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Thursday  5 June  1902
Birth  -  003
WILSON  -  on 2 June at Little Akaloa  to wife of S.T.Wilson  -  a son.

Marriage  -  003
on 8 May at ---  John Albert,son of Gregory Raby  of Eldorado, Victoria,  to Maud Alice, dau of Henry Marsham, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Deaths  -  003
ADAMS  -  on 29 May at Patea Hospital,  George Adams,  aged 70
BRUNIE  -  on 4 June at Victoria st,  dearly bel. infant son of Egisto and Eva Brunie,  aged 13 mths.
HOOD  -  on 4 June at Christchurch,  Thomas Hood,  after 30 years of long and painful illness,  aged 54 years.

In Memoriam  -  003
WILSON  -  Mrs Annie,  of Amberley  who died in Christchurch 5 June 1901  aged 55 years - inserted by A.M.L.

Friday 6 June  1902
Birth  -  007
GRUMMETT  -  on 4 June at 44 Chester st  to wife of Walter Grummet -  a daughter.

Marriages  -  007
ACLAND  - St.HILL - on 14 May at --- England,  John Dyke, son of Hon.J.B.A.Acland,-- Mt. Peel  to  Mary Eveline, dau of Rev.Canon St Hill of Hawke's Bay.
SMITH - DRAYTON - on 27 May at Chch,  William Jeune  Smith    to  Alice Gertrude Drayton,  both of Linwood.

Deaths  -  007
BESWICK  -  on 2 June  Captain Wm C.Beswick,  of Timaru,  aged 80
FRANCIS  -  on 6 June at Stanmore rd,  Violet Maud,  dearly bel.and only dau. of Jennie Francis and late Walter Francis  in her 18th year.
GREEN  -  on 4 JUne at 60 Springfield rd,  John Thomas Green,  in his 87th year.
McFADDEN  -  on 5 June  at Marshland,  Margaret Annie Jane West (Maggie)  eld. dau. of E. and A.J.McFadden  in her 18th year,  after a long illness. --
TRENEARY  -  on 5 June at Christchurch Hosp.  John Henry Treneary, late 6th NZ Contingent son of Mrs Charles Johnstone  --- in his 23rd year.
WEAVER  -  on 4 June at res. of her son in law  Mr Robert Kerr,  ---  Linwood,  Eliza Weaver  formerly of Timaru  in her 73rd year.

In Memoriam  -  007
DOUGLAS -  Lizzie Douglas  who die on 6 June 1895  at Temuka,  aged 12 years -  inserted by her parents E. and J.F. Douglas ---
PALMER  -  John  died 6 June 1900  at Riccarton -   inserted by his loving wife.
PEARCE  -  Harriet Maud Pearce  who died  6 June 1899  -  inserted by her sister M.Clements.

Funerals  -  007
TRENEARY -  Trooper J.H.  -----    at 3pm on Sunday 8 June  for the Sydenham Public Cemetery. -----

Saturday  7 June 1902
Birth  -  012
DEARSLY  -  on 9 June at Ponsonby,  Auckland  to wife of George Dearsly  -  a daughter.

Marriages  -  012
HEYWARD  -  HAYNES - on 14 May at --- Masterton --  Hugh M. son of William Heyward, Little River to Louisa Ada, dau of John Haynes, Hunt.
PALMER - TABART - on 3 June at -- Edwin Vidal,  3rd son of Joseph Palmer, "Woodford"   to  Edith,  4th dau. of late F.C.Tabart,  Opawa.
SMITH - DAYTON - on 27 May at ---   William Jeune  Smith    to  Alice Gertrude Drayton,  both of Linwood.

Deaths -  012
DEARSLY -  on 5 June at Ponsonby, Auckland,  Margaret Dearsly (Dawber)    aged 31 years
FRANCIS  -  on 6 June at Stanmore rd,  Violet Maud,  dearly bel.and only dau. of Jennie Francis and late Walter Francis  in her 18th year.
HUSBAND  - on 7 June at res of his son in law S.A.Walker, Shirley rd,  George Symons Husband,  aged 65  late of Victoria st.
JOHNSTON  -  on 6 June at Christchurch Hospital,  Janet S.   wife of late George Johnston,  Methven,  aged 58
THOMPSON - at res. of her dau. Mrs W.Williams,  ---  Sarah, relict of late William Thompson of Watts Vale,  Cust.  in her 74th year.

