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Saturday 1 December  1906
Passengers  -   002
Dr and Mrs  Newmarsh,    Mr J. Audley,  (London)    Mr W. Wilson  (Sydney) 
Messrs A.W.Dubois,  J.McLellan and J.Brand ( Wellington)  all  arrived in Christchurch today.

Monday 3 December 1906
Napier -  003
A 2 yr old child named Arthur herbert Strachan  died in hospital  as a result of scalds  by upsetting a tin of boiling water.

Nelson  -  Obituary  -  DRUMMOND -  004
Mrs Jean Drummond, "the grand old woman"  of the Riwaka district.  A native of Fife,  Scotland,  she arrived in New Zealand by the ship Foifeshire in 1842 with her late husband Mr David Drummond.  She was the 1st white woman to arrive in the Motueka district.  ---  she attained the age of 92 years.  leaving 7 sons,  1 daughter, 56 grandchildren,  70 g.g.grandchildren.  --------

Tuesday 4 December  1906
Maintenance  -  006
CROSS  -  J. for failing to obey an order for the support of his wife ----   
CURRIE  -  Robert,  for disobedience of an order of maintenance -------

Southbridge    -  LUDIMAN  -  007
George Ludiman was found dead in a paddock at Lakeside yesterday afternoon.  heart disease is supposed to have been the cause of death.

Wednesday 5 December  1906
Auckland  -   Divorces  -  008
ANDERSEN -  Sarah  v  Augustus William Andersen,  desertion
De BROTHERTON -    Charles  v  Mary Alice De Brotherton,  desertion
PARKINSON -   John Henry  v  Henrietta Parkinson,   and James Washington Wylie,  co-respondent,  desertion.
SMITH  -  Mabel Florence  v  Cyril Adam Smith,  misconduct,  with alimony.  75 pounds.
KUHN -  Carl Frederick  v  Adeline May Kuhn  and Patrick Henry Casey,  co-respondent,  misconduct.

Inquest  -  LUDIMAN  -  009
Turgen Ludiman, was found dead in one of his paddocks on the previous day.  evidence by George and William Ludiman,  sons  of deceased  --------

Licensing Committees -   Lyttelton    -  010
BROWN  -  Sarah,  transfer of the Canterbury Hotel   to  Campbell Ernest Brown  was confirmed.
BROOKING  -  S. licensee of the Saxon Hotel  appeared for a conditional license on regatta day ------
CASSIDY  -  Marine Hotel,  Sumner,  license was renewed  -------

Stowaways  -  Nelson  -  013
4 stowaways were dealt with at court today,  3 from Wellington,  and 1 from the West Coast.  the former by the Mapourika  and the  latter by the Arahura,  they are Patrick Gubbins,  John Johnson,  John Delaney,  are recent arrivals from England.  ---  the West Coast stowaway was James Langley.

Fatality  -  De  MONTALK  -  014
At 1am a motor-car with 5 young men as passengers dashed into a nightsoil cart on Riccarton rd ----  the car driven by Mr T.W. Felton, who had  with him Messrs G.De Montalk,  T.A.R. Dennison,  S.Lightband,   C.Smith -----   De Montalk was seated in the front and the pole of the cart struck him in the chest and knocked him onto the road.  -------  the cart was driven by Mr Inwood -------  De Montalk was agent for Dexter and Crozier,  an Auckland motor firm  ---   he was living with his brother in Barbadoes st.    an inquest will be held   ----  Mr Felton is still in hospital

Thursday 6 December  1906
Auckland  -  Fatality  - 017
BRUCE  -  the boy Bruce who was injured by an omnibus passing over him at Ellerslie,  died in hospital.

