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Wednesday  1 May  1907   page 3
Marriages  -
KIRCHER  -  WATTS  -  April 1 at --- Phillipstown,  William Harry,  son of H.W. Kircher,  Opawa, to  Emma, dau of Mrs H. Watts,  Ferry Road,  Linwood.

Death  -
PETERS  -  April  30,  Elizabeth,  beloved wife of Rev Alfred Peters,  Methodist Parsonage,  Lytttelton,  aged 40.

Thursday  2 May  1907  
  page 3
Silver Wedding  -
LOWE  -  HALL  -  May 3rd 1882  at the res. of the bride's mother,  Southbrook,  by Rev Samuel McFarlane,  George Lowe  to  Mary Ellen,  2nd daughter
                                of the late Michael and Georgianna Hall,  Southbrook.

Deaths  -
CRAIGHEAD  -  Wed. 1 May at Gower Brae,  Cheviot,  John Wilson,  eldest son of Alexander and Mary Craighead,  in his 32nd year.
PETERS  -  April 30,  Elizabeth,  bel. wife of Rev Alfred Peters, Lyttelton, --- and dau of late William Morgan Watson,  of Upper Riccarton. aged 40.
SMITH  -  April  28 at Seaward Valley,  Kaikoura,  Mary Ellen  (Cissy)  dearly beloved wife of Frank Smith,  aged 26 years.

In Memoriam  -
HOLMES  - in fond remembrance of my dear husband Frederick Holmes,  who died Sockburn, May 3 1904  -  inserted by loving wife and family.

Friday  10 May  1907
Birth  - 
HARRISON  -  May 9 at 244 Manchester street, north,  to wife of L.G.Harrison. a daughter.

Marriages  -
BURBERY  - MANNING  - April 23  at -- James Charles Stanton-Vere Burbery, son of  R.Sergeant-Major Burbery  to Grace Alice, dau. of the late                                                     C.H.Manning.
LITHGOW - FOSTER - April 30  at --Christchurch,  John, son of late Frances Alex Lithgow,  Wai-iti road,  to Sarah, dau of  late Joseph Foster, both of Timaru.

Deaths  -
ARTHUR  -  May 8  Elizabeth Arthur,  widow of the late Z. Arthur,  in her 68th year.
BUSHBY  -  May 9 at 78 Byron street, Sydenham,  Bridget, widow of the late Richard Bushby, Launceston,  aged 75 years  Tasmanian papers please copy.
FERGUSSON  May 8 at Christchurch, Henry Amolius Coventry Fegusson,  youngest son of Mrs Fergusson, Landsdowne, Halswell,  Canterbury, NZ, aged 52

In Memoriam  -
PLEASANCE  -  in loving memory of our dear mother,  Mary Ann,  who died May 10th  1904  -   inserted by her loving husband and family.

Saturday  11 May 1907   page 5

Birth  -
SUNDERLAND  -  May 5 at North - East belt,  to wife of R. Sunderland  a son.

Deaths  -
ARTHUR  -  suddenly,  Elizabeth Arthur, beloved mother of Mrs M.Moore and M.Sthenkel,  of Lytelton,  in her 68th year.
COLLIER  -  April 10th at his res. West Lyttelton,  Richard Wright Collier,  in his 67th year,  Sydney papers please copy.
FERGUSSON  -  May 8 at Chch,  Henry Amelius Coventry Fegusson,  youngest son of Mrs  Anna Fergusson, Landsdowne, Halswell,  aged 52
STAPLETON  -  May 10 at Christchurch  Hospital,  Robert Edward,  beloved son of R. and S. Stapleton,  aged 4years and 8mths.

Marriages  -
COOK  -  SERRA   - 25 April 1907 at --- parents,  Charles Edward, son of William Cook   to   Erica Pia, dau of Domenico Serra,  both of Lyttelton.
STONE  -  GAWEN  -   on April 30  by Rev R.S. Gray,  Thomas Stone,   to   Olive Kingston Gawen.
WILSON  -  MOORE  -on April 24  at the residence of the bride's parents, Robert, son of Meredith Wilson, Wakanui   to   ElizabethAgnes, (Lizzie) dau. of John                                                 Moore,  Seaview,  Ashburton.

In Memoriam  -
COSSAR-MILLER  -  George,  bel hus.of Mary Cossar-Miller,  died at MissJone's Nursing Home on May 12, 1906 - inserted by his loving wife and family
CHAPMAN  -  James  who died at Linwood,  May 11th  1905,  aged 63,  -  inserted by his loving wife and family.
MORRISON  - Mary Ann  who died May 12 1904, -  inserted by her husband
HAHN  -  Fredericka ,  died May 12 1906  -   inserted by her loving daughters Mrs G.Mehrtens, and Mrs H.Smith,  East Oxford.
WITHERS  -  William Barrow,  who died May 11th 1906  aged 43 years

Funeral  Notices  -
COLLIER  -  Richard  to leave his late residence West Lyttelton, on Monday at 2pm for the English Cemetery

Tuesday  14 May 1907
Birth  -
COTTERELL  -  May 11th at Cheviot,  to wife of Wilfred Maxwell Cottrell,  a son.
FARROW  -  May 5th at Lanzley Villa,  Hanmer Springs,  to wife of H. Farrow,  a daughter,  stillborn.

Bereavements  -
MALCOLMSON   -  Mrs  and family desire to thank  their many kind friends for their messages of sympathy ----- -----
COE   -  Mrs and family  desire to thank all kind friends ---------

Saturday  18 May  1907
Deaths  -
DUFF  -  May 17 at his daughter's res. 229 St Asaph street,  John Duff,  late of Sefton,  aged 80
McNAB  -  May 18 at the Criterion Hotel,  Gloucester street,  Robert Alexander,  beloved husband of Daisy McNab,  aged 37 years.

Funeral Notices  -  
McNAB  - Robert Alexander McNab are invited to attend his funeral leaving the Criterion Hotel  n Sunday 19th inst. at  3? pm for the Linwood Cemetery

Monday   27 May  1907

Golden Wedding  - 
MERSON  -  YOUNG  -  26 May 1857  at the Temporary Church,  Lyttelton,  NZ  by Rev R.W. Dudley,   John Isaac Merson,  mariner,  bachelor,   to   Esther                                 Young,   spinster,  both of Lyttelton,  Melbourne papers please copy.

Deaths  -
GILLBANKS   -  May 26  at 122 Armagh street,  William Henry Gillbanks,  in his 52nd year
GITTENS  -  May 25  at his residence Leeston,  William Gittens  aged 74
JEFFREY  -  May 26,   at Walton street, Sydenham,     John  (Jack)  beloved son of Percy and Harriett Jeffrey,   aged 28years
KNUDSEN  -  May 26  at his res.  88 Stanmore road,  Gabriel  beloved husband of Margaret Beatrice Knudsen,  aged 56  Australian papers please copy.
SPENCER  -   May 25  at  98 St Asaph Strret,  Linwood,  Clyde  (Fred)  2nd and dearly beloved son Wm Walter and Mary Spencer  aged 26 years

In Memoriam  - 
FAIRHURST  -  loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Zillah Fairhurst,  who died May 25 1906

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
26 June 2007

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