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Tuesday 1 May 1906
Amberley  -  001
GOOD -  Elizabeth,  aged about  40  died suddenly this morning at Broomfield,  near Amberley,  she stated she was poisoned.

Auckland -  TURLEY,  TURBOTT  -  003
George Turley,  aged 25  and Matthew Turbott,  aged 26  were drowned in Lake Waikare,  near Huntly,  yesterday  through a boat capsizing. The bodies have
not been recovered   ----  Turley leaves a wife and 4 children.

Wednesday 2 May 1906
Bankruptcy  -    004
SCOTT  -     VINCENT  -   
    James Scott  and Elizabeth Vincent ---    Scott was a furniture dealer ----   a very long column  ------

The Stamp Act  -  BOAG  & McILRAITH  -  004a
Stamp Act 1882   -----  testator  William Boag,  by his will had devised to trustees certain parcels of land upon trust to sell  --- for his son Peter Dewar Boag -----  
-----   a very long column  -----

Disputed Will  -  TOPLISS   -   ALLEN   -   005
Henry Topliss  v  Arthur Allen  and Isaac Allen,  will of Charles Topliss -----  Mary Jane Topliss, widow,   married one John Isaac HILLSON,  and in September 1904 ---   a long column  ----   lots  more  -----

Disputed Costs  -  005a
HAYDON  -  James Haydon  and another  v  John Haydon  in the matter of the will of Selina Haydon --------

Auckalnd  -   TURLEY,  TURBOTT  -  006
While Matthew Turbott,  George Turley  and Cole,  of Tuakau, accompanied by Mr Turley were attempting to cross Lake Waikare  in a flat bottomed boat on Monday ---  Cole & Turley were rescued  ---  Turley leaves a widow and 2 children,  Turbott  was engaged to be married ---   Messrs Turley were brothers.
 -----  more  ----

Death  -  McKEARNEY  -  007
Mary McKearney, an elderly single woman,  who resided at Miss kenny's house ---  died in hospital this morning from burns received late last night.   
an inquest will be held at the hospital at 4-30pm today.

Thursday 3 May 1906
Auckland  -  FENWICK  -  008
James Fenwick,  son of Robert Fenwick  of the T. and S. Morrin Company, who had been missing since Thursday, was found last night  huddled in a heap on the floor of an outhouse in Mount st,  off Symonds st.   ------  it was evident Fenwick had been lying in his cramped position for some days ------  he was possibly badly beaten ----  later   Fenwick  the victim of the Mount st mystery is dead. ---  

Fatalities & Accidents   -  009
BUNKER -  Moses, a seaman, Wellington, belonging to H.M.S.Pegasus,  who was drowned Easter Monday  ----   inquest today, verdict accidentally drowned.
REES - William,  a settler near Bainham, Collingwood,  was discovered seriously injured by a fall of earth while mining ------
McCROSTIE  -  James,  a married man, aged 44  who left his home at Drummond, Invercargill,  on 30 April, was found dead lying in 4 in. of water  --------

Friday 4 May 1906
Wellington  -  011
McGUIRE -  Mrs Sarah Ann McGuire,  aged 34,  --------  died suddenly  yesterday  -- she was about to undergo an operation   -------

Auckland Mystery  -  012
FENWICK - The death of Fenwick -- discovered a bullet in his head  ----  inquest opened today  and adjourned  -----

Monday 7  May 1906
Nelson  -  EDWARDS  -  015
Mr Henry Edwards has died who for 50 years with Messrs Sclanders and Co.  was well-known throughout the colony  ---  he was local agent for the South British Insurance co.

Wanganui  -  016
KNOWLES  - Knowles, at present lodged in Wanganui gaol  ---  charged with mudering his wife.

Fatalities  -  017
FITZGERALD  -  John,  aged 78, a Coromandel prospector  been missing since Friday, was found dead yesterday at the bottom of an old  shaft ----
STUART -  James Stuart, aged 74  an inmate of an old men's home  died yesterday  he choked while eating an orange given to him by a visitor.

