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Wednesday 1  July  1908        page 2
Marriage -
PEACHE-ARNOTT -  on 22 April at the Pres. Church,  Rangiora,  Robert, son of M.Peache, St? Kilda, Rangiora,  to  Helen Rose,  (Nellie)  dau. of  late                                                
                    W.Arnott,  Comrie,  Fernside.

Death -
DERBRIDGE   -  At Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton,  on 1st July,  Samuel, the dearly beloved husband of Eliza Derbridge, in his  67th year.
McCLELLAND     -  on 30 June at Lower Riccarton,   William Warden McClelland,  in his 65th year.    (my great grandfather)
STEWART  - on 27 June at Duvauchelle's Bay,   Joseph Henry,  dearly beloved son of Thomas and Fanny Stewart.  aged 14 years.

Thursday 2 July 1908       page 3
Birth -  
BENNETT - on 28 June at Station Road,  Leeston,  to wife of W. Bennett, a daughter.

Marriage -
FLATMAN  -  CANT - on 3 June at ----- Henry George,  eldest son of H.A.Flatman,  to  Sarah Ann  (Annie)  dau. of W.R.Cant,  Torrens Road,  Hillmorten.
FISHER  -  TILSON  - on 17 June at St Luke's, Christchurch, John Fisher, son of James Fisher,  Cheltenham,  Victoria,  to  Elizabeth Tilson,  2nd daughter of                                
                    George Tilson,  Farnham Farms,  Hinds,   
SCOTT  -  FISHER on 3 June at St.Michael's  James,  the eldest son of J.Scott,  St. Albans  to  Lily  2nd dau. of J.Fisher,  57 Durham St. Christchurch.

Death -
DERBRIDGE -  at Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton,  July 1st,  Samuel,  the dearly beloved husband of Eliza Derbridge,  in his 67th year.  No flowers by request.
IRVINE  -  on 1 July at his residence,  Cashel St. Linwood,  James Irvine,  Surgeon - dentist,  the dearly beloved husband of Christina E.M.Irvine,  aged 65.       
-  on 30 June at Lower Riccarton (suddenly)  William Warden McClelland,  bel. hus. of Ellen McClelland,  late of Kimberley,  in his 65th year.
TILLEY   - on 30 June at her residence,  Templeton,  Jane,  beloved wife of William Tilley,  in her 89th year.

In Memorium -
BRADLEY -  dear father Thomas Bradley,  late Station Master of Lyttelton.    It is 18 years ago today since our dear father passed away.

Funeral Notice  - 
- Samuel Derbidge to leave his late res.   Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton, at 2-30pm on Friday 3rd July for the Church of England Cemetery,  Lyttelton.

Friday 3 July 1908      page 3
Birth -
GATES  - 1 July at Kaiapoi,  to wife of Thomas gates jun.  a son.
TIMS -  At "Te Rangi Pai"  Cadogan St. Sydenham,  to wife of   W. A. Tims a daughter,  stillborn.

Death -
BRAY -  2 July at the Christchurch Hospital,  Reginald,  only surviving son of the late W.B.Bray,  C.E. of Opawa (Pioneer, Duke of Bronte)
MACDONALD - on 2 July Ernest John Macdonald,  killed instantly on Monganui Bridge (late of Christchurch)  Dunedin papers please copy.

In Memorium
BROOKES -  In sad but loving memory of Annie Brookes who fell asleep at Akaroa  3 July 1907. by her loving husband, mother and sisters and brothers.
NELSON - In loving memory of  Norman Nelson, who died at Lyttelton 3 July 1907.inserted by his loving mother in the North Island.
WARREN  - In loving memory of our mother who died at Prebbleton, 3 July 1907. Inserted by her loving children.

Saturday 4 July 1908     
Funeral Notice -    page 5
- The friends of Mr Cornelius Dyer are invited to attend the funeral of his late wife,  leaving his residence,  Bamford Road,  Woolston. on
                            Sunday 5 July at 12-45pm. for the Linwood Cemetery.
McDONALD -  Mr McDonald are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of the late Ernest McDonald,  which will leave the res.of Mrs J.Warren, Rosewarne St.                        
                    Addington at 9-45am on Sunday 5th for Addington Cemetery.  Members of the Protestant Friendly Society are specially invited to attend.

Tuesday 7 July 1908   page 3
Marriage -
MUNDAY  - PARKES  -  on 4 May at St Phillips Church,  Sydney, W.E.Munday  of Sydenham,  Christchurch,  to  Florence Parkes of Bondi, Sydney.

Thursday 9 July 1908
Death -
GAILBRAITH    - on 6 July  at 16 Conference st,  William,  beloved husband of Charlotte Galbraith,  aged 67 years.

In Memoriam
STEWART -    In loving memory of dear mother,  Hannah Stewart,  who died at Riccarton  July 7th 1907  -  Inserted by her loving son J.S.

Monday 13 July 1908      page 3
Death -
HENDERSON  - on 11 July at Doyleston,  John Henderson,  aged 70years.

