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Monday  1 July  1901  
Wellington  - 
  -   a woman named Mary Reilly, a widow,  aged 40,  died suddenly yesterday.

Dunedin  - 
-   a man named Miller,  the engineer on the Central Electric Dredge, has lost the sight of one of his eyes ---------

Christchurch  - 
-   an elderly woman named Mary Anne Rouse,  wife of James Rouse,  a cabman,  died suddenly this morning. an inquest will be held at her late res.
                    Cranmer Square, at 4pm today.

Auckland   - 
-   Constable MacDonnell,  who has been ailing for some months,  died on Saturday.

Christchurch  -    STUDHOLME  - -
Mr A.E.G. Rhodes  this morning received a cable message from Melbourne to the effect that Mr Geoffrey Studholme,  a cousin of Mrs Rhodes, 
had died in Melbourne on the previous evening.  Mr Studholme who was about 22 years of age,  was the youngest son of the late Mr Michael Studholme, 
of Waimate.  He went to South Africa a few months ago and while there contracted enteris fever.  he was on his way home under the care
of a Mr Cameron  but became worse in Melbourne,  and died as above.

Tuesday  2 July  1901
Auckland  -  
   the death is announced of Mr William Aitken,  a land agent,  aged 74 years.
GRAHAM  -  a man named Graham,  a bush contractor,  was drowned in the River Hokianga  during a heavy flood.

Waihi   -    McNAUGHTON   -    GIBBES  -
at Waihi this morning,  2 contractors named McNaughton and Gibbes,  --------  received severe injuries  ----------

Dunedin  - 
-   a man named William Edgar  was thrown from his horse at Waipiata last week,  and died at the Naseby hospital.

Rangiora  Lodge  -  presentation  -   BLACKETT  -
Loyal Rangiora Lodge of Oddfellows  held last evening,  P.P.G.M. Marshall  on behalf of members  presented a handsomely framed past officers
certificate and a  -------   to P.G. Bro A.B.Blackett,  ------   as a trustee for 11 years,  resigned owing to removing to the Taranaki district. 
Bros  Marshall,  Ayres,  WadeyJennings,  and Bell  expressed the high esteem -----   more.

Lyttelton    -  Presentation   -  
  -   at Lyttelton last evening the friends of Mr Joseph Dineen,  late of the Royal Hotel,  who is about to leave the district  -----   

Wednesday  3 July  1901  
Nelson  -  HARVEY  -
William Harvey,  sen. a settler at Pig Bay,  near French Pass,  was found dead near his home yesterday.-----------   he was about 47 years old. 
He left a widow and 6 children.

Auckland  - 
-   William Cussen, a surveyor   --------  more

Thursday  4 July  1901
Westport  -  
  -   Dr George Black  was found dead at his lodgings  this morning.

Friday  5 July  1901
Wellington  -  
the body of a woman about 40 years of age was found in the harbour at Thorndon this morning.  It has not yet been identified.

Monday  8 July  1901
Nelson  -   
  -   at the inquest touching the death of William Harvey,  who was found shot in Pig bay last week,  a verdict of accidental death was returned.
HAYCOCK  -   Mrs John Haycock,  an old settler,  died at Hope,  on Saturday,  aged 79.

Stratford  -  accident  -  
  -  a man named McMasters,  a traveller in the employ of Messrs WARD  & Co  spirit merchants,  ran into a trap  -----

Nelson  -  Death in a Church    -   SCOTT  -
Thomas Scott, a resident of 26 years standing,  died suddenly in the Cathedral last evening. --------  nearly 80 years of age,  he was a native of Ireland,  and formerly a school teacher in England.   -----  and Good Templar,  He assisted Mr Joseph  MALING  to start the 1st Templar Lodge in England at Birmingham,  50 years ago. --- he leaves a widow and several children,  ----    longish column  ----

Christchurch  -   the late  Mr CHRYSTAL  -      funeral write -up
The respect in which the late Mr William Chrystal  was held was shown by the large ------  long column

