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Monday  1 July  1901
Deaths  -
DANN     -  on Sunday  30 June at Barbour street, Linwood,  Hannah Marsh,  wife of the late Joseph Dann,  aged 80 years.
FRANCOIS     -  June 30 at 9 Kilmore street,  Walter,  beloved husband of Mrs J.E. Francois,  aged 38 years.
IRELAND     -  June 29 at Chch,  James Ireland, formerly of the Native school, Te Kopua, Waikato, and  Riverton.
JANE     -  June 30 at his res. 27 Clyde street,  off Madras street, North,  William Thomas Jane,  aged 62 years.
KEAST    -  June 30 at the res. of her son-in-law,  F. Truscott,  Heathcote valley,  Ann Symons Keast,  relict of the late Stephen Keast,  aged 63 years.
RANTIN    -  July 1 at Southampton street,  Sydenham,  2nd daughter of James & Caroline Rantin,  in her 21st year.

In Memoriam  -  
DRABBLE     -  in loving memory of Samuel Thos. Drabble,  died July 1st 1997 in his 90th year.  inserted by his loving brother.

Tuesday  2 July  1901
Births  -
BUCHANAN     -  June 30 at "The Briars"  Murray street,  St Albans,  to wife of J.D.Buchanan,  a son  premature.
MITCHELL    -  July 1 at Nursing Home,  Kaiapoi,  to wife of W.H.Mitchell,  a son.
PARKERSON    -  Friday June 28  at "The Pines"  Redcliffs,  to wife of Edward Parkerson,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
WOODFORD  - ROBINSON  -March 2   at Waimangaroa,  Edward Spender Woodford,   to   E. Robinson,  of Granity Creek,  near Westport.

Deaths  -
BUCHANAN     -  June 30  at "The Briars"  Murray street,  St Albans,  Henry Duncan,  infant son of J.D and E.S.Buchanan.
HARRIS      -  July 1st  at Styx Farm,  Styx, Elizabeth,  relict of the late Stephen Harris,  aged 71 years.
KEAST   -  June 30 at the res. of her son-in-law F.Truscott,  Heathcote Valley,  Ann Symon Keast,  relict of the late Stephen Keast,  aged 63 years.
LISSIMAN  -  July 1 at the rs. of W.Toomey,  Lyttelton,  Hannah Lissiman,  relict of the late Henry Lissiman late of Dampier's bay, Lyttelton.  aged 86 years
ROUSE     -  July 1 at her late res. 35 Cranmer Square,  Mary Ann,  beloved wife of Charles Rouse,  in her 64th year.
STUDHOLME    -  June 30 at Melbourne,  Geoffrey Studholme,  aged 22 years

Wednesday  3 July 1901
Marriage  -
THOMSON  -  WEBB  - une 29 at Marble Bar,  Western Australia, William A. Thomson,  Manager Union Bank, M.B. son of late John Thomson,  Bank of                                             Australasia,  Melbourne,    to   Ella Rubina,  4th daughter of the late Alfred Russell Webb,  Christchurch   by cable.

Deaths  -
ANSTISS     -  July 2 at the res. of his parents,  Glentunnel,  Edwin Thomas,  twin son of J and S. Anstiss,  aged 24 years.
BUCHANAN     -  June 30 at "The Briars"  Murray street,  St. Albans,  henry Duncan,  infant son of J.D. and E.S. Buchanan
DENNIS     -  July 2 at Exeter street,  Lyttelton,  George Dennis,  aged 73 years.
LIVINGSTONE     -  July 2 at 160 Kilmore street,  Elizabeth Anne,  relict of the late Robert Livingstone,  Tisch's road,  Belfast,  in her 75th year.
THORNTON      -   July 2 at "Kirkness"  North Belt,  Jane,  beloved wife of George Thornton, C.E.  aged 71 years.

In Memoriam  -  
FOOT  -  ----     mother   Elizabeth Foot,  died 3 July  1900  -  

Thursday  4 July  1901
Birth  -
ATMORE     -  June 26  at Washdyke,  to wife of G.W.Atmore,  a son.
COWLISHAW      -  July 2 at Christchurch  to wife of W. Bossley Cowlishaw,  a son.
WALLACE      -  July 2 at Armagh street,  to wife of J.J.Wallace,  a son.

