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Wednesday  2 July  1902
Christchurch  -  Funeral  write-up  - 
---the Late Canon Cotterill ----   sons of the deceased Messrs  Arthur,  henry Edward,  Walter,  William,  Mr G. Bridges  his son-in-law ------  

Friday  4 July  1902
Dannevirke  -  Death  - 
  Alfred Fries, a young man,  was killed,  this morning,  at the Totara Sawmill Company's Oringi Bush,  by the dry limb of a tree falling on him.

Saturday  5 July  1902

Auckland  -  A Trooper's  mishap  -   GRACIE  -
Trooper Gracie of the 7th Contingent,  had a narrow escape from drowning on Monday evening.    -------   had not Trooper HARROP 
plunged to his assistance  ------

Fielding  -  Obituary  - 
  -  Mr Hugh Lind Sherrill  died yesterday.  He was an old resident and much respected.  He was formerly Mayor of Fielding.

Christchurch  -  Fire at Riccarton  -  
---  the residence of Mr H.R.Parkinson,  dentist,  in Bowen's road,  Upper Riccarton,  was totally destroyed by fire. -------

Monday  7  July  1902

Auckland  -  Death  - 
-  A woman named  Rosa Freck,  who was arrested on 2 July on charge of ----  who has been in hospital ever since,  died there this morning.

Invercargill  -   Fire  -  ATTWOOD  -
A serious fire occurred at Fortrose early this morning destroying Mr Attwood's private boarding house,  a handsome 2 storey building,   and Mr Lewis's   2 storey brick building.  

New Plymouth  -  Death  -  BAYLY  -
Mr William Bayly,  an old settler in the New Plymouth district,  died last evening,  aged 68 years.  He came out with his parents in the Amelia Thompson,  the
2nd vessel  bringing settlers to Taranaki.  He was several times  Mayor of New Plymouth.

Tuesday  8  July  1902

Napier  -  Inquest  - 
  -   At the inquest  ---  Maud Dean,  who --------  a verdict of accidental death  was returned  --------

Gisborne  -  Accident  -  TILLEY  -
A man named Tilley,  who was severely injured at Nuhaka by an accident while bush felling,  was carried by his mates 24 miles in 9 hours yesterday  over a rough bush track to the Gisborne Hospital.

Christchurch  -   The Late Mr DEANS  -
At the meeting of the General Committee of the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association,  wishes to convey to the mother,  widow and family of the late John Deans -------   also moved that Mrs Deans  should be elected a life member of the Association.  ----

Friday  11 July  1902
Christchurch  -    Funeral  Rev H.C.M.WATSON  -
The remains of the late Rev H.C.M.Watson,  which were brought  from Australia  by the Monowai,  were conveyed to the Barbadoes street cemetery this afternoon.  ------    The chief mourners were Mrs F.I.Cowlishaw  Mrs Marshall,  Miss M. Watson,  daughters of the deceased;   Mrs Munroe,  sister - in-law,   Mr F.I.Cowlishaw ----

Christchurch  -  Death  -  TOWNEND  -
Dr Joseph Henry Townend  -----   died at his residence Park Tce, ---- was a L.R.C.P. (Edinburgh)  L.S.A. (London).   He studied at Guy's Hospital, London,  and took his degrees in 1872. Early in 1876  he came out to Lyttelton  as medical officer------shortly after he arrived in Christchurch  he married   His 1st wife died in 1893  leaving 3 sons and 4 daughters,   the eldest dau is now Countess of Seafield,  and the 2nd is in England with the Countess and is engaged to Hon Trevor Grant,  a brother of the Earl of Seafield.   Dr Townend married again in September  1900 ,  his 2nd wife  who survives him  being the daughter of Mr  G.H.Moore  of Glenmark,  Waipara.

Christchurch  -  Fire  - 
    --- Mr Cockburn's house  burned down at Woolston last night ----

Saturday  12  July  1902

Wellington  -  Death  -  Scotland  -  BAIRD  -
A private cable message received in Wellington announces the death at Dumbarton,  Scotland,  of Mr Alex Baird,  well-known throughout the colonies as being one of the Union Steamship Company's  oldest engineers. He was for some time engineer to the Otago Harbour Board,  and went home on leave with his wife 6mths ago.

Auckland  -  Death  - 
-  --  Mr Frank Smith,  of Chamberlain's Island,   whose yacht and dinghy  recently discovered ashore,  has been found washed up  near Waiheke.

