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Monday  1 September  1902

Birth  -
WALLACE  -  August  27   at 155 North Belt,   to wife of R.C.Wallace,  a son.

Marriage  -
June 11 1902  at St Luke's Church,   by Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  Duncan M.  2nd son of Mr Duncan Matheson,  of Grassdale,  Springfield,  
to   Annie M. youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Hall,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
BROWN  -  August 30  at 55 Brougham street, Sydenham,  Jane Gunn (Little Jeanie)  beloved daughter of George & Agnes Brown, 
                    and granddaughter of Mr and  Mrs D. Gunn,  aged 2 years 11 mths.
GAYNOR  -  September 1 at 257 Madras street, north,  Jackie,  2nd and dearly beloved son of Garrit and Ella Gaynor,  aged 2 years 3 mths.
MAYNARD  -  September 1st at Dean street, St Albans,  Florence Ada,  the beloved child of J.H. and M.A. Maynard.
OLSEN  -  August 30 at her residence,  Little Taranaki street,  Wellington,  Edie,  beloved wife of Arthur Olsen,  and dearly beloved daughter of
                    William and  Martha Round,  of Madras street,  Sydenham,  aged 20 years.
RICKERBY  -  August 30 at his son-in-law's res. Mr Isaac Newton,  Halswell,  Robert Rickerby,  formerly of Carnew County,  Wicklow, 
                            Ireland,  aged 71 years.

In Memoriam  -
BOYCE  -  September 1st 1901,  John Henry,  dearly beloved husband of G.A.Boyce,  Cheviot.
HANSEN  -  Elizabeth Margaret Stannard Hansen, "Little Pearlie"  died Heathcote Valley Sep 1st 1899,  aged 10 mths 3 days.
WINKWORTH  -  dear mother Harriet Winkworth,  died Sep. 1st 1901,  also dear father,  James Wicks Winkworth,  died Dec. 23 1894.

Tuesday 2 September  1902
Death  -  
MAYNARD  -  September 1st at Dean street, St.Albans.  Florence Ada,  beloved child of J.H.  and M.A.Maynard.

In Memoriam  -
TOWNSON  -  AnnTownson,  died 2nd September 1901     -  inserted by her son and daughter.

Wednesday  3 September  1902    
Birth   - page 3
SOUTHON  - August 21, at Brigg's road. to wife of Wm Southon,  a son.

Marriage   -
DRUMMOND  -  HICKEY  -  August 21,   at Christchurch,  Charles,  3rd son of James Drummond,  Belfast,   to   Annie, dau of Daniel Hickey,  Napier.
McNALLY  -  BOYCE  -August 27  at Balcairn, Nicholas, son of the late John McNally, of Amberley,  to Agnes, daughter of   David Boyce, Sefton.

Death  -
MAIN  -  8 September at Harper street,  Sydenham,  Thomas Main,  beloved husband of J.Main,  aged 76 years.
WOODFORD  -  2nd September at his son's res. Worcester street, Linwood,  James Woodford,  aged 82 years.

In Memoriam  -  
CONNOR   -  James Ramsey Connor,  departed this life 3 September 1901,  

Friday  5  September  1902
Birth  -
BRADFORD  -  August 25 at 51 Salisbury street,  to wife of G.H.  Bradford,  a son.
HAYDON  -  September 2 at Hawkhurst raod,  Lyttelton,  to wife of J.Haydon,  a daughter
RUMBLES  -  September 8th at Southbrook,  to wife of C. Rumble.  twin sons.

Marriage  -
BOTHAMLEY  -  LAERY  -  July 8th at -- Christchurch,  and St Paul's Church,  Papanui, Grafton Francis,  eldest son of   A.T.Bothamley,  of Wellington,                                               to Ivy Elsie,  youngest daughter of the late Robert Laery,  of Lower Hutt,  and formerly of Picton, Marlborough.

Death  -
MAUDE  -  July 21 at Wick,  Hampshire,  Emily Catherine,  the wife of Thomas William Maude.
VOGAN  -  Sep. 2nd at Lyttelton,  Samuel James,  eldest son of Samuel James and Sarah Jane Vogan,  aged 14 years.

Saturday  6 September  1902

Death  -    page 5
HODGSON  -  September 6 at Papanui,  Anthony Hodgson,  aged 77,  funeral on Tuesday afternoon.

Bereavement -
WILLIAMSON -   Mrs S.J.   desires to return thanks to the many friends who expressed their sympathy in her bereavement.