Deaths  -
CALDWELL  -  July 3, at his res. Lawrence street, Linwood,  Hugh Stevenson Caldwell,  bel hus. of Clara  and  twin son of Mr W.A. Caldwell, aged 35
GREEN  -  July 3 at her res.  11 Aldwin's road, Linwood,  May,  beloved wife of William Green,  in her 25th year.  Sydney and Maitland papers please copy.
LISSIMAN  -  July 1 at the res. of W. TOOMEY,  lyttelton,  Hannah Lissiman,  relict of the late Henry Lissiman,  late of Dampier's bay,  aged 86 years.
MERRY    -  July 3 at Christchurch,  Thomas Merry,  aged 86 years
TOOMER    -  July 2 at Riccarton,  Marian,  relict of the late Henry Toomer,  sen.  aged 67 years
WHITLOW    -  July 3 at his res.  Vogel street, Richmond,    James Whitlow,  late of Surrey,  England.

Friday  5 July  1901
Birth  -
HINDLE     -  July 4 at James street,  New Brighton,  to wife of B.Hindle,  a daughter.

Deaths  -
GRIGG      -  July 3 at Whitecliffs,  Alice Spiers Grigg,  beloved wife of Joseph Grigg,  aged 53 years.
LAWS      -  July 4 at the Weslyan Parsonage,  East belt,  Lilian England,    infant daughter of the Rev and Mrs C.H. Laws.
MARSHALL     -  July 4 at Kaiapoi,    Alice Mary,    dearly beloved wife of W. Marshall,    aged 30 years.

Funeral  Notice  -  
GREEN  -   May,  wife of William Green  to leave his res. 11 Aldwins road,  Linwood,  on Sat.6th at 8-30am ---------   &  thence to the Linwood Cemetery

Saturday  6  July  1901
Death  -
CHRYSTALL  -   Friday July 5 at his res.  Colombo Street,   William Chrystall,  aged 61

In Memoriam  -
BURNSIDE      -   July 8th   1900,  Mary,  beloved wife of Hugh Burnside.  -    inserted by her loving husband Hugh
HOBBS      -  of William Thomas Hobbs  who died July 6th 1900,     -   inserted by his loving wife and children.

Monday  8  July  1901  

Marriages  -
MURRAY  -  RYDE  -July 7 at St Andrew's Manse, David A. son of late John Murray, of Tokomairiro, to Emma E. dau. of Walter Ryde,  Esq.,  Oxford.
SCOTT   -  DICK  -June 18 at res. of T. Arthur,  ---, James McInnes, son of D. Scott,  Moesend,  Scotland. to Fanny,  dau. of Samuel Dick,  Woolston.

Deaths  -
WADE      -  July 7 at Ashbourne,  Eliza Sarah,  beloved wife of Joseph Wade,  aged 71 years.
WESTON     -  July 6 at her late res.  26 Gladstone Tce,  Emma Weston,  widow of the late Wm Weston,  in her 54th year.

In Memoriam  -
BURNSIDE       -  in loving memory of our dear Mother Mary,  July 8th 1900  -   inserted by loving daughters Minnie,  Ruth and Elsie.
LESLIE     -  of our dear Mother who died at Heathcote Valley  July 8th 1899  aged 74  -    inserted by her loving daughter "Nellie"

Tuesday  9  July  1901

Births  -
ELWORTHY      -  July 8 at Pareora,  to wife of Arthur Elworthy,  a son.
FRIEDLANDER      -   July 8 at "Isleden"  Wills street,  Ashburton,  to wife of  Moritz  Friedlander,  a son.

Marriage  -
JECKS  -  ROSS  -June 27  at res.--- Lyttelton,  Ernest Horsey, son of Charles Jecks,   Clifton,  Bristol, England, to  Jeanie, dau. of John Ross,   Lyttelton.

Deaths  -
ASHCROFT   -  at Bendigo, Victoria,  Margaret Maud Elizabeth,  wife of A. W. Ashcroft,  and 4th daughter of Dorothy and the late William Flesher.
BURROW    -  July 7 at Westport,  Sarah lee,  relict of the late Thomas Burrow,  late of Richmond, Christchurch,  in her 77th year.
BRIDGMAN     -  July 7 at Palmeston South,  Kate,  only daughter of William & Jane Bridgman,  of Dunedin.  aged 24 years
GOODCHILD     -  July 7 at 54 Montreal street, Sydenham,  Thomas Goodchild,  in his 65th year.
JUDSON     -    July 7 at Rangiora,  George Judson,  beloved husband of Emily Judson,  aged 36 years
WOODING    -  July 7 at the res. of his son-in-law,  Mr R. Pickering, Hilton street,  kaiapoi.  henry Wooding,  late of Woodend,  in his 83rd year.

