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Wednesday  1 May 1907 
Wellington  - 
   a boy named Kerrigan,  3 years of age,  was drowned in the Waikanae River.

Dargaville  -  
ADAMS  -  a boy 3 years of age,  the son of Mrs Adams,  postmistress at Raupo,  was found drowned in a water-race.

Dunedin  - 
WOODS -   William Woods, a rabbiter near Cromwell,  ------------  and succumbed

Saturday  4 May  1907
Rangiora   -   PAWSEY  -
the train from Waikari this morning ran into a horse and spring cart at the Brook street crossing,  Rangiora.  the vehicle was driven by a boy named Pawsey, son of Mr J.R.Pawsey,  Woodend road,    The boy was returning from the creamery -----------

Monday  6 May  1907
Wellington  -  EIBY  -
A.L. Eiby,  a young man,  -------  at Barrett's Hotel this morning.  He was cashier at the  local office of the NZ Shipping Co. and was transferred here 5-6 months ago  from Timaru,  where his father is manager of a flour mill.  ---------

Ashburton  -  GLOVER  -
a single man,  named Henry Osborne Glover  aged about 60  was found dead about midday today in an empty sample -room.  He was a draper by trade,  and had been 13 years in the employment of one firm here.  His only relation known is a brother in Timaru.

Tuesday  7 May 1907
Wellington  -  Inquest    -  BELL  -
the inquest on the victim of the Brooklyn tramway fatality was continued today.  -----------  lots more  ----  email for a copy

Nelson  -  funeral of the tramway victim  -  BELL  -
the funeral of the late Mrs Bell, the victim of the the Wellingtom tram fatality took place at Richmond yesterday.  Three methodist clergymen assisted.  ---- the late Mrs Bell was sister to Mr Sheat,  the new Mayor of Richmond.   Mr Bell's condition is evoking anxious inquiry from Murchison,  where he is a very popular and useful resident.

Wednesday  8  May  1907 
Wellington  -    Buried at sea    -  REDPATH  -
the Ruapehu from London,  via Cape Town and Hobart,  arrived at Wellington today.  During the voyage from Cape Town a passenger named John Redpath died from the effects of an attack of malarial fever,  and was buried at sea.

Oamaru  -  obituary  -  WAIT  -
Dr John Stubbs Wait,  an old and  respected resident,  died this morning at the age of 77.  Dr Wait arrived at Port Chalmers in 1863  and settled at Oamaru,  where for many years he practised his profession.  ------   including that of Mayor for 2 years.  -------  more - email for a copy

Nelson -   CARTER  -
Mr A, Carter,  Collector of Customs died suddenly at his office shortly before 2 o'clock this afternoon.  He was seized with a stroke  -----   and lived only half an hour thereafter.

Thursday  9 May  1907 
Gisborne  - 
-  Mr J.A. Harding,  proprietor of the Masonic Hotel,  died suddenly at 1-30 this morning of apoplexy.   --------  more

Fire  -  RAMSAY   and  HAMPTON  -
a fire occurred soon after noon today in the washouse of a 2 storeyed house in Durham street,  near the  corner of Gloucester street,  owned by Mr W. EmersonRamsay  and tenanted by a Miss Hampton   ------- lots more.

Friday  10  May 1907
Dunedin  -    SPRINGER  -
Mr George Springer,  of Messrs Cole and Springer,  undertakers,  died suddenly at his house last night from heart weakness,  while a party was being held there.

Saturday  11 May  1907   page 5
Auckland  - 
  Mr Francis L.Severne,  governor of the Auckland Gaol,  died somewhat suddenly at midnight,  aged 66.  ----------

Wellington  -  Trevor  -
Trevor a small 16 year old boy met with a fatal accident at the Wellington Gasworks today.  Deceased  was an engine cleaner, -------  more

William  INNS  -
a lad of 15 named William Inns,  resident at Belfast,  -- to the Hospital this morning with a broken arm.  he had been driving a grocers cart and had fallen out.

Brooklyn  Tramway accident  -  inquest  -  BELL  -
the inquest touching the Brooklyn tramway accident was resumed today.  ------   a long column  -----  email for a copy

Monday  13 May 1907
Auckland  -  inquest  -  RAYNER  -
an inquest will be held this afternoon touching the death of Minnie Rayner,  aged 15 and half years,  daughter of G. Kiton,  residing in Parnell.  Deceased had a
tooth extracted by a local dentist on Thursday and subsequently became ill,  and was attended by a doctor,  but died on Sunday.

Tuesday  14 May  1907
Auckland  -  McDOUGALL  -
Annie McDougall,  aged 20 had a terrible experience at Awaroa,  where she was residing with her uncle.  She left the house on Thursday night,  clothed in her ordinary garments,  but failed to return.  -------  found, bedraggled, hungry, demented,  2 miles from home.  She had crossed a creek fairly wide and deep,  but could not explain how she did so.  She is suffering from shock,  which it is feared may leave serious results.