Licensing Committee  -  018
GREEN  -  F.W.  transfer of Excelsior Hotel  to  W.Colclough.
LIDDIARD  -  O.  Albion Hotel  to  Jane Surman
CRADDOCK  -  C.G.  New Zealander Hotel  to  J.Jopp
HADDRELL  -  H.F.L.  of Market Hotel  to  O.Liddiard  

Masterton  -  Fatality  -  CUFF  -  019
Fire was discovered in a boarding-house in Queen st,  owned by Trust Lands Trust. and occupied by Mrs Watson.  The victim is believed to be John Cuff  who  came from Oamaru recently ------

Saturday  8 December  1906
Wellington  -  Divorce  -  021
RIDDLER  -  Frederick george  v  Sarah Riddler
DENNIS  -  Flora  v  Albert Newman Dennis
FRITH  -  Louisa  v  William Frith
MARTON  -  Louisa  v  Alexander  Marton
HORNBLOW  -  Robert Edward  v  Mrs Hornblow
HOWARD  -  Hannah  v  George Howard
CARTER  -  Henry   v  Rose Carter
PORTEOUS  -   Emma  v  William Roland Porteous
CASELBURG  -  Lionel   v  Cora Caselburg

Orders for restitution  -  
SCOONES  v  Scoones,  wifes petition
LESH  v  Lesh,   wifes petition

Monday  10 December  1906
Fatalities  -  022
STOLLZBART   -   Wenzle,  working in a railway tunnel at Kaipara Flats was killed by a stone falling on his head.
WOODLEY  -  Leslie,  4yr old son of Mr Eli Woodley  of Belvedere, Carterton  was strangled on a gate ------

Tuesday 11 December  1906
Dunedin  -  KEOGH -  023
Herbert Keogh, a boy living with his parents at Waikari,  was kicked in the forehead by a horse while playing in a paddock,  he died in hospital.

Wednesday 12 December 1906
Arrivals  in Christchurch  -  024
PERRY -  Mr T.  (Melbourne)
SHARP  -  Mr E.H. (London)
BROWN - Mr W.C. (Manilla)
BUDD  -  Mr C.W.   and
PATTERSON -  Mr R.  (Scotland)  left for Dunedin this morning.

Thursday 13 December 1906
Inquest  -  025
Louisa Annie Schumanski,  sudden death at Marshland yesterday ----  death due to cardiac syncope.

Friday 14 December 1906
Obituary  -  ROBINSON  -  028
Mr George Robinson  ( Teoti Rapatini)  of Little River,  died at Waiewa on Tuesday.  he was prominent among the Little River maoris and was a well-known figure both on the Peninsula and in the city.  His age was  63. As a young man he was celebrated in heavy athletics, was most prominent as a wrestler Cumberland style.  ------- more ---

Saturday 15 December  1906
Obituary  -  NALDER  -  030
Mr Marshall Nalder,  who died suddenly  this morning  was well-known in law circles.  He practised for some years in Kaiapoi in partnership with Mr E.E.Papprill ----- In October 1901  he was appointed librarian to the Supreme Court at Christchurch.  -----   under the non de plume of "Pakeha"  has published many delightfully humerous verses  and his poetical work of a serious nature has attracted wide attention.

Tuesday 18 December  1906
Meeting of Creditors  -  031
THOMSON  -  James Henry,  of Christchurch,  boarding-house keeper ------

Gore  -  GARDEN  -  032
James Garden, jnr  storekeeper  Waiwera,  died today  ------

Wellington  -  Inquest  -  KENSINGTON  -  033
an inquest  of Mrs Kensington,  wife of the Under-Secretary  of Lands  who was killed by a fire brigade motor-car yesterday. ---     adjourned until Thursday.

Thursday 20 December  1906
Carterton  -   NGATUERE  -  034
Kingi Ngatuere,  a well-known chief,  died yesterday from injuries in a fall from a gig  on Saturday night.  he was the son of noted chief Ngatuere Tawhiri Matea  of the Ngatimoe tribe.  he was twice married,  he leaves a widow,  5 daughters  and 2 sons.  -----

Death  -  036
NIXON  -  Mrs Elizabeth,  mother of the late Mr Henry Edwards,  aged 102  she was a very old colonist and was widely related.

Fatalities  -  037
McILBONE  -  James,  aged 30  -----   was found dead this morning at Auckland
THOMSON - William,  railway crossing accident  near Normanby,  Hawera,  died this morning  ----
ROBSON -  Susan ,  aged 14  drowned at Kohatu, Motupiko,  Nelson,  was bathing with her friends Dorothy and Blanche Price ----
SMITH  -  R.T. Dunedin,    body found supposed to be a Naval Reserve man,  working on the Pioneer  was found in the upper harbour this morning.

