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Wednesday   2 July  1902
Birth  -
KAIN       -  at Waimate,  to wife of R.S. Kain,  Brookdale,  Morven,  a son.

Marriage  -
MEREDITH  -   ANDERSON   -June 5 1902  at --  Cust,  by Rev Frederick Stubbs,   Edward James,  son of Mr R. Meredith,  M.H.R.  Tullemore,                                              Springbank,   to   Mary,  3rd daughter of Mr William Anderson,  Christchurch.

Death  -
JAGO       -  July 1st  at  31 Gladstone street,  Sydenham,  George Archibald,  youngest son of F. and A. Jago,  aged 3 mths.
LASSEN     -  July 1st at his res.  West Oxford,  Henry Alfred Lassen.  aged 56.

Friday  4 July  1902

Births  -
CAREY      -  July 3  at "Rawhiti"  Papanui road,  to wife of A.F.Carey -  a son.
PAYNE      -  June 26  to wife of L.J.Payne  Kerrow,  Kaikoura,  -  a son.

Deaths  -
HIGHAM  -  July 2  at the residence  of his parents,  Tomes road,  Styx,  Reuben,  --- youngest son of George and Mary Higham,  aged 6 yrs,  11 mths.
McALEER  -  at 39 Horatio street,  Mary Ann (Mamie)  2nd beloved daughter of Robert James and the late Ann McAleer,  in her 23rd year.

Saturday  5 July  1902

Marriages  -
ADAMSON  - BURT  - June 4  at Wellington,  John Alex Adamson, son of Mr John Adamson, --  Otago, to Margaret Priscilla, dau of Mr W. A. Burt,  Rangiora.
DAVIDSON  -  RUSHBROOK  -June 25   Ernest George, son of late William Davidson, of St Albans,  to Elizabeth, dau of  late John Rushbrook,  of Doyleston.
GEE  -   HOLTON  -on May  7  at the Church of England,   Thomas George,  eldest son of T.J.Gee,  Cheviot,   to   Hattie,  daughter of E.R. Holton,  Cheviot.
MAVROGORDAT0  -  BELL  -In London,  E. E. Mavrogordato    to   Elsie Josephine Russell Bell.  News by cable.
SINCLAIR   -   WILSON  -June 18  at the resof Mr G.W. Bradley, --  Roland John Sinclair,  Christchurch,    to   Jessie Campbell Wilson,  Ayr,  Scotland.
PATTISON  -   GRAHAM  -April  17  at Denniston,  by Rev John R. Dart,  George William Pattison   to   Ellen May Graham,  of Lyttelton.

Deaths  -
MANHIRE    -  July 4  at the residence of her parents,  Lincoln road,  Violet Bessie,  infant daughter  of B.P.  and B. Manhire,  aged 19 days.
WAKEFIELD  -  May 11  last,  at Belmont, Exbridge,  England,  Charles Marcus Wakefield,  formerly of Christchurch, 
                               and only son of Daniel Bell Wakefield,  aged 64
WITHEY -      at 12 Walker street,  Christchurch,  beloved wife of William Withey,  in her 57th year.

In Memoriam  -
WESTON  -  In fond and loving memory of Emma Weston,  July 6th  1901 -    inserted by loving friends.

Funeral  Notices  -
HADFIELD     -   the late Mr E. Hadfield ----- of 170 Durham street,---------  for Linwood Cemetery.
McKENZIE     -  Mr Edward McKenzie,  of 64 St Asaph street, Linwood, ---  late wife Margaret ----  for Linwood Cemetery
WITHEY      -  Mr William Withey ---    late wife Mary,  leave his res.  ----  for Linwood Public Cemetery.

Monday  7 July   1902
Marriage  - 
  -  In London,  E. E. Mavrogordato    to   Elsie Josephine Napier Bell.  News by cable.   (this change of name is as in paper)

Deaths   -
McKENZIE        -  July 5 at Christchurch Hospital, Maggie,  beloved wife of Edward McKenzie,  aged 52 years.

