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Friday   4 August  1905

Death  -
NEWTON  -  August 4 at West Lyttelton,  Ellen,  beloved daughter of Thomas and Harriet Newton,  in her 40th year. Wellington papers please copy

Funeral  Notices  -   
NEWTON  -    Ellen, dau  of Thomas Newton  to leave his residence,  West Lyttelton, at  Sunday  a for the English Cemetery.
WILLIAMSON  -  Mary,  relict of the late H. Williamson,  storekeeper,  of Springfield,  which will leave the Springfield railway station on Monday at                                             11-30 am  for the Springfield Cemetery.

Saturday  5 August  1905    page 5
Funeral Notices  -   
-  George Arthur, son of Mr & Mrs H. Sharpe hich will leave the residence of Mr J. Graham,  Cadogan street, Sydenham. at 1-45pm tomorrow                                     (Sunday)  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WILLIAMSON  - Mary  relict of the late H. Williamson,  storekeeper,  of Springfield,  ---on Monday at 11-30 am  for the Springfield Cemetery.

Monday  7  August  1905
Births  -
BAKER  -  August 3 at Mrs Welsh's Nursing home,  Medbury,   to wife of T. Baker Esq.   Brookdale, Hawarden, a daughter.
DOLAN  -  at Rangatira, Rakaia,  on August 5 to wife of John Dolan,  a son.
ENGLAND  -  July 24 at "Westhoe"  93 Chester Street, to wife of R.W.England,  a son.
WHALE  -  August 5 at Mrs King's nursing Home, to wife of Seth R. Whale, of Goldsmith Hall,  a son.
WORNALL  -  August 5 at West Eyreton,  to wife of A. Wornall,  a son.

Marriage  -
CAREY  - NELLIGAN  -June 20 at -- Richard, son of late Jeremiah Carey, of Malvern,  NZ    to  Ellen, daughter of Michael Nelligan, of Wollongong,  NSW.

Deaths  -
MOHER  -  August 6 at 36 Falsgrave Street, Sydenham,  Little Norman, beloved son of Fred & Katie Moher,  aged 8mths.
MILLER  -August 6 at Dublin Street,  Lyttelton,  William Clarence,  dearly beloved infant son of David and Frances Miller.
MORGAN  -  August 6 at Papanui,  Edward Morgan,  in his 76th year
SHARPE  -  August 4 at the res. of Mr John Graham,  Cadogan Street, Sydenham,  George Arthur,  infant son of Herbert & Annie Sharpe,  aged 5mths

In Memoriam  -
McKEGNEY  -  loving rememberance of John bernard McKegney,  who died August 7th 1904, inserted by his loving parents and sisters
SMITH  -  of my beloved mother Margaret SMith who died at Little River August 7th 1904,  inserted by son Ernest Smith.
SMITH  -  in loving memory of Margaret,  who died at Little River August 7th 1904,  inserted by her loving husband and children

Friday  11 August   1905
Death  -
BENJAMIN  -  August 10 at Templeton,  Margaret, beloved wife of Charles Benjamin,  aged 65 years

Saturday  12 August  1905     page 5
Birth  -
COOK  -  August  12  at Amberley,  to wife of Dr P.R.Cook,  a daughter.

Deaths  -
DOUGLAS  -  August 10 at her brother's residence,  25 Ollivier's Road, Linwood,  Agnes, daughter of the late George Douglas,  Roslyn, Dunedin, 
JAMES  -  August 12 at her late residence  27 Gladstone Terrace,  Rosa, beloved wife of W.A.James,  aged 60 years.

Wednesday  16 August  1905

Funeral Notice  -  
  - Mary Ann  -- which will leave the res of her son  James Shuker  14 Clifton Street,  Addington,  Thurs. at 2-30pm  for the Linwood Cemetery

Thursday  17 August  1905
Birth  -
EDMONDS  -  August 16 at 59 Montreal Street,  to Arthur and Eva Edmonds,  a son.

Marriage  -
DAVIS  -  KERR  - August 9 at -- Henry George Hawkes Davis,  late of Huntingdonshire, England,   to   Flora Lennox Kerr,  dau. of the late Charles Kerr,                                                sheep farmer,  Waitangi West,  Chatham Island,  and step-daughter to W. Hoban,  Barrister and Solicitor,  Christchurch

Deaths  -
FERGUSON  -  August 16 at Kaiapoi,  Robert Wilson Ferguson,  in his 78th year
SCARVELL  -  August 16 at -- St Albans,  Henry Ramsay Scarvell,  t son of the late Captain J.L.Scarvell, J.P. Windsor,  NSW,  aged 89 years,  Funeral leaves                                   above place 2pm today  for Barbadoes Street,  Cemetery
WOOD  -  August 2 at "The Beacons"  Nelson,  Browne Wood,  2nd son of the late Major-General Henry John Wood, Royal Artillery, Bengal,  aged 83 years

In Memoriam  -  
  -  In loving memory of Samuel Sewell,  beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth Sewell,  died August 12th 1904      inserted by his loving wife.