In Memoriam  -  012
McGRATH  -  Frank,  7th son of C and M. McGrath,  died 8 June 1901  at Hassall's Ford,  Kaiapoi. - inserted by his parents, sister and brother.

Funerals  -  012
HUSBAND -  George,  --- at 3-30pm Sunday 8th  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 9 June 1902
Births  - 015
FISHER -  on 3 June at Islington  to wife of C.E.Fisher  -  a daughter
FRENGLEY  -  on 7 June  at Picton ave,  to wife of Joseph Frengley M.D.  D.P.H.  -  a daughter
HOWARTH  -  on 6 June at 76 Tuam st,  to wife of W.Howarth  -  a daughter.

Marriage  - 015
WALDRON - OWENS - on 29 May at ---Eprahaim, 5th son of R. Waldron of Dudley Creek  to  Catherine, 3rd dau. of John Owens, Corlett Lane,  Riccarton.

Deaths  -  015
ASHBOLT -  on 8 June at Christchurch Hospital,  Ruby,  dearly bel. wife of Frank Ashbolt,  aged 19.

In Memoriam  -  015
WILSON  -  Bertha, bel. wife of  E.R.Wilson  died 9 June 1901  ----   inserted by her loving husband, son snd daughter.
WALDRON  -  James,  beloved son of R and H.Waldron  died 9 June 1900  in his 25th year - inserted by his loving parents,  brothers and sisters.

Funerals  -  015
ASHBOLT  -  Mrs Frank  dau. of Mrs E. Gibbard,  ---  at 2pm  Tuesday  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Tuesday 10 June  1902
Birth  -  017
McKENZIE  -  on 2 JUne at 40 Hereford st,  to wife of John McKenzie of Castle Hill station  -  a daughter.

Deaths  -  017
McKELLAR  -  on 8 June at Southbridge,  (res. of brother)  Archibald McKellar,  aged 48 years.
WEAVER  -   on 4 June at res. of her son in law  Mr Robert Kerr,  ---  Linwood,  Eliza Weaver  formerly of Timaru  in her 73rd year
WOOD -  on 9 June at Princes st,  Woolston,  James Wood,  sen.  in his 88th year.

Wednesday  11 June 1902
Deaths  -  022
HOBSON  -  on 9 June at res of her parents, Randolph,  Woolston,  Elizabeth Collinson Hobson,  in her 18th year.
JACKSON  -  on 3 June   Charles Ernest, dearly bel. son of A.J.Jackson,  Office road,  St Albans ---  aged 20.

In Memoriam  - 022
HULLETT  -  Eliza Lucy  Hullett,  died 11 June 1882.

Thursday  12 June 1902
Marriages  -  026
WRIGHT  -  GATES  -  on 11 June at --Charles Alexander, son of Mr F.Wright, Riversdale, Dunsandel  to  Bertha May, dau. of Me T.A.Gates, Southbridge.
MILLER  -  GIBBS  - on 5 June at --  David Miller, of Hinds  to  Emily (Cis)  2nd dau. of Thomas B.Gibbs, Carlton Mill rd, Christchurch.
MITTON - STEPHENS -  on 5 June at --   William, son of late David Mitton  --   to  Kate Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Stephens, of Sydenham

Deaths  -  026
GIBSON - on 10 June at the res. of her son-in-law,  A. Johnston C.Brown, Royal tce, Dunedin,  Marion Brown Barlas, relict of Adam Gibson ---
MARKLAND -  on 11 June at Auckland,  Lily Gertrude,  bel. dau of Mrs Robert Rankin,  Hillmorten,  aged 27
SMART  -  on 11 June at res of her parents,  Kirwee,  Grace Delia Smart,  aged 28 years.