In Memoriam -
CHAMBERLAIN -   In loving memory of Ernest Albert,  beloved and eldest son of Joseph & Elizabeth Chamberlain, who died 12 July 1907.
                               inserted by his loving parents and brother.
DENHAM   -  In loving memory of my dear sister, mrs Emma Denham,  who died at Park Road, Addington.  13 July 1905. 
                        inserted by her loving brother William.
SIRETT    -In sad and loving memory of our dear mother  Charlotte Sirett who died at Harper St. Upper Riccarton 13 July 1906. 
                           inserted by her loving daughters C.M.G.
SHANNON   -    In loving memory of John Shannon, who died at Sergeant Hill, westport, on 13 July 1906.

Tuesday 14 July 1908   page 3
Birth -
BAKER -  on 13 July at 30 Ollivier's Road, to wife of William H.Baker,  a son.
BENN -  on 25 June at Rapuwai Grange, Pleasant Point,  to wife of A.E.Benn, a son.

Death -
BALFOUR   -  on 10 July at Waipukurau, Hawke's Bay,  Isabel,  the bel wife of Thomas Balfour and daughter of Duncan Taylor, Christchurch  (late of Rangitata).
HENDERSON   - on 11 July at Doyleston,  John Henderson.  aged 70 years.
HENDERSON    - on 11 July at Doyleston  John Henderson,  aged 70 years, late of Perthshire, Scotland, Scotch papers please copy.
MARSH   -  on 12 July at the residence of Mr A.Meyers, of Woodside,  Hilda Mary,  youngest and dearly beloved daughter of Mr C. Marsh,
                           of  "The Terrace" West Oxford,  aged 4 tears.
MURRELL - on 13 July at the residence of her mother, Mrs E. Benson,  Hereford St, Linwood,  Blanche Marion,  widow of the late
                           Edgar G.Murrell, of Sydney,  aged 33 years.
FITZPATRICK -  on 18 July at the res. of her mother Mrs O'Reilly 110 Wordsworth St. Sydenham,   Ellen,  the dearly loved  wife of James Fitzpatrick,
PRICE -  on 12 July at Tuam St.  Henry Matthew, infant son of H.M.and E.M.Price.

Thursday 16 July 1908  page 3
Marriages -
BOND  -  MORRIS  - on 24 June at St John's Latimer Square, Arthur Robert Bond  to  Rosanna Cherry,  eldest daughter of Colonel Morris,  of Dunedin.
COLTHART  -  COX -on 7 July at St Ambrose's Church,  Sheffield   Thomas,  4th son of R. Colthart,  to  Clementia,  eldest daughter of F.J.Cox, Sheffield.

Deaths -
GREENAWAY    - 15 July  Mrs John Greenaway, mother of Mrs S. R. Ingold.
MITCHINSON  -15 July at the residence of his son-in-law Thomas Jamieson, 66 Fitzgerald Ave. William Mitchinson aged 80 years.
THEOBALD  -15 July at the residence of her daughter Mrs J.R.Belcher, "Linden" Nursey Road, Papanui.  Persis Barter,  relict of the late
                        John Seymour Theobald, and granddaughter of  the late Sir Thomas Norris of Mock Shaw,  Clonakilty, Ireland.  in her 80th year.
TRIGANCE  - 15 July at Lyttelton,  John William (Jack)  eldest beloved son of Frank & Ellen Trigance in his 18th year. result of an accident.
TYLER  - 15 July at Ivory St. Rangiora,  mary Ann, beloved wife of C.A. Tyler  aged 47.

In Memoriam
CAMPBELL -  in loving memory of dear little Thelma who died 16 July 1907.

Friday 17 July  1908   page 3
Death -
DUNN   -  16 July at her residence,  Cashel Street. Linwood,  margaret Dunn, aged 72 years.
DIXEY   -  16 July at Queen St Burwood,  Albert Charles,  beloved husband of Elizabeth A. Dixey of Burwood,  in his 29th year.
SHEPPARD  - 15 July at her late residence,  Gebbie's Flat,  Elizabeth,  the beloved wife of George Sheppard,  in her 79th year.
TWOSE   - 15 July at the Schoolhouse,  Harewood,  Fanny Maria,  the beloved wife of R.J.Twose,  aged 53 years.

Saturday 18 July 1908   page 5
Birth -
McILROY - on 18 July at Dublin Street, Lyttelton, to wife of J.McIlroy, a daughter.

Death -
FERDINAND - on 11th July at 99 Ghuznee Street, Wellington,  Sarah,  widow of the late Louis Ferdinand of Christchurch.  aged 58.
FORWARD - on 18 July at her late residence  52 Worcester St. Linwood,  Finnetta,  widow of the late James Forward,  aged 62.

Funeral Notice -
-   Mrs Finnetta Forward will leave her late res. 52 Worcester St. Linwood, on Sunday 19th inst. at 1-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 20 July 1908
Death  -
NEWMAN  -  20th July at 55 Colombo Street,  Henrietta,  the dearly beloved third eldest daughter of H. and M.Newman  aged 19 years.  So loved so mourned.

