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Tuesday  3 March  1903
Auckland    -  002 -  p3
BEWS  -  An appeal has been lodged against the decision ---  in the divorce case Bews v Bews  ------  

Thursday  5 March  1903
Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  005 -   p3
ANDREW  -  William,  aged 25  a single man,  died at Kopuru,  Auckland,  inquest ------
PHIPPS  -  Robert,  an ordinary seaman on the barque Don ---- knocked down   at Lyttelton  -- not seriously injured -----

Friday 6 March  1903
Sale  -  007  -  p3
SPENCER  -  Mr W.W.Spencer,  who has carried on business as a general storekeeper at Cust  for the past 6yrs has sold to Mr Horne  of Rangiora.

Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  008  -  p3
THORNTON  -  Mr J.R.,  a solicitor  was picked up on the St Clair beach,  Dunedin, little hope of recovery ----has a wife and 2 children  married in Christchurch 

Saturday  7 March  1903
Missing Friends  -  010  -  p6
CRIGHTON  -      John  or his wife Margaret,  nee Mackenzie  
WEST   - Emily,    sister  Annie Ruth Noton,  of 7 St Georges rd, West Hampstead,  London. left England in Jan. 1884  last heard from Christchurch in 1887
O'NEILL  -  Thomas Houston,  nephew Harry  looking for him  c/o Tatchell,  Solicitor,  Bendigo.
KEAY - BRISCOE  or WHITEHOUSE  ---   Samuel,  sailed for Otago in 1872,  son william  asks.
DONNISON  -  Thomas,  flourmiller,  went to NZ  or Australia  30 years ago.  sister Hannah's daughter asks.
PALMER  -  Leonard W.  left London 25 years ago.  for Melbourne or Sydney.  Mother and sister  ask.
TANNER  -  Jacob  of Upton Noble, Somerset,  went to NZ about 1892,  last news Whangarei,  son Herbert  asks.
McFALL  -  James,    maker-up,  left Manchester for Melbourne  50 years ago.  nephew  asks.
BROWN  -  Thomas,  gardener,  married Margaret Downey, of Castle Martyr,  County Cork,  50 years ago. left Cardiff 35 years back,  son Maurice asks.
JONES  -  William, left Much Wenlock, Shropshire,  50 years ago, last news from West Foots Cray,  near Melbourne,  niece asks.
COLCLOUGH -  Thomas,  supposed to have gone to NZ,  sister Phill  asks.
SAUNDERS  -  William  left Gloucester in 1874,  last wrote  Wanganui  NZ  in March 1876   sister Polly asks.
DRAYTON  -  Isabella, dau of John  of the 98th Foot Regiment seeks  her father's  brothers and sisters in Australia,  left Somersetshire about 36-7 years ago ----
ROBERTS  -  Jane left St Asaph, N. Wales,  for Christchurch  in 1871   sister Ellen  asks
McCARTHY  -  James,  seaman,  from Waterford, ireland,  last heard in 1875 in Canterbury  brother Edward asks
JONES  -  John Henry,  surgeon,  or his son william McLellan Jones,   --------
NEAL  -  Mrs Emily,  since married again,  left London  1890  -----  son william  asks
SLEEP  -  Samuel  Sleeo.  left Woolgarden  St Cether,  Cornwall  about 44 years ago,  Mrs H. Allins  asks
HODSON  -   John -- was at Achray station, Rotheram, Amuri,  in 1883 --------

Accidents  &  Fatalities  -  011  -  p5
GELL  -  John,  thrown from his trap in Hastings,  and died from injuries received.
BURGESS  -  3yr old son of J. Burgess died  from burns ----
VINCENT  -  John ---  in a  boxing contest ---   expected to prove fatal ----
BLACKETT  -  Henry,  death  at Loburn last Wednesday  a lad aged 15 ---  driving a horse in a dray --- he was thrown out  an inquest being held ---

Land Sale  -  013  -  p5
MOORHEAD  -  held a land sale account of Mrs A.M.Moorhead,  of Leeston,  The homestead block  Lot 1 of 100 acres  ----  Lot 2  of 68 acres ---

Dunedin  -  014  -  p5.
THORNTON  - Mr Thornton died at the Hospital  at Dunedin  this morning.

Monday  9 March  1903
Meeting of Creditors   -    BERRY  -  015  -  p3
 E.C. Berry,   held this morning,    butcher  for 29 years,  while his wife was alive  he managed,  but when she died he as left with  8 children and a great
deal of sickness among them ---    

Obituary  -  TOSSWILL  -  018  -  p3
The death is announced  from England  of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert G.D.Tosswill.  appointed Major in command of the Canterbury Battalion  of Infantry 
in 1885  ------  previously held a captaincy in the Christ's College Rifles  ----    during his res. in Canterbury  hehad a farm near Timaru  and another
at Highfield,  Kirwee,  Colonel Tosswill  went to Engalnd  in 1901.