In Memoriam  -
HOBBS      -  In loving memory of William Thomas Hobbs,  died 8 July  1900,  inserted by his loving wife and children.
HUDSON  -  In loving memory of my dear husband  George Judson?  at Rangiora,  July 7 1901,  aged 34, 
                                   ---------- inserted by his sorrowing wife.

Tuesday  8 July 1902

Births  -
LOUGHNAN  -  at Risingholme,  Opawa,  14 June  to wife of H.H.Loughnan - a son.
WHYTE  -  at West Oxford,  on July 6  to wife of G.E.Whyte  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -   
WHITCHER  -  STODDARD  -June 14  1902  at the resof the bride,  North street,  St Albans,  Harry, son of the late Sergeant Whitcher  of Police,  Melbourne,                               to   Grace,   daughter of S. Stoddard Esq,  Birmingham,  Melbourne papers please copy.

Deaths  -
APPLEYARD     -   July 7 1902  at Richmond, suddenly,   Martha,  wife of the late Thomas Appleyard,  aged 52 years.
BALL      -  July 6  at View Hill,  Dallington,  Florence Mary,  eldest daughter of E.M. and M.J.Ball,  late of York street, Opawa, aged 22 years.
ROBERTSON    -  July 7  at Christchurch,  Elizabeth Ann,  dearly beloved wife of Struan Robertson,  Happy Home, Cashmere,  aged 60 years.
TATE       -  July 6 at Christchurch,  John Tate,  late manager of Claverley, and son of James Tate, Amberley,  aged 34 years.

Funerals  -
APPLEYARD      -  the late Martha Appleyard, ---- leaving her late residence,   London street, Richmond, ---  for Barbadoes Street Cemetery

Wednesday  9  July  1902

Birth  -
TURNER        -   July 8 at her residence,  Ashley street,  Rangiora.  to wife of H. Turner  -   a daughter.

Deaths  -
LUDEMANN    -   July 7  at the Christchurch Hospital,  Christina,  beloved wife of Mr George Ludemann,  farmer, Lakeside,  aged 51 years.
WILKINSON     -  July 8 at Higham,  Chertsey,  Thomas Walker Wilkinson,  in his 78th year.

In Memoriam  -
BURNSIDE       -  our dear Mother,  Mary,  who died Christchurch,  July 8th  1900.  -  inserted by her loving daughters.
GRIFFITHS  -  of Margaret Lizzie Glenmorris Griffiths,  who died July 9th  1899 (Little Maggie)  -  inserted by her loving mother,  brother and sisters.
LESLIE       -    dear Mother,  who died at Heathcote Valley,  July 8th 1899   aged 74 years. -  inserted by her loving daughter Nellie.
WILKINSON       -  July 7th  1880?  Elizabeth,  wife of Thomas Walker Wilkinson,  Higham,  Chertsey.

Thursday  10 July  1902

Birth  -
BLUNT       -  July 8 at S. Ronan's,  Merivale,  to wife of T.G.R. Blunt,  M.A. - a son.

Deaths  -
APPLEBY  -  July 9,   at Simeon Street, Spreydon,  David,  dearly bel. husband of Rosetta Appleby,  aged 38 years.
CLARKE    -  July 9,  at his mother's res.  127 East belt,  Thomas,  eldest son of Mrs Julia Clarke,  aged 40 years.
CRAMPTON       -  at his res.  87 Hereford street,  Thomas,  dearly loved husband of Ellen,  aged 65 years.
KEELE        -  July 6 at Ashley street, Rangiora,  William Keele,  aged 70 years
TATE     -  July 6 at Strathmore Hospital,  John Tate,  late manager of Claverley Station, boat harbour, Amuri,  bel hus. of Frances Mary tate,  on his 34th birthday.
VERNON      -  June 27  Edward Saunderson,  on the voyage Home  (by cable)

In Memoriam  -  
HAYDON      -  In loving memory of Mona Irene,  who died Lyttelton  July 10th  1900. -  inserted by her lovingparents, brother and  sister.
McCAUGHREN       -  of Robert McCaughren,  who died on July 10th 1900  -  inserted by loving wife and children.
SINCLAIR     -  Samuel Claude,  beloved child of Samuel and L M. Sinclair,  aged 1 year 10mths.  died July 10th 1900 -  inserted by his loving parents.

