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Monday 2 June  1902
Inquest  -  001
--   Albert Bull,  who died under chloroform yesterday,  will be held at 4-30pm today.

Wednesday 4 June 1902

Fire  -  002
A fire occurred on Saturday night  opposite the Halswell School,  when Mr Thomas Rickerby's house was burnt to the ground.  -------

Thursday 5 June 1902

Death  -  004
much regret at the death in Lyttelton of Mrs W.G.Fraser,  wife of sub-manager for the Union steamship Co.  ---------

Lyttelton  Licensing  -   Transfers of Licenses  -    005
Cave Rock Hotel, Sumner -     Alfred Burns  to  Thomas Clark
Marine Hotel Sumner  -       R.Burland  to  T.E.Fox
Albion Hotel,  Lyttelton  -      H.Bailey  to  George Henry Pierce
Ocean View Hotel,  Governor's Bay  -     Joseph Bowie   to  Edward John Brownie

Renewals of Licenses   -  005
Agnes Johnston  -   Valley Hotel,  Heathcote
John Mullins  -    Wharf Hotel,  Woolston.
Charles Blatcher  -   Royal Hotel,  Lyttelton.
S. Brooking  -   Sumner Hotel
C.W.Hammond   -    Heathcote Arms,  Woolston.
Richard Richardson  -    British Hotel,  Lyttelton.
Campbell Brown  -    Canterbury Hotel,  Lyttelton.
Frederick Beverley  -     Saxon Hotel,  Lyttelton.
Mary O'Brien  -    Lyttelton Hotel,  Lyttelton.
R.J.Henry  -    Mitre Hotel,  Lyttelton.
E.F.King  -    Empire Hotel,  Lyttelton.
F.Pimm -     Wheatsheaf Hotel,  Teddington.

Dunedin  - MUNGOVAN  -    006
A miner  named Michael Mungovan was killed last night by falling down a shaft in the Deep Lead,  Ida Valley.

Friday 6 June  1902
Dunedin  -  MERCER  -  008
Another old identity  Mr Andrew Mercer has passed away  --- He arrive in Otago by the Philip Laing  in 1848  and was the pioneer storekeeper in Dunedin. 
He was Mayor of the city in 1874  and had been on the Commission of the Peace since 1872.

Riccarton Licensing  - Renewal of Licenses  - 009
Templeton Hotel  -  R.T.Day.
Prebbleton   -  B.P.Edwards.
Riccarton    -  T.Keiley.
Black Horse  -   Emily Smith.
Riccarton  -  M.Hobbs
Bush Inn -  W.C.Webb
Papanui  -  W.A.Lawrence
Star  -  P.J.Kelly
Junction  -  A. D.H.Buchanan.
Lincoln -  T.Yarr.
Phoenix  -  J.Cooper.
Talbot  -  J.Franks
Islington  -  J.Poff.

Transfers of Licenses  -  009
Templeton Hotel   -   from C.W.Dawson  to  R.T.Day
Prebbleton Hotel   -    from G.Holt  to  B.P.Edwards.

Saturday  7 June  1902
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  010
BOYD  -  John, an old age pensioner  was found shot ----   at Hobsinville   ----  a gum digger and lived alone.
SIEDEBERG  -  Dr Emily,  only female physician in Dunedin  was thrown out of a trap -- 3 broken ribs ----
MURRAY  -  Peter,  aged 66 years,  drove into a baker's cart  ---  on Otago Peninsula -----  died yesterday  ------
ROBERTSON  -  Charles,  10 years of age  -- watching football  was knocked down  --- collar bone broken  -----

Avon Licensing -  Renwal of Liscenses -  011
Belfast Hotel    -  D.M.Marshall.
Bower Hotel    -  Frank Mulholland
New Brighton Hotel  -  Henry James

Transfer of Licenses  -  011
Belfast Hotel -  Henry Smith  to  D.M.Marshall.