Friday 13 June 1902
Marriage  -  029
HEYWARD - HUNT -   on 14 May at Te Koto, Upper Taueru, Masterton, Hugh M. son of William Heyward, Little River, Canterbury  to Louisa Ada, dau. of                                             John Haynes Hunt.

Deaths  -  029
FLAUS  -  on 13 June at Dean st,  St Albans,  Constance Christina Newton, bel. dau of Thomas Leslie Flaus ,  aged 10 years 6mths.
PREECE  -  on 12 June at Christchurch,  Reginald Durham,  eldest child of William and Mabel Preece, Addington,  aged 2 years.---
VOYCE -  on 12 June at res of Mr S.Oates,  Sydenham,  Minnie Ellen,  dearly bel dau. of Henry & Emily Voyce,  aged 13mths.
YOUNG -  on 11 June at Cam Mill,  Rangiora,  Rebecca,  widow of late Thomas Young,  late of Woodend,  in her 89th year.

In Memoriam   -  029
SIMS  -  Katherine Clifton,  died 13 June 1900  -  in serted by her loving dau. Alice -----

Saturday 14 June 1902
Marriages  -  033    page 5
HEYWARD - HUNT  -  on 14 May at Te Koto, --- Masterton, ---Hugh M. son of William Heyward, Little River,   to Louisa Ada, dau. of John Haynes Hunt.
MORRISS - McKERNEY - on 5 June at ----James, son of Mr Alick Morriss, Lyttelton  to  Sarah Ann, dau. of Mr Henry McKerney, Linwood.
ODMAN - McGREGOR - on 13 May at Chatham Islands,  Harry Odman  to  Marie McGrgeor, late of Ashburton and Christchurch. Hobart papers please copy.

Death  -  033
FLAUS  -  on 13 June at Dean st,  St Albans,  Constance Christina Newton, bel. dau of Thomas Leslie Flaus ,  aged 10 years 6mths.

In Memoriam  -  033
WARREN - Edmund Bone, bel. hus. of Christina Warren,  died at Prebbleton  14 June 1901 -   inserted by loving wife and children.
WATKINS - Philip Henry,  only son of P.H. and M.A.Watkins  died on 14 June 1898 -  inserted by his loving parents.

Funerals  -  033
FLAUS  -  Constance,  dau. of  Thomas L.  Flaus ---  on Sunday 15th at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 16 June  1902
Deaths  -  035
CARR  - on 13 June at Christchurch Hospital,  Margaret Carr  late of County Clare,  Galway, Ireland.  aged 36.
DAWSON -  on 14 June at Leyden Muir,  West Eyreton,  Richard Dawson  aged 75.
LANE  -  on 14 June at Deepdene,  Balcairn,  Lancelot Lane,  aged 40.
MAHONEY  -  on 14 June  at Tuam st, east,  John Joseph  son of D.P.  and M.Mahoney,  aged 2 days.

In Memoriam  -  035
BRYAN -  mother,     who died  15 June  1900  -  inserted by her loving children.

Tuesday 17 June 1902
Marriage  -  037
TAYLER  - BRYENTON - on 7 June at Wellington,  Percy Greenwood, son of Francis Henry Tayler, to  Henrietta (Hetty) dau of George Bryenton, Shirley

Deaths  -  037
ADAMS  -  on 14th  at --- Ashburton,  Hannah Elizabeth, dearly bel. wife of William Adams  aged 55 years
COLLIE  -  James Donald,  3rd son of Donald and Jessie Collie, --- Ashley,  in his 33rd year.  accidently drowned.
GRANTHAM -  on 17 June at his daus. res --- . Lyttelton,  Robert Waldon Grantham,  aged 47.
HAMILTON  -  on June 13? at Ashley Gorge, East Oxford,  Mary, bel. wife of H.Hamilton,  in her 32nd year ------
LANE -   on 14 June at Deepdene,  Balcairn,  Lancelot Lane,  aged 40.
LORRIMER  -  on 5 June,  suddenly at Ter--,  North Island,  Elizabeth Jane,  wife of Mr W. Lorrimer (late Kaiapoi)  in her 5-th year
THOMPSON - on 16 June at George st,  Richmond,  Albert Marsh,  3rd son of Mrs J.D.Thompson  late of Lyttelton,  aged 17
WILLIAMSON  -  at ----  House,  Ashburton,  on June 15,  Elizabeth,  wife of Donald Williamson,  age 65
WOTHERSPOON  -  on 16 June at ----  Marian  Wotherspoon,  aged 42.

