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Saturday 2 April 1904
Marriages  - 001
COLLINS - DAVIES - on 24 March at ---  Thomas M. eld.son of W.J.Collins  of Perth, W.A.  to Jessie, 2nd dau. of T.H.Davies, of Beckenham.
BAILEY - SHAW - on 23 March at Ashley -- Robert Henry, 2nd son of Mr R.Bailey, Pine Grove, Ashley   to  Ann Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Mr T.Shaw, Ashley.
SMITH - BURCH - on 23 March at --  Charles, 3rd son of A.G.Smith, Opawa  to  Mary Elizabeth,  eld. dau. of T.G.Burch,  Papanui.

Deaths  -  001
BLAKELEY - on 1 April at his late res.  Cass St, Kaiapoi,  Reuben Blakeley (late Batley, Yorkshire, England)  in his 70th year.
BURGESS - on 1 April at Durham st,  Thomas Dix,  bel. hus. of Marian Burgess,  aged 67 years.
BRUCE - on 31 March at  -----  Sydenham,  William Johnston Bruce,  dearly bel. hus. of Linda Byron Bruce and eld. son of late William Bruce, Liverpool.
GOOD -  on 1 April at his mother's res. Cox st, Ashburton,  John George Good,  in his 37th year.  ------
PAYNTON -  at the Jubilee Home,  Woolston,  Emily Paynton,  aged 80 years.
MADDREN - on 2 April at res. of her grandparents Mr J.Maddren, Shakespeare rd, Sydenham,   Myrtle Alice, inf. dau of W.J. & A.Maddren,  aged 9mths.
RANCE -  on 1 April at Christchurch Hosp.  George,  bel. hus. of Jane Rance, late Waimatuku, Southland,  native of Harrow, England,  aged 47 years.

In Memoriam -  001
COWAN -  Henrietta Frances (Fanny)  bel dau. of John & Ruth Burrell, who died at 153 Chester st 1 April  1898,  aged 29 years.
RADEMACHER - Anna,  mother,   died 1 April 1908  ----  

Funerals  -  001
MADDREN -  ------ on Sunday 3rd  at 1pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday 5 April 1904
Deaths  -  002
DOYLE -  on 4 April at Ashburton,  Sarah,  bel. wife of Mr John Doyle,  sen.  of Ruapuna,  aged 64 years.
GRIFFITHS -  on 3 april at his res. 45 Marton st,  George,  bel. hus. of Marie Griffiths,  aged 71 years.
MORIARTY -  on 3 April at his res.  14 Wilson's st,  Patrick Moriarty,  in his 86th year.
SMITH - on 2 April at Woodfield, Lincoln,   Raymond Munro, 2nd son of Sydney and Ethel Smith, of Fleetwood, Lincoln,  aged 2 and half years.

In Memoriam  -  002
NOONAN -  Jeremiah Noonan,   who died at Hornby on 6 April 1900  in his 21st year.  -----------

Thursday 7 April 1904
Birth  -  008
BURKE - on 5 April at Waitohi Peaks  to wife of M.J.Burke  -  a daughter

In Memoriam  -  008
PEDERSEN -  in loving memor of a dear friend  who died 2? April 1903?  -  inserted by G. and J.Williamson
FEAST -  Harry, who died 7 April 1902?  aged 65 years.   accidentally killed.

Saturday 9 April  1904
Deaths  -  013
GAY -  on 9 April  at his late res.  27 Selwyn st, Addington,  Joseph,  dearlt bel. hus. of  Elizabeth Gay  in his 76th year.
LOGIE -  on 9 April 1904  at his res.  Canal Reserve,  James Logie,  aged 70.

Monday 11 April  1904
Marriage  -  016
BOVAIRD -  PEARSON - on 6 April at --  John, late of Victoria, 3rd son of Alexander Bovaird,  Donegal  to  Mary, eld. dau of late William Pearson, Sydenham.

Deaths  -  016
BENNETT -  on 8 april at res of her dau.  Margaret, wife of Alexander bennett, late of Bennetts,  aged 78.
GAY -  on 9 April  at his late res.  27 Selwyn st, Addington,  Joseph,  dearlt bel. hus. of  Elizabeth Gay  in his 76th year.
LAMBIE -  on 10 apri at Lakeside,  Leeston,  John Lambie,  in his 94th year.
LOGIE - on 9 April at his res. Canal Reserve,  James,  aged 70.  funeral this dayon the arrival of the 9-15 Worcester st tram,   for the Linwood Cemetery.
MARTIN -  on 11 April at her res. 60 Antigua st,  Ellen,  relict of Walter Martin,  aged 83 years.
WRIGHT  -  on 9 April at Christchurch,  Willaim,  bel. hus. of Elizabeth Wright,  of Kaiapoi Island,  aged 90 years.