Divorces -  013
STEPHENSON   -  Ann Mary  and James P.
SAMPSON  -  Aaron --
CLAPHAM  -  Thomas  v Agnes

Monday 9 June 1902
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  014
SULLIVAN  -  Hugh,  found with serious wound in his head,  died at hospital,  Auckland,  inquest will be held
GRAHAM  -  a boy  was thrown from his horse  at Hawera -- slight improvement --
TAYLOR  -   inquest at Napier  was found dead on Friday,  death from natural causes.
GIBBONS  -  Charles,  playing football at Marton on Saturday   had his leg broken just above the ankle
MACFIE  -  Mr  on board   ss Tokomaru  at Lyttelton,   chief officer of the steamer   broke his right leg below the knee.

Accidents  & Fatalities  -    McKEICH,  RAYNE   -  016
---  Lieutenant Robert McKeich,  of Lawrence, Otago,  was killed near Vereeniging  on 4 June  and Lieutenant Henry Rayne,  of Roslyn  was slightly
wounded in the thigh.  Both were members of the 9th contingent.  Trooper George Aitkins,  of the 8th contingent is dangerously ill ---- at Elandsfontein.  
Lieutenant Robert McKeich  leaves a wife and grown up family,  he was a butcher by trade.

Tuesday  10 June 1902
Fatality  018
  Ivy,  the daughter of Mrs Arthur Brown,  of Kaukapakapa,  Auckland,  aged 3 years  was found drowned  -------

DUNCAN  -  019
a cablegram has been received from Mr P.Duncan ---  who left for a trip to the Old Country  a short time ago.  ------   He will be in England during the
Coronation celebrations.

Presentation  -  THOMAS    -  020
 ----   Mark Thomas,  of Agar & Thomas,  who is about to go to England  ------ presented with a gold chain bearing a maltese cross  -----   and a
Kaiapoi rug for Mrs Thomas ------

Wednesday  11 June 1902
Fire  -  KELLICK  -  024
A fire ocurred at Woolston  ---  5 roomed cottage  was completely destroyed ---   owned by Mr J.J.Kellick  and occupied by his son  Mr James Kellick  ------

Thursday  12 June 1902
Funeral  -  KENNY  -  025
The funeral of the boy Kenny  ----  wound accidentally  sustained at Burnham,  ------   took place at the Sydenham Cemetery today  ------  Burnham staff and inmates were present.

Missing Person  -  d'ORIDANT  -  027
The mayor of Christchurch  has received a letter fom a lady in Nottingham,  England, asking for information as to the wherabouts of William Arthur Painter d'Oridant,  last heard of 5 years ago in Christchurch.

Woodville  028
death of Dr A.C.Milne,  who had been practising at Woodville for 12 years  -- he leaves a widow and 3 children.

Friday 13 June 1902
Inquest  -  Palmeston North  030
DENDER  -    ----  boy Dender,  who died from injuries by being caught in a shaft of a gas engine ----

Saturday 14 June 1902
Burial  -  LAKE  -  031
Mr Charles Lake, an ex-member of the Elite Band, was buried on Sunday June 1st.  16 members of the band attended in uniform.  Mr Lake was the 3rd
son of the late Mr W.T.M.Lake,  also an ex-member of the band.

Burial  -  TRENEARY -  032
The services of the Christchurch Garrison Band were needed to play the last tribute to the late Trooper Treneary who was buried on Sunday afternoon.
-----   the band mustered strongly under the leadership of Deputy-Bandmaster Tankard -----   lots  more  ------

Property Sale  -  Tai-Tapu  -  034
the estate of the late Edmund Shakespeare,  they sold the Ellesmere Arms Hotel with 29 acres  to  Mr S. Humphries   ----
10 and half acres  close by to   Mr R.A.Forbes ------

Monday 16 June  1902
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  036
ROONEY  -  T.  the steerage cook of the Papanui,  and an old servant of the NZ Shipping Co.  died on the voyage from Hobart.
O'BRIEN -  William,  a station hand at Hillersden, Blenheim  about 45 years of age   was found dead in his bed this morning.  an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Tuesday 17 June 1902
Bankruptcy  -  038
DELAHUNT  - Paul,  an old man of nearly 80 years who left his finances in charge of his son -------   

Death  -  Lyttelton  -  GRANTHAM  -  039
---  Mr R.W.Grantham,  formerly landlord of the Royal Hotel, Lyttelton,  who died  ----  at the res. of his son-in-law,  Captain D.McKenzie. 
He was only 47 years old  and was the son of a very old resident.  ------   

Friday 20 June 1902
Inquest  -  047
an inquest will be held tomorrow morning ---  Mrs Hunsley,  who died suddenly at Papanui yesterday evening.

