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Thursday  2 February  1905
Wellington  -  De RENZI  -  003
Dr Henry De Renzi  left Wellington  yesterday  by the Kaikoura  for London  for the benefit of his health.  During his probable stay  of 8 - 9mths  in the Old Country     --------  

Obituary  -  Nelson  -  BARNICOAT  -  004
The death is announced of the Hon. J.Barnicoat,  M.L.C.   aged 91.
John Wallis Barnicoat  was called to the Upper House on 14 May  1883.  He was for many years a member of the Nelson provincial Council  and was last
speaker of that body,    -----  was a landowner in the Waimea's,  in the Nelson province.

Accident  -  RUSSO  -  005
----   accident happened to one of the Burnham boys encamped on Quail Island -------   one of them named Bartholomew Russo, accidently jostled his comrade  whose rifle went off  and Russo  received the charge in his face ----  taken to Christchurch Hospital,

Saturday  4 February  1905
Inquest  -  SEED  -  007
----   Elizabeth Hannah Seed,  who died in Hospital -- daughter ,  Mrs Ellen Sorton,  ---  mother was 65 years of age,    died on Friday afternoon ---

Death  -  BASSETT  -  008
Mr W. Bassett,  a very old  New Plymouth settler,  died   at the age of 89 years.  He was for many years engaged in farming,  among his children are Mr Bassett,  contractor,  Wanganui,  and the wife of the Rev J.Clover,  of Stratford.  deceased was a native of Cornwall,  and a warm adherent of Primitive Methodism.

Monday 6 February  1905
Divorce  -  009
BILSON  -  Mary and Frederick Charles Bilson,  ex fishmonger of Dunedin,  a decree nisi was granted.

Russell  -  MARSHALL  &  CULLEY   -  011
A boat containing 6 people,  capsized in the harbour,  3 of those on board drowned  and 3 were rescued.  Drowned are Mrs Marshall  and Mr Culley and
daughter,   rescued are Messrs Goodhue (2)  and Doel.  they all belong to Kawakawa.

Auckland  -  GORDON  -  010
Walter Gordon,  theboatswain  of the brigatine Carin,  fell from aloft and ----  death was instantaneous.  The deceased belonged to Hobart. 
an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Drowning  -  Russell  -  011
---   a boat containing Mrs Bertha Marshall,  wife of Mr George Marshall,  publican,  Mr John Culley,  of the Bay of Islands coal mine,  his daughter  Miss Cissy Culley,  all of Kawakawa  and Messrs Frederick and Gilbert Goodhue  and Ench Doel  of Taumere,  ----- more  ---

Wednesday  8 August  1905
Presentation  -  013
MENZIES  -  the staff of Messrs Alfred Tyree and Co. ----  congratulate Mr A.B.Menzies on his approaching marriage ----  more ---

Accidents & Fatalities  -  014
DOHERTY  -  28 years old, of Napier,   a horse trainer,  was found dead on the Taradale road  ----
MASTERS  -  Mrs,  of Hastings,  victim of a shooting affray  is still critical ---
WARD  -  John  of Wellington,  run over by a tramcar,  died in hospital  -----

Thursday  9 August  1905
Presentation  -  CRAWFORD - 016
At the Linwood Methodist Church, there was a large attendance of members of the church and friends of Mr and Mrs W.A.Crawford ----  presented
Mrs Crawford with a lady's travelling case ----  Mr and Mrs Crawford are about to pay a visit to England ------

Fatalities   -  017
PRATT -  1yr old daughter of Mr Pratt  of Coromandel  has died -------
LODDER  -  Mrs,  wife of the proprietor of the City Buffet Hotel,  Wellington,  has died unexpectedly last night.

Absent without leave  -  018
----  A seaman named James Woods,  belonging to the s.s.Papanui,  who had absented himself -----  

Friday  10 February  1905
Sumner  -  016
Mr F.W.Chapman,  of Wellington,  is the gentleman who rescued Mrs Riach and her children  from drowning at Sumner yesterday.

Supreme Court  -  017
Probates - 017
M.E. MOODY,    John H. RICHARDS,    William H.GARTON,    Robert COOPER,    James F. FISHER,    Arthur George DOBSON,    Matthew S.BROWN, Martha SEARLES.    Frances BUTTERICK,    John EMPSON,        George W. SHIPMAN.    August NEUGERCHWENDER

Letters of Administration  -  017

Liquidation  of the Akaroa Town Hall Company  was granted

A Motion for discovery  -  017
SPARKS v ADAMS -  claim for possession of certain land ----  defendant in England ---

Executors' commison  -    017
MENG -  Sarah W.   deceased
HAYDON -  Selina,   deceased