Funeral Notice  - 
Albert Edward,  son of Mr F. Johnston are respectfully invited to attend the funeral  leaving his residence Thornton street,    St Albans, at 1pm                                      Sunday 7th for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday  8 September  1902
Birth  -
BATLEY  -  6 September at Bere ferrers Montreal street,  to wife of George Batley,  a son.
WICKENSON  -  5 September at Lower Riccarton,  to wife of J.E.Wickenden,  a son.

Marriage  -
McDOWELL   -  REID  -  on  August 15,  at the North Belt Pres. Church,  James, son of Richard McDowell,  of Riccarton,  to Sarah,  2nd daughter of Samuel                                 Reid,  of Fendalton.

Death  -
ARCHER  -  7 September  at the residence of his daughter Mrs S. Ball,  89 Wordsworth street,  Sydenham,  George Henry Archer,  aged 75 years.
GILBERT  -  7 September at Te-Marama,  20 George street, St Albans,  Jane,  beloved wife of David Gilbert,  aged 46 years.
HODGSON  -   September 6 at Papanui,  Anthony Hodgson,   late of Orton Valley, Loburn,  in his 78th year.
MUNRO  -  7 Sept at the resof of her grandmother,  North road,  Styx,  Catherine,  infant daughter of John & Ina Munro,  aged 5 and half months.
ROWE  -  7 September at his residence Park road, Linwood,  Thomas Rowe,  aged 70 years.
RUTLEDGE  -  July 4th,  died on board ss Rimutuka, at sea,  Robert Rutledge, late of Christchurch, son of  Henry Rutledge, of County Tyrone, Ireland.
TURTON  -  7 September at her late res. 36 Cashel street,  Jane Turton,  daughter of the late Edward Turton,  formerly of Middleton.  aged 64 years.

In Memoriam  -
CATE  -  Mary,  beloved wife of William cate , who died at Stratford,  Taranaki,  8 September 1901  aged 64 years.
SPARKES  -  dear husband who departed this life,   7 September 1901  in his 72nd year
TAYLOR  -  Robert  (Bob)  Taylor  who departed this life,  8 September 1901.
TERRELL  -  Maud Elizabeth  died 8 September 1901  aged 20 years.  inserted by her loving parents
TERRELL  -  Maud Elizabeth  died 8 September 1901  aged 20 years.  inserted by her loving sister Mrs E. Z. JONES

Wednesday  10  September  1902  
Marriage  -
BROWN  -  WOODFORD  -Sept 9th  at "Silverlea"  Bromley, Thomas,  only son of the late T. Brown,  Nottingham,  England,   to   Harriett (Cissy)  eldest                                         daughter of W.G. Woodford,  Linwood.

Death  -
BUTCHER  -  September 9th at Strathmore Hospital,  John Soper Butcher,  beloved husband of Mary Butcher, aged 72.
MAPLES  -  September 9th at Waltham road,  Ann, beloved wife of Geo. Maples,  in her 52nd year.

In Memoriam  - 
KERSHAW  -    in loving memory of Margaret kershaw, died 10 September 1901,  aged 7

Thursday  10 September  1902   page 3

Marriage  -
WATSON  -  DULIEU   -  on August 28 at  Tai-Tapu,  Charles Harvey,  3rd surviving son of John Watson,  Tai-Tapu,   to   Elizabeth Amelia,  eldest daughter of                             Richard Dulieu,  Greenpark.

Death  -
NEAVE  -  September 8th at Belguim,  India,  Henry Everard Neave,  Captain 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment,  aged 29 years.
PRESTNEY  -  September 10 at King street, North,  Rangiora,  George Prestney,  beloved husband of Rosina Prestney,  aged 46 years.
REID  -  Sept 10th at  res. of her brother-in-law,  Thos. HOBBS,  Ilam road,  Fendalton,  Maria Reid,  daughter of the late Samuel Reid,   County Derry, Ireland.
WEBB  -  September 10th at Tay street,  Richmond,  Sarah,  relict of the late J.W.Webb,  in her 79th year.
WEBB  -  August 27 at Barningham street, Brunswick,  Melbourne,  Victoria,  Hannah,  relict of the late John William Webb,  of Melbourne  and Christchurch,                          dearly beloved mother of Arthur, Ethel, Lily, and Annie Webb.

Friday  12 September  1902

Birth  -
GAW  -  September 11th at Windmill road,  to wife of S.J.Gaw,  a son.
MILNE  -  August 30 at Mangaonoho,  Wellington,  to wife of H.H.Milne,  a son.
SEALES  -  September 11th at 28 Andover street,  merivale,  to wife of Walter Searle,  a daughter.

