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Saturday  2  November  1907
Obituary  -  CUNNINGHAM  -  002
Mrs Mary Cunningham,  widow of late Mr A.H.Cunningham,  of Rangiora,  died this morning at the  residence of her son Mr C.A.Cunningham,  of the Government Stock Department,  at the --  age of 94 years.  The lady came to Canterbury with her husband in the early 1850's ,  residing first at Fernside,  then Loburn and Rangiora.  --------

Woodville  -  Death  -  LANGFORD -  004
a coachbuilder  named John Langford,  dropped dead ----  about 8 o'clock.  he was talking cheerfully up to the moment of his death.  age aboyt 60 
and his family is grown up.

Monday  4 November  1907
Napier  -  COOPER  -  005
Another of Napier's old identities,  Mr T.R.Cooper,  well known architect,  passed away on Saturday evening.  ----  age 82  came to the colony in very
early days ----

Wellington  -  006
While rabbit shooting yesterday  a hairdresser named Thomas Isaac ------   was severely injured,  ----  

Dannevirke  -  007
-  A young man named George King  was killed near Ormondville  while riding down a steep incline on a bicycle. ----

Obituary  -  Ashburton  -  BROWN  -  008
Mr Samuel Brown,  well-known in racing circles ---  died at his res.  Papakaio  yesterday,  after a long lingering illness.  he was a resident of Wakanui, 
Ashburton,  for 33 years  ----  he was age 56  and leaves a wife,  and 3 of a family.

Wanganui  -  009
A fatal accident occurred-----     a collegian school boy named Hector Davidson,  whose parents reside at Pahiatua,  was cycling -------     

Tuesday  5 November  1907
Auckland  -  STEVENS  -  010
Sudden death on a steamer  -   Richard Stevens,  aged about 50,  a steerage passenger by the Rarawa,  which arrived in Onehunga  from Taranaki ---- 
While the steward was getting him a drink he collapsed and died before the doctor arrived.-------  more

Carterton  -  012
a  man named Upritchard  was drowned while crossing the river Pirinoa in a boat.  no details to hand.

Wednesday  6 November  1907
Inquest  -  Invercargill  -  COLEBY  -  013
At the inquest ----  death of Alice Coleby,  who was killed on the road, a short distance from Orepuki -----   young lady was driving a milk cart  with a woman
when the horse took fright at a traction engine -----  driven by Alexander Ferrier ----  more ----

Wellington  -  UPRITCHARD  -  014
Mr J. Upritchard,  contractor,   of Greytown North,  was drowned in the Ruamahunga River  at Pirinaa.  Messrs Upritchard  and Myers  were crossing  the river while a heavy wind was blowing.  The boat began to fill,  Mr Upritchard jumped out and commenced to swim ashore.  Mr Clarkson  who is ill  sent off another
boat  but it could make no headway.   -------  deceased------  leaves a widow and 4 children.

Thursday  7 November  1907
Arrivals from London   -  015
DOUGLAS  -  Mr James Douglas  and Mr Bruce Douglas  and Miss Agnes Humphreys  of Waikari arrived in Christchurch today  from London.

Auckland  -  MOONEY  -  017
A young man named R. Mooney,  a passenger from Napier by the Talune,  died just before the vessel's arrival at Auckland. --------

Saturday  9 November  1907

Ashburton  -  LINDSAY  -  018
A young man named William Lindsay,  who sustained severe burns  -----  trying to save jewellery at Sutherland's fire in East st.  3 weeks ago  succumbed to his injuries at 6 last evening.  ----   he was 23 years of age.

Wellington  -  BARRETT  -  019
Frederick Barrett,  47 years of age,  who was injured by an explosion ---  at Levin  about 4 mths ago,  died in Wellington Hosp. last night. He was a journalist
on the staff of the Levin "Farmer"

Monday 11 November  1907
Death  -  TAYLOR -  020
the jockey,  Thomas Taylor,  who was injured when Pohutu  fell in the Great Northern Guinesas,  died in the hospital  on Sunday night.  He was 41 years of age. 
and leaves a widow and several children.

Presentation  -  BRASSEY  -  022
On Saturday afternoon a presentation was made at the Canterbury Hotel,  Lyttelton,  to Mr John Brassey,  -- who is about to be married.  ---a marble clock.

