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Wednesday 1  July  1908        page 2
Oamaru - 
sons of Mr Charles Pelvin, farmer at Redcliff,  were working in a gravel pit yesterday when the sides fell in,  covering one of the workers
                 to the waist and entirly burying a smaller brother,  aged 6years. When the child was uncovered it was found that he had been suffocated. life being extinct.

Thursday 2 July 1908       page 3
Fatalities - Wanganui  - 
   A fatal accident occurred at Fordell yesterday,  when a lad of 14 years of age,  a son of Mr Campbell,  manager of Mr Burnett's station, 
                        was killed by being thrown from a horse while mustering sheep.

Carterton - 
  James,  78 years of age,  was killed by a tree which, when being topped,  fell and struck his head.  Deceased was the father of the town clerk there.

Taihape - 
   Ernest McDonald,  fell from the Manganuioteau viaduct,  near Makatotoe, and was killed.

Blenheim - 
  Robert,  35 years of age,  was drowned off a launch in Pelorous Sound yesterday, at 4pm.  A search is being made for the body.

Timaru - 
-  Mr George Robertson,  a well-known and highly respected farmer,  and owner of the Kakahu Estate,  was found dead on the roadside near Geraldine
                        this morning.  He left Geraldine to drive to his home last night,  and it is surmised that he must have taken a fit,  or been seized with heart failure,  causing
                            him to fall from his trap.  He was about 60 years of age,  and has a grown-up family.

Friday 3 July 1908      page 3
Dannevirke - 
  James,  52 years of age,  was found by a nightwatchman on the pavement early this morning and taken to Hospital.  he died at 6-20 this morning. 
                        He had been drinking,  and his death was the result of exposure.  Gibson had been in the district for over 20 years.

Saturday 4 July 1908    
Auckland - 
- Bernard Montague,  a son of Mr Bernard Montague,  of the Gordon Settlement,  near Te Aroha,  was killed while removing timber by blasting.

Monday 6 July 1908     page 3
Westport -  Found drowned - 
DALLAN -   John Dallan  (baker and cook)  was found drowned in the Westport Coal Company's dam at Denniston.

Wednesday 8  July 1908
Auckland - 
-  T.McMahon,  single,  aged 24, a railway labourer,  while carrying material along the line near newmarket Station this morning, was run over by a train.
                         -------   death was instantaneous.

Wellington - 
-    An 18mth old child named Soloman was scalded ---- died at hospital yesterday.

Monday 13 July 1908      page 3
Silver Wedding -
PARKIN  -  SARGEANTSON -   July 12th 1883 at the Parish Church,  Crowle,  near Doncaster,  England,   by ---  Allen Parkin    to  Mary S. Sargeantson.
                     (Now resident at Pareora East. South Canterbury.)

Wednesday  15 July 1908     page 2
Melbourne - 
  -   Owing to a quarrel, a young married woman named Wright, residing near Maffra, ------

Thursday 16 July 1908     page 3
Wellington -
- Patrick Finlay,  an elderly man who sustained an injury to his spine through a fall from a wool bale on the wharf on 18 May, died at the Hospital today.

Inquest -
  -  Violet Mary Gibbons aged 4 and half years. who died at the hospital yesterday from the effect of burns. A verdict of accidental death by burning was returned.

Friday 17 July  1908   page 3
CAMERON   Duncan,  of "Springfield" Methven,  who died in Christchurch on Tuesday was conveyed to Methven today for internment
                        at the Methven Cemetery. -----------  more      email me for a copy.

Obituary - 
- Mr A.A.Barnett, an old colonist and a well known commercial man in Wellington.  The late Mr Barnett who was 76 years of age arrived in Australia in
                         1854 and for a time was settled in Victoria.--------   a long piece email me for a copy.

Monday 20 July 1908
Inquest -
-  Mrs Noakes,  aged 73 years,  died rather suddenly on Friday and as she had not been attended by a doctor an inquest was held on Saturday morning by MrH.W.Bishop, Coroner,.
                         A verdict was returned that death had resulted from heart failure brought on by old age and rheumatism.

Nelson - 
-  Paul Spanger,  aged 81 years was found dead in bed at a boardinghouse in Collingwood street at 10 o'clock this morning.  was an
                    old resident,  left his home recently to enter lodgings.  He was in a feeble state of health.  It is believed the cause of death was heart failure.

Melbourne -  
  - While running in the Ulupana Steeplechase at Caulfield on Saturday,  Envoy, the favourite,  fell,  rolling over and killing his jockey, Heyhoe.

