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Tuesday 5  April 1904
Ruapuna -  death  -  003
DOYLE -  Mrs Doyle,  wife of John Doyle,  Ruapuna,  died yesterday morning at Nurse Cotton's Hosp. Ashburton.  ------

Fatalities  -  004
GREEN - Daniel, in a party of small boys, bathing in the harbour in Auckland,  he dived --------   and when extracted a few minutes later was dead.
CHISHOLM - Duncan,  a carpenter from Milton district,  died ---- last night  ------

Wednesday 6 April  1904
New Brighton Beach -  NOLAN  -  005
The human head found on New Brighton beach near the mouth of the Waimakiriri on Monday evening,  was this morning identified as the old age pensioner James Nolan,  who disappeared from Christchurch about 3 mths ago.  ----  Nolan was a well-known figure in the city,  through going about in his unifrom with his medals displayed on his coat.  he was an Imperial pensioner and had seen much service.   -----------

Nelson -  ROANDEN -  006
A shocking accident occurred on the steamer Haupiri this morning.  A deck hand named Carl Roanden, a foreigner, was hauling in a hawser when the vessel was being moored ---- a steel wire rope coiled round his right foot  --------- he is in a precarious condition

Meeting of Creditors  -  007
DOWLE -  Henry Charles,  painter of Woolston,  in business for 8 years ----  meeting adjourned ----  
WILSHIRE -  Alfred H. and
SCOTT -  Andrew,  cordial manufacturers.  ----   adjourned till Wednesday next ---
DOUGLAS -  C.M.  ---   lapsed  for want of a quorum.

Thursday 7 April  1904
Fatalities  -  009
KASSENS  -  W. of the barque Northern Chief from Newcastle to Auckland, aged 19, step-son of the master Captain George Kassens, fell   ----- drowned  --
GRANGER - Harry, been missing since Tuesday,  body was found today in the Pelorus river,  ------   Blenheim.
QUANE -  was killed last evening at the Midland railway works  near Staircase Gully,  an inquest will be held at Springfield.
SMITH -  Stanley M.  found yesterday in the yard of ---  Hereford st,  taken to hosp.  not expected to recover.

Friday 8 April 1904
Shipping  -  SIERRA -  011
The Sierra,  which laves Auckland today for San Francisco, has a full passenger list, including many people bound for the World's  Fair.  The Sierra takes
57 tons of New Zealand exhibits  in charge of Mr Donne.

Fatalities  -  012
GRAINGER -  Harry,  missing for 8 days, body found  ---   tried to cross from Brownlees Bush  ---- swept by current  ----   an inquest will be held  Nelson.
SMITH -  Stanley McLeod  died in hosp. at 12-30 today  an inquest will be held.

Saturday 9 April 1904
Fatality  -  QUINN -  014
Chief-Detective Chrystal and Detective Cox returned this morning  from Springfield,  where they have been investigating the death of the man Quinn,  ----   

Inquest  -  SMITH -  015
An inquest was held at the hospital  ----   Stanley Mcleod Smith,  who died in the institution ----  James Thomas Macleod Smith,  father of the deceased  son was aged 17 and worked at the Mutual Life Insurance Office in Hereford st. --------  Harry Wallace,  grocer's assistant,  he saw deceased  -----     Grafton F. Bothamley,  clerk in the Mutual Life Office,  stated that the deceased had been office boy,  with a wage of 10s  per week.  ---------   Alfred Pickering  stated that the deceased -----  from Messrs Reece and Sons,  Kenneth Glenie,  painter,  residing at Sumner,  had known deceased well,  having gone to school with him -------   long column  -------

Monday 11 April  1904
Shipping  -  018
MALFREY - Mr J.C.Malfrey,  of Hokitika, who leaves today for a 7mth trip to Europe and America  ---------

Shipping  -  019
BESWICK  -  Mr H.J. Beswick will leave for England by the Ruapehu,  departing from Wellington on 14 April.
PUREFOY  - Flag Captain R.P.T.Purefoy  of H.M.S.Arthur, is returning to England and will be suceeded by Captain NAPIER.
STOREY  -  Mr and Mrs F.Storey were passengers by the Ruapehu  for England.

Tuesday 12 April 1904
Maintenance  -  021
THOMSON -  George Raymond Thomson  --------
McCALLUM -  Robert,  failing to support Andrew H.McCallum  in the Sunnyside Asylum  -----
ALLPRESS - Gerald R.P.  failing to provide his wife and family  ---  order declined ----
SMITH -  Charles Henry,  failing to maintain an illegitimate child.  -------

Summary Separation  -  021
BLYTHE  - Eliza,  separation from her husband William Henry Blythe  ----    order granted.