In Memoriam  -
GRIFFITHS   -   Margaret Lizzie Glennorris Griffiths,  who died July 9th 1899 (little Maggie), -  inserted by her loving mother,  brothers and sisters.

Wednesday  10  July  1901

Deaths -
DAVIDSON   -  July 9 at Tara Ghue,  Glentunnel,  Major-General Alexander George Davidson,  Indian Army (retired) youngest son of the late
                           Major Hugh Davidson,  H.E.T.C.S.  aged 76 years.
WILSON       -  July 8 at Pahiatua,  Clara,  beloved wife of J.D.Wilson,  and granddaughter of C.R. Leadley,  in her 32nd year.

In Memoriam  -
HAYDON      -  Mona Irene Haydon,  died at Lyttelton,  July 10 th 1900     -  inserted by her loving parents, brother ans sister.
SINCLAIR      -  Samuel Claude,  dearly beloved child of Samuel and I.M.Sinclair,  aged 1 yr 10mths.  died  July 10th 1900

Thursday  11 July  1901

Birth  -
McCARTHY     -  June 26 at Waiotara,  the wife of J.F. McCarthy,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
GILLIES  -   BERESFORD  -July 10 at the residence of the bride's parents,  "Gola"  St Asaph street,   John,   only son of John Gillies,  Roslyn, Dunedin,   to                                       Mary,   2nd daughter of T.J.Beresford,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
BREWER  -  July 10 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Harry Brewer,  late of Templeton,  aged 49.
SCOTT  -  July 5 at Ferniehurst,  Amuri,  Agnes Scott,  a native of Jedburgh,  Scotland,  aged 78 years.

Friday 12 July  1901

Birth  -
LYALL  -  July 8  at the residence of Mrs W. Thomas,  Oxford street,  to wife of Mr Geo. Lyall,  Pigeon bay,  a son.

Marriage  -
PETRIE  -   PRESLAND  -June 27 at ------ George, son of D. Petrie,  Sydenham,  to Eleanor Elizabeth,  twin daughter of John Presland,  of Waimate.

Deaths  -
BROWN      -  July 11 at 10 St James street,  Linwood,  Horace Vivian,  youngest son of M.S. & J. Brown,  in his 3rd year
GOW       -   July 11 at St Peter's Manse,  Ferry road,     wife of Rev. W.J.Gow,     in her 44th year.
WILLIAMSON      -   July 11 at 27 Montreal street,  William Henry Noel,  infant son of J & C Williamson,  aged 2 mths.

In Memoriam  -
COLLIE    -  Isabella Emily Collie, (Emmie)   born April 9th 1882  died July 12th 1900. -  inserted by her loving father, mother, brothers and sisters.
GALLETLY     -  Alexander Galletly,  who met his death bu gun accident at Lincoln,  July 12th 1898  -  inserted by his sisters, E.G.  and A.W.

Saturday  13  July  1901

Birth  -
RYAN     -  July 11 at Springston,  to wife of M.F.Ryan,  a daughter.

Marriages  -  
COURAGE  -   PEACHE  -July 10 at St Aiden's,  Mount Somers, Frank Hubert,  son of F. Courage,  of Seadown,  Amberley,  to Zoe Frances,  dau. 
                                    of A.E. Peache,   of Mount Somers Station,   Ashburton County.
STRATFORD  -   LOWERY  -May 21  at the res. of the bride's parents,  Hill End,  NSW,   Frederick John,   only son of Richard E. Stratford,  sawmiller,                                              Moana,  Westland,  to  Emily,   only daughter of   Thomas Lowery,  Hill End,  NSW.

