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Wednesday    2 August  1905  -
New Plymouth  -  fatal bush felling accident  - 
WILEY  -   
David, employed at Kelly's sawmill,  Mokau River,  was killed yesterday by a tree falling on him while bush-felling.  Deceased belonged to Opunake.

Thursday  3 August  1905

Auckland  -  child -    
-   a child 4 years of age,  named Mary Bates,  whose parents reside in England Street,  Ponsonby,  died in the hospital from burns.  ------------

Auckland  -  a Tramcar collision  -  
  -  Mr Kettle S.M. awarded Jam,es Reyburn damages for injury and loss sustained through the collision of a tramcar with a restive horse and trap
                        which he was driving.

Friday   4 August  1905 

Kaiapoi  -  inquest  -  HALL  -
an inquest held at the Courthouse, Kaiapoi,  this morning on the body of William Hall,  who was found dead in his tent yesterday on Kaiapoi Island, ------ after the evidence of Alexander  SMITH  Charles CLAIR,  James WRIGHT,  Dr MURRAY and Constable SIMPSON  had been heard,  the jury found that death was from natural causes.

Port Chalmers  -  2 men drowned  - 
DOW  -
   John and Robert Dow were drowned in the lower harbour.  They left Carey's Bay for Deborah Bay ----  in a small boat. ----------

Dunedin  -  divorce  - 
   Kelly v Kelly wife's petition,  was undefended.  The respondent is an ex-bitcher of Dunedin.--------

Christchurch  -  divorce  - 
   Stark  v.  Stark -------  for dissolution of marriage

Wellington  - killed by fall from a horse  -  
  -   Harold B. Simpson,  15 years of age,  was killed at petone last evening by a fall from a horse which he was riding.

Saturday   5 August  1905 

Wellington  -   body indentified  -  
-  the body of the man found drowned in thr harbour on July 28 has been identified as that of William A. Johnston,  whose parents reside at Roslyn.

Monday  7  August  1905
Dannevirke  -  rabbiter  drowned   -  
-   the body of William Saunders,  rabbiter,  Kaitoki Station,  was found in the Tapuata Stream yesterday.  ------

Thames  -  Flaxmiller drowned  - 
-  Peter Young, a flax mill hand, was drowned at Piako.  He fell off a punt containing flax,  which was being towed up the river.  -----  He came from                             Sydney.

Christchurch  -  divorce 
-   Peter Collins Temby  petitioned for dissolution of his marriage with Mary Ann Temby ------    lots more.

Christchurch  -  old settler  dies  -   HORNER -
another of the early Canterbury settlers died at Papanui last Friday morning in the person of Mr William Horner.  The deceased accompanied  by his wife arrived in Lyttelton in the ship "Clontarf"  in 1859and settled in Papanui,  where he resided up to the time of his death. -------  Mr & Mrs Horner celebrated their Golden Wedding last Christmas Day.  leaves a widow,  6 sons,  3 daughters,  and 32 grandchildren.

Waipawa  -  death  -  JOHNSON  -
the death is reported of Samuel Johnson,  aged 79.  He was one of the original Albert land settlers, and was long connected with journalism
in Blenheim  and Hawke's Bay.

Christchurch  -   inquest  -  Mary Ann 
-    --------   M.B.Shaw,  husband of the deceased -------  a very long column  -

Tuesday  8  August  1905

Nelson  -  sawmill accident  - 
-  Percy,  a sawmill hand in the Rai Valley,  was hauling a log,  when the wire rope slipped and struck him in the chest.  He is seriously injured.

Wellington  -   drowning  -  
LAMBERT  -  Captain S. Lambert over 70 years of age,  was found  -------  deceased was captain of a coastal steamer trading between Wellington and Nelson
in the early days.  He has a married daughter living in Nelson.

Tawa  -  fire  - 
-  an 8 roomed house in Tawa Flat owned by Mr S. Mexted, was totally destroyed by fire last night.  ----------

Auckland  -  obituary  - 
C.E.S.Gillies,  of Messrs Colbeck and Gillies,  solicitors,  died this morning the result of a chill  -----    he was a prominent golf  and tennis player  ------

Wednesday  9  August  1905 

Gisborne  - 
  -a man named Harry Hooper was found dead in an outhouse this afternoon.  He had been suffering from a heart complaint.

Dunedin  -  electric car   -  
  - David Miller, residing at Sawyer's Bay,  while riding home on horseback last night was knocked over by an electric car and his hip was damaged.

