave the Christchurch Hospital  on Sunday 15th  for the Linwood Cemetery
CROSBERY -   Catherine -  wife of James Crosbery  will leave the residence of her  daughter,  Linwood, at 8-30am on Tuesday  for  the Linwood Cemetery

Monday 16 August  1909
Funeral Notice  - 
CROSBERY  -   as above

Tuesday  17 August  1909
Birth  -
WOODING  -  on august 14th at Grovely, Dallington, to wife of A.R.Wooding, "Te Moana" Flaxbourne,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
RITCHIE  - TURNER  -on August 12th at St Mary's Church, Addington, George Ritchie, Papanui,  to  Annie,  widow,  of the late Angus Turner,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
BANKS  -  August 15th at Salisbury street,  Mary Ann beloved wife of James Brightwell banks,  in her 71st year.
BUDGE  -  August 16th at Fairfield Ave, infant daughter of A.and G. Budge.  aged 2 days.
DOHERTY  -  August 16th at Lower High street,  Catherine,  relict of the late Hugh Doherty.
FORMAN  -  August 19th at Newcastle,  John Frederick Forman, son of John Foreman, Lyttelton.  aged 34 accidently drowned
GIMBLETT  -  August 16 at Kyrsee Villa, North road, belfast, Ann Hawke,  beloved wife of Robert mathew Gimblett in her 73rd year
STURGISS  -  August 16 at Rakaia,  Gertrude Elizabeth,  dearly beloved daughter of Louisa Sturgiss.  aged 29

In Memoriam  -
DUFFELL  -  In loving memory of Edward Duffell who died at Springston,  August 17th,  1906
DICKENS  -  In memory of my dear friend Mrs Laura Dickens died August 16th, 1908
LINDSAY  -  In loving rembrance of Isabella marion Lindsay died Belfast August 17th, 1902
SHERWOOD  -   In loving memory of Ina Alice, beloved wife of Alfred Ernest Sherwood died August 17th, 1907

Saturday  21 August  1909
Death  - 
PHILPOTT -  on August 21st at his grandmother's residence,  Gordon Victor,  dearly beloved son of Victor and Eva Philpott,  aged 5 and half months.

Funeral Notice  -
MORTEN  -  The funeral of the late Richard May Morten will leave Stonycroft,  Hornby on Monday 23rd at 10am for Riccarton Churchyard.

Monday 23 August 1909
Birth  -
BRADLEY  -  August 21 at mrs Bowman's, Moorhouse ave, to Mr and Mrs J.Bradley, Dunsandel,  a daughter,
COCKAYNE  -  August 17 at mrs Bowman's nursing home, to Mr and Mrs Cockayne, a son.
COCKER  -  August 22 at Durham st, City, to W.R.and B. Cocker, niece of Mrs Kneeshaw, Selwyn, a daughter

Death  -
BANKS  -  August 22 at her late res. Aikman's road, Jessie, dearly loved wife of William Banks,  aged 72 years
BAYFIELD  -  August 22 at "Te Tahuna" Sumner,  Matilda, relict of the late Arthur Bayfield, of Lyttelton, in her 93rd year.
HENRY  - August 21 at St Albans John Barker (Jackie) Henry, 2nd son of Hugh and Anne Henry,  aged 4 yrs and 7mths.
LANDRIDGE -  August 22 at the res. of his son-in-law W.J.Dennis,  John Landridge in his 75th year
MORRISS  - August 22 at Cass street, kaiapoi,  Samuel Morriss, beloved hus. of Sarah Lyle Morriss, in his 71st year.

In Memoriam  -
BEAUMONT  -  In loving memory of our dear Mother who died August 22nd  1902
FULFORD  -  In loving memory of Arthur Lake Fulford,  who departed this life August 22nd 1906
TAYLOR  -  in loving memory of Cissie dearly beloved daughter of J and C. Taylor of Kaiapoi, who died  August 23 1907 aged 15 years.