Deaths  -
BAILEY  -  July 12 at Dyer's road,  Bromley,  Cicely,  bel. wife of Charles Bailey,  and dau. of the late Daniel Scott, Esq.  late of Liverpool,  in her 43rd year.
JENKIN          -   July 12  at Hanmer street,  Linwood,  Eisy? May,  infant daughter of A.H. & R. Jenkin,  aged 3 mths.
TULLEY              -   July 12 at 147 Harper street,  Sydenham,  Sarah Tulley,  in her 86th year.
WRIGHT  -  at his late res.  Bligh's road,  Papanui,  Edward Lewis,  bel husband of Jane Wright,  and 2nd son of John Wright,  Cashmere,  in his 51st year.

In Memoriam  -
BUCKETT  -  of Mary Ann Buckett,  beloved wife of William Buckett,  died July 12 1899  also her husband William Buckett  died 14 July 1899
                     -     inserted by their loving daughter Emma Williams.

Monday  15 July  1901

Marriages  -
CRAWSHAW  - ACKERMAN   -July 4  at St Luke's Church,   John Roberts Crawshaw,  eldest son of T.B.Crawshaw,   to   Blanche Mary Rowcliffe                                                         Ackerman,  only daughter of the late John Ackerman.
JENKINS  - SAWLE  - June 18 at the res. of the bride's parents "Wharncliffe Lodge"  Inglewood,  William Slater Jenkins  of Hull,  England,   to   Emily Mary,                                            youngest daughter of Mr J. W.  Sawle,  of Inglewood,  Taranaki.
HESLOP   - HENRY  -J une 5 at East Belt Weslyan Parsonage, William,  3rd son of the late William Heslop  of Irwell,   to   Mary Jane,  youngest daughter of the                                     late John Henry,  Russell's Flat,

Deaths  -  
CALLAGHAN       -  July 13 at Christchurch,  Sarah Callaghan,  late of Hereford street,  aged 73.
CHATTAWAY        -  July 14 at Waltham road,  Sydenham,  Annie,  beloved wife of R.H.Chattaway,  in her 51st year.
CRYER  -   July 12 at the Christchurch  Hospital,  George Herbert,  eldest son of John & Annie Cryer, Rangiuke?  formerly of Christchurch,
                        aged 15 years and 6mths
ROBERTS       -  July 13 at Retreat road,  Avonside,  Thomas,    infant son of S. & M. Roberts.
WARR      -  July 13 at Sydenham,  William,  son of the late George Warr,  aged 13 years and 4mths.  Guernsey papers please copy.

In Memoriam  -
BONES       -  our son John Bones died July 14  1900     -  inserted by his sorrowing parents.
O'FARRELL      -  Jane O'Farrell,  who died at Cust,  July 14th 1900,  aged 65     -   inserted by her loving husband and family.
SCHOLLAR      -  William Benjamin Schollar,  died July 14 1895
VICKERY       -  Thomas James Vickery,  died July 15th  1900,  aged 7mths     -  inserted by his loving Uncle James T. Bradshaw.

Tuesday  16 July  1901

Marriages  -
DAVIDSON  -  TAYLOR   -July 4 at St James Anglican Church,  Kaikoura,  Alexander Mories,  6th son of the late Captain James Davidson,  both of Kaikoura.
INKSTER  -  ROLLS  -July 10 James Inkster, -- North Mavine, Shetland,  Scotland, to Jessie B. Rolls,dau. of the late Dougall Rolls,  engineer,  Perth,  Scotland.

Deaths  -
BROWN       -  July 15 at 41 Sandyford street,  Sydenham,  Harold,  dearly beloved son of W.J. and Alice M.Brown,
CHAMBERS      -  July 14 at Southampton street,  Sydenham,   Ivy,  beloved daughter of Percival & Emily Chambers,  aged 8mths.
FULLER       -  July 15  at his son's residence Bowen's road,  Riccarton,  Julius Fuller,  in his 77th year.
HASKETT       -  July 15 at his late res. Waimari road,  Upper Riccarton,  Robert Haskett,  in his 68th year.
PERRIN       -  July 12 at Kaiapoi,  Elizabeth,  wife of John Perrin,  aged 77 years.

Wednesday  17 July  1901

Marriages  -
DONALD  -  ALEXANDRE  -  June 19 at the Windsor Weslyan Church, William John,  son of J. Donald,  "Meadowbank"  marshland,   to  Alice Civilis,   
                                                 daughter of H. Alexandre,  "Woodlands"  Shirley.
GIBBS  - DEACON  - July 16 at St Paul's Church,  Dunedin,  Isaac Gibbs  of Christchurch,  to  Marion Deacon, dau. of T.W. Kempthorne, Esq.  of - Dunedin.