Tuesday  10 March  1903
Auckland  -  Passengers  SIERRA  -  020 -    p3
The Sierra arrived in Auckland this morning  with the San Francisco mail.  She made a record passage of 15 days  14hrs  33 min.

Passengers  -
Miss Bethell,  Mesdames McClurg  and daughter,  Messrs F.W.Thorne,  J.A.McClurg,  and Littledale.

Second Saloon  -
Miss Allen,  Messrs O.Williams,  F. Aitkin,  L.Brown,  P.Carrigan,  Karmont,  C.Smith,  and J.Jame,  Master Allen,  and 1 steerage.

Thursday  12 March  1903
Fatalities  -  022 -  p3
HALLIWELL  -  James,  was killed by a fall of a stack of timber  near Huntly.
BARCLAY  -  Agnes,  a housemaid at the Prince Arthur Hotel,  died rather suddenly,  inquest  held ------   

Meeting of Creditors  -  023
WRIGHT  -  Arthur,  picture frame maker, of Christchurch  --------  more ----

Friday  13 March  1903
Divorce  -  025  -  p3
MACKIE  -  R.A.Mackie  & Janet Mackie ------   more  ----

Saturday  14 March  1903
Fatalities  -  028  -  p5
DODGSHUN  -  Nathaniel,  a well-known storekeeper at Btightwater,  Nelson, thrown from his horse -- killed ----- an inquest will be held tomorrow.
RAWCLIFFE - W.S. a remittance man, from England ---  lived with wife and family at ---  Wakefield, Nelson,  ---  died  ----- inquest tomorrow.
COLLINS  -  Timothy,  at Oamaru,  crushed by a traction engine,  broke his leg ---  died  -----
MARTYN  -  Samuel Henry,  aged 56  died suddenly ----  Christchurch ---   an inquest will be held ----

Monday  16 March 1903
Fatalities -  030  -  p3
WILLS  -  son of Mr W.Wills,  farmer, side of a  shed blew down on him in a raging nor-wester --- died shortly afterwards.
BURGESS  -  son of Mr J.Burgess,   blacksmith,  Mount Somers,   was drowned  in the domain on Sat.  the body was recovered by some harvesters.
MARSHALL  -  Frank,  son of a farmer,  killed by a fall of gravel in a pit on Sat  at Invercargill,  died  as soon as extricated.
CAPILL  -  Winifred,  died suddenly on Sunday   at res. of Mrs Emma Sandford,  keeper of an infant home in Tuam st,  Chch,  --  2mths old  
WILLS  -  Albert,  was accidently killed this morning  at Ashburton ---
DITFORD  -  Frederick W.E.,  a few weeks old,  died  ---    live in Waltham rd, Sydenham -- died in the waiting room while waiting to see the doctor --

Death  -  031   -  p3
FYFE  -  Mr Gerge Gibb Fyfe,  died at Wyndham yesterday.-----  aged 78,  an old colonist arrived in the Phoebe Dunbar in 1850 -----------

Boating Tragedy  -  Sumner  -  SPRING  -  032
2 young men  named George Spring  and Wallace Franklin went out in an oil-motor launch from Sumner ----  fishing near Lyttelton ---  boat capsized
trying to cross the bar -----   lots  more  ----- George Spring was 27 years old,  well-known in athletic circles  and was very popular  son of
Mr George Spring,  carrier  and was unmarried.

Tuesday  17 March  1903
Inquest  -  034  -  p3
CAPILL  -  --  Winifred Capill,  who died at the res. of Mrs Sandford,  the keeper of the Infant's Home at Linwood ----    death due to marasmus.

Wednesday  18 March  1903
Memorial  - ASHTON    -    035  p3
No steps have been taken yet to place a tombstone on the grave of ' Dad Ashton'  an old veteran born in the Army  and died in Christchurch some time
ago.  -----   it was suggested at the time of his death  a memorial should be raised  to him.

Fatalities   &   Accidents    -  037  -    p3
HOUNSLOW  -  Mrs,  horses bolted, --- 3 ladies jumped out --  Mrs Hounslow an old Masterton res.  caught in the step, was dragged and killed.
MILLAR  -  son of Mr A. Miller,  of Rangiora,   made a small canon of a piece of brass tube  -- exploded in his face --  may lose sight of one eye.