Safety of New Zealanders in San Francisco   -  018
The Premier received from San Francisco a further cablegram anoouncing the safety of  -
Mr W.H.Lambert and family (Wellington)      Mr W.Fyfe (Wellington)       Mr C.S.Young and family;        Mr Joseph Allen and family;       Mr Alfred Jorgensen;   
Mr W.T. Barnett and family (Timaru)     Mr Charles Powrie;   Mr Henderson and family (Auckland)      Mrs John Reid;    Mrs Agnes Schmidt;     Mr E.A.Reid;  
Mr H.Aschen;    Mr H.Harnett;    Mr E.K.Alder;   Mr John Marron;   Miss Annie Deverell;   Mrs L.B. Wetherbee;     Mrs Foley;   Mrs Cain;    Mr John McGrath;   Mr David Scoullar;    Messrs Cameron Bros;     Mr A.G.Oakenden;   Mr A.G.Sheath;    Hendersons (4)    Mr Mitchello;    Mr Kessings;    Mr A.M. Jackson  and sisters.    The families of the above are all safe.

Tuesday 8 May 1906
Fatalities  -  019
WHITE  -  William,  pork butcher,   ----    was reported missing  was found in a drain ---   Napier
STEWART - James, an inmate of the Benevolent Institution   ------ inquest  --- death due to a piece of orange ---  

Wednesday 9 May 1906
Thames  -  SCHCOFIELD  -  020
Tasman Schcofield ----employed at the tailings plant connected with the Waiotahi battery, was caught in the belting and whirled round.   He died in Thames hospital
2 hours later.  he was an old volunteer and leaves a wife and several children.

Fatality  -  MATHIESON -  021
Kate Mathieson,  aged 25, a domestic servant, died suddenly yesterday  ------     an inquest will be held tomorrow,   her parents live in Port Chalmers.

Thursday 10 May 1906
Inquest  -  022
HILLS  -  Leonard Hills,  aged 9, was run over by a waggon at Rotheram on Monday aft. ----   inquest adjourned until next Wednesday  -----

Friday 11 May 1906
Palmeston North  -  KNOWLES -  023
William Knowles, on remand, was charged with the murder of his wife Martha Adele Ann Knowles  at Palmeston on 28 April.   -----  more  ----

Maintenance -  024
WRIGHT - Richard Wright was charged with failing to provide for his illegitimate child  ----------

Monday 14 May 1906
Dunedin  -  DAWSON -  026
Miss Agnes  gained 139 marks for pianoforte playing in the Royal Academy examinations,  the highest mark gained by any candidate in the 1905 examinations of New Zealand  for any subject.

Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  027
HOWLEY -  Annie, a marries woman, is in Auckland hospital suffering from swallowing a large doe of neuralgia mixture, ------
HOUNSELL -  William,  an old man of Nelson   --- died today an inquest may be held.
McCROMBIE - John, a wharf labourer of Oamaru,  age 46,  married,  he fell 10ft  from a ladder breaking both bones of the leg ----
STEVENS -  Walter,  winchman on the Alpine No 2 dredge at Dunedin was drowned this morning.
MACKIE -    Ethel, an inquest will be held ---  was injured on Friday trying to stop a runaway horse in Lower Riccarton.

Divorce Sequel  -  SCOTT   -  028   p3
John Scott sued Frank Hickinbottom and Emma Annie Scott  --------  defendants commenced divorce proceedings in December,  was made absolute in March ---   The first decree gave Hickinbottom charge of the children and of Mrs Hickinbottom  -----   claim for custody of the children.  -----   lots more  -----

Westport  -  HERRING  -  029
On Saturday a girl aged about 13, dau. of Mr Herring of Totara, was shot dead at her father's res.   The father went to work in the morning leaving the children at home  --------   more  ----

Tuesday 15 May 1906
Gun Accident  -  HERRING  -  030
Edwin and Cecil Herring,  aged 15 and 9,  brothers of Lily Herring,  who was killed by gunshot,  were found last night ----    it appears the girl was engaged in household duties and accidentally knocked the gun down and it exploded and killed her.

Bay of Islands  -  Death  -  REWITI  -  031
Ru Rewiti  (Louis Davis)  a chief of the Ngatamanu tribe, Bay of Islands,  died on 30 April  ----  Wiki  (Victoria)  Keepa,   a daughter  ---  Ru Rewiti was married
to a daughter of Major Keepa,  a Wanganui chief.

Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  McKAY  -  032
Inquest resumed today on Archibald McKay,  who with fellow worker Anderson  died from effects of posioning at the cement works  --------   post mortem on John Gilman Anderson ---    more  -----

Divorce  -  033
SWETE  - Cecil A.Swete petitioned for dissolution of his marriage to Juanita Lucy Swete,  -----  he was married in Dunedin in 1898  ------   more  ----

Divorce  - GORDON   -    034
Winifred  for dissolution of marriage  with George Fraser Gordon  on grounds of desertion.  was married 23 October 1885 and lived in Southbridge and Rakaia -- in October 1900 he disappeared --- Robert Gordon son,  gave similar evidence ------  

Divorce  -  035
LLOYD  -  Eliza  for disolution   with Joseph Lloyd on grounds of desertion  ---

Arrivals in Christchurch  -  036
JOST  -  Mr and Mrs C. Mack  (London)  

Wednesday 16  May 1906
Wesport  -  Inquest  -  037
death of Lily Herring,  her brothers varied their story under oath,  Edwin Herring aged 15  ------- a verdict of accidental death was returned

Dunedin  -  Golden Wedding  -  MUNRO  -  038
Mr George Munro, a pioneer settler of the Tuapeka district, who with his wife arrived in Port Chalmers  from Scotland in October 1856,  celebrated their Golden Wedding today.  He was at Evan's Flat in 1858  when gold was first discovered  and guided the to the gold Gabriel Reid  after whom the famous Gabriel's Gully was called.

Divorce  -   039
FORSYTH - Samuel Forsyth  petitioned for dissolution  with Emma Esther Forsyth  ---was married  on 26 January 1901  ---petitioner to have custody of the child.

Inquest  -  HILLS -  040
Leonard Hills, aged 11, died in hospital   as a result of injuries received at Rotheram on 7 May.  Anna B.Cox,  matron of the Christchurch receiving Home --  Leonard came to the Home in 1902 but had been boarded out  at Rotheram,  he was mentally deficient   ---    John Davis Hills,  father of the boy ----  Hugh Devine,  farmer of Rotheram,  deceased boarded out to him -----   lots more  ------

Fatalities  -  041
DOLBEL -  Richard Christy Dolbel,  aged 41,  well-known in Hawke's Bay,  met his death falling off a horse on a hard road.  ---
SMYTH  -  Mrs,   of  Hokitika,    relict of Mr J.U.Smyth,  surveyor,  was found dead in bed this morning.  ------

Inquest  -  McKAY  -  042
Mckay, one of the victims of the posioning at the Milburn lime and cement works,  was continued today.  Frank Oakden,  the general manager of the company ----- -----   more  ----

Thursday 17 May 1906
Divorces  granted in Wellington  -  044
COMPTON -  Leonard  v Eliza Compton  and Percy J.Lewis  ------
YOUNG  -  Isobel  v  Frederick R.Young  
WILSON  -  Sarah  v  Hugh Wilson
LARSEN -  John L.  v Maud Alice Larsen

Order made for restitution of conjugal rights   -  044
AMES - Dorothy  v  Arthur Joseph Ames
CAMPBELL -  Hugh  v Mary Campbell,    adjourned for further evidence
HARRISON -  Alice  v  Job Harrison. adjourned for further evidence

Friday 18 May  1906
Dissolution of Marriage  -  046
LEES - Charles Arthur Lees,  land agent,  Sumner  v  Mary Annie Mabel lees  on grounds of her technical desertion ------   more  -----

Inquest  -  MATTHEWSON  -  047
the inquest on Kate Matthewson was continued today,  the principal witness is Mrs Norman, an unregistered nurse in whose house the girl died.  -----  the other witness  was Kate Elizabeth Goodman  a servant with Mrs Norman -----   inquest furthwer adjourned to 1 June -------

Fatalities  -  048
DOWD -  John James,  unmarried,  aged 32  was killed while bush-felling at Gwavas,  Waipawa
CHYNOWTH  -  Catherine  who was knocked down by a tramcar at Kent, Wellington,  on Wed. night   died in hospital  this morning  

Saturday 19 May 1906
Maintenance  -  050
LAWRENCE -  Louisa Mary Lawrence applied for a variation  against Herbert Arthur Lawrence   -------

Auckland -  Fatality  -  051
YOUNG  -  Leslie Arthur,  aged 5  was run over by a cart on Mt Roskill rd, this morning  -----  died instantly  

Monday 21 May 1906
Divorces  -  wellington  -  052
ORTON - Blanche  v  Willowby orton  for desertion
AYRES  -  Grace  v  Arthur John Ares,  for desertion
EDWARDS  -  William  v Catherine Edwards
GOODWIN -  Henry  v  Emma Goodwib
SMITH  -  Rebecca Amelia  v  John W.Smith
MURRAY -  William Henry  v  Ruth Murray
DAWES - Elizabeth  v Richard Charles Dawes
O'DONOGHUE  -  John  v  Martha O'Donoghue
BARNETT  -  Joseph  v  Lucy Emma Barnett,  judgement reserved

Tuesday 22 May 1906
Fatalities  -  055
TACHEN - John,  farmer, dropped dead at Pleasant Point township last evening  ----   aged 52
ROY  -  Elizabeth,  wife of Alfred Henry Roy  of Ravensborne  was killed on Anderson's Bay rd by an electric car  -----  leaves 3 children.