Deaths  -
HENRY      -  June  17 at Lyttelton,  Rita,  daughter of Ricardus & Annie Henry,  agd 5mths.
WATTS       -  July 15 at Waimate,  David Watts,   aged 52 years.
WALTON      -  July 16 at the res. of William Dobbs,  30 Falsgrave street,  Sydenham,  Richard Walton,  (late auctioneer)  aged 78 years.

In Memoriam  -
COULTER      -  William Henry Coulter,  died July 17 th 1900      --  inserted by his loving wife and family.

Thursday  18  July  1901

Marriages  -  
APPLEBY - FLEMING  -on July 11th at St Ambrose Church,  Sheffield, Godfrey, son of Arthur Appleby,  Christchurch to Julia, dau. of R.G.Fleming, of Annat.
McLAREN - BROUGHTON - April  30th at the res. of the bride's sister,  Devonport,  Auckland,  John,  son of  the late John McLaren,  Lawrence,  Otago,    to                                           Edith Marion,    youngest daughter of the late   John Broughton,  Merivale,  Christchurch.

Deaths  -
GERADD     -  July 16 at the Christchurch Hospital,  Arthur Geradd,  aged 15 years.
HENRY     -  June  17 at Lyttelton,  Rita,  daughter of Ricardus & Annie Henry,  agd 5mths.
HOCKEY     -  July 17 at Colombo street,  St Albans,  Frank William,  infant son of George and Ada Hockey
HUNT     -   July 15 at  68 Kingsley street, Sydenham,  Cyril Frederick,  only son of  Francis & Maud Elizabeth Hunt,  aged 3 years and 5 mths.
NUTTALL    -  July 17 at George street, St Albans,  John,  beloved husband of Margaret Nuttall,  in his 80th year.
PAUL    -  at Lismore,  NSW,  Alfred Buchan Paul,  aged 42 years.

In Memoriam  -
GILMORE     -  William James (Willie)  who died July 18  1897  aged 5 years 9mths.  -  

Friday  19 July  1901

Births  -
MAZEY       -  July 17 at Ripon street,  Lyttelton,  to wife of C. Mazey,  a son.
TAYLOR    -  July 17 at St Albans  to wife of A.P.Taylor,  a daughter.
WATSON  -  July 18 at St Mary's Vicarage,  Merivale,     to wife of Rev H.Airay Watson,  a son.

Marriage  -
COOPER - LE MASURIER  - April 7 at the residence of the bride's brother,  John Le Masurier, B.E.Cooper, to  Jessie C.Y. Le Masurier,  youngest
                                    daughter of the late John Masurier. Christchurch.

Deaths  -
ALLEN    -  July 18 at North street,  St. Albans,  Gordon Allen,  dearly beloved child of William and Kate Allen,  aged 2yrs, and 3mths.
DAVIS     -  July 18 at her late res.  Oxford street,  Lyttelton,  Jane Louisa,  beloved wife of John Davis,  aged 52 years.

Saturday  20  July  1901

Births  -
DAVIDSON       -  July 6 at the Schoolhouse,  Burwood,    to wife of G.Davidson,  of a son.
HOWARD      -  July 19 at 40 East Belt, Linwood,    to wife of Arthur S. Howard,  a son.
PAVITT       -  July 18 at Port Chalmers,    to wife of C. Pavitt,  a son.
WATSON      -  July 18 at St Mary's Vicarage,  Merivale,    to wife of Rev H. Airay Watson  a son.

Deaths  -
BROWN      - July 19 at Montreal streeet,  Henry Samuel,  3rd son of the late John Thomas Brown,  of Mount Thomas,  aged 54 years.
GIFFORD     -  July 18 at London, England,  John Thomas,  beloved husband of Sarah Jessie Gifford,  late of Lyttelton,  aged 57 years. (by cable)
HULL     -  July 19 at 185 Hereford street,  Linwood,  Charles Hull.

In Memoriam  -
HARRIS    -  John Albert,  dearly beloved husband of M.A. Harris,  died July 21st  1900     -  inserted by his loving wife and family.