Presentation  -   DAY - DENHAM -  022
The officers of No.1 Canterbury Infantry Battalion and Colonel Porter and Captain McGEE met at Warner's hotel  ---  presentation to Lieutenant Colonel W.A.Day  officer in command of the battalion on the eve of his marriage  with Miss Denham,  a daughter of Mr E.Denham,    who for many years has been District Registrar of Deeds in Christchurch and is also a Crimean veteran.  -----  a silver salver,  richly engraved ------      more  ------

Missing Solicitor  -  Carterton  -  ANDREW  -  023
Mr Andrew was found dead by Mr Ross at Ruakakopatuna,  Mr Andrew's body was found dead yesterday by Steffin,  a mate of Ross, a deer stalker's guide.  ----  has been missing since last Tuesday ----------   Mr Hugh Morrison,  a brother-in-law of the deceased,  Dr Andrew,  of Nelson (brother)  ------  Mrs Andrew (wife)  and Mrs Hudson (sister)  and most of his relatives are at Martinborough -------

Inquests  -  024
UDY  -  Owen, of Carterton--- Cadwallader and Udy left the camp to cross the river for Greytownone body found on Sunday --  no sign of the other body yet.
Oamaru   -  unidentified body of a man found in the Waitaki river ----

Wednesday 13 April  1904
Fatalities  -  025
LEITZENS -  John,  employed on a Norwegian claim at ----- Dunedin  was accidentally killed  last evening ---  John Larson was badly burned about the face.
GRIMMOND -  found dead in the stables at the Rotherfield Hotel   
GIMBLETT  -  who was kicked by a horse at Woolston  ----   inquests will be held.

Shipping  -  Passengers  -  026
WAUGH -  Rev. Benjamin, passenger from London on Rimutaka,  director of National Society for prevention of cruelty to children -----  lots more ---
COOM -  Mr,  chief engineer of the railways  -- granted leave to visit England -----

Thursday 14 April 1904
Inquest  -  GRIMMOND -  028
William Grimmond,  who was found in the stables of the Rotherfield Hotel ----  C.DEAL,  prop. of the hotel  ----  John MURRAY,  stable keeper,  deceased worked for him for about 8  weeks ---   deceased came from Australia  ------ aged about 40  and said he was married ------  long column  -----

Friday 15 April  1904
Dunedin  -  031
PEARCE - Catherine, a married woman,  aged about 50  was found dead in her bed in Stafford st,  this morning -----

Fatalities  - 032
WILSON - Henrietta,  just arrived from Dunedin,  died in Lyttelton last evening,  aged about 27 ------
ARMSTRONG -  inquest to have been held today,  at Kaikoura ---
STOM -  Charles Adolphus,  a boy,  died in Sydenham  ---  kick from a cow --   an inquest will be held,

Palmeston North  -  033
ATTWOOD -  Thomas,  a well-known resident,  and formerly of Christchurch,  died suddenly  this morning  aged 70.

Saturday  16 April 1904
Maintenance  -  035
BYRNES  -  James Heighton, --- support for his illegitimate child ----  adjourned  a fortnight ----  

Dunedin  -  036
FOTTRELL -  John,  aged 32, was killed at Seacliff through a van upsetting.  -----  toured the country delivering photographic enlargements

Monday 18 April 1904
Hamilton  -  038
DODD -  James,  drowned in a capsized canoe crossing the Waikato river  ---   was a strong swimmer ----

Tuesday 19 April  1904
Inquest  -  040
ANSLEY  -  Mrs Ann,  who died sudden;y at New Brighton yesterday morning.

Maintenance  -  041
COTTON -  George Joynt,  illegitimate child ---  
BOAKES -  George Albert  and Henry John,  support for their mother  ---

Summary Separation  -  042
ROUSE -  Emma,  separation from her hus. Alfred Rouse,  granted --- wife to have custody of children
HANSON -  Elizabeth,  granted separation order  -----
MURRAY -  Mary Annie,  granted separation from John Oswald Murray  ---  wife to have custody of children.  ------

Wednesday 20 April 1904
Auckland -  044
TAYLOR -  William,  aged 72  an old res. of Birkenhead,  died suddenly yesterday afternoon, while unharnessing a horse.  an inquest was held this afternoon.