Nelson  - 
KING   -   a young man named John King,  about 38 years old,  residing at Croixelles,  was found dead in his house on Saturday evening.  --------

Tuesday  9  July  1901
Palmeston North  - 
  -    a contractor named  Augustus Kelly was found dead  in his tent  -----------

Wednesday  10  July  1901
Christchurch  -   KENNELL  -
---visited the residence of Mrs M.A. Osborne at 173 Salisbury street,  and enquired after the missing woman named Catherine Kennell.  mother of Mrs Osborne,  who had been living with her daughter  -------    an inquest will be held at the Gladstone Hotel  ---

Thursday  11  July  1901
Lyttelton  -  fatal fire   -    DAY  -
-- a 4 roomed cottage  ------  occupied by a man named Frederick day,  was burned down,  and 3 children,  Evelyn May,  aged 5years 8mths,   
Frederick Thomas,  aged 4 years  and Dorothy Maud,  aged 2 years and 7mths  ----------

Waihi  -   HAWKINS   -    NELSON  -
2 miners named Hawkins  and Nelson,  employed in the Woodstock mine at Karangahake,  met with a serious accident ------  both men were taken to hospital.

Stratford  -   Fire  - 
   --- destroyed Nerill's furniture shop.  -----  it was burned to the ground.  -----

Friday  12 July  1901
Auckland  -  FOX  -
Major Fox,  the celebrated Maori warrior,  died at Maketu yesterday.  He took a prominent part in the reception of the Duke and Duchess of York.

Lyttelton  -   Inquest   -   DAY  -
an inquest on the bodies of Evelyn May Day,  Frederick Thomas day  and Dorothy Maud Day,  the 3 children who lost their lives in the fire at Little Brenchley Road,  Lyttelton,  -----------  Alice Day,  mother of the deceased children   said  -  I am the wife of Frederick Day,  who is a wharf labourer -----   Evelyn would have been 6 in November,  Frederick Thomas was 4 last March,  Dorothy was 2 yrs 7mths ---------     a very long column  -  email for a copy

Halkett  -  Inquest  -  
MOORE  -  --touching the death of John Francis Moore a man about 70 years of age.  ---------------

Christchurch  -  Accident  - 
-  a lad named Joseph Fletcher  who drives a baker's cart for Drew's bakery,  at Sumner ---- it will be some days before the boy can resume work.

Saturday  13 July  1901
Christchurch -   Social   -   COLLINS   -
a "social"  in honour of Trooper Collins,  who has recently returned from South Africa,  was tendered him last evening in the Claredon Hotel. 
by a number of his fellow-employees of the Farmer's Co-operative Association.  Mr W.A. Day  presided. ----------

Auckland  -   Inquest  -  TRICKLEBANK  -
the infant daughter of Mr Tricklebank,  of Coromandel,  was suffocated between her parents by the bed-clothes  at the inquest  a verdict of
suffocation by misadventure  was returned.

Christchurch   -  An old pioneer  -  TULLEY  -
another old pioneer died yesterday -  Mrs Sarah Tulley,  at 147 Harper street,  Sydenham.  She arrived in Lyttelton by the ship Labuan  in 1851 
-----  the deceased was in her 86th year. and leaves 8 children,  51 grandchildren,  27 great grandchildren.  ------   she will be buried at noon
on Sunday in the Riccarton Cemetery.  her husband died about 11 years ago ----  Mrs Tulley's  age was 86  and the number of her descendants 86.

Wellington  -  Obituary  -  
  -  Mr John Gannaway,  a well-known stevedore and formerly one of the shore managers for the old Panama Company,  died last night.