Tuesday 24  August  1909
Birth  -
DUFF  -  August 23  at Gloucester street, Linwood,  to Mr and mrs Herbert E.Duff,  a son.

Death  -
FOX  -  August 24 at Christchurch Hospital Peter, dearly beloved husband of Alfreda Fox,  Lyttelton,  aged 75
McKAY  -  August 22 at Christchurch,  Robert McKay of Sawyer's Arms road, Papanui,  late of west Coast road,  aged 72
MORRISS  -  August 22 at Cass street, Kaiapoi,  Samuel Morriss,  aged 70.
TONKIN  -  August 23 at his res. Gordon street, Sydenham,  John, beloved  husband of Martha Tonkin,  aged 59

Wednesday  August 25 1909
Birth  -
MacDONALD - August 22 at peterborough street, to wifeof Thomas Macdonald,  Wainui, a son.

Marriage  -  
PETERSON  -  SPROULE  - on June 23 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church,  Rakaia, Carl John Peterson    to  Margaret,  dau of James Sproule,  Ohoka.

Death -
PEARN  -  August 24 at his res. North street, St Albans,  Percy,  bel .brother of William Pearn and son of Isaac Pearn,  Fingal, Tasmania,  aged 32 years and half.
WISE  -  August 24 at Victoria st, Rangiora,  Annie, the beloved wife of John Wisw,  aged 45 years.
BALLINGER  -  August 23 at Stanley st, Linwood,  infant son of Arthur and Edith Ballinger  aged 13 hours.
DAY  -  August 24 at Armagh street, Captain G.F.Day,  aged 82.
FOX  -  at Christchurch Hospital, Peter,  dearly beloved husband of Alfreda Fox, Lyttelton,  aged 75

In Memoriam  -
FRASER  -  -- remembrance of William Fraser of 64 Worcester street, who passed away on August 25 1908

Saturday 28 August  1909
Funeral Notice   -
    The funeral of the late Boyce McKenzie will take place at Teddington on Sunday 29th inst. arriving at the Cemetery at  -----

Tuesday  31 August  1909
Birth  -
KAY  -  August 29 at Mrs L.J.King's Nursing Home Salisbury street, to wife of Alexander Kay,  Greendale,  a son.
LOW  - August 28 at  Mrs L.J.King's Nursing Home Salisbury street  to wife of Mr H.B.Low,  Armagh street,  a son.
MACKINTOSH  -  August 18 at Gola Peaks,  Virginia, to wife of D.J.Mackintosh,  a daughter.
WILKINSON  -  August 30 at "Holmwood"  Alma street, Lower Riccarton, to mr and Mrs Henry Wilkinson,  -   twins, son & daughter.

Deaths  -
COLLINS  -  August 29 at Jubilee Home, Woolston,  Jane Collins, age 60 years
HARKER  -  August 30 at her parents res. Vera Kendrick, infant dau. of Arthur Kendrick and Vera S. Harper,  and granddaughter of A.H. and E.J.Hill
HATCHER  - August 30 at Bass street, off Aldwins road, Woolston, David, 3rd son of James and Harriett Hatcher,  aged 12 years and 9mths.
HASKINS  -  August 30 at 363 Colombo street, North,   Elizabeth, wife of the late F.T.Haskins,  aged 59 years
JACKSON  -  August 31 at 69 Aikmans road,  Alfred George (Fred) beloved husband of Kate Jackson,  aged 42
MANHIRE  -  August 30 at her res. At Martins road, Opawa,  Bessie,  beloved wife of B.P.Manhire,  aged 39 years

In Memoriam  -
MEDCALFE  -    A.H.Medcalfe, only beloved son of G.A. and C.P. medcalfe August 1902 in his 31st year
GIBSON  -  Mary,  dealy beloved wife of Thomas Gibson,  passed away at  Hampstead  September 1st  1908
WRIGHT  -  Isabella,  beloved daughter of Edward and Eliza Jane Cunningham,  and late wife of Ernest Wright,  in 28th year,  on August 31  1908,  

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
17 May  2006

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