Monday  14 July  1902
Auckland  -    Death  - 
-   George Murphy  a married man, -------     he died in the hospital on Sunday.  The deceased leaves a wife and family.

Invercargill  -   Fire  - 
DIXON  -  The shop pf Mr J.H. Dixon,  a painter, was destroyed by fire this morning.  --------

Dunedin  -  
-  Peter Matheson,  who has been living for some time in retirement --------   the deceased who was 65 years of age --------

Tuesday  15 July  1902

Thames   -  
-   Roger Eddowes,  a young man,  ----------   email for more

Wellington  -  Accident  - 
BURMAN  -   a labourer  named Burman,  aged 25 fell down the hold of the Ruapehu  yesterday  and fractured his skull  -------

Leeston  -  Accident  -  
  -At Leeston on Sunday evening a young man named George Stevens,  employed by Mr E. Somerville,  Lakeside,  met with a   very severe scalp                             wound,  through colliding with a buggy whilst riding his bicycle.

Christchurch   -   
WOLFE  -    Emanual Wolfe  ---------      to pay maintenance of 10s.  a week towards the support of his wife.
POWELL    -  Thomas Powell  -  to pay 2s.6d  a week-----  to support his father
ELSTOB  -   Joseph Henry Elstob  to pay 3s. a week ----- support of his wife
THOMSON  -  --Mr John Thomson,  for many years traffic manager  for the New Brighton Tramway Co.   was missing.  ------  lots  more
THOMSON  -   Mr Thomson's body was found    --------

Oamaru   -  Obituary   - 
  -   Mr John McLean,  of Redcastle,  for years a member of the Legislative Council,  died this morning  after a long illness,  aged 84 year.

Christchurch   -     CHANEY  -
 --- Robert William Chaney,  a dairyman  residing in Innis's Road, St Albans,  was found dead in his cowshed this morning.  ---- was a married man  and leaves 6 young children,   an inquest will be held.

Wednesday  16 July  1902

Wellington  - 
-     Burman  the wharf labourer who fell down the hold of the Ruapehu on Monday  died in the Hospital  last night.

Christchurch  -   PICKEN  -
a serious injury was sustained last night by Mrs Picken,  of St Andrew's street,  Sydenham.  While driving a cow on Papanui road,  the animal kicked Mrs Picken  breaking her leg.  -------

New Brighton Tragedy  -  Inquest  -  
   a  very long column  -  email for a copy

Thursday  17 July  1902

Lyttelton  - 
-A man named Maurice Cavanagh  ------    Hr was an elderly man  ---  the deceased came from Christchurch  and was a hawker by trade.

Friday  18 July  1902

Oamaru   -  McLEAN  -
the body of the   late Mr John McLean  of Redcastle,  Oamaru,  was brought to Christchurch  last night ----   interred this morning at Addington Cemetery.----

Auckland  -  Death  - 
PHILLIPSON  -  Henry Phillipson,  aged 55  the proprietor of the Burlington restaurant,  was taken ill this morning ----   and died shortly afterwards.

Christchurch  - 
     Roger Eddowes  who was found   in the water  at midnight    ------  is now out of danger.

Christchurch  -    Fire  -  ROBINSON  -
A 4 roomed cottage  occupied by a shoemaker named H. Robinson,  situated in Lord Brougham street,  Sydenham.  was burned to the ground------  lots more

Saturday  19  July  1902

Auckland  -   
-   David Willis,  a child 5 years of age,  died at Onewhere  -----  
Hori KUKUTA  -   Hori Kukuta,  the principal chief of the Lower Waikato,  has been found killed on the railway line near Papakura -------
McNAUGHTON  -   A seaman named William McNaughton,  a married man ------   was knocked overboard  by the jib and drowned.  

Christchurch  -  Inquest  - 
-  --  Thomas Bourke Mitchell  --------  a long column

Monday  21  July  1902

Stratford  - 
-  --  at the station ---   when a porter named Lye,  aged 19  engaged in shunting ---   died.  ---------
EDMONDSEN  -  A man named Edmondsen  was brought in from the bush this morning  badly bruised by a falling tree.

Wellington  -
BETHUNE  -  Much regret has been felt at the death of Mr Keith W. Bethune,  5th son of the late Mr J.H. Bethune,  who died on Friday.   --------

Tuesday  22 July  1902

Gore    -  Death  - 
-    Peter Nicolson,  a crossing keeper at Gore,  a very old railway employee  was killed in the railway yard this morning.  --------

Christchurch  -  
CARMICHAEL  -   maintenance  -  Thomas Henry Carmichael to  pay 4s a week  for his son Benjamin David Carmichael  at Burnham
CHISNALL  -  Thomas Francis Chisnall  to pay 13s. 6d to support his wife.