Friday  20 March  1903
Fatalities  &  Accidents  -  039  - p3
HUNTER  -  George,  body discovered --  near Ellesmere School ---   an inquest will be held
McLEAN  -  Lachlan,  had an accident at Lyttelton this morning   was bruised about the arms and legs  ------

Saturday  21 March  1903
Accident  -  CROTTY -  041  -  p5
John Crotty,  a storkeeper at Oparau,  has been poisioned by eating honey, and is seriously ill .  he has been bought to Kawhia,  but is not expected to recover.

Monday  23 March  1903
Fatalities  -  042  -  p3
WILLIAMS  -  Robert Leslie, ---    aged 1 year,  inquest  found death  resulted  ------    deceased's twin brother also very ill  but survived.
EVANS  -  Robert,  fell off a wire bridge at Mitchell's Lake,  Brunner  and broke his neck.

Tuesday 24 March  1903
Affiliation  -  044  -  p3
BETTRIDGE  -  William  admitted paternity of an illegitimate child -----------

Fatalities  &  Accidents   -  045  -  p3
BETHUNE  -  David,  inquest,  aged 69  died suddenly yesterday  -----      
ANDREWS  -  Mr F.S.  who is employed at Mr H.J.Ranger's, Victoria Cycle works  at Rangiora, was riding a motor-machine -- collided with a bicycle  --

Thursday  26 March  1903
Fatalities  -  048 -  p3.
SOMERVILLE -  Mrs,  an old resident of woodville  died yesterday  -----
KENNEDY -  Joseph, a very old pioneer res. of Kaneri  District  and in business at the Forks  as a general storekeeper,  died this morning ---

Inquest  -  049  -  p3
GIESLER -  ---- death of 6mths old Constance Coronation Giesler,  who died yesterday ,  will be held at 4pm  ------

Presentation  -  051  -  p3
SHANAGHAN -  Mr and Mrs W.  about to leave Lyttelton  for Hamilton ---   presented with  silver mounted toilet requisites.  ----

Friday 27 March  1903
Carterton  053  -  p3
BOOTH  -  William Booth, a well-known sawmiller of this district,  who recently returned from England,  ------  died last night  aged 66 years.

Obituary  -  COWLISHAW  -  054  -  p3
The late Mr W.P. Cowlishaw  was born at Sydney on 1 November 1839.  He took his degrees of B.A.  and M.A.  at the Sydney University and served
his articles with Messrs Rowley, Holdsworth and Garrick,  a Sydney firm,  being admitted as a barrister in 1863.  Coming to NZ  he entered partnership 
with Mr E.F.B.Harston ---- In 1864  Mr Garrick  formerly of Sydney came to Christchurch  and the firm became Garrick and Cowlishaw,  Mr Harston
having retired. ---   appointed 1st solicitor to the Canterbury College Board of Govenors -----   member of the Provincial Council of Canterbury ---  was
Provincial Solicitor ---   active part in forming Christchurch Drainage Board ---   became solicitor to the Education Board.  in 1882  he was a candidate
 to represent Avon,  was defeated by Mr Pilliet.  In 1883 Mr J.B.Fisher joined the firm ----   Mr Cowlishaw went to England in the following year ---
returning in 1886 ---  the death of Mr Garrick in June 1890  caused another change -- in January of this year Mr Cowlishaw retired  ----    was a
director of the Christchurch Press Company,  chairman of Manning and Co.  and of Ashby Bergh and Co.  He leaves  3 daughters  Mrs J.D.Hall, 
Mrs J.Turnbull  and Miss I. Cowlishaw,  3 sons  Messrs W.B.  F.I.  and T. Cowlishaw.

Fatalities  -  055  -  p3
STEAD  -  William  of Waikeikei, Whangarei,   was killed by a tree falling on him.
JEFF  -  an old man,  was taking  tiles from a roof  when the ladder slipped ----   died at 7pm,  widower,  aged 73,   an inquest will be held
BUXTON   -  MabelGallimore, a pupil of Swannanoa school,  inquest held this morning,  died on wednesday -- run over by a truck -------
GEISLER  -  Constance Coronation,  inquest   dau. of Mr Charles Geisler,  of Fyfe st,    death from natural causes.

Deserter  -  p3  -  056
McLEAN  -  Neil,  charges with having deserted from H.M.S. Royal Arthur --------

Saturday  28 March  1903
Obituary  -  LILLY  -  p6  -    058   &   059
Mr John Lilliy last Sunday,  an old Canterbury bandsman.  A native of Gloucestershire and an ex-English player of ability,  John Lilly was a most welcome
help to the old Canterbury Yoemanry Cavalry Band ------  on his E-flat bass was a telling, correct and willing bandsman. -----    many bandsmen will learn
with regret that genial John Lilly has joined the band of the old brigade.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
28 August  2009

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