Auckland  -  
-  Frederick Simmonds,  a married man,  45 years of age,  died last night ---------  deceaseds wife lives at Northern Wairoa.

Thursday  10  August  1905 

Auckland  - 
-  a boy aged 15 named William Burnand,  son of Mr Walter Burnand,  a resident of Green Lane,  was killed ----------

Napier  - 
  an old age and Imperial  pensioner  named James Hyland was found dead in Chaucer Road this morning.

Christchurch  -   
-   a couple of men were taken in a cab to the hospital this afternoon ------   one named Edward Kerr,  had a fractured ankle and the other whose name could not be ascertained had cuts and bruises on the head.

Friday  11 August  1905

Auckland  -  inquest  - 
-  at the inquest on Frederick Simmonds  ---   a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Gisborne  -  died while eating  - 
  Thomas Allen,  head-waiter at the Masonic Hotel,  dropped ded whilst at breakfast this morning,  from an apoplectic  seizure.

Saturday  12 August  1905
Hastings  -   accident  -  
-  a painful accident occurred this morning.  A man named Walter Everett was using a cross-cut saw -------   

Auckland  -  missing  - 
-   a young man named Henry Sale,  of Parnell,  is missing.  His rowing skiff and oars have been picked up. -------

Monday  14 August  1904

Canterbury  - 
-  the infant son of Mr Samuel Martin,  living near Ohoka,  was accidently drowned about 5pm on Sunday.  An inquest is being held.

Wellington  -  obituary  - 
-  Mr Clement Winter,  inspector and public officer of the Bank of Australasia in New Zealand,  died suddenly last night,  aged 59.  ------

Napier  -  
-   Thomas Murtagh,  a station hand,  aged 48,  died at the hospital -------  

Oamaru  -  Fires  - 
  -   Mr Robert Walker's Wertheim sewing machine depot and general store was gutted by fire this morning.  -------------

Tuesday  15 August  1905

Auckland  - 
DAVIES  -  a domestic tragedy occurred at Archill last night.  A man named John Davies,  aged 35 years   -------  Mrs Alice Porter   -----   Richard Chapman  -----  lots more

Wednesday  16 August  1905

Dunedin  -  Fatal mine accident  - 
  -  a man named Donaldson, a miner at Kaitangata,  died in the Dunedin Hospital ------------

Fielding  -  found dead in a paddock  -  
  an elderly man named W.C.Hanker, was found dead in a paddock on Mr Hay's property,  Kiwitea,  yesterday.------------

Thursday  17 August  1905

Christchurch  -  obituary  -  PEMBERTON  -
Mr Charles Ffrench Pemberton C.E. who died at his residence Sefton,  yesterday was the youngest and only surviving son of  Mr Robert Pemberton,  FRSL,  of Chelsea,  England.  He arrived in Wellington in the ship Gleaner,  in 1857.  ---------   he married in 1856 and had 7 sons and 6 daughters.

Wellington - 
- Miss Gertrude,  dau. of Mr T.P. Baber,  Merivale, Christchurch,  died at Wellington Hospital early yesterday morning,  after a short illness. ---

Auckland  - 
-  James Keenan,  tinsmith,  71 years of age,  fell down a flight of steps at his residence,  Nelson Street,  and broke his neck.

Friday  18 August  1905

Dunedin  - 
-   Edward Surpless,  a railway fireman was killed last night by striking his head against the Kaikihu bridge.

Saturday  19  August  1905

Dunedin  -   GREEN  -
Mr James Green,  at one time member for Waikouaiti,  and a member of the education board,  died today.  ---  His death is the result of injuries sustained a fortnight ago  when his buggy  ------  Mr Green and his son were thrown out.

Monday  21 August  1905

Christchurch  -  
- fell from a trolly on the Midland Railway Line on Saturday.  He was taken to Staircase Gully Station by 2 men,  but died immediately on arrival.  ------- 

Tuesday  22 August  1905
Wellington  -  Divorces  - 

Divorce  - 
-   in regard to the case Stock  ---------

Sydenham  -  presentation   -  McCRORIE  -
-----  Mr J McCleary,  on behalf of the residents of Waltham Road,  presented Constable McCrorie,  for his wife with a silver mounted purse and a hand-bag,
scent bottle and purse for his little girl.  Mr McCleary congratulated Constable McCrorie on his promotion to the charge of the Papanui Station  -------   more