Funeral  Notice  -  
BROWN  -  Henry Samuel Brown  will leave 166 Montreal street, Monday 22nd inst.  at 2-30pm for ---- then to Barbadoes street Church of England  Cemetery.

Monday  22 July 1901

Deaths  -
CLEPHANE  -  July 21 at the res. of her son-in-law,  Archibald McLachlan, Groteholm,  Doyleston,  Whilelmina,  relict of the late Robert Clephane,  aged 83
ELMSLY  -  July 19 at his res.  64 Montreal street,  Sydenham,  Thomas Elmsly  in his 74th year.

In Memoriam  -
WALKLIN  -  our dear father  Thomas Francis Walklin,  died  21 July  1900     -  inserted by his loving wife and family.

Funeral Notice  -  
PARKINSON  -  Henry Charles Parkinson,  leaving the res of his brother-in-law,  Mr James Hatfield,  at 2-30pm  23rd  for the Barbadoes street cemetery.

Tuesday  23 July  1901

Birth  -
AGAR     -  July 15  at London street,  Lyttelton,  to wife of C. H. Agar,  a daughter.

Marriages  -
HUGHES  -  DUNNE -  June 26 at-----  Darfield, Henry, son of the late James Hughes, Greendale,  to Katie, dau. of Timothy Dunne,  Addington.
O'CALLAGHAN -  RUSSELL  -  July 10 at Fendalton  William Arthur,  2nd son of A.P.O'Callaghan   to   Ethel Nellie,  eldest daughter of T.G.Russell.

Deaths  -
BUCHAN      -  July 22 at Kimberley,  William Buchan,  aged 79 years.
FYFE     -  July 21  at Aylmers Valley,  Akaroa,  Samuel Fyfe,  aged 75
McNAE     -  July 22  at his res. Bellvue,  Courtenay,  Archibald McNae,  in his 75th year.
WHITE     -  July 22 at Wilson's Siding,  Hannah,  dearly beloved wife of Mr Leonard White,  in her 72nd year.

Wednesday  24  July  1901

Deaths  -
INKSTER     -  July 23 at 12 Madras street, Christchurch,  William James,  only son of Christopher Inkster,  aged 19 years.
McNAE  -    July 22  at his res. Bellvue,  Courtenay,  Archibald McNae,  in his 75th year.
SCOTT      -   July 22  at 75 Chester street,  Frederick John Scot,  beloved husband of Elizabeth A. (Cissy)  Scott,  aged 35 years
STAINS      -  July 23 at 32 Kilmore street,  John Samuel Stains,  late of Lincolnshire,  aged 75 years.

Thursday  25  July  1901

Births  -
MORRISS     -  July 22 at her res.  North road,  Woodend,  to wife of Dave Morriss,  a son.
RICE     -  July 20 at "Drutamon"  Carlton Mill road,  to wife of J.T.Rice,  a son.

Deaths  -
FAIRWEATHER      -  July 24 at Silverstream Farm,  Eyreton,  Charles,  beloved husband of Ellen Fairweather,  aged 63
HOULT     -  July 24  at 76 Harper street,  Sydenham,  Thomas Hoult,  beloved husband of Annie Hoult,  aged 64 years
PEARSON      -  July 23 at his late res.  77 Coleridge street,  Sydenham,  beloved husband of Susannah Pearson,  aged 71 years.

In Memoriam  -
MADDEN      -  Mary Ann Madden,  died 25 July  1900   aged 42 years     -  inserted by her husband and children.

Friday  26 July  1901

Births  -
GUNN     -  July 23 at her residence, Addington,  to wife of William Gunn,  a son  (stillborn)
GARDINER     -  July 25 at Purau,  to wife of F.R.H.Gardiner,  a daughter.

Marriages  -
BOYD   - NORTHEY - July 18 at Avonside Church, John, son of Mr T. Boyd,  Christchurch,  to   Annie Williani,  daughter of Mr P.Northey,  of Christchurch.