Tuesday 21  July  1908    page 3
Death -
BOYD - 21st July at Coleridge St. Lyttelton,  Charles Boyd,  in his 68th year.

Wednesday  22 July 1908  page 3
Death -
YOUNG - on 21 July at her residence Duncan St. Spreydon, (suddenly) Annie  the beloved wife of Frederick N. Young,  aged 29 years.

Thursday 23 July 1908
Death -  
YOUNG -  on 21 July at Duncan St.  Spreydon,  Annie Stark,  dearly bel. wife of Frederick N.Young and dau. of Mrs Robert Russell,  Sydenham,  aged 29 years.

Saturday  25 July 1908      page 5
Birth -
McKECHNIE -  19 July at Rugby St. to wife of F.S.McKechnie - a son.

Death -
PICOT - at Sydney,  July 1908,  Philip Picot, late beloved brotherLoyal Perseverance Lodge,  No 5955  I.O.F.  M.U. Woolston.

Funeral Notice - 
BAGGOTT  -   Selina Baggott will leave No 59 corner Barbadoes St and Lichfield Streets on Monday 27th inst. at 2pm  for the Papanui Churchyard.

Tuesday 28 July 1908    page 3
Birth -
BROWN    -  28 July at 41 Sandyford St.  Sydenham, to wife of W.J.Brown - a son.
GASKELL    - 21st July at High St. Greymouth,  to wife of H.Gaskell - a daughter.
NOONAN    -  15 July at Radnor St. St Albans, to wife of A. Noonan - a daughter.

DAVIDSON   -  27th July at her res. Travers Street,  Linwood, Mrs Margaret Davidson.  in her 74th year.
CANT    -  27 July at St Helen's Hospital,  Ralph Royston, only son of Ralph and Lilian Cant.  aged 18 days.
FRASER   -  25 July at Greytown, William Fraser,  late of Kaiapoi,  aged 56 years.
HARRE   -  26 July at Waverley,  Andrew the beloved husband of lydia Harre of Brittain St. Linwood,  aged 49 years.
KILLICK   - 27 July at at his parents res. Woolston,  the dearly bel. hus of Mary Emma Killick,  and also only beloved  son of J.J.
                        and M. Killick,  and the beloved son-in-law of A. and E. Rolton, Colombo St. St Albans  aged 34 years  Auckland papers please copy.
MACFARLANE    -  25 July at the res. of S.J.Gordon, Wanganui,  Frances ann Matilda Macfarlane,  widow of the late James Macfarlane, 
                        H.M.C.Melbourne,  aged 74.
SLACK -  26 July at Palmeston North,  William Upton Slack,  late of "Woodside",  Geraldine.

In Memoriam -
-In loving remembrance of Anna Bella Bruce,  who departed this life July 28th 1907,  aged 21  inserted by her loving parents,  sisters and brothers.

Funeral Notice - 
Margaret Davidson -- will leave her late res. 9 Travers Street,  Linwood,  for the Addington Cemetery. on Thursday 30th inst.  at 2pm.

Wednesday 29 July 1908   page 3
Death -
CAMERON - 29 July at the residence of her sister, 10 Durham St. St Albans, Alicia,  relict of the late Donald Cameron,  of Saltwater Creek, North Canterbury, aged 69 years.

Friday 31 July 1908    page 3
Birth -
CLARK    -  28 July at Mrs Atyeo's Nursing home, Montreal St. to wife of E.M.Clark. a daughter.
OTTEN    - 27 July at Cheviot St. Spreydon,  to wife of J.W.Otten a son.
NEI    -  29 July at the Malvern Maternity Home, Ashburton, to wife of James Nei, of Happy Valley, Methven. a son.

Death -
ARMSTRONG     - 30 July at 244 Montreal St.  Clarence William, infant son of W.and F.Armstrong  aged 18 days.
BASSETT    - 29 July at Meadow Bank Farm,  Washdyke,  Nora, 2nd daughter of W.J.Bassett.
DONALD    - 30 July at Canal Reserve, Linwood,  Dorothy Louise, infant child of J.M. and L.J.Donald,  aged 3 months.
CROZIER   - 30 July at Kaiapoi,  James, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Crozier, formerly of Banbridge, County Down, Ireland, aged 66 years.
KING    - 30 July (suddenly) at Little River,  James King of Ladbrooks,  aged 49, no flowers by request.
COLLINSON    - 19 July at Thames Hospital,  John Michael,  son of Mrs Collinson, of Karangahape, and dearly bel brother of  Mrs H.H.Ogden, East Oxford.
WESTERMAN    -  30 July at Rangatira Nursing Home,  Ann,  beloved wife of Joseph westerman, of Holmes Hotel. aged 53 years.

In Memoriam -
In loving memory of my dear father Thomas Raine  who departed this life July 31st 1907.  

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6 January 2006

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