Invercargill  -   SNEYD  -
last night's fatality was due to the bursting of a rocket.  Mrs Sneyd who was killed instantly -----------  her son Charles --------   Mr J. Morton, 
---- Mr A. McSporran  -------  the accident was caused by the bursting of a signal rocket  fired by Captain M'Gillray of the steamer Invercargill.  -------

Kaiapoi  -  Sudden death  -   PERRIN  -
Mrs Perrin,  wife of Mr John Perrin,  and an old identity of Kaiapoi,  died suddenly ------ an inquest is being held this afternoon. the deceased has been a resident
of Kaiapoi for over 40 years ----   Her husband Mr John Perrin is an old Crimean veteran,  ---------

Monday  15 July  1901
Blenheim  -  Settler  - 
-   a Sounds settler,  Herbert Severn,  40 years of age,  was drowned at Kenepuru ------    

Invercargill  - 
-   on Sunday evening the body of John Murdoch,  a carpenter,  ----------

Kaiapoi  -  inquest  - 
-   an inquest was held ------     touching the death of Elizabeth Perrin,  wife of John Perrin,  a verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

Tuesday  16 July  1901
Dannevirke  -  
SOLOMON  -   a man named B.H.Solomon,  a stationer and tobacconist,  was found dead in his saloon.  ----------

Christchurch  -  inquest  -  SOUTER  -
an inquest was held yesterday  touching the death of Mrs Hannah Souter,  who was found dead in her bed in her house on the Ferry Road on Sunday.  after hearing evidence the jury found that death was due to ---  of the heart.

Wednesday  17 July  1901
Auckland  - 
  -   a youth named Alexander Mackenzie,  of Whangarei,  was killed by a falling tree in the Whananaki bush.

Thursday  18  July 1901
Invercargill  -  fireworks accident  - 
SNEYD  -   --- death of Mrs Sneyd    -------   more

Leeston  -   
   information was received by the police this afternoon that a 12 days old child had been found dead at Leeston this morning,  presumably overlaid by its                     mother  Mrs Samuel Young.

Friday  19 July  1901
Masterton  - 
ELLEY  -  an old resident named John Elley,  aged 60 years ------     for a number of years he carried on a butcher's business.

Christchurch  -  obituary  -  HULL  -
Mr Charles Hull,  who has been a member of the "Lyttelton Times" literary staff for the past 25 years,  died at his residence Barbadoes street today. 
-----  Mr Hull and his wife arrived in the colony about 30 years ago  -------     Mrs Hull died about 4 years ago  .

Napier  - 
PRIOR  -the body of the man found in the water near Clive has been identified as that of John Prior,  ----at th inquest touching the death of John Prior   accidentally                     drowned in the Waitangi River.

Saturday  20  July  1901
Gisborne  - 
  -  the Captain of the Kai-iti football team who was injured last Saturday  -----died this morning.  He was a resident of Hamilton,  in the Waikato district.

Monday  22 July  1901

Christchurch  -  funeral  write up  -  
    -- the late Mr H.S.Brown -----     more  ---

Auckland  -  inquest  -  McKENZIE  -
an unmarried man  named Alexander McKenzie  was crushed to death between 2 logs of wood at Whananaki,  at the inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Fielding  -  obituary  -  ROE  -
Mr Charles Roe,  sen.  an old colonist died at his res. Fielding last night.  He arrived in Wellington by the ship ADELAIDE  in 1840.  He was one of Wellington's earliest journalists  -----  Mr Roe came to Fielding in 1874  and has resided here since.

Dunedin  - 
SEW HOY  -  Mr Sew Hoy,  the well-known Chinese merchant,  died suddenly this afternoon.

Ashburton  -  inquest  -  JAMES  -
an inquest was held ----  Mr A. James,  Hampstead,  Ashburton , -----touching the death of an infant daughter of Mr & Mrs James who was found dead in bed ----

Akaroa  -  FYFE  -
Mr Samuel Fyfe,  an old resident of Akaroa,  died suddenly last night in his 75th year.  the deceased was born in Portsmouth  --- Royal Navy,  emigrated to NZ  with Bishop Selwyn in the yacht Southern Cross in 1855.  ----   he married the eldest daughter of the late Mr DONNETT  and leaves 2 sons and 3 daughters, 
His wife died about 15 mths ago  -------.