Deaths  -
CADE  -  July 25 at the res of her daughter, Harper street,  Addington,  Caroline,  relict of the late Henry Cade, of Alconbury, Hunts,  aged 81. 
CLANCY     -  July 24 at Church street,  Rangiora,  Thomas Clancy,  aged 73 years.
DAY      -  July 24 at Lyttelton,  Walter Henry Day,  aged 48 years.
McNALLY      -  July 25 at Amberley,  Margaret Philena,  beloved wife of James McNally,  aged 31 years.
WALLS     -  July 26 at Byron street, Sydenham,  Marie,   dearly beloved daughter of James & Sarah Wells,  aged 23 years

In Memoriam  -
NANCARROW     -  John Thomas Nancarrow,  died July 26th  1900       -  inserted by his loving sister Bessie.

Saturday  27 July 1901

Births  -
BROOKER       -  July 2?  at Horsley Down,  to wife of A.E. Brooker,  a son.     ------- email for a copy
TAYLOR      -   July 25 at Lyttelton.  to wife of J.R.Taylor,  a son.

Marriage  -
THOMMSON  - WILLOX  -  July 18 at St Andrew's Church.Robert,  son of John Thomason,   to   Kate Cameron, dau. of the late William Willcox, 
                    both of Glasgow.

Deaths  -
LONG  - July 26 at the res. of his daughter Mrs Bell)Auckland,Ebenezer Long,beloved father of Mrs  Arthur Smith, and Mrs Alfred Gordon, 
                    of this city,  in his 67th year.
MANSON      -  July 26 at Gebbie's Valley,  Jane,  beloved wife of John Manson,  in her 55th year.
McILRAITH      -  July 26 at his res. Lakeside,  James McIlraith,  aged 63.
MOORE      -  July 27 at 62 East belt, Linwood,  Augustus Moore,  aged 71 years.
PENTENEY      -  July 27 at her late res. Crawford street,  St Albans,  Elizabeth Jane,  beloved wife of Mr James Penteney,  aged 65 years
WALLS  -      July 26 at Byron street,  Sydenham,  Marie,  dearly beloved daughter of James & Sarah Wells,  aged 23 years.

In Memoriam  -
NICHOLAS -   Annie Nicholas,  died July 27th 1894     -  inserted by her loving children Mrs W. Carroll,  W.T. and A.H.Hodge.

Tuesday    30  July  1901

Birth    -
NIXON -  July  26 at Lyttelton,  to wife of  George  G. Nixon,  a daughter.  

Death  -  
STEVEN -  July 29  at 89 Cashel street,  Linwood,     Agnes,  beloved wife of Colin H. Steven,  aged 69 years.

Wednesday  31 July  1901  

Birth  -
PHILLIPS -  July 29    at Naauwpoort,  South Africa,     to wife of Geoffrey J.Phillips,   a son (by cable)

Deaths  -
BANKS       -  July 29 at her late res.  Chapel street,  St Albans,  Sarah Ellen,  beloved wife of John Banks,  aged 67 years
GULLIVER      -  July 29  at Rangiora,  Elizabeth,  dearly beloved wife of George Gulliver,  aged 41 years.
MAWSON       -  July 30 at Hackett's Road,  Papanui, Albert, beloved son of J.K and A. Mawson,  aged 10 years.
MITCHERSON       -  July 30 at Christchurch,  Coles, beloved husband of Mary Ellen Mitcherson,  aged 60 years
SINCLAIR     -  July 30 at New Brighton,  Caroline Harriet,  beloved wife of Samuel Sinclair,  and 4th daughter of the late H..E. ALPORT
TUTTON      -    June 1st at Biddesham,  Somersetshire,  England,John Tutton father of A.P.Tutton,  Rangiora.  aged 78 years
WALLACE     -   July 29 Robert,  dearly beloved husband of Sarah Ann Wallace,  Halswell,
WRIGHT    -  July 30  at 20 Creek street,  Linwood,  Henry Wright,  aged 75 years.

In Memoriam  -
DALLARD - Private William Dallard, 2nd Scots Guards,  died at Bloemfontein, S.A. July 31st 1900 -
                        inserted by his loving parents, sisters and brothers at Waikari.
RAVEN  -  Julia Flora,  beloved wife of J.H.Raven,  died July 25th 1899,  aged 20.  -  inserted by her loving husband,  little Jessie,  mother, brother and sisters.

Funeral Notice  -  
STEVEN      -  Colin H. Steven  ---  late wife,  to leave his res. 89 Cashel street, Linwood,  Thursday 1st at 2-15pm for the Linwood Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 July  2007

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