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Tuesday  1 December  1908
In Divorce  -  002
McLEOD  -  Daniel Gunn,  petitioned for the dissolution of his marriage  with Annie Margaret McLeod  -----married  23 August  1896  and had 5 children
BEACH -  James lab. of Ashburton,  petitioned for the dissolution of his marriage  with Emily L. Beach -----married 15 May 1888 and had 2 children

Auckland  -  Divorce - 003
MUNRO -  James Watt Munro  v. Elizabeth Munro  -------   with Joseph Snelgar --------

Meeting of Creditors  -  004
DOWNING  -  William,  farmer,  of Greenpark  -------  lots more ----

Accident  -  005
JOHNSTONE  -  a girl about 5 years  dau. of Mr Norman Johnstone,  Fairton,  got badly burnt, as a result of a candle setting fire to her clothes --------

Fatal  Accident  -  Wanganui  -  006
KERSHAW  -  one brother fell on fragments of a bottle  --- large wound in throat ---   died  at 2am.

Dunedin  -  Inquest   -  007
McDONALD  -  Patrick,  farmer,  died through wheel of cart passing over abdomen  ------

Wednesday  2 December  1908
Auckland  -  Accident  -  009
ANDREWS  -  Mrs,  aged 67  was found in a room --- lying on the floor,  enveloped in flames ----conveyed to hospital,  presumed lighted candle overturned

Pleasant Point  -  010
An inquest was held at Pleasant Point -----  William Fenwick,  farmer,  aged 70  -------  

Thursday  3  December  1908
Accidents  and Fatalities  -  013   
ANDREWS      -  Mrs  at Auckland  -  suffering from burns,  died last night
SCOTT        -  at Whangarei,  fell from a kauri tree and broke his neck,  an inquest will be held today ----
HAIMONA        -  Kaiha  of Hamilton,  and her child  were found drowned  in the Waipu river  this morning.
HUMPHRIES      -  living at Taoniu,  Fielding,  was gored by a bull on Monday  -----   died early this morning.

Invercargill  -  012
DUGGAN  -     Bridget Duggan,  of South Hillend,  aged 18,  -------

Napier  - Obituary  -  FANNIN  -  014  
A very old identity,  Mr G.T.Fannin,  passed away  ---  was born in Ireland in 1830?,  arrived in new Zealand in 1851,  appointed clerk of Provincial Council, 
clerk and treasurer of the County Council,  a position he held for nearly 30 years.

Friday  4 December  1908
Accidents  and Fatalities  -  015   
HAIMONA  -  Rahia,  inquest  ---  were crossing the river in a canoe,  the child fell out and the mother jumped in to save it.  both were drowned.
CLARKE  -  Samuel  ,  aged 25,  single,  a groom,  of Hastings,  was excersing Mr C. Bennet's polo pony on Monday --- thrown on the road, died -------

Wellington  -  GILLIES  -  017  
on 5 April  last  Murdoch Gillies,  telegraph operator,  was killed while cycling on the Hutt road as a result of a collision with a motor car owned by John Goring Johnstone  and driven by his servant.  ------  more ----

Auckland  -  Divorce  -  016
---   decree nisi  was granted  to TimothyEdwin Jones,  bushman of waihi  against  Emma Catherine Jones --------

Saturday   5 December  1908
Auckland  -  Divorces  -  020
NEWSOME    -  George Thomas  was granted a decree nisi  from his wife  Margaret Dennison Newsome ----
BOWDEN   -  John,  a ticket collector,  was granted a decree nisi  from Maud Elaine Bowden   married last February
SYMON    -  Cecilia  was granted a decree nisi from Harry Symon on the ground of adultery.

Monday  7 December  1908
Auckland  -  Bigamy  -  TRAIL,  KELLY,  KERWIN    -  021
Albert Ernest Trail  committed  bigamy on 16 July  1902  at Coromandel,  Eleanor Kelly,  a married woman  said in March 1890  the accused was married to
her sister.  The latter was about 15 years old at the time -----   witnesses sister still alive ----   Ethel E. Kerwin  the woman he married the 2nd time 
-----  more ------

Obituary  -  CRAIGHEAD  -  022
---  one of Canterbury's pioneer settlers,  Mr James Craighead,  died at his res in St Albans  on Saturday  age 65.  In 1866  Mr Craighead in partnership with
his brother  took up some swamp land ----   became one of the most fertile farms  on the flat --- during his 35 years at Russell's Flat  -------   retired in 1901 -----