Waimate  -   Rev. George
- Rev. George,  the pioneer Presbyterian clergyman of South Canterbury,  died after a short illness. was the father of   Mr A.R.Barclay M.P.  and Dr Barclay.   
                         a long piece email me for a copy.

New Plymouth  -   
- Mrs M.J.Middleton,   as a child she arrived at New Plymouth by the Amelia Thompson on September 3rd 1841 and except for a short period in
                        Nelson during the Maori war,  she has resided here always.  She leaves one son,  Mr C.T.Mills and one daughter Mrs A.B.R.Fookes.

Tuesday 21  July  1908    page 3
Obituary - 
  Mr Alexander Grigor,  one of Otago's veteran schoolmasters,  is dead,  aged 76.  Deceased had been engaged in teaching for nearly 50 years.

Wednesday  22 July 1908  page 3
Auckland  -  Mary
- Mary,  a railway surfaceman,  when crossing the Parnell railway bridge at 7am found the dead body of an elderly woman close to one of the pillars of the viaduct. ---  
                    The body has been identified as that of Mary Hobins, a married woman aged 60 years.

Thursday 23 July 1908
JAMESCaptain Charles,  Melbourne papers give particulars of the---- death of Capt. Charles James,  a ship master well known in Lyttelton -------
                        He was for many years master of the ship  "Auckland"  .long column,      email me for a copy.

Inquest  -  Timaru  - 
  Laura,  an inquest was held today concerning the death of the young woman,  Laura Goodwin,  --------.  A verdict of accidental death was returned.

Wellington - 
- The young woman who fell off the express between Christchurch and Ashburton on Tuesday  ----- was the daughter of Mr H. Goodwin,  licensee of the Cambridge Hotel,  Wellington.

Saturday  25 July 1908      page 5
Lake Ellesmere - drowning - James
  James,  The Little River police reported yesterday that a man named James Craw had been drowned in the Kaituna River the previous evening.  Craw and his
                 son aged 16 had been out shooting ducks on the lake and in the evening Craw waded out on the lake alone to do some more shooting and getting into the river
            bed was drowned.  Two constables were sent from Christchurch this morning to search for the body,  which was recovered shortly after their arrival. an inquest will be held.

Monday  27 July  1908
Auckland - 
William,  aged 50 years was found dead on the floor of the bathroom at the Workingmen's Club on Sunday.  A doctor who was summoned stated that the man
                     had been dead for upwards of an hour.  The medical examination showed that death was due to syncope, probably caused by
                     taking a hot bath immediately after a hearty meal.

Levin  -  Fatality
  - John Stanley --occured at Bartholomew's mill by a knife flying out of the planing machine and striking a man named John Stanley Widdows on the side of the head ----------

Tuesday 28 July 1908    page 3
Dunedin - 
-   John Chalmers a single man 50 years of age and a well known resident of Lawrence ----

Obituary -  Mr W. U.
- William Upton, at Palmeston North on Sunday of Mr William Upton Slack,  an early colonist, who was well known in Canterbury for very many years. --------
                  he was born at Dune's Hill,  near Cockermouth, in Cumberland.  He lived at Upton House Ardwick, one of the suburbs of Manchester,  and his mother
                    was a daughter of the Vicar of Bridenith. ------- He settled in the Mackenzie Country,  where he had a sheep run.  After leaving the Mackenzie country,
                 he settled down at "Woodside"  about 7 miles from Geraldine,  where he lived for 27 years.-------- In 1865 he married Miss Charlotte COOPER and had a
                 family of 5 daughters, and 4 sons.  One daughter married Mr F. HAMILTON,  of Redcliffs,  another married Mr A. TEMPLE of Geraldine,  and a 3rd marr.
                Mr C.R.Hewit, of Palmeston North.  There are 14 grandchildren.  His sons are Messers Slack Brothers,  the well known breeders of pure bred stock. 
                          this is a very long column,   -    email me for a copy.

Thursday 30  July  1908
Bereavement -
  -  Mr & Mrs Trigance wish to thank all kind friends for their sympathy and floral tributes in their bereavement also to express their sincere thanks to those
                 who helped bring their late son from Purau and to the staff of the casual ward Lyttelton.

Dunedin  -
BLACK - Mary, housemaid, at the hospital,  died suddenly on Tuesday night.  She had been laughing and joking with the other employees when suddenly she fell down and expired. 
                    The post mortem examination showed that death was caused by functional derangement of the heart's action.

Fatality -
  Mary Fitzsimmons Matheson,  a single woman,  aged 27  died when getting out of bed this morning.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
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