Golden Wedding  - 
-  --Mr and Mrs John Sandford,  of Bromley,   came to NZ  in 1857,  Mr Sandford a builder and contractor,  as well as farming.   --- reached the                                 ripe old age of 75 and 73     13 children  born in NZ,  only 3 sons remain alive  -------

Wednesday  23 July  1902

-    --- Hemi Omukite,  at Waingoro,  ------ Auckland  -
WHITE  -   ----  Mr W.G.White,  manager of BNZ,  was dislodged after his horse had negotiated a stiff  fence  -- one arm being badly smashed at the elbow.
BURNETT  -   an inquest  - ---- Mr John Burnett,  will be held tomorrow.   Christchurch  - 
HERRON   - Herron's cabinet maker's workshop  was gutted by fire at midnight.  -------  Wellington  -  Fire 
KIRK  -  At Southbrook this morning a young man named William Kirk  met with a serious accident.  --------  traction engine belonging to Mr Pearson -----                                  cutting up firewood.

Rangiora  -  presentation  -  McDONALD  -
Yesterday  the butchers and dealers doing business at the North Canterbury Stores Company Rangiora Central Auction Yards  presented a handsome inkstand to Mr J.G. McDonald,  one of the Company's auctioneers,  as a wedding gift.  -------

Friday  25 July  1902

Presentation  - 
-   ---  Mr J.G. Macdonald received a handsome liqueur stand as a wedding present  from the Rangiora cricket club.  -------

Fatalities  - 
  -   Henry Weston,  Auckland  a bootmaker,  ---------  he was a married man with 2 children.
BURNETT  -   John Burnett,  Jane Ellen Patten,  daughter of the deceased,    lived with her father in Gordon street,  Linwood. Christchurch-------
WOODWARD  -  was  held at the Springston Hotel   touching the death of John Woodward  --   aged 63,  was a farmer,  living with his wife and brother, MILNE  -   The death is announced of Mr Robert Milne,  a brother of Mr Milne,  of Messrs Milne and Choyce,  Auckland.

Saturday  26 July  1902

Christchurch  -   Death  - 
-   Mrs Annie Mason,  wife of Mr Charles Mason,  168 Cashel street,  Linwood  was found dead in her bed  --------

Monday  28 July  1902

Napier  -  Inquests  - 
-   at the inquest  ----  Mrs Lawrence,  who was found dead in her bedroom -----     
LEEVERS  -  ---  Mrs Leevers,  who died suddenly on Friday night.

Auckland  -  accident 
-     ---- Mrs E.D. O'Rorke  fell with her horse  while jumping a high hedge and had her collarbone  broken.

Tuesday  29 July  1902

Wairoa  -  Missing  - 
-   Isaac Souter,  a middle aged man,  an oilskin maker residing at North Clyde,  has been missing since Saturday.  -----

Christchurch  - 
-   William Thomas Warren -----   email for a copy

Fielding  -  Obituary  - 
-    Mr Henry George Bailey, an old and respected settler at Nannestads Road,  died yesterday.

Awahura  -   Maori Chief 
-    The Maori Chief Hoeta Kahuhui  died at Awahura on Saturday.  ----

Wednesday  30  July  1902

Waimate  -   Death  - 
-  a daughter of Mr Blackley, a shepherd at Waimate,  -------   and died from the effects last evening.  The girl was 3 years old.

Blenheim  -  Accident  - 
  -Yesterday a young man named Marks -----    on Landsdowne Station --- was overtaken by flames  ------

Oamaru  -  Deaths  -  WOONTON -
the deaths have been recorded within a few hours of an old married couple who were amongst the early settlers of Oamaru.  Mr James Woonton died on Monday night aged 84  and his wife early on this morning  aged 70.

Thursday  31 July  1902

Christchurch  -  Death  - 
-  an inquest  touching the death of Mr Sopp will be held  today ----

Christchurch  -   Death  -   BUCKLEY  -
Mrs George Buckley,  widow of the late Hon. George Buckley,  died today at her residence,  Park Tce.  She was the sister of the late Mr John McLean,  of Redcastle,  and Mr Allan McLean  of Manchester street.  She was also the mother of  Mr G.A.M Buckley of Laghmor,  of Mr W.F.M Buckley of Dunsandel, 
and Mrs A.C Rolleston,  of Christchurch. ------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 September  2007

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