Death  -
GOOD  -  Sunday september 7th at Wellington,  Walter Henry Good,  Post Clerk, aged 39
GUENETT  -  (by cable) September 10 at St Kilda, melbourne,  Thomas Harbottle,  bel. father of Sydney Harbottle Guenett,  of Christchurch,  age 53.
MACFARLANE  -  September 10 at Gartmore,  Sutherland road,  Aramadale,  Melbourne,  James Macfarlane,  aged 77 years,  a colonist of over 50 years.

In Memoriam  -   -
McEWEN   -    of Maggie,  beloved daughter of J.and E. McEwen,  died Sydenham,  September 12,  aged 12 years and 3 months.

Saturday  13 September  1902

Birth  - 
JACKMAN  -  September 11th, at Innes road,  St Albans,  to wife of J.Jackman,  a daughter
POLLOCK  -  September 2nd, at Mathieson's road, Linwood,  to wife of David Pollock,  a son.

Death  -
BRUNSDON  -  September 13th,  Thomas,  dearly beloved husband of Ann Brunsdon,  of Bromley, late of Lincoln road,  aged 67 years.
CATCHPOLE  -  September 12,  at Woodend, North, Canterbury,  Mary Hately,  beloved wife of Alfred catchpole,  aged 62 years.
POLLOCK  -  Sept.11 at Mathieson's road, Linwwod,  Sarah Pollock, dearly bel. wife of David Pollock,  late of Cockermouth, Cumberland, aged 36 years.
ROXBURGH  -  September 12 at Weston road,  Papanui,  William,  late of Annam, Dumfrieshire,  Scotland, in his 73rd year.

Bereavement  - 
A'COURT  -  Mr and Mrs A'Court and family of Durham street,  Christchurch,  -  in the loss of their dear son,  Major- Carrier Sydney Charles A'Court.

Monday  15 September  190

Death  -  
BARETTA  -  September  13  at Dunn's road,  Spreydon,  Annie May  (May)  bel dau. of Frederick and Margherita Baretta, sister to Mrs Barritt and Mrs                                 Phillips,  aged 11 years and 4 months.
BENNETT   -  Sept 13 at the res. of her son Alfred Bennett,  Springston,  Mary,  beloved wife of the late William Bennett of Greenpark, in her 65th year.
ELDRIDGE  -  September 13th at Wakefield street,  Sydenham,  Hannah,  dearly beloved wife of  Thomas Eldridge,  aged 73 years.
LOW  -  September 13 at Gloucester street,  West,  Lindsay Aristides Dallas,  son of David B. Low,  aged 14 years.

Tuesday  16 September  1902

Birth  -
JECKS  -  September 10 at Lyttelton,  to wife of E.H.Jecks,  Chemist,  Leeston.  a son.

Death  -
BRUNSDON  -  September 13,  Thomas,  dearly loved husband of Ann Brunsdon,  of Bromley,  late of Lincoln road.  aged 67 years.
BURGIN  -  September 15 at Swananoa,  Hepyabah,  relict of the late Thomas Burgin,  aged 72 years.
OLSEN  -  at Waikari,  John Olsen,   aged 72 years
PRICHARD  -  September 14 at the Wanganui Hospital,  William Albert,  eldest son of Albert and Emily Prichard,  in his 34th year.
WATT  -  September 15 at Salisbury street,  Christchurch,  Agnes,  beloved wife of Macgregor Watt.

In Memoriam  - 
HUTCHISON  -   William Hutchison,  who departed this life April (6 or 8)  1899  also Catherine,  wife of the above  died 16 September 1901

Wednesday  17  September  1902     

Marriage  -  page 3
McKINLEY  -  FIRMAN  - Sept 4 at -- John McKinnley,  of Sydenham,   to   Ada Mary,  only dau. of the late Thomas ------  Firman,  of Christchurch.   -   the                                         copy  is almost unreadable.
WISKER  -  CHAMBERS  -  16 Sept at Fendalton, Alfred, son of P.Wisker,  of Linwood,  to  Maud,  eldest daughter of Charles Chambers. of Southbrook.

Death  -
ARMSTRONG  -  September 16  at Springfield road,  St Albans, John Francis Armstrong,  aged 82
PRICHARD  -  September 14 at Wanganui, William Albert,  eldest son of Albert & Emily Prichard,  of Merivale,  Christchurch,  in his 34th year.
SCOTT  -   September 16  at Opawa,  Betsy,  relict,  of the late Moses Scott,  aged 66 years

In Memoriam  -  
DAVIS  -  Hereward Breeze (Harry) Davis,  died September 17?  1899.
PEARCE  - Robert Richards Pearce,  died September 17 1899
PIERSON  -  Thomas Pierson,  died august 10th 1901,  also James Pierson,  died September 1st 1901  aged 25,
                         inserted by loving sisters, S.W. and L.T. of Manuatu

Thursday  18 September  1902

Death  -
DICKINSON  -  September 17 at Leinster road,  St Albans,  Joseph Dickinson,  dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Dickinson,  aged 62
DIGBY  -  September 18 at Amberley,  Sarah,  widow of the late John Richard Bickerton Digby,  aged 77 years.