Friday  18  August  1905
Marriage  -
ROWE  - SHERWIN  - August  10  at the Church of Good Shepherd,  Phillipstown,  Thomas Charles,  son of the late Samuel Rowe,  of Blue Spur, Westland,                                    to   Lucy Margaret,  daughter of Matthew Sherwin,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
PEMBERTON  -  August 16 at his residence,  Sefton, C.F.Pemberton,  Funeral will leave at 2 o'clock  today for Balcairn Cemetery

Saturday  19 August  1905     page 5
Births  -
FUSS  -  August 18 at Simeon Street, Spreydon,  to wife of  Mr John Fuss,  a son.
GOODWIN  -  August 18 at Clodagh, London Street,  Richmond, to wife of W. Goodwin, Brookshaw, Pigeon Bay,  a son.
SULLIVAN  -  August 18 at Gladstone Terrace, Christchurch,  to wife of C.T. Sullivan,  a son.

Marriages  -
CANT  - SHEPHARD  -on 31st July at -- Opawa, Reginald, son of Walter Cant,   to   Lily, dau. of William Henry Shephard,  late of NZ Railways.
OLDMAN  - PATTERSON  - June 28 at Holy Trinity,  Avonside, Victor Graham,  son of Victor A. Oldman,  Waiau, Amuri,  to   Mary Kate,  dau. of Richard                                     Patterson,  late of Linwood,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
BEARY  - August 19 at Sydenham,  John J.F.,  beloved husband of Isabella Beary.
CARRELL -  August 19 at her residence Jackson's road,  Lyttelton,  Sarah Sophia, relict of the late John Aylwin Carrell,  aged 86 years
GILES  -  August 19 at Clarkville,  Sydney,  beloved son of Edward Giles,  aged 14 years
MENZIES  -  August 18  at The Grange,  Opawa,  Jeannie,  beloved daughter of Charles & Catherine Menzies
PAYNE  -  August 17 at Prebbleton,  Eli,  2nd son of James William & Hannah payne,  aged 41 years

In Memoriam  -
JONES  -  In sad but loving memory of Lilian Frances Jones,  died Cambridge Street, Linwood, on August 19th  1903, ins .by her loving brothers and sisters
SUTTON  -  of my dear Mother,  died August 18 1904  in her 51st year, inserted by her loving daughter  M.E.J.
YOUNG  -  loving memory of my dearest husband,  John Robert Young,  of Lyttelton,  died 19 August  1904

Funeral Notice  - 
- John J.F.  are respectfully invited to attend a Requiem mass at 9am in the Caathedral and the Funeral  which will leave same at ?

Monday 21 August  1905
Births  -
COOPER  -  August 18 at Barton Farm,  Woolston,  to wife of Alfred G. Cooper,   a daughter.
DAY  -  August 18 at "The Cottage"  10 Kilmore Street,  to wife of William A. Day,   a son.
HESLOP  -  August 16 at "Wainui" Aikmans Road, St Albans,  to wife of H.W. Heslop,    a son.

Deaths  -
CARRELL -  August 19 at her residence Jackson's road,  Lyttelton,  Sarah Sophia,  relict of the late John Aylwin Carrell,  aged 86 years
GILES  -  August 19 at Clarkville,  Sydney,  beloved son of Edward Giles,  aged 14 years
HILL  -  August 19 at her sons residence 263 Brougham Street, Sydenham, Marian,  beloved mother of G.and H. Hill,  late of St Albans,  aged 82.
LITTLE  -  August 20 at 82 Colerdige Street,  Sydenham,   Henry Lower Rudd Little,  aged 74 years.

In Memoriam  -
KERR   -  our dear mother Amelia, who died Gordon Street, Sydenham,  August 20  1903 also her dear children Sydney Henry  died March 19th 1897
                     and Sarah  Edith died October 31st 1897,     inserted by her bereaved husband and family.
WILLIS  -  our dear grandfather,  James Willis,  who died at Belfast, August 20  1904  inserted by his grandchildren
WILLIS  -  in loving memory of James Willis,  inserted by his loving wife and family.

Saturday  26 August  1905
Death  -
McCANN  -    26 August  at his residence Upper Riccarton,  John McCann, in his 76th year

Funeral Notice  - 
-   the friends of the late Mrs W.J.Alexander, of Nursery Road, Linwood, are requested to take notice that her funeral has been
                           postponed from Saturday  to Sunday 27th inst (owing to family reasons) at 2pm for the Linwood Cemetery

Monday 28 August  1905
Deaths  -
HERBERT  -  August 27 at his residence Strickland Street, Sydenham,  John,  beloved husband of Jane Herbert,  aged 62 years
O'CONNOR  -  August 27 at Christchurch,  Mary O'Connor,  late of Fendalton,  aged 50 years
RITCHIE  -   August 27 at Park Road, Papanui,  Lucy,  dearly beloved wife of George Ritchie,  in her 50th year.
ROSSITER  -  August 26 at res of her daughter  Mrs J.W. Bates  Cashel Street, Prudence Christiana,  relict of late Edward Rossiter,Rangiora, in her 82nd yr

In Memoriam  - 
-   loving remberance of Mary Ann,  beloved daughter of George & Sarah Clarkson,  died 28 August   age 24.
                            inserted by her loving parents,  sisters and brothers.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6 July  2007

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