In Memoriam  -  037
Herbert Lyonel (Bertie)   elder son of L.C.Williams  and only brother of Trooper Arthur Williams, 7th NZ Contingent,  born at Teviotdale, North Canterbury  20 April  1872  drowned at Lake Whanga,  Chatham Islands  June 17th  1901.

Funeral  -  037
WALDON  -  Robert,  leave ---   at 3pm  on Wed, June 18   for the Church of England Cemetery.

Wednesday  18 June  1902
Birth  - 040
WALLACE  -  on 10 June at St James st,  Linwood,  to wife of Joseph Wallace  -  a son.

Deaths  -  040
LISSAMAN - on 16 June at Woodlands,  Rangiora,  Elizabeth Ann, widow of James Lissaman,   aged 76
RAINE  -  on 17 June at Mount Eden rd Auckland,  Charlotte Sophia,  wife of O'Callaghan Raine,  Richmond,  Christchurch.

In Memoriam  - 040
HICKS  -  William,  died  --- Linwood,  18 June 1893  - inserted by his loving wife and family.

Thursday 19 June 1902
Marriage  -  041
REILLY - BUTLER -  on 28 May at ---  Darfield,  ---- Terence Reilly of Coalgate  to  Catherine (Kate) 4th dau. of James Butler of Hawkins.

Deaths  -  041
BISHOP -  on 15 June at Dunedin,  Charlotte,  widow of Edward  (Bishop of Lyttelton)    aged 72.
CARTER  -  on 17 June at res. of her dau. Mrs C.Brown, --- Mary,  relict of John Carter, late of Yorkshire, England.  aged 78 years.
DALWOOD -  on 18 June at res. of his sister ---  Thomas, eldest son of late John Dalwood,  in his 36th year.
DEANS  -  on 19 June at his res.  Riccarton,  John Deans,  in his 49th year.

In Memoriam  -  041
JACKSON  -  Benjamin J.Jackson (Ben)  died from result of an accident at Amberley,  on 19 June 1900 -  inserted by his sister N.J.
NEEDHAM -  Henrietta,  died at Richmond,  19 June 1900  -  inserted by her loving husband and children.

Friday 20 June 1902
Deaths  -  046
CLARKE  -  at Dublin st, :yttelton,  Lavinia,  wife of Henry Clarke  in her 48th year.
FORRESTER  -   on 20 June at Lyttelton,  John Forrester,  aged 70.
GREENLAND  -  on 19 June at Little River,  William Sydney Cobb Greenland  in his 64th year.
GUTHRIE  -  on 19 June at res of her brother at Belfast,  Jane Smith Guthrie,  in her 52nd year.
LOCHHEAD  -  on 19 June at Lochhead Farm,  Leeston,  late of Ayreshire,  Scotland.  aged 66 years.
MOORE  -  on 19 June at North st, St Albans,  James Moore,  in his 77th year.
OLLIVER  -  on 19 June at res of his son, London st,  Lyttelton,  William Olliver,  in his 92nd year.
PIPER  -  on 19 June at Rangatira Nursing home,  alice Maude,  dearly loved wife of James Piper,  Edgeware rd, St Albans,  aged 28.
THORNE  -  on 19 June,  May Mildred, inf. dau of Frederick and Jane Thorne  aged 10mths.
TOPLISS  -  on 19 June  Arnold Lee,  2nd son of Harry and Mary Topliss,  Addington,  aged 5 and half years.

Funerals  -  046
OLLIVER  -  William,------  leaving London st, Lyttelton  on Sunday  at 2pm  for the Public Cemetery.
FORRESTER  -  John,  ---Little Brenchley rd, Lyttelton on Sunday at 3-30pm  for the Public Cemetery.