Wanganui  -  GLASGOW  -  023
A man named George Glasgow,  cook at a flaxmill near Waverley,  was burned to death in a horsebox at the railway station  on Saturday night -----  

Tuesday  12 November  1907
Auckland  -  JACKSON  -  024
The inquest on   Frederick Jackson,  found dead in a fireplace at Raurimu,  resulted in a verdict --------   

Meeting of Creditors  -  re LILL  & GIBSON  -  027
F. Lill  and W.W.Gibson,  there were 9 creditors  -------     lots more  ------

Obituary  -  New Plymouth  -  RAWSON  -  028
Mrs Rawson,  aged 73,  a daughter of Rev. John WHITELEY  who was massacred  at White Cliffs  and widow of Dr F.E. Rawson,  a leading medical
practioner of Taranaki,  died ---  one of her sons is Judge Rawson  of the Native Land Court.

Obituary  -  REDWOOD  -  029-1   &  029-2
The late Mr Henry Redwood,  "the father of New Zealand turf"  was born at Trixall,  Sir Clifford Constable's estate in Staffordshire, England,  in 1823. 
-------  he acquired a considerable knowledge of horses and their ailments  from his uncle,  who was  vetinary surgeon  with a very wide proctice,  ----  
coming to New Zealand with his parents in 1842  on the "George Fife" he took up land near Nelson ----   a long column  -------

Obituary  -  Blenheim  -  REDWOOD  -  030
Mr Henry Redwood  died in Blenheim  on Saturday  at age 85 years  --  living here with relatives for the past 3 years  ------  love of Shakespeare --- he could
quote the great poet by the yard  ---   Archbishop Redwood,  a younger brother of Henry ---  Mr William Redwood  and Mr Charles Redwood  are his other brothers --  his sons are Mr Joseph H. Redwood,  and Mr Fred Redwood,  well known settlers and flourmillers of Marlborough.

Obituary  -  SMITH  -  031
The death  ---  of Mr John Tippett Smith,  at the age of 70 years.  was for many years was a member of the Christchurch City Council,  was  born at St. Just-in-Penruth,  Cornwall,  ----  he arrived at Nelson in hte ship "Bard of Avon"  in 1863 --  became a schoolmaster -----  9 years headmaster of Stoke School,  -----  entered business of boookseller  and stationer  in Nelson  and removed to Christchurch  in 1877 to assume management of the Weslyan Methodist  book depot,  which he later purchased ------  over 40 years a local preacher -----   Mr Smith married in 1861  and had 1 son and 1 daughter.

Obituary  -  NIXON  -  032 -1   &  032 -2
----  Mrs Mary Ann Nixon,  wife of Rev john Nixon,  Primitive Methodist minister.  ---  was the eldest daughter of Mr Henry HURST  of Auckland  was born at Burnley  Lancashire,  in 1853.    2 years later  taken to Auckland  by her parents ------   gifted with a beautiful voice --  in 1881  she married Rev John Nixon  ---   1st station  at Ashburton  for 4 years ---    last 2 years an invalid ---- home was transferred to Christchurch --- left a family of 4 daughters and 1 son.  -----  
funeral  at New Plymouth --------

Death  -  RUDDENKLAU  -  033
Mrs Agnes Ruddenklau,  ---  death occurred at Cust on Saturday evening,  was a native of Alloa,  County Clackmannan,  Scotland,  was the eldest dau of late
Mr Alexander  Watt ---  landed in Lyttelton  in January  1858  from the ship "Clontarf"  with her parents  who took up land in the Fernside district.  In 1861 
she married Mr John Ruddenklau  -------  in 1864  moved to Moeraki Downs,  Cust,  until her death.   died in her 71st year  leaving 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Wednesday  13  November  1907
Auckland  -  STERLING  -  034
at a meeting of creditors of John sterling,  storekeeper,  of Raurimu,  ------   debtor disappeared in October last with his wife and belongings,  leaving liabilities ----    

Inquest  -  WILSON  -  036-1    &  036-2    &    036-3
inquest will be held today  or tomorrow  -------  Wilson first figured in the public eye 6mths ago  ---------attempted murder and suicide ------  been together on
the closing night of the exhibition  on 15 April ---------   lots  more  ------