Inquest  - 
the inquest on Minnie Kitchen,  who died somewhat suddenly on Sunday,  was adjourned after evidence of identification.  ----------

Auckland  - 
   Captain Swanson was found dead in his bunk on the wcow Wakinini,  anchored off Bowenlown. 

Fielding  -  WELSH  -
the body of a man named John William Welsh,  aged 25 years missing from his Uncle's house at Kimbolton since May 9 was found in Coal Creek.  -------   more

Carterton  -  SMITH  -
Mr Wallace Smith,  a man about 70 years of age,  fell from his horse into the Papawai Creek,  and was drowned.  Deceased was a son ofCaptain Smith R.A. who came out to New Zealand with the Land Company and was the 1st Surveyor-General of the Colony,  and was connected with the early South Wairarapa settlement.

Blenheim  - 
   William Preston,  aged 27,  whose mother and sisters reside in Blenheim has been missing since Thursday at noon. -------- 

Wednesday  15  May  1907
Auckland  - 
   the suspicious circumstances in connection with the death of the girl Minnie Kitchen,  who died rather suddenly on Monday --------

Fielding  - 
   a verdict ------ touching the death of John Wilson Welsh,  who was found drowned  --------  more

Wellington  -  HILLIER  -
a man about 40 years of age walked into a timber yard in the city today and settling down,  died in a few minutes from heart failure.  -----on the body was found a discharge from the steamer Ruapehu made out to the name of Albert Hillier.

Dunedin  - 
SCOTT  -  the body of a man found in the Molyneaux River,  near Beaumont,  it is believed to be that of Scott who was drowned at Cromwell 6 weeks ago.

Hastings   -  Fire  -  MADDISON & Co,      WILLIAMS  & KETTLE Ltd,    PATERSON, MESSMAN & CoFAULKNER, 
one of the most serious fires which has taken place in Hastings for some time broke out about 8 o'clock last evening in Messrs Maddison
and Co's store. --------Messrs Williams and Kettle Ltd,  and messrs Paterson, Messman and Co.  ------   lots more  -- email for a copy

Thursday  16 May  1907  -
Wellington  -  LINDSAY  -
Mr David E. Lindsay, well known as a mail agent on behalf of the NZ Post Office between NZ and San Francisco for several years,  died last night at the age of 47.  Mr Lindsay underwent an operation a week ago, and was making an excellent recovery when heart trouble supervened.

Tauranga  - 
   John Maxwell,  a young man belonging to Opotiki,  died suddenly on board the steamer Waiotahi while entering the harbour last night,  --------

Friday  17 May  1907
Mamaku  -  BURKE  -
a sad accident accurred on Thursday morning to a man named Burke,  a bushman.  He was struck on the head by a falling limb of a tree,  sustaining a fractured jaw.  Death,  caused by hemorrhage occurred 4 hours later.

Dunedin   Divorce  - 
MUIRHEAD  v.  MUIRHEAD  -  ----   lots more  -  email for a copy

Saturday  18 May  1907    p5
Mamaku  - 

Blenheim  - 
  no word has yet been received of the missing man Preston.  ---------

Monday 20 May  1907
Gisborne  - 
   Frederick Turner Manger,  a wharf labourer,  died suddenly this morning.   -----   an inquest will be held.

Dargaville  -  ROBINSON  -
Matthew Robinson,  an elderly man, fell overboard and was drowned from the steamer Waiwera,  between here and Graham's Fern,  at   o'clock on Saturday night.  The body was not recovered.

Huntly   -
HORWOOD  - the 5 yr old son of Mr george Horwood was drowned in the river at Huntly.  He was playing with a boy called John Kelly in a canoe,  ------  

Blenheim  -  PRESTON  -
the organised public search for the missing man William Preston who left his home in Blenheim  ------    resulted yesterday in the discovery of a bicycle, since identified as Preston's,  near the Opawa River -----

Invercargill  -  inquest  -   DAY  -
an inquest was held today touching the death of John Francis Day,  farmer,  Waikaka,  whose body was found in an outhouse in the rear of an Invercargill boarding-house on Sunday morning  -----------  he leave a widow and 7 of a family.