Saturday  21 June  1902
Birth  - 050
ROBINSON -  on 19 June at Rangiora  to wife of Ernest A.Robinson - a son.

Marriages  -  050
ANDERSON - DAVISON - on 18 June at -Ashburton --Hugh, son of Hugh Anderson, Lakeside  to  Olive, dau. of William Davison, Willoughby, Ashburton.
MAHER  - GARDNER - on 12 June at ---Will T. son of Mr D. Maher, builder & contractor, Sydenham   to Rose (Pose) dau of Mr J.Gardner, 32 Worcester st.

Deaths  - 050
ALLEN - on 20 June at Salisbury st,  Isaac Allen,  in his 62nd year.
AUSTIN -  on 21 June at Christchurch,  Herbert David, youngest  son of John Austin  of Sheffield,  age 24.
HUNSLEY -  on 19 June at Papanui,  suddenly,  Ellen,  wife of W.Hunsley, of Montreal st,  Sydenham,  aged 49 years.
PUGH -  on 29 May at Melbourne,  Charles William Pugh,  Opthalmid Optician, bel. brother of Mrs G.Gerard  and Mrs H.McConnall of this city  in his 49th year.
SHEPHERD - on 20 June at her late res.  Durham st,  Sydenham,  Martha,  relict of Henry Shepherd of Rakaia,  in her 50th year.
SKELTON -  on 19 June at Leeds,  england,  Thomas Skelton,  in his 49th year.
VIGERS -  on 20 June at his son-in-law's res.  Dallington,  Charles Kenneth Vigers,  aged 87.

Funerals  -  050
ROBERTS -  John W. leaving the  res of Mr John Bell,  Vogel st, Richmond.  on Sunday  22nd  at 3pm.  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Monday 23 June 1902
Marriages  -  054
HILL -  CAMPBELL    -  at Christchurch,  Anthony Hill   to  May Campbell.
PATERSON  -  ANDERSON -  on 28 May by ---   Henry Paterson,  of Prebbleton  to  Mary Reid,  youngest dau. of H.Anderson,  Woodlau,  Prebbleton.

Deaths  -  054
HENNESSY  -  on 29 June at Burke st,  Addington,  Alfred William,  bel. son of Alfred and Ada Hennessy,  aged 2 years  and 6mths.
MORGAN -  on 22 June at Papanui,  Jane,  wife of Edward Morgan  in her  78th year,
WYATT  -  on 21 June at the Junction Hotel,  Halswell,  James Frederick,  3rd son of late William Henry Wyatt,  Sydney, NSW   aged 45 years.

In Memoriam  -  054
LEEMING  -  Robert Charles (Robin)  only child of R. and M. Leeming who died at South Malvern on 22 June 1901  aged 5 years and 3mths.

Tuesday  24 June  1902
Birth  -  058
QUILL  -  on 21 June at Gloucester st,  West,  to wife of T.R.Quill  -  a daughter.

Deaths  -  058
ASCHOFF -  on 22 June at Worcester st, Linwood,  Linda Florence,  bel. dau. of H. and M. Aschoff,  aged 18 mths.
HOGG -  on 10 June at North Dunedin,  Alice Clara,  4th dau. of J. and M.Walsh, of Lyttelton,  in her 28th year.
PREECE  -  on 23 June  at Bright's rd, Addington,  Ivy Muriel,  dau. of William  and Mabel Preece,  aged 1 year.
WHITE  -  at Alexandra,  South Otago,  William Alfred,  son of late Alfred St John White,  of Balcairn,  in his 42nd year.

In Memoriam  -  058
HARVEY  -  William,  who died 22 June 1889  -   inserted by his loving wife  D.M.Harvey.

Friday 27  June  1902
Births  -  062
FOX -  on 21 June at 238 Oxford tce,  to wife of Charles H.Fox  -  a son.
PAPPRILL  -  on 25 June at Kaiapoi  to wife of Ernest E.Papprill  -  a son.
THOMPSON  -  on 25 June at Cranford st,  to wife of F.C.Thompson  -  a daughter.