In Memoriam  -  016
DURHAM -  dear mother  who died at Lyttelton  11 April 1903  ----     

Tuesday 12 April  1904
Marriages  -  020
CLARK - SHEPPARD - on 11 April at ---  Ernest Moir Clark  to  Kitty Sheppard,  both of Christchurch.
LAUGESEN - SMITH - on 30 March at --- Kaikoura,  Louis Emil, 2nd son of Mr Louis Laugesen, -- Dunedin  to Jessie, dau. of late John Smith, Thames, NZ.
ROBBINS - BRUNSDON - at -- Charles Edward, 2nd son of William Robbins, of Dover, Eng.  to  Lizzie (Lily)  eld. dau. of William Brunsdon, Christchurch.

Death  -  020
MARTIN - on 11 April at her res. 60 Antigua st,  Ellen, relict of Walter martin,  aged 83 years.
PELLOW - on 11 April at Christchurch,  William James, dearly loved son of Sarah and late Joseph Pellow,  aged 28 years.

In Memoriam  -  020
MORRISS -  Robert William,  who died Esat London, South Africa,  12 April 1900.  -  inserted by his loving parents, brothers and sisters --- also poem.

Thursday 14 April 1904
Birth  -  027
BOAG -  on 9 April at Hatfield,  Rakaia  to wife of W.Boag - a son.

Marriage  -  027
BOROUGH - MAZEY -  on 17 March at -- William Joseph,  eld. son of Richard Borough (late Nelson) to Ada Harriet, 4th dau. of Charles Mazey,  Linwood.

Friday 15 April  1904
Marriages  -  030
SHELDON - MANDER - on 12 April at --George William,  son of Mr George Sheldon, of Amberley,  to Selina,  eld. dau. of Mr William Mander, of Bryndwr.
WESTON - PATTRICK - on 12 April at --  Samuel, 4th son of late William Weston  to  Harriett Lizetta,  eld. dau. of David Pattrick,  Ashburton

Deaths  -  030
ARMSTRONG -   on 14 April  Frederick Gordon Armstrong,  6th son of George Armstrong, Mount vernon,  Akaroa.
BUTLER - At Butler's Family Hotel, Ashburton, --  on 14inst.  Mr John Francis Butler, father of Mrs Devane, A1 Hotel,  Christchurch,  aged 71 years.  

Saturday 16 April  1904
Marriage  -  034
CLARKSON - FLOOD -  on 7 April at Chch,  William,  4th son of late Thomas Clarkson  to  Genevieve Anne, 3rd dau. of late John Flood,  of Southbridge.

Deaths  -  034
HOLLAND -  on 16 April at Kaiapoi,  Anne Jane,  bel. wife of James Holland,  aged 55 years
LUMB -  on 7 April at Alfredton, Eketahuna,  Eliza,  bel. wife of John Lumb, and mother of F.J.Lumb, of Christchurch,  in her 65th year.
PARRY -  at 23 Gloucester st, Jane Baxter Parry,  bel. wife of Peter Parry,  aged 65 years.

Funerals  -  034
ROSKRUGE - Thomas,  leaving res, Mrs J.Allen,  Rolleston st, Linwood,  on Monday 18th  at --  for the Avonside Churchyard.
HOLLAND -  Anne Jane,  wife of James, leave his res. Raven st,   on Monday 18th  at 2-30pm  for the Public Cemetery, Kaiapoi.

Monday 18 April 1904
Marriage -  037
MANING - MULLEN - on 6 April at Chch,  Henry George, son of late F.G.Manning  to  Emily Mildred,  3rd dau. of late John Mullin  & Emily Francis Murray

Deaths  -  037
HOLLAND   -  on 16 April at Kaiapoi,  Anne Jane,  bel. wife of James Holland,  aged 55 years
PARRY - at 23 Gloucester st, Jane Baxter Parry,  bel. wife of Peter Parry,  aged 65 years.
ROSKRUGE -  on 16 April at Wellington,  Thomas Roskruge,  aged 59 years.
SWORD - on 16 April  Sarah Thomasine,  wife of Benjamin Sword,  Styx.