Friday  11  July  1902

Birth -
CAMPBELL     -  July 3 at leeston,  to wife of John Campbell  -  a daughter

Marriage  -
PAGET   - HOSKING  - At Holy Trinity Church,  Avonside,   William Henery,  son of Mr Henery Paget,  Radcliffe,  Sumner,   to   Lois (Louie)  dau  of Mr                                     William Hosking,  Springston,  late of Miner's Farm.  Yaldhurst.

Death  -
BRAIK      -  July 10  at  res. of her uncle W. Brew,  Hoon Hay,  Jeanie, beloved eldest daughter of A.M.Braik,  Heriot Row, Dunedin,  aged 22 years.
GORDON-GLASSFORD   -  On July 10  at the res. of Mr W.J.Childs,  Clemtentina Napier Gordon-Glassford,  dau. of the late Napier and Alice                                                             Gordon-Glassford,  aged 29 years.
McDOWALL    -  July 10 (suddenly)  at her res. Duntroon,  Glandovey Road,  Bryndwr,  Jane Mary  relict of the late John Charles McDowall.
NELSON       -  July 9  at Hororata  (suddenly)  John  dearly beloved husband of Margaret nelson,  age 59 years.
STEPHENS      -  July 9  at his late res. Brookside,  George Stephens,  jun.  aged 62 years.
TOWNEND     -  July 10  at his res.  28 Park Tce,  Dr J.H. Townend,  aged 55 years.

In Memoriam  -
DAY      -  in loving remembrance of our dear children ---  July 11th  1901  -  inserted by their loving parents  A and F. Day

Bereavements  -  
The family of the late Mrs Thos. Appleyard  wish to convey their sincere thanks  ----------

Saturday  12 July  1902

Deaths  -
BRAIK      -  July 10  at the res. of her uncle W. BREW,  Hoon Hay,  jeanie, beloved eldest daughter of A.M.Braik,  Heriot Row, Dunedin, 
                      aged 22 years.(internment at Dunedin on Tuesday)
NELSON      -  July 9  at Hororata  (suddenly)  John  dearly beloved husband of Margaret nelson,  age 59 years.
STEPHENS       -  July 9  at his late res. Brookside,  George Stephens,  jun.  aged 62 years.  result of an accident
TOWNEND      -  July 10  at his res.  28 Park Tce,  Dr J.H. Townend,  aged 55 years.
TURNER        -  In London,  William Turner,  of Bennetts,  (by cable)

In Memoriam  -
COLLIE  -  Isabella Emily Collie, bel.dau. of Donald and Jessie Collie,  died 12 July 1900 in her 19th year.  - inserted by her loving parents,  brothers and sisters.
GALLETLY     -   Alexander Galletly,  who met his death by gun accident, at  Lincoln,  12 July 1898  -  inserted by A.W.N.G.

Monday  14 July  1902

Marriage  -
LONG  -  KNUDSEN  -  June 19  at the res of the bride's parents,   Tinwald,   Pigeon Bay,  A.B.Long     to   M.C.Knudsen,  Pigeon Bay.

Deaths  -
LELIEVRE  -  July 12  at Akaroa,  Francois  LeLievre,  beloved husband of Justine,  aged 93 years.
PRESTON  -  July 12  Margaret ,  wife of Edwin Charles Preston,  Johnston street,  Spreydon,  aged 36 years.
POWER  -  July 13  at the res. of his brother-in-law,  Mr Edwards,  Royal Hotel,  Woodend,  Edward George (Ted)  bel hus. of Millie,  in his 53rd year.

In Memoriam  -
CHATTAWAY  -  in loving remembrance of Annie Matilda Chattaway,  wife of R.H.Chattaway  died 14 July  1901
                                - inserted by her loving husband and daughters.

