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Friday  2 November  1906
Christchurch  - 
  an inquest touching the death of the cabman,  F. Reid,  who was killed last night,  will be held at  the hospital at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Wellington  -  Fire  -  ANDERSON  -   LOWTHER  -  McKEAND  -
the shop and dwelling at Newtown occupied by Mr P. Anderson,  botanist,  and Messrs F.J. Lowther   and J. McKeand,  were destroyed by fire at 8-30 this morning.    -----  the adjoining premises occupied by Mr Garbes,  sailmaker,  Mr Moses,  fancy goods dealer,  were slightly damaged. ----- 
the building was owned by Mr Martin Kennedy

Gisborne  - 
  the body of Thomas Ellis,  a labourer, aged 55 years  ---------

Monday  5 November  1906
Auckland  -  KIRKBRIDE  -
Mr M.M. Kirkbride,  member for Manukau,  died yesterday from meningitis.  He left his parliamentary   duties 5 weeks ago owing to ill-health. 
His condition became critical,  he was moved from his home  to a private hospital.

Auckland  -  TROBROOK  -
 a fishing boat capsized in the Tamaki River last night.   ----   an Italian fisherman named   Trobrook was thrown into the water and drowned.

Palmeston North  -  TOMKINS  -
an old age pensioner,  named William Tomkins, was found dead by his wife at midday yesterday.   The   deceased who was nearly 86,  had been in the
colony 64 years.  ----   an inquest was not necessary.

Nelson  -   inquest  -   MOYNIHAN  -
the body of the lad Moynihan,  who  was drowned in the boating fatality at the Boulder Bank   yesterday week,  was found --------at the inquest, a verdict of accidental death was returned     ----------

Southbridge  -  LOUDEN  -
a young man named James Louden was killed at the Southbridge Railway Station this morning.  -------   he was about 20 years of age and was in the employ
of Mr Thomas Dowling,  of Oakleigh Estate.  It is believed he has no relatives in the colony.

Christchurch  - 
  a young man named William Davies was --------  at Sumner,  -------

Dunedin  -  Fires  - 
  a building of  9 rooms,  owned by Mr Shrimpton,  was almost totally destroyed by fire  ------

Tuesday  6 November  1906
it is reported that a boating accident involving the loss of 3 lives ----  the party consisting of   William Ball,  aged 30,   Moss Hazelmore,  aged 38,  William Paton  aged 40,  Claude Davey ,  David  Hamilton,  and Ernest Gilchrist  left Invercargill in an oil launch with  a dingey in tow.  for   Sandy Point on a fishing expedition.  -------  nothing has been seen since of Ball,  Hazelmore and  Paton,  the 2 latter were married and leave families of 3 and 4 children respectively.

Thursday  8 November  1906
Dunedin  -  divorce  -  COOK  -
in the divorce court a decree nisi was granted in the case of Margaret Cook  versus  Samuel Thomas  Cook,  for desertion,  the case came from Oamaru.

Dunedin  -  
LEE  -   2 men were killed in the Kaitangata coal mine.  One was the son of Mr Lee,  the manager of the mine.

Monday  12 November  1906
Auckland  -  Fatal Tramway accident  -  TAYLOR  - a tramway accident with a fatal    ----  in Symonds Street on Sunday.  Mrs Alice Taylor,  wife of
Mr W. Taylor,  manager for Messrs Kempthorne, Prosser and Co. ---------

Auckland  -  Fire  -  SCHERFF  -
a fire at Admiralty House,  occupied by Mrs Scherff as a boarding-house on Sunday afternoon was   extinguished after 3 rooms and nearly the whole of the roof
had been burned.

Dunedin  -  divorce  - 
-   in the case of Michael  v.  Michael,  wife's petition for divorce  -----------

Wednesday  14 November  1906
Greymouth  - 
-  Mr Henry Smith,  Inspector of Schools under the Grey Education Board.  died today after 6 weeks illness.

Dunedin  - 
-   Mrs J.A. Millar,  wife of the Minister of Labour,  died from apoplexy today.