Wellington  -   Divorce  -  
BEST  v  BEST  -
ROSS  v.  ROSS  -

Tuesday 21 May  1907
Whakatane   -    WYLIE,   THOMPSON,   WILSON  -
---  the occupants of the missing oil launch were Messrs Wylie,  Thompson and Wilson.  They left Whakatane on Sunday,  and have not
been heard of since.  -----

Crew  ALL  SAFE  -   see above -
the launch and its occupants were rescued by the Mangapapa,  all well

Dunedin  -
   the infant son of Mr John Healey of Fairfax,  died -------

Thursday  23 May  1907
Christchurch  -  inquest  -   BESWICK  -
an inquest will be held this morning -----   touching the death of a youth Leslie Beswick,  who was killed by an explosion,  -------   Beswick who was 17 years of age,  had only arrived from Auckland a short time ago.

Invercargill  - 
    Ella Blondell,  of Nightcaps,  aged 4 years -----------  she died this morning in Riverton Hospital.

Friday  24 May  1907
Auckland  -  KASPER  -
the dead body of a man was found in the harbour at Devonport.  The man aged about 65 years.  There is no clue to the identity of the deceased except a handerchief marked C. Kasper.

Taihape  - 
  a fatal accident occurred near Waiouru last night.  Mr George Forsyth, --  was riding on a ballast engine,  -------   where he died at midnight.

Dunedin  -   inquest  -  
-  at the inquest touching the death of Mrs Annie Cunningham,  widow,  at Leith Valley,  ----------

Dunedin  - 
-  Robert Douglas, a single man,  aged 69,  died in hospital this morning ----  

Christchurch  -   Fires  -  LEE, 
a fire broke out  --in a cottage at No 60 Colombo Street,  occupied by a Chinese laundryman named Chong Lee  -----  the cottage is owned by Mr J.T.Brown,
---   in a corner of whose timber yard it stands.

Wellington  -  obituary   -  
-   the death is announced --- of Dr William Cateland Alexander,  a well known local medical practioner,  aged 52

Divorce  -
HEIGHWAY  v.  Heighway   -------     more  ---- email for a copy
ROBINSON  v  Robinson  ------ more  ----- email for a copy
KNOX  v  Knox    --------- more -----  email for a copy

Saturday  25 May  1907
Christchurch  -   inquest  -  OWEN(S)  -
an inquest was held at the Hospital this afternoon ---  Rose Christina Mildred Owens,  a young married woman  --  William John Owen a labourer,  husband of the deceased,  said she was 19 years of age and 5 months.and married since last January --    a very long column  --   email for a copy.

Monday  27  May 1907
Stratford  -  Fire  -  LAMBERT  -   Egmont Clothing Company  -
the Egmont Clothing Company's premises in Broadway Street were totally destroyed by fire early yesterday morning.  The 2 shops adjoining, 
owned by Mr Lambert,  but unoccupied,  were considerably damaged also.  ----  Mrs McALLISTER's  property was but slightly damaged. ---

Waihi  - 
   F. Boyer,  manager of the Waihi Workers' Co-operative Society, -----------  email for a copy

Blenheim  -  missing man  -  PRESTON  -
The Blenheim Rifles and the local footballers yesterday systemiacally searched the mud flats and lagoons for any trace of the missing man,  William Preston,  and found a hat,  since identified as Preston's on a spit in the Upper lagoon,  ------  the police are now dragging for the body.

Wednesday  29 May  1907
Napier  -  MARTIN  -
Mrs Martin,  wife of Mr John Martin,  tailor,  a very old resident of Napier,  died suddenly last evening.  The deceased lady,  who was well known and highly esteemed throughout the colony,  was 76 years of age,  and with her husband had been living in Napier for 44 years.  In 1905 Mr & Mrs Martin celebrated their golden wedding.

Napier  - 
  a young married woman named Alice Caroline Simpson died suddenly on Monday evening,  ---------  the inquest has been adjourned  ---------

Nelson  -  JAMES  -
In connection with the fatality at the Slate River claim,  Collingwood,  to Llewellyn  (not Louis)  James,  He was working in a tail race cut out of rock, with sides varying in height. the race had been used for 30 years---------

Thursday  30 May  1907

Carterton  - 
WAKELIN  -   Mr George Wakelin,  an early Wairapapa pioneer,  died at Greytown last night.

Wellington  -  
Mr Bell,  whose wife was killed and himself injured in the Brooklyn tram accident,  has sufficiently recovered to leave Wellington  for Nelson today.

Friday  31 May  1907

Greymouth  -  Fire  -  
-   by a fire Mr Robertson's bakery and a dwelling were destroyed. --------

Christchurch  - 
-  shortly after 4 o'clock this morning ---- fire had broken out in the upper storey of a stable in the rear of premises which had been occupied
                     by the late Rev J. Orchard,  in Worcester Street.   

Auckland  - 
McDOUGALL  -   Annie McDougall,  20 years of age,  had a terrible experience at Awaroa,  where she was residing with her uncle.  She left the house on                                         Thurdsay -----  she is suffering from shock

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 June 2007

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