Arrivals from England   -  038
MARCIEL  -  Captain, Mrs  and Miss Marciel, who were passengers from London by the Ruapehu.

Fatal Explosion  -  Dunedin  -  RAYNHAM,    DICK  -  039
an explosion occurred at Fox's quarry, Glen road, Caversham  this morning.  one man was killed and another seriously injured.  ----William Raynham, was killed, married with 4 children  --- William Dick a single man was wounded,  he died at noon,  2 men named King  and Finnerty  were thrown into the air but escaped injury.

Monday 24 December 1906
Passed Examination  -  RUSSELL -  045
Mr Gerald Russell,  son of Mr T.G.Russell,  barrister of this city,  has passed his M.D.Exam,  London University and will leave London  in January for Christchurch  where he intends to practice.

Wednesday 26 December  1906
Maintenance  -  047
ALEXANDER -  William Edward Alexander was ordered to pay 8s a week toward the support of his 2 children  -------

Thursday 27 December  1906
Arrival  -  048
THOMSON  -  Mr J.M. Thomson,  of Hartfort,  U.S.A.  is at present in Christchurch.

Fatalities  -  049
SPENCE - Benjamin,  aged 15 was drowned in the Waikato River   --------
McCARTEN -  Doris Evelyn,  aged 9,  clothes caught fire,  someone in the streetc arelessly  threw away a match ----  at Otahuhu yesterday ----
MORGAN - Ernest,  a station hand,  aged 19 was killed by falling from a bicycle while descending a hill  near Glengarry station,  Dannevirke.
ALLAN  -  Alexander,  of Hawarden ----   fell dead at the saleyards,  heart disease was the cause.
FRIEL  -  Daniel,  a settler of Pleasant Point,  was killed a trap ran into him,  leave a large grownup family.

Friday 28 December  1906
Blenheim  -  REARDON  -  051
John Reardon,  married and aged about 35,  a steward at the Working Men's Club  fell into a fit whilst watching the Criterion Hotel fire on Wed, morning.  --- he expired this morning.

Passengers  -  052
Hon. Pharez Phillips  and Mrs Phillips  (Melbourne)
Mr J.W.Tarleton  (Hobart)
Mr G.H.Carr  (Sydney)
Mr G.H.R.Webb  (Sydney)
Mr R.H.Lucas  (Melbourne)   and
Mr and Mrs O'Shaw, (Sydney)   are in Christchurch.

Maintenance  -  053
RATHGEN  -  Edward H.  failing to obey an order of maintenance  ----

Fatalities  -  055
The body of the young man who was drowned on Wednesday,  through a yacht capsizing,  has not been recovered. --- Timaru
FRAME -  Alan,  was drowned at Waianakarua,  Oamaru  today.

Saturday 29 December 1906
Divorce  -  057
PYBUS  v Pybus,  of Wellington  -------

Inquest  - LAIDLOW -  058  & 059
The adjourned inquest of the death of Thomas Laidlow, who was found dead in a house on the cnr of Madras st and Chapel st, that was burned on Christmas eve. Evidence from James Bowe,  cabman  and William Ward,  friend of the deceased.  ----  Edward Ingham,  labourer,  he was tenant of the house that was burned. ----  Annie Ingham was in the sitting room on the night of the fire  ------   Charles Campbell, labourer,  he boarded at Ingham's -----   John Wilson, owner of the house and also Bourdot's shop -----     lots  more  ----   long column.

Monday 31 December  1906
Funeral -  060
FRIEDLANDER -  the Rabbi Bernstein was a passenger for Ashburton, by the 1st express,   to officiate at the funeral of the late Mr Moritz Friedlander

Funeral  -  CLARK  -  061
The funeral of Mr Charles Clark left his late res. Colombo st South at 3 o'clock this afternoon for the Linwood Cemetery. Mr Clark's death occurred yesterday and caused deep regret among a wide circle of friends.   ---------

Drowning  -  062
COSTLEY  -  Henry,  a tailor,  of Thames,    aged about 30,  at the inquest,  death due to drowning. -----   

Wellington  -  KAY,  STOCKTON  -  064
George William Kay,  aged 17  and William Stockton,  aged 15  were drowned at the head of Evan's Bay on Saturday.  -------  at the inquest a verdict of accidental drowning was returned.

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