Inquest  -  FITTS  -  037
---  Anna Fitts,  a widow,  died suddenly  -------  

Obituary  -  McLEAN  -  038
death  of  Mr Allan McLean,  late of Waikakahi,   took place yesterday at his res.  Manchester street ------born in the island og Coll in the Western Highlands, 
84 years ago. at an early age came to Australia,  then to New Zealand,  was the 1st of the family to take up land in the colony -----   purchased Ashfield station 
on the Waimakariri  stocking it with 500 merino sheep which he bought from Australia.  In 1854 or 1855  he took up,  with his brothers  Messrs John  & Robertson Mclean  50,000 acres   known as Laghmor station in the Ashburton County.  In 1858  the brothers took up 430,000  acres  known as Morven Hills  station  in North  Otago until  1880,  when surviving brothers dissolved partnership.  Mr McLean  then took up Waikakahi  where he remained until  1898  when he sold the estate to the government. -----   9 years ago he took up residence in Christchurch   -----  he was of a very retiring disposition  he was unmarried.

Death  -  Gisborne  -  PRITCHARD  -  039
William Pritchard,  aged 10  was killed at Waerengaahika -- thrown from a horse -----

Murder at Addington  -  WILSON  -  040
------  shot his wife dead  and attempted to commit suicide, ---  3 children ---   Hans Wilson  aged about 50 ----  family of 5 children,  eldest boy John,  aged 17,  2nd boy  William Ernest,  aged 15,  youngest  aged 7.   ----  Arthur  aged 13 -------    a very long column  -------

Thursday  14 November  1907
Inquest  -  WILSON  -  041-1,   041-2 
---  Arabella Wilson ------  Arthur Wilson,  aged 13,  son of deceased,  said he was awakened by his mother shouting,  Arthur, Arthur -----   a very long column 

Dunedin  -  Death  -  PENNYCOOK  -  042
Pennycook's  10 roomed house at Balclutha was burned down ------    rescued his children  and thought his wife was following  -----  Pennycook,  proprietor
of the "Clutha Leader"  lost his wife in the fire. ----  had difficulty in restraining him from re-entering.

Friday  15 November  1907
Obituary  -  CALCUTT  -  045
----  death of Mr Charles Edward Calcutt,  of Christchurch,  chief salesman and practically assistant manager of the NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency Company
Ltd.  joined the company about 23 or 24 years ago. -------   was son of Mr Thomas Calcutt,  at one time owner of the station "Goodward"  in Otago,  and later Government valuer.  he leaves a widow and 2 daughters.

Death  -  FRASER  -  044
The death of Mr "Jock" Fraser,  a purser in the Union Compadonald joined the Rosamond as 2nd officer on Wednesday  in place of Mr H.F.Wolff,  ashore.
 ----     deceased was son of Mr Murdoch Fraser,  of New Plymouth ----  just received a transfer from his last vessel (the Wanaka)    ---- Mr E.A.MacDonald  joined the Rosamond  as 2nd officer  on wednesday  in place of Mr H.F.Wolff,  ashore.

Saturday  16 November  1907
Accidents  -  MATHEWSON  -  047
Mr Thomas Mathewson,  a well-known farmer in the Methven district,  fell -----   set the fracture.

The Addington muderer  -  046
the condition of Wilson is practically unchanged -- still in a precarious condition.

Monday  18 November  1907
Hawera  -  Obituary  -  Te WHITI  -  047-1
Te Whiti,  the celebrated Maori chief,  died at Parihaka -----  aged 78.  He had been ailing for some time.

Death  -  Hawera  -  KENEALLY  -  048
Thomas John Keneally,  40 years of age,  a farmer at Otakeho,  whilst milking    was killed by a kick on the head by a cow.

Tuesday  19 November  1907
Auckland  -  WISE  -  049
Charles Wise,  a son of F.W.Wise,  of Auckland,  while cleaning a chimney at Waimehia,  fell to the ground and broke his neck.  ----  was 31 years of age,
He had been in the railway service 6mths.

Gisborne  -  CANNON  -  050
John Cannon,  a shepherd,  was mustering sheep at Mangatokerau station,  Tologa Bay ----   his horse fell on a steep face ----  the horse was killed,  but the
 rider was thrown clear ----  spine was severely injured ----  his recovery is doubtful.