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  024
SCOTT    -  Dr A.T.Scott  was found dead at his surgery door,  Waipu  on Sunday  -------
LAMONT    -  Moses,  a driver of Napier  was seriously injured through falling off a dray on Saturday ----   
LEONARD    -  Daniel,  a driver  of Wellington  ---  was seriously injured --- taken to hospital ---
SMITH    -  James,  carter,  33 years of age  a resident of Oamaru,  died suddenly -----
MAJOR     -  John,  engine driver  of Dunedin,    inquest  -----   
THOMSON    -  Norman,  a railway fireman  of Invercargill,  age 23    had his foot severly crushed -- amputation necessary  ------

Tuesday 8 December  1905
Gisborne  -  Fire  026
BROOKING  -   A 6 roomed house owned and occupied by Mrs Brooking,  was destroyed by fire last night. --------

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  027
McCAUSLAND  -  The name of the man who died  at Hospital  as a result of falling off a cart  was George McCausland  not CASLIN
HILL  -  William,  a carpenter  who was found unconscious  at the bottom of a steep bank on Sunday  --  died at hospital this morning.

Bankruptcy  028
WILLA  -  George,  of Kaikoura,
HARTSHORN  -  Peter,  lately licensee of the Governor's Bay Hotel  -----

Wednesday  9 December  1908
Meeting of Creditors  -  029
RAMSAY  -  Foster Badham Ramsay  of Brookside  -----  lots  more  ------

Accidents  & Fatalities  -  029a
CROWDER  -  H.  employed shunting ---  fell and got his head caught --- serious injuries ----   died in hospital --  resident of Huntly
WILLIAMSON - Mr J.  thrown out of a gig at Ashburton ---  shoulder dislocated -----
BARNETT  -  Nolan  age 66  an inmate of the Benevolent ----  he died  of heart disease -----

Thursday  10  December  1908
Inglewood  -  FRANKLYN  -  031
Mr Franklyn,  an old and prominent Inglewood settler,  was thrown out of a trap  this morning.  He fell on the concrete of the Waiongona bridge and is now in a critical condition.

Friday  11 December  1908
Auckland  -  LADD  -  033
Thomas Joseph Ladd  ----  accused  was married in Sydney in 1894  and deserted his wife ----  on 23 September  he was married to Miss Christina Pepper
at Warkworth. -----  more  -----

Obituary  -  FITCH  -  034
The death is announced of Mr John Fitch,  who took part in the battle of Tel-ol-Kebir as a member of the Second Battalion of Highland Light Infantry. ----- 
He was formerly a member of the Dunedin Garrison Band.

Monday 14 December  1908
Obituary  -  037
DAVEY  -   The many firends of Mr T.H.Davey, M.P.  will regret to learn of the death of his wife,  which occurred this morning.  -------

Meeting of Creditors  -  038
DYNES  -    Thomas Moore Dynes,  farm labourer  of Leeston,  -------  lots more  ----

Auckland  -  HARRISON  -  039
A sudden death occurred in the billiard room of the Oxford Hotel,  Victoria street on Saturday night.  William Harrison  was walking away from the table after
playing his shot  when he collapsed.  ------- died,  was a single man,  70 years old,  lived at Freeman's Bay --------

Nelson  -  Death  -  EBAN  -  041
On Saturday during a cricket match between the Dovedale and Moutere Cricket Clubs  on the Moutere ground a collision occurred between 2 players
named Hall  and Eban.  Eban became unconscious  ----------  was 23 years of age  and shortly to have been married. -------

Tuesday  15 December  1908
Wellington  -  Judicial separation  -  THEW -  042
Mary Ann Thew petitioned for a decree of judical separation from Hugh Beattie Thew,  medical and magnetic healer   -----  parties were married 9 June 1884 
at Wellington,  There had been 5 children  on ewhom died.  Their ages range from 22 years  to 1 year. and 8mths.  ------  lots more  -------

Maintenance    -  044
JOHNSTON  -   Edwin F. Johnston ----   disobeyed maintenance orders -----
TURVEY  -  Frank Frederick  ------ towards the support of his 6 children. ------
FRENCH  -  Charles French was adjudged the putative father of an illegitimate child  -----

Accidents  -  045
FERGUSON -  John Ferguson  slipped and fell on the kerbing  ------- died in hospital this morning  at Wellington.
JURISS  -  the child Juress  who was seriously injured by falling into a boiler of hot water  ----  died  ---  an inquest will be held ---

Thursday  17 December  1908
Funeral  -  046 
DAVEY  -  The remains of Mrs T.H.Davey were interred at the Linwood Cemetery  -----

Obituary  -  HARRIS  -  048
Mr Victor Harris died early this morning ----  associated with the turf since the early 80's  more particulary with the trotting.  for 9 years president of the
 Lancaster Park trotting assoc previous to the amalgamation of that body in 1899  with the Canterbury TrottingClub.  ------    Mr Harris in his 44th year,
 leaves a wife, a grown-up son and daughter.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon.