LeLIEVRE  v ARMSTRONG  -   set down action  
Divorce -   CUMMINS v CUMMINS  -

Saturday  11 February  1905
Visitors in and out of Christchurch
BAGOT  -  Mr and Mrs George,  of Adelaide,  are visitors to Christchurch,  Mrs Bagot is a niece of late Hon. William Robinson  of Cheviot.  - 018
CHESSON -  Dr and Mrs  left Christchurch for England  this afternoon  -  020
DAVENPORT -  Mr Gilbert C.  of Oxford, England was a recent caller at Christchurch  -  021
LEAKE - mr and Mrs and Miss Leake  from Aberdeen,  Scotland. - 023
THOMSON  - Mr G.L.   from Aberdeen,  Scotland. - 023

Westport  -  022
Patrick Ryan,  proprietor of the Victoria Hotel,  fell in his bar  and broke his right leg,  he died in hospital last night.

Monday 13 February  1905
Deaths  -  024
ELLIS  -  John  aged 25,  employed at Messrs gregg and Green's flax-mill at  Aorangi  was drowned in the Oroua river on Saturday
STAFF -  E.  aged 22  drowned at Foxton    and his nephew
HONORO  - Oscar,  aged 14  while bathing in the Manawatu river
STEVITSON  -  William,  a farmer,  aged 60  was found dead in his dwelling at Lovell's flat,  Dunedin
TURNER  -  Emanuel,  aged 89  was found dead in his chair at Bathgate st South Dunedin.

Tuesday  14 February  1905
Wellington  -  WISE  -  022
-- A young woman named Eva Alice Wise,  applied to have her infant committed to a receiving home ----  is a single woman,  came from Victoria on 18 January
in search of George Astley Fowler,  a mining assayer  of Ballarat,  whom she met in Western Australia -- was the father of her 2 children,  the elder age 3  had been taken by Fowler  from a house where it was boarded out.  Fowler bought the child to New zealand, ----  witness followed ---   she had been through a
form of marriage with Fowler at Warraden,  Victoria,  has since heard he was previously married -----   

Wedding -  Carterton  - 028
Mr R.H.Elliott --- was married to Mrs Webb,  formerly Mrs Gibson,  of Greytown,  bridegroom is an old age pensioner  and was                                 formerly an inmate of the   Carter Home,  is 79 years of age,  The bride is an sexagenarian.

Napier  -  029
The death is announced of Mr G.E.G.Richardson, a well-known settler and owner of racehorses.

Auckland Tramway Fatality  -  030
A tram accident occurred in Symond street,  a bus and tram were on their way to town  when the bus horse swerved across the tram line ----  several passengers badly injured  a woman Mrs Foster of Ponsonby  ----  died.   
the injured  were  -
Miss Pearl Foster,  age 3;   Miss Gladys Foster,  aged 9;  Mrs H. Hill;  Miss Marion Hill, aged 9;  MissJessie Hill,  aged 7;  Miss Anna  Anderson;  Mr William Young;  Driver  Peter Ganley;  -----  a  very long column ------

Thursday  16 February 1905
Wanganui  -  032
an old resident,  Mrs Elizabeth Oxenham,  aged 93,  died yesterday,  said to have arrived in the 1st ship that reached New Plymouth.  -------

Friday  17 February  1905
Auckland  033
The death is announced of Mr E.W.Hammond,  regisrar and interpreter  for the Native Lans Dept.

Divorce  -  035
REIDY v Reidy,    dissolution of marriage
STEWART  v Stewart,    dissolution of marriage
SHERWIN  v  Sherwin,   dissolution of marriage
MURDOCH  v Murdoch,    dissolution of marriage

Greymouth  -  GORDON  -  036
The body of a man,  who for the past fortnight had been living under the name of Charles Gordon  was found ----  letters on his clothing indicate he was in
business in Palmeston North  under the name Charles REVENS  --------

Visitors to Christchurch  -  038
COOPER  -  Arthur (Sheffield, England)
SWANSTON -  H.T.  (Melbourne)
BEAUMONT - J. (Huddersfield)
RAVEN -  R.E.  (London)
RICHARDSON -  F. (Cheshire)
MEYER  -  F. (Pudsey, Yorkshire)

Saturday  18 February  1905
Inquest  -  040
at the inquest  on the death of Charles Gordon alias Claud Revans, of Palmeston North -----  

Auckland  -  041
The death -- of James Russell,  of Messrs Jackson  and Russell,  solicitors,  and brother of late Thomas Russell  C.M.G.