Friday  19  September  1902

Death  -
JEWISS  -  September 18  at the res.of her daughter  Mrs Nichols,  51 Worcester street, Llinwood,  Eliza Jewiss,  relict of the late
                     Thomas Jewiss,  aged 70 years.
SPEIRS  -  at 38 Queen street, Sydenham,  Rene,  daughter of William and Constance Speirs,  aged 2 years.

Monday  22 September  1902
Birth  -  
COE  -  at Mrs King's Nursing home,  149 Salisbury street,  to wife of Claude H.Coe,  a son.
BAILEY  -  September 20 at Rangioraa,  to wife of Drummond Baily.  a son.
BROWNLEE  -  September 20 at 83 Cashel street,  to wife of J.J.Brownlee, M.D.  a son.

Death  -
BAILEY  -  September 20  at Rangiora,  infant son of Drummond bailey,
BURNS  -  September 20  at the residence of his parents,  Factory road,  S ockburn,  Hugh Alexander Tuft Burns, (Wee Sue)  aged 2 years 10 mths.

Tuesday  23 September  1902

Death  -
ALLEN  -  September 22 at Woolston,  John Allen,  in his 85th year. Worcestershire papers please copy.
FRANCIS  -  September 17 at Hiwiroa,  Waimate,  Ruth,  wife of Norton Francis,  aged  28 years
HOBBS  -  September 22  at 28 Aldred street,  Ernest,  6th dearly beloved son of Margaret and the late Thomas Hobbs,  in his 18th year.
LAWSON  -  September 22 at Lincoln road,  Ann, eldest daughter of the late John Lawson, of Old Park House, Bedale, Yorkshire, in her 76th year.

Wednesday  24 September  1902

Funeral  Notice  -
-  Valentine Kiesanowski --attend his funeral,  which will leave his late res. Marshland,  tomorrow,  at 8-15am --   to the Linwood Cemetery.

Thursday  25 September  1902

Marriage  -
HENDERSON - SALT  -September 17 at Purau,  David,  4th son of Gideon Henderson,  Pleasant View, to   Mary  eldest daughter  of Samuel Salt,  Lyttelton.

Death  -
SHANNON  -  September 24  at Upper Riccarton,  Thomas Shannon,  aged 70 years.

In Memoriam  -
SHEPPARD  -  dear mother, who departed this life  September 26 1901,   inserted  by daughter Mrs T.Dench
SKEVINGTON  -  Edith,  beloved child of Samuel and Sarah Skevington,  died at Waikuku,  September 25th 1900,  inserted by her loving mother.

Saturday  27 September  1902
Death  -
WALTER  -  September 27 at the Christchurch Hospital,  herman Walter,  late of Linwood,  aged ?9 years.  could be 69,  49

Monday 29 September  1902
Birth  -
BOAG  -  September  18 at Hatfield,  Rakaia,  to wife of W. Boag.

Marriage  -
POW  -  McDONALD  -  Sept 25,  Gavin James, son of John Pow, Ferniehurst,  Amuri,   to   Helen Scott, dau of the late   Alexander McDonald,  of Amberley.

Death  -
DIMOND  -  September  27  at his residence, Strickland street, Sydenham,  Davies Dimond.
FORD  -  September 27  at 157 North belt, City,  Albert Edmund,  infant son of James and alice Ford,  of Oxley street, St Albans,  aged 6 weeks.
KELLY  -   September 29 at Christchurch Hospital,  Huia Rudolf,  dearly loved son of Mr and Mrs J. S. Kelly,  from accidental burns,  aged 3 years 9mths.
TROTT  -  September  26 at Broadfields,  John Trott,  in his 54th year.
WALTERS  -  September 27 at Christchurch Hospital,  Herman,  beloved husband of Ella Waters,  aged 49

In Memoriam  -  
TINNEY  -  September 26 1902 at Springfield road, St Albans,  lily Rosaline,  youngest dearly beloved daughter of George and Rose Tinney,
?INALDI  -  dearly loved mother  died September 26 or 28th   1901  first letter of name cut from side of paper.

Tuesday  30 September  1902
In Memoriam    -
TELFORD  -   Ada,  my dear wife who died Saturday September 28th,  1901

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22 August  2006

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