Death  -  Captain SAVILLE  -  049
News was received in Christchurch today of the death of Captain James G.Saville,  at Shanghai,  on 5 November.  Captain Saville visited New Zealand
on several occassions in connection with the Indianic and Jesse Burns.  He called at Timaru and Wellington with the latter vessel a few months ago.

Saturday  19  December  1908
New Plymouth  -  Inquest  -  052 
KLENNER  -   Mrs Klenner,  the victim of the Waitara shooting affair ---  

Inquest   -  053
GIBSON  -   Alice Gibson,  the girl that died last evening in Montreal st. ---  death due to cardiac failure ----

Wellington  -  Inquest  -  054
FERGUSON -     John Ferguson  who died on Monday from a fractured skull ------

Dunedin -  055
OSWALD -   Henry Oswald,  a bachelor,  aged 60 ----   died -----

Monday 21 December  1908
Napier -  Death  -  BENTHAM   -  057
Word has been received of a drowning fatality at Hangaroa,  Poverty bay,  Cecil bentham,  aged 20,  a son of Mr Robinson bentham,  a well-known mercer
of Dunedin. ----

Gisborne  058
Cecil Benson  was drowned yesterday  while bathing at Tiniroto.

Death  -  CAMPBELL -  059
A child named Muriel Elizabeth Campbell,  aged 2 years and 5 mths  expired suddenly in its mother's arms at Bottle Lake road ----   an inquest will be held.

Dunedin  -  Obituary  -  CARGILL  -  060
The death is announced of Mr F.A.cargill,  8th son of Captain Cargill,  1st Superintendant of Otago.  Deceased who was in his 83rd year  -----  he came to
Dunedin  in 1869 and has resided there ever since.

Tuesday  22 December  1908
Accidents  and Fatalities  -  062
BENTHAM -  Cecil,  a verdict of accidentally drowned  ------
GRANT  -  Wife of Edward Grant,  labourer,  of Normandy,  Hawera,  -----
CAMPBELL -    Muriel Elizabeth  aged 2 years and 5mths,   -------   died from heart failure.  
TREAVERY -  Bertha Eva,  aged 11mths,  daughter of R. treavery,  railway guard at Methven,  died suddely,  ------

Wednesday  23 December  1908
Masterton  -  BUNNY  -  065
after 6 years res. on the Klondike goldfields,  Mr Bunny  of Masterton has returned home --------  he has decided sheep farming in New Zealand is proferable
to gold getting on the Klondyke

Accident  -  DOAK  -  067
Samuel Doak,  aged 15 years  son of Robert Doak,  farmer,  belfast,  was yesterday admitted to the Hospital  from injuries received as a result of a horse
kicking him in the stomach,  He is progressing favourably.

Death  -  Lancaster Park  -  JONES  -  066
Mr C.E.Jones  ----  was killed -- practising on the track with his motor cycle in view of the coming contests on Christmas Day.  ----  tire came off the front
wheel ---  thrown forward,  head struck a paling  ---  killed almost instantly. -----   about 30 years of age,  leaves a widow  and 3 children

Thursday  24 December  1908
Death - New Brighton  -  069
Charles, who was drowned   in the boating fatality at New Brighton,  was recovered this morning and an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Saturday  26 December  1908
Dunedin  -  THOMSON  -  071
A private cablegram reports the death,  as a result of an accident at Manchester,  of Charles William,  eldest son of Mr William Thomson,  manager of the Commercial Property Company.  Deceased was  aged 24  and learning to become an electrical engineer under the Westinghouse Company.

Wellington  -  072
A man named McPhail,  while driving one of the mail carts from the wharf today,  fell off the vehicle and received injuries which ended fatally.

Monday  28 December  1908
Accidents  and Fatalities  -  074
MACMICHAEL  -  James,  aged 74,  died while playing draughts at Rakauroa on Christmas night.  A verdict of accidental death was returned.
O'HARA  -  Daniel,  employed on the railway construction works,  was drowned at Waikohu  on Christmas Eve.
HIGGS  -  Arthur  ----  fell off the 2nd express from the south at Rakaia on Sat. night. ---------was picked up, practically none the worse for his experience -----

Wednesday  30 December  1908

Death  -  077
---  a man  named A. McDonnell,  age 67  died suddenly at Springfield,  he was not married.

Thursday  31 December  1908
Accidents  and Fatalities -  079
PEEK  -  the body of a man named Peek was found ---  in a stream adjacent to the road. in Manga?eka -----  thrown from his horse.
KENNEDY  -  John,  a single man,  of middle age a native of Isle of Skye  was drowned off the Matau dredge   -----     more ----

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Christchurch  NZ
23 February  2009

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