Crusader Tent  No 42  I.O.R.
EARLY -  Members of the above Tent are requested to meet at the Weslyan Church on Tuesday July 15 at 2-45pm  to attend the Funeral of the late Bro

Tuesday  15 July  1902

Deaths  -
BURNS  -  July 14 at Christchurch,  Harriett Maria Bickerton,  wife of Alexander Burns,  in her 40th year.
FANSHAWE  -  June 18  at Southbridge,  Richard Fanshawe,  in his 72nd year.
FISHER  -  July 14  at Dublin street, Lyttelton,  Isabella Grace,  dearly bel.twin daughter of G.T and I.E. Fisher,  aged 1 year 9mths.
HARRIS  -  July 14  at Christchurch Alice,  2nd dauhter of Thomas and Patience Harris,  late of Greendale,  on her 31st birthday

In Memoriam  -
VICKERY  -  Thomas James Vickery,  died at Linwood,  July 15th 1900  aged 7mths.  - inserted by his loving granny and Uncle,  Jane & Thomas Bradshaw
VICKERY  -   Thomas James Vickery  -  inserted by his loving parents.

Wednesday   16  July  1902

Marriage -
STODDART  -  HOWELL  - July 2nd  1902  at St Stephens, Lincoln,  Gordon,  son of William Stoddart,  Zetland Lodge,  Ashburton,   to   Ethel Louise,  only                         daughter of E.T.Howell,  Lincoln.

Deaths  -
ANDERSON       -  at Waikari  Margaret Anderson,  in her  93rd year.
CHAINEY        -  July 14 at Innes road,  Robert William,  beloved husband of Mary and eldest son of Mr William Chainey  of St Albans.
MACDONALD      -  July 11  at Methven,  William Roy,  3rd son of William Brown  and Isabel Macdonald  aged 16 years  3mths.
SHIELDS       -  July 15  at Leithfield,  Elizabeth,  relict of the the late James Shields,  aged 68 years
THOMSON     -  July 13  at New Brighton,  John,  beloved husband of Fanny Thompson,  aged 38 years.

In Memoriam  -  
NIXON      -  In loving memory of John Nixon,  died July 16th  1897  aged 52    -  inserted by loving son and daughters  G.N.  and M.N. and B.N.

Thursday  17  July  1902

Marriage  -  
SANDSTEIN   -  BIRD  -  July 2 at Wellington,  Ernest Mark,  son of the late M. Sandstein,  to   Lily Katie, dau of the late George Bird,   also of Christchurch. 

Deaths  -
BAKER      -  July 16 at Worcester street,  Linwood,  Edith Joyce,  infant daughter of Harry and Edith Baker,  aged 6 weeks.
FANSHAWE       -  June 18  at Southbridge,  Richard Fanshawe,  in his 72nd year.
McINTOSH  -   July 15  Thomas McIntosh,   formerly of McIntosh Bay,  Banks Peninsula,  beloved husband of Henrietta,  Little Akaloa,  in his 59th year.

In Memoriam  -
HENLEY    - In loving memory of Hetty,  beloved daughter  of Hetty,  beloved daughter of Mr F.W.Henley  died July 17  1901  aged 25. 
                           -  inserted by her loving sisters.

Friday  18  July  1902

Deaths  -
CLEWORTH       -   June 1  1902  at Bolton,  Lancashire, England,  Isaac Cleworth,  aged 77,  Father of Joseph Cleworth,  of Linwood.
MITCHELL        -  July  16  at his late res.  John's road,  Blefast,  Thomas Mitchell,  aged 60  (suddenly)
NOONAN      -July 17  at 5 Chester street,  Thomas,  dearly-beloved husband of Elizabeth Noonan,  aged 62 years.
WARREN      -  July 17 at 98 Windmill road, Sydenham,  Richard Dundas Alexander,  beloved husband of Alice Augustus Warren, 
                            2nd son of the late Admiral  Warren,  Daventry,  North Hants. England.  in his 50th year.