In Memoriam  -  037
MITCHELL -  mother  ---  died 16 April 1899  ----   poem ----  
PARISH -  Mary Ann -- died 17 April 1903  ----    poem ---
REED -  Ellen Maria Read,    18 April  1903  --- poem -   inserted by her sister and brother,  Lizzie  and Will.

Tuesday 19 April  1904
Funeral  -  039
ANSLEY -  Ann,  will leave her dau's res. 17 St Asaph st,  for Linwood Cemetery on Wed. 20th at 2-30pm.

Wednesday 20 April  1904
Death  -  043
VEITCH - on 20 April at Christchurch Hosp.  Florence Mabel Veitch, 2nd dearly bel. dau. of Mrs M.A. Veitch,  148 South Belt,  in her 25th year.

Thursday 21 April  1904
Marriage  -  045
EAST - OLLIVER -  on 6 April at -- by father of the bridegroom ---- Cuthbert, eld. son of Rev Herbert East  to  Alice, 2nd dau. of late Walter James Olliver.

Deaths  -  045
BLACK -  at South Yarra, Melbourne,  Ellinor,  the daughter of R.S.Black,  aged 2 years.
HOBBS -  on 20 April at St Albans Lane,  Elizabeth, bel. wife of W.B.Hobbs,  aged 66 years.
NOTTINGHAM  -  on 20 April at Halswell,  Eileen Agatha Nottingham,  aged 14 years
McCAUSLAND -  on 20 April at 6 ParkRd, Linwood,  Jane,  widow of James McCausland,  of Killeraighn,  Beragh, County Tyrone, Ireland,  aged 68.

Funerals  -  045
HOBBS -  Elizabeth M.  wife of William B.   leave his res.  Friday 22nd April at 2-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

Friday 22 April 1904
Birth  -  047
HIGHT -  on 11 April  at Brookside  to wife of A.E.Hight  -  a son.

Marriages  -  047
BRIDGMAN -  MEREDITH - on 8 March at -- Waimate  W.Bridgman, of Hastings  to  Emily,  3rd dau. of Mr R.Meredith  ex M.H.R.  for Ashley.
BROWN-DEVERELL- EXALL - on 18 April at ---Sydney, Stephen, 2nd son of late Andrew Brown-Deverell, London   to Mary Edith, dau of late Joseph Exall
DICK - VALE - on 11 April at --- Robert, 2nd son of Mr S.Dick, Woolston  to  beatrice, 2nd dau. of Mr F.Vale, Christchurch.
Deaths  -  047
GEDYE -  on 21 April at Buxton's cnr,  Shirley,  William Alexander,  inf. son of A. and J. Gedys,  aged 10mths.
HENDY - on 21 April at 214 Strickland st,  Sydenham,  Harry,  youngest and dearly loved son of Harry and Jessie Hendy,  aged 8mths.
McCONKEY -  on 20 April at his res. Doyleston,  John McConckey,  aged 64.

In Memoriam  -  047
CALDWELL -  Clifford Macartney Caldwell who died 22 April 1903  -----   poem  -  inserted by his loving sisters.

Monday 25  April 1904
Marriages  -  055
BARBER - HARMAN -  on 4 April at -- Thomas Paul Barber, of Ashburton  to  Mary Sybil Harman,  2nd dau of  Thomas Coombes,  Ward st, Addington.
FARRANT - SPENCER - on 28 Dec.1903 ---  Herbert Ernest,  2nd son of Robert Farrant,   to  Catherine Elizabeth, eld. dau. of late Henry Spencer,  Sydenham.
STEVENS - MUMFORD - on 6 January --- George, young. son of Mr T.Stephens of Glamorganshire,  to  Kate Alicia Rubina, dau. of Samuel Mumford, Chch.
WILLIAMS - ROSIE - on 14 April at ---  William George, eld. son of John Williams, Stanmore rd,  to Catherine (Kate) only dau. of James Rosie,  Oamaru.

Deaths  -  055
BRUERE - on 24 April at Balcairn,  Bertha Nida Bruere,  aged 6mths.
HART  -  on 28 April  at her mother's res.6 Williams st,   Olive Evelyn,  aged 19 years.

In Memoriam  -  055
TOWNSEND -  William,  died Christchurch 25 April  1903  ---   poem  ---  inserted by his loving wife and children.