Dunedin  -  DAVIDSON  -  051
Mrs W.Davidson  was killed yesterday while driving in a single buggy  from Glenorchy to Arrowtown,  owing to the horse bolting and throwing her out.  A child
who was also in the trap escaped unhurt.

Maintenance  -  CURTIS  -  052
Frank Curtis,  otherwise known as Webb ---   his wife  May Curtis ---- failing to make adequate provision  for herself and 3 children -------

Wednesday  20 November  1907
Dunedin  -  HANSFORD  -  053
at the Supreme court  Florence Helena Hansford applied for a divorce from George Duke Hansford ---  married the respondent in 1892,  4 days after the marriage the respondent left her and went to England ------   when he returned they lived together for 7 years and 3mths.  1 child born in 1897 ---  in 1900 respondent went to live in Queensland.   At Toowoomba on 25 December  1906  respondent went through a form of marriage with one Flora Robertson 
-------   decree nisi was granted

Monday  25 November  1907
Whangarei  -  PULLMAN  - CLEMENTS  -    059
2 young ladies  while bathing at the mouth of the Matapouri river  were carried off their feet -----   MrsPullman,  who was bathing with them  went to
their rescue, and caught hold of the,  but could not regain the shore.   Mrs CLements was riding past  ------   cries for help bought Mr Clements  who
was rafting further up the river  and the party were rescued from their perilous position.

Woodville  -   BELL  -  060
A man named Herbert Bell,  employed by Messrs Kirkcaldie and Stains,  Napier,  while riding a motor-bicycle,  ran into a fence at the curve near the railway
station  and received a deep cut -----   he was insensible when picked up and will take him some weeks to recover.

Tuesday  26 November  1907
Meeting of creditors  -  BLAZEY  -  063
A meeting of creditors  ----  George Edward Blazey,  carrier  of Sumner ----     in partnership  with Mr H. Glenie ----     recommended for imediate discharge 
  --   lots more  ------

Wellington  -  EGAN  -  064
A single man named Nicholas Egan,  28 years of age,  was accidentally killed at levin  whilst working in a railway ballast pit.

Maintenance cases  -  065
RICHARDSON   -  Mary Ann  ---  3 of her children are in a receiving home. ---
BETHKA  -  John  jnr.  and R.H.W. ---- 3 children  in the Christchurch receiving home.------
GUY  -  Richard John Guy  ---   maintenance  for wife -----
MAINE  -  James Thomas  ---  contribute to his father   William Maine    ------    case dismissed ------

Morrinsville    -  ORMESBY  -  062
Edward Ormesby,  2 years of age,  ----  fell into a water trough ----   died ----

Obituary  -  WHISKER  -  066
Mr Alexander Whisker,  one of the few surviving soldiers  who were present at the Coronation  of Queen Victoria,  died yesterday   aged 89.  He was a member
of the 58th regiment and took part in the Maori wars.

Wednesday  27 November  1907
Masterton  -    JACKSON  -  067
Peter Jackson,    while chloroform  was being administered prior to an operation ----   suddenly collapsed and died  -----

Thursday  28 November  1907
Dunedin  -  SNEDDON  -  068
Mr Thomas Sneddon,  a well-known bowler,  who visited Australia with the "All Whites"  died suddenly  at Dunedin.  --------

Waipawa -  STEVEN  -  069
Denis Steven,  aged 17  was found shot in a paddock at Kaikora,  there are no details as to how the accident occurred.

Maintenance  -  GREGORY  -  071
John A. Gregory ---  failing to provide maintenance for his illegitimate child.  -------

Friday  29 November  1907
Auckland  -  ELLIS  -  073
a single man named George P. Ellis  aged about  45,  a gardener  employed by Mr T. Cotter,  solicitor ------    

Saturday  30 November  1907
Obituary  -  HAYES  -  075
Mr John Hayes,  who was a solier in the Crimean war,  died yesterday  at age 75  -------   he was first in the 55th regiment  from 20 May 1854  to 30 November  1856  and he joined the 39th Foot  on 15 January  1858   getting his discharge  nearly 6 years later ------  more -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 December  2008

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