Tuesday  23 July  1901

Dunedin    -  McKECHNIE  -
Trooper Louis Mckechnie,  of the 5th contingent,  died in the Dunedin hospital this morning.  he belonged to Hawke's Bay.  His parents had been with him several days before his death.

Tauranga  - 
-an old Maori chief named Daniel residing at Matapihi,  near tauranga,  died the other day.  being about 90 years of age.  -------

Wellington  - 
JACKSON  -  Mr Alfred Jackson,  at one time a manager of the Union Bank in Wellington,  and recently a managing director for NZ  ----  died here yesterday.

Thursday  25 July  1901

Christchurch  -  obituary  -  FAIRWEATHER  -
Mr Charles Fairweather,  whose death occurred  at East Eyreton yesterday,  came to Wellington with his father Mr R. Fairweather,   in the ship
Lady Nugent   in 1841.   In 1856  he settled in Kaiapoi,  he leaves a widow and family of 12 including 9 sons. ------

New Plymouth  -  fatal  shipwreck  -  LIZZIE  BELL  -  12 lives lost.  -
-----  the Lizzie Bell is an iron barque of 2 decks,  -- she had a crew of 18  -  J.Rees,  master,  W.J.E. Barron,  chief mate,   L.Olley,  2nd mate,  
J.Milligan,  cook,   W. Simmons  W. Riner,  J. Harding,  J.Glen,   D.Lang,   W. Perry,   H. Fredrikson,  and J. Melwood,  able seamen. 
and C. Chappel,  T. Gay,  W. Boyce,   J.M. Tickell,  A.Jones,  W.J. Arbuckle,  apprentices.  -------   those saved are the captain,  the mate, 
2 seamen,  and 2 apprentices.  
a very long column ------- email for a copy

Friday  26 July  1901

In Bankruptcy  - 
LONGSTAFF  -  email for a copy

Waihi  -  
-  a boy named Jephson,  3 years of age was drowned by falling into a stream.

Manaia  -   LIZZIE  BELL  -  
a very long column  about the  journey  and  wreck of the Lizzie Bell,   email for a copy.

Saturday  27 July  1901

Christchurch  -  obituary  -  MOORE  -
the death is announced of Mr Augustus Moore,  of the east belt,  at the age of 71.  Mr Moore was a well-known figure in Christchurch   where he resided for over 40 years.    ----------

Wellington  -   ELLIOTT  -
a man named George Elliott died in the hospital this morning from injuries received on July 9th through being jammed by a log rolling off a truck at Akatarawa, 
near the Lower Hutt.

Pihama   -  inquest   -   Wreck of the Lizzie Bell   ------
The body of CHAPPLE  came ashore  yesterday,  at the inquest held yesterday  a verdict death from drowning was found with regard to SIMONS,  LANG, 
and CHAPPLE,    death from exhaustion with regard to OLLEY,  PERRY  and JONES.     ----  a very long column  -    email for a copy.

Tuesday  30  July  1901

Christchurch  -   WALLACE  -
a man named Robert Wallace  died at the hospital last evening.  he accidentally fell off a dray at Spreydon on Saturday. ------  the deceased was a married man
and 54 years of age  -------

In Bankruptcy  -  

New Plymouth  -  Magisterial inquiry    -  
Lizzie Bell  
-   email for a copy

Wednesday  31 July  1901

Dunedin     -   
-  a farmer  Michael Hughes,  aged 55  years was found by his son  drowned in a water-hole on his farm between Mosgiel  and Wingatui.

PRIOR   -   Napier  -    mistaken  identity  -      -
A fortnight ago a middle-aged man was drowned near Clive, and at the inquest the body was identified by several witnesses as that of John Prior. 
Now it has been ascertained that it was a case of mistaken identity,  John Prior having yesterday reported himself to the police.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
24 July 2007

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