Inquest  -  048
an inquest  yesterday  ----  infant son of Mr A.Fox Sandford,  which had been found dead in bed in the morning.  ---died from natural causes.

Saturday  21 June 1902
Presentation  -  WATSON   -  049
A presentation to the the Rev Airay Watson and Mrs Watson  who are leaving Merivale  ----  on the eve of their departure to England  ---- 
Mr A. Dudley Dobson  spoke ----  ------   more  ------

Inquest  -  ROBERTS  -  053
An inquest was held ----  John Roberts,  who died suddenly at Mrs Cleary's boarding house  yesterday afternoon.  -----   due to heart disease. -----

Funeral  -  LOCHHEAD  -  051
The funeral of the late Mr John Lochhead,  which took place at Leeston  this afternoon,  was one of the largest attended funerals ever seen in the district. 
The procession being over a mile in length and comprising 150 vehicles. -------  there were visitors from all parts of the colony,

Wellington  -  McKEISH  -  052
Colonel Porter has cabled the Acting-Premier  with the particulars of the death of Lieutenant McKeish,  of Lawrence. ------  Lietenant McKeish  and Payne 
both of Otago were riding beyond outposts  were attacked by a party of Boers.  -------   also Lieutenants Hickey,  Caulton, and Colledge, 
Sergeant W.Miller  and Private Mackay  are doing well in hospital. at Harrismith.

Monday 23 June  1902
Dunedin  -  BRUTON  -  055
Alfred Bruton,  a lad of 14 years  while driving a cart near St Kilda Hospital on Saturday,  struck the horse,  which became restive.  The boy jumped off
and one of the wheels of the cart passed over his head ----   he died at half past three.  -----      

Fatalities  -  056
CHURCHES  -  Mr,  died at sea on the voyage of the Waimate  from London  to Auckland  and was buried at sea.
LEVY  -  Lawrence Arthur,  aged 51  a member of the Auckland Stock Exchange.

Tuesday  24 June  1902
Petone  -  059
Mr James Coppin,  one of the oldest residents of petone,  died suddenly yesterday.

Thursday 26 June 1902
Fatality  -  060
Mr J.S.Allender,  one of the proprietors of the Petone Soap Works,  fell into a tank of boiling lye ------  died  this morning.

Inquest  -  ELLIS  -  061
George Ellis,  who was found dead on the sandhills at Burwood  this afternoon.  ----- Mary Ann Ellis,  wife of the deceased  last saw him alive on 23 June
at Islington-------   he was 47 years of age,    witness Thomas Earle stated  he identified the body ------   Samuel McClerg  a small boy  stated he was
playing in the sandhills at Burwood  and he found the body  --------  no evidence to show how he died ----   a long column ------

Friday  27 June 1902
Fatality  -  Hawera  -  HICKS  -  063
James Hicks, a young man in the employ of Mr Hill, a wine merchant,  died  ---   a week ago he had some teeth drawn,    ----  an abcess formed ---- 
burst during the night and  choked the deceased.

Saturday  28 June 1902
Land Sales    -  069
BENNETTS  -  a property of 3 acres, 3 perches  with house  at St Martins, Opawa was offered  and sold to Mr A.W.Bennetts  for ----
SLATTERY  -  a section of 2 acres and 27 p.  at Halswell  with small  cottage  estate of late J.R.O'Brien,  sold to Mr J.Slattery  for ------
CRAWFORD  -  Brockenhurst Estate  on behalf of Mr Dampier-Crossley ----   homestead and 128 acres 1st lot  sold to Mr J.Crawford ----  
GIBBS  -    Lot 3  of the above property   bought by Mr S. Gibbs  ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 September  2009

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