Thursday 21 April 1904
Fatalities  -  046
MURRAY -  a little girl aged about 8 was killed at Matamau.  she was in a trap with 2 others returning from school,  horse took fright at a motor car ------
McCONKEY - John,  a farmer residing at Lake Flat, Doyleston,  died suddenly last evening.  inquest may be held. -----

Friday 22 April 1904
Dunedin  -  048
HARROP -  Jonas, an old resident of Dunedin  and well-known in Oddfellowship  circles,  died suddenly of heart disease.

Saturday 23 April 1904
Sale of Land -  049
BALLAN - Mr T.  bought 14 acres of land at Bromley, Woolston,  together with a 12 roomed residence  for 935 pounds -----

Oamaru  -  050
CARRICK - Christina,  body found on beach ---  left lodgings in Dunedin on Wed. to go to Christchurch  --------- inquest postponed till tomorrow.

Inquest  -  051
ABBOTT - a child 5 weeks old,  son of Thomas Mason Abbott,  Fisher st,  Papanui,    inquest adjourned to Monday for post mortem.

Death  -  052
MACRORY -  Mr Edmund, K.C.   Mrs NELIGAN,  wife of the Anglican Bishop of Auckland, received a cable  death of her father,  of London.

Passengers  -  053
DONNELLY  -  Mr and Mrs G.P.  going to England with their daughter Mrs Perry,   farewell at Havelock North  ------

Monday 25 April 1904
Fatalities  -  056
BURSON - David,  killed while trucking logs at Shannon  on Saturday.    leaves a wife and 5 children.
DUNN -  Alexander,  an elderly man  at Havelock North,   ------
LLOYD -  a young woman,  wife of E.J.Lloyd,  died yesterday at Hokitika  -----
ANDREWS  -  Samuel, fisherman,  & Henry SAMPSON  making  their way to a cutter at Port Chalmers, Andrews fell overboard, drowned -- aged 50
TAYLOR - Alfred,   a carter for the City Council, Christchurch,   died this morning from injuries ---  middle aged man,  married,  with 2 children -----  more ---

Inquest  -  057
ABBOTT -  a child age 5 weeks ,  son of Thomas Mason Abbott,  Fisher st,  Papanui  ----  child accidentally suffocated.

Desertion  -  058
GRANT -  John,  deserted from the "Terra Nova"  on 16 April,  ---------  

Tuesday 26 April  1904
Fatalities  -  060
UNDERHILL -  Edith, body found on the Rangitata River,  ge 23, dau.of G.Underhill, jeweller, Timaru,  left home 31 Dec.-inquest --open verdict, found dead.
ROGERS -  William,  of Auckland,  slipped from a dust-cart he was driving  and fell in front of the wheels  ---  married man,  leaves 8 children.
SIMPSON - Isabella,  living at 47 Peterborough st, Christchurch,  died suddenly  --- an inquest will be held.

Summary Separation  -  061
CALVERT -  Maria,  from her hus.  Albert Calvert,   ------
SCOTT -  William,  applied for an order of maintenance against his sons  John  &  William Scott,   ------ order refused.

Wednesday 27 April 1904
Fatalities  -  062
WILLIAMS -  John William Williams,  a very old Napier settler,  brother of Archdeacon Williams,  aged 77,  lived in the Bay of Islands for a number of years.
COTTERILL -  Mr E.J.  4th son of late Canon Cotterill,   at age 47.  was born in Chch -------  more  -----

Thursday 28 April  1904
Visitors to Christchurch   -  063
F. Reed (London)      W.Sherer (New York)     Mr Cuppiles  (Melbourne)

Passenger  -      SCOTT -     064
Mr J.G.L.,  headmaster of the Christchurch East School, who left for a trip to England a short time ago,  was so ill on the vessel,  he had to be taken ashore at Albany,  West Australia,  he was unable to  proceed on the voyage.

Death  -  065
BAUCHOPE -  Mrs,  widow of Mr R.G.Bauchope,  of New Plymouth.

Friday 29 April  1904
Returning from England -  067
EMPSON - Mr W. Empson,  principal of the Wangaui Collegiate School,  who has been on an extended visit to England, returned to New Zealand this week.

Deaths  -  068
TURTON - a private cable message --death at Southampton of Mr Hansen Turton, late Registrar of Deeds at Dunedin. left last year for England with Mrs Turton
CARLYLE -  Mr W.H. Carlyle, who was for many years in NZ Audit Office  died at Pretoria  on 15 March.

Saturday 30 April 1904
Dunedin -  Obituary - 070
FISHER -  Mr Charles Fisher, J.P. a well-known resident of Caversham,  died last night ----  he was an estate agent.

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