Monday 20 February  1905
Deaths  -  042
ADAMS -  Thomas,  stationer, of Gisborne died suddenly this morning.  He was sitting on the doorstep of his res.  after breakfast and expired almost immediately.
AMRIES -  Kastar,  of Swedish descent -- was drowned in the Waiwakaiho river  yesterday.  an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Tuesday  21 February  1905
Probates  -  043
Philip H.B.Luscombe;    Maren Jensen;        Duncan McPhedian;    Ruth Rastrick:        Samuel Sewell;         Joseph H. Kelcher;    George Barker
William Cook;        Patrick Duffy;        John George L. Scott;    Elizabeth Adams;    James Bennett;        Jesse Prestige;        Thomas Menzies;
Margaret B. C.Dods;    Robert Henry Birdling;    Thomas Parke;        Campbell Brown;

Returned to Christchurch - 044
ROBERTS -  Graham,  after an absence of 4 years and half in England,  Mr Graham Roberts returned to Christchurch  this morning.

Death  -  045
A child 3 mths old,  died this morning at an infants home kept by Mrs Perrin,  in Barbour street,  Linwood,  death due to natural causes,  but an inquest will be held.

Wednesday  22 February  1905
Deaths  -  046
News has been received that a woman and 2 children have been killed by a falling tree  at Pukerimu - no details are to hand.

Fatality  - 
-  John, a storekeeper at Otautau,  was found dead on Monday ----  

The Late Mr A.G.DOBSON  -  047
 ------     father Mr A. Dudley Dobson ---    his son had been thrown out of a cart at Kirwee,  while engaged in the performance of his duty as County engineer.  ----   accident resulted in his death on 17 January  -----   

Obituary  048
The death is announced of Lieutenant-Colnel Stavely,  aged 78  -----  died at res. of his son-in-law  Mr W. Baillie  of Blenheim,  ------

Thursday  23 February  1905
Deaths  -  049
O'NEIL  -  Richard,  the reamins of a man have been found at Four Peaks station,  Geraldine.  left home 11mths ago and never seen since.
PATCHETT -  T.A.  aged 37  died suddenly yesterday  ---  formerly a hotel-keeper  ------

Friday  24 February  1905
Presentation  -  PAIRMAN -  050  -
Dr T.W.Pairman  and his daughter Miss Beatrice Pearman  who are about to leave Lyttelton  for the zold Country were entertained by their friends at Lyttelton ----  Yesterday Dr Pearman resigned his post of surgeon at Lyttelton gaol  being there    for 15 years---  a travelling rug,  silver mounted pocket book  Miss Pearman  with a ring set with diamonds  and emeralds  and a silver mounted purse -----  

Fatalities   -  051
MacDONALD  -  a teamster on the Mangatoro Estate  was found dead,  he had been carting posts -----  was a single man  aged 24.
HART  -  3 brothers -- a blasting accident at Para  ----- Picton -- Abel Hart  died ---

Saturday  25  February  1905
Picton  -  HART  -  053
The Hart brothers waited for 30min  for the charge to explode and the William,  age 28 and Abraham,  age 24,  began to bore to withdraw it.  James aged 14  was some distance away.  Shortly after they began work,  the explosion took place  -------    Their father and another brother were just returning to the spot with
a cart ------ more

Waihi 054
   Harold Penno,  a well-known bandsman  was killed in the Waihi mine today ------  he was a married man.

Death at Sea  -  YULE  -  055
Mr Andrew H.Yule,  late chief refrigerating engineer of the  steamer Matatua,  who was stricken with paralysis of the brain  and 4mths in Christchurch Hospital  died at sea on 5 December  while Homeward bound by the Athenic -- expired shortly after leaving Rio de Janerio,  ---  widely known in New Zealand  ---  age 37.

Monday  27 February  1905
Divorces -  Wellington  -  056
PROUSE -  Mary Howell Prouse  v.  William Prouse
GRAY  -  Clara Bailey Gray  v  William Franklin Gray

Fatalities   -  057
LARSON  -  Niels,  engaged in rafting posts down the Opoiti river, Wairoa,  ---drowned  -----
RUSS  -  a lad aged 11 ran into a trap ----   died early this morning  at Stratford
PACEY  -  Ernest,  drowned while surf-bathing at Levin  last evening.
COSTER  -  Richard, aged 19,   a drowning accident in the Sounds,  employed on the steamer Elsie ------

Probates  -  058
COOK -  Sarah
COLVILLE  -  William

Invercargill - Death  -  TANNER  -  059
Mr Edward Tanner,  a solicitor,  died suddenly on Saturday night.  ---- for many years secretary of the Acclimatisation Society.

Presentation  -  GRAHAM  -  061
At a meeting of the employees of Messrs Graham and Greig,  builders,  Mr Graham,  who is about to visit the Old Country was presented by his employees a deck chair and travelling rug.  and a gold and greenstone brooch for Mrs Graham -----

Death  -  PEPPER  -  062
William Pepper,  ----   died last night.

Rhodes Scholar  -  ROBERTSON  -  063
Mr Philip N.Robertson,  of Victoria College,  a son of Mr D.Robertson,  chief clerk at the General Post Office,  has been selected to hold the Rhodes Scholarship  for New Zealand  this year.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
4 April  2009

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