Wednesday  23 August  1905

Dunedin  -   Fire  -  
  a building used as a tea and coffee rooms,  near the Jetty Street Wharf,  occupied by Peter Hansen,  a nightwatchman,  was gutted early this morning.  ------------- 

Dunedin  -   HAM  SING  TONG  -
Ham Sing Tong was found dead in a hut at Tapanui yesterday  by Ah CHONG  another Chinaman.  ------ 

Gisborne  -  trap accident  - 
  a man named James Allen,  aged 59,  was picked up on the road beyond the town boundary last evening, it is supposed he fell out of a trap  -------

Saturday  26  August  1905

Auckland  - 
  -  Flora McDonald,  aged 84 an old-age pensioner,  perished in a fire  which destroyed her residence at Kuaotunu  yesterday.

Christchurch    - 
-  Mr Jack,  injured in a tramway accident near Radley Bridge,  late last night ----

Mangaweka  - 
  -  word was received this morning that a contractor named Simms was killed whilst bush-felling on Mr Gorringe's property,  Upper Kawatu.

Palmeston North  - 
   Geoffry  Read,  an employee of the Royal Hotel,  and a recent arrival in the colony,  fell through a skylight --------   

Monday  28 August  1905

Dunedin  -  Obitusry   -  
  the late Mr Edmund Cook ----    2 of the deceaseds sons are doctors,  one at Fairlie, and the other at Amberley.  --------

Presentation  -  BRADBURY  -
Mr J. Bradbury,  2nd engineer of the s.s. Toroa, was recently presented by the captain,  officers,  and engineers of the steamer with a handsome set of carvers
and a case of silver teaspoons  as gifts on the occasion of his marriage.   -------

Christchurch  - 
   Michael Drum,  one of the workman engaged in removing the old tramway rails in Ferry Road  was struck on the head  ----------

 -  deaths  -  2 infants  -
--sudden death of 2 infants,  one at Barry's Bay and the other at Mayfield  on Friday  a child of Mr & Mrs GLASSIE.

Hamilton  -  death of Maori Chief  - 
-   the well-known Maori chief,  Rapana Patena,  of Rangitikei,  died suddenly yesterday  ---

Dunedin  -  Found dead in bed  -  
-   Margaret Crossan,  widow residing in North-east Valley,  was found dead in bed yesterday morning.

Thames  -  inquest  - 
-  at an inquest touching the death of a man named Young  deceased came from South Brisbane,  where his wife and child reside. ------

Tuesday  29  August  1905

Lyttelton  -  
CHALMERS  -  Mr & Mrs Adam Chalmers,  of Lyttelton,  who have been on a visit to  the Old Country,  arrived from Wellington  ----  this morning

Christchurch  - 
-  Edward Kavanagh,  a porter, was slightly injured this morning while engaged in shunting operations at the Christchurch railway station.  ----------

Presentation  -  GARRICK  -
-----   steamer Rotomahana made a wedding present to the 2nd officer of the vessel  Mr H.M.Garrick.   On their behalf Mr A.F.LEVESTAM, 
chief engineer of the steamer presented Mr Garrick with a spirit-stand of oak,  silver and cut-glass.  -----     

Wanganui  -  Fire  -   McFARLANE,     THOMPSON  -
a fire this morning destroyed a 2 storey work-shop owned by Mr D. McFarlane and occupied by Mr Andrew Thompson,  builder and contractor  -----

Wednesday   30 August  1905 

Auckland  - 
  the dead body of a young man named Henry Sale, who had been missing since 11 August  was recovered in the harbour today.

Wellington  - 
  -   a young man named Walter Jukes,  was accidently killed while bush-felling at Ohau today

Dunedin  -  Funeral write up -  
-   Mr E. Cook's funeral today was --------

Dunedin  -  death - 
   owing to the death of Bailey,  the match between the 2nd Otago team and North Otago ------

Thursday  31 August  1905

Dunedin  -  sudden death  - 
  -   David Stewart,  84 years of age,  residing in Mornington,  died suddenly yesterday.

Christchurch  -  inquest  - 
-  an inquest was opened  -----    Arthur Keith Hadfield,  clerk residing in Richmond, ------   more

Tragedy in Richmond  -  
   Frederick Crosbie was found dead ----  in a house at Richmond where he was boarding.  ------

Dunedin  - 
   the death is announced of Mr Peter Treseder,  for upwards of 30 years connected with the Otago Land Office, -----

Wellington  -  divorce  -  
EAREE   v  Earee   ------   more

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Christchurch  NZ
7 July 2006

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