Marriages  -  062
HARRIS  -  CAMPBELL - on the 18th  at ---   Otago,  Edward Harris,  of Station Peak,  S.Canterbury, son of late Ven.William Chambers Harris,                                      Archdeacon of Akaroa  to   Margaret, dau. of  Mr William H.Campbell  of ---  London, and Sunnybrook, Cookham Dean,  and sister of Mr                                             R.O.Campbell, of Otekaike,  Otago.
SHORLAND - SMITH -  on 7 June at --Auckland,  George Kesteven,  son of late George Shorland, Rangiora,    to  Mildred Lucy Hardwick,  dau of                                                 late Lieut-Col. Hardwick-Smith,  Auckland
SIMMONS -  MANNING  - on 16 June at res of  Mr Calvert,  --- Taranaki, Charles Henry Simmons  to  Elizabeth,   2nd dau of late Joseph Manning,  late of                                     Yaldhurst, Canterbury.
WATSON  -  SEED  -  on 24 June at Carleton,  Frederick D., 2nd son of David Watson, Eltham,  Taranaki (formerly of Kaiapoi)  to  Emily,  4th dau of H.Seed,                                  Catleton,  Bennetts Junction.

Deaths  -  062
FORBES  -  on 21 June at Menzies,  West Australia,  Catherine Ellen,  wife of C.E.Forbes,  Surveyor,  --------
KENNINGTON  -  on 26 June at   his res.  237 Cambridge tce,  John Kennington,  in his 72nd year,
KISSEL  -  on 28 June at  Mt Roskill,  Auckland,  Lizzie,  bel. wife of Henry Kissel,  aged 36 years.

In Memoriam  -  062
GUNNER  -  Alice M.S. (Little Pinkie) only  bel. child of L.E. and A.M.Gunner  died 27 June 1899   aged 5 years 10mths  -  inserted by her loving parents.
HARVEY  -  William,  who died 22 June 1899  -  inserted by his loving wife D.M.Harvey
HILLIER  -  Emma  who died 28 June 1901  -  inserted by her loving husband and family

Saturday 28 June 1902
Marriage  -  066  
on 26 June at  --- Sydenham --- Arthur Dydney,son of late Robert Graham, of Auckland   to  Eleanor Agnes, dau. of late Matthew Hall,  of Christchurch

Deaths  -  066
GODFREY -  on 28 June at ler res.  Richmond,  Susannah,  bel. wife of Levi Godfrey,  aged 58 years.

Funerals  - 066
LOADER  -       Joseph ---   Somes st,  Lyttelton,  for the Church of England Cemetery  at 2pm  tomorrow Sunday.
GODFREY -  Susannah,  wife of Mr D.Godfrey  leaving his res. East belt,  Richmond,  at 2-40pm  Sunday 29th  for the Linwood Cemetery

Monday  30 June 1902
Births  -  070
CRAWSHAW - at Harakeki st, Lower Riccarton,   to wife of J.R.Crawshaw  -  a daughter.
WORMALD - on 27 June at 37 Scott st, Sydenham,  to wife of George S.Wormald  - a daughter

Marriages  -  070
TOWNSHEND  -  NOLAN  -  on 25 June at NeeHeadford by ---  Francis Townshend  to  Sarah Helena Nolan,  both of Lincoln.

Deaths  -  070
BAIRD -  on 30 June at 80 Nursery rd,  Linwood,  Barbara,  dearly bel.dau. of David & Janet Baird.
COTTERILL  -  on 30 June at his res.Cashel st, west,  the Rev. Canon Cotterill,  B.A.  aged 87 years.
McGUIRE  -  on 29 June  at res. of his parents,  Eugene John,  dearly bel. son of Patrick and E.McGuire,  aged 7yrs 8mths.
ODELL -  on 29 June at Palmeston North,  Clara Georgina Odell,  widow of late Richard Odell, of Coventry, England.

In Memoriam  -  070
ROWLEY -  Thomas,  died 29 June 1901  -  inserted by his loving wife and daughter.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
19 September  2009

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