Maintenance  -  056
WOODHAM -  Arthur James,  failing to maintain his wife  -----   case remanded for 2 weeks.

Wednesday 23 May 1906
Napier - Inquest  -  057
MADELEY - At the resumed inquest on John Madeley, who died in hospital last week from injuries to his head  -----   

Deserter  -  058
HARRISON  -  Edward, charged with deserting from the   H.M.S. Prometheus.  -----   remanded till Saturday

Thursday 24 May 1906
Decree  Nisi's -  Wellington     -  059
WOOD  -  Charles  v  Enid Teresa Wood and Frank Barley
MANNERING  -  William John  v  Martha Mannering  and W.J.Newman.

Friday 25 May 1906
Fatality  -  Marton  -  060
HAMMOND  -  Harold Hammond,  aged 27,  son of Richard Hammond  was killed at Hunterville Railway station last evening.  -------

Saturday 26 May 1906
Wellington  -  061
SHORT  -  Captain W.Short, retired master mariner,  aged 75  was found dead in his bedroom  -------

Monday 28 May 1906
Fatalities  -  063
LUKE  -  Mr Samuel, an early settler  died in Auckland today  he arrived here in 1857  --------
HARDING  -  2yr old dau. of Mrs Harding,  drowned  by falling into a bath  at Brunswick st,  Ponsonby  -------
MAXEY -  William,  a carter, was found on Sat. night,  died yesterday  in the stable where he worked  at Napier  -----   horse kicked him. ------
KIRKWOOD - Matthew,  was killed on the railway line near Balclutha on Saturday  -------
DOULAN -  a married woman, aged 60  living at Burke's Pass  died suddenly yesterday morning. -----

Palmeston North  -  064
SAUNDERS - Joseph Saunders, a contractor,  well-known    died in the public reserve, -------   a resident of Wellington ----  2 sons live here ----  lots more ----

Tuesday 29 May 1906
Deceased Persons  Estates  over 1000 pounds  -   065
Wellington  -  
William H.Owen;    John S.W.Pearce;    Mary Pattinson;   Vincent C. Ranson;     William Dickson;   Thomas Ransfield;  Edward Campbell;   Mary Pitts Brown;   

Canterbury  -
Henry J. Clark;   John Greig;   Hector Munro;   Henry Doby;   John Orr;   Daniel McCaskill;   Mary O'Connor;   Samuel Ballagh;   Sarah Jane Watson;   Andrew Shanks;   Agnes Fife;   Donald McLean;   James Shrader;  Jessie Brown;   Arthur C.Knight;   

Dunedin -    Edith Mary Morrison;   William Pringle;   John O'Leary;   William Hutchison;   Benjamin Naylor;   Robert McElwee;   

Auckland -    Thomas Bond;   William C.Levet;   William Atkinson;   William Dunn;   Charles Harris;   Noah Howell;   Mary Eleanor Kirkwood;   James Lyell;   

New Plymouth -     Robert Albert;   John McLaren;   

Invercargill -   Mary Griffen

Waipawa -  067
McCARTHY  -  Billy McCarthy, the noted boxer, has died  aged 31.  ----- more ----

Inquest  -  068
SAUNDERS  -   At the inquest of the late Joseph Saunders,  suffering insomnia for the past 3 years   ---------

Wednesday 30 May  1906
Lyttelton  -  DUDLEY  -  069
Mr Robert Dudley,  owner and master of the small ketch Comet,  had been found drowned close to his vessel.  ---- the body was discovered by 2 boys, newspaper runners  Archibald Olsen  and David Johnson  --------     the boys got a boat belonging to Mr Hatchwell ----   2 men belonging to the steamer Tongariro   named Corner and Bushell  went out in the boat,  took the body out of the water  and conveyed it ashore ---------  was about aged 47,  lived with his wife and family in Durham st, Christchurch,  arrived here about 30 years ago ---  

Thursday 31 May 1906
Absent without leave  -  070
HARRISON  -  George,  from the brigatine Jap,  appeared at Lyttelton  Police Court ----  absent without leave from his vessel  -------

Winton    -  071
WELSH  -  Mrs,  aged 43, wife of James Welsh,  dairyman, was found drowned in a well this morning.  ------  her husband sailed for England 2 weeks ago.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
5 April 2010

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