Thursday  15 November  1906
Hokitika  -  CLARKE  -
the body of an elderly man,  identifies as that of W. H. Clarke,  civil engineer,  supposed to have  come from the Auckland district,  who arrived here a month
ago on a prospecting expedition,  was  found on the ocean beach early this morning. ---------

Auckland  -  HODGES  -
a young man about 25 years of age was found wandering in a very weak,  and evidently suffering from  some brain trouble -------  he gave his name
as John Hodges -----  

Friday  16 November  1906
Auckland  -  inquest  -  
a child named Edith Emma Mills,  3 years of age,  the daughter of Mr C.H.Mills of Papakura,  was playing with her sister with a piece of string -------

Oamaru  - 
the body of a man found by a party of fishermen ------Michael Millay,  an old age pensioner,   aged about 70 ---deceased was a native of Kilkenny

Hokitika  -  inquest  -  
  a verdict of found drowned -----in the case of William Hill Clarke ----he is supposed to  be a brother of Sir Marshall Clarke,  England

Saturday  17  November  1906
Dannevirke  -  inquest  -  STEVENSON  -
an inquest touching the death of Mary Stevenson was held at Matotuku yesterday, -----------   she leaves 8 children,  the youngest 9mths old.

Thames  -  
  -  a sad boating fatality has occurred here.  A man named Bauer  -------

Wanganui  -  GRAY  -
the child who was the victim of a train accident yesterday at a level crossing succumbed to her injuries.  ---  a little girl,  aged 2 years and 9 mths,  daughter of Mr R.D.Gray ---------

Monday 19 November  1906
New Plymouth  -  Fire  -  McGUIRE  -
a fatal fire occurred at Waitara early on Sunday morning,  when the Bridge Hotel was totally  destroyed,  and an old man named Thomas McGuire
was  -------  the Hotel was owned by the trustees  for Mrs Fairweather and the licensee was Mr W.R.Wilson -------

Thames  - 
Ralph Dunlop the young man  ----  died at the hospital this morning.  He was the son of Mr T.A.Dunlop,  a well-known mine manager.

Oamaru  -   3 men missing in a boat -
word was received this morning that a boat had been found  ----   no traces of the bodies have been found.

Wellington  - 
ASHER  -   the death is announced of Mr David Asher,  at age 76.  Mr Asher was  formerly a furniture dealer and in the early days took a prominent part in fire                             brigade work in  Dunedin and Wellington.

Dunedin  - 
  the chief postmaster Mr Wilkin,  died this morning.

Tuesday  20 November  1906
Rotorua  - 
-    a girl,  6 years of age,  the daughter of a Maori named Waretini -----

Wednesday  21 November  1906
Thames  - 
-  Henrietta Willett's,  aged 5 years died at the hospital ----------

Rotorua  - 
  a little Maori girl,  6 years of age  ------  close to her parents residence at Whakarewarewa  yesterday morning. ----------

Thursday  22 November  1906
Blenheim  -  coach  accident  -   WESCOLT,   BOLTON,    BONNINGTON,   -
the Top Valley coach,  from Blenheim yesterday capsized when crossing the north bank of the Wairau  river.  The driver Westcolt,  a man named Bolton,  and
Mrs Bonnington and a child,  passengers,   were drowned.   Wescolt was single,  Bolton was stranger to the district,  but Mrs Bonnington was an  old resident.

Friday  23 November  1906
Blenheim  -  Wairau coach accident  -
further particulars of the coach accident at Top Valley crossing on the Wairau river,  25 miles from   Blenheim, --------  a long column

Hokitika  -  Obituary  - 
the wife of Mr J.B.Lewis,  president of the Westland Law Society,  died last night after a protracted illness.

Christchurch  -  Divorce -
Sarah Godwin HERVEY  v  William Hervey ------  more

Blenheim  - 
the body of Waskett,  the driver  of the coach,  was recovered at noon today,  3 miles below the ford ----  one bag of mail matter was also found.

Monday  26 November  1906
New Plymouth  - 
-   Mr George Charles Fair,  petroleum expert,  died this morning after a short illness  -----

Wellington  -  Obituary  - 
BYRNE  -  at the inquest touching the death of the woman Emma Byrne, ----- the woman came from Oamaru ------

Wednesday  28 November  1906
Auckland  -  inquest  - CLARK   and  MAY  -
the inquest touching the death of R. Clark  and T. May,  who lost their lives in the accident at the  Colliope Dock  yesterday,  was opened this morning---------

Napier  -   HUSTON  -    (this was the spelling in the paper)
Mr Robert Moore Huston,  chemist,  manager for Messrs Wilkinson and Co. Dunedin,  for 14 years,  died suddenly yesterday afternoon.  ------------  more

Dunedin  -  DOWNIE  -
an old man named Thomas Downie died in the hospital from injuries received on November 8th by being  knocked down by a tram-car in George Street.

Thursday  29 November  1906
Napier  -  HUESTON  -    (this was the spelling in the paper)
at the inquest touching the death of Robert Moore Hueston,   --- the inquiry was adjourned for a fortnight -----

Wellington  - 
- the body of Joseph Smith,  aged 67 was found in the harbour this morning.  Deceased was a clerk,  been missing from his home for a few hours.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 July  2006

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