Tuesday 26 April 1904
Marriage  -  059
PIPER - ROWE - on 19 April at Duvauchelle's Bay, by  --Arthur Alfred, young. son of Henry Piper to Ruth, eld. dau. of late George Rowe, Anderson's Bay,                                         Dunedin.

Deaths  -  059
ATKINSON - on 25 April at his res. Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  Joseph Atkinson,  in his 79th year.
BRICE -  on 25 April at her res. 236 Oxford Tce,  Ellen,  dearly bel. wife of William Brice,  aged 61 years.
COMER  - on 25 April at Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton, Winifred Mary, bel. wife of James Comer, Railway Dept. Lyttelton,  aged 65 years. Irish papers please copy.
TAYLOR - on 25 April at Chch Hosp.  Alfred Hugh (Fred) 4th bel. son of Hugh & Jane Taylor, Linwood,  -- loved hus. of Emma Taylor, aged 32.(by accident)

Funerals -  059
COMER -  Winifred Mary, wife of James,  leave Chch railway station on arrival of 2-25. train from Lyttelton on Wed. 27th  for the Barbadoes st, Cemetery.

Friday 29 April  1904
Marriage  -  066
WARE -  PIDGEON - on 26 April at -- William John,  elder son of Mr J.B.Ware, Okain's Bay   to  Annie Mary, eld. dau. of Mr W.Pidgeon, Okain's Bay.

Deaths  -  066
HARRINGTON -  on 28 April at Sumner,  Marianne, bel. wife of William Harrington  in her 75th year.
MICKLE - on 20 April at London,  George Mickle M.A.,  M.D. Abd,  of Kirklington, Yorkshire, eld.  brother of Dr. A.F.J. Mickle, of this city.
PARSONS -  on 28 April at Waipara Bank, Waipara,  William Parsons,  aged 58 years.
SMALL -  at his parent's res, Cranfordst,  Theodore Ellis,  bel. son of S.M. and S.Small,  after 12mths illness,  aged 10 years 11mths.

Saturday 30 April 1904
Births  -  069
SMITH - on 28 April at Hawkhurst rd, Lyttelton,  to wife of George Smith  -  a daughter.
VAUGHAN -  on 28 April at Springfield Farm,  Amberley,  to wife of W.W.Vaughan - a daughter.

Marriages  -  069
DODGE - PACKHAM - on 31 March at --- George Samuel Bertie, eld. son of Samuel Dodge, Broadfields  to Henrietta Kate, eld.dau. of Henry T.Packham,                                         New Brighton.
HODGSON - CRAW - on 4 April at --  Stanley A. of --- Southland, son of Mr Twentyman Hodgson  to  Laura Grace, eld. dau. of Mr David Craw, of  Papanui.
LANGE - BROMLEY - on 7 April at --  William Francis, 3rd son of C.A.Lange, of Marshlands  to  Ethel Annie,  elder dau. R.W.Bromley,  St Albans.
RICHARDS - WILLIAMS - on 16 March at -- Auckland  Gerald Rockwood, son of late Dr Richards, Hororata  to  Amelia Elizabeth, dau of late Arthur                                                 W.Williams, Auckland.

Deaths  -  069
CARSON - on 28 April at  Waipara Bank, Waipara,  William Parsons,  aged 58 years. (as in newspaper)
DALE - on 29 April,  at Fendalton,  Sarah Dale,  late Ensor's rd,   aged 76 years.
DUCKWORTH - on 29 April,  Susanna,  bel. wife of Henry Duckworth,  aged 53.
GREEN -  on 28 April at Taurangi Old Men's Home,  Ashburton,  Thomas Green,  aged 65 years.
LITTLE - on 28 April at Shakespeare rd,  Sydenham,  Doris May,  dau. of John and Sarah Little,  aged 9mths.
McCREE -  on 29 April at Cambridge and William st. Linwood,  Edward McCree,  aged 62 years.
WILSON - on 30 April,   Daniel Wilson,  Selwyn st, Spreydon,  aged 68
WOOLSEY -  at Christchurch,  on April 28  Catherine Sarah,  bel. wife of Joseph Amos Woolsey,  aged 60 years.
WRIGHT -  on 29 April  at Kaiapoi Island,  Lester Tasman (Tassie)  bel. 5th son of James and Janet Wright.  aged 9 years.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
24 April  2010

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