In Memoriam  -  
GILMORE      -  In loving memory of William James (Willie)  died 18 July 1897.  aged 5 years  9mths.  

Saturday  19  July  1902

Births  -
MATHIAS     -    July 16  at Christchurch,  to wife of Rev H.H. Mathias,  of Rakaia,   -   a daughter
PARNHAM     -  July 18  at Kaiapoi,  to wife of Herbert Parnham -  a daughter

Marriage  -
WISE  -  BROWNE  - May 1  1902  at the res the bride's parents,  Linwood, John, son of the late George Wise,  Bromley,   to Edith Maud,  dau. of Marshall                                  Hume Browne,  of Linwood,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
DAVIS      -  July 18  at the residence of her daughter,  Mrs W. Brice,  236 Oxford Tce,  Anna Davis,  in her 90th year.
FITZGERALD     -  July 16  Mary,  daughter of Dennis and Jane Fitzgerald,  North Loburn,  aged 26 years
FAVILLE    -  July 18  at the residence of his grandparents,  "Montrose" Ferry road,  Thomas Clive Duckworth, 
                               only son of Thomas Castle and Elizabeth Faville, aged 9mths
GORRIE      -  July 19 at Sefton,  Henrietta,  beloved wife of D. Gorrie,  aged 56 years.
HALIBURTON     -  July 5  1902  at Wellington Hospital,  Agnes,  beloved wife of John Haliburton,  Fielding,  aged 58 years.

In Memoriam  -
WOOD  -  In loving memory of our dear mother  died 15 July  1901,  at george street, Christchurch,  aged 64.  -  inserted by her loving daughter Lucy.

Funerals  -
DAVIS   -  late Mrs A. Davis,  --  leaving residence of her daughter Mrs W. Brice,  236 Oxford Tce,  -- Sunday  at 1-45pm   for Linwood Cemetery.
WARREN     -  late Richard Warren,  leavinf his residence,   98 Windmill road.  Sunday at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery
FAVILLE     -  leave residence ---  Monday 21st  at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery
GORRIE      -   late wife to leave his residence Sefton,  at 1pm  on Monday 21st  for the Balcairn Cemetery.

Monday  21 July  1902

Births  -
LYNSKEY      -  July 17 at Kaiapoi,  to wife of Mr M. Lynskey,  jun.  -  a son.

Deaths  -
BELL  -  July 13  at --  Emily Jane  (Jennie)  dau of William Paul & Emily Lubbs,  of Lyttelton,  and bel wife of William Ferguson Bell,  of Akaroa,  aged 28 years
DAWSON     -   July 19  Benjamin (ben)  beloved husband of Ann Dawson,  Kingsley street,  Sydenham,  aged 69
ELLMANN     -  July 20 at his late res.  George street,  St Albans,  James Boyes,  beloved husband of E.J. Ellmann,  aged 74 years
HART         -   July 13 at Hastings,  Mary (May)  eldsest beloved daughter of William and Martha Ann Hart, 
                          and loved granddaughter of John and Alice Hart,  Poulsen street,  Addington,  aged 17 years
MACE          -  July 19  at his residence,  "Brooklyn"  New Brighton,  Henry Mace,  aged 65 years.
SMITHSON    -  July 20  at Christchurch,  Elizabeth Mary Smithson,  beloved wife of John Smithson,  aged 31 years
WINSLOE     -    July 20 at Woodend,  Edward Arnold,  infant son of M.B. and J.G.E. Winsloe,  aged 14 mths.

In Memoriam  -
WALKLIN      -  in loving memory of our dear father Francis Walklin,  died 21 July  1900 -  inserted by his loving family.

Funeral  -
MACE  -  Mr Henry Mace,  ----  leave his residence  Brooklyn,  Tuesday 22nd  at 2-30pm  for Linwood Cemetery.

Tuesday  22 July  1902

Birth  -
YEATMAN     -  at the residence of her mother,  Mrs Donovan,  144 Barbadoes street,  to wife of J. Yeatman, jun. -  a son.

Deaths  -
GOODALL     -  July 19 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Robert Goodall,  in his 29th year.  Australian papers please copy.
LANGDON    -  July 21  at Poplar Grove,  Papanui,  Georgiana Augusta,  wife of Thomas Langdon,  in her 67th year.   Funeral Wednesday  at 3pm

In Memoriam  -
REILLY     -  In lovong remembrance of Kate Reilly  who died 22 July 1894  aged 21 years. -  inserted by her loving mother and sisters.

Wednesday  23 July  1902
Deaths  -
HUDSON  -  July 22 at her res --  Sydenham,  Margaret King,  dearly loved eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Hudson,  aged 15 years  and 11 mths.
MURRAY  -  July 22 at Horatio street, Christchurch,  Mary Amelia,  3rd daughter of Mary Amelia  and William Murray,  in her 18th year.

Thursday  24 July  1902
Deaths  -
BURNETT      -  at 56 Gordon street,  off East Belt,  John Burnett,  late of West Melton.  aged 66 years
DODGE      -  July 22 at her residence  10 Cashel street,  Linwood.  Eliza,  widow of the late Alfred Dodge,  Broadfields,  in her 45th year.
GOODALL       -  July 19 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Robert Goodall,  aged 28 years,  after a short painful illness.
SANDREY     -  July 23  at Burford House,  Ashburton,  Lilian Trixie,  beloved infant daughter of George and Lilian Sandrey,  aged 6mths.

In Memoriam  -
WISKER     -  In loving remembrance of Elizabeth Ann Wisker,    24 July  1897  in her 49th year. -  inserted by her loving daughter Sophie.

Friday  25 July  1902

Birth  -
TURTON     -  July 22 at South belt,  Sydenham,  to wife of Edward Randal Turton -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
MORRIS  -   CROSS  -  July 21 at St Stephen's Church,  Fairlie,  South Canterbury,  Arthur William Morris,  of Cora Lyn, Fairlie,  3rd son  of A.W. Morris,                                     Esq,  Dunedin,   to   Agnes Durroch,  2nd daughter of Frederick Cross, Esq,  of Christchurch.

Deaths  -
DONALD       -  July 23 at Leeston,  Ian Lester Donald,  youngest son of J.F. and B. Donald,  aged 2 and half years.
FREW      -   July 24  at St Albans,  Walter Cyril Reeve Frew,  beloved and only son of Walter J. and Frances J. Frew,  in his 12th month.
MORTLAND  -  July 24 at the residence of John Mortland,  Yaldhurst,  Emily Isabella,  youngest daughter of John and Amelia Mortland,  aged 6 mths,
STAPLETON    -  July 24 at her late residence,  Stapleton's road,  Shirley,   Martha,  widow of the late Thomas Stapleton,  aged 74 years. 

Saturday  26  July  1902
Death  -
MASON     -  July 26 at 168 Cashel Street,  Linwood,  Anna Marie,  wife of Charles Henry Mason,  aged 40 years.

Monday  28 July  1902

Deaths  -  
BRUERE       -  July 26  at Balcairn,  Graham Startin,  dearly beloved son of Graham and Eliza Bruere,  aged 2 mths.
FOWKE       -  July 26 at Walton street,  Sydenham,  tthe beloved wife of Charles Edward Fowke,  in her 80th year.
HAYWARD       -  July 26  at Sumner,  Thomas Hayward,   aged 62 years
JAMIESON      -  July 27  at Livingstone street,  Linwood,  Margaret beloved wife of William Jamieson,  aged 61 years.
WRAIGHT       -  July 26  at  Mystote,  Dunsandel,  Mary Ann,  relict of the late William Wraight,  in her 81st year.

In Memoriam  -
PENTENEY  -  Elizabeth Jane,  dearly beloved wife of J. Penteney,  died 27th July  1901 -  inserted by her loving husband and daughter.

Tuesday  29  July  1902

Birth  -
VOLOKMAN     -  July 26  at East Oxford,  to wife of Dr Bernard Volokman  -  a son.

Deaths  -
BAKER     -  on Sunday  July 27  at the residence of Mr C.W.Baker,  Mary Anne (Annie) dearly beloved wife of John W. Baker,  in her 44th year.
LAURENSON    -  July 28  at 156 Kilmore street,  west,  James Goss,  infant son of Morgan and Ruth Laurenson,  aged 8mths.
PATCHETT    -  July 27  at Ferry road, Linwood,  Winifred Emalene (Winnie) dearly beloved daughter of David and Elizabeth Patchett,  aged 17 years.
PEARSON       -  July 28  at King street,  Sydenham,  dearly beloved husband of Jane Pearson,  aged 60 years.
WYLIE     -  July 22 and 26 respectively  at Mayfair street, Lower Riccarton,  Ruth  and Hugh,  beloved twin children  of Hugh and Margaret Wylie.

In Memoriam  -
WAKEFIELD  -  Agnes Wakefield, beloved wife of William Wakefield,  at the res. of her son, J. Wakefield, John street, Sydenham,  died July 29  1899

Wednesday  30  July  1902
Birth  -
HAMILTON     -  July 25  at Bennyrigg, St Asaph street,  to wife of T. Hamilton,  a son.
SULLIVAN    -  July 28  at St Asaph street,  Christchurch,  to wife of  C.T. Sullivan  -  a son  (Frank)

Marriage  -
MACLAY  -  OPPENHEIM  -July 2nd  1902  at the East Belt Weslyan Church, Thomas Edward, son of Robert Maclay,  to Edith  Henrietta, dau of the late                                     Alfred Oppenheim,  both of Christchurch.

Deaths  -
GRIFFITHS     -  July 29  at  Gardner's road,  off Harewood road,  Ann  beloved wife of Thomas Griffiths,  late of Lakeside,  aged 72 years.
KILLICK      -  July 29  at 247 Tuam street,  Liza Beatrice,  dearly-beloved wife of Thomas Killick,  aged 23 years.

In Memoriam  -
WRIGHT      -  In loving memory of Henry Wright,  died July  30  1901    - inserted by his eldest son and family
WRIGHT     -  in loving memory of our dear father     -  inserted by his loving daughter  E.S. WILLIAMS.
WRIGHT       -   in loving memory of our dear father    -   inserted by his loving son  George N. Wright.

Thursday  31 July  1902
Marriages  -
ABBIE   - BAYLIS  - July 28  at Christchurch,  William Christie Abbie, son of  Andrew Arthur Abbie,  of Kinghorn,  Fifeshire,  Scotland,   to   Minnie Catherine,                                      2nd daughter of William Baylis,  of Christchurch,  New Zealand.
MACDONALD  -  STEELE  -  July  28  at St Luke's  John Glencoe,  2nd son of Thomas Macdonald,  Waikuku,  to  Edith, Nora  daughter of Richard Steele.
MORRISS  -  WOOD-July 9  at the res of the bride's parents, Charles Henry,  3rd son of William and E. Morriss  of  "Etondale"  Waikuku   to   May Janet,  2nd                                 daughter of William and J. Wood,  of "Four Oaks",  Morrison's Bush,  Greytown North,  Wellington.

Deaths  -
BUCKLEY        -  July 31 at 32 Park Tce,  Mrs George Buckley,  in her 70th year.
CLYDESDALE  -  July 30   at Te Kohanga,  Carlton Tce,  Merivale,  William Clydesdale,  beloved husband of Jane Sarah Clydesdale,  aged 84 years.
FUSSELL       -   July 29  at Medal Farm,  Tai-Tapu,  (George)  James,  2nd son of William  and Emily Fussell,  aged 42 years.
MORROW       -  July 31  at  "Tearoaro,  Norman's road,  Jane Hamilton Colquhoun Morrow,  aged 66 years.
SOPP      -  July 30  at Lincoln road,  Addington